185: How to Get Lab Tests at Home & Take Charge of Your Own Health With EverlyWell

185: How to Get Lab Tests at Home & Take Charge of Your Own Health With EverlyWell

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How to Get Lab Tests at Home & Take Charge of Your Own Health With EverlyWell

Listen up, because today’s episode is going to be all about hormones and how to take ownership of your own health (a topic on the minds of just a few of us moms!). I am here with Dr. Marra Francis, an OB-GYN who focuses on helping women with genetic risk for certain cancers. Dr. Marra also serves as the Executive Medical Director for EverlyWell, a company we will talk about in depth today.

In a nutshell, her mission is to educate enough physicians so that no more women have to suffer a fate with terminal cancer that could have been prevented simply by taking an accurate family history, and ordering the correct diagnostic test.

Episode Highlights With Dr. Marra of EverlyWell

  • why Dr. Marra chose women’s health as her passion and focus
  • her tips on running a house with six kids underfoot (I get it!)
  • the ups and downs of women’s hormones (and why men don’t struggle like we do)
  • what you can learn by tracking your cycle every month, and apps that help
  • how EverlyWell helps connect patients to the best laboratory testing for them
  • changes in the health space that are making it easier to take control of your health
  • and more!

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Have you had trouble getting the right lab testing in your area? Could you use a service like EverlyWell? I’d also appreciate it if you would please take two minutes to leave a review on iTunes. I value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well!

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  1. I enjoyed this episode and am definitely going to look into these tests. Was there a promo code for the Everly Well website?

    • I heard her say she would put it in the show notes too but can’t find it.

  2. Does this lab also have doctors that can help you with your tests , an put you in the right track.

  3. Great podcast! The doctor mentions apps that can help you keep track of monthly cycles, etc. Can you recommend any specific apps for this purpose? Thanks.

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