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homemade lotion
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If you are still using store-bought lotion on yourself or your family, there are super easy natural alternatives that are fun to make! This homemade lotion recipe has three basic ingredients and takes only ten minutes to whip together.

The basic recipe is an ultra-moisturizing water-free version that lasts for years without preservatives.

NOTE: This is an improved recipe since many people were having trouble getting the temperatures exactly right to get the lotion to emulsify (as per the comments below). This recipe will not have any of those issues!

Making Custom Lotion Blends

Once you master the base recipe, have fun customizing your lotion to your skin type, skin conditions, and desired scent!

There are endless variations, but some of my favorites are:

  • Baby Lotion – Infuse the oil with calendula and chamomile before making the lotion.
  • Cooling Muscle Rub – Add peppermint, wintergreen, and ginger for sore muscles.
  • Anti-aging Face Lotion – Use argan oil and add lavender and patchouli essential oils.
  • Lavender and Vanilla Lotion – Add a few drops of lavender and a little natural vanilla extract.
homemade lotion
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Homemade Lotion Recipe

Make smooth, luxurious lotion at home with almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and optional essential oils.
Prep Time20 minutes
Yield: 1 cup
Author: Katie Wells



  • Combine the almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and shea or cocoa butter if using, in a double boiler or a glass bowl on top of a simmering pan of water.
  • Stir occasionally as the ingredients melt.
  • When all ingredients are completely melted, add the vitamin E oil if using and any essential oils or scents like vanilla.
  • Pour into a glass jar or tin for storage. Small mason jars work perfectly for this. Note: This will not pump well in a lotion pump!
  • Use as you would regular lotion. This lotion is ultra-moisturizing and more oily than water-based lotions so you won’t need to use as much. It also has a longer shelf life than some homemade lotion recipes since all ingredients are already shelf stable and no water is added. Use within 6 months for best moisturizing benefits.


A little goes a long way! This lotion is incredibly nourishing and is also great for diaper rash on baby, for eczema, and for preventing stretch marks.
See this recipe for a masculine-scented version (my hubby approves!)

Other Homemade Lotion Recipe Variations

There are lots of ways you can make your own lotion at home. Consider this easy men’s lotion with just a handful of ingredients, or see below for other ways to moisturize!

Lotion Bars

If you want an even easier solution, make these easy lotion bars! It only has three ingredients, takes less time to make, and lasts even longer.

Aloe-Based Homemade Lotion

If you’d prefer a lighter lotion recipe, this aloe-based version is much smoother and not as greasy. Unlike the version above, it does not have an indefinite shelf life and should be used within a month since it does not contain any preservatives.

This recipe is adapted from the recipe I’ve used for years from Frugally Sustainable.

Aloe Lotion Ingredients

Aloe Lotion Instructions

  1. Melt the beeswax, almond oil (or other liquid oil), and shea butter (if using) in a double boiler or glass bowl over a pan of water.
  2. Remove from heat and pour into a blender or mason jar (if using an immersion blender).
  3. Let cool to room temperature. You want it to be room temperature and just barely starting to harden around the edges. This will help make sure that the lotion emulsifies correctly.
  4. Add the vitamin E (if using) and any essential oils.
  5. Start blending on low using a blender or immersion blender. Very slowly, start adding the aloe vera gel until incorporated. Use a spatula to wipe down the sides and re-blend a few times until fully incorporated.
  6. Store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to six weeks.

Best Pre-Made Natural Lotions

If reading all that just convinced you that you’d rather just buy a natural lotion than go through the trouble of making one, there are also some great pre-made options. (And no judgment… that’s how I felt the first few times I tried making lotion and toothpaste too!).

These are lotions that I’ve personally used and love and that have safe ingredients and a good rating with the Environmental Working Group:

  1. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Lotion – I’ve never found a product I didn’t like from this company
  2. Shea Moisture Head to Toe Ointment – Similar to the first recipe above- no liquid and very moisturizing
  3. Nourish Organic Body Lotion – Fragrance-free and very highly rated by EWG
  4. Shea Moisture Olive Oil and Marula – Smells amazing and works really well!
  5. Nature’s Baby Organic Unscented Lotion – Also very highly rated unscented lotion

Ever made your own lotion? How did it go? Let me know below!

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  1. Wellness Mama Avatar
    Wellness Mama

    yep… GSE should be fine, or you could leave it out if you are going to use the lotion pretty quickly as coconut oil will naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria. You can definitely use this in his face too.

    1. Nicki Avatar

      I must disagree with Wellness Mama on the antibacterial, antimicrobiodical properties of both coconut oil and vitamin E in lotions and creams.  While Vitamin E is an antioxident and will prolong the shelf life of products, it does not inhibit growth of mold and bacteria in lotions and creams. I highly doubt that a person would no more buy or use a cream in which mold and bacteria were found to be present than they would buy a carton of cottage cheese with mold growing on the top.  Coconut oil, when ingested, has been found to be effective in preventing h. pylori, a bacteria which lives in the stomach lining and digestive system of humans and which is one of the causes of stomach ulcers.  But please note that h. pylori requires an antibiotic specific to the bacteria to get rid of it.  Read up on your facts.

      1. Wellness Mama Avatar

        Coconut oil can be effectively used to treat bacterial skin infections and is even effective against acne or athletes foot due to its naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In the natural products realm, it does provide some protection against bacteria and microbes without the chemicals. I’m yet to find any commercial emulsifier or preservative that doesn’t contain a questionable chemical. On a purely anecdotal note, I’ve had lotions and deodorant I’ve made with coconut oil last over a year when I’ve forgotten it in a drawer or cabinet without having any change in smell or color or any indication that it had started to grow mold. Like a reader mentioned, I”d rather take my changes with the possibility of mold than with the assurance of a chemical in the commercial versions.

  2. Deborah Colston Avatar
    Deborah Colston

    Hi. I’m so keen to try this on my son who is 1 and suffers from mild eczema. I’ve been looking for something completely natural that I can just slaver on before he goes to bed. I’d like to try the baby cream you suggest but he may also have a gluten allergy (I’m getting it checked out) and noticed on an earlier post you proposed GSE as a replacement for vit-E oil. Would GSE also be OK for a young eczema sufferer? Also, would this cream be OK on his face? Thanks in advance for your advice. 🙂

  3. Amy o Avatar

    Just made this with emulsifying wax & almond oil!  So excited I used orange and lemongrass essential oils because we are entering mosquito season in south texas.  Mountain Rose Herbs is the best place to get products you can trust to be pure and high quality.

  4. Rayn Avatar

    would citrus oils be ok in this, or do you think it wouldn’t be as moisturizing.  also would it irritate sensitive skin?  i just love the smell of citrus, and would like homemade natural lotion with that scent.

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      It would be fine, even for sensitive skin, just don’t use it right before going out into direct sun, as it can make you skin slightly more sensitive

      1. Sarah Avatar

        Thank you for all this information.
        I would like to know what should I use after micro dermabration peeling?
        After laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal?
        If you have any recipes, please let me know thank you

  5. Sheri Ryken Avatar
    Sheri Ryken

    I have a couple questions. 
    For the oil, can I use part calendula oil and part coconut providing I keep the total at 1/4 cup? I’m assuming it would make a thinner lotion.

    Also, how much does this make?

  6. Catie Meyer Schamel Avatar
    Catie Meyer Schamel

    I’ve been using coconut oil lately, and it works really well, but this sounds fun too! Actually, I went to the allergist this week, and told him I use coconut oil for my eczema…he looked at me like I was crazy and then asked me why. I  told him I prefer natural products to chemical cocktails. He didn’t seem amused.

    1. Dezarae Haley Avatar
      Dezarae Haley

      I get amazing reviews from my pinetar soap bars. I use it for myself and on my 6 year old for his ezema. he hasnt had a breakout of ezcema in almost two years! I am looking into making lotions that have same charictoristics as my bars of soap. Only thing to be careful with coconut oil, although it is amazing, It can dry out the skin.

      1. Dede Avatar

        Hello. Interested in the pinetar soap recipe. I have several family member who have ezema. Ts could be the answer to my famiies ezema. Thank you!

        1. Eric Avatar

          To make your own Pine Tar soap, use “Kiln Burned Pine Tar.” One company that sells this is Auson. Open kiln pine tar, which is sold as a hoof care product for horses, often contains creosote.

          Here is a general recipe for Pine Tar Soap:
          • 50% olive oil
          • 25% coconut oil
          • 15% pine tar
          • 5% Shea butter
          • 5% castor oil
          • Distilled Water
          • Lye (NaOH) – I use Rooto brand from Ace Hardware

          I use ( to calculate the weight of water and lye based on the amount of oils that I use. Make sure to include the pine tar under the “Oils, Fats and Waxes” section. If you have not previously made lye soap, be very cautious when using lye, as it is dangerous. Never use it around children, please.

          You can find other recipes for pine tar online, utilizing pine tar anywhere from 5-25% of the total oils. I recommend you stir it by hand, instead of using a stick blender, as it traces very quickly.

      2. Teng Avatar

        Hi! Can you please share with us pinetar recipe?


        And also for everyone…i have a very very very dry skin..what’s the best lotion recipe for my case..

        Thanks again

        1. Britta Avatar

          I also have extremely dry dry skin. If you have any solutions for a nice face lotion as well as body lotion for folks like us, I’d appreciate it! I made two batches of the cocoanut oil lotion: 1st with beeswax, 2nd without beeswax and whipped. The second batch went on nicer, but still sometimes felt like it may not be enough. Any tips? Having super dry skin makes it tough to find the right moisturizer. Any help would be great! Thank you!

  7. Liz Avatar

    What ratio of essential oils to lotion do you use?  Do you have a specific measured amount?  (As in teaspoons or drops, not grams, please.)  And what do you suggest for preventing mold and bacteria?


    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      I usually use 20-30 drops of essential oil… oils like lavender, tea tree, rosemary and thyme will prevent mold and bacteria.

    1. Caroline Avatar

      “About 3/4 to 1 cup depending on how thick you make it and how much it emulsifies.” 🙂

  8. jacey Avatar

    Can I use this on my face? I just went to the dermatologist today and he prescribed metrogel for my perioral dermatitis. Is there an herbal solution?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      It doesn’t have sulfates or steroids, which would agitate the PD, but I’d probably still use plain coconut oil, or nothing, until you clear it up. A lot of times perioral dermatitis is caused by hormone fluctuation or an autoimmune allergy, so making sure your diet is really clean will help more than anything. I’ve also heard of using a sea salt and water mix to scrub or rinse to help it go away.

      1. charmaine Avatar

        5 stars
        can i use organic beeswax (from farmer’s market) instead of beeswax pastilles? will the recipe become different?

      2. Wendy Heywood-West Avatar
        Wendy Heywood-West

        I made the body lotion but I am finding it difficult to spread… has little bits of solids and it’s quite hard to get enough on my hand to spread…..can I fix this? What did I do wrong?

        1. Jessica Avatar

          The reason it’s too difficult to spread and has chunks in it is because you added too much beeswax in the ratio. The amount of beeswax is subjective and how hard it gets can also depend on the temp inside your home, so that doesn’t mean this recipe is wrong. You can fix that by melting it again and adding more of the oils until you get a texture you like.

    2. Donna Avatar

      The only thing that “cured” my perioral dermatitis (that the dermatologist attempted to treat for nearly a year with various prescription lotions, gels and pills) was cutting out fluoride … most of which I was getting from drinking a great deal of green tea!  I now drink only herbal teas (Tulsi, made from Holy Basil is my favorite) and use Jason’s non fluoride toothpaste in combo with Oral Wellness drops. 

    3. Karen Mack Avatar
      Karen Mack

      I agree that plain coconut oil is great for those who suffer from any kind of dermatitis, eczema, or inflammation as coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial. Because of this it also has a shelf life of at least 2 years! Good stuff.

      1. Indira Avatar

        5 stars
        Refined coconut oil does have a long shelf-life. But if you are looking to get the best benefits from using the oil, it is better to use the “fresh” unrefined oil, which works much better on skin and tastes better for cooking, but could turn rancid if stored for too long. You could also make it at home, using coconut milk. Let me know if you need the recipe for making coconut oil at home, and I will be happy to post it here.

        1. Zita Avatar

          Yes please. Can I get the recipe for making coconut oil. I’m based in ireland.

        1. Krista Avatar

          I am going to try this as Christmas gifts. Planning to use 8 oz. jars. I want to make 16 jars. How much of each ingredient will I need to successfully complete this?

          1. Jessica Avatar

            She already has said this makes aprox two 8oz jars. Are you seriously asking her to do math for you? Get out a calculator and multiply your ingredients by 8.

      2. Jodi Avatar

        I make this basic recipe regularly, it’s lovely. Just wondering if there is any way to customize it to be pumpable?

      3. Nk Avatar

        5 stars
        Love your writeup so much. Thank you.
        The Aloe based home cream what can I add to it for fairer complexion, since our weather here in Nigeria is so harsh. Thank you.

    4. Anna Avatar

      Hello! I had PD on my face, I used a zinc cream once a day and it cleared up in a couple of weeks, your face might get dry so once it clears up, start using the moisturizer that wellness mama recommends

  9. Gissel Orellana Avatar
    Gissel Orellana

    Thank your for the recipe, Here’s my question I have dry skin every where except my face. My hubby has combination skin. What oils can I use? I do realize that I will need to make 2 batches.

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      For dry skin almond, avocado or coconut would work, and for combination I’d stick with almond or olive. The herbs you use make a big difference too… chamomile is moisturizing for dry skin, calendula is more clarifying… together they balance well though.

  10. Angela Avatar

    My co-worker & I are really looking forward to trying this recipe. About how much does one batch make?? Thank you!!!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      About 3/4 to 1 cup depending on how thick you make it and how much it emulsifies.

      1. Sheryl Avatar

        How can I make this lotion more like a liquid lotion than a butter? I would like to use it in a pump and prefer the less heavy/greasy types. I love rose water in general, is this something I could add and if so would it hurt the shelf life or allow for bacteria to grow?? Perhaps you have some other alternatives… Thanks for all the info, I’m changing out my personal and household products one natural recipe at a time! Loving this!!!

      2. Candy Avatar

        Pleas tell me how many drops of lavender essential oil to use? I mixed up two batches at once and added 15drops of the lavender essential oil, is that too much?

      3. TURYAHABWE NAOME Avatar

        Dear wellness mama i am Naome. I intend to make a natural jelly from cow ghee coz my grandma used to use it on us when we were babies. I tried it on my son from birth it has really worked so well. So i would want to advance to a big production for sale. Please advise on how i can make it colourfully attractive naturally. Thanks. I am sorry i couldn’t get a comment box.

  11. Cathy Avatar

    Yes!  Lotions were the first personal care item I ventured to make, about 5-6 years ago now.  Though I do use e-wax to make a more-easily spreadable lotion and butters when making more of a salve for extra-dry areas.  I especially like to use avocado and jojoba oils in lotion…they absorb so well.

    1. Cheyenne Lessard-Pomerleau Avatar
      Cheyenne Lessard-Pomerleau

      At the risk of sounding really dumb: e-wax?? What exactly is that??

  12. Amy fontec Avatar
    Amy fontec

    I have a gluten allergy and have been told to stay from Vitamin E oil because it often comes from wheat. Do you have any thoughts on this, or can you suggest something to replace it? Thanks!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      You could replace with about 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract (GSE) or just store in the fridge 🙂

      1. Meem Avatar

        Katie what do you mean by no such thing as Gluten Allergy ? is it an allergy to a certain ingredient such as wheat, and they are labeling as Gluten ?

      2. Edee Lemonier Avatar
        Edee Lemonier

        Katie, you might consider reading about celiac disease. There are people who have horrendous reactions to it, even anaphylactic shock, while others don’t see reaction for an hour or even up to 24 hours. Gluten is a protein found not only in wheat, but in other things like soy, barley, rye, and a ton of other things. For someone with celiac disease, even having it on their skin can cause a reaction.

        There is also gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance. Those are not true allergic reactions, but is the root cause for a very large number of autoimmune issues. Going gluten-free can make a huge difference in quality of life for a lot of people.

        Hopefully you will take this with the kindness it is offered and you will view it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and to find a little more compassion for those who ask about gluten-free ingredients.

        Peace 🙂

        1. Carla Avatar

          Thank you Edee, for your clarification. I have terrible reactions to a lot of grain products.

      3. Peggy Avatar

        Not sure where you get your information, gluten allergies are very well documented I do think many people think they have an allergy when it is actually just an intolerance, but gluten allergies are definitely out there

      4. Joanne Avatar

        Hi Katie.
        I am gluten intolerant. Recently I learned that there is gluten intolerance, gluten allergy and coeliac. These are all well documented and medical as well as alternative practioners (ND, blood analysis, etc) recognize all three.

    2. Celeste Avatar

      5 stars
      You’re right many Vitamin E products are derived from wheat but you can search for Sunflower Vitamin E. There are many brands that are made from sunflower oil.

  13. Joan Avatar

    I always make my own hand lotion, lip balm and even shaving lotion for hubby, Love the scent of the essential oils

    1. Nikki Avatar

      3 stars
      I tried this recipe and like many others in the comments it did not emulsify and was a separated mess. However I added about a 1/2 of cup of shea butter and that made all the difference in the world. Note to others please add some type of ingredient like Shea butter or Cocoa butter. Once that’s done this is a great lotion

  14. Danielle Garcia Avatar
    Danielle Garcia

    Sweet!  I have been using straight coconut oil as moisturizer (and Hubby now, too!) But it’ll be nice to have something a little different!  

  15. Melissa B. Avatar
    Melissa B.

    I’ve never made my own lotion because I’ve just been using straight coconut oil.  So thanks for the recipe!!  I think that the fact that it’s not technically preserved (according to the previous commenter’s post) doesn’t bother me, since my family would go through lotion fairly quickly.  If I were going to sell it, then yeah, I’d probably look into those issues, but for us and close family/friends, I am really excited to have an easy recipe to get around to making sometime soon!

    1. Terry Avatar

      When selling lotion I just tell buyers ,no preservatives so it is truly all natural. That’s what they are buying it for. lotions should last for 3 months safely.

  16. Faithy Avatar

    Vitamin E is NOT a preservative it’s an antioxidant.  An antioxidant will help the oils have a longer shelf life before they go rancid but it will do nothing to keep bacteria, mold and yeast from growing.   To keep the user safe you need to use a preservative.  A paraben free one I would suggest is liquid germall plus at the rate of 1% of the total weight added once the lotion has cooled down.  Keep in mind mold grows and is present long before it’s visible to the eye, so that’s why it’s extremely important to keep the user safe while using your product.   I would also suggest that you use a proper emulsifier such as emulsifying wax or BTMS instead of beeswax.  This is thick and is more of a body butter or a cream rather than a lotion.  I would suggest you join a forum (forms that are about learning to make soap also cover making lotions, there are many to pick from so pick one that works for you) to learn more about making these types of products.  Not just for the ingredients used but also for the safety reason as well.   Your users will appreciate you taking more time to learn how to do this right rather than copying many of the bad recipes on the net. 

    Good Luck and have fun.

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      I actually took a class on this a while back and was taught that Vitamin E at this percentage will give the lotion a much longer shelf life. As the goal here is a completely natural lotion, I definitely wouldn’t recommend Germall plus- as it contains propolyne glycol, which multiple studies have shown to be harmful. BTMS has some possible health concerns as well, and I wouldn’t recommend it either. I really appreciate your time and consideration in commenting, but with all respect, I actually run a natural products company and have some experience with all this…

      1. Lisa G Avatar

        Wow, the guest is worried about mold more then putting chemicals on their skin.  Maybe it is they who should be doing the research on such things.  
        This recipe is exactly what I have been looking for.  I have been using just plain coconut oil (a bit to thick for me) and almond oil (a bit to thin for me).  I will make this, I think it will be a good compromise in thickness. Thanks for watching out for our health Wellness Mama

        1. Kelly Avatar

          If you’re not concerned about molds and fungus then you need to learn a little more about them. These types of recipes with no preservatives ( Vit. E is not an all spectrum preservative) are fine if made in small batches and used fairly quickly. As far as “chemicals” go….everything is chemical, even water.

          1. Adriana Avatar

            Everything is a chemical for sure. When we say “chemicals” we mean harmful chemicals and not air and water.

          2. Steph Avatar

            “These types of recipes with no preservatives ( Vit. E is not an all spectrum preservative) are fine if made in small batches and used fairly quickly.”

            Recipe makes less than 8 ozs. Looks like there’s nothing to worry about here lol.

          3. David Avatar

            What about adding meadowfoam and helichrysum to the mix. Majority of therapeutic Essential oils are antimicrobial and last about a year if stored properly. Lavender can be used as 3%-5% dilution for babies, even 1% dilution works. Check the site Edens garden for great oils. Thx for the recipe!! I’m attempting to create a lotion this weekend. I use therapeutic essential oils and would rather use a carrier lotion, I found this post in my first search! Thank you. I’m searching for beeswax now. David

          4. Autumn Avatar

            Mold IS a valid concern. I had mold once in a body butter I made after four months, BUT I solved this problem by making smaller jars and sharing with my mom. 4 oz is a lot easier to go through than 8, and we both get to enjoy healthy beautiful skin. 🙂 If you don’t have a buddy to share with, I think you could also solve the mold issue by using a clean tool to take the lotion out of the jar rather than just dip fingers in, which now I’m saying it, I’m going to do that anyway! 😀

          5. Robin Avatar

            No water no mo,d or fungus to worry about. The recipe is actually a cream. Lotions contain water. No water no preservative is needed.

          6. Corina Avatar

            Fungus(mold) and bacteria hardly thrive in a fatty environment. I think this cream/lotion if made is small batches is very safe to use if one does not have allergies to any of the ingredients.

          7. Lola Avatar

            Exactly. This whole “natural” thing can be quite misleading, everything comes from nature. Just like you decided to mix your oils the scientists decided to add some additional functional groups break bonds, create new bonds to improve on the initial material. Lets not demonize innovation.

          8. ke Avatar

            everything may be chemicals even water, but, some are natural and some are synthetic, guess which ones cause the most harm, nature made or man made? and the processing and handling is another issue in many chemicals. if mold is an issue, wouldnt keeping it cold and only keeping small amounts for the week out be a good suggestion? it is what i do with deodorant.

        2. Joyce Avatar

          5 stars
          I used the olive oil , bees wax, recipe. Did not have almond oil so used more olive oil in its place.
          The mixture melted down nicely. When I bottle it into small bottles is became semi-hard. Can not get it out of the bottle; does not spread .
          Can this “lotion” be saved ????

          1. Michele Avatar

            I make lotion (my own but slightly similar recipe) to use on my customers in my salon. I make smaller batches, keep it in a sanitized pump bottle, and store any extra in a sealed container in the fridge. Occasionally if the lotion gets cold sitting on the counter, it doesn’t want to pump out of the bottle. I warm it up by putting the bottle in warm water for several minutes. You could try warming your bottles of lotion up in a bowl of warm water, pouring it out, then adding more oil to the mix to make it pourable or put it in jars and use a clean spatula to remove the product from the jar. My lotion lasts for months with no mold this way. I would sterilize the bottle but the plastic won’t hold up. Am ordering a glass bottle to try.

          2. Robin Avatar

            No water no mo,d or fungus to worry about. The recipe is actually a cream. Lotions contain water. No water no preservative is needed.

          3. Robin Avatar

            Yes. Heat at a very low temp in the microwave short bursts then pour
            It into jars. Add a bit more body butter and whip it up prior to putting in a jar. Or a hot water bath to melt it down to make it pourable.

          4. faxon Avatar

            This recipe is NOT a lotion. It is a very lovely cream- some what solid. I like this recipe very much; but am disappointed she labeled it incorrectly. This will not work in a pump style container as a lotion will. Put it on jars.

          5. Rachael Avatar

            You posted this a long time ago so you may have figured this out already or the recipe might have changed but it says olive oil OR almond oil.

          6. Jenn Avatar

            The bees wax hardens as it cools try warming the bottles in hot water pour it out and try to reformulate it by adding more Shea and maybe even whipping it with a hand mixer put it in a wide.mouth container so it doesn’t get stuck. Hope that helps.

          7. Chris Pedigo Avatar
            Chris Pedigo

            You can remelt by putting the jars in boiling water. It will melt and allow you to pour them all into a bowl and adjust your ratios. Beeswax = hardness.

          8. Breggie de Villiers Avatar
            Breggie de Villiers

            I want to know if I can add Lanolin to this mixture and if I have to warm it up as it is quite hard to squeeze out od the tube.
            Also, I use NEEM! This is the MOST INCREDIBLE natural product and really helps for eczema, dry skin and even acne!!! The smell is horrible, but onse you mix it with all the other oils and a few drops of rose or geranium it is all good to go.
            Please would you reply.
            South Africa

          9. Renee Avatar

            Just whip it with a hand mixer, the consistency will be lighter.

          10. Natalie Avatar

            Yes melt it again and whip it with a hand mixer. Also, I add a little more oil or a little less beeswax for a softer consistency.
            Don’t throw it out! It can be saved!

          11. Micki Cooney Avatar
            Micki Cooney

            I made this recipe exactly as it says, but added a step at the end after it completely cooled. I simply got out my immersion blender and “whipped” it up. This made it much creamier and easy to squeeze out of a squeeze bottle. It is also light enough to go through a pump bottle after doing this step. So, it doesn’t have to stay semi-hard at all.

          12. Jennifer Avatar

            I had this issue too! I am wondering if a person could “whip” it prior to bottling?

          13. Cara Avatar

            What did u do? Did u try to save the jar at least? Or did u just set the whole thing up on the shelf make alittle face and very quarterly back away hoping no one saw u make the face

        3. Alisha Renea Avatar
          Alisha Renea

          Lisa G, did the oils you used offer different lotion consistencies? I am looking for a lotion recipe that will work well in a squirt bottle so I can toss it in my bag and have it on the go and that won’t need to be refrigerated. The thick consistency wouldn’t be very practical for me. I found a recipe for a thinner consistency that called for water, but I have concerns about the water being a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

      2. Kristin Wanhala Avatar
        Kristin Wanhala

        Wellness Mama, Thanks for the tips!! Going to try this out over the weekend and see if I can make some holiday stocking stuffers!

      3. Tammy. L Avatar

        Hello question
        To add calendula and chamomile should it be powder or flower base. I am making this for my baby boy who suffers from extreme dry skin. Any other suggestion please help thanks it’s my first time making anything.

        1. Jennifer Avatar

          I think she means adding those in essential oil form to the lotion recipe as stated above.

          1. Jenni Avatar

            I should hope not EO’s. Essential Oils are not recommended to use topically on a child until two years of age!

          2. Kelsey Avatar

            5 stars
            There are alot of EO’s which are perfectly fine as long as they are diluted properly, such as lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, tea tree, grapefruit seed, and even peppermint. Obviously the last 3 EO’s I mentioned need to be a lot more diluted than the previously mentioned EO’s. but many oils such as grapefruit seed oil and tea tree oil are very good at curing ailments such as diaper rashes caused by thrush. No you should not ever but pure essential oils directly on a baby or toddlers skin, but if they are diluted properly with a carrier oil or a moisturizer, they can be very useful. I don’t understand why people get so upset about essential oils, but they are completely okay with putting products like Johnsons Baby Wash on their child which contains ethanol, along with many other fuel based chemicals. Heck, I’ve even heard of people putting petroleum around their baby’s mouth to help with rashes caused by slobber, do people not realize that is a fuel based product? or do they just not care? Not saying you would ever do that, but it makes me upset that there are people who do.

        2. Heather Avatar

          I made a modification of this recipe and steeped dried, organic calendula leaves in the the warm olive oil for a while. I also added a mixture of bees wax and emsulifying wax and the resulting lotion is very smooth.

          1. Angela Jennings Avatar
            Angela Jennings

            where do you get emulsifying wax? I am very new to all of this and I want to try it out but have no idea where to even get some of this stuff such as beeswax. And the mold thing isn’t a factor? That kind of freaked me out! haha

        3. Maryam Avatar

          I would suggest 100% pure organic coconut oil. Really good to use instead of lotion as well.
          My baby boy now 7 months has sensitive skin and I noticed baby wipes are the biggest problem. I now use coconut oil resolved in warm water and wipe with a cloth, problem solved he hardly ever has problems, I wish I used it with my other 6 children. Also in his bathwater I put 1 tbsp. of coconut oil instead of bath products.

          1. Connie Avatar

            I went thru HepC treatment and due to the interferon, now have psoriasis, a know side-effect. I’ve tried home-made lotions, and soaps. My new go to is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil applied directly to my skin. My all over body rashes are disappearing and the itching is significantly lessened. I use it directly on psoriasis, and it helps to lessen those patches as well. I can use essential oils with no problems, but the fragrance oils cause skin irritation big time no matter what the fragrance. So if you decide to add oils for pleasant smell, try just the essential. They are more expensive, but I’ve found much more agreeable with my skin.

          2. Melanie Nowlen Avatar
            Melanie Nowlen

            i can’t find where to do an individual comment, so i hijacked someone else’s. I just made my first batch of coconut oil moisturizer using 16oz of Trader Joes’s extra i whipped it in my kitchen aid stand mixer on the highest speed for the 6-7 minutes and all i got was a very thin liquid, i went ahead & added 1tsp of vitamin oil & melted beeswax i got online & put about 2 tbls & mixed it by hand, but the wax solidified & i had to fish out pieces of solid wax. Where did i go wrong? Thanks

          1. Monique Alsbrooks Avatar
            Monique Alsbrooks

            Neem oil works great but it stinks to high heaven lol

        4. Lara Avatar

          You can Infuse calendula and chamomile flowers in the liquid oil on warm in your crock pot over night or in a quart jar in the sun for six weeks. Make sure the flowers are dry before infusing. Strain the oil after infusing and then incorporate it into the recipe part for part for the liquid oil. I make a calendula, plantain, and comfrey leaf infusion in avocado oil for my skin healing butters and soaps. An olive oil blend with lavender and chamomile is really good for dry baby skin and soothes a cranky disposition as well!

        5. Cheery Avatar

          Depending on how quickly you want to make it, you can “steep” calendula and chammomile in whatever liquid oil you’re using (olive, grape seed, almond, sesame, etc…), strain the bits and pieces out, then use like normal in the recipe. You can steep the botanicals in one of two ways: 1) time (put your herbs in a jar, fill with oil, and let set for 4-6 weeks) or 2) heat (steep the botanicals and oil over heat, much like you would make tea). Hope this helps!

        6. ke Avatar

          everything may be chemicals even water, but, some are natural and some are synthetic, guess which ones cause the most harm, nature made or man made? and the processing and handling is another issue in many chemicals. if mold is an issue, wouldnt keeping it cold and only keeping small amounts for the week out be a good suggestion? it is what i do with deodorant.

        7. Kathy Avatar

          I put calendula flowers in a jar with olive oil and let them infuse the oil for couple months then strained the flowers out to use them in this recipe.

      4. Joe Deasy Avatar
        Joe Deasy

        You said you “took a class on this a while back”.
        Do you have any other education or qualifications?

        1. Cassandra Avatar

          I think asking for the qualifications of a person or efficacy of any product homemade or otherwise on the internet is moot. It is up to the individual to be diligent and seek out what is right for them. Just like any store bought product, there are those that will not react as intended with EVERY individual. You are the one putting the ingredients together and no one is forcing you to change from your regular regime. If you want to use chemicals you can not even spell or pronounce because the FDA says it is safe and you trust them then that is your prerogative. I was raised with my Great Grandmother making homemade everything (a practice passed down the generations). Bottom line, if you don’t think these recipes are for you then don’t use them……simple. Thank you for sharing your recipes with me Wellness Mama. Nice to see there are still some healers left within the younger generation. I have even re-written some of mine based on your posts.

          1. Tamike Avatar

            Natural is best and it’s fine if you don’t want the product to have a long and reliable shelf life. I, for one, don’t want my products to go rancid, especially hair care products.

          2. Trish Avatar

            Cassandra, do you share your grandmothers recipes? I’m very interested in ‘all things homemade’ especially ones that have been around for generations 🙂

          3. Skyler Wind Avatar
            Skyler Wind

            5 stars
            Well said! btw, to anyone who does a little reading on herbs and essential oils knows that many of these have their own antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Even beeswax has antimicrobial properties. SO, if someone is worried about microbes and fungi, they can always be sure to add the herbs and essential oils known to deter those terrible things! Of course, since these are small batch recipes, they won’t last long when used regularly. On one DIY site I use it is recommended that the majority of the lotion (or other body care item) be kept in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life, taking out only enough to use for a week or month at a time, as needed. If it’s still in the fridge after a year, throw it out and start fresh! easy-peasy.

          4. Bill Avatar

            Well said. There are always going to be skeptics. Everyone needs to make their own choices. Information such as this is given with the understanding that it may not work for everyone, nor is it a miracle cure. If you don’t like the recipe, don’t use it. Go to the store and buy a bottle of petroleum instead.

          5. Tia Avatar

            As an alternative to spending 100.00+ for creams to control my psoriasis, I have tried several home remedies with great success, I have tried this cream and love it. I also use a salve made especially for psoriasis that contains honey as well as beeswax, and also neem oil. The honey helps with the mold issue, as honey has a very long shelf life. Thanks, Wellness Mama! There will always be doubters, but know that there are many more of us that you have helped, and we are grateful that you have shared with us!

      5. steph Avatar

        Hello, I made a batch last night using jojoba oil, coconut oil , beesawx and some essential oils. I I’ve let it cool over night and there’s a hard layer on top and the rest seems really hard too. My conclusion is that I messed up the ratio of oils to beeswax. Now I suppose what I m asking is can I melt it back down to add more oils or did I waste these ingredients. Sorry I had to reply to another post I couldn’t find the individual comment box. Thanks I hope to hear back from you soon!!

          1. Nancy Avatar

            Help, I made this over the weekend. It is more like the lotion bars but just sits on top of the skin and doesn’t seem to soak in at all. What did I do wrong?

          2. Molly Avatar

            Hi Katie!
            I have a question for you. I made the lotion bars. I used equal parts of coconut oil, beeswax and coco butter, and of course lavender essential oil. I really don’t like this in bars. I was thinking I would melt it back down and make more of a body butter to put in small jars as gifts. Could I just add more oil to the recipe when it melts? How much would I use? In my first recipe, I used 1 cup of each of the 3 ingredients. And I have a huge bottle of grapeseed oil that I don’t use for anything. Can I use that? Have you ever used it? Or would it be better to use almond or olive oil? Thanks!

          3. Linda Avatar

            Thank you for this! I just made it last night and I had the same issue… I think I added too much beeswax. It came in little bars so it was hard for me to measure.

            Happy to know I can remelt and add more oils! 🙂

            I did rub some on anyway though and I loved it!! Thank you for posting this easy recipe!

          4. Jomer Avatar

            is it possible to make a natural lotion without beeswax because beeswax are raw here in our country..

          5. Latia Avatar

            Sorry to reply on a reply but I can’t find where to post my own comment. Is this lotion meant to be creamy? I’m trying it tonight and am hoping for creamy. Thanks!

          6. Lisa Avatar

            Hi there! I made a batch of your lotion (my first time) & love how it feels on my face however it is hard as a rock:( not sure what I did wrong. If I melt it down again, what can I add to make it easier to spread? Would shea butter work? If so how much would you recommend? Thanks so much!! My husband loves it too!!

          7. Lisa L Lawlor Avatar
            Lisa L Lawlor

            This was my question as well. So after I melt down my cream (lotion), how do you suggest that I solve the problem of how much oil to add back in? I followed your recipe, however I know I added too much beeswax. I was thinking of adding a tablespoon of coconut oil. What are your suggestions! For future reference, where do I find the comment box?

          8. Wellness Mama Avatar

            It would depend on how much extra beeswax you added. You might want to try adding a tablespoon of a liquid oil like almond or avocado to help create a smoother texture.

          9. Lexi Avatar

            Hi! I made this for the first time and it came out as a vaseline consistency. Did I do something wrong? This is exactly the ingredients I used:

            1/2 cup olive oil
            1/4 cup coconut oil
            1/4 cup beeswax
            2 tbsp Shea butter

            Thank you!!

          10. Kerry Avatar

            I also will try this recipe today, so if I go wrong now I to know I can remelt and try again, thanks Wellness Mama, love everything you do…all Natural, My kind of life.

          11. Fola Avatar

            Thank yoi for your generosity in knowledge. I have learnt a lot from your blog.
            God bless you and yours

        1. Blu Avatar

          I had the same problem just last week. I just warmed it a little in hot water so it could be worked, and whipped it with my hand mixer while I added more jojoba oil into it a little at a time – so I could see when it was the right consistency. I also tried adding cornstarch to it to give it a silky finish on the skin it makes it feel less greasy. I had a very hard time finding any recipe that helped with amounts per lotion, so I just added it and mixed it until I liked it. I ended up with a ration of 2 cups lotion base to 1 of cornstarch and it was like yogurt in consistency. It feels wonderful. Good luck , and dont throw that good stuff out! 🙂

          1. Yolanda Helfrich Avatar
            Yolanda Helfrich

            Hi Blu, does it not feel gritty with the corn starch? And how would arrowroot work? I prefer arrowroot to corn starch.

        2. Jodessa Avatar

          I have made chap stick (some use for dry skin) for the last few years, same ingredients just different amounts, if you cant melt it down and adjust you can use it as a thick cream for your hands or chap stick. Hope this helps.

        3. Shelly Avatar

          5 stars
          I made a batch of the lotion and poured equal parts into two little mason jars. One jar has a consitency slightly thinner than lotion, the other is more like a shampoo/conditioner consistency. They both came from the smae batch though. What did I do wrong or what can I do to thicken it up a little?

        4. Yolanda Helfrich Avatar
          Yolanda Helfrich

          I used Katie’s recipe but I substituted 1/2 Jojoba and half sesame oils for the almond and olive oils. I also used equal parts beeswax and shea butter. Once my coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter were melted I transfered the into a tall emersion blender jar and slowly poured my other oils with vit E and essential ols combined. I also added a tablespoon of arrowroot (next time I’ll use a bit more). I whipped it up and came out with a very smooth non greasy cream. I shared it with my mom and daughter in law and we all love it. Thanks for the base recipe! I couldn’t have done it without you, Katie!

          1. Tricia Avatar

            Yolanda, is this the correct recipe that you used?
            1/4 c. jojoba oil
            1/4 c. sesame oil
            1/4 c. coconut oil
            1/4 c. beeswax
            1/4 c. shea butter
            melt all, then blend in:
            1 tsp. Vitamin E
            1 TB or more arrowroot powder

            I’d love to try your version but wanted to verify I understood you right.

          2. Yolanda Helfrich Avatar
            Yolanda Helfrich

            Hi Tricia,

            Actually I meant I used equal parts of beeswax and shea better and coconut oil, not all equal parts. So it was 1/4 cup beeswax
            1/4 cup shea butter
            1/4 cup coconut oil, combined them in a jar and melted them over low heat. Once they were all melted and combined I poured them into a tall emerrsion blender jar, allowed them to cool but not harden. Mean while I combined the coId oils in a measuring cup.
            1/2 cup sesame
            1/2 cup Jajoba
            I measured my arrowroot powder and chose and measured out my EO’s. When hot oils were cooled I poured in cold oils and blended well till fluffy and creamy. Then I added the vitamin E and EO’s and mixed again. Lastly, I added the arrowroot, (just under 1/4 cup has worked best so far. This really does make a super silky, mostly non greasy cream.

        5. Danielle Avatar

          Yes, I also made this as a hand lotion, which is what I was looking for to carry in my purse in a squeeze bottle….. this is a cream, and not a hand lotion. Now I have fairly solid cream in my squeeze bottles and now what? I don’t want to melt it down because it has essential oils in it. I realize I should have read the comments BEFORE making it, lol, but too late for me. What can/should I add to the bottle to fix this. Btw, LOVE your page. Thank you so much! I come here for just about everything.

        6. Penny Avatar

          An oil.of antioxidants,.,warm it up
          Blend the oil n blender 2 soften them?

      6. Jessica Avatar

        I was taught the same thing about Vitamin E in my esthetics class when I became an Esthetician. It is used to keep it from going rancid. This is such a small batch that you’re going to use it before anything grows. I have a thing about making sure my hands are clean before I dip down in my lotion if I have to use my hands or get a tongue depressor to get it out with. Thanks WM for all your good info!

        1. Adrienne Avatar

          Yes, coconut oil has antimicrobial properties; I would think that it is the perfect ingredient for a lotion!

      7. Kieya Sinclaire Avatar
        Kieya Sinclaire

        Thank you Wellness Mama. I really appreciate your all natural recipes .


      8. Tanya Avatar

        Wellness Mama, what can I use instead of vitamin E oil and GSE? I ask because I live in a small country far away from USA and I can’t find the oil and GSE.

          1. Renee Avatar

            Do you have a recipe for a lotion without using coconut oil?

      9. Taylor Avatar

        I’m making this right & I don’t know how much calendula should be used & what essential oils would be good if I’m using as a face lotion? Help!
        Thanks, Taylor

        1. Lara Avatar

          Generally you use 1 oz of dry herb to 8 oz oil. Don’t use fresh herbs . the water in the herb will cause it to spoil. Calendula is nice for a face lotion as well as rose hips and wild carrot seed ( which is queen Anne’s lace seed, yes the weed!)

      10. daane Avatar

        All I have to say is Good for you!!! What the awakening of humanity needs is the most natural products available, that can be made from the plants of the earth and locally sourced materials with none of the chemicals used by the Elite in their products that poison us every day.

        Thank God you are smarter then the average bear. I approve!

      11. Ashley Avatar

        When giving this as a gift, is there a time frame that you would recommend that I tell my family to use the lotion within? Thanks for a great site!

      12. Lucy Avatar

        5 stars
        I made this recipe and I love it but I keep finding that it gets chunky once it cools down. Is this normal or should I be doing something else? Please let me know.

      13. Mylan Avatar

        Vitamin E would be a good preservative in this case because there are only oils. If there was water, then yes, you would need a preservative, but in this recipe Vitamin E is a good preservative 🙂

        1. Elizabeth Follensbee Avatar
          Elizabeth Follensbee

          I am getting ready to make this lotion and I want to know if I am supposed to whip it at the end? I just don’t want to mess it up and this is the first time I have ever made lotion.

      14. elle Avatar

        could you please tell me what course i can do to make my own scrubs and moisturisers.. I am from Melbourne make my own scrub at home but clearly only get 7 days out of it as i dont no how to preserve it longer…can you suggest

      15. Laura Avatar

        I wouldn’t worry too much, vitamin e is most def. a natural preservative. Can’t wait to try this lotion! I’m thinking I’m going to try “whipping” it w/ a mixer

      16. Krista Avatar

        Hello Wellness Mama,
        Thank you for all of your sharing! I’m in France and I took a class on transforming medicinal plants into tinctures, lotions, etc. with an herbalist who prepared phytotherapy preparations for pharmacies for years. He had us use “vitamin E” or “grapefruit seed extract” as a preservative for our preparations.
        I’ve never had a problem with mold or fungus in my balms or creams. I keep them in the fridge. I’ve even forgotten little pots that somehow got lost and 6 months later they had no mold, no fungus and no rancidity. 🙂

      17. nikki Avatar

        Hello! I was just wondering if you use the solid almond and coconut oil, or if one or the other is in liquid form. not sure if that made sense, thanks in advance.

      18. John Avatar

        We just made this and it is pretty solid…more like lip balm texture than lotion..did we do something wrong…?

      19. Wayne Avatar

        Hi! Can you convert this to a weights recipe please? There are like 50 or more comments asking ‘What is half a cup in weight?’. Converting this to weight instead of volume will help so many people I think. However, it is interesting reading the comments about how to convert it in to a cream or lotion or for what type of problem, etc.

        When I’ve made hard soaps – and I’ve made a few now for the last 2 years – I always write down the weight of the oils and butters, etc, and the date I made it. That way I always have a record I can refer to for ease and knowledge/understanding. 🙂

      20. Diane Worthen Avatar
        Diane Worthen

        I’ve made this a few times, changing the EOs for personal preference. I love it. And so have the people I’ve given it to. Never had any problems with it. Keep up the good work, Mama!

      21. Kristy Avatar

        Thank you for teaching us this. I’ve recently decided the best thing for me to do will be to make my own lotion. Will this be good for a face lotion? Would it make sense to refrigerate it?

      22. KATI Avatar

        How much EO should I add in order to get scent? I am using calendula and chamomile and lavender. Thank you!

      23. Loti Avatar

        This was the biggest greasiest messiest job to produce so little and item that basically seems just like melted beeswax only slimier. A total waste of my time.

      24. Virginia Avatar

        No worries! 🙂 I have made this recipe more than once. Place in small pots and/or mini jars and STORE IN FRIDGE. Take out one container at a time for use. My batches last up to a year. Make sure your process is very clean. No rancidity. No issues whatsoever. 🙂

    2. Stacy Avatar

      Information is one thing, being rude is quite another. Good luck and have fun.

      1. Linda Camp Avatar
        Linda Camp

        I quite agree! The solution to the problem of mold (or bacteria or any other spoilage) is to simply mess LESS product… some amount that you can us up quickly. This way, you don’t have to add harmful ingredients to your product. 8-]

    3. Rachel Avatar

      Thank you for taking the time to post this recipe. I never even thought one could make lotion. I Will try it!!

      1. Susan Avatar

        I am going to do this!!! I think its a fantastic idea to go natural.. too many chemicals in our lives. My granddaughter has eczema and I heard coconut oil is great for that.. soooo.. this is how I got to this page. LOL. Thank you so much for the information.

        1. Dezie Avatar

          Susan, I am wondering how the lotion worked on your granddaughter’s eczema. I just received all the ingredients to make the lotion. My 7 months grandchild is suffering from the same problem. I will appreciate any one comments.

          1. Layla Avatar

            Coconut oil was note enough for my son. It, and most other oils, were too thin. We started using just shea butter. He is almost completely clear within a week of starting it. A lot of times eczema is a sign of an underlying sensitivity or allergy.

          2. Adriana Avatar

            My daughter has eczema and she is allergic to coconut. Make sure coconut oil would be safe for your granddaughter.

          3. Jeannine Knotts-Brown Avatar
            Jeannine Knotts-Brown

            My granddaughter had eczema badly. When she was about 12 my daughter put her on vitamin D3, and the eczema cleared up. They had tried everything, both from the doctor and from friends. She hated having it, and now is doing fine. Most people are deficient in vitamin D, so I’m sure this was good for her body in general, too, not just for the eczema.

          4. Cindi M. Avatar

            5 stars
            Calendula works wonders on eczema. It’s a type of marigold flower. You can steep the flowers in the oil before making the lotion or add ground calendula seeds. I’ve been using it on my daughter for 6 months… clears it in 2-3 days.

            My mix is shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, calendula infused oil, lavender eo, and vitamin e.

    4. Connie Cassidy Avatar
      Connie Cassidy

      Vitamin E is a preservative; perhaps you meant to say it is not an antimicrobial? For that, you can use grapefruit essential oil at 0.5-1%.  To use vitamin E as an antioxidant, and thus, a preservative, the best thing to use is T-50 Vitamin E at 0.04%. One can also use rosemary essential oil at 0.15-0.5% to preserve. Happy lotion making!

      1. Banana Avatar

        Vitamin E is not a preservative, it is an *antioxidant* which means it will not prevent mold, bacteria, or fungus, but will keep the oils from going rancid. Essential oils are also not preservatives on their own, even if they have some preservative properties. And most importantly, grapeseed extract is not a preservative! The only studies that showed that it worked as a preservative used grapeseed extract contaminated with parabens. Using grapeseed extract will preserve a lotion about as well as prayer, unless it is contaminated (it often is), and in that case you may as well just use normal parabens.

        However, like someone said above, you don’t need a preservative in this recipe because it doesn’t have any water in it. I promise I know what I’m talking about, I formulate natural cosmetics for a living.

        1. Denise Deiro Avatar
          Denise Deiro

          Can you please recommend a preservative and an antioxidant for homemade soap? Thanks.

        2. Melissa Avatar

          These comments were made when the recipe *did* include water, she had since changed the recipe probably so people would stop arguing about it.

        3. Kate Avatar

          She said grapefruit extract not grapeseed. I think grapeseed is from grapes not grapefruit so they’re different.

          1. Banana Avatar

            I meant grapefruit seed extract, I made a typo. Regardless, you should treat a lotion like this recipe like unpreserved food; it should be kept in the refrigerator and if it is older than 5 days you shouldn’t use it. Otherwise you are endangering your health.

        4. lesley Avatar

          hi banana
          do you have any recipe’s for making lotions suitable for people that want to use Halal Products

          1. Asmaa Avatar

            Hi Lesley! Vegan lotions without alcohol should be suitable for those looking for Halal products 🙂 So most of these should be good. Good luck!

          2. Asmaa Avatar

            Actually, I said vegan, but I meant vegetarian without alcohol. Beeswax is fine 🙂

        5. JONN Avatar

          I am interested in a discussion on natural preservatives and organic ingredients for a thick lotion cream base

        6. Pammy Avatar

          To Banana
          I’m interested in your opinion on a few things. I’m just getting started with this. Could you please post where I can contact you?
          Also, Thank you wellness mama for your wonderful recipes& knowledge!!!pammy

      2. Erin Avatar

        Thanks for this amazing info. y’all! I just made a body butter and it smells to shea-buttery. has anyone tried this recipe? It is less shea butter than I just used and am wondering if the smell is more mild.

        1. Sandy Avatar

          I have the same issue, the coconut smell is too strong. Maybe because I was using extra virgin coconut oil which preserved the most scent of coconut oil. I want to know should I change it to refined coconut oil, is it gonna fix the smelly issue?

          1. Cheery Avatar

            Yes, refined coconut oil has no smell and in my opinion, the exact same consistency as virgin coconut oil. However, many people believe there is a loss of nutrients and beneficial properties once the oil gets refined. Hope this helps :-)0

        2. Laura Avatar

          I didn’t like the smell of shea butter either, so I switched to mango butter. Much nicer.

    5. Cindy Avatar

      I also agree that there needs to be another preservative in this.  I also own a natural lotion company and have had my products tested in a lab to determine shelf life.  Vitamin E will extend shelf life slightly, but what you will want to do is add Grapeseed Extract to incorporate a proper preservative to prevent bacteria growth.  For home use, this is not required, but if you intend to sell the products, you will want to check with your local department of health to determine what the law is.  Shelf life on my products is actually 6 to 18 months depending on the product.

      I would however like to say that the person who commented first needs to learn proper manners.  There is a proper way to portray information and they did not achieve this.  Thanks for the recipe, and I wish all of the people that visit your site the best of luck with this endeavor.

    6. Hannah Avatar

      Products like this one in the recipe, made with oil and beeswax (no water) are  quite self-preserving and certainly don’t need chemical preservatives. I’ve been making products like this for years with out using any preservative. 

      1. Nina Avatar

        Yeah I’m not sure why people are freaking out. I don’t need a preservative.

    7. Annie Avatar

      I’m a pharmacist and I do a decent amount of compounding lotions and such. Wellness Mama is right here, since the product is not made with water, an antimicrobial preservative is not necessary. Now I would never sell a product without such a preservative, simply because of liability, but the chances of having microbial growth in this product (if maintained in a tightly sealed container) is minimal, and I consider an acceptable risk for my personal use.

      Grape seed extract, parabens, and Diazolidinyl Urea are all good preservatives, but each come with there risks and are only necessary if needed for your peace of mind.

      BTW, thanks for this recipe Wellness Mama!

      1. Emily Avatar

        Thanks for posting Annie! I appreciate a pharmacist is reading this blog! 🙂

      2. Emily Avatar

        There may be this answer in the comments here but there are SOOO many comments! Wow! I read for a while. 🙂

        How many drops of essential oil or tsp of vanilla should be used to be safe for my face and baby skin? Thank you Wellness Mama!

        1. jenni Avatar

          Essential oils are not recommended to use topically on a child under two years of age.

        2. Angela Avatar

          Some essential oils are safe for babies. I know the brand that I use certainly is safe. I make 3 oz. batches and use 10-20 drops.

    8. Marcia Bauchle Avatar
      Marcia Bauchle

      Mold does not easily grow in products that have no water in them. If someone wants to add Germall to their products, they may as well buy commercially made ones. Germall is not good for you. Also, if you don’t add water, you don’t have to use emulsifiers in this. I don’t think you have a lot of experience with natural products so you should hold your comments on people’s posts so others don’t get confused and be harmed by your bad advice. Just sayin’…

    9. Jed Avatar

      This guest needs to realize the information they are putting out there. Many of the things they said are clearly proven wrong and I must agree with what Wellness Mama has to say. I wish Wellness Mama was my actual Mama.

    10. Isis Avatar

      Ingredients at Mountain Rose Herbs are TOO EXPENSIVE! Any other suggestions?

      1. Fuschia Avatar

        Try they have herbs and other natural stuff I get most of my stuff from them 🙂

      2. Suzanne Avatar

        I use Bulk Apothecary for my oils and butters in large quantity. They also have all the essential oils and containers you would need for lotions or lip balms. Very reasonable prices! Shipping gets me sometimes but considering I’m buying 40 lbs of coconut oil at a time I guess it does cost a bit to ship! LOL. If you watch closely, they do run free shipping and 20% off sales frequently.

      3. Mary W. Avatar

        I’m late to the party, and maybe no one will even see this, but regarding the cost of oils, I would be afraid of buying oils that were cheap! I purchase quality, therapeutic grade oils that are third party tested, direct from the company to ensure that I am buying pure, unadulterated essential oils.

        One wants to think that there are “not nice” people out there, but the sad fact remains… 🙁 I am even nervous when I have to go to my local natural food co-op for certain oils such as Jojoba or Almond oil because the company I buy from does not sell them. I look for EOs that can even be ingested and are backed by a guarantee. If the company is willing to stand behind their product, I believe that the product is probably safer in the first place.

        Just my two cents 😉 Happy experimenting toward life using what nature is happy to provide for us!

    11. Amanda Avatar

      Is there a way to make it not so thick for a pump bottle? And is there something else you can use for a sub for the coconut oil if someone is allergic to it?

    12. beth Avatar

      You are right about one thing, this is a lotion stick, or balm or body butter since it is not an emulsification of oil and water, it is not a true lotion. That being said… since there is no water she doesn’t need ewax. That’s what is good about body butter is you can use beeswax with all of it’s healing properties.

      This website is about staying away from toxins and your germall suggestion is not suited for a safe, non toxic recipe. It is also unnecessary since this recipe, again, doesn’t have water, the vit E is enough for the oils. It will have a long shelf life, I would throw away what I haven’t used after a few months and make more. That’s why at home creations should be in small batches. I would rather deal with germs anyway, even mold, even yeast, than put germall on me. Here is what says:

      “Again, watch out for these: Germall Plus, Germall II and Germal 115 (preservatives), when making your lotion. I constantly find claims that they are safe in homemade lotions all over the place. They are the main cause of eczema and contact dermatitis in skin care products (according to the American Academy of Dermatology). According to this very informative web site again<<<, this product has the ingredient DIAZOLIDINYL UREA, sometimes just called Urea (as well as others not quite as bad), which has been linked to cancer and a LIST OF EFFECTS AND HAZARDS TOO LONG for me to list here in the areas of- cancer, neurotoxicity, organ system toxicity, reproductive toxicity, skin irritant, penetration enhancer, and cosmetic restrictions in other countries. This ingredient contains government warnings that it is hazardous, yet time and time again I find web sites selling this product as- safe for homemade and natural creations, so the people selling them who don't do their homework think they are doing the world a service with their homemade lotions and soaps and they are not."

      germall is NOT natural and NOT safe.

    13. Anna Swanson Avatar
      Anna Swanson

      Re- Liquid Germall Plus – NO NO NO.

      I couldn’t read this first post however 2 years old without posting also the MSDS on that product mentioned as preservative.

      Please do not take this person advice and put that product into your clean lotion or creme.

      1. Gemma Avatar

        Hello – I made this balm a couple of weeks ago, I added lavender oil – however the scent is not so strong. Please could you advise as to how many drops of lavender and rose geranium oil I should add?

        Great balm!! Thank you!

    14. Valerie Avatar

      If you are concerned with bacteria there are perfectly good natural antibacterial oils available that can be added to the lotion … Lemon and lavender are the top 2 that come to mind… But I’m sure there are several more… I agree with the post that this is ment to be a natural product for those of us who don’t have much ( if any ) faith in the FDA and their health standards ( if they are doing such a great job why are so many of us sick?)and we are looking for alternitives
      Research is nessicary … So everyone… Do your research … Look to multiple sources … Then make an informed call

      Mold is more of a concern to some than others… I have never had a problem personally… Just use within the allotted time and add some lemon oil (not juice) or lavender problem solved

      Thanks for the recipe… 🙂

      1. Luna Avatar

        Some people who sell lotions and shampoos use that method. I saw one lotion company who used only that. The only problem is those oils like honey work on themselves without a problem but once it’s contaiminated(especially with water) it can grow bacteria & mold. [Bacteria can even grow in salty conditions or in a vaccum.]

        However glycerin is a natural preservative. I’d like to pass this idea along we should all work together create a glycerin preservative method that works:

        We need 60-70% of it to work as a preservative. I was thinking we add an anti-humectant(joboba oil, beeswax, etc.) to cancel the humectant each time if that is possible. We can also use solid rain(the stuff from Mexico that collects water in soil for farming) to collect the glycerin each time we use a lotion or product with 60-70% glycerin. Without touching that much glycerin. This is useful for dry powders. I’m not sure if we could separate glycerin from lotion.

        If we could get something to work we could have our natural, effective, safe preservative:

    15. Ginger Avatar

      Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a preservative as listed by the FDA. It is s used as a preservative for fats (usually chicken fat) in pet food, and when tocopherol-preserved chicken fat is used it must be specified in the list of ingredients.

      “Preservative”, “antimicrobial”, and “anti-oxidant” are not mutually exclusive chemical properties. That is to say that just because something is an antioxidant, doesn’t mean it is not also a preservative (and vice versa). In fact, many antioxidants are good preservatives because they bind free oxygen radicals that would otherwise interact with less stable components. “Preservative” can have many different meanings depending on what you are trying to preserve and against what.

    16. Veronica Avatar

      No preservative necessary due to the fact she is not adding water to this anhydrous recipe.

    17. Cindi Avatar

      4 stars
      I also add GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) oil or Rosemary oil to my foot balms, as a boost to protect from microbes….

    18. Robert M. Avatar
      Robert M.

      As Veronica also mentioned, this recipe does not contain water. Preservatives are generally only required for water-containing recipes since bacteria, yeast, etc. need that to grow. Vitamin E will delay the onset of rancidity in oils, and that should be good enough for this recipe (but be warned if it’s stored in a jar or something where water is likely to be introduced–then you’ll need a preservative).

      That being said, your priorities are messed up if you are more concerned about the propylene glycol than the diazolidinyl urea (a formaldehyde releaser; I’d rather have the parablens, who I think have a worse reputation than they deserve; phenoxyethanol, as found in Optiphen, for example, is another one you may want to consider).

    19. Candace Avatar

      I love the recipe. I am an all natural gal and have been looking for how to make all natural lotion. But what if your allergic to coconut or almond oil? What do you suggest?

    20. regina Avatar

      Wow!! I am really taken aback by your rather rude (IMO) comment . Not that what you had to say was not valid however it comes off as very hostile and bossy. Katie aka WelssnessMama has been for myself and my family a lifechanger. Her website has been a go to for anything DIY, NON GMO , etc etc for me and a lot of other people. And she is sharing her experiences and what has worked for her. Her experience and knowledge is invaluable and very appreciated.
      You should consider maybe softening your very bossy attitude. And double check your info because unless you have a degree in chemistry I (and I am sure I am not alone) am not interested in what you have to say when its said in such a condescending manner ..
      have a great day!!!!

    21. Mila Lightfoot Avatar
      Mila Lightfoot

      You don’t need a preservative as there is no water in the product.

    22. Kristine Avatar

      If using pure essential oils, mold won’t grow!! I think you need to do your research, yourself. Best Regards

    23. Shana Avatar

      My vitamin E oil has mostly soy bean oil. Do you think that is bad to add to this?

    24. Annabelle Avatar

      Dear Faithy, Your remark towards Wellness Mamma and her wonderful recipe sounded pretty snotty!! I have made my own creams for myself and others with Vitamin E as a preservative which is told to do by many “experts” that make them for sale from what they were taught. I have been using my own creams for years with no side effects and no apparent mold, so I don’t consider it harmful in any way to preserve the shelf life by using it. I also use beeswax and all is great!! I also don’t refrigerate any of it and don’t need to. I use mine up to a year with smell, texture and appearance the same. Thanks you wellness mama for all the life-goodness you share!! 🙂

    25. Devon Avatar

      Though I am a fan of many of these recipes, I have to point out that this person IS right. This recipe does not contain water therefore PROBABLY doesn’t need one, but we really shouldn’t spread misinformation either by saying vitamin E is technically a preservative; because it isn’t. To all the people who say they know what they’re talking about because they run cosmetic companies, are in the medical field, create natural products for a living, etc..that doesn’t mean you know 100 percent what you are talking about. Chemistry does not lie. We are here to grow and learn from each other, not talk about who knows more than who.

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