262: Dr. Andrew Weil on Integrative Medicine, Reducing Inflammation & Most Important Factors for Health

262: Dr. Andrew Weil on Integrative Medicine, Reducing Inflammation & Most Important Factors for Health

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Dr. Weil on Integrative Medicine, Reducing Inflammation & Most Important Factors for Health

I’m sure you all know Dr. Andrew Weil, a true pioneer of integrative medicine in the last few decades. Today Dr. Weil shares what he’s learned along the way during his impressive career. Although his list of accomplishments is almost to long to mention, I’ll start with this: Dr. Weil, MD, is a world-renowned leader in the field of integrative medicine who combined a Harvard education with a lifetime of practicing natural and preventative medicine. He’s also the founder and director of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he serves as Clinical Professor of Medicine and Professor of Public Health, and also as the Lovell-Jones Professor of Integrative Rheumatology.

If that’s not enough, Dr. Weil also wrote 15 best-selling books on healthy living topics and founded an amazing restaurant you may have heard of, True Foods Kitchen. I think it’s safe to say he has more experience than almost anyone else in the industry. Sit tight for some interesting gems of advice in this episode, including what Dr. Weil thinks is next for integrative medicine and staying healthy in a fast-changing world.

Episode Highlights With Dr. Andrew Weil

  • Why integrative medicine is the remedy to many of our healthcare problems
  • A special 4-7-8 breathing method to help improve sleep and reduce stress
  • Why mental health problems are on the rise and what to do about it
  • What the latest research is saying about gut bacteria and the microbiome
  • The four most important factors for gut health
  • What Dr. Weil has learned from other cultures (like how to make the best matcha tea!)
  • Whether we can really get everything from food or if we need supplements
  • The ways his views have changed throughout his career
  • What Dr. Weil thinks about vaccination
  • And more!

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  1. HI I am Larry . I used a detox method where I consumed Chlorella 3g. daily , and consumed cilantro 4 days in a row once monthly. After a year I found that I no longer had arthritis or high triglycerides .I strongly recommend healing the gut for overall health and longevity. I am almost 70 years old and I can play like a teenager, football ,tag , scocer

  2. It’s not working

      • The pod cast 262

        • It’s working fine on this end. If you’re attempting to listen to it here on the website, make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. The best way to listen though is via your favorite podcast app, such as iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or Google Play.

  3. I loved this episode! Thank you, Katie! We are still working on getting to the root issue still on some health issues at our house and are currently on a pretty restrictive diet. I’m hopeful our current practitioner will help us get some pieces solved so we can just do gaps or something for gut healing and be able to eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods and not have to be so regimented and restricted. I loved hearing that you are able to eat some grains again and not have to worry all the time about what you’re eating (since obviously stress is not good for healing). I’d love to hear more about the change in your viewpoint that you mentioned in the episode to becoming more moderate about diet and what your current thoughts are (WAPF mostly or something else?). Thanks for all your hard work – Wellness Mama is such a great resource and encouragement!

  4. Honestly, I am disappointed in his thoughts on vaccination. He thinks food and everything is contributing to autism and chronic disease but I know so many kids (these are people I actually know) who stopped talking after vaccination, or ended up with food allergies because of it. The newest data coming out shows that 50% of the participants in the original MMR trial suffered gastrointestinal damage. This data has just been released. So gut damage can actually be CAUSED by vaccination. I understand his thoughts about some diseases aren’t worth the risk, however, if children got the diseases as children they would have lifetime immunity as adults. But additionally, the fact that he PROMOTES the Gardasil vaccine discounts him in my mind. I don’t understand how anyone could think that THAT vaccine is worth the risk. Teenagers have died from that one (it is well documented, no “SIDS” they can blame it on). Whereas the risk that they would actually contract HPV (being sexually active), then that it wouldn’t pass naturally (most cases do), then that they would get cervical cancer FROM HPV, and then DIE from that cervical cancer… is so rare, but by all means, risk death via vaccine. Gardasil is even being banned in other countries. I could understand him thinking polio or meningitis is worth it (I disagree still but I would understand), but if you think Gardasil is worth it, I doubt he thinks there are ANY vaccines that “aren’t worth the risk”. 🙁 Its sad to me honestly because it shows he hasn’t really done much research on it, yet so many people follow him.

  5. I am an acupuncturist treating many fertility patients who, for one reason or another, know they have to have a c-section. What is that supplement that I can give them to research – I believe Dr. Weil mentioned that something exists that mothers can use for their newborns if they were c-section that would help with better colonization of their intestines. Do you happen to know what that may be?

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