Remineralizing Tooth Powder For a Healthier Mouth

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remineralizing tooth powder
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My remineralizing toothpaste is one of the most visited posts at Wellness Mama. Over the years I’ve had a lot of emails from people who’ve switched and love it. After I remineralized my teeth and reversed cavities, I became a convert to natural toothpaste!

The only downfall to my homemade toothpaste is that it can leave residue on sinks. Plus there’s some concern with the coconut oil if you have a septic system (like we do). I also wanted to figure out how to incorporate the benefits of healing clays into our oral health regimen. However, there were some definite texture issues with the clays and coconut oil.

What resulted was this remineralizing tooth powder and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s even easier to make than homemade toothpaste. Plus you can use ground herbs and spices instead of essential oils if preferred.

Choosing a Natural Toothpaste

Over the past decade, more and more natural toothpastes have come on the market. They advertise fluoride-free, sulfate-free, and natural ingredients. Some are certainly better than others, but there are some good ones on the market. I compare different natural toothpastes in this article. Or you can find the toothpaste I helped develop here (we have tooth whitening toothpaste plus a kid’s strawberry flavor!).

You’ll still find DIY products in my bathroom though because I love being able to customize my oral care products.

Why Tooth Powder?

Natural tooth powder is less messy than a tube of toothpaste. This makes it easier to travel with or take camping. I don’t have to worry about toothpaste all over my clothes if it accidentally gets squished in my suitcase. And it has a much longer shelf life since we’re not introducing any liquids.

The main ingredient in this homemade tooth powder is bentonite clay. Years ago I became a big fan of bentonite clay for its amazing health properties. Not only does it bind and draw out heavy metals and toxins (a big plus for the mouth!), but it’s also mineral rich.

You can take bentonite internally to help remove toxins, so it’s safe to use in the mouth. Be sure to get food-grade bentonite clay though! The one I have linked in the recipe below is safe to use internally. In recent years there’s been talk about the lead naturally found in bentonite clay. While there is a tiny amount of lead (like many things), it’s bound within the clay and not bioavailable. You can read more about that here.

Bentonite is also rich in calcium, magnesium, and silica to help nourish teeth. So how does it work? Bentonite clay is unique because once mixed with water the molecules develop an electrical charge. This charge attracts and soaks up toxins, drawing them into the inside of the clay structure and holding them there.

To put it another way…

Bentonite is a swelling clay. When it becomes mixed with water it rapidly swells open like a highly porous sponge that traps toxins. It’s also very gentle and has a milder taste. I use it for facial masks, healing poultices, and even my hair.

Healthy Tooth Powder Ingredients

The other tooth powder ingredients also support a healthy oral microbiome. The blend of herbs and minerals fights bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling squeaky clean. For a pure mint flavor you can use more mint and omit the cinnamon and clove. You can adjust the amount of powder to your preferences. Personally, I love the balanced blend of organic peppermint powder, cinnamon, and refreshing clove.

  • Baking soda – Helps remove stains and whiten teeth but it’s gentle enough that it won’t harm enamel. Helps remove plaque and reduces gum bleeding and inflammation. Because it’s alkaline it supports a healthy mouth pH to discourage harmful bacteria.
  • Calcium Carbonate powder – Provides the calcium needed for strong enamel and can help reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Ground cloves – Naturally antioxidant and a broad spectrum antimicrobial. Clove freshens breath, increases circulation for healthier gums, soothes inflammation, and can reduce the pain of sensitive teeth. It also gives the tooth powder a yummy taste.
  • Cinnamon – Also antimicrobial and antifungal (especially against candida). Tastes great and helps discourage bacterial growth in the mouth for fresh breath. Reduces gum inflammation and increases circulation.
  • Mint – Tastes great and soothes the gums. Mint is antimicrobial, helps relieve tooth pain, and freshens breath. There’s also some evidence it can help fight the virus that causes cold sores.
  • Xylitol – This sweetener adds to the tooth powder flavor but also has some impressive oral health benefits. Studies show it helps fight plaque and gingivitis inflammation. It also helps prevent cavities and binds with calcium to help remineralize teeth.

Adding Essential Oils

It’s completely optional, but you can add some essential oils to your tooth powder. They’re a potent way to increase the oral health benefits. Most antimicrobial essential oils are strong so a little goes a long way. When I add essential oils to this recipe, I just add a few drops total per batch.

Here are some essential oils to try in your DIY tooth powder!

The great thing about this tooth powder is you can customize the flavor however you want. You can add essential oils to increase the potency or leave them out for a milder taste (that even my kids like).

remineralizing tooth powder
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Remineralizing Tooth Powder

This homemade tooth powder uses ingredients that rebuild enamel, freshen breath, and detox your mouth.
Author: Katie Wells



  • Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl. Use a fork to mash any clumps and mix in any essential oils (if using).
  • Store in a small glass jar with a lid.
  • To use, place some powder in your palm and dip a wet toothbrush into the powder. Brush and rinse.


You can customize the powder to your taste and all of the herbal ingredients are optional. Create your own flavor with the herbs and essential oils of your choice.

How to Use Tooth Powder

Dump a little powder into your palm and dip the bristles of a wet toothbrush into the powder. Sometimes I’ll also add a few drops of the OraWellness Brushing Blend. Brush and rinse with cool water. Adults and kids can use this daily (or multiple times a day). Follow it up with some mouthwash or flossing if needed.

Shelf Life and Storage

This tooth powder will last for several years if stored properly. Store away from direct light and heat (like the car in summer). While it doesn’t have any water and the ingredients are antimicrobial, be sure to avoid getting the tooth powder jar wet. Always put a little powder into your palm before applying it to a wet toothbrush. Never dip the brush into the jar of powder as this introduces bacteria.

Oral Health Regimen

My teeth have never been whiter or healthier (according to my dentist) thanks to my oral health regimen. I eat foods that support oral health and use mouth-healthy products. I don’t do the same thing every single day, but here are some of the things I use. I’ve changed it up some since I reversed my cavities and often now I’ll just use Wellnesse toothpaste.

Have you ever had success reversing a cavity? What does your oral health routine look like? Leave a comment and share below!

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  1. Shriti Raj Avatar
    Shriti Raj

    My toddler’s teeth are demineralising. Can I use this formulation for her?

    1. Jamie Larrison Avatar

      This tooth powder is safe for kids, but you can always clear it with your child’s natural healthcare provider if unsure.

  2. Sharon Avatar

    Wondering if you know of any polishing wax like they use to polish your teeth at dentist office? I would prefer to do that myself, any suggestions. Thanks and what great articles you post.

  3. Rachel Avatar

    I’ve heard wonderful things about hydroxyapatite powder. Have you considered using this? Would you possibly have a resource recommendation?

  4. Zin Avatar

    Hello! Can Xylitol be left out? Or is it essential to this recipe?

      1. Lois Post Avatar
        Lois Post

        4 stars
        This is just my personal experience, but may help someone. I suggest that anyone using Xylitol research the “rare” side effect it can have on the GI system. After 10 years of using 37% Xylitol toothpaste and “mints” for dry mouth, I was reading an article about dental care and there it was, a mere side note about this. I had had IBS for many years, afraid to leave my house because of episodes of diarrheal incontinence. After reading about the Xylitol, I threw out everything in my house that has Xylitol in it. Within two days, and this was April of 2023, the diarrhea stopped. I mean STOPPED. It is, I believe, one of many sugar substitutes on the Monash University list of FODMAP foods that those with IBS are using to help track down the cause of their GI problems such as diarrhea, pain, and also constipation. (FODMAP=fermentable oligosaccharides, dissaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols)

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