174: How to Save Money and Get Better Healthcare With SteadyMD

174: How to Save Money and Get Better Healthcare With SteadyMD

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How to Save Money and Get Better Healthcare with SteadyMD

Today I am here with Yarone Goren who is helping pioneer the future of healthcare. If he has his way, the days of waiting in the doctor’s office (and waiting… and waiting…) should soon be over. Yarone cofounded SteadyMD to give people an on-demand and personalized healthcare option for quality primary care completely online.

With SteadyMD a doctor is only a text away, and not just any doctor but one who knows you and your case.

My New Doctor: SteadyMD

If you know my story, you know I searched for a long time to get the right help for my autoimmune condition. It took me literally years and almost a dozen doctors to finally find answers, and this was after I was doing a ton of research.

SteadyMD takes a different approach: matching a patient to just the right doctor, and making sure the doctor’s patient load is low enough that they can take their patients’ calls anytime, anywhere… and actually know them by name!

I’ve been so impressed with this service I am not only a patient but also an advisor. I love that SteadyMD is creating practical options for moms and families. It’s almost like bringing back the old-school idea of a country doctor and bringing it into the modern era.

Ready to have a doctor in your pocket? Check it out!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • problems with the current healthcare system that led Yarone to start SteadyMD
  • how many patients the typical primary care doctor has (hint: it’s in the thousands)
  • why Yarone thinks doctors are just as unsatisfied as patients with the current healthcare system
  • ways SteadyMD can complement your primary and pediatric care
  • how SteadyMD docs “see” you without ever going into the office
  • ways your SteadyMD doctor can work with pharmacies, labs, and specialists in your area
  • how to be your own health care advocate
  • and more!

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Reader Comments

  1. Thank you Katie for having me on the podcast! If anyone has questions please feel free to email me directly ([email protected]).

  2. Did I miss where Katie links her own shared health insurance?

    The timing on this episode is perfect! My husband just transitioned to a freelance position and we are trying to navigate the healthcare/ insurance world.

    • Thanks for asking, I was looking for that link as well.

  3. While I understand this is a possibility for answers, a virtual consultation can never replace the laying of hands, an actual examination, by an expertly trained physician.

    • I agree! But, here’s the issue: who do you know that has a good, ongoing, collaborative relationship with an expertly trained in-person physician? Most folks (sadly) do not.

      This new SteadyMD option is available right now to anyone in the country. Online anytime with a doctor who really knows you, is available to you, and has time for you. In-person when you need it, via the traditional (existing) healthcare system.

  4. Katie, Do you submit your monthly SteadyMD cost to the healthshare?

  5. Hi Katie!

    Does the Health Sharing plan you use cover only medical, or does it also cover dentist costs? If not what and how do you do dentist visits and costs for that? Thanks! Loved this episode and info!

  6. Are there any Naturopaths in the group?

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