196: How the Modern World Is Changing Our Hormones (& How to Create a Balance Plan)

196: How the Modern World Is Changing Our Hormones (& How to Create a Balance Plan)

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How the Modern World is Changing Our Hormones (& How to Create a Balance Plan)

As women and moms, I’m not sure we can ever get enough information about our hormones and how they work. Today I’m here with Angelique Panagos, a registered nutritional therapist and the author of a book I read recently called The Balance Plan. It stood out to me as a life-changing book and a message you all would want to hear.

Angelique specializes in hormone health, stress management, weight management, and digestive wellness. I love her philosophy that food affects every cell in our bodies (even our thoughts!) and I can’t wait to dive in deep in this conversation today.

Episode Highlights: How to Make a Hormone Balance Plan

  • the incredible effect stress has on hormones, weight, mood, and overall health
  • best foods to eat for hormone balance (and the foods that trip us up)
  • what gaining weight around the middle tells you about your health
  • how technology is separating us from true community
  • why sugar is a hormone deregulator and how to kick the habit
  • whether keto is good for hormones (and women in general)
  • important information periods tell us about our health
  • what to do if you get a PCOS or endometriosis diagnosis
  • and more!

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Angelique Panagos Quotables

“We’re going to beds with our iPads, our laptops, our devices instead of our partners and we’re staring at this blue light and that in itself is having a negative effect on hormonal health and on our cortisol balance again, so that stress hormone balance. If we start looking at all these different factors, throw in the lack of movement and lack of exercise as well, what it’s creating is this perfect storm, this perfect hormonal storm.”

“Your genes load the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger.”

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  1. Hi, katie.

    Ive never tested my hormones but have suffered until the past few years from irregular periods.(2 periods a month ) and never know when they arrive . Have had a historyof misscarriages 2 .. out of 4 pregnancies.. with my last baby i did get tested not with first. and had low progesterone during that pregnancy.. i had to get progesterone supplement. So my question is i have all these symptoms but and also lose alot of hair. i dont have trouble with weight gain at all.. i actually want to gain weight never achieved it haha. Also when i was 14 was tested for low hemoglobin .. close to anemic. I say all this to say..

    Does my symptoms sound like hormone imbalance or something else??????

    i also have had an infection(oral herpes simplex type 1) almost whole life, which has wreaked havoc on my energy just recently by following yalls advice been getting my energy back. 🙂

  2. Hello Katie or anyone on the Wellness Mama team who reads this. You have a page/group on Mewe that is getting ruined and also hundreds of people there would love to see your posts. Please add some admins to the group at the very least. People are leaving Google + and FB in large numbers and going to mewe.
    Please get back with me.
    Thank you,
    Someone that loves your website and knowledge.

  3. great post thanks

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