Luxurious Homemade Lotion Recipe

Homemade Lotion Recipe all natural and easy to make Luxurious Homemade Lotion Recipe

If you are still using the cancer-in-a-bottle store bought lotion on yourself or your family, there are super easy natural alternatives! In fact, this recipe is incredibly simple to make and all the ingredients are available here. It only has three basic ingredients and literally takes ten minutes to make!

You can customize your lotion to your skin type and desired scent, and you can even make it for baby (calendula and chamomile…)

Homemade Lotion Variations

There are endless variations, but some of my favorites are:

  • Calendula and Chamomile for baby
  • Rosewater and Almond Oil
  • Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Ginger for sore muscles
  • Coconut and Calendula for face
  • Mint and green tea
  • Lavender and vanilla

I’ve included my basic recipe below. You can customize by adding different essential oils, infusing your oils with herbs first using shea or cocoa butter in place of the coconut oil for more of a body-butter consistency.

NOTE: This is an improved recipe since many people were having trouble getting the temperatures exactly right to get the lotion to emulsify (as per the comments below). This recipe will not have any of those issues!

Homemade Lotion: What You Need

Note: All ingredients and many essential oils are available here.

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Luxurious Homemade Lotion Recipe
Prep time
Total time
Luxurious homemade ultra-rich lotion with natural oils, beeswax and shea butter.
Recipe type: Beauty
  • ½ cup almond or olive oil (can infuse with herbs first if desired)
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup beeswax
  • Optional: 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
  • Optional: 2 tablespoons Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter
  • Optional: Essential Oils, Vanilla Extract or other natural extracts to suit your preference
  1. Combine ingredients in a pint sized or larger glass jar. I have a mason jar that I keep just for making lotions and lotion bars, or you can even reuse a glass jar from pickles, olives or other foods.
  2. Fill a medium saucepan with a couple inches of water and place over medium heat.
  3. Put a lid on the jar loosely and place in the pan with the water.
  4. As the water heats, the ingredients in the jar will start to melt. Shake or stir occasionally to incorporate. When all ingredients are completely melted, pour into whatever jar or tin you will use for storage. Small mason jars (8 ounce) are great for this. It will not pump well in a lotion pump!
  5. Use as you would regular lotion. This has a longer shelf life than some homemade lotion recipes since all ingredients are already shelf stable and not water is added. Use within 6 months for best moisturizing benefits.
A little goes a long way! This lotion is incredibly nourishing and is also great for diaper rash on baby, for eczema and for preventing stretch marks!
If you want an even easier solution, make these easy Lotion Bars! Only three ingredients, take less time to make and last longer.

Ever made your own lotion? How did it go? Let me know below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Faithy says

    Vitamin E is NOT a preservative it’s an antioxidant.  An antioxidant will help the oils have a longer shelf life before they go rancid but it will do nothing to keep bacteria, mold and yeast from growing.   To keep the user safe you need to use a preservative.  A paraben free one I would suggest is liquid germall plus at the rate of 1% of the total weight added once the lotion has cooled down.  Keep in mind mold grows and is present long before it’s visible to the eye, so that’s why it’s extremely important to keep the user safe while using your product.   I would also suggest that you use a proper emulsifier such as emulsifying wax or BTMS instead of beeswax.  This is thick and is more of a body butter or a cream rather than a lotion.  I would suggest you join a forum (forms that are about learning to make soap also cover making lotions, there are many to pick from so pick one that works for you) to learn more about making these types of products.  Not just for the ingredients used but also for the safety reason as well.   Your users will appreciate you taking more time to learn how to do this right rather than copying many of the bad recipes on the net. 

    Good Luck and have fun.

    • says

      I actually took a class on this a while back and was taught that Vitamin E at this percentage will give the lotion a much longer shelf life. As the goal here is a completely natural lotion, I definitely wouldn’t recommend Germall plus- as it contains propolyne glycol, which multiple studies have shown to be harmful. BTMS has some possible health concerns as well, and I wouldn’t recommend it either. I really appreciate your time and consideration in commenting, but with all respect, I actually run a natural products company and have some experience with all this…

      • Lisa G says

        Wow, the guest is worried about mold more then putting chemicals on their skin.  Maybe it is they who should be doing the research on such things.  
        This recipe is exactly what I have been looking for.  I have been using just plain coconut oil (a bit to thick for me) and almond oil (a bit to thin for me).  I will make this, I think it will be a good compromise in thickness. Thanks for watching out for our health Wellness Mama

        • Kelly says

          If you’re not concerned about molds and fungus then you need to learn a little more about them. These types of recipes with no preservatives ( Vit. E is not an all spectrum preservative) are fine if made in small batches and used fairly quickly. As far as “chemicals” go….everything is chemical, even water.

          • Adriana says

            Everything is a chemical for sure. When we say “chemicals” we mean harmful chemicals and not air and water.

          • Steph says

            “These types of recipes with no preservatives ( Vit. E is not an all spectrum preservative) are fine if made in small batches and used fairly quickly.”

            Recipe makes less than 8 ozs. Looks like there’s nothing to worry about here lol.

          • David says

            What about adding meadowfoam and helichrysum to the mix. Majority of therapeutic Essential oils are antimicrobial and last about a year if stored properly. Lavender can be used as 3%-5% dilution for babies, even 1% dilution works. Check the site Edens garden for great oils. Thx for the recipe!! I’m attempting to create a lotion this weekend. I use therapeutic essential oils and would rather use a carrier lotion, I found this post in my first search! Thank you. I’m searching for beeswax now. David

          • Autumn says

            Mold IS a valid concern. I had mold once in a body butter I made after four months, BUT I solved this problem by making smaller jars and sharing with my mom. 4 oz is a lot easier to go through than 8, and we both get to enjoy healthy beautiful skin. :) If you don’t have a buddy to share with, I think you could also solve the mold issue by using a clean tool to take the lotion out of the jar rather than just dip fingers in, which now I’m saying it, I’m going to do that anyway! :-D

      • Kristin Wanhala says

        Wellness Mama, Thanks for the tips!! Going to try this out over the weekend and see if I can make some holiday stocking stuffers!

      • Tammy. L says

        Hello question
        To add calendula and chamomile should it be powder or flower base. I am making this for my baby boy who suffers from extreme dry skin. Any other suggestion please help thanks it’s my first time making anything.

          • Jenni says

            I should hope not EO’s. Essential Oils are not recommended to use topically on a child until two years of age!

          • Kelsey says

            There are alot of EO’s which are perfectly fine as long as they are diluted properly, such as lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, tea tree, grapefruit seed, and even peppermint. Obviously the last 3 EO’s I mentioned need to be a lot more diluted than the previously mentioned EO’s. but many oils such as grapefruit seed oil and tea tree oil are very good at curing ailments such as diaper rashes caused by thrush. No you should not ever but pure essential oils directly on a baby or toddlers skin, but if they are diluted properly with a carrier oil or a moisturizer, they can be very useful. I don’t understand why people get so upset about essential oils, but they are completely okay with putting products like Johnsons Baby Wash on their child which contains ethanol, along with many other fuel based chemicals. Heck, I’ve even heard of people putting petroleum around their baby’s mouth to help with rashes caused by slobber, do people not realize that is a fuel based product? or do they just not care? Not saying you would ever do that, but it makes me upset that there are people who do.

        • Heather says

          I made a modification of this recipe and steeped dried, organic calendula leaves in the the warm olive oil for a while. I also added a mixture of bees wax and emsulifying wax and the resulting lotion is very smooth.

          • Angela Jennings says

            where do you get emulsifying wax? I am very new to all of this and I want to try it out but have no idea where to even get some of this stuff such as beeswax. And the mold thing isn’t a factor? That kind of freaked me out! haha

        • Maryam says

          I would suggest 100% pure organic coconut oil. Really good to use instead of lotion as well.
          My baby boy now 7 months has sensitive skin and I noticed baby wipes are the biggest problem. I now use coconut oil resolved in warm water and wipe with a cloth, problem solved he hardly ever has problems, I wish I used it with my other 6 children. Also in his bathwater I put 1 tbsp. of coconut oil instead of bath products.

      • Joe Deasy says

        You said you “took a class on this a while back”.
        Do you have any other education or qualifications?

        • Cassandra says

          I think asking for the qualifications of a person or efficacy of any product homemade or otherwise on the internet is moot. It is up to the individual to be diligent and seek out what is right for them. Just like any store bought product, there are those that will not react as intended with EVERY individual. You are the one putting the ingredients together and no one is forcing you to change from your regular regime. If you want to use chemicals you can not even spell or pronounce because the FDA says it is safe and you trust them then that is your prerogative. I was raised with my Great Grandmother making homemade everything (a practice passed down the generations). Bottom line, if you don’t think these recipes are for you then don’t use them……simple. Thank you for sharing your recipes with me Wellness Mama. Nice to see there are still some healers left within the younger generation. I have even re-written some of mine based on your posts.

          • Tamike says

            Natural is best and it’s fine if you don’t want the product to have a long and reliable shelf life. I, for one, don’t want my products to go rancid, especially hair care products.

          • Trish says

            Cassandra, do you share your grandmothers recipes? I’m very interested in ‘all things homemade’ especially ones that have been around for generations :)

          • Skyler Wind says

            Well said! btw, to anyone who does a little reading on herbs and essential oils knows that many of these have their own antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Even beeswax has antimicrobial properties. SO, if someone is worried about microbes and fungi, they can always be sure to add the herbs and essential oils known to deter those terrible things! Of course, since these are small batch recipes, they won’t last long when used regularly. On one DIY site I use it is recommended that the majority of the lotion (or other body care item) be kept in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life, taking out only enough to use for a week or month at a time, as needed. If it’s still in the fridge after a year, throw it out and start fresh! easy-peasy.

      • steph says

        Hello, I made a batch last night using jojoba oil, coconut oil , beesawx and some essential oils. I I’ve let it cool over night and there’s a hard layer on top and the rest seems really hard too. My conclusion is that I messed up the ratio of oils to beeswax. Now I suppose what I m asking is can I melt it back down to add more oils or did I waste these ingredients. Sorry I had to reply to another post I couldn’t find the individual comment box. Thanks I hope to hear back from you soon!!

          • Nancy says

            Help, I made this over the weekend. It is more like the lotion bars but just sits on top of the skin and doesn’t seem to soak in at all. What did I do wrong?

          • Molly says

            Hi Katie!
            I have a question for you. I made the lotion bars. I used equal parts of coconut oil, beeswax and coco butter, and of course lavender essential oil. I really don’t like this in bars. I was thinking I would melt it back down and make more of a body butter to put in small jars as gifts. Could I just add more oil to the recipe when it melts? How much would I use? In my first recipe, I used 1 cup of each of the 3 ingredients. And I have a huge bottle of grapeseed oil that I don’t use for anything. Can I use that? Have you ever used it? Or would it be better to use almond or olive oil? Thanks!

          • Linda says

            Thank you for this! I just made it last night and I had the same issue… I think I added too much beeswax. It came in little bars so it was hard for me to measure.

            Happy to know I can remelt and add more oils! :)

            I did rub some on anyway though and I loved it!! Thank you for posting this easy recipe!

          • Jomer says

            is it possible to make a natural lotion without beeswax because beeswax are raw here in our country..

          • Latia says

            Sorry to reply on a reply but I can’t find where to post my own comment. Is this lotion meant to be creamy? I’m trying it tonight and am hoping for creamy. Thanks!

        • Blu says

          I had the same problem just last week. I just warmed it a little in hot water so it could be worked, and whipped it with my hand mixer while I added more jojoba oil into it a little at a time – so I could see when it was the right consistency. I also tried adding cornstarch to it to give it a silky finish on the skin it makes it feel less greasy. I had a very hard time finding any recipe that helped with amounts per lotion, so I just added it and mixed it until I liked it. I ended up with a ration of 2 cups lotion base to 1 of cornstarch and it was like yogurt in consistency. It feels wonderful. Good luck , and dont throw that good stuff out! :-)

        • Jodessa says

          I have made chap stick (some use for dry skin) for the last few years, same ingredients just different amounts, if you cant melt it down and adjust you can use it as a thick cream for your hands or chap stick. Hope this helps.

        • Shelly says

          I made a batch of the lotion and poured equal parts into two little mason jars. One jar has a consitency slightly thinner than lotion, the other is more like a shampoo/conditioner consistency. They both came from the smae batch though. What did I do wrong or what can I do to thicken it up a little?

      • Jessica says

        I was taught the same thing about Vitamin E in my esthetics class when I became an Esthetician. It is used to keep it from going rancid. This is such a small batch that you’re going to use it before anything grows. I have a thing about making sure my hands are clean before I dip down in my lotion if I have to use my hands or get a tongue depressor to get it out with. Thanks WM for all your good info!

      • Tanya says

        Wellness Mama, what can I use instead of vitamin E oil and GSE? I ask because I live in a small country far away from USA and I can’t find the oil and GSE.

      • Taylor says

        I’m making this right & I don’t know how much calendula should be used & what essential oils would be good if I’m using as a face lotion? Help!
        Thanks, Taylor

      • daane says

        All I have to say is Good for you!!! What the awakening of humanity needs is the most natural products available, that can be made from the plants of the earth and locally sourced materials with none of the chemicals used by the Elite in their products that poison us every day.

        Thank God you are smarter then the average bear. I approve!

      • Ashley says

        When giving this as a gift, is there a time frame that you would recommend that I tell my family to use the lotion within? Thanks for a great site!

      • Lucy says

        I made this recipe and I love it but I keep finding that it gets chunky once it cools down. Is this normal or should I be doing something else? Please let me know.

      • Mylan says

        Vitamin E would be a good preservative in this case because there are only oils. If there was water, then yes, you would need a preservative, but in this recipe Vitamin E is a good preservative :)

      • elle says

        could you please tell me what course i can do to make my own scrubs and moisturisers.. I am from Melbourne make my own scrub at home but clearly only get 7 days out of it as i dont no how to preserve it longer…can you suggest

      • Linda Camp says

        I quite agree! The solution to the problem of mold (or bacteria or any other spoilage) is to simply mess LESS product… some amount that you can us up quickly. This way, you don’t have to add harmful ingredients to your product. 8-]

    • Rachel says

      Thank you for taking the time to post this recipe. I never even thought one could make lotion. I Will try it!!

      • Susan says

        I am going to do this!!! I think its a fantastic idea to go natural.. too many chemicals in our lives. My granddaughter has eczema and I heard coconut oil is great for that.. soooo.. this is how I got to this page. LOL. Thank you so much for the information.

        • Dezie says

          Susan, I am wondering how the lotion worked on your granddaughter’s eczema. I just received all the ingredients to make the lotion. My 7 months grandchild is suffering from the same problem. I will appreciate any one comments.

          • Layla says

            Coconut oil was note enough for my son. It, and most other oils, were too thin. We started using just shea butter. He is almost completely clear within a week of starting it. A lot of times eczema is a sign of an underlying sensitivity or allergy.

          • Adriana says

            My daughter has eczema and she is allergic to coconut. Make sure coconut oil would be safe for your granddaughter.

          • Jeannine Knotts-Brown says

            My granddaughter had eczema badly. When she was about 12 my daughter put her on vitamin D3, and the eczema cleared up. They had tried everything, both from the doctor and from friends. She hated having it, and now is doing fine. Most people are deficient in vitamin D, so I’m sure this was good for her body in general, too, not just for the eczema.

          • Cindi M. says

            Calendula works wonders on eczema. It’s a type of marigold flower. You can steep the flowers in the oil before making the lotion or add ground calendula seeds. I’ve been using it on my daughter for 6 months… clears it in 2-3 days.

            My mix is shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, calendula infused oil, lavender eo, and vitamin e.

    • says

      Vitamin E is a preservative; perhaps you meant to say it is not an antimicrobial? For that, you can use grapefruit essential oil at 0.5-1%.  To use vitamin E as an antioxidant, and thus, a preservative, the best thing to use is T-50 Vitamin E at 0.04%. One can also use rosemary essential oil at 0.15-0.5% to preserve. Happy lotion making!

      • Banana says

        Vitamin E is not a preservative, it is an *antioxidant* which means it will not prevent mold, bacteria, or fungus, but will keep the oils from going rancid. Essential oils are also not preservatives on their own, even if they have some preservative properties. And most importantly, grapeseed extract is not a preservative! The only studies that showed that it worked as a preservative used grapeseed extract contaminated with parabens. Using grapeseed extract will preserve a lotion about as well as prayer, unless it is contaminated (it often is), and in that case you may as well just use normal parabens.

        However, like someone said above, you don’t need a preservative in this recipe because it doesn’t have any water in it. I promise I know what I’m talking about, I formulate natural cosmetics for a living.

      • Erin says

        Thanks for this amazing info. y’all! I just made a body butter and it smells to shea-buttery. has anyone tried this recipe? It is less shea butter than I just used and am wondering if the smell is more mild.

        • Sandy says

          I have the same issue, the coconut smell is too strong. Maybe because I was using extra virgin coconut oil which preserved the most scent of coconut oil. I want to know should I change it to refined coconut oil, is it gonna fix the smelly issue?

    • Cindy says

      I also agree that there needs to be another preservative in this.  I also own a natural lotion company and have had my products tested in a lab to determine shelf life.  Vitamin E will extend shelf life slightly, but what you will want to do is add Grapeseed Extract to incorporate a proper preservative to prevent bacteria growth.  For home use, this is not required, but if you intend to sell the products, you will want to check with your local department of health to determine what the law is.  Shelf life on my products is actually 6 to 18 months depending on the product.

      I would however like to say that the person who commented first needs to learn proper manners.  There is a proper way to portray information and they did not achieve this.  Thanks for the recipe, and I wish all of the people that visit your site the best of luck with this endeavor.

    • Hannah says

      Products like this one in the recipe, made with oil and beeswax (no water) are  quite self-preserving and certainly don’t need chemical preservatives. I’ve been making products like this for years with out using any preservative. 

    • Annie says

      I’m a pharmacist and I do a decent amount of compounding lotions and such. Wellness Mama is right here, since the product is not made with water, an antimicrobial preservative is not necessary. Now I would never sell a product without such a preservative, simply because of liability, but the chances of having microbial growth in this product (if maintained in a tightly sealed container) is minimal, and I consider an acceptable risk for my personal use.

      Grape seed extract, parabens, and Diazolidinyl Urea are all good preservatives, but each come with there risks and are only necessary if needed for your peace of mind.

      BTW, thanks for this recipe Wellness Mama!

      • Emily says

        There may be this answer in the comments here but there are SOOO many comments! Wow! I read for a while. :)

        How many drops of essential oil or tsp of vanilla should be used to be safe for my face and baby skin? Thank you Wellness Mama!

    • Marcia Bauchle says

      Mold does not easily grow in products that have no water in them. If someone wants to add Germall to their products, they may as well buy commercially made ones. Germall is not good for you. Also, if you don’t add water, you don’t have to use emulsifiers in this. I don’t think you have a lot of experience with natural products so you should hold your comments on people’s posts so others don’t get confused and be harmed by your bad advice. Just sayin’…

    • Jed says

      This guest needs to realize the information they are putting out there. Many of the things they said are clearly proven wrong and I must agree with what Wellness Mama has to say. I wish Wellness Mama was my actual Mama.

      • Suzanne says

        I use Bulk Apothecary for my oils and butters in large quantity. They also have all the essential oils and containers you would need for lotions or lip balms. Very reasonable prices! Shipping gets me sometimes but considering I’m buying 40 lbs of coconut oil at a time I guess it does cost a bit to ship! LOL. If you watch closely, they do run free shipping and 20% off sales frequently.

    • Amanda says

      Is there a way to make it not so thick for a pump bottle? And is there something else you can use for a sub for the coconut oil if someone is allergic to it?

    • beth says

      You are right about one thing, this is a lotion stick, or balm or body butter since it is not an emulsification of oil and water, it is not a true lotion. That being said… since there is no water she doesn’t need ewax. That’s what is good about body butter is you can use beeswax with all of it’s healing properties.

      This website is about staying away from toxins and your germall suggestion is not suited for a safe, non toxic recipe. It is also unnecessary since this recipe, again, doesn’t have water, the vit E is enough for the oils. It will have a long shelf life, I would throw away what I haven’t used after a few months and make more. That’s why at home creations should be in small batches. I would rather deal with germs anyway, even mold, even yeast, than put germall on me. Here is what says:

      “Again, watch out for these: Germall Plus, Germall II and Germal 115 (preservatives), when making your lotion. I constantly find claims that they are safe in homemade lotions all over the place. They are the main cause of eczema and contact dermatitis in skin care products (according to the American Academy of Dermatology). According to this very informative web site again<<<, this product has the ingredient DIAZOLIDINYL UREA, sometimes just called Urea (as well as others not quite as bad), which has been linked to cancer and a LIST OF EFFECTS AND HAZARDS TOO LONG for me to list here in the areas of- cancer, neurotoxicity, organ system toxicity, reproductive toxicity, skin irritant, penetration enhancer, and cosmetic restrictions in other countries. This ingredient contains government warnings that it is hazardous, yet time and time again I find web sites selling this product as- safe for homemade and natural creations, so the people selling them who don't do their homework think they are doing the world a service with their homemade lotions and soaps and they are not."

      germall is NOT natural and NOT safe.

    • Anna Swanson says

      Re- Liquid Germall Plus – NO NO NO.

      I couldn’t read this first post however 2 years old without posting also the MSDS on that product mentioned as preservative.

      Please do not take this person advice and put that product into your clean lotion or creme.

    • Valerie says

      If you are concerned with bacteria there are perfectly good natural antibacterial oils available that can be added to the lotion … Lemon and lavender are the top 2 that come to mind… But I’m sure there are several more… I agree with the post that this is ment to be a natural product for those of us who don’t have much ( if any ) faith in the FDA and their health standards ( if they are doing such a great job why are so many of us sick?)and we are looking for alternitives
      Research is nessicary … So everyone… Do your research … Look to multiple sources … Then make an informed call

      Mold is more of a concern to some than others… I have never had a problem personally… Just use within the allotted time and add some lemon oil (not juice) or lavender problem solved

      Thanks for the recipe… :-)

    • Ginger says

      Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a preservative as listed by the FDA. It is s used as a preservative for fats (usually chicken fat) in pet food, and when tocopherol-preserved chicken fat is used it must be specified in the list of ingredients.

      “Preservative”, “antimicrobial”, and “anti-oxidant” are not mutually exclusive chemical properties. That is to say that just because something is an antioxidant, doesn’t mean it is not also a preservative (and vice versa). In fact, many antioxidants are good preservatives because they bind free oxygen radicals that would otherwise interact with less stable components. “Preservative” can have many different meanings depending on what you are trying to preserve and against what.

    • Cindi says

      I also add GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) oil or Rosemary oil to my foot balms, as a boost to protect from microbes….

    • Robert M. says

      As Veronica also mentioned, this recipe does not contain water. Preservatives are generally only required for water-containing recipes since bacteria, yeast, etc. need that to grow. Vitamin E will delay the onset of rancidity in oils, and that should be good enough for this recipe (but be warned if it’s stored in a jar or something where water is likely to be introduced–then you’ll need a preservative).

      That being said, your priorities are messed up if you are more concerned about the propylene glycol than the diazolidinyl urea (a formaldehyde releaser; I’d rather have the parablens, who I think have a worse reputation than they deserve; phenoxyethanol, as found in Optiphen, for example, is another one you may want to consider).

  2. Melissa B. says

    I’ve never made my own lotion because I’ve just been using straight coconut oil.  So thanks for the recipe!!  I think that the fact that it’s not technically preserved (according to the previous commenter’s post) doesn’t bother me, since my family would go through lotion fairly quickly.  If I were going to sell it, then yeah, I’d probably look into those issues, but for us and close family/friends, I am really excited to have an easy recipe to get around to making sometime soon!

    • Terry says

      When selling lotion I just tell buyers ,no preservatives so it is truly all natural. That’s what they are buying it for. lotions should last for 3 months safely.

  3. Amy fontec says

    I have a gluten allergy and have been told to stay from Vitamin E oil because it often comes from wheat. Do you have any thoughts on this, or can you suggest something to replace it? Thanks!

      • Meem says

        Katie what do you mean by no such thing as Gluten Allergy ? is it an allergy to a certain ingredient such as wheat, and they are labeling as Gluten ?

      • Edee Lemonier says

        Katie, you might consider reading about celiac disease. There are people who have horrendous reactions to it, even anaphylactic shock, while others don’t see reaction for an hour or even up to 24 hours. Gluten is a protein found not only in wheat, but in other things like soy, barley, rye, and a ton of other things. For someone with celiac disease, even having it on their skin can cause a reaction.

        There is also gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance. Those are not true allergic reactions, but is the root cause for a very large number of autoimmune issues. Going gluten-free can make a huge difference in quality of life for a lot of people.

        Hopefully you will take this with the kindness it is offered and you will view it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and to find a little more compassion for those who ask about gluten-free ingredients.

        Peace :)

      • Peggy says

        Not sure where you get your information, gluten allergies are very well documented I do think many people think they have an allergy when it is actually just an intolerance, but gluten allergies are definitely out there

  4. Cathy says

    Yes!  Lotions were the first personal care item I ventured to make, about 5-6 years ago now.  Though I do use e-wax to make a more-easily spreadable lotion and butters when making more of a salve for extra-dry areas.  I especially like to use avocado and jojoba oils in lotion…they absorb so well.

  5. Angela says

    My co-worker & I are really looking forward to trying this recipe. About how much does one batch make?? Thank you!!!

      • Sheryl says

        How can I make this lotion more like a liquid lotion than a butter? I would like to use it in a pump and prefer the less heavy/greasy types. I love rose water in general, is this something I could add and if so would it hurt the shelf life or allow for bacteria to grow?? Perhaps you have some other alternatives… Thanks for all the info, I’m changing out my personal and household products one natural recipe at a time! Loving this!!!

  6. says

    Thank your for the recipe, Here’s my question I have dry skin every where except my face. My hubby has combination skin. What oils can I use? I do realize that I will need to make 2 batches.

    • says

      For dry skin almond, avocado or coconut would work, and for combination I’d stick with almond or olive. The herbs you use make a big difference too… chamomile is moisturizing for dry skin, calendula is more clarifying… together they balance well though.

  7. jacey says

    Can I use this on my face? I just went to the dermatologist today and he prescribed metrogel for my perioral dermatitis. Is there an herbal solution?

    • says

      It doesn’t have sulfates or steroids, which would agitate the PD, but I’d probably still use plain coconut oil, or nothing, until you clear it up. A lot of times perioral dermatitis is caused by hormone fluctuation or an autoimmune allergy, so making sure your diet is really clean will help more than anything. I’ve also heard of using a sea salt and water mix to scrub or rinse to help it go away.

    • Donna says

      The only thing that “cured” my perioral dermatitis (that the dermatologist attempted to treat for nearly a year with various prescription lotions, gels and pills) was cutting out fluoride … most of which I was getting from drinking a great deal of green tea!  I now drink only herbal teas (Tulsi, made from Holy Basil is my favorite) and use Jason’s non fluoride toothpaste in combo with Oral Wellness drops. 

    • Karen Mack says

      I agree that plain coconut oil is great for those who suffer from any kind of dermatitis, eczema, or inflammation as coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial. Because of this it also has a shelf life of at least 2 years! Good stuff.

  8. Liz says

    What ratio of essential oils to lotion do you use?  Do you have a specific measured amount?  (As in teaspoons or drops, not grams, please.)  And what do you suggest for preventing mold and bacteria?


  9. says

    I’ve been using coconut oil lately, and it works really well, but this sounds fun too! Actually, I went to the allergist this week, and told him I use coconut oil for my eczema…he looked at me like I was crazy and then asked me why. I  told him I prefer natural products to chemical cocktails. He didn’t seem amused.

    • says

      I get amazing reviews from my pinetar soap bars. I use it for myself and on my 6 year old for his ezema. he hasnt had a breakout of ezcema in almost two years! I am looking into making lotions that have same charictoristics as my bars of soap. Only thing to be careful with coconut oil, although it is amazing, It can dry out the skin.

      • Dede says

        Hello. Interested in the pinetar soap recipe. I have several family member who have ezema. Ts could be the answer to my famiies ezema. Thank you!

      • Teng says

        Hi! Can you please share with us pinetar recipe?


        And also for everyone…i have a very very very dry skin..what’s the best lotion recipe for my case..

        Thanks again

        • Britta says

          I also have extremely dry dry skin. If you have any solutions for a nice face lotion as well as body lotion for folks like us, I’d appreciate it! I made two batches of the cocoanut oil lotion: 1st with beeswax, 2nd without beeswax and whipped. The second batch went on nicer, but still sometimes felt like it may not be enough. Any tips? Having super dry skin makes it tough to find the right moisturizer. Any help would be great! Thank you!

  10. Sheri Ryken says

    I have a couple questions. 
    For the oil, can I use part calendula oil and part coconut providing I keep the total at 1/4 cup? I’m assuming it would make a thinner lotion.

    Also, how much does this make?

  11. Rayn says

    would citrus oils be ok in this, or do you think it wouldn’t be as moisturizing.  also would it irritate sensitive skin?  i just love the smell of citrus, and would like homemade natural lotion with that scent.

  12. Amy o says

    Just made this with emulsifying wax & almond oil!  So excited I used orange and lemongrass essential oils because we are entering mosquito season in south texas.  Mountain Rose Herbs is the best place to get products you can trust to be pure and high quality.

  13. Deborah Colston says

    Hi. I’m so keen to try this on my son who is 1 and suffers from mild eczema. I’ve been looking for something completely natural that I can just slaver on before he goes to bed. I’d like to try the baby cream you suggest but he may also have a gluten allergy (I’m getting it checked out) and noticed on an earlier post you proposed GSE as a replacement for vit-E oil. Would GSE also be OK for a young eczema sufferer? Also, would this cream be OK on his face? Thanks in advance for your advice. :)

  14. says

    yep… GSE should be fine, or you could leave it out if you are going to use the lotion pretty quickly as coconut oil will naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria. You can definitely use this in his face too.

    • Nicki says

      I must disagree with Wellness Mama on the antibacterial, antimicrobiodical properties of both coconut oil and vitamin E in lotions and creams.  While Vitamin E is an antioxident and will prolong the shelf life of products, it does not inhibit growth of mold and bacteria in lotions and creams. I highly doubt that a person would no more buy or use a cream in which mold and bacteria were found to be present than they would buy a carton of cottage cheese with mold growing on the top.  Coconut oil, when ingested, has been found to be effective in preventing h. pylori, a bacteria which lives in the stomach lining and digestive system of humans and which is one of the causes of stomach ulcers.  But please note that h. pylori requires an antibiotic specific to the bacteria to get rid of it.  Read up on your facts.

      • says

        Coconut oil can be effectively used to treat bacterial skin infections and is even effective against acne or athletes foot due to its naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties In the natural products realm, it does provide some protection against bacteria and microbes without the chemicals. I’m yet to find any commercial emulsifier or preservative that doesn’t contain a questionable chemical. On a purely anecdotal note, I’ve had lotions and deodorant I’ve made with coconut oil last over a year when I’ve forgotten it in a drawer or cabinet without having any change in smell or color or any indication that it had started to grow mold. Like a reader mentioned, I”d rather take my changes with the possibility of mold than with the assurance of a chemical in the commercial versions.

  15. Kristine Strange says

    I just made this today and it feels so good. I made this in a processor and not all the water was emulsified with the oil. So I’m worried that the oil and water will seperate eventually. I’ll use it up quickly so I’ll try again soon. I’m wondering if you have better luck in a processor or blender?

  16. Hunny says

    This is the first recipe for lotion that I’ve tried.  It leaves my hands a little more “greasy” than I’m used to with off the shelf lotions.   I went by the instructions but the water didn’t seem to incorporate as well as I thought, so i heated it up again this time with the water and whipped again in the food processor.  Seemed to hold together better.  Hope this is ok..  Any way to not have it so “greasy, oily” feeling?

  17. Laini says

    Yes I make my own lotion my recipe is a different I also whip it once its back to solid state. I use ot for my hair and skin. Coconut, shea, cocoa, tamu tamu oils, vitamin e, aloe vera gel some other stuff I can’t remember at the moment.

  18. Sarah says

    Hi Wellness Mama, I just have to say that I just found this site, and am absolutely in love… Im all about being as natural as possible, in everything I do, diet, cleaning, etc… anyways… so I really like this recipe, and I’ve been using just plain coconut oil, but then I found this, I was wondering if  there was something I could substitute for the beeswax, because for the life of me I can’t find it anywhere, and really don’t want to have to order it online and wait… any suggestions?

    • Sarah says

      Do you have a farmers’ market? If there’s a honey seller there they probably have beeswax. Or check and see if there’s a local apiary. They’d have it, too, I’d think.

  19. Lawanda Johnson says

    I can’t wait to try out this lotion recipe and some of your food recipes as well.  I also like your food photography.  What has kick started me into living a more natural healthy life is the Paleo approach to nutrition (specifically the Paleo Recipe Book).  Based on what you shared on your ‘start here’ tap I know that you are very familiar with it the Paleo Diet….sounds like you live by it. 

    Your blog is great, and it is inspiring to me because I just started a blog  Eventually I want it to be a hub for people to share in the journey for eating and living well.    Check it out if you get a chance, would love any feed back you can offer.

    Thanks again,

  20. Linda says

    Ok. I admit it; I love the smell of Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret. It is cherry blossom and peach. I have never made lotion but would love to try. Does anyone know how I can make it smell similar to Love Spell? Thanks! Linda

    • Katherine Young McCorkle says

      brambleberry (dot com) has a lovespell ‘type’ fragrance oil. But please note that fragrance oils are not all natural. :)

  21. Barbara says

    I don’t have a food processor. Could I mix it in my Kitchen Aid stand mixer with the setting on high? Also do I need to use distilled water or can I use regular water that has been boiled? I’m trying not to buy things in plastic and distilled water usually comes in plastic.

      • Peg obrien says

         Am I losing my mind? I don’t see any water in this recipe other than the waterbath that the mason jar is set in. Several people have posted about ‘the water not emulsifying completely’ and for the life of me, I can’t fine water in the recipe at all.

          • erika says

            I love this recipe! I made both this and your sunscreen recipe. One question, both are a little “clumpy” when applied. Any tips to make them more smooth?? Thank you!!!!#

      • Gracie says

        Hi, I am really trying to sort my skin out and thought to start with my face. I have uneven skintone and was wondering is there a natural way to get rid of it? Thanks

  22. Tracy says

    My 7 year old daughter and I just made our first ever batch of lotion. FUN! Thank you so much for all your information that you share.

  23. says

    I really want to try my own lotion.  I am using coconut oil that I whipped with vitamin E.  It has gotten harder, but still works and I love the smell.  But I would like something a little thinner.   I am hesitant to use my blender because of the beeswax – afraid I won’t be able to clean it all out.
    Does it clean out?  Or do you have a blender you use just for beauty products?

    • says

      I have a separate one now, but you can get it out as long as you do it quickly. As soon as the lotion is out, use paper towels to wipe as much of the blender out as you can before you ever get it wet. Then, wash quickly with really hot, soapy water and you should be able to get it out.

  24. Weda says

    Being allergic to nuts (and having a sensitivity to coconuts) can you recommend any other oil?  I was thinking jojoba or something – but would like whatever it is to help with the shelf-life, etc…  Thanks for your recipe!

  25. Eejo says

    Love your recipe! Great lotions. I have a question…I use aloe Vera gel& colloidal oats in. Refrifgerated they hardened but melt quickly when warmed in hands, but they turned watery if left out unrefrigerated. I supposed it is water separating from the oil. I would love the consistency of stored bought lotion but I would have to add emulsifying wax I guess. Any suggestions?

  26. Vanille says

    Where do you find things like vitamin E and beeswax? Health food stores? I’d like to start making a lot of our own skincare products. At the moment we mostly use stuff from Lush or Burt’s Bees but I think I’d have a lot of fun making it myself.

    Is making one’s own products cost-effective? It seems that people willing to put in the effort to be healthier often have a lot of extra cost involved. Obviously health is more important, and I am also using very expensive products as it is, but have you found that making your own provides good value cost-wise?

    • says

      I buy all my ingredients (except Vitamin E) from Mountain Rose Herbs in bulk and since I use them all in multiple recipes I save a lot. I get the Vitamin E from Amazon. When I completely switch and make our own lotion, face wash, shaving cream, hair gel, hair spray, lip balm, etc, it is a lot cheaper, but it is more expensive if i try to do it halfway and buy some of the organic products instead of making them. I’ll also be posting a lotion bar recipe soon and that is a good 2 in 1

  27. says

    Question and comment:)

    Question is how do I make it easy to apply when refridgerated? Mine is waaaay too hard after staying in the fridge, even when I add more water to the mix.

    Comment, this lotion is wonderful. When you put it on a sunburn it soothes so well and really helps with the healing. Great recipe!!!

  28. Art says

    Hi Wellness Mama, I made this lotion and it is perfect for the dry parts of my body but for the not dry areas it is to much. What do you recommend I do to make it not so rich for my not so dry areas? Thanks so much! I did the rose and almond oil blend. Love it! Excited to make other blends.

  29. LuAnn Oburn says

    I am trying as quickly as possible to remove all products in my home that contain harmful chemicals and your website has been an absolute dream!  One question I have for you is have you tried to make your homemade lotion for your face and add zinc oxide?  I don’t leave home without my sunscreen but want to get rid of what I am currently using because of the chemicals.  Thanks so much for everything you do!  I have sent your link to several like-minded friends.

  30. Naomi Jones says

    Has anyone used this to treat eczema?  I buy expensive lotion for my daughter to keep her eczema at bay.  Her body lacks natural oils the protect her skin.  I am looking for a cheaper way to keep her skin hydrated (other than $16 a bottle!).

  31. Sarah Harris says

    My husband uses Gold Bond Medicated Lotion, as it is the only thing that helps his dry skin. We use my homemade castile bar soap for years and have been using plain coconut oil as a lotion for months now, but his skin still is itchy and dry. The ingredient that makes Gold Bond Medicated work for him is methol. Is this an okay ingredient to use? If so, how much would you start with? If it’s not okay, what would you suggest to add that would cool his skin? I was thinking some sort of mint EO, I have spearmint and peppermint on hand. Oh, and thanks for all the great recipes, your website is awesome! 

    • Savanna says

      Hiya! in my entire family, we all have really sensitive skin and scalps. We recently switched over to organic shampoos and conditioners that have Tea Tree oil and they are simply divine for dry skin and they leave soothing cool and clean feeling. I recommend going with a tea tree oil if you can find one.

  32. Shareen says

    Just want to add to important points being made here about preservation (because they can’t be stated often enough):  

    Vitamin E is NOT a preservative.  Grapefruit Seed Extract is NOT a preservative.   Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that will help prevent oils from going rancid too soon, as well as being good for your skin – BUT –  it cannot prevent fungi or bacterial invasions in formulas.The only preservative in GSE  (Grapefruit Seed Extract), is what’s been added to it in order to preserve the GSE itself.  It, too, will NOT preserve or protect your products from invading gremlins, so please be careful and do some research on the subject.

    If in doubt, make your product using whatever you believe to be ‘natural preservatives’, then submit it to a lab for testing.  I know it’s a topic of hot debate, but it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

    As yet, there is no such beast as a ‘100% natural, organic preservative’, although chemists around the world are no doubt working on creating one, but until then, it’s a matter of researching each and every chemical used in various preservatives to determine which one is best suited to the product you desire to make, and which one doesn’t contain chemicals you prefer to avoid, or  might be allergic to.

    Happy crafting!

  33. Rachael says

    We just made some lotion with a recipe similar to yours (with beeswax). We used green tea as an antioxidant and tea tree oil to help preserve the lotion mixture (it is a natural antibacterial and antifungal oil and is really great on psoriasis and exema). We made up a bottle for a guy friend with those ingredients plus lavender and cedarwood oils for a nice soothing earthy scent. To me it smells like fresh soil when you’re gardening… love it. Instead of using a blender, we used my Kitchenaid mixer (yes, I will have to wash it a few dozen times before I make any cookies lol). It seemed to work pretty well. We used almond oil so it was a bit runny but it keeps your hands feeling soft for quite a while and it works just fine in a pump bottle. I think I know what we’ll be giving everyone for holiday presents this year.

  34. Rachael says

    Oh, also… if you’re worried about mold and such, store in the fridge. I live in Southern California where it’s pretty dry so I’m pretty sure I’ll use it up before it goes bad.

  35. Gina says

    Hi Wellness Mama – this is awesome!  How much zinc oxide would I add in order to make this a sun lotion?  I know you have the bar recipe but in those cases where I can’t keep the bar in a cooler and I don’t want it melt, would I need to use this recipe plus zinc oxide in order to make it correctly as a sun lotion?  Thanks so much in advance!

  36. Emaline says

    I just discovered this page today in search of a recipe for bug spray……so glad that I did.  I will be trying both the bug repellant and this lotion recipe. I have to say from my own experience that anything organic is better than the commercial alternative. Both of my sons have exzema and my husband suffers from psoriasis and most commercial laundry det., soaps and lotions usually break them out to a degree. Simply switching to the homemade laundry det. has made a HUGE difference in the kids. I have been using it for over a year. Oatmeal baths, diet changes and taking my older boy off all his prescriptions have made all the differnce in the world to him. Not only was the medicine not working; it was suppressing his appetite and making him have horrible mood swings because of the steriods. I obviously haven’t made the lotion yet, but I don’t think that any mold growth will be a concern for me. I can’t keep enough lotion in this house, and if you do find that the lotion does get moldy use it up faster, make a half of a batch or share it with someone to use it up before it goes bad. After witnessing first hand the skin reaction to the crap they put in products that are advertised for people with sensitive skin, I am far less concerned about the mold. Thank you for sharing your information.

  37. Sara S. says

    I just made this lotion today and I was wondering if there is anything I can add to it to thicken it up a bit and make it a little less greasy.  Although, I did find that the grease is absorbed pretty quickly by the skin.   If I can find some zinc oxide, I’d like to make this into a suncreen as well, but i was concerned that the oily effect would actually attract the sun and burn just as a tanning oil would do. What do you think?  Thanks so much for sharing all your all natural body and home care recipes.  I’m currently in the process of transitioning my family into all natural homemade body care and your blog has been very helpful.

  38. says

    Thanks for posting, this looks great! Ok, I have a big question. I’ve looked up many recipes for all natural homemade lotion. So the one thing I keep seeing over and over, that just doesn’t sit completely right with me is using distilled water. WHY? I know, I know, regular water has impurities… but so much that it wouldn’t be ok in lotion??? I have a GREAT well, not city water, I don’t feel like a few added minerals are going to hurt my lotion. Is there a reason I’m just not understanding as to why distilled water is so important? I really don’t like the idea of paying for WATER or a distiller to distill my own. I have great water! Thanks again for posting and I’m hoping you can shed some light for me on this baffling seeming obsession over distilled water (not just your post – all of the recipes I could find).   :)  THANK YOU!!! :D

    • says

      That is usually recommended just to make sure there aren’t any bacteria or fungus that could cause the lotion to go bad. YOu could accomplish the same thing by boiling the water first :-)

  39. says

    My girls cant wait to make Christmas gifts with ya this year (lotions, chapsticks, etc)! There is something about home made gifts that just feel so wonderful and I love that it is affortable and you can make it as cute as you want to.

  40. Sahouze says

    I received a jar of homemade lotion from a friend. Was not told how old it was or to refrigerate. I used it three or four times a day and started having some breathing problems. I had filled several smaller containers with the lotion and had them around the house to use easily. When I started having problems I noticed the jar container looked like it had bubbled up in the center and then started having black mold… I stopped using…what the of poisoning can this cause or any bacterial infections?

    • says

      Do you know what the ingredients were? I’d definitely throw it out if you’re seeing mold! When making homemade lotions it is important to make sure there are some preservatives, natural or otherwise. Have the symptoms gone away since you stopped using it?

      • Celly says

        Wellness mama, I would like to thank you for this awesome recipe. It really helps me to survive the harsh winter in Canada. My first try was successful. I used it up in two weeks. I have a problem with my second and third try though. I noticed white-small-sand-like things that are everywhere inside my lotion jar. It is covering all the empty space in my lotion jar. I found this is weird as it appeared the day or two after. I cleaned every equipment and even boiled it before. I am not sure where do I do wrong. Is it possible that the white spore like things in my jar means that my lotion is spoiled or is it just some residue of oil or something like that?

  41. Sinja says

    What about using powdered aloe vera in the lotions and other recipes you have shared?  is there any issues that might come up using it in this form rather than the gel?

    • says

      I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if the same properties are maintained in the aloe or not. Mountain Rose Herbs also has a rosemary antioxidant that smells great and is a great preservative.

  42. Sara S. says

    I just finished making this lotion and it turned out good.  A few tips:  I did not let the oil mixture  cool completely or it would have gotten hard (I think), but I did heat the aloe mixture up just slightly in the microwave for about 20 seconds so the two mixtures were about the same temp. Also, I used a hand minxer for the blending step. It is WAY easier to  clean the metal mixers that you can toss in the diswasher than sit and try to get all the grease out of your blender, that takes forever.  As far as the greasiness of this lotion, I find it to be just as greasy using grapeseed oil as it is using coconut oil.  I plan to use it up, as the aloe will be good for the summer sun-kissed skin. 

    • Sara S. says

      Sorry, sorry, sorry.  This comment does not apply to this lotion recipe.  I had two tabs open and I accidently commented on the wrong tab, but i don’t know how to delete this comment.  I will say that I did make Katie’s lotion recipe above and I enjoyed it very much.

  43. Lisa says

    I doubled your recipe, using rose water and almond oil. It emulsified quite nicely but left quite a bit of water to be poured off. I’d say close to 3 tablespoons. Any ideas why this happened?

    • says

      A few people have had trouble with this. Mine worked great when I made it, but I’m trying to remake and see if I can figure out how to improve it so others don’t have this struggle. I’ll keep you posted…

  44. Chi Chi says

    With baby #3 on the way this is a much-needed recipe.  Thank you so much for taking the time to share. When I think of the lotions I used on my first two children (out of ignorance) I cringe.  This should work well for the new bambino and my 5 1/2 year old who suffers from eczema. 

  45. Marissa says

    I just made a batch and it is wonderful! I have made bars before with the same ingredients and love them.  Ive never thought to try less beeswax to make it softer! Love it! Thank you

  46. Becca says

    hi! I love the sound of this recipe and your lotion bars- so easy! I’m at the beginning of my journey of homemade products for my family. there seems to be some evidence out there that vit e oil can cause cancer so im a little wary of adding it a lotion.what is your understanding of this? what would the shelf life of this lotion be without vit e oil? is there an alternative natural preservative that I could use? thanks!

      • Becca says

        Great! Ok I’ll try that then.  I’ll let you know how it goes! Do you have any information on Vit E as a carcinogen? I have already bought a bottle but haven’t opened it and am wondering whether I should return it. I know it helps to improve the appearance of the skin, but not sure if it is worth the risk – if there is even a risk… Thanks!

  47. says

     You and others keep mentioning percentages, such as 0.5%, 1%…I don’t quite understand how to translate this into drops, teaspoons, tablespoons, gallons, and so on. Say I was using this exact recipe, not cutting it or doubling it, and wanted to use GSE as my anti-microbial; how much of the GSE would I use?

  48. Tansy says


    I really want to make this new receipe! I have been making the previous one but also have had trouble with getting the water to blend in properly and often finds it separates when you rub it into your hands although it is the best cream I have ever had for my kids. This new one looks ideal.

    I need to order online the beeswax as I have run out and also some Shea butter. Can you roughly tell me the quantities in weight (grams) instead of cups?



  49. Coco says

    I’ve researched a few homemade lotion recipes and quite a few recommend mineral water as an emulsifier. I made your recipe, and it seemed like it didn’t emulsify (I did not use water).  It just seemed a little oily and less lotion like (but strangely its a thicker oil because its not suitable for a pump as you said).  I’m wondering if I made it wrong?  Would you recommend using water in the lotion after the heating process using a wisk?  Thank so much!!

  50. Nina says

    I just tried the new lotion and I really didnt like it.  Could you please post the original recipe? Thanks!

  51. says

    Made a Orange Honey Lotion today and love it. 
    coconut oil 
    Jojoba oil 
    a very little bit of vitamin E oil 
    Orange essential oil 
    and beeswax all melted down 
    I have a question I don’t like the there are little mini chunks of beeswax left on my skin how can I avoid this ? Thanks so much

  52. Berry says

    Can the lotion be stored in plastic? I would like to send some to my mother and don’t want to mail in a glass container. thank you!

  53. Chancellor says

    I have made a lotion similar to this and love the feel. However, I did NOT like the smell. I did not want to use essential oils b/c I’m trying to get pregnant and want to avoid them for now. The smell of beeswax is fine for beeswax but not for me. I see your option to add vanilla extract. Does that mask the smell of the wax? What EO do you use?

  54. Savannah Freeman says

    When I tried the recipe it didn’t emulsify and turn out very hard, more like the lotion bars. I followed the recipe exactly. I still use it, but I don’t think I’ll make it again unless you have some tips for what I might have done wrong or could change. 

  55. William says

    Can I use cocoa butter lotion in place of cocoa butter? And if so can I use any lotion in place of the butters?

    • says

      You could sub in other lotions, but depending what was in them, this recipe wouldn’t be completely organic then. The thickness of the lotion would also affect the consistency of the finished product…

  56. Emma says

    I really liked this lotion. But I put alot of peppermint essenial oils in because I didn’t like the beeswax smell though

  57. Tori says

    Thanks for the recipe.  I recently made the lotion and I followed the recipe exactly and now the lotion is extremely hard… maybe a little softer than the beeswax before it is melted (really hard though).  I used 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup coconut oil, and 2 oz of hardened beeswax (which should equal out to 1/4 cup correct?)… and one teaspoon of Vit. E.  What did I do wrong and why isn’t it a buttery consistency or typical lotion consistency?  Can you give me any suggestions??? Thanks!

    • says

      I’m not completely sure on the weight conversion with beeswax. My guess is that 2 ounces (though 1/4 cup with liquid) is considerably more with beeswax. Did you measure with a dry measure at all?

      • Tori Wolff says

        The 2 oz was the dry measure.  Beeswax doesn’t come in liquid form does it?  Should I use less with dry measure (maybe 1 oz or 1/2 oz)?  I am just not sure how to adjust the recipe to make it how the picture shows at the top of the post

          • Treya says

            2oz of beeswax is the measure of weight, 1/8 Lb, not volume. 1/4 cup is a measure of volume. If you use a 2oz block, it will yield MORE THAN 1/4 cup of melted beeswax.

      • Hanna says

        I prefer to use weight instead of cups, so I figured out the conversion into grams (and ounces), to maybe end the confusion.
        I used:
        97g almond oil (3,4 ounces)
        43g coconut oil (1,5 ounces)
        35g beeswax (1,2 ounces)

        I think the consistency is completely fine, not too hard, not too soft.
        (Sorry for the weird numbers, but I was using up the rest of my almond oil – I also think this is ever so slightly more than the half cup/half cup/quarter cup amounts in the original recipe)

    • Sherri says

      I had this same exact problem! I used beeswax in the form of a bar and just cut off what seemed to equal the 1/4 cup. Should I have melted it first to measure the right amount? Other than needing a knife or spoon to get it out of the jar, I love it! But would love a softer texture. My mother-in-law loves it and wants me to make her a jar, so I want to do it better next go around. Thanks!

  58. bluffy says

    I made this today. I had a 2 oz block of beeswax but quickly realize that would be too much so I used 1 oz (half block). This turned out as a body butter for me, the consistency of palmers cocoa butter. I used a scented oil, not an essential oil (sugar cookie…yum). I love this body butter for after shaving my legs! I happen to love this type of consistency, so it turned out great. Oh, and I used 76 degree coconut oil.

  59. Auggie says

    Can we actually use the powder inside Chamomile capsules in place of the chamomile flowers? (So we can skip the step of infusing the carrier oil with chamomile flowers – if we want to have chamomile lotion? ) Do you know if it would have the same effect?

  60. Patinga says

    Thank you so much for the recipe. I made a small batch using only the basic recipe (omitting the optional items for this first attempt) using soy wax flakes (I already had some on hand) and it turned out really well. I am already looking forward to making a larger batch using some of the additional ingredients.

  61. Jen says

    I have been making this recipe for months now. I made it two times with your previous recipe, and once with the new one, and I’m about to make it again right now! I absolutely LOVE it. I was able to put it in a plasitc flip top bottle. I do have to squeeze pretty hard – but I’m fine with that. I took it with me on a family beach trip, and my mom and aunt used the lotion to massage all the girls’ hands and feet! My aunt is a naturopathic and LOVED this lotion as well. I sent her to your blog, btw! :) Thank you for this AWESOME recipe. I think the only question I have is about the beeswax. Last time I made this, I was weighing my beeswax to what I thought would be a 1/4 cup (2 oz), then I decided to to shred it so the melting process would be easier. But then when I added the shredded beeswax, it was almost twice as much as the 2 oz I weighed. So should I use 1/4 cup of shredded, or 2 oz block? Does that make sense? :)

    • says

      probably about 1/4 cup shredded, but you could reduce that if you want it to be more “squeezeable.” You could also add a little more of a thin oil like olive or almond to make it easier to squeeze too…

    • says

      I was having trouble with the block beeswax too, and decided to melt it all down and pour 1/4 C into cupcake tins. Now, when I need to make a recipe, I just pull out the little “cake” and use it that way. Same with the butters.

  62. Patty says

    I don’t care for this one either! It is very greasy and even though I used essential oil, it smells like olive oil…also, a tub works better than a jar because you have to scoop it out…Olive oil is expensive & I’m not sure if this was a $$ saver like the deoderant….I will be watching for tips on improving the hand lotion recipe…tks! for all of your recipes…

  63. says

    Mine turned out super hard. :( It’s great but it isn’t exactly what I was looking for as far as ease of use. I’m using a block of beeswax that isn’t easy to measure by the cup – I used 2 oz instead of 1/4 cup, so maybe my weight was off. What do you think? I’m going to try to remelt everything today and add more coconut oil and shea butter.

  64. melissa rogers says

    Hi Katie! I just made this last night while making my laundry detergent and beach waves spray ;) I woke up this morning and the lotion was hard, almost like my lotion bars. I used regular beeswax, so maybe it’s harder (I had to melt it down since I couldn’t find pastilles locally. Anyway, should I just reheat this and add some coconut oil? Is there anything wrong with reheating? thanks a bunch!

    • says

      Reheating won’t hurt it at all… you can even add a smoother oil if you want a more creamy texture. There seems to be a lot of variation in beeswax and I”ve ordered several different brands to try to figure it out so I can post it!

      • melissa rogers says

        great! thanks so much. I know there are so many variations with ingredients and I just need to try different things. I’m just afraid of doing something “wrong” with heating :) I really appreciate all you do!!! And certainly do not expect you to know EVERY type of variation out there :)

      • Shannon Ganshorn says

        Hi WM – In regards to this, what other kind of oil could I add? Mine is lotion bar consistency and I followed the recipe to a T! :) Thanks – love your site! :)

  65. Emily Colvin says

    I have been looking (with no luck) for soap and lotion products that do not contain any coconut (I’m allergic to it and trying to eliminate any exposure to see if there’s an effect on chronic health problems). Is there another type of oil that would be a functional substitute for the coconut oil in your recipe? I know coconut oil is evidently the greatest thing ever for lotion and soap, since every recipe and product has it…Thanks!

      • Emily Colvin says

        Thanks! I’ll try that. Doing it that way actually means I’ll be able to get everything I need really easily – my ex-fiance/roommate/good friend is a bee keeper, so this will be my first try at using the beeswax for something, once I get it strained/clean enough. :) Do you have any recipes for just a regular bar of soap? I saw the household cleaning recipes, but nothing for the body. And thanks again; I have the feeling I’ll be trying out several of your recipes in the future.

  66. Britni says

    Tried it out Sunday. Love it!!! Came out a bit liquidity, was a little worried about it being too oily but after 5 mins the lotions had completely soaked it :) I would like to try to get it thicker next time…wondering if adding more beeswax would work….

    • says

      Hm, I think it felt so greasy because it was still a little warm – I let it cool off some more and used a tiny dab of it on my hands and wrists, and it hydrated my skin quite nicely (I get really, really dry skin, and it cracks very easily and painfully), and left my skin soft and smooth. Still a bit greasier than I’d like, but I now see why adding more beeswax probably wouldn’t help :)
      My lotion was Lavender-thyme scented, because I happened to have a bottle of lavender oil and thyme-infused olive oil from when I made salad dressing.

    • vilisha watchman says

      I made the lotion for the first time and found it fun and easy. I do have a quesiton though, My lotion that i made was very thick and very heavy like wax and the color was almost yellow, did i do it wrong or is it suppose to look like that? When i use it, it is very nice and feels like body butter.

  67. says

    Hi, I was wondering, can you use regular vanilla extract that you would use for cooking into the lotion bars? I’ve just ordered everything I need off amazon but I don’t know if I need a special type of vanilla extract.thanks!

  68. Jennifer says

    I just made my first batch, but it seems a bit too greasy for my liking. Texture is great, not too hard. Any suggestions to cut down the greasy feel? Could i add arrowroot powder or something else, or decrease the amount of oil?

  69. says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I’m very excited to try it. I’m confused after reading a few posts. I ordered the 1 oz. bars of beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs as suggested. Do I need to first melt the beeswax and measure the liquid form for the 1/4 cup in your recipe? I can’t simply use 2 of the 1 oz bars – correct? I need to melt it first? Thank you so much.

  70. says

    HELP!!! My lotion are much too liquid-y. The top is super hard and then under that layer its liquid-y. I’ve done this recipe before and not had an issue, figures its when I want to give them to people they mess up. How can I salvage them? Should I refrigerate them? Should I boil them again and stir better? Should I boil them again and add more beeswax?

    • says

      What amounts of each ingredient did you use? You should be able to just remelt and stir well to fix it.. perhaps add more of the butters or beeswax if the proportions were off

  71. says

    I used the recipe here and used grapeseed oil infused with vanilla beans I had leftover from making vanilla extract. It was greasy and did not absorb well (not terribly surprising as it’s nothing but oil) I went to the craft store to try and find emulsifying wax, even though it’s not natural (something I wasn’t very happy about, but what else could I do?) and the employee I talked to just so happened to make her own lotions. She said to get the water and oil mixture both to about 100-110 degrees, and use an emmersion blender while slowly drizzling the water into the oil mixture. I used a candy thermometer to get the temps right, and about 1.5 cups of distilled water for the recipe listed above. She also suggested using a little cornstarch or arrowroot powder (I used about 2 teaspoons) to help the lotion absorb into the skin better and not leave a greasy feeling.
    When I got home, I tried it, and it turned out perfectly. It looks and absorbs like storbought lotions and smells lightly light toasted vanilla and coconut without any of the harsh perfume scent.

  72. Cortny says

    Hi! I’ve now tried all three of your lotion recipies and this one is definitely my favorite! However, mine turned out mostly solid. It melts in my hand and I’m able to ‘scrape’ some out of the jar with my fingertips easily enough, but I was expecting it to be a bit thinner. Any suggestions? Should I add more oil? I did have the lid off the jar quite a bit as I was melting it (trying to do a few too many things at once ;) ). Would that make a difference? Thanks for your help!

  73. alma says

    i’m interested in using the almond oil & rose water combo. but, since there is no water in the recipe, what is the rosewater replacing or how much do i use?

    • says

      Sorry for that…. that was the old recipe and the liquid was removed when I updated the recipe. You could use it, but would need to emulsify by adding the oil to the warm rose water slowly…

  74. Shay Lane says

    Hello Wellness Mama, I have two questions:#1. How long would you say the shelf life for the above lotion recipe would be before I should discard the remaining? #2 For the lotion bars, what is the best suggestion for storage and will they melt if wrapped in saran wrapping? Thank you.

  75. says

    Thanks this is a great post! I recently made my first salve of coconut oil, cayenne pepper and turmeric for my sore joints. The turmeric acts like topical aspirin while the oil and turmeric help reduce inflammation. The only down-side, turmeric can stain. But super fun to make :)

  76. Hope says

    First off , Thank you Wellness Mama for sharing with all of us. It is so refreshing to see that people still care out there for others.

    My daughter and I are beginners in making our own lotions and are excited. We tried our first batch but we were confused with the amount of beeswax. We have it in a pound bar and shredded it. Also the shea butter in different recipes. We weren’t sure if you had to melt it , then measure or measure the shredded beeswax. ? The first batch came out hard and we cant get it to spread???? Too much beeswax??? What to do??. Thank you for any help you could give us.

  77. Alyssa says

    Have you ever used cooking powders like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, coco powder, etc. for scents? I am looking for a recipe that is all natural (edible safe) and don’t think you should ingest essential oils. (thinking about children that put there hands in mouth)

  78. Val says

    Just made this last night, as coconut oil alone wasn’t cutting it (I get extremely dry hands in the winter). Scented mine with Bergamot and Lavender oils. Will absolutely be making this again! I used Shea Butter and Vitamin E oil. I was only able to find Calendula leaves instead of oil…will infuse the olive oil with calendula before making the next batch. Thanks for a great recipe!

  79. says

    WONDERFUL post! I found you while searching for lotion recipes. Never have I thought to use a mason jar for melting my bath product ingredients. This tip is genius. Thank you for posting this! I look forward to giving it a go! ~Jen

  80. Cindy says

    Made your lotion recipe for the first time! Love it, my normally dry and cracked hands, especially my thumbs are soft and whole! Also about three days after starting to use the lotion I went to the dermatologist for my yearly “spot” check. Almost immediately she made a comment about how well I take care of my skin, it is so soft! I told her I made my own lotion, she seemed impressed! Thanks for the recipe!

  81. bec says

    Can I substitute grapeseed oil for the almond or olive oil? Also the measurement of beeswax, is that liquid or solid? Lastly how much essential oils would you recommend? A couple of drops? Thanks!

  82. Alicia Taylianna Shamel says

    My husband is allergic to coconut oil, the smell will make him sick and if I wear it, he cannot come near me. What can I use instead?

  83. Funa says

    I just ordered all the supplies for this and I am wondering if you can recommend another source for supplies. Dealing with MRH was a pretty bad experience and I would like to avoid using them again. Any suggestions?

    • says

      So sorry you had a bad experience with them! I’ve also ordered from Amazon, and surprisingly, they now carry a lot of good organic options for the supplies and at reasonable prices…

      • Funa says

        This was a great experiment. I love the smells of everything together and love the texture on my skin! My itchy winter dry is non-existent. I was looking to get some new essential oils to add the next time and make a couple batches as gifts. Thank you so much for the post and for your response! Take care.

  84. Yolanda Dobler says

    Hi, can you put this in an old lotion bottle. I am currently making a lotion with emulsifying wax and water and can put it in an old lotion bottle. What are your thoughts on emulsifying wax? Thanks so much.

  85. Kik says

    Hello Wellness Mama
    I have tried to make the cream but it turned out way too filled with wax. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how I should improve ? please write back!

  86. Jennifer Cary Diers says

    Just thought I’d add my two cents. I use this recipe with a few alterations. I add a tablespoon or two of aloe vera gel and some vitamin e oil, and I use grapeseed oil instead of olive or almond. I don’t use cocoa or shea butter, or any essential oils. This mix has to be mixed in a blender or food processor to truly emulsify. I have absolutely no idea how this would mix without that step! And it is challenging to clean your processor afterward so keep that in mind. But my skin really, really loves this stuff!

  87. Manda Tam says

    Thanks to the recipe. I made it last nite. The lotion is more like bar texture. I was expecting it to be soft so I can put it in a squeezable bottle. Should I reduce the beeswax?

  88. Jaime Wrightson says

    Wellness Mama…would you recommend this for a face cream? I made it (and like it) but not sure about the wax for use on my face (new to this homemade stuff)

  89. says

    I tried this recipe last night…results..amazing! I love it and it worked great on my very dry skin, for the first time in my life, I woke up this morning and my skin wasn’t dry and itchy. It was actually still moisturized! Thank you, I am looking forward to trying many more of the skin recipes on this sight!

  90. Jackie says

    Thank you for the recipe. I have tried it and I love it. I have now made more to share with my friends. All natural oils feel different then the chemical filled lotions in the store. As for me I like the thicker better absorbing lotion over the cancer causeing thin slimy stuff they sale for rediculous amounts of money in the store. Your skin will absorb this lotion. Yes it takes longer but it is healthy for your skin. I had Ezema before I discovered this lotion and other lotions just made it worse. even the medicated ones at walmart.

  91. says

    I may have posted this twice, if so sorry. I love your blog. Just made the lotion with coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax. Also added lavendar essential oil. Can I use this as a face moisturizer? I have very sensitive and dry skin. Been using tamanu oil at night and aveeno and ponds during day. I would like to ditch the aveeno and ponds for something natural.

  92. Ann Hashi says

    I made this lotion but its too thick !! I love the feel when you manage to put in into your skin but its stick… Any suggestions? I used exactly the amount that it says, or I should have liquefied everything to measure it? My beexwax was in little pieces, and I measured the coconut oil in its natural heavy form. Thanks for suggestions !!!

  93. Stephanie Cudmore says

    Hi! I have a question about the beeswax. What are it’s benefits in this lotion? Wouldn’t it act as a barrier, blocking poors (sp?)?.

  94. Natalyn says

    I just made the first batch of this today, and immediately I was impressed! Been wanting to try this recipe for a little while and finally got to it, thank you so much for making it so easy to make our own lotion! I used lavender infused organic olive oil (picked the herbs myself, too ;), added a little lavender and vanilla bean to the oil as it was heating up to give it a bit more of a kick scent wise, strained, then I added all the other ingredients, plus 1/2 tsp. of food grade non gmo vegetable glycerin.
    The consistency of it is very nice, it’s a little oily, probably because of the olive oil, but it’s supple and smells so nice. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks Wellness Momma!

  95. Mindy says

    I’ve been trying purse coconut oil, but my skin is still really dry. Went googling specifically for DIY natural body lotion. We moved to the high desert of NM a year ago and our skin is crazy dry. I need something and want to try this recipe. A couple of Qs:
    1. Do you live in a dry climate? If you do not, would you add anything?
    2. I’d love to use this on my face, but when I used coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer, I became very brown (like it was a tanning agent) and this exacerbated my pregnancy mask (left over from 6 babies :) ). Have you ever seen this?
    3. When you say chamomile is soothing for dry skin, how would you add it?
    Thanks so much!
    Off to search for your sunscreen recipe. My next DIY item.

      • Mindy says

        Thanks! Already made a batch with the regular formula (added all optional ingredients: shea butter and Vit E oil. Will look for tallow for next batch if this isn’t moisture infusing enough. Thank you for responding. I will be blogging about all 3 recipes (body lotion, sunscreen, and face cream) next week.

  96. Dmama says

    What can you do for itchy skin? I try to use just coconut oil but I’m so itchy and the weather is so dry here in AZ.

  97. Tyra Nicole says

    I am adding items to my cart and since I am new at this I have a tendency to want to take what looks the most easiest route. I have added Beeswax pellets, calendula and chamomile powder instead of flowers. Will these work with the lotions and baby powder? How much do I need. Here is my cart:eo_la_s1 1oz Lavender (Spike) essential oil organic *HM*$15.00$15.00 o_ap16 16oz Apricot Kernel oil$11.50$11.50 ca_p44oz Calendula Flower powder organic$7.25$7.25 cha_p8 8oz Chamomile Powder organic$9.75$9.75 but_s8oz 8oz Shea Butter organic$8.00$8.00 but_c8oz 8oz Cocoa Butter organic and fair trade$8.00$8.00 but_m8oz 8oz Mango Butter$8.75$8.75 bee_p1 1lb Beeswax Pastilles. Do I have enough of everything? I am so excited and I hope that you are still responding to this post as I see it is pretty old. I am due in 3 weeks and would like to get started on the lotion, baby oil and baby powder projects before the baby arrives.

      • Tyra Nicole says

        Thanks! One more question about the difference between the apricot kernel oil and the almond oil. Can I substitute one for the other? Is there a difference in texture or smell or anything that might call for me to adjust the recipes?

  98. Heather says

    Can you tell me how to use the beeswax? The stuff I bought from Mt Herb is in bar form, do I melt it?

  99. Brandi Stevens says

    Thank you for the recipe Wellness Mama. I never thought I would even consider making my own products for my babies but the more educated I become the more sense it makes.. I am 2 months away from having twins and I would like to try to make your baby lotion for the first time. I was going to try the lotion first without making adjustments (as I have no idea on what to adjust), here are my questions… 1) I saw a post on a whipped version of your lotion recipe, I do want a nice and easy lotion to use since I will have my hands full soon. Would you recommend the whipped version over the original lotion recipe? 2) With the lotion recipe you recommend the Calendula Flower and Chamomile flower for a nice baby lotion. I am not confident in my ability to use the flower so I was going to use the powder – How gritty will this make the lotion and how much extra should i use (I saw your response in previous posts about the powder) and 3) Can I use the flower powders with the whipped recipe and finally 4) Should I use any other essential oils for scent or will the flowers provide enough scent?? Thanks in advance for your help.. I am really hoping this works for my family so I can begin making for all of us ;)

    • says

      I’d infuse the powder if you can, but if you grind it finely enough, it shouldn’t make it too gritty. You can definitely add to the whipped version and do that instead. Typically I try to stay away from essential oils with babies since they are so concentrated. Congrats on your twins! How exciting…

      • Brandi Stevens says

        Thanks for such a prompt response.. How exactly do I infuse the powder? I will do that if thats what you suggest.

  100. Priscilla Guerra says

    I liked this recipe, it’s easy to make, I definitely going to try it. Today I made a body lotion, but it was a disaster, it came to greasy and the essential oils didn’t hold up. What do you think it happened?

  101. Nina says

    I have a water component to mine, but then mind are more like body creams. Usually I use apricot kernel oil, beeswax and coconut oil then add a hydrosol or super pure water and essential oils. Creamy deliciousness.

  102. Jenny D says

    Thanks for the recipe. I don’t use animal products, so could I use substitute beeswax with 1/4 c shea butter for dry-ish skin?

    I’ve never had a problem with acne before (I’m 32) but I started to use tinted moisturizer and some makeup recently and have started to get pimples and red-tinged boils with white tips, presumably due to clogged pores. I also changed my regular face moisturizer (Avalon Lavendar) around the same time, so playing detective has been hard. Therefore I’ve been looking for natural makeup cleansers and was wondering if this can be used everyday to cleanse makeup? I don’t really wear makeup everyday but I might certain weeks.

    Thanks in advance!

  103. Jenny D says

    Thanks for the recipe!

    I don’t use animal products, so could I use substitute beeswax with 1/4 c shea butter for dry-ish skin? I’ve never had a problem with acne before (I’m 32) but I started to
    use tinted moisturizer and some makeup recently and am getting pimples and red-tinged boils with white tips. I also changed my regular face moisturizer (Avalon Lavendar) around the same time, so playing detective has been hard. I’ve
    been looking for natural-er moisturizers and was wondering if this would exacerbate my new pimply problem.

    Thanks in advance!

  104. clover lanestore says

    Help! Made this lotion for a wedding and it’s coming out crunchy. I made 60 jars. Please tell me I can salvage it some way.

      • clover lanestore says

        I used as the recipe stated, olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin e and Shea butter in the suggested quantities. I’ve made this before and the lotion was absolutely creamy, but this time it’s crunchy. I broke it up with a fork and I’m hoping it doesn’t set hard again.

  105. Jennifer Tucker says

    I want to make this with Calendula and Chamomile for my baby. Do I get this in powder form? What does “infuse with herbs” mean? And when would I add the Calendula and Chamomile?

  106. Krista Salihah Schaaf says

    Do you know of a substitution for the coconut oil for this lotion? One of my children has severe allergies (not just sensitivity, he gets hospitalized frequently due to severity). I’ve really been happy with plain olive oil soap for him and looking for a lotion option. I use a thin layer of chickweed oil to moisturize his skin but would love a less greasy, less liquidy option. I’m thinking maybe it won’t become a solid without the coconut oil? Thank you for posting a great recipe! Looking forward to any suggestions you might have.

  107. Rae Hitchings McLaren says

    I tried this and it turned out with the consistency of coco butter. I followed the recipe to a T. How can I make it creamier?

  108. Carol says

    Hi i’m not sure which oils to use but i do like the baby powder smell can you recommend any essential oils that make that smell or comes closes to that smell?

  109. Katrina Roberts says

    I added a little bit of coconut oil and mango butter to this recipe and I also used grapeseed oil and emulsified wax, which made my lotion green (which is ok for me). After melting and cooling this recipe, it was a little too liquidy so I heated it back up and added another 1/4 cup of beeswax. Much better! Great recipe!

  110. Kelly Poe says

    i just made this… just waiting for it to cool and solidify. i put a little extra coconut oil and a little less olive oil, and i used lemon extract for scent. the combination of the lemon and coconut smells very good. the beeswax is lending a bit of a sweet smell as well. i really hope that i like it since i have skin issues and have a hard time using traditional lotions.

    • Kelly Poe says

      i also opted to use the vitamin e oil but no shea butter since i honestly can’t stand the smell of it.

  111. Cindy says

    I am just now looking for easy homemade moisturizer recipes. I have fallen in love with coconut oil! I love your recipe (without water or preservatives!) and I’m thrilled to try it. My skin is dry and sensitive so I was wondering which essential oils you would recommend adding to your recipe? You may have already answered this question and I just have not seen it in the comments. My apologies if you have. Thank you for your great research, information and for sharing it all, including this recipe! Cheers,

  112. Lulu says

    Hi. I tried your recipe with cannabis infused grapeseed oil & coconut oil to include shea butter & added essential oils of peppermint & eucalyptus. Wow! Its silky smooth & great for sore muscles. Thanks for the easy recipe. This one is going in my book.

      • Flores says

        Thank you very much! I have a 7month old baby girl and I’m trying to make as many homemade things for her. She is breaking out a little bit on her face. Do you have any ideas what I could make for her?

  113. lynn says

    I tried the lotion recipe on this page. I followed it exactly but the lotion is too runny. I am in the Caribbean where it is always nice abd warm even hot at times. So oils do not usually become frozen in the bottles . With these conditions should I increase the amount of beeswax in the recipe?


      • lynn says

        Thanks Wellness Mama for your response.
        I did increase the beeswas and it is much better. Are they any side effects from using too much beeswax? If so can I use lecithin to aid in emulsifying the oils? Which lecithin is better to use in making creams or lotions the liquid lecithin or the granules?
        I put in 6 drops of the essential oil Jasmine but I am not getting that fragrance coming out. I am not sure how many drops of the essential oil would be safe. Please guide me in this regard.

  114. Ruis says

    I love this idea! I have severely dry skin and this sounds perfect. Would it be okay for me to add vegetable glycerin as well?

  115. Alexandra Sturrup says

    I was just wondering what you would recommend as a replacement for Vaseline as a liner on the bum for those first couple of days with new baby and meconium poops. Will this cream work? Or would I be better off using plain coconut oil?
    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  116. Amy Taylor says

    I made this today and added lavender and vanilla. It came out smelling a lot like a high dollar organic store bought brand but at a fraction of the cost. I was wondering if goat milk and/or honey could be added somehow.

  117. Emily Buresh says

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for a recipe like this. Is there anyplace you recommend for Beeswax and other organic ingredients?

  118. Ali says

    This is my first time making lotion and my lotion is very thick. Is there any suggestions on how to make it thinner, it will be used on the face mostly.
    Thank You

  119. Kina says

    I know that the author has altered the recipe to prevent contention concerning adding water to the lotion so that it doesn’t need to be ‘preserved,’ but I still would like to add my opinion here.

    I have absolutely no clue as to why this woman is being attacked this way concerning preservatives. It is so ridiculous. We, who are looking for such recipes, are interested in using all natural products. Yes, pharmacist, we are almost ALL aware that parabens preserve; they also pollute and poison the body over time. There IS a reason why parabens are used, but there is also a reason why we don’t want to use them. If you think that only using parabens as a preservation method is safe, then why even bother using a natural method? Just go to the supermarket and pick up a chemical-ridden moisturizer there: Problem solved.

    So there’s an expiration date on the recipe…so what? If it smells moldy, throw it out and make some more. It’s not rocket science. I, for one, really find it to be a relief that there are lotions that can go bad because it means that they are natural. We EAT things that can grow mold; if you want to eat something that doesn’t rot or mold, go to ‘McDonald’s’ as opposed to eating an apple. If it grows mold, don’t eat it. Same concept here.

    Thanks for your recipe, as it is appreciated by those of us who want a natural alternative to the chemicals.

  120. Brooke Sullateskee says

    Hello, I was hoping you could help me with how to tweak this recipe. My mom and I have extremely sensitive skin (eczema). It is all over our body (on our scalp as well). Our skin will be sore and pinkish to red. We tried extra virgin organic coconut oil but it broke us out. Is there anything that you know that would be particularly good at soothing our skin and what I could substitute the coconut oil for? I am not sure how to infuse herbs into olive oil, or even what herbs to add. Any help would be great! I am finally at the point where I am looking into making my own soap and lotion for us! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  121. Brooke Sullateskee says

    I’m not sure why my previous comment hasn’t posted, but I was hoping you would be able to help me tweak this lotion. I am just getting into soap and lotion making due to my mom and my’s extremely sensitive skin. It will turn pinkish to red and look extremely sore (and it is.) I have been diagnosed with follicular eczema which will irritate all areas of my skin (especially after shaving.) Our scalps are affected too. I was wondering what herbs I can infuse the oil with that may help soothe our skin (and also how to infuse it with oil.) We have tried coconut oil, but it has irritated our skin so what can we possibly substitute for that? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  122. Lisa says

    Hi have a question I made my own mosturizer with aloe Vera gel mix with tea tree oil and lavender oil with grape seed oil which I kept in a little glass container. I was just wondering should I have to put this in the fridge? Or it should it be find in a room temp?

  123. Mimi says

    Thank you so much
    for posting this! I was so excited when I found this! I tried to make this two
    days ago and I used all the ingredients you have listed above, including all
    the optional ingredients. However, the lotion turned out to be waxy and have a consistency
    of cold coconut oil. I tried to add more olive oil to see if I can thin it out
    and make it more lotion like, but it didn’t change anything at all. I see that
    you said we could use shea/cocoa butter in place of the coconut oil for more of
    a body-butter consistency. But since I have already made the first batch, I
    don’t want to waste it. Is there any way to fix that? Thanks

  124. Sty says

    Thanks a lot, I’m wanting to attempt making my own lotion but was worried it would be too complicated your instructions were immensely helpful!

  125. Wina says

    For the record, BENZOIN essential oil IS a natural preservative. It has a very sweet scent, and it’s VERY thick, but benzoin is all natural, and can be used as a preservative. However, Vitamin E is fabulous for the skin.

  126. Leah Jackson says

    Hi Katie, I just made this recipe (doubled using olive oil, beeswax, refined coconut oil and Mother’s Special Blend as a replacement for just E oil, and I put a few drops of citrus essential oil.) The problem is that it is very hard, not whippy like the picture of yours above – did I do something wrong? – Thanks, Leah

  127. Jen says

    I’m allergic to nuts, coconut, Shea and gluten. Do you have any idea wheat I can use as substitutes? I am desperate. Think you.

  128. Amy Taylor says

    I love this stuff! I made it without the shea, and it seemed a little greasy, but that went away after a few minutes. I finally ordered some raw shea and added it (had to reheat it to make it mix) and I love it! I use this on my baby too, it helped with her diaper rash after only two uses. My man even uses it to keep his tattoos looking fresh and on his freshly shaved head every day! It’s a keeper!

  129. Gloria says

    Hi, thank you for sharing this easy, manageable recipe. Would this wok well as a hand lotion? I need one for work — I wash my hands quite a bit all day and my current lotion is actually very drying…

    I’ll be making the magnesium body better as well and before I buy the ingredients, I figured I’d ask if you use this for your hands.

    Thanks again, and I love your web site! So happy I found it :)

  130. Viv Jones says

    Katie, if I want to use this lotion from a pump bottle, would I just add a little more oil to make it thinner or runnier? I’m a newbie at this. Thanks for your advice!

  131. Katie Viscuso says

    why when people have recipes do they prefer to use essential oils (example: fruits) when they could use the juice of the fruit itself? whats the difference?

    • irma says

      Re the question about why not use fruit juice instead of essential oil: citrus essential oils are not fruit juice. They are the volatile plant oils and with citrus, come from the rind of the fruit, not the inner flesh. They are oils, not juices or fruit concentrates. Probably a quick google search on what essential oils are, would be useful. Fruit juice would definitely lessen the products shelf life and also would shift its composition considerably as far as texture and ingredient separation. With essential oils, several drops are used, not cups, for example.

  132. Patty says

    Hi there! I’m pretty sure something went terribly wrong with my lotion. After I pored it into the jar it cooled into a hard form just like chap-stick. Any recommendations on how I could salvage this and make it into the lotion? Please help!

  133. Kaitlin Chiappetta says

    What’s the shelf life of the new version of this lotion? I see it says six months, but is that just for the best moisturizing or should it be thrown out after six months? Thanks!

  134. Stacey says

    I just tried this and it’s not bad, but is very runny. It’s not as greasy as a previous recipe I tried, but is still fairly oily.

  135. Ashley says

    Thanks for sharing…..I am loving the experience :-) is there anything I could try as my body butter is still too oily…….It’s my 3rd attempt and besides the fantastic smell and texture, it’s just the oiliness that I am not too happy with. Hope you can help or suggest something…..Thanks Katie

  136. Allison Butterfield says

    I tried making a moisturizer last night. I used coconut oil, vitamin E oil and a few drops of peppermint oil. I like the result however, I was looking for more of a lotion consistency. Any ideas, tips, or hints? Will mixing bees wax in the mixture make it have a lotion’s consistency?

  137. Tracy Carsten says

    Made this recipe yesterday. The texture is more like a thick paste or almost like a soft candle. Is there anything I can do to make it a bit more user friendly/liquid-y? Or did I perhaps do something wrong? Thank you!

  138. Sami says

    Is this recipe greasy at all? Just concerned about it rubbing off on clothing and such. Definitely considering making this for the holidays though!

  139. says

    Wonderful recipe – very silky and nourishing for skin. May I suggest adding carrot seed oil, sea buckthorn and tamanu oils for their regenerative and repairing properties. Also excellent for stretch marks.

  140. Rae C says

    I followed the recipe and made this lotion and it turned out to be hard as a rock. I think this is the recipe for your lotion bars (seems like but I could be wrong) since the texture seems to be better suited for that. That’s fine although you didn’t specify that this lotion doesn’t spread and the pic you use for the recipe is extremely misleading. If I’m mistaken, please let me know where I went wrong. Thanks

    • Tracey Pequeno says

      I have made this and can tell you that it is generally soft in warm weather and hardens with cooler temps. It will soften quickly in your hand.

  141. Val says

    I want to make Rosewater and Almond Oil body oil….I just won’t add the beeswax and the Shea butter but I would like to know if anybody could tell me how to choose what kind of Vitamin E to buy? Thank you!

  142. shauna says

    I made this yesterday. Mine turned out hard….like a lotion bar. I am new to the day skin care, so not sure what happened! Maybe too much beeswax? Any suggestions how I can fix it? Thanks:-)

  143. laura thorpe says

    In the suggested variations, the combination of peppermint, wintergreen and ginger is listed as a sore muscle lotion. Would it be possible to use dried powdered ginger? I know in some of the recipes you use dried powdered ingredients, but in the lotions it tends to be oils etc, and I wasn’t sure if mixing dried ginger with the oils etc would reduce the shelf life.

    This site has been fantastic for me for the last couple of months – my family and I have agreed to the challenge of ‘A Handmade Christmas’ and I wanted to do something special for my mum. I had a hard time searching for recipes for beauty products that were effective and would keep, and since I found this site I haven’t looked anywhere else. It’s a really great resource :)

  144. Atheerah Bajrai says

    Hi Katie. Loving your natural DIY stuff here. Im still a beginner and excited to try all the recipes available. I was wondering whether this lotion can be made into solid lotion bars? And whether I can add some emu oil for my grandmas who has arthritis? Thanks in advance :D


  145. Stephanie says

    I made some lux lotion last night and lip balm and both are great! I used mango butter in place of Shea butter in the lip balm and in place of cocoa butter in the lotion. I also used beeswax pastilles. Will using those make a difference in the lotion recipe. Would I need to use more? Love this recipe!

    In his blessings,

  146. KimK says

    I just made this recipe using the exact measurements you listed with the olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax. Everything seemed okay, but the consistency is that of Chapstick and not of lotion. Any idea why? It’s extremely difficult to use. I’m very disappointed.

  147. Aryca says

    Does this recipe leave your skin feeling oily? I really want to make it, but I”m looking for something that will dry also.. Not a fan of the “satin” feel that some lotions leave on your hands.

  148. Lizzie says

    I just made the lotion for the first time. It seems more of the consistency of the beeswax. I bought the bars from Mountain Rose Herbs in 1 ounce bars. I used two bars in the recipe since my my measuring cup shows 1/4 cup is 2 ounces. I am wondering, I should have only used 1 bar?

  149. Emina Serifovic says

    Just wondering if you could beat this mixture so that your cream then has a ‘whipped cream consistency?’

  150. Lindsay Kelsey says

    Hi I just tried this recipe, I doubled it and it came out so waxy, can I add more shea or oil Or is this just a waxy recipe? I was hoping for it to be creamy. I measured in weight could that be why it came out weird? Thanks so much!

    • Kelly says

      It sets with a waxy top. This is a natural occurrence of the cooling process. Take a plastic spoon, popsicle stick, or other instrument and break up the top to stir the completed product. You’ll find it has a really smooth texture.

  151. Sandra A. Carpenter says

    Hello Katie! My name is Sandy and I just came across your website and recipe for the natural body lotion. My friend is making essences for different conditions and we would like to incorporate them in a thick body lotion/cream. She asked me to reach out to you with some questions, as follows: would a stainless steel vessel be acceptable to use to mix the lotion inside of using glass?; About how long is the shelf life and does it need to be refrigerated?; Do the vitamin E and almond oil go rancid?; Would colloidal silver be good to use as a preservative?; Do you add the essential oils (in this case she would be adding the essence) while making the batch, or can they be added after the lotion is made and divided into smaller containers? I think that is all for now. Many thanks in advance for your expertise and help!

  152. Kelly says

    Just made this. I am now the person people want as their Secret Santa! Thank you so much for this honor! I’ve used it on some windburn I got while outside shoveling snow, and it took the sting right out within 2 minutes.

    I made mine in a jar, but I put the jar in a crock pot. By putting the lid on the crock pot, I could get that steam to really melt stuff down. Plus, I felt safer walking away from a crock pot than a pot on the stove.

    Last, this stuff is REALLY thick. A little goes a very long way. After it had set, I used an instrument (plastic spoon in my case) to break up the top layer and give it a little “fluff.” That did the trick.

  153. Kim says

    You have said that it should last “a while”, but how long is that? What if I don’t include the vitamin e oil or any essential oils?

  154. Sarah Lizotte says

    Just made this lotion- I love the way it smells/feels! I used the basic recipe (1/2 cup olive, 1/4 cup coconut, 1/4 cup beeswax), and while it came out correctly, once it solidified, the texture was a little hard. What would you recommend that I alter in order to make it more creamy, like the photo at the top of the page?

  155. Paula says

    I’m about ready to make the hand lotion. Do I whip the ingredients once the mixture is slightly hard? Your picture shows a fluffy mixture, but the instructions don’t mention whipping. Thanks.

  156. Anna says

    I just made this lotion last night. I did the coconut oil, beeswax and olive oil… but after it cooled it’s become pretty solid… is there anything I could do to make it more spreadable??

    Also how much of the essential oils do you recommend using?? I also did one with vanilla extract and when it cooled it kinda went to the outside instead of being mixed in with the rest of the lotion.

    Any suggestions??


  157. Lisa Hickey says

    Made this lotion tonight with a touch of Eucalyptus! Smells clean, fresh and just plain awesome! However, I’m guessing I used a tad more beeswax than I was supposed to because it came out more like a candle wax than a lotion but still works fine, just takes a lot of rubbing in. It’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve rubbed on my skin in the name of natural! :-) I will not be discouraged!
    Absolutely love this site, I find myself thinking ‘Hmm, wonder if WellnessMama has a recipe for that?’

  158. ele says

    I made a moisturizer with a similar recipe – aloe vera, jojoba + beeswax – i found it really sticky and had lots of bits in it i.e. not smooth.
    Do you think the bits are due to the beeswax hardening and i don’t know how to reduce the stickiness!

  159. liv says

    I’m an aesthetician and it’s possible that this lotion could make people break out because of the ingredients causing clogged pores. Jojoba oil does not clog pores and can be used by people with acne.

  160. Antigoni says

    hi everyone, i don’t know where i went wrong. followed the recipe to the T, but after it was cooled, and i put it in different containers, the next day the lotion felt “grainy”, like there are little lumps in it. they dissolve into the skin when you rub them in, but the texture is definitely not smooth. anyone have any advice please??? want to make more and give them as gifts… but i’m worried about the texture. everything else (smell, color, etc.) is great. i used olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax (all organic) and vitamin E, all the same ratios as suggested and allowed everything to melt and kept stirring. help the nuby please! thank you

    • Faxon says

      Mine has a texture, too: very very fine grains. It is the coconut oil, which is solid at room temperature like a butter. It has the little “grainy” texture that immediately blends in when I rub it on my skin. So if you do not like that, try a a different brand, because I don’t know if they are all textured or not. Or use coconut oil that is liquid at room temp instead of “butter.” I don’t think anything is wrong with your cream; you just don’t care for the cosmetic feel of the graininess.

  161. Arianne Goodell says

    when i tried to melt it it took a long time and then just ended up as oil. is that normal? im gonna let it sit for the evening, then will it be like lotion? or did i do something wrong? i also used shea butter instead of coconut oil and put one tbs of coconut oil.

  162. Tracey Lynn says

    Hello. I just made the lotion described above. I used a high quality olive oil to the exact measurement as well the other ingredients liste, exactly as stated. My lotion looks nothing like the picture. Mine looks like butter after it hardens from being melted. The Shea butter also is overpowering with its scent and it’s very greasy. How do I: 1) achieve a more creamy, less greasy texture? 2) mask the scent of the Shea?

    Also can this lotion be used on the face?


  163. Michael Lundholm says

    I really like your formula for the moisturizer and am looking forward to making my own, but I also wear full beard and I’m wondering if this mixture would work well in my beard. If not, can you recommend changes to or an alternative to this formulation. After all there is facial skin under a beard. Beards to need moisturizers and conditioners to. Any advise you can give will be appreciated.

  164. Jessica Grubb says

    I’ve never made my own lotion before, I just made this one. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but mine is much less of a lotion and seems more like the consistency of maybe a lotion bar…but it’s in a small mason jar. It works, but I’d rather it be more like lotion. What might I have done wrong?

  165. Rachel c says

    I have not had any luck finding a local cosmetic grade beeswax. Have to order it but I’m being impatient. Can I make this without the beeswax? Can I add my own harvested aloe? And would I put it in at the same time as the others? And lastly will almond extract be ok? Thank you so much.

  166. Ken Little says

    I changed the recipe slightly to get more of a lotion texture as opposed to a body butter or a lotion bar. This is what I used and it worked great. All measurements are in volume and not mass.
    Ingredient Amount Cost Per Amount Used
    Beeswax 2 tablespoons 1.90
    Grapeseed Oil ¼ cup 1.20
    Almond Oil ½ cup 2.15
    Shea Butter ¼ cup .70
    Lemon Oil 40 drops 2.00
    Vitamin E 1 teaspoon .55
    Arrowroot 2 teaspoons .25
    Total Cost 8.75

    I melted the beeswax and oils and stirred them in a double boiler in med/low. I added the shea butter last. Make sure it isn’t too hot or the shea butter can become grainy when it melts. As soon as the shea butter was melted removed the oil mixture from head and I mixed in the lemon essential oil, vitamin E, and arrowroot (you could use corn starch or tapioca starch instead). I then placed the bowl with the oil mixture in another bowl that had ice water and I used a kitchen hand held mixture on high for 20 minutes. I then put it into an 8 oz jar and let it cool and it turned out great. Tomorrow I am going to try this again but switching out the lemon oil for lavender, the grapeseed oil with calendula, and the almond butter with coconut oil.

  167. Amanda says

    I know I am super duper late on this, but I am only just finding your site…. I love the sound of your natural toiletries, and am going to try several of the recipes. I have a question on this one…. what is the point of the bees wax. Is it just to thicken the lotion? I would like to try to make something more squirt-able because I want to keep it in a squeeze bottle by the sink. What would happen if I left the wax out?

  168. Kenna says

    Hi Wellness Mama, I really enjoy reading your informative articles and yes, I am a subscriber to your newsletter. They are very educational and have helped me to take a more natural approach to my every day living! Thank you so much! I just finished doing this recipe and I used Lavender essential oil. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow, I had to use some after getting out the shower and I love it. One question though, please tell me when, how and what quantity of Vanilla Extract I should incorporate in this recipe. Thanks in advance!

  169. Lauren LeClair says

    So I made this.. Followed the directions to the T… But its so hard, I have to use a metal spatula to get it out. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Ken Little says

      Yes that is why i changed the recipe to make it way less hard…i posted how i changed in the comments below yours…

        • Ken Little says

          I changed the recipe slightly to get more of a lotion texture as opposed to a body butter or a lotion bar. This is what I used and it worked great. I ordered everything off of Amazon because they had the best prices by far. All measurements are in volume and not mass.
          Ingredient – Amount – Cost Per Amount Used – Comedogenecy Rating
          Beeswax – 2 tablespoons – 1.90 – 2/5
          Coconut Oil – ¼ cup – 1.20 – 4/5
          Almond Oil – 1/4 cup – 2.15 – 2/5
          Shea Butter – ¼ cup – .70 – 0/5
          Grapeseed Oil – 1/4 cup – 1.20 – 2/5
          Lemon Essential Oil – 45 drops (equals 1% of lotion) – 2.00
          Vitamin E – 1 teaspoon – .55
          Rice Powder – 2 tablespoons – .65 – 0/5

          I melted the beeswax and oils and stirred them in a double boiler on med/low (you can also use a pyrex measuring bowl and a cooking pot filled with about 2-3 inches of water). I added the shea butter last. Make sure it isn’t too hot or the shea butter can become grainy when it melts. As soon as the shea butter was melted I removed the oil mixture from the burner and mixed in the lemon essential oil (the calendula and lemon fragrance compliment each other as well as offset the odor of the shea butter), vitamin E, and rice powder (you could use corn starch or tapioca starch instead but those starches will shorten the shelf life to about 3-4 months if left non-refrigerated). I then placed the bowl with the oil mixture in another bowl that had ice water and used a kitchen hand held mixer on high for 20 minutes. I then put it into an 8 oz jar and let it cool to room temp. and it turned out great. (Just be sure to not let any water get into the mixture.) Tomorrow I am going to try this again but switching out the lemon oil for lavender, the grapeseed oil with calendula, and the swap out 1/4 cup of almond oil for coconut oil. Thanks everyone for your comments as they helped me out tremendously, and thank you Wellness Mama for posting this recipe. The yield for this is about 8 ounces. For clean up if you save the boiling water you used to heat the mixture you can pour it into the bowl that you used to mix the oils and throw the utensils in there as well. The boiling water will melt all the lotion off everything you used and it makes clean up much easier. Just be sure to dump that water outside because if it goes down your drain it can cause clogs and buildup over time.

  170. Kathryn Constantini says

    Made this for my mom for Christmas this year and she loves it! She used to put BioOil on after she showered or bathed but now she uses this, especially on dry skin in the winter. Thanks!

  171. Alysa Grossell says

    I made this last night and it is solid now. :( I did everything exactly as you said. Can I add water to make it a little more lotion-like?

    • Lauren LeClair says

      I had the same thing happen. Ken Little posted his recipe for me so I’ll share it with you, I can’t wait to try his. I still love how well it moisturizes, but I have to use a metal spatula to get it out. I think It is a mixture of too much beeswax (for a lotion type texture) and also the coconut oil is a hard texture. So that doesn’t let it soften unless it is heated up. (Can you imagine this as a nice after massage treatment though!!!)

      Ken Little:
      I changed the recipe slightly to get more of a lotion texture as opposed to a body butter or a lotion bar. This is what I used and it worked great. I ordered everything off of Amazon because they had the best prices by far. All measurements are in volume and not mass.

      Ingredient – Amount – Cost Per Amount Used – Comedogenecy Rating
      Beeswax – 2 tablespoons – 1.90 – 2/5
      Coconut Oil – ¼ cup – 1.20 – 4/5
      Almond Oil – 1/4 cup – 2.15 – 2/5
      Shea Butter – ¼ cup – .70 – 0/5
      Grapeseed Oil – 1/4 cup – 1.20 – 2/5
      Lemon Essential Oil – 45 drops (equals 1% of lotion) – 2.00
      Vitamin E – 1 teaspoon – .55
      Rice Powder – 2 tablespoons – .65 – 0/5

      I melted the beeswax and oils and stirred them in a double boiler on med/low (you can also use a pyrex measuring bowl and a cooking pot filled with about 2-3 inches of water). I added the shea butter last. Make sure it isn’t too hot or the shea butter can become grainy when it melts. As soon as the shea butter was melted I removed the oil mixture from the burner and mixed in the lemon essential oil (the calendula and lemon fragrance compliment each other as well as offset the odor of the shea butter), vitamin E, and rice powder (you could use corn starch or tapioca starch instead but those starches will shorten the shelf life to about 3-4 months if left non-refrigerated). I then placed the bowl with the oil mixture in another bowl that had ice water and used a kitchen hand held mixer on high for 20 minutes. I then put it into an 8 oz jar and let it cool to room temp. and it turned out great. (Just be sure to not let any water get into the mixture.) Thanks everyone for your comments as they helped me out tremendously, and thank you Wellness Mama for posting this recipe. The yield for this is about 8 ounces. For clean up if you save the boiling water you used to heat the mixture you can pour it into the bowl that you used to mix the oils and throw the utensils in there as well. The boiling water will melt all the lotion off everything you used and it makes clean up much easier. Just be sure to dump that water outside because if it goes down your drain it can cause clogs and buildup over time.

  172. Jina says

    Not sure where guest is going with her thoughts but personally I would stick to the original recipe on this site. Been making every since Katie came out with it works great and you can take it to so many different levels. I’am a nurse of 30 years I’m not worried about the mold in this if you stick to the recipe. Always put your expiration date on everything and you will know when there is a danger of mold and bacteria the key word here being “natural” not Cancerous. Thanks Wellness Mama for a great website.

  173. Ajita says

    Hi Katie,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful lotion recipe. I made it and it is soothing. But I realised that my daughter is allergic to coconut oil, coz her eczema flared up after using this lotion. Is there an alternative to coconut oil for body products?

  174. Jennifer says

    Would this be a good lotion recipe to mix with your homemade foundation recipe to make a tinted lotion or creme foundation? Or what would you recommend for a homemade creme foundation/concealer?

    • Lauren LeClair says

      This is a very greasy product (Or mine was and I followed the recipe to a T) I would not use it as a face product. I did and my face broke out over night from the grease.

  175. Ximena says

    Hello! Will you please let us know how you recommend to infuse oils for a recipe like this? Thank you!! I am looking forward to making this :)

  176. Robert says

    In what form do you use the calendula and chamomile? I would like to make that version of lotion for my baby. Would it also be OK to use on my face (so I don’t have to make another type of lotion)? I have very easy skin. Currently, I just use straight coconut oil.+

  177. Jenessa says

    Would there be anything other than Coconut oil that I could use? I’m actually allergic to anything coconut. I would love to try this but I’d rather not break out in hives haha.

  178. Heather T says

    When you use coconut oil for skin care products, do you use the Extra Virgin Coconut oil or the refined version? Just wondering because of the price difference between the two. Thanks!

  179. Rachael says

    I made this last night and it’s really just a very firm lip gloss and not a lotion. :( I’ve been wanting to make lip gloss too but now I have like 5 ounces of it lol.

    • Rachael says

      Update: Well, once I got past the fact that it’s really solid, I decided to see if I could get a little out and rub into my hands. It actually does feel pretty good on my skin. You can’t get much out at once but you don’t really need a whole lot. I would probably prefer a lotion consistency but I may just stick with this since those seem to be so challenging to make. I also tried another person’s lotion recipe last night and my aloe would not combine with my other ingredients even though I followed the recipe. Seems to be a common problem with lotion…

      • Heather says

        Just in case it helps at all– seems many people had probs with it being too thick cause of the beeswax- rather than using two ounces, grate it and use the measured amount.

  180. LuLu says

    Wonderful recipe for homemade lotion and love that it doesn’t have any chemicals. I was so anxious to try it. I made a stupid mistake! I wound up using too much bees wax. I measured after it was melted. My lotion is too thick and looks like bees wax. I am using it anyway and it is still wonderful. But I was wondering if I could re-melt it and add more Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to get a creamier consistency like your picture shows? If so, how much do you think would be a good amount to add?

  181. LuLu says

    Can you help. I made a mistake and measured the bees wax after it was melted. My lotion has too much bees wax. Can I re-melt my mixture and add more Olive and Coconut oil?

    • Lindsey says

      My lotion clearly has too much beeswax, too. I tried remelting and adding more of the other ingredients but it’s still hard as a rock! Did you find a “cure” for this problem? WellnessMama, what do I do?? I want something light and fluffy!

  182. Hayley Blight says

    i love this recipe and many others that you have posted. i use them all the time, thank you so much. I’m a little confused, though. I tried this recipe and used cocoa butter instead of coconut oil. I followed the recipe, but the finished product is not even near the same colour or texture as the picture of the one that you have posted. it just looks like olive oil, except, a bit cloudy. i am very confused. do you know what i have done wrong?

  183. Theresa says

    I made this lotion yesterday and added cocoa butter since it was optional. Mine turned out more solidified. I plan to melt it back down into a lotion bar and a few lip balms but this was my first try. Did you whip it after it cooled or should I add less beeswax? I added purify doterra oil to the mix-smells amazing and feels nice on my hands!

  184. Amy Taylor says

    I made this with vanilla and lavender. It is rich and makes by skin feel amazing. I also use it on my LO for the occasional diaper rash. It works so much better than store bought.

  185. angel says

    I’m making lip-gloss and lotion for a project at school and I needed something new and wow I think that this will be a perfect recipe we are doing a make your own project im so excited:)

  186. Amanda says

    I want to make this, but I can’t find beeswax. I’d prefer to buy locally instead of online. Would raw honey work? Or is it just going to be really sticky?

  187. Jess says

    I am currently making the lotion and it’s a honey color :( hoping for white. Any suggestions? I used olive oil, vitamin E and beeswax is not surprised but I followed the recipe.

  188. JC says

    I believe I used the wrong kind of beeswax. Unless! This is supposed to be semi-hard. I was expecting it to basically melt faster on my hands and not stay on as thick. I Like it though! Thanks!

  189. Amanda Harding says

    Which ingredients in store-bought lotions are carcinogens? I’d be interested in reading the scientific or medical literature on which you base this claim.

    Remember, folks, everything is a chemical, and plenty of natural ingredients can kill you. I think we would all agree that arsenic is certainly toxic to humans, but it is a naturally-occurring chemical element found in the earth’s crust. Using words like “chemical” and “natural” as blanket statements to describe products and food is misleading.

    I love making my own products because it’s fun and economical, there’s a sense of satisfaction in making things from scratch, and you can tailor the ingredients to your needs or preferences. But those who perpetrate the idea that anything you buy pre-made in the store is dangerous without some reliable scientific data really frustrate me.

    • Amanda Harding says

      By the way, I do very much appreciate your sharing these recipes online with us. I will continue to search your site for DIY beauty recipes, as it has become a new passion for me. Thank you, WM.

  190. Jessica says

    Like a lot of people on his post, I followed the recipe to a T and it’s hard as a rock and has the consistency of chap stick. Wellness Mama, would you mind posting and letting us know how to fix this consisting we’ve spend money purchasing all the ingredients?

    • says

      Because it doesn’t have liquid in it, the consistency is very temperature dependent and will be harder in the winter. You can re-melt and add more liquid oil like almond or olive to get a smoother consistency.

  191. Lisa says

    Is it okay to leave out the beeswax or can I use a replacement product? I’m one of those rare individuals who gets an allergic reaction from beeswax. I found out after purchasing an all natural lip balm with beeswax & a rash started with my lips then spread around my face. Did the research & discovered it was the beeswax. The rash went away with a couple weeks after I stopped using the lip balm.

  192. mIchelle anderson says

    Hi, I just made this lotion, I followed the recipe and it is really hard in the jar, what did I do wrong? I was reading the replies and people were discussing using a blender, I didn’t see that anywhere in the recipe. Help!

  193. Lisa Erhard says

    why is my lotion not turning out creamy? its hard . am i doing something wrong..didnt use the shea or coco butter

  194. Daniella Lynch says

    I made this lotion as a valentines day gift for my girlfriend. I used lavender and peppermint oil in a ratio of 5:3 respectively, totaling up to 24 drops of essential oil. It smells amazing and does go a very long way. Instead of coconut oil I used shea butter entirely. It is very thick, and feels great on skin. I am in love now with homemade products. Thank you for this great recipe :-)

  195. Kate says

    Can you use this lotion on your face? I started the oil cleansing method about a week ago and am looking for something to help with the dry skin. I’m trying to stick it out with the oil cleansing method…. sigh. My skin doesn’t seem to be too happy with me right now. I’m hoping it evens out soon.

    • Sarah says

      I have been doing the oil clensing method and when I need moisturizing without clogging pores I use hemp seed oil. It’s very light and great for your skin.

  196. Elisabeth says

    Will the current Lotion separate and start to leak? I small plastic jars to keep the lotion in so I can carry it in the purse. I do not have the right size of ziplock bag to hold the lotion, but could get some if it will leak.

  197. sage says

    great recipe. can you make a lotion with water mixed in it? I find recipes, mify them a bit and sell them . love your site

  198. Shelley says

    I am excited to try this recipe. Just curious though and I hope this is not too dumb a question but could a person use coconut butter with or in place of any of the ingredients? Love your site!

  199. Jean Cherrington says

    I love all of your hair care recipes and will make them this week. I want to make lotion also but am SERIOUSLY allergic to bee stings and when I use bees wax, they chase me. When we bought a Harley, my husband conditioned our leathers with bees wax. Every time we took a break, the bees were after us. The last time I got a bee sting, I almost died. I also cannot use lanolin as I am allergic to wool. Are there any great alternatives for making soap for a person with my limitations???