220: The Most Effective Way to Use CBD (& Why So Many Don’t Work) With Ojai Energetics

220: The Most Effective Way to Use CBD (& Why So Many Don’t Work) With Ojai Energetics

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The Most Effective Way to Use CBD (& Why So Many Don’t Work) with Ojai Energetics

Today’s episode is all about CBD, a hot topic in the health world and one I get so many questions about. My guest Will Kleidon founded Ojai Energetics in 2014 with one goal: to provide the purest, healthiest, and most ethically produced cannabidiol or CBD on the market.

Four years later, his business is doing just that and they’re using this science-driven organic nutraceutical to help people achieve optimal physical health. We’re going to clear up some of the controversy surrounding CBD and explain why it’s such an important compound that many of us need.

Episode Highlights: Ojai Energetics

  • The big difference in modern culture that is causing oxidative damage
  • The surprising real reason cannabis and hemp were made illegal
  • The two cannabinoids we produce internally
  • What FAAH is and why you should care
  • The other cannabinoids we need besides CBD that most people don’t know of
  • What terpenes are and why they matter
  • Compounds that cause smell and taste and how they interact with CBD
  • How CBD can lead to neurogenesis
  • The surprising way that CBD can reduce oxidative damage
  • An anti-aging component of CBD and how to get the benefits
  • How to use essential oils in combination with cannabidiol to accomplish focus, sleep, and other benefits
  • Why Thomas Jefferson said the most patriotic thing you could do for the county is sow (grow) hemp
  • How to use CBD (and why it is essentially impossible to overdose)
  • And more!

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Reader Comments

  1. I am hard of hearing and prefer to read the transcripts of podcasts. I’ve seen other bloggers with written transcripts. Is that something you could do? I don’t listen to any podcasts. You have some that I would love to be able to get the information.

    • There is a link to download the transcript for all of the podcast episodes directly underneath the podcast player. It says “Download transcript”.

  2. I listened to this episode—thank you, I learned so much.
    My 16yo daughter has Hashimoto’s. Is CBD oil really helpful in autoimmune diseases? I’m thinking it could be since it is supposed to help regulate immunity? Katie, has this helped your Hashimoto’s?

  3. Informative podcast. The dosage instructions are a little confusing. When you add the 1/4 dropper at a time, do you swallow in between or leave it all in your mouth?

    • Hey Katie!!

      I love listening to your podcast. I really enjoyed this one about cbd. I have enjoyed taking it, but I was wondering how you use it in a daily basis for your children? Mine do not like the taste and I am not sure how to tell if they are getting a therapeutic dose. I would love to hear what you do.

      • I am very interested in this as well since my children have the same problem!! Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated!! I have noticed great change in their behaviors but I want to encourage them to continue use.

  4. I enjoyed the pod cast. What time of day should you take it for optimum sleep benifts?

  5. I have to ask, why is CBD so expensive? Is there a less expensive way? I can afford it, but it just seems wrong. Might just be me.

    • I have found buying online at Charlotte’s Webb, I get a good product and a good price. The benefits are far worth the price. My prescriptions were a lot more money.

    • I have been buying online from Charlotte’s Webb. Good product and comparatively, a good price. I find the benefits well worth the price.

  6. Such a valuable podcast! Thank you:)
    I plan on ordering from Ojai today!
    I’ve learned so much.

  7. Hi Katie,

    Thank you so much for putting out such valuable content. I really enjoy your podcast.

    Definitely some interesting points! I always love listening to explainations of the endocannabanoid system!! We need to get this information out there!! My husband and I have a small farm in northern New England and have been farming hemp for the last two years.

    One thing that I wish your guest mentioned was that there are many routes of administration. He almost made it seem as though our options are only systemic oral vs his nano encapsulated products. Inhalation via vaporizing and sublingual administration of oil are both proven as safe and effective.

    It does not give a completely honest picture of all available options. The systemic oral route does reduce overall absorption due to first pass hepatic metabolism, but this is completely bypassed by transmucosal administration. As well as the effectiveness of inhalation through vaporization and the up and coming use of anal suppositories for medicinal use! There is so much for people to learn!

    The paper linked below is a 2018 publication on routes of administration of CBD, just one of many amazing cannabinoids.

    ProjectCBD.org also is a great resource that has a beginners guide, CBD dosing recommendations, CBD myths, and many more valuable CBD related resources.

    We need to keep spreading the word about this incredible plant!


  8. What is the purpose of Quillaja in the ingredients of the product.? I’m confused as to why this potentially toxic ingredient is included.

  9. Dear Katie,

    Would you or anyone know if there are any testimonies from people being helped if they have cancer? From Ojai or from any other CBD brand?

    Thank you!

  10. I bought the product and after about3 dropperfils still tasted bitter. I was scared to keep
    Going. Also mad my nose run anyone else?

    • I experienced a burning sensation in my mouth. So much so that it made it difficult to tell if or when it turned sweet. I emailed the company to find out if this is normal the first time you take it. I’m nervous about taking any more.

  11. Thank you for the podcast, I learned a lot from this interview. I notice that the Ojai Hemp Elixir, contains Moringa leaf extract. I have Hashimoto’s and am always cautious about things that can stimulate the immune system. I have done a little research, but have not found anything conclusive about the impact of Moringa for someone with Hashimoto’s. Do you have any suggestions for further research on this topic or have a personal opinion about using Moringa if you have an autoimmunity condition like Hashimoto’s?

  12. The ingredients in the product include Quillaja. For what purpose? Much of the info I have found does not support the use of this other than as a soap (soapnuts), a flavor-enhancer and as a vaccination adjunct and, as such, only in minuscule amounts. “Quillaja is not considered safe for human use. The ingestion of the quillaja bark results in liver damage, gastric pain, diarrhea, hemolysis, respiratory failure, convulsions, and coma.” Drugs{dot}com. Side effects are not limited to upper respiratory infections or reactions such as asthma and sneezing. I just don’t understand why something like this is used with such a promising product. Thanks for your help!

  13. I tried several droppers full also, and it tasted HORRIBLE! I can’t get past the bitter taste either. It starts tasting kind of sweet (still horrible but sweeter horrible), but always still bitter. I am wondering what that means?

  14. Hi! Thanks for all that you do. I purchased the sol Cbd oil since you have recommended it. What’s the difference between the one in the podcast and the sol?

  15. Hi Katie,

    This podcast was awesome and I am considering purchasing the product. However, like you suggest in other podcasts, I am looking to find some research that disputes the claim that the endocannabinoid system is so important. I am also skeptical, especially since this is a pretty pricey product, but could totally be worth it if its true. Do you have any links or journal articles you could recommend that might talk about the unimportance of the endocannabinoid system or CBD for that matter?


  16. Does this show in blood tests? I don’t think this is legal where im from.

  17. Hi! Great listen! I can’t find the discount code you mentioned on the show. Can you please link me? Thanks!

  18. Me too! Did you ever figure it out?

  19. Does this episode discuss whether CBD can raise homocysteine and cause issues for those with MTHFR defects? I’m finding conflicting information. Thank you!

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