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Last week, I posted a picture on Instagram of my nightstand. I posted it because I think that the things a person has on their nightstand say a lot about that person.

Nightstands usually have limited room, so only a few things will fit, and they are usually things that a person deems important enough to need right before, during or right after sleeping.

A got a lot of questions on my Instagram post about the various items in my picture, so I decided to share here rather than try to respond to each question individually.

This is definitely one of my more random posts, (like when I shared what I keep in my purse) so if you aren’t interested, hop over here and find some good recipes for dinner, or learn how to make some lotion bars. 🙂

On the Nightstand

Wake LightA Wake Light is a natural way to wake up if an alarm clock is needed. Light and nature sounds gradually increase until bright and loud enough to wake you up. I find this much less jarring than a traditional clanging alarm.

Sleep Mask: We keep our room really dark so I don’t always have to use this, but for times that hubby comes to bed after me, I keep this around so I don’t wake up. I have an older version of this one that I’ve used since college and it still works great.

Orange Sunglasses: I wrote about them here, but orange sunglasses help minimize exposure to blue light at night, which can help keep melatonin levels in the proper range and lead to deeper sleep. Since I often am working on a computer at night, I wear these and use programs like f.lux to minimize blue light exposure.

Wet BrushThe most gentle brush I’ve found and the one I use on my daughters’ hair to avoid the drama of their tender-headedness.

Fertility Monitors: I’ve written before about why I don’t use hormonal contraceptives and the natural alternatives I use to space pregnancies. Right now, I’m trying to fully recover from my autoimmune disease before we consider another so I’m using multiple fertility monitors. The white one with the screen is the OvaCue which tests both saliva and vaginal pH and is the most accurate I’ve found. I also use the Fertile Focus Microscope which detects hormone changes from saliva and the iBasal (looks like a thermometer) which charts based on temperature.

Massage Roller Ball: Even with a standing desk, my shoulders get tense from spending time on the computer. This thing helps tremendously. I also use this thing during labor and it is wonderful. They don’t fit on the nightstand, but I also use the Rumble Roller and the Body Back Buddy to release muscle tension at home.

Hydroflask: It wasn’t there when I took this picture, but I also usually have my Hydroflask on the nightstand when I’m sleeping in case I get thirsty. I reviewed them here and my favorite is the 40-ounce insulated one with a wide-mouth straw lid.

Occasionally: An essential oil diffuser but it is on my dresser right now. Also, I occasionally keep salt lamps on there but have it on the dresser as well.

Also, the cord for my earthing sheet runs behind the nightstand and plugs into the ground outlet.

In the drawer (not pictured):

Flashlight: I’ve always keep a flashlight by the bed which has come in handy a few times when power has gone out or when we heard the dog making strange noises at night and had to check it out. I have this one in my nightstand and a similar one in my purse.

Books I’m currently reading, but I usually stick to spiritual reading or really light reading before bed. I love health books and even medical journals but find that those get my mind going and make it hard to sleep. Anyone else have this problem?

Coconut Oil and Lotion Bars: Because those are in pretty much every room of my house.

Magnesium Oil, Relaxing Essential oils, and Organic Socks: To rub magnesium oil on my feet (and my kids’ feet) at night to help improve sleep. I’ve been tracking sleep with an Oura Ring and it proves magnesium definitely improves my sleep score.

Journal: I find that sometimes journaling at night helps get projects off my mind and helps me sleep. I also keep post-it notes or a small notebook with my journal so as I think of to-do items I can write them down so I’m not thinking about them while I’m falling asleep. I love these leather journals since they are good quality and look nice on a shelf if you happen to keep them once full.

What is NOT on it:

Cell phone or charger or any electronic device.

An alarm clock with glowing letters or light of any kind.

A computer.

Sleep Environment

I take our sleep environment very seriously and try to keep our room dark, cool and with minimal noise. I don’t like having electronics near our bed (one reason I use the Oura — you can use it in airplane mode) and I definitely won’t ever have a TV in the bedroom. I write more about my sleep environment in this post.

Your turn- what items do you keep by your bed? Tell me below!

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44 responses to “What’s on My Nightstand”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    what autoimmune disease are you battling currently? I just had our first baby and was diagnosed with hashimoto’s right after her birth. Now I’m in a similar predicament, wanting to be my healthiest for baby #2…

  2. MELIDAH Avatar


  3. tina Avatar

    Thank you for all your helpful alternatives for health benefits.
    There is news, Jesus is coming soon and He don’t want no man to perish. Give your life to Him. He loves you and died for us all. This is His alternative for everlasting life. God Bless

  4. JANNY Avatar

    What do you sleep on? Do you have an organic mattress? I’m trying to narrow down if our mattress/pillows is a source of health concern in our home.

  5. sally Avatar

    I thought that was a hazemat helmet at first glance! I thought , boy that gal is prepared!! LOL!

  6. Layla Avatar

    My bedside table only has a lamp, baby monitor, and phone. The phone was a necessity as I was using the OvuView app as contraceptive. It worked for about four months. Then I wasn’t as strict about taking my temp and charting the cervical changes, etc. So now we are expecting in March. Our second and third children won’t even be two years apart.:( At least we know to stay on top of charting next time. Do you not use a baby monitor? Also, since your children are relatively close together, how did you prepare them for a new sibling?

  7. Naomi Avatar

    What a great picture! I wonder what we’d come up with if we all took similar pictures and learned from each other.

    On mine — A candle, lighter (safer than matches in the bedroom), and turned-off iPhone.

    We’ve chosen to live without electric lights for over a year, now, which means I ditched the wake light, sleep mask, and orange glasses that used to be important to us, as well. At some point we decided to just get rid of the source of the problem, and shifted to candles-only after dark. 😀

    So neat to see them in use, though — I love the way there are multiple routes to the same goal!

  8. Kelsey Avatar

    Hi Katie, just want to let you know that your site has been extremely helpful to me these past several months. I’m only 23, but I’ve been struggling with health issues (irregular thyroid, fatigue, infertility etc.), and I’ve been working on a healthier natural lifestyle to combat those issues. I have a question unrelated to your post. I want to start making my own toiletries and I was wondering if it was important to buy organic (as opposed to non-organic) carrier oils. I know it’s an investment, but the organic oils are twice as expensive! On the Mountain Rose Herbs website, for example, 8 oz of non-organic sweet almond oil is $5.25, while the 8.5 oz organic is 11.75. What is your opinion? Does it matter?

  9. Arkay Avatar

    Having a mini-sized nightstand on my side of the bed, the only thing on it is a telephone (landline) (work requirement). That leaves plenty of room for one of the cats to nap there, too.

    His nightstand has a small lamp, a clock (no alarm), and his Bipap machine.

    We’ve never had a TV in the bedroom, and never will. All the electronics belong elsewhere.

  10. Amy Avatar

    You said you don’t allow any electronic devices on your nightstand — but you have an electronic clock and a couple of electronic fertility monitors there. I’m curious why those are OK and other electronic devices are not?

    1. Katie - Wellness Mama Avatar

      The fertility monitors are powered off at night and the clock is off with the light display turned off as well. These typically don’t emit the same kinds of electricity and signals as electronics like phones, tables and computers

  11. Jessie Avatar

    What kind of oil diffuser do you use? I’m at a loss as to what kind to buy! Thanks!

      1. Tina Avatar

        I’ve got this one as well. I’m hesitating to use it though because I can’t judge how much oil output would be too much with a 9 month old in the bedroom. How do you do that? Thanks! (Also thanks for lotion bars, perfect whipped body butter and all those other things that my whole family loves…)

  12. Kristi Esham Avatar
    Kristi Esham

    Can you tell me a good essential oil diffuser to purchase. I also like very earthy scents, like sandalwood etc. They seem to calm me the most. Where can I get the essential oils as well?

    Thank you

  13. Allison Barnes Avatar
    Allison Barnes

    Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! On my (quite messy) bedside table I have: a pink crystal salt lamp, a large stack of books, coconut oil, essential oils of rose, lavender, and chamomile, my LadyComp fertility monitor ( which I adore), oreganol throat spray for itchy throat, magnesium spray, colloidal silver, and a healing salve- my goodness that is a lot!:)

  14. Linda Sand Avatar
    Linda Sand

    My dresser is my nightstand as it, a chair, and a bed are the only furniture in my bedroom. I also have a humidifier and a pull-up bar. On my dresser I have a 3-level touch lamp that turns to various levels of light with just a touch of the base, a travel clock I keep closed so it doesn’t tell me the time unless I open it, my pocket litter including a flash drive backup of my most important computer documents I would grab if I had to exit out the window in an emergency, a flashlight for short term use in a power outage, a huge pillar candle for longer term use, and a picture my mother painted that I love which will be hung on the wall one of these days.

  15. Sherry McAnelly Avatar
    Sherry McAnelly

    I LOVE the Wet brush! It has saved my life!! I’m intrigued by your alarm clock device and still need to get some of those glasses. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Emily S. Avatar
    Emily S.

    I’m curious if you ever cosleep with your babies? We got in the habit of sleeping with a salt lamp on because we bedshare with our 18-month old. He still wakes to nurse 1-2 times each night, and my rational is I need the light to see him! We barely wake, just enough to move closer to nurse, so I don’t want to have to get up and turn on a lamp. Just wondering how you balance optimizing your sleep environment with having kiddos in the room.

    1. Katie - Wellness Mama Avatar

      We do cosleep until at least a year but I’ve always just had the light off. I can typically get them nursing without being able to see them now and they seem to sleep better 🙂

  17. Merlyn Avatar

    Hi Katie,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I’m learning so much! Thank you! I’ve adopted coconut oil for a bunch of things like on my baby instead of diaper rash cream and on my face as a moisturizer at night, and recently in my tea too! I have a question though, I’ve bought two different brands of virgin, unrefined coconut oil, but on both it says to consume in 45 days or less once opened…I remember reading that you buy in bulk, so how do you keep it from spoiling, or does it?

    1. Diana Avatar

      I buy it in 5 gallon buckets that I usually use up in about 6-7 months. However, I have a small batch of the really good smelling tasty stuff (that costs a lot) that I’ve had in the cupboard for probably two years. Every now and then I get some out to make a baked sweet potato dish we like. It is still just fine.

      Coconut oil has antibacterial properties in it…I’m assuming that’s why it stays good in the cupboard all by itself.

      My kitchen is not kept at a cool temperature, either and I live in Oklahoma where it is mostly humid.

      I spread coconut oil on my poor dog’s back during his allergy season to eliminate the bacteria caused by his allergies. I put it on any kind of fungus that tries to take hold on my skin.

      LOVE coconut oil. I eat it and slather it on me, make lotions with it. Use it for oil pulling….etc!

    1. Terry Prondzinski Avatar
      Terry Prondzinski

      I will send u a picture after I clean it. Laugh out loud

  18. April Avatar

    I too have The Wet Brush (3 actually) and it is awesome! My girls – who are both tender-headed – call it The Magic Brush…

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