165: How to Make Simple Green Smoothies a Daily Habit (Even on a Tight Budget!)

165: How to Make Simple Green Smoothies a Daily Habit (Even on a Tight Budget!)

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How to Make Simple Green Smoothies a Daily Habit (Even on a Tight Budget!)

Today we’re talking about a very practical way to help our families eat healthier that will please even the the picky eaters among us. I’m here with Jen Hansard who’s the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies. I bet you’ve probably heard of it. It’s a gorgeous and really popular website dedicated to, you guessed it, green smoothies!

What makes Jen’s approach to healthy eating so great? The Simple Green Smoothie lifestyle does not involve cutting calories or eliminating an entire food group. Instead, it really encourages us to make one simple change, which is to drink one green smoothie a day. Now over one million people have taken the plunge and signed up for Jen’s green smoothie challenge.

A Few Simple Green Smoothies a Day…

Jen’s love affair with green smoothies began during a financial crisis when she needed to keep the doctor (and the bills) away. She wasn’t eager to try those funny green drinks, but smoothies seemed like an easy and economical way to stay healthy.

Many smoothie experiments later, Jen couldn’t believe the difference one green smoothie a day made. Her new discovery grew into a passion for passing on this one simple health habit.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Jen’s story of how a simple green smoothie turned out to be a life-changer
  • how she went from buying smoothie ingredients on WIC assistance to becoming the CEO of a thriving business
  • real-food shopping tips (even on a tight budget)
  • how to handle social events (birthday parties, etc.) while eating healthy
  • the health habit that’s more important than green smoothies, exercise, or even quitting smoking
  • how to make seven green smoothies for under $15
  • ideas to start your own green smoothie habit
  • ways to build activity and movement into your family’s culture
  • and more!

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Reader Comments

  1. I’m excited to use some of her ideas for smoothies. But my biggest obstacle to smoothies is cleaning the blender after each one!

    • Put a little hot water & dish soap in blender then run that in your blender. Gets it clean fast using less water.

    • Kathryn I know exactly what you mean. It doesn’t matter how often you run hot water and detergent after blending, if you have blended anything thicker than water, once it dries there will be food particles hiding in cracks or crevices. But the hot water blend does get the main surfaces cleaned quickly.

      If you are blending one smoothie after another, using fresh ingredients, I wouldn’t worry about a major clean – a simple rinse will suffice.

  2. I have been making smoothies for years now every morning. A good thing to add is frozen fruit. As its ice cold. And makes it thick like a mac Donalds milkshake. But obviously healthier than that. I use spirulina. Wheatgrass.coco powder.maca powder. With a spoonfull of coconut oil. Make a lovely very healthy smoothly.

  3. Dear Katie…first, I am a faithful follower of your website – it has been of great benefit to my life – I love it! I just read that blending fruits and vegetables can harm their nutritional value. Is it better to use a blender that is not so high powered, that perhaps produces less heat? Or perhaps to blend for a shorter overall time, or in short 10 second bursts? I would love to know your opinion about this…..thanks, Linda.

    • For every site saying that blending harms, you’ll find another proclaiming the ready availability. The biggest issue revolves around removing fibrous matter. But blending is not juicing. Nutitionists will tell you that foods cannot be properly digested unless well masticated. Essentially what a blender is doing is cutting out the work we should be doing with our teeth. Whilst I would recommend chewing a smoothie as it is drunk, to get the digestive juices working, would the naysayers have us miss out on nutritious foods like flaxseed simply because we cannot bite through the husk?

      As to the heat produced, a 60 second blend is not going to create anything like the levels achieved through cooking, frying etc. It unlikely to get as warm as inside your stomach, nor even the heat the sun can cast upon the fields. If you need more than 60 seconds you either need a better blender or to cut your ingredients up smaller.

  4. Remove me. I did not request these messages

    • Hi Nanny! We are not able to send you push notifications unless you sign up for them. Here is a tutorial for unsubscribing from the push notifications. Please let me know if you run into any problems. Thank you!

  5. I’ve heard a lot of debate regarding eating fresh greens due to oxalic acid. I’ve avoided eating too many raw greens for this reason, but do the benefits out way the potential risks? curious what your thoughts are on this…

  6. Yes please! Can someone elaborate on answering Gabby’s question? I have also read that from Sarah Pope.

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