Natural Tinted Lip Balm Recipe

Natural Tinted Lip Stain Recipe with color options

Natural Tinted (or un-tinted) Lip Balm is a great alternative for those (like me) who don’t regularly wear lipstick. If you are a lipstick girl, check out this recipe for homemade lipstick.

Tinted Lip Balm is a smoother and and glossier recipe that lipstick, and more like a traditional lip gloss. It is made with completely natural ingredients and a little goes a really long way. I colored the one above with a tiny drop of natural red food coloring and added lemon and vanilla for scent, though you could leave it unscented or add an essential oil you like.

I re-used an old tin for this recipe, but Mountain Rose Herbs sells cute 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce tins that I use when I make these for gifts. By adding slightly more beeswax, this also makes a great lip balm in a chap stick container as well. My daughter also loves this lip balm because it is a natural recipe so I’ll let her use a tiny amount and she feels special because she is wearing “make-up.”

This recipe also has many of the same ingredients as Homemade Lotion Bars, Homemade Lotion, DIY Deodorant and more, so if you keep these ingredients on hand, you can make endless variations of natural beauty products.

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Natural Tinted Lip Balm Recipe
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  1. Melt the coconut oil, beeswax and shea/cocoa butter in a glass jar sitting in a small pot of simmering water (not boiling) and stir gently until melted (be careful not to get any water into the mixture).
  2. When melted, carefully stir in any colors or essential oils, if using. My favorite is lemon and vanilla for scent and a little red coloring or cocoa powder for color. A couple drops of peppermint will make it similar to Burt's Bees Lip Chap.
  3. Once colors/scents are mixed in, use a dropper to transfer to tins or lip chap containers. Let cool.
  4. Apply the versions in the tins with your finger or use the version in plastic container as you would regular lip chap.
Optional Add-Ins For Red Hues: ⅛ teaspoon of beet root powder or 1 drop of natural red food coloring with no chemical additives. NOTE: Add these very slowly as a little goes a long way! I added one drop of natural red food coloring to the recipe above! For Brown/Tan Hues: ¼ teaspoon (or more for color) of organic cocoa powder, a tiny pinch of cinnamon or turmeric to get the shade you want For Scent: A drop of essential oil of choice (optional)

Ever made your own lip balm or chap stick? Ready to try this one? Share below!

Reader Comments

  1. says

    I’ve been using your face powder recipe for a few months now and I love it. My daughter is still very little, but when she starts wanting to put on makeup like mommy, I won’t worry one bit about brushing a tiny poof of powder on her face, just for fun. I have a feeling this lip balm is going to fall under the same category!

    I actually have had a really hard time finding a lip balm I love, all because of the color. I’m really excited to try this and make it work perfectly for my complexion. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    I love making lip balm. My daughters and I made a bunch last year. They gave them to their friends as gifts. I’ve never tried adding color. Have to give that a go this year!

  3. Wendy McKenzie says

    Just checking… still put the shea butter or cocoa butter in the lip balm, you are just crossing out the link……………not the ingredient, correct?

  4. Lisa Oedekerk says

    I made some, but used a little ice cube like piece of bee’s wax, and it was about twice as much, so I got chap stick instead. The beet root powder that I got didn’t break down into color, just floated to the bottom. It was cheap by the ounce at the local store, but I’m going to order some of the natural color drops for next time. This was my first time making anything like this, there’s definitely a learning curve :) I love lip gloss and use it constantly, I’m probably addicted, so thanks for this recipe.

    • Donna says

      I have the same problem with beetroot powder too. I gave up on it, and will look for the natural food coloring. I have never seen hibiscus powder before, and was wondering if that was more fine. In a pinch I will use my mineral red pigment. All minerals, and also natural. Frustrating. Just keep trying different things.

        • Joyce says

          If you want to make a tinted balm/gloss with beetroot, you’ll have to infuse the pigment into some water or glycerin, strain out the powder, and use an emulsifying wax instead of beeswax. You could also use alkanet root powder, which is soluble in oil. Infuse the alkanet into your oil of choice, strain out the powder, and use beeswax or any other wax. You can get what you need at Mountain Rose Herbs. Cinnamon essential oil is a great lip plumper too!

          • Ashley says

            You are amazing. Several friends and I have been wondering how to tint w beet root powder. We knew it had something to do with oil vs water. I can’t wait to share. Thanks again!!

  5. Nan says

    Where do you get natural food coloring?
    Didn’t you have the recipe before as 1 parts each ingredient? Why did you change the shea butter/cocoa butter quantity?
    I made the previous recipe and it was perfect consistency for a lip balm container. 1 part coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter.
    Thanks for the blog, one of my favorite sites!

    • says

      I just recently published this, so I don’t think it has changed, but there are a lot of recipes online… so perhaps it was a similar one? The equal parts recipe of coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter is great too! There should be a link to the natural food coloring above, but I got mine on Amazon… Thanks for reading! :-)

  6. Safi says

    Any idea where you can get a glass container with a stainless steel rollerball applicator? I have been using coconut oil on my lips and was thinking about tinting it, so this recipe is awesome-thx for sharing!

  7. Stacy says

    I used beet root powder in mine and it just floated in the mixture, it didn’t really tint it. Maybe I should put it in in the beginning next time so it has time to infuse?

  8. Martha says

    Does it matter if the Cocoa powder has been “processed with Alkali”? I recently bought some organic baking cocoa, and was thinking about using it for this recipe, but don’t know if I should…

  9. Carie Jordan says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just have a few questions. I just made it and i used an essential oil. I licked my lips not thinking and now thats all I can taste. Its weird. But my actual question is, is it safe to use essential oils in lip products? And where did you find natural food coloring? I’ve looked all over :/ Again, thank you so much! xoxo- Carie

  10. Vivian says

    I have follow the steps above to create my product but it ends up so dry after 2-3 days?? what did I gone wrong?? thanks

  11. Mickee says

    Hi! Do you think I could add some fruit juice such as strawberry or pomegranate to tint this pink (along with some vitamin E oil to preserve)? I don’t want to get beet root powder because it comes in such large amounts that I’ll never use.

  12. says

    Hi Mama–
    Quick question: I tried using powdered beets for coloring…and then hibiscus. No matter how fine the powder, it seems a little grainy. I finally got it to stain, but had some granules left in the bottom of the mixture. Do I need to let it cool first? Also, you listed natural red coloring…can you tell us what brand or kind you use? This is all new to me and regular food coloring (don’t laugh– I watched my friend try this and end up with speckled lavender balm) beads up into nasty little flakes that don’t mix in. Thanks!

  13. Nikki says

    Have you considered using mica minerals as coloring for your lip balm? My local health shop has suggested it and would like your input. Thanks for a superb site! You’ve been instrumental in my change over to the natural lifestyle.

  14. Julie says

    Any concerns about food grade ingredients ? Was thinking if you are putting it on your lips….or maybe I am just freaky about that….any thoughts?

  15. America Yamaguchi says

    I’m curious about the beet root powder or food coloring — does it cause a lasting stain on the lips? I am interested in trying to make a tinted chapstick, but I want to be able to take off the color -when- I want the color off.

    • Annie says

      I use beet root powder and even when the balm appears very dark, it is only a subtle “glow” on the lips. It doesn’t stay on long or stain. I imagine red food coloring would, though.

  16. Annie says

    I used beet root powder and had the same problem, it didn’t blend and became a bit gummy after a lot of stirring. The solution I found is to use one of those tiny milk foaming blenders, I think it’s called a frother or milk frother. It worked like a charm!

  17. Jennifer Hull says

    I’m loving your site! I’ve been busy making a lot of the recipes you share to help our family switch to more natural living. I was about to start on this lip gloss and noticed another blogger recommending alkanet root infused in fractionated coconut oil for the color. When I had it shipped (mountain rose herbs), was worried about the disclaimer about “may cause birth defects, not for use if pregnant or nursing”. The same was true of the marshmallow root liquid I ordered for the cough syrup.. any thoughts Katie??

  18. Chelsea says

    In stead of beet root powder, could you used fresh beet JUICE? Or would the extra liquid throw off the entire recipe. I know other people that have made a stain out of fresh beet juice, but I like the idea of a lip chap with staining qualities. haha Is that a thing?

  19. Ashley says

    I am having trouble with the food coloring mixing in. Is this because this recipe is oil-based? Did anyone have “luck” with the beet root powder? The comments below share in dispair that beet root powder didn’t mix well. Wellness Mama- which tint solution did you use exactly? Did you put in before ingredients started to heat up or after they were already mixed due to heating? Thanks!!

  20. catherine says

    I’ve been looking at all the comments on the problems linked to powdered colorants and such. I’m thinking that perhaps it would be possible to infuse the oils on low heat with dried hibiscus flowers, or a chunk of beet…like other recipes do with medicinal herbs and the oil turns green. Then it would be easier to strain and you’d get the color…Not sure about the cocoa though. Cocoa nibs? Ground coffee?

  21. Anne says

    I have an idea for adding the food coloring that worked for me. I made the lip gloss & wanted it pink so I added the red food coloring to it, after everything was melted together, and it hung it the mixture in little beads and didn’t blend in at first. But I kept stirring & stirring and as it cooled it blended in, finally. The next time I made the lip gloss, I mixed the food coloring into the coconut oil & shea butter while it was still cool then warmed it up and it worked much better. Much less stirring involved.

  22. April says

    I tried using red beet powder to color my lip balm it did not work at all and doesn’t look anything like yours. I followed the directions to a T but it still came out with the powder still separated from the mixture. Any Suggestions? I would really like tinted lip balm.

  23. Amina says

    Hi, and thanks for the blog, it is nice to read! I also tried beet root powder, it did not work at all.. The powder separates from the oils etc. What to do? And where to find natural food coloring?

    • Mindy says

      Wooohoo!! Thanks for asking this. I’ve been obsessed with burt’s bees for years and recently switched to EOS lip balms, but none of them have SPF in it. I’ve been loving this site and really trying to get more in to making my own lotions/lip blams, etc…. my lips tend to burn really easy and this helped a lot! I’m glad someone asked it!

  24. Rachel says


    I love your website by the way! I live in Irleand and its impossible to source the shea/cocoa butter at the moment, I am looking to make this for mothers day, do you have a alternative suggestion? might avacado oil work?

  25. Chloe says

    Any comments on the shelf life? I some uses vitamin E capsures or oil to use as a natural preservatives. Would your recipe work without it? Do you recommend on using it or any other alternatives? I LOVE your blog and so excited to try this. Thanks!

  26. keresz says

    Hi girls,
    I had the same problem with coloring the lip balm – I tried food colorings liquid and powder but as I used oils it never mixed properly. I noticed somewhere “mica powder” is great for this purpose – its somekind of mineral powder. I havent tried it yet, but seems like a good idea.

  27. Farah says

    Has anyone figured out the coloring issue? I am going to attempt this in the next couple weeks and was wondering if anyone had any tips to help blend the beet root powder…it sounds like it has been challenging for many.

  28. Dorothy says

    I found a way to make the beet root powder work! I was having the same problem where it was not mixing, just floating, so I tried putting it all in the blender once melted and just blended for a few seconds and that was all it took for the beet powder to make it pink. But because it spins so fast, it cooled it and hardened it in the blender, so I then had to put the whole blender in a big pot of water and remelt it so I could pour it out, but it worked!

  29. Layla says

    Hi Wellness Mama, thanks for all your recipes, I LOVE them! My question pertains to this recipe but also other ones like your lip chap, lotion and lotion bars. Can I use soy wax instead of beeswax? If so, should I use the same amount as the beeswax or is there a general rule for altering the amount in the recipe if it’s soy wax? Thank you!

  30. mary says

    Hi, Wellness Mama, i love your blog, i’m new to this whole all natural beauty and your blog so fr is the easiest, straight to the point and understandable guide to all this. i was wondering though with the beeswax pastilles do you use yellow or white or does it make a difference?

  31. Ella says

    Hey! :)

    Could I use beet juice for the color? Or is it going to be a problem because it is not oil. From somewhere I heard that everything you use should be some kind of oil.
    Is it true? Do you have some experience on using beet juice in lip balm?

    lots of love

    I love your blog, it is so so helpful! Thank you

  32. Louis Andrews says

    I’ve tried beet powder and alkanet powder, both are gritty no matter how much I grind them. I’m kind of disappointed. Maybe you have to use a juice and something like e-wax? I just want some color!!

  33. Kendra says

    Could you please post a link from amazon of the natural food coloring you use? There are lots of options but would like to know for sure I’m looking at the right one. Thanks!

  34. Rachel says

    Hi :o)

    Is this too thick to go into a lip gloss tube? Do you have any tips to make it possible to use in one if it is too thick?

    Any suggestions on how to get a golden, glitzy colour naturally?

    Many thanks

    • Jon says

      Hi, I know I am late onto this thread but saw where I could suggest something. A good way to get a golden colour into a mix is to use sea buckthorn fruit oil ( a few drops will do it) Aside from the colour, SB oil is perfect for your lips.

  35. Alison says

    I have this crazy allergy and the only oil I can use or consume is olive oil. Do you think this would still work if I substituted olive oil for coconut oil?

    I really enjoy your site, thank you!

  36. Lisa says

    I have tried this with beet root powder and just end up with powdery chunks in the gloss. How do I get this into a smooth colour?

  37. Desiree says

    I saw a comment where you said that butter needs to be used in the recipe, would coconut butter work in place of the others? I have Coconut oil and butter on hand.

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