127: Using the Dental Diet to Reverse Dental Problems with Dr. Steven Lin

127: Using the Dental Diet to Reverse Dental Problems with Dr. Steven Lin

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The Dental Diet to Reverse Dental Problems, with Dr. Steven Lin

Today’s interview is about a topic I have researched and loved for years. I think it’s firmly established by this point that I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to health, and no subject makes my heart flutter more than dental health.

Yep, see … geek!

Dr. Steven Lin with the Dental Diet Prescription …

Finding new ways to take care of my teeth and prevent cavities was one of my earliest experiments on the road to healthy living and the results convinced me of the power of a real food diet.

I’m here today with Dr. Steven Lin who is a board-certified preventative dentist. He trained at USYD with a background in biomedical science, and he’s a passionate whole-health advocate, focusing on the link between nutrition and dental health.

There’s more to tooth decay than sugar, brushing, or flossing … here’s why!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • reasons why sugar isn’t the real culprit in tooth decay … and what is actually to blame
  • why you can still get cavities even if you brush and floss
  • how important fat-soluble vitamins are for oral health
  • why the oral microbiome matters (and how to protect it)
  • how each tooth is part of the immune system (and why teething is an immune event)
  • why the work of Weston A. Price is so important, and what it tells us about oral health
  • what “activator x” is and why we need it
  • the simple 5-step way to check to see if your child is at risk for braces (and a better alternative)
  • how to help someone with large tonsils, breathing trouble, or sleep apnea (yes it has to do with teeth!)
  • tips to find a dentist who specializes in functional dentistry

Resources We Mention

Follow Dr. Steven Lin at Dr.StevenLin.com

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Are you feeling inspired to find a new way to take care of your teeth? What questions would you ask Dr. Lin about the Dental Diet?

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Reader Comments

  1. Thanks so much for the conversation! Happy to answer any additional questions on social media. Find me on Facebook or Twitter (@drstevenlin).

    • I was wanting to look into the Vivos appliance. Three of my girls have already had braces but their bites are opening up again. Is this something that could help them? And how much are the appliances generally? Thanks.

  2. How about extended nursing too? Continues the development of the tongue and mouth as the jaw grows. If this is going on for years, that is a lot of grow of the head/mouth etc. So much of what was talked about is exactly what happens when babies and kids nurse. If we cut off nursing and start introducing food too early (4-6 months), it can interfere with that whole process, both with less sucking and with “insert modern diet.”

  3. Thank you for this interview! I was devastated when my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with two cavities despite eating what I thought was a healthy diet. After making more modifications toward a Weston Price diet, adding fermented cod liver oil and brushing with HAPPY Tooth Powder made by Natural Tooth Health the dentist could not find any cavities a year later! It was such a relief, but reading this transcript I now am going to look at her breathing as she breathes through her mouth at night. Thank you Dr. Lin for sharing your insights. Looking forward to reading your book.

  4. Also, there can be a correlation between lead in the body of kids and early dental caries. If decay is present, that should be checked, even just slight elevations….

  5. Thank you so much! I’ve been following you for about a year now and I’m so grateful for all of the amazing work you’ve done to make researching all aspects of health so much easier for me!
    Martine ??

  6. Hi! I’m deaf and wondering if you have a transcript of the interview? I’m very interested in reading about this! Thanks!

    • Yes, the link to download the transcript for each podcast episode is the top where it says “View Transcript”.

  7. This is awesome!!! I actually have a bed wetter who always has a little nasal congestion and did some of the things at this article looking at his tongue/palate. I can’t wait to try this and see if it helps!
    And for those who are hardcore brush/floss people, I have struggled for years to get my 6 kids to brush their teeth with any consistency. But we changed our diet starting 10 years ago, and though my kids rarely brush, the cavities they had quit getting worse and they haven’t developed any new ones! I always had HORRIBLE teeth, but changing my diet and brushing with clay based powders also changed my teeth and instead of getting a new cavity every 3-5 years, I’ve had no new ones in 8 years. It works folks! We used to spend $500-$1000 a year on dental work, but haven’t spent a penny in 5 years.
    Thank you Dr. Steven, I am looking forward to reading your book and website!

  8. Wow! This is one of your most amazing interviews, Katie. All of this new research regarding dental health is jaw dropping (pun intended, HA)! It’s so logical and simple when you think about it and put all of the pieces together like Dr. Lin has done. I’m definitely changing our family’s diet. Thanks so much for providing this fascinating and vital health information to us.

  9. This interview was AMAZING. I’ve shared it with several friends. Can you tell me if the name of that device you used for your kids’ palates was the same as the one Dr. Lin was referring to? I’m an adult, and I was curious about checking into widening my palate.

  10. I have a 2-year-old. If she breathes through her mouth, how would one get a 2-year-old to change their breathing habit? She already eats an impeccable diet–lots of butter, raw milk, eggs, pastured meat, veggies, fermented food–so what would one be able to do without having to find an (expensive) special dentist that probably is far from where I live? I love this information, but I get discouraged because to do all of these natural things or to get the help from someone who is on board with this line of thinking takes so much time, money, and effort (because they’re hard to find). I mean, keep the info coming, but I’d like some advice as to how to navigate the natural health world in a rural setting with very little money.

  11. Thank you so much for this podcast! Great information and it’s pretty intuitive when you actually hear it. Thank you, Katie, for all of your great info. I don’t comment much, but I follow you regularly and trust your information!

  12. Hi Katie,
    This interview was just what I needed – thank you! I was already aware of the tooth remineralisation and Weston Price’s research, but it is the Vivos -link that really wow’ed me – something I’m now talking about to friends and family. Could you please write more about how much these have cost for your children, at and what age you have started using them for your children, and for how long, and if you’ve used them because of sinus issues or crowding of teeth – just more information about this, as you have only mentioned using them in the list above?
    Thanks so much for your work Katie, it has been eye opening! At the moment there are of the over 10,000 unread emails in my inbox – but I usually read yours – that should say something! =)

    Kind regards,

  13. Yes! I’m working on a post about that now and it will answer all those questions 🙂 Be on the lookout! Thanks so much.

  14. Great tips, still struggling with my immune system but not giving up as my antibodies are half of what they were and its been 2 years cleaning, I am 55 and I figured through rescuing dogs that for every year of poor lifestyle it is 1 month of clean living, so 55 years is 55 months, I am about 1/2 way there. Still working on tweaking gut health as it has never been good and now there is slight predictability. I am restocking my supplements and found a good holistic dentist and good medical support and trying to exercise each day, praying lots it gets better. I don’t have cavities but do have erosion which is a real issue, so pray as I keep working this.

  15. Hi! So I didn’t hear Dr Lin mention kefir, although he referenced fermented foods. Am I right in thinking kefir is a source of those crucial fat-soluble vitamins?

  16. Been mulling these topics over for years now and am down to decision-making time for my kiddos. One piece that has bugged me a little is that I don’t understand how oro-facial habits could be THE causative factor in poorly developed dental arches (and subsequent crooked teeth) if hundreds of generations before us had perfectly straight teeth but had never addressed this issue (at least purposefully). It almost seems to make more sense for diet to be the causative factor for narrow arches and poor oro-facial habits to be some kind of fallout. My kids were all exclusively breastfed until at least 6 months, nursed regularly to at least one year, and none were thumb-suckers. They ALL have crowding and narrow arches. I’ve been aware of WAP principles since before I had kids, and while I haven’t gone all the way with some recommendations, I have certainly done far more than the average American. Are these issues addressed in Dr. Lin’s book? Thanks to both of you for your fascinating work!

  17. Hi! Can you tell me if you worked with a dentist or physician to purchase the vivos widener product?

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