3 Healthy Coconut Oil Lotion Recipes

3 Coconut Oil Lotion recipes

I love coconut oil. Here are 101 ways that I use it. Seriously.

Though I use it in coffee, toothpaste, deodorant and sunscreen, my favorite use for coconut oil is in skin recipes.

Here are three of my favorite coconut oil lotion or lotion bar recipes:

1. Lotion Bars

how to make homemade lotion bars 300x174Since coconut oil naturally is solid at below 76 degrees, it lends itself perfectly to making lotion bars. Lotion bars (used on dry skin) are a way to combine the most nourishing benefits of lotion without the need for a liquid (which can be drying for skin) to create an incredibly moisturizing bar.

These bars are meant to be used on dry skin (not wet like soap!) and are best used after showering on warm skin.

Here is the recipe for lotion bars.

2. Luxurious Homemade Lotion

Homemade Lotion Recipe- all natural and easy to makeJust as with the lotion bars, this recipe doesn’t use liquid so it is incredibly nourishing and won’t expire. You can customize it to your preference by using essential oils. For a firmer lotion, use more beeswax. For a smoother lotion, use less and add more of a liquid oil like almond oil..

Here is the recipe.

3. Magnesium Body Butter

Magnesium Body Butter Recipe DIYMagnesium is another thing I’ve written about a lot in the past. I make my own magnesium oil, which has been tremendously helpful to me and which helped me avoid morning sickness in my last pregnancy.

Unfortunately, magnesium oil can sting skin if a person is deficient and can leave skin very dry. The solution to this was making a magnesium infused body butter that packs a punch of magnesium but also moisturizes skin to keep it from getting dry. My kids prefer this version and I rub either this or magnesium oil on their feet daily.

Here’s the recipe for magnesium body butter.

Do you use coconut oil? What is your favorite use? Share below!

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  1. Would love to try the Tropical Traditions coconut oil. I use coconut oil all the time for EVERYTHING! and would love the try this one.

  2. Already subscribed to tropical traditions newsletter and just subscribed to you! I use coconut oil in everything and would love to win =)

      • Just started to use coconut oil and I love what it does for my skin, but I may be going overboard by consuming 6 Tbls., plus the amount I use on bagel in the morning. Is this too much, can you let me know so I don’t get a bad case of the poops again? I won’t mind starting slow if I have to.

  3. The link above is not working for me. I receive an error each time — “The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator. ”

  4. Already subscribed to both…I have loved every one of your recipes I have tried, both food and body! Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Subcribed to both! I looooooove tropical traditions virgin gold label coconut oil. it is amazinggggggggggggggg, amazing. I pray we win! it would help us out more than words 🙂

  6. We love/use Lots of coconut oil in our house. We are on the auto shipment from Amazon, 2 Nutiva Coconut oil 54oz every two months, shows just how much we use! Would love to try Tropical Traditions to see if there is a difference. I subscribed to T.T. Facebook. Thanks for all the knowledge you share:)

  7. I love Tropical Traditions Oil – get it a gallon at a time, and just used it to make your toothpowder. Don’t do Twitter or Pinterest (afraid to get sucked even more into the internet with Pinterest), but get both of your newsletters and follow you on Facebook.

  8. We use coconut oil everyday for cooking and eating. It’s my night-time anti-aging lotion 🙂 as well as being helpful for a variety of skin irritations! Awesome product! I’ve never tried Tropical Traditions, but would love to!!

  9. I recently discovered coconut oil and its many magnificent uses although Im still learning the differences between the types and whats best. After watching the Tropical Traditions video (which was awesome because how many companies would show the world behind-the-scene footage of how their product is REALLY produced?) I think this is the one for me—-I would love to win and prove myself right!!!

  10. We love Tropical Traditions. We use the Gold Label and it is the best coconut oil I have ever tried. It is our only oil now for cooking, baking and making natural health care products.

  11. Love coconut oil. I use it daily, for cooking, as well as skin care. I love it when people say “Your skin is beautiful, what do you use on it or you smell tropical, what is it scent is that. I smile and say coconut oil, and they say that they didn’t realize that you could use coconut oil on their skin. I tell them to research and see the many uses for for coconut oil.

  12. I’ve tried most coconut oils but this one…I would LOVE to try this! How awesome that Tropical Traditions does givaways like this!

  13. I just signed up for the Coconut Oil…I had been using LouAna until I read a post that helped me understand that there is a difference in Coconut Oils. Only pure for me from now on out! The smell is the thing that got me…when I finally got the real stuff I could totally tell just by the smell.

  14. there is one thing you have to keep in mind when using coconut oil, skin absorption and high saturated fats.

    while there may be mixed reviews on saturated fats, no doctor in their right mind would recommend anyone needing to intake ‘more’ fat.

  15. OHH do i loooovvveee coconut oil…I apply it on my hair so that it grows out to be long,strong and luscious (Just to name a few!LOL!)

  16. I would LOVE some coconut oil!! I’m signed up to both wellnessmama and tropical traditions! Coconut oil has done souch for me and my health! I’m excited to learn more about it! I’d love to get some for free!

  17. I don’t have any beeswax at the moment, is it possible to use the lotion in a liquid form? I live in the tropics and unless stored in the fridge coconut oil doesn’t solidify, I prefer to keep my lotion next to my bed!

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