119: Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safer Online

119: Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safer Online

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Tips for keeping your family safer online

It seems like there’s a news story every other day about a data security breach, and when pretty much our entire lives are online, it’s important to keep up with the speed of technology. Patrick McFadyen is a digital security expert with a degree in computer science and years of experience in the tech industry. He’s here today to share his best cyber security tips on how to keep your family’s online world safe and private.

Cyber Security Tips to Stay Safe Online

In a world where kids use the Internet at an increasingly young age, cyber security isn’t just for businesses anymore. Our passwords hold the keys to our bank accounts, credit cards, personal and business emails, photos, and more.

This is not a topic our grandparents or parents had to navigate, but moms today are tasked with teaching their kids healthy (and safe) tech habits. There can be a learning curve for sure, so I’m grateful Patrick is here today to explain it step by step!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the 10 most commonly used passwords (you won’t believe how simple they are)
  • why a password manager could be your best online bodyguard
  • top tips for generating strong and secure passwords
  • the words not to use where cyber security is concerned
  • a surprising way to handle personal security questions
  • ways to save headaches down the road by paying attention to cyber security
  • the one account you don’t want hackers to find
  • an important question to ask before opening any attachment or link
  • what http:// actually means (and how https:// is different)
  • why a biometric (fingerprint) password isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
  • Patrick’s thoughts on the new iPhone face recognition
  • why Internet security matters to our kids’ futures
  • how to keep kids safe online and pass on healthy tech habits

Resources We Mention

Have questions? Email Patrick at [email protected] or Tweet @PMCyberSecurity for a personalized answer!

Do you feel you know how to protect yourself on the Internet? What questions would you ask Patrick? Share below!

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  1. Yes it is very essential matter to keep secure our family safe online from the clever hackers. Mainly the children safety is very needy. The Healthy tech habits is so valuable for kids safety.

  2. Why shouldn’t I just write down all of my passwords?

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