236: Facts vs. Myths About Blue Zones & Ways to Increase Longevity

236: Facts vs. Myths About Blue Zones & Ways to Increase Longevity

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Facts vs Myths about Blue Zones & Ways to Increase Longevity

I’m sure you all have heard of Blue Zones, places where many people live healthy, active, disease-free lives and experience increased longevity until the age of 100 or more. Today’s guest is an expert on the diet and lifestyle in Blue Zone areas and has a fascinating take on place of grains in a healthy diet. I am here with Caroline Angel, author of the international bestseller 50 Shades of Grain. She’s traveled the world studying the nutrition, lifestyles, and habits of cultures all around the world.

Caroline’s mission is to bring ancient wisdom to the modern world, so I think she’s going to feel at home here!

Episode Highlights: Longevity Facts & Myths

  • What Caroline realized about the American diet when she immigrated
  • The life lessons we can all learn from travel, no matter our budget
  • How Caroline ended up joining Professor Michel Poulain in a study of Blue Zones in Sardinia
  • The reasons Sardinian women didn’t experience any problems during menopause
  • What all Blue Zone diets have in common (hint: almost nothing!)
  • Problem ingredients in processed foods (especially breads) to watch out for
  • What hybridization has done to modern wheat
  • Why preparing grains in traditional ways is so important
  • And more!

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