132: How to Use Cannabidiol or CBD for Sleep, Hormones, and Health

132: How to Use Cannabidiol or CBD for Sleep, Hormones, and Health

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How to Use Cannabidiol or CBD for Sleep, Hormones, and Health

I am here today with Lane Kennedy, a truly inspiring mom, female entrepreneur, and health coach with an awesome story. This interview is going to dispel some myths and controversy around one of the most requested podcast topics, which is what CBD or cannabidiol is all about.

If it sound familiar, yes, it is related to cannabis (marijuana), but there are some compelling reasons to look past the controversy and into the science-backed medical benefits. Promise!

Why Cannibidiol (CBD) Isn’t What You Think It Is …

First let me tell you that Lane is actually one of the original Bulletproof coaches, meaning she’s been through Dave Asprey’s certification program that helps you learn how to teach others to optimize their own biology for the best possible health. Since Lane has had to conquer her own health problems and chronic pain (with the help of cannibidiol), she’s the perfect advocate for women who are struggling or stressed and looking for solutions.

Some other interesting facts about Lane I just have to mention: she slept on a wooden pillow for a while, she’s given birth at home like I have, and she’s been in long-term recovery for more than 20 years. She also struggled with infertility for years as well. I know she has a lot to share with us, and I can’t wait to jump in!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Lane’s long and painful struggle with poor health, and what she did that finally turned it all around (hint: it wasn’t just healthy living)
  • what cannabidiol has to do with cannabis, marijuana, THC, and other controversial substances
  • the overwhelming anecdotal evidence that suggests cannabidiol may help relieve chronic pain, poor sleep, out of balance hormones, depression, ADHD, and more … and what the science says too
  • how cannabidiol differs from medical marijuana
  • uses for CBD oil, and whether it’s safe for women, kids, and even babies
  • the best forms of CBD oil to take (and some that don’t work as well)
  • what to always check before buying cannabidiol in any form
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Follow Lane Kennedy at UpgradedWoman.com

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Reader Comments

  1. I just read the article on CBD oil and I have been wanting to try it for sometime but don’t have the money for it. Can you tell me which is the best and which is the most inexpensive but still has the desired affects wanted and needed. Also I would like to know if insurance would pay for it?

  2. Just curious, I didn’t catch what oil Lane takes. Could you possibly tell me what it was that she uses?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kristen I use Upgraded.primemybody.com this is the one that is nano emulsified with a liposomal delivery system and has the greatest uptake without waste. I think there are many great hemp oil companies out there, but I’m not one for spending money on a product that I’m going to pee out… does that make sense? You can reach out to me and learn more about, happy to share. 🙂

  3. Hello Wellness Mama Community, please feel free to ask me any questions, here to help.

    • Hi. I have been trying to get pregnant for a number of years. I am interested for the potential of cbd oil for anxiety, sleep, inflammation. However, is it safe or could it affect one negatively ttc? I guess I am still thinking about the negative affects associated with smoking pot. Same question for my husband? He doesn’t sleep well, highly anxious, and depends a bit too much on wine at night. I know that cbd can help alleviate some of this….but would it effect his sperm negatively in terms of trying to get pregnant? Thanks so much

    • My employer does random drug tests. I read about a study that CBD oil use provided false positives for marijuana on testing, but I can’t find any other information. Do you know of studies or other information? Thanks! I’d love to get a handle on my anxiety but I can’t lose my job.

      • HI Zana, so yes CBD oil can provide a false positive depending on the oil and the extraction process of the PhytoCannabinoid Diol. Grab my guide on my website or reach out to me I have a lot of experience with this. My site is mentioned in the shownotes. 🙂 IT will support you.

    • I have liquid Cbd How many drops should I take. I weigh 113 pounds and just turned 80. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 years ago and I am trying to cut back on some drugs that help.

  4. Oh, wow! A topic in which I’m well versed – exciting! 🙂

    I’m a co-founder of a hemp-derived, CBD company, and some other items to check for when purchasing CBD include:

    -Are they third-party testing? Hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning it pulls toxins from the soil. The hemp used for CBD oil should be grown organically, and tested to ensure it is clean of heavy metals and contamination. Companies should also provide test results confirming the mg per bottle/balm/etc. Because there are no regulations, no one is ensuring that products contain the advertised mg dose.

    -Are they using full-spectrum oil? CBD works well on its own, but is far more effective when all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant are present. It’s called the “entourage effect”.

    -What other solvents are they including in their product? A lot of companies use PG, VG, or PEG in their products because they are inexpensive, but they also have zero health benefits.

  5. So, I read the article but I still am unsure as to which brand is best. Can you tell me what brand Lane is using?

      • Could You tell me where to purchase for organic and all the testing is done correctly. Thank you

  6. I love everything you are saying, Meredith! It is so important to look at the ingredients and how the crop is grown, that is why I love the company I use. They are super strict on soil, pure high-grade ingredients and testing on every batch to make sure that there is NO mold in the lot, which a lot of companies don’t even think of…and a whole of other testing. Love also that you mentioned the terpenes, the ingredients in the product that changed me are so specific. I had no idea that these terpenes actually open up the receptors up even more, this is HUGE!! And there are major differences with company ingredients, I’ve seen some companies use MCT oil or EVO not the greatest carrier… for getting into the cell and passing through the blood-brain barrier. When I tried other oils I didn’t get the results I get with the nano emulsification of the oil I use. But I guess some hemp is better than No hemp. 🙂 Thanks for your comments.

  7. Is CBD safe during pregnancy and nursing? I love CBD for stressful days but cut it out since becoming pregnant.

    • I read a really interesting article and study on this subject matter and it proved that the cannabidiol was actually nourishing both the mama and the baby. I am not a doctor but you can google for the studies… amazing.

  8. Hi very interesting podcast, does it help with hormone balance?

    • Hi Kate. Yes, yes, yes, OMG I have found that it has totally supported my hormones. (I am not a doctor and I’m only sharing my experience.) If you look at the research on how the endocannabinoid system works, you will see that there are a lot of CB1 receptors in the uterus. When that system is nourished estrogen and progesterone find balance. I want to encourage you to research the endocannabinoid system. 🙂 You can also find a guide on my site that shares more information. 🙂

      • Hi Lane! Can you suggest a dosage (I know it differs from person to person), for insomnia and anxiety? Also, can you link to its usage in children in a scientific study? You had mentioned it helping with ADHD….thank you so much!

      • Hi, Is the hemp oil the same as CBD oil? Also, which do you recommend between the one sold on amazon and SOL CBD?

  9. What CBD oil do you use? Thanks, Albert

  10. I’m confused. There are three different links you are suggesting. First Katie says Lane uses “serenity hemp oil,” and provides the Amazon link but Lane says she uses upgraded primebody.com in response to another comment. And then later down in another comment Katie recommends solcbd.com. So, Lane could you provide the actual name of the CBD oil that you use?

    • Yes I am also confused .

    • If you head to my website provided in the shownotes as well Upgradedwoman.com you can learn more about the hemp oil that I use and has changed my life. 🙂 I also have a guide there as well to be more helpful.

  11. I almost cried when I listened to this podcast! I am 11 weeks pregnant (and sicker than my previous three pregnancies!), dealing with hormonal/seasonal depression, digestive issues, and worst of all, chronic debilitating myofascial pain in my back. I have so many similarities with Lane’s story, and while I’m sure many of our health problems are different, I too have been to doctor after doctor, naturopath, massage therapist, PT, chiropractor, etc, and no one seems to be able to give me an answer to my pain. I went from being a boot camp instructor, personal trainer, who took my kids hiking most days, to barely being able to walk a few blocks around my neighborhood. I’m so desperate for anything to help. I know the depression, though partly normal for me in February in MT, is being exacerbated by chronic pain, and the hopeless feeling that it will never go away. This podcast made me hopeful that perhaps there is something out there that may help. I ordered from SOL CBD just now. Thank you Katie for your great podcasts and blog, and thank you Lane for the wealth of information on CBD! God bless!:)

    • HI Crystal. Oh, I hear you so loud and clear. Please feel free to reach out to me. I hope you find some relief.

  12. I’m confused. The podcast is about the benifits of CBD oil and the science behind it, but then the link to the one used is a hemp oil. Aren’t they two very different oils as far as the way they are extracted and used? Cbd comes from the flower and hemp comes from the seeds? It’s seems like hemp oil is legal but CBD is not due to the traces of thc? I just wanted a bit more clarity before moving forward. I have heard great things about cbd oil, but that hemp oil is just kind of a waste and I’m looking for a bit of clarity on the subject.

  13. Which is the best to use for insomnia , adrenal fatigue and high anxiety , fight flight throughout the day ?

    • HI Jackie.

      I did an episode on this subject a few weeks ago and can only share that it most definitely supports my clients more and more. Please feel free to reach out to me or grab the guide on my website — which has been mentioned in the shownotes.

  14. There are 3 CBD Oils mentioned in the comments. Which one does Lane use and which one does Katie use? I’m looking to use one for sleeping better but I would love recommend something for my mother in law who has Chrohns, has a lot of pain from the medication she takes and additionally only sleeps about 3-4 hours a night. Thank you!

      • How much do you use to support your sleep? I am seeing so much conflicting info on the web about dosage. Thanks!

    • HI Leslee, there are so many oils out there and I always talk about absorption when I talk about this oil. What is important is how much you absorb and if the hemp has a delivery vehicle that can get past the blood-brain barrier. This is so important, or you are taking the oil and peeing it out… I mean you will get some of the benefits, which some benefits are great, right? But I always want the most for my investment. We all have to consider three factors when making a decision around our health investments 1-time, 2-energy and 3- finances. TIme in the sense that it will take time for the body to assimilate and adjust, I’d rather your time be spent with an oil that is potent and absorbable. 2. It takes energy to commit and be dedicated to caring for your body, which means taking the oil everyday… then lastly 3. Money, I would rather someone invest in a product that is going to move the needle so to speak, quickly rather than it taking weeks and not having someone find or feel the effects, then saying, “OH that CBD HEMP STUFF doesn’t work…” 🙁 Make sense?

      You are welcome to reach out to me on my website which has been mentioned in the show notes, there is a guide with more information. Happy to help.

  15. My 21 yr old son was recently diagnosed anxiety and mild depression. He’s a welder. Would this oil and hemp hinder his work?

    • HI Giselle, No hemp oil by law has to have less than .03% THC in it, the product that I use has only a trace amount at .002 and we are looking to remove the entire molecule, but because THC is a part of the DNA of the plant it is extremely difficult to remove it all. The company that I use has a two-part of extraction process. This will NOT affect his work, and if he has to test, what we have discovered so far is that this product is not showing up on any pee tests. You can learn more on my site which has been referenced in the show notes. Hemp works wonders for mental clarity and mood issues, there are lots of papers on this area, search NIH or Pubmed or google scholar. Happy to chat more, reach out. Cheers. Lane

  16. I am a breastfeeding momma, is it safe to take for my little one? Thank you ladies!

    • HI Rachel, hemp actually has one of the same components as your breast milk. I know other moms who have used it, please use your best judgment and tap into with what you are comfortable with — I invite you to do research on the endocannabinoid system. 🙂 Reach out anytime to me.

  17. I’m particularly interested in using the CBD oil for a teenager with ADHD. Can anyone suggest any good articles to read for more information. I did a quick search on CBD & ADHD on pubmed but there were no results.

  18. Thanks for listening Taylor — there is so much information out there on fertility and hemp, I’ve actually started to use this in my practice with clients who have infertility issues as there are a ton of CB2 receptors in the…. UTERUS! (I messed up in a post below and put CB1 receptors it’s actually the CB2 receptors which help modulate the uterus. I didn’t know how to correct it after the post was submitted… ahhhh — TYPO.) As for the sperm count and negativity I have not found anything on that one yet. Please do some research and check out my site for a guide, my website is mentioned in the show notes. 🙂 Happy to connect with you more on this. Oh, and for anxiety and sleep disruption… this is a gamechanger. 🙂 I have classes on Thursdays if you want to check them out.

  19. Really sad that this is not legal in Texas right now. I really feel like this could seriously help with my severe anxiety. Hopefully it becomes legal soon.

    • Hi Kathryn, it is legal in Texas, the company I love and use is actually based there, please feel free to reach out to me. It will help support the central nervous system and calm that anxiety. 🙂 Please feel free to do research on it and find me for deeper conversation. 🙂

  20. Awesome podcast like usual. Love all this information on this hot topic. You mentioned a few clients coming to you for gut issues, and I’m curious if this oil can be used for gut issues, mainly constipation. Also, I have a 6 year old son with Type 1 Diabetes and was wondering if he could take the oil and are there any studies or research or articles done regarding the effects of CBD/hemp with Type 1 Diabetes. Thank you for all your help and reaching out to so many of us in the comments.

    • HI Jaqueline.
      I have to go back to how the oil works, right? On the Endocannabinoid system which works on all other systems. So I have seen ladies stop having IBS, and for me personally, I no longer struggle with constipation. yeah. As for Type 1 Diabetes, yes, there is a ton of research, I suggest google scholar to find articles on it. I believe it will help your son, feel free to reach out to me to connect more. Happy to help.

      • Hi Lane,

        I’m not able to find the guide you reference on your website. Please provide a link. Thank you.

  21. You mention a hemp guide on your website, but I can’t find it anywhere. Can you put a direct link here?

  22. Katie, like other commenters posted, your different links go to two different CBD Oil brands, SOL and their website, and Serenity on Amazon. Is this on purpose, or has something changed with one of the brands?

  23. Does CBD oil help with constipation? I have SIBO and chronic constipation. I am on 3 motility agents and have heard that CBD oil can slow motility. But then I read an article that it is only the THC that can slow motility in the intestines not the CBD. Any thoughts?

    Amber ?

  24. Katie, as usual you’ve done a wonderful job making a difference! Excellent podcast Lane!! I have been using CBD/hemp oil daily for about 6 months with what was initially an aide to my basal cell carcinoma therapy. It has done wonders for the resulting inflammation and associated pain as well as bringing my overall system back into balance. I am also a fitness fanatic incorporating a daily regime that involves serious gym time for both resistance training and cardio activities. The oil completely removed any lactic acid buildup that I have dealt with weekly from the intensity of my workouts along with greatly aiding in the recovery process. PrimeMyBody does have the best product, in my opinion, and I am blessed to have discovered the best kept secret in plant-based health and wellness!

  25. So I’ve done a lot more research on CBD oil. I’ve seen that those selling it have a “flavored” product such as mint in addition to just plain CBD oil. I’m curious. Does it taste that bad if taken by itself? If I buy a flavored one from the resources recommended here (SOL or Prime My Body) do I need to worry about the flavorings as far as sugar or other added ingredients? Do you, Katie, take a flavored one, and how do you take it? Directly in the mouth or do you add it to something such as a smoothie? Do your children take it? A friend of mine takes CBD oil which is made by Charlotte’s Web, and it is significantly cheaper than the brands recommended here. He completely got rid of his chronic migraine headaches using this company. Have you heard of them and what do you think? I actually think Thrive Market sells them.

  26. Hi There

    Im starting with first cycle of IVF and would like to know if i can continue taking CBD oil?

  27. I found this podcast absolutely amazing and I was so interested. Any idea of how to best find CBD oil in Australia? Some quick research tells me this won’t be easy!

  28. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for this informative interview! Would you please send me a copy of the show notes that Lane refers to?
    Thanks for all you do for women’s wellness!

  29. Not personally, but a close friend who had chronic insomnia, tried and is using off and on a 1:1 tincture under their tongue at night before bed. The first night they took it they dreampt for the first time in many years and started getting better quality, deeper restorative sleep and even a little longer sleep time. Was not a complete solution but it helped them.

  30. Hello,

    Are there any more affordable options for CBD? I have heard it can be beneficial for people with epilepsy. Can you point in a direction to learn more about that? I am concerned about taking it while on medication.

  31. can cbd oil be added to whipped shea butter and,if so how much would i use that would benefit me. Thanks

  32. Hi there. Wondering if you could point me to resources or know about how CBD oil use could make my cycle irregular ? I’ve been using it for about a month now and my period came about nine days early. When it ended it came back again four days later. I hate to think I’d have to stop using the cbd oil as I have noticed many improvements with my Lyme symptoms, but I don’t want to bleed for 2-3 weeks out of the month ?. I don’t feel it would do any good bringing this up to my OB or primary, as they are not at all versed in the research and benefits of CBD. Thank you very much for any insights you can give!
    me .

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