80: What Your Monthly Cycle Reveals About Your Hormones With Alisa Vitti

80: What Your Monthly Cycle Reveals About Your Hormones With Alisa Vitti

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What Your Monthly Cycle Reveals About Your Hormones With Alisa Vitti

Hormone expert Alisa Vitti has been helping women balance hormones for years. After not having a period for over ten years and fighting severe PCOS, Alisa figured out how to heal her own body and now helps others do the same.

Her mission is to help women understand and work with their periods, rather than fighting them.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why periods shouldn’t be painful (and what to do if yours is)
  • The worst food you can eat for your hormones (hint: I hate this food too)
  • What PGE1, PGE2 and PGE3 are and how the affect your cycle
  • How Alisa healed her severe PCOS and naturally conceived her child after being told she never could
  • The vast difference in the hormone cycles between men and women
  • Why organizational products and systems designed for men can make things tougher for women
  • How to use your monthly cycle to be healthier and more productive
  • The way Alisa’s new app is helping women know the best foods to eat at various times of their monthly cycle for optimal health
  • How her simple Cycle Syncing Protocol can help balance your hormones
  • The protocol Alisa used to get her monthly cycle back after not having one for a decade!

Resources We Mention:

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Reader Comments

  1. We need help for pcos mommas breastfeeding. Its mentioned as a problem, but no help suggested. I had huge, huge problems. I very successfully nursed my first three but a decade n a half later, with pcos that much worse, it was a nitemare for my last two. I had tons of milk, as usual but then it just went away.

  2. Just a request! ? If you could have someone transcribe the podcasts so they can be read–the only chance I have to be on my phone, I have to be quiet and discreet about it, but I would love to hear/read this! Thank you for all you do!

  3. Thank you for this very informative and easy to understand interview. I had been searching for a long time for a holistic and everyday understanding of why some pms symptoms would occur or disappear month to month. This interview helped to switch my thinking on how I view my “impending” period. I feel more empowered after listening. Just downloaded the app, excited to get started on understanding my body more! Thank you!

  4. THANK YOU sooo MUCH for doing this podcast!!!! I have been going at this on my own for so many years (Trying to “fix” my hormones with food) and its so good to know that I can now find the right information all in one place and know there are others who feel/think the same – Good to know I’m not crazy! :/

  5. I love this pod ,cast I wish I would have had it so many years ago .I am 46 but still can use it .You always have such informative information I love it.Have a blessed day .Karen

  6. I really enjoyed this podcast. So much useful information. Really love the speaker! I made sure to download the app. I am, however, very disappointed in the cost of her programs. Over $2000 for her fertility program? Over $200 for a detox program? Who can afford this? The prices are outrageous….very sad to know I can’t receive the information my body needs right now…?

  7. Why are you complaining about the cost of the program just because you can’t afford it? College tuition prices are outrageous, yet people that can’t afford to go to college figure out a way to pay for it. Instead of complaining to Katie about something she can’t control, why not figure out a way TO afford it… or do some additional research to find out what’s included in the system, as most things can be found for free online if you just research enough. The same with college. All the information taught can be found for free in a public library or online, but how many people actually take that route instead? Just my $0.02 worth 🙂

    • If you don’t understand how so much is out of reach for low income women struggling with PCOS and their access to basic and compassionate health care is restricted all because of the amount of money in her wallet.
      And it impacts the minority communities is horrible numbers.

      I have actually had doctors and nurse practitioners tell women who are dealing with infertility due to PCOS that it is “natural birth control” because it looks like they can’t afford children.

      As for accessing free information on the internet.
      Many women I work with have to put rent, food, transportation before a “luxury” like having the internet at home or having time to sit in a public library.

      When a company or person promises they have the key to truly help women who are struggling with female specific health issues (after most doctors tell us to suck it up and go on the pill) and bangs on about helping all women no matter who they are…But as usual it comes with a price that is inaccessible to many women.

      Hillary has every right to her comment.

      • While I certainly feel for and understand not being able to afford something like this (and have been in that place most of my life) the thing you have to realize is that any expert got there through spending hundreds of hours of their time in school or private research, and thousands of dollars paying for and learning the info they now have. That knowledge comes at a cost, and to expect it to be given away for free is not practical. Would you expect a doctor to treat you for free? Or an attorney to give legal counsel for free? How about the grocery store to give away that for free? There are basic economics behind everything, and as much as we might not like it, it’s a fact of life that can’t be changed…

  8. I just downloaded the app, and it looks great, however there is no symptom option for headaches. I have consistent headaches once a month, and they are my most difficult symptom of my cycle. Is there any suggestions for this?

  9. I loved this podcast and the speaker. Such great info for us estrogen dominant women. Although I was intuitively doing many of the things Alisa recommends, I have learned better ways to refine them and improve my health even further. Thanks so much!!! I look forward to the next episode. 🙂

  10. First off I really enjoyed this podcast. Something I would love to hear about, is when you are encouraged to take hormone supplementation, specially testosterone. I found out I have low testosterone and was asked to take a cream and a vitamin (for a lack of a better term) to catch excess hormones from the cream. Many people talk about naturally balancing hormones, but what about short term supplementation and any impact it may have in the process to eventually balance overall hormones. In this appointment the doctor mentioned how new studies are tying low testosterone to fatigue, muscle tone, brain fog, osteoporosis, dementia etc. last of which runs heavy in my family. Just curious, thank you for all you do.

  11. Here is what I struggle with. Granted my diet is not perfect, but my family works very hard to be balanced, eating tons of healthy fats like avocado, olive and coconut, we only eat organic, hormone free meats, we are low on grains, and when we do eat them, we make sure they’re sprouted whole grains. We eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables . I make my own cleaner with plant therapy essential oils. I diffuse. We use organic and natural products with minimal ingredients. And more. We take loads of prebitoics, probiotics and fish oils.

    Yet I struggle with acne, eczema, and terrible cramps first two days of my period. I do not eat canola oil and so therefore it won’t solve my cramps. I’ve been nursing and pregnant for the past 5years but now have been done nursing for five months. I just get so overwhelmed with my skin and period sometimes when I feel like I’m doing so much right. I’m a very healthy weight too and we get outside a lot. I follow so much of your advice and still struggle greatly . Maybe I’m just an anomaly…

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