254: Business, Lifestyle, and Routines With The Skinny Confidential

254: Business, Lifestyle, and Routines With The Skinny Confidential

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Business, Lifestyle, and Routines With The Skinny Confidential

Today’s episode is a little different than normal as I’m here with Lauryn and Michael of The Skinny Confidential to talk business, entrepreneurship and navigating the dynamic of working together as a couple. Lauryn Evarts is a well-known lifestyle and beauty blogger at The Skinny Confidential and her husband Michael Bosstick is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the podcast network Dear Media.

I met them in Finland with Four Sigmatic and wanted to have them on to talk business since I get a surprising amount of questions about that side of things and rarely talk about it. They also interviewed me on their podcast (see resources below) where I share about my own business strategies and some parts of my journey you may not have heard before.

As I said, I know this is a departure from our normal health topics, but if you’re interested in the business side at all, I think you’ll enjoy this episode.

Episode Highlights with the Skinny Confidential

  • A recap of all of our lessons from Finland
  • What we all thought of the sauna/cold plunge situation there
  • The benefit of pushing out of your comfort zone regularly
  • What our gratitude alarm is and why it started after Finland
  • How The Skinny Confidential started and grew to a massive podcast and platform
  • The ways Lauryn and Michael navigate working together as a couple
  • How they’ve grown multiple businesses
  • Lessons learned from real estate (and real estate failures)
  • How they met when they were 12 and how long it took for them to eventually start dating
  • The powerful benefit of practice that they use in many aspects of life
  • How to handle the negative aspects of social media we all encounter
  • Ways to create community in daily life
  • Lauryn’s quote (that I’ve adopted): “What you think about me is none of my business”
  • All of our morning routines

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  1. I absolutely love your podcasts and have listened to the majority of them. I usually listen in the car with my kids and they love them too, but this is the second podcast in the last few weeks that I have had to turn off because it is not family-friendly. I love your content, but maybe there could be some kind of red flag or disclaimer if it’s not a kid-appropriate podcast? I look through the highlights before I play, but I didn’t expect this to be one to censor. Just a thought from a loving fan!

  2. Katie, this might be a strange question; however, do you think Lauryn would be willing to share a picture of the dish brush she uses for dry brushing?

    Thank you, Katie, for all the hard work you do to share such great information with your community!

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