The Truth About Organic Mattresses

Why we switched to organic mattresses and why you should too

One important part of our journey to a healthier lifestyle has been a gradual shift in our bedding choices. At first, this didn’t seem like something that would make a big difference in overall health, but as I researched it, I discovered how important healthy mattresses and bedding options can be. I also discovered that there is a lot of mis-information and mis-labeling in the mattress industry and that sometimes a non-toxic but not certified organic mattress can be a better (and cheaper!) option.

What’s In A Mattress?

By law, mattresses have to pass certain standards for being flame retardant. As many of the substances used to make regular mattresses are not naturally flame retardant, this means that manufacturers must add chemicals to be able to satisfy the flame retardant requirements. These requirements for being able to resist flame are pretty intense and a mattress must be able to withstand fire from a blowtorch for a certain amount of time to pass.

According to this article, this can mean:

Manufacturers are dousing them [mattresses] with highly toxic flame-retardant chemicals like polybrominated diphenyl ether, better known as PBDE, which do NOT have to be disclosed in any way.

PBDEs, which have been banned in Canada, Europe, and several states, build up in your body over time, and what you absorb or inhale does not go away. This is concerning not only because of the health problems PBDE is associated with (brain and reproductive damage, decreased sperm quality, thyroid problems and even cancer at high levels), but also because of how pervasive these chemicals have become.

Since we spend up to 1/3 of our life sleeping, the chemicals in a mattress can be a big source of exposure and have been linked to problems like allergies, asthma, fertility problems/hormone imbalance and even autism in sensitive individuals. Some, like Dr. Mercola, make a strong case for the potential dangers even of the springs of mattresses which can amplify electromagnetic radiation during sleep. (For this reason, and also to reduce inflammation, I sleep on a grounding mat on my bed)

Even if a mattress isn’t causing these problems, switching to organic/natural options is an easy way to reduce chemical exposure (definitely easier than getting kids used to taking fermented cod liver oil!).

This article has some great information and references for avoiding chemicals in mattresses and bedding.

What to Look For

Not all organic/natural mattresses are created equal and some can have the same issues as conventional mattresses. If you choose to pursue an organic option, it will likely be made of these natural materials:

  • Organic, chemical free wool- Wool is naturally flame retardant and also resistant to mold and bacteria. It is often used as a cloth diaper cover because of its ability to repel water.
  • Organic, chemical free cotton
  • Organic, chemical free latex- I react to commercial latex in latex gloves but have no problem with the organic latex in our mattresses. Organic latex gives firmness and support to the mattress without the need for springs or metal. Natural latex is also resistant to mold and dust mites and great for temperature regulation.

When Non-Toxic Is a Better Option

While there are true certified organic mattress options that contain only these materials, they come with their own potential problems. Wool, latex and cotton are natural materials but they aren’t the best for support and can lose their comfort over time.

Additionally, certain types of wool are still treated with chemicals to increase their ability to withstand heat and flame. Wool is considered waterproof (and even used in some cloth diaper covers for this reason) but is not 100% waterproof. This can mean that sweat, urine or moisture can seep into the mattress and cause microbial growth over time.

Natural latex rubber, though natural, does undergo chemical processing to get to its mattress-ready form. Some people can react to the proteins in natural latex, especially if they have a latex allergy. (I personally do react to most forms of latex like latex gloves and the rubber bands that were used when I had braces but did not react to the latex in natural mattresses).

To make a long story short, we replaced our children’s mattresses with basic organic mattresses and they did great. When we finally saved up and replaced ours, we found that my husband didn’t sleep well on the softer organic mattress and started getting back pain. It got so severe that we eventually had to replace our (really expensive) organic mattress (ugh!).

After trying several other options we eventually decided on trying IntelliBED and have been comfortably using it (and sleeping) ever since. Read our full experience in this post, or check out IntelliBED here and use the code WellnessMama for a 10% discount.

Our Experience

I was shocked at the immediate change in our daughter’s sleep habits when we switched to non-toxic mattresses. At a year old, she was still waking to nurse a few times through the night, though more out of restlessness than actual hunger (she was eating a lot during the day). I would nurse her to get her back to sleep, but this was getting very tiring.

The first day we switched to her new mattress (and an organic down comforter), she slept all night. I thought it had to be a coincidence, until she did it the next night too. Don’t get me wrong, she has been a very easy baby, but she had been waking during the night to nurse since birth. I had not slept through an entire night since she was born. After the third night, I was ecstatic. She even slept through the night when my husband and I took a weekend away and her grandmother took care of her!

I don’t know exactly what the connection was that caused the change in her sleep patterns, but I certainly wish I’d gotten around to trying non-toxic bedding a long time ago (like before I had my first… oh the sleepless nights!). I would guess that the absence of chemicals, the increased comfort of the newer mattress, or even just the change itself contributed to her sleeping better, but honestly, whatever the reason, I’m glad we switched. (All of my siblings will also be getting a non-toxic crib mattress for their first baby as a gift from us… don’t tell… I don’t think they read my blog :)).

Have you ever tried organic bedding? Did you notice a difference? Is this something you’ve researched too and will try in the future? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Wow, that’s interesting.. We all currently sleep on floor beds (basically futon mattresses), so I’m wondering if there’s anything similar to this we could use. I’ll definitely have to look into it more now. Thanks for the article!

    • I am looking into organic mattresses and I found this company you can build your own mattress I think this is the way I will go for my family.

      • Jen- If you find organic floor mattresses, let me know. I have kids and brothers in laws who would definitely prefer it…

        • I would suggest you look at Japanese shiki mattresses. I loved sleeping on them in Japan. I’m thinking of getting one with the rice straw mats underneath, as these organic mattresses are way out of my budget. I am thinking about ordering from JPStatus.

        • Wellness mama I am curious what the “basic organic mattress” is that your children use. I see your crib mattress but wondered what your other loves sleep one as I am shopping for our little guys first twin sized mattress.

      • Can you please tell me if you went ahead and bought a mattress (or layers) from this manufacturer? I am very interested in this theory too but confused about the latex and memory foam. Thanks so much

      • The best organic mattress is actually Naturepedic. Go try one out- the other ones just don’t compare to the comfort and the toxin-free, organic materials. We looked into Essentia and they add flame retardants. It’s unfortunate, but lots of otherwise “natural” companies do add boric acid and other fire retardants.

        • sure wish could get one in Canada….Have tried and tried and its impossible.

          • Essentia is made in Canada, where they do not require fire retardants. You can request them to make you a mattress without them.

          • Check out They are a Canadian company who sell certified organic mattresses and will ship to the USA. They have their phone number on their website. Naturpedic is fantastic but they sell a couple other certified organic brands as well.

        • Ana, I’m curious, how do you know Naturepedic is the best… I’m just wondering if you are certain that they are the least toxic and how. The thing about them that is an issue for me – as I’m looking to buy a crib mattress – is that they have metal coils. I’m just not comfortable with metal in/under the bed, due to it attracting emfs, etc. Do they have one without coils? Thanks so much!!

  2. Would you mind listing the other companies you researched for the organic bedding? Thanks!!!

    • Resteze has a good selection on organic and non-toxic bedding.

  3. Have you heard about those mattress covers that supposedly reduce exposure to the chemicals in mattresses? I would like to use them until we can afford organic matresses, but i don’t know if they really do what they claim to. This organic lifestyle sure is expensive :/

    • I’d be interested in that. I have one of those water core mattresses and I don’t really want to change it out. With a memory foam mattress pad on top of it.

      • I’ll be posting on this soon, but those covers are definitely good if you don’t want to switch mattresses…

        • wondering if anyone has any info/experience with mattress covers? I have searched and searched and read so much but not sure on best mattress covers. my son is 3 and switching to big boy bed, we don’t have the extra money right now for new mattress so I’m hoping a good organic/natural/non toxic cover will be a good idea. I’ve searched amazon and “organic” or “natural” products I find have reviews that say they are NOT all organic or natural so I’m lost where to look and not wanting to spend a fortune!!

          • I just bought an Essentia bed and they told me they don’t add flame retardants? Can you elaborate on that? What do they add? I’m kinda freaking out now.

    • Looks like nontoxicbeds have covers plus you are able to buy a foam layer to put on top of your original mattress (I’m guessing the layer of foam is non toxic) and this prevents the chemicals leaching out of your old mattress into your body … I’m researching their materials right now.

  4. thanks for the great info … and agree with Rachel – please list the other companies that your researched.

  5. We had our mattress made by a local Mattress maker, it has organic cotton and a local wool and I love it! He did have the organic latex but had told us that in order to bring it into Canada it did have to be sprayed by various chemicals to get it crossed the boarder, so we opted out of if and really don’t need it at all. Would love to get an earthing mat…

  6. We chose a Savvy Rest mattress What convinced me was that with a king bed you can customize the firmness of each side of the bed. There are 3 layers of latex that you can get in either soft, medium, or hard; and flip flop any way you like on your side of the bed until you find a combination that is comfortable for you. I love this. My side can be soft, and my husband’s more firm.

  7. Thank you for posting about this! I recently learned about organic mattresses and also the flame-retardants in COUCHES. Read an article in a recent NY Times Magazine about scientist Arlene Blum and her fight to get these chemicals out of our fabrics. It was incredibly enlightening and horrifying. As such, my boyfriend are saving up for an organic mattress (currently sleeping on an air mattress which is not much better I’m sure) and bought a hammock instead of a couch. I’m not 100% sure that a hammock is a truly safe stand-in for a couch but I’m glad to accomodate our health and safety. Thank you for the bed company recommendations!

  8. Little off subject do u have an article at the GAPS diet? Would love to know more and get to know your view on it

  9. Love this article! I completely agree that a mattress is one area where it’s worth spending the extra money since you spend so much time on it and good, healing sleep is so important. About a year and a half ago I purchased a King Size natural latex mattress from PureRest and am thrilled with it. Not only is it the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, I can have piece of mind that there are no chemicals off-gassing while I sleep! It really regulates temperature and I also got the organic wool pad topper (in case of any doggie accidents in bed). I also got organic buck-wheat pillows which are amazing!

    When I was learning about organic mattresses.

    I was told that mattresses have to pass a flame-torch test for fire-proofing or something crazy like that which is why they are so loaded with fire-resistant chemicals!

    I am much happier and sleep amazing now 🙂

  10. Do you have any opinion on a good organic non toxic pillows for both my husband & I as well as young kids? Thank you, love your blog.

    • The company above sells pillows also, but I’ve actually made organic buckwheat hull pillows and they are a lot cheaper…

      • would you mind sharing where you got your hulls and how you made your own pillows?

      • Where do you get your organic buckwheat pillows from?

        • I order the buckwheat hulls from here: and then just sew a case out of organic cotton or linen.

  11. I’m just reading this blog post and have to chime in. Last year we bought our organic latex mattress from a company called Essentia – They make a natural memory foam from organic latex and organic essential oils. It is absolutely amazing to sleep on. Highly reccommend them!

  12. I have one of the temperpedic beds (don’t even get me started on how much that sucker costed o.o) due to severe back pain. Do those have the same kind of problems with chemicals? If so can you recommend some other brands besides the one above (as I’ll probably be getting a new mattress in 2-6 years time).

    • i can’t say for sure but i’m pretty sure they would be just as “bad” if not worse when it comes to chemicals :/

  13. Did you also buy the foundation to go with it? I am wanting to switch but don’t want to spend an additional $2000 for 2 foundations. Also the max weight for the kids mattress is 150 lbs. do you think it will hold a 180 lbs for a few hours a night?

  14. I am looking for organic sheets… you have any recommendations?

  15. Has anyone heard of Greenbuds brand organic mattresses? First time mommy to be wanting an organic baby mattress (and on a budget!) and this brand seemed to meet all my needs. Any thoughts?

  16. You will be surprised to read this. I am an Indian, Hindu, grew up almost for 40 years in India before I came to to US to join my husband. In India, every other lane, you will find a shop who make mattresses out of pure cotton This can be made right in front of you. There two types of cotton produce. One is pure cotton other is pure cotton silk. You can see them in raw condition. They spin it with a kind of wire/string make it fluffy and then fill it. You can specify the thickness and size. Mostly in India, very few people have wooden bed. So they sleep on floor. In the day time, mattress will be folded n kept in a corner. If they are not very thick, then they put in such way and cover with decorative sheet and it can be made to sit during day time like we sit on our sofas here. The mattress maker can come to your house, and they can redo the mattress every 5/6 years adding some more cotton. They open the old mattress completely and again make it fluffy with their string instrument and fill it in new cloth cover and make it square. If I have picture,I will post picture of mattress and also the instrument. so I am looking for a mattress here in US which is made out of pure cotton. They also make pillows with same cotton.

    • I guess the wires in the mattress are in U.S. so the illuminati can radiate us from the satellite systems and smart meters. Since they are spraying us with nanobots that multiply with Electromagnetic frequencies.

  17. I know it’s been awhile since you last posted but I am also interested in the other companies that you looked into. Also, is your daughter still using the same mattress? How is she doing on it since you last posted?

    • Just wanted to add that Obasan does not ship crib mattress to the US anymore (they still ship their Fundy, Arcadia, and mattress accessories, tho). Back to the drawing board …

  18. Hi! I am hoping you will list out the companies you researched regarding organic mattresses if there are some that you really liked! Want to look in to this, but not really sure where to start and which companies are legit/high quality 🙂 Thanks so much!

  19. We found a company in the Chicago area (MyGreenMattress) that makes a mattress using wool and organic cotton. The have a website and the prices are very reasonable. Their parent company (Quality Sleep Shop) has been hand making mattresses since 1968.
    The Pure Echo model has springs but they also offer an all latex model. The website has a lot of information but I also called an spoke to someone on the phone. Very helpful & knowledgable.

    • I was reading the reviews on My Green Mattress and it seems like a good option. Are you happy with yours?

  20. We use a Nook mattress for our son. It’s not 100% organic but it is free of chemical flame retardants, using wool and cotton instead. It’s extremely comfortable and I am ALWAYS telling parents that if they can afford or only do one “natural” thing, I suggest breastfeeding above all else, then an organic crib mattress, then cloth diapering 🙂 Here’s a link to the baby mattress we have and love:

  21. Just wanted to do an update on which crib mattress we finally decided on. We went with a latex crib mattress with organic wool and cotton from SleepEZ (located in AZ, can order online or by phone). Great service, very reasonable prices and also got 5% off for being a member of The Mattress Underground (btw, excellent site for learning everything you need to know and more about mattress shopping!). On a side note, I would have to concur with Bob Kidd on the false claims made by Essentia. In the end, I did not feel comfortable purchasing from them.

  22. I just got an new wool mattress from and have been very happy with it. My allergies are better and it seems to have helped my wife with her arthritic hip. Our mattress arrived within a week of ordering it and I very happy with it. I also recommend the all natural wool pillows and comforters from

  23. the clean bedroom offers a mattress that is made by obasan and marketed under the name naturally organic “oyasumi”. it’s cheaper and the same quality. check it out. we ordered ours today and are very excited. it takes 4-6 weeks for it to arrive. can’t wait. and we also just ordered the iqair multigas air purifier. we live nearish to a free way in lovely, smoggy los angeles.

    my questions is regarding dust mites, can they live in cotton duvet covers which houses our HOM wool comforter? any ideas?

  24. Hi Katie, I’m just wondering if you stand by your recommendation for the Obasan line of mattresses. I think your article is a couple of years old now, so I’m curious if your mattress has held up well, and if it still feels comfortable to you. Thanks!

    • Would also love to know this!

  25. Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind, can you share the particular model you purchased? Thanks!

  26. I just ordered a custom size 4″ organic mattress for my window bench (perfect place for naps!!), let me tell you, my experience with obasan has been nothing but pleasurable, everyone I have talked to has been extremely helpful and I cannot wait to have my mattress delivered!

  27. My husband was wondering if a mattress cover and/or sheets would help protect and shield you from the harmful chemicals while using a conventional mattress? What are your thoughts?

  28. I just purchased a mattress from My Green Mattress called the Pure Echo. It is chemical-free and made with wool and organic cotton. I have to say I love the mattress as well as the customer service I recieved.

  29. In March, I purchase an Evergreen Mattress from My Green Mattress. Tim (the owner) gave me great advice and was completely not pushy. They made the mattress to my specifications and it is both firm and comfortable to sleep on. I highly recommend them!

  30. I love the mattress from My Green Mattress. The Pure Echo is amazing and affordable! All of my children are sleeping on the Pure Echo which made of organic cotton and natural wool – no chemicals!

    • Hello Kate

      I see that u got the Pure Echo last year. What are your views on it after using it for 1 year? Did u opted for two side ?

      I went to the showroom today and liked Pure Echo but my husband is leaning towards Madelyn( if u r aware of it).

      I, myself am torn between Pure Echo and SleepEZ Natira Sleep select all latex . Would you have any idea regarding it?

      • No, I haven’t tried a Pure Echo. We recently switch to the Intellibed (I’ll be writing about it soon) and love it! My husband was having back issues with our old one, and since switching they’ve gone away.

      • Hey there – sorry; I’m the Kate that had purchased the Pure Echos for my kiddos (not the Wellness Mamma, just a Mamma:). After a year, they are still holding up super strong. I have kids that jump, play, and have accidents on their mattresses and when you pull back the covers (and the wool puddle pad also from My Green Mattress) they look like NEW still. These mattresses are one of a kind compared to any other mattress we’ve owned. I purchased a custom My Green Mattress for my parents and they agree that it is the old school craftsmanship that you used to see in mattresses before all the big name mattress companies started making things to fail shortly after buying.

        I did opt for the two sided mattress which I like because these things are going to last until college :). Flipping a mattress ads to it’s life so the 2nd side is a great investment if it’s in the budget. With regards to the other brand that you mentioned, I don’t know much about it.

        Good luck with your decision and I hope this helped!

        • I have the Pure Echo too, for our daughter and we love it! Great quality. I did notice a funny scent in the beginning that I couldn’t place….my Mom said it must be the lanolin in the wool. The scent has vanished and I’m really happy with the mattress. Anyone else notice that scent at first and have an explanation?
          I do love the mattress and will be ordering another for our other daughter when the time comes. Tim is great too…he helped with all my questions 🙂

  31. Looking for your reviews now. What do you think about the Pure Echo line from My Green Mattress?
    Thank you.

    • I would love to know Wellness Mama’s opinion on My Green Mattress Pure Echo! Thank you!

  32. I have been looking everywhere for a budget friendly organic mattress, turns out there really are not any. Then I came across Open Your Eyes Bedding. It’s a DIY twist mattress design with organic buckwheat hulls. Does anyone have any experience with OYEB? I’m hoping they’re the answer to my tight budget eco-conscious/natural lifestyle.

    • I’m also looking into a buckwheat hull mattress. Did you purchase one? Do you have any thoughts or advice?

  33. useful article! Helps to select right mattresses for blissful night sleep..

  34. Hello Wellnessmama,

    My husband and I greatly appreciate your recommendation for an organic crib mattress. However, we are having a terrible time finding a crib that is truly made with solid wood and was made with and finished with organic products. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you!

    • Great question. Depending on your area, you may be able to find an amish made natural one and stain it yourself (or leave it natural), but I’ll look in to this more.

  35. Hello, I know I’m about 2 years late for this post. I really trust your opinion knowing health is very important to you. My husband and I are having been struggling with infertiltiy since 2010 when we married. We have changed every possible source of toxin in our lives as we learn and research. We will be buying an organic mattress shortly. Do you mind stating what company you ultimately bought the mattress you sleep on through? It would help us have peace of mind with such a large expense knowing you’ve researched it and trust it and have been using the product for a while. Thank you for all the ways you help people and for being such a conscientious mama to your young ones!
    God bless you!!!

    • We got ours through this company (Obasan) and we have been really happy with it

      • In an earlier article (this one even), I understood that you recommended the Essentia mattress, correct? Then you went with an Obasan, based on this post (9/14), and now have an intelliBED (08/15)? Is this correct and which would you recommend at this point?

        I was all set on the intelliBed, until I saw that it has the steel springs. I’m worried about the EMF…so I was back doing research.

        Thank you,

        • The Intellibed is the one we’re now using. It’s been a long process and I’m going write about it very soon.

  36. I know you said you bought the baby/crib mattress at Obasan. Did you buy your other mattress there as well, the one you and your husband sleep on?
    Love your site. Thanks for all you do!

  37. After purchasing an Ikea foam mattress for $199 which the salesman assured me had no flame retardants in it (NOT TRUE), the chemical smell nearly made me sick the first night laying in it with my toddler son. I ended up finding a futon maker down the street who made me a 100% cotton wrapped in wool futon for $179!! It’s not organic, although I could’ve paid about 150 more for that, but I figured natural cotton and wool is probably good enough. The mattress is very comfortable and I have so much peace of mind that my child is not inhaling toxins all night long. It’s sad and frustrating that we have to go through so much trouble to get a healthy product but thank goodness such products are available and affordable.

    • could you tell me where this was and the name of who made the futon mattress. Cannot find anything in area.

  38. Didn’t they ban PBDE’s from mattresses in 2005ish?

  39. Hi Katie,

    Can you share a good resource for organic duvets/comforters? We can’t invest in a new mattress right now, but it is time for a new comforter, and I’d love to choose the best organic brand. I’m assuming wool options are a good starting point? Thanks!

    • I’m still researching that, but I’d look for a good wool or organic cotton one… or an organic, humanely raised down one if you can find one.

      • Thank you! I’ll do that!

  40. perfect timing , looking also for organic duvets/comforters

  41. Hi Katie!

    I’m on the hunt for a full size “big girl” mattress for my toddler and couldn’t tell if you also purchased an Essentia mattress for your child as well or something else? Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  42. I bought a Pure Echo Mattress from My Green Mattress for my daughter and it has a funny smell to it that doesn’t’ go away. The company has promised me there are no fire retardants used- no chemicals whatsoever, but I’m still a bit uneasy. Anyone else have this experience with organic mattresses?

    • I also bought the same mattress 30 days ago. I am still airing it out and it still has the funny smell.

      • Hi Mattie and Doreen,
        If you have a synthetic and chemical free latex mattress there should only be its natural latex smell in the mattress. That smell should neither be strong nor aggressive but rather pleasant!

        • Hi Howie,

          My mattress is actually made from organic cotton and a layer of wool for flame retardant.

          • Oh I see that makes sense now, but for me it begs the question why you want to sleep on cotton. Being an engineer I like to look at how things work and so on. If I think about a person spine being literally the backbone of your being, I would think that when you sit in a chain it needs to be properly supported and we all know that. Very much the same with your sleep. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so that is HUGE. Cotton does not have any elastic properties and therefore makes a bad candidate for a mattress. From a pure analytical point of view the only real choice for a mattress is either a form of an air pressure system (which are not very good one available for a decent price) or a latex mattress. Latex because it has excellent elasticity so that it can provide support for your spine. But then again just a simple mattress is not enough, the foundation of the bed is equally important (imagine the nicest house being built on sand will simply waste away).

    • Probably not organic. Maybe the cotton is so they call the whole mattress organic which is deceiving. If your whole mattress is organic the law label on it will say ” certified organic”. Lots of smoke and mirrors. It probably is full of chemicals and not organic at all. . Research on the manufacturers website not the retailers. The green washing in this industry is unbelievable. Certified organic does not outgas.

      • Hi Bev, We at My Green Mattress are very open and honest about our products. We do not claim to have certified organic mattresses. We are a small mattress factory that handcrafts our mattresses with organic cotton fabric, organic cotton comfort layering, natural wool, and natural latex. We do not use any synthetic foams or spray our mattresses with any flame retardant chemicals. The odor that Doreen is noticing is not off gassing chemicals, it is a natural odor from the wool, that can be more pronounced during the humid summer months. We are recommending that she leave her mattress out in the sun to help alleviate the problem. Thanks for weighing in. Cindy

        • Does anyone know what makes the wool smell so bad? I have wool blankets, coats, clothing etc. and have never had an odor.

          Also, what does the sun do to get rid of a wool odor?

          • Hi Doreen, The sun is a natural deodorizer for any smell. Natural wool is ‘hygroscopic’, which means it easily absorbs moisture, causing the natural odors to be more noticeable in humid climates. The other items, like coats and blankets may have been a wool blend, or have been cleaned with harsh chemical detergents.

          • Thanks Cindy. I really do love this mattress. I actually threw an expensive new chemically infused mattress to the curb after waking up with headaches, swollen eyes and having actual nightmares. I have none of these symptoms with the Pure Echo.

      • Hi Bev,

        Have you researched the company that you are talking about? I agree with your general statement about greenwashing for some manufacturers but this company is a really solid great company. They sell directly to customers, it isn’t a retailer.

        I have 6 mattresses from this company and my close family has them as well. They do not apply chemicals to them and if you look at the breakout of what is in the mattress they show you exactly all the layers. Natural products can have a smell (think new 100% cotton t-shirts when you buy them and through the first few washes). We haven’t typically experienced any smells when we order these products but once in the summer we did have a slight wool smell to it which makes sense as it is most humid during the summer. We just put it out in the sun for a bit and the smell was gone. If you look at other brands (as I did my research as well) they do also have smell complaints at certain times of year (which I’m thinking it has to due with the humidity). Even the big certified organic mattress company had an issue with the smell of it’s cotton (per a review I found on Amazon). They are certified so are you saying that their product isn’t organic because it has a smell? I love My Green Mattress and am very confident in the products that they’ve sold me, Tim has walked me through the process answering every question fully and they even welcome people that are in the Chicago area to come and check out the materials that go into their beds. I don’t know of any other companies that do that and are that upfront about there process. They are a small shop so the cost of an organic certification would mean a huge increase in the price of their beds. I’m okay with not paying for the premium of a rubber stamp!

        I did my research before buying and read a ton as organic doesn’t always mean organic. These beds are the read deal and at a price point that I can’t complain about. I was able to get great quality at a fraction of the price so my large family can all sleep safe instead of some of us having a good mattress and the rest not.

        I would encourage anyone who has an issue with their mattress from this company to simply call and get it resolved! When we had an issue they helped get it resolved quickly.

  43. Naturepedic is currently the only waterproof organic mattress available in the U.S. that is genuinely non-toxic. Most “organic” mattresses contain only some organic material and still use the same toxic plastics like pvc to waterproof, and the same carcinogenic flame retardant chemicals. Do your research before trusting a product! I think Lullaby Earth is another that is ok.

  44. wow. i’m surprised nobody mentioned this, but Essentia doesn’t make organic mattresses. Their slick marketing would have you assume otherwise, but they are one of the worst offenders of the egregious greenwashing that occurs in this industry. They’ve already been in trouble with the FTC for making some dubious claims, but that hasn’t done much to stop their deceptive marketing practices. I really wish people would investigate the claims of these companies before endorsing them. Not only is this undermine your credibility, but your endorsement of such companies only serves to further the deception. This kind of fraud needs to be called out.

    for more info:

  45. Katie, I have been reading these and I am profoundly interested but I did have a follow up question. Keeping with the natural non toxic idea, what sheets/comforters do you buy and use? Besides the earthing sheets is there a natural alternative? i.e Egyptian cotton, micro fiber etc?

    Just curious! 🙂

  46. Do you have any recommendations on waterproof mattress protectors? Thanks!

    • Naturepedic makes waterproof mattress covers! We have their crib mattress, 2 waterproof mattress pads, organic sheets and their changing pad and pad covers. I also have their full size mattress pad on my 4 year old’s bed. He has an organic cotton/wool/natural latex futon from a local maker. She also does organic cotton/wool comforters. My hubby, baby and I all sleep on our queen shikibuton set from Soaring Heart and LOVE it. we have their buckwheat pillows as well and all their organic bedding. Yes, I consider myself extremely bedding picky. You do spend a third of your life in it. We’ve bought over time to afford it. Worth every penny.

  47. Unfortunately, I think that Bruce (a few comments before mine) is correct. Essentia isn’t very transparent about their “natural foam” and it’s quite possible that their foam is polyurethane-based. Lots of conflicting information online, and it’s all very difficult to navigate through…but I subscribe to the belief that when in doubt, organic certification trumps any claims of “natural.”

    Essentia is still way better than conventional mattresses that are out there; but for our mattress search, I think we’ll stick to organic latex mattresses with an organic cotton topper. The topper is just to make sure there is no possible sensitivities to the latex or wool. And it’s great that it can be washed and dried regularly.

    • Hi Chi (and anyone else that wants to chime in), what mattresses did you end up getting for your children then? I need 3 twin mattresses and 1 crib mattress. I also need good waterproof mattress protectors for all of those. Do you have recommendations for those as well? I have a really expensive memory foam CA king mattress right now that we cannot afford to replace, but I’d like to put a cover on it as well, to help reduce the off-gassing as well as be waterproof for when the kiddos sleep in our bed. Please let me know your thoughts ASAP! Thank you very much!!

  48. Bought a baby bed/crib that came with a non-organic mattress, but then bought an organic mattress to replace the mattress it came with. The original (non-organic) mattress has not been used. Any ideas on what I can do with it? Obviously, charity is an idea, but would the manufacturer take it back even if it’s part of a set, or is it advisable to sell it to someone who is not planning to buy organic anyway?

  49. We’ve always used naturepedic for the kids and the quality is very good. Whenever it’s time to up size for them I do some internet searching to see if there are more good companies out there or if pricing has dropped but I always seem to end up buying from them again.

  50. I love your website and all the great information. I would like to go more natural and organic especially in the mattresses since my children do not sleep well at all through the night. Any suggestions on mattress covers for right now until we can afford new mattresses. We are on a very tight budget right now but I would still love to reduce the toxins my babies breathe in at night. Anyone else is welcome to comment your suggestions as well as this is so overwhelming trying to compare everything and make sure I am getting the right product. Thanks!

  51. I am expecting my first child and my husband and I are considering bedsharing. I plan on purchasing an Essentia Mattress as per your review and I see your daughter slept on it when she was one year old. Would you be worried their mattresses are too soft for a newborn? I am interested in their firmest mattress, The Grateful Bed, but I wonder if it will still be too soft. Safe bedsharing guidelines require a firm mattress but I am also worried about flame retardants, etc. so I would really like a natural mattress.

    I would really appreciate your opinion on this!

  52. What are your thoughts on buying organic/chemical free foundations or box springs? Our sons have the naturepedic mattresses and we need to buy foundations but $ is tight right now. I hate to skimp on something that is so important to me but I wonder if it matters as much since it’s under the mattress anyway. Are foundations subject to the same flame testing as mattresses and use the same chemicals?

  53. Hi Katie!
    Thank you so much for all your info, I will definitely be trying this mattress! Any suggestions on where to get organic sheets and comforter?

  54. I recently purchased the Essentia Tatami mattress using the discount from Wellness Mama. Suffering from lupus, extreme body pain and allergies I was very excited to get this. I’ve noticed a big improvement with allergies, but my body aches are still extreme. This mattress is very very firm and this may be the cause. I am wanting to get a wool mattress topper to see if this helps at all. Does anyone have suggestions on any wool toppers that are reasonably priced?

  55. Which would you go with as far as safest for kiddos and no harmful chemicals ….mygreenmattress pure Echo or IKEA morgongava? Do you know anything good or bad about mygreenmattress pure Echo!? Leaning towards it!

  56. After reading your post I’m very curious which mattress your daughter is sleeping on that got her to sleep through the night? In need of 2 twin mattresses and it’s such a confusing stressful search when you truly want no toxins! Thanks.

      • Hi Katie! Do you know if Naturepedic is safe? Amazon sells this mattress(one side polyethylene, and the other side normal), and I’m considering replacing my children’s existing mattresses. Thank you!

  57. Hello Wellness Mama,
    I just read this awesome blog post. Well done, keep up the good work! The right bed is super important in so many ways. Another bed system that might be worth checking out is Swiss Dream Beds. Are you familiar with them?

    Anyways keep up the good work!

  58. Can you share what mattress your kids use? You mentioned a basic organic one? I have 4 kids and going to replace their mattress but intelibed seems to be more then what they really need. I’m hoping you can share which mattress your kids sleep on. Not crib mattress but older kids? Thanks in advance

    • They have Obasan really basic organic mattresses.

      • Thanks so much for your quick response. This Mattress buying business is tough stuff. So many types out there and everyone says something different. LOL I just want a safe mattress for my kids but boy oh boy I had no idea all the different types and theories there are. I love your blog and all your info and have purchased many things you recommended and have loved everyone of them. So with that being said as a momma and with no commissions/incentives involved would you buy the Obasan all over again for your kids? They are my first priority and I want to make sure I make the right decision and am feel conflicted with all the different reviews out there on what really is the best non toxic, organic, no coil mattress for kids.

        • To be fair, I haven’t slept on the Obasan mattresses they have to gauge the comfort but haven’t had any complaints from the kids and am confident in their sourcing. The one thing I would do differently- I originally ordered their wool mattress pads, but for potty training age kids, I would just opt for fully waterproof covers until we get through the accident stage.

          • Awesome thank you so much! For the record I think you are amazing and am so thankful for your blog you have saved me so many hours on researching things like the mattresses, water filters etc. your turkey are changing the world one person at a time 🙂

            Thanks again!

        • Jessica, what did you decide on? I am searching and I feel like going nowhere. so many different opinions. Thank you.

  59. Thank you so much you are amazing and I’m so very thankful for you and your blog! You have saved me many hours of research on lots of topics! You truley are changing the world one person at a time 🙂

  60. Just bought the Obasan mattress for my kids. Excited to get it. However because its coming from canada the foundation was gonna be $1000 with shipping so I passed on that. Do you know any other options for a natural organic type mattress foundation. And do you use the obasan one or something else? Oh P.S. The sales man was so nice asked how I heard of them and said wellness mama and he had nothing but great things to say about you 🙂

    • Depending on the bed, you won’t need a foundation. For our kids, since we have bunk beds, we just put a big piece of wood that we had drilled holes in (to breathe) on top of the bed frame support and this has been great for the kids.

  61. Sorry one more thing and I promise I will stop bugging you. LOL
    Are the cheap $50 metal bed frames bad? ( the ones that basically hold your bed up ) Im guessing yes?

    • It depends on the frame but if the mattress doesn’t have enough support to just be held up by a metal frame, I’ve heard of people using a thin piece of wood across the whole frame under the mattress and drilling holes in the wood to allow the mattress to breathe for extra support.

      • ok gotcha. I just wasn’t sure if they were bad because the whole metal putting off radiation, emf thing.

        Thanks again your the best 🙂

  62. Ultimate Beds in Australia make a great non-toxic and supportive mattress

  63. We bought the Duo from the OMI line. This company has actual ” certified” organic beds….. Very important! This bed allows customization for each side of bed! I like soft my hubby medium and were able to customize them ! If we change preferences down the road can just order a new layer so very cost affective! Bought ours at Luxurious Beds and Linens. They have a website which shows these beds and their staff were very knowledgeable.

  64. Is naturepedic a good brand for a baby: toddler mattress? What are some other good options? Thanks!

    • Naturopedic is one of only 2 mattress companies in North America ( the OMI Organicpedic being the other one) whose products are Certified Organic, which means 3rd party certified as pure 100% organic. Naturopedic very good quality and very affordable! You can find them at Luxurious Beds and Linens Ltd in Canada. http://WWW.LBAL.CA Hope that helps

      • Thanks! I think You can buy straight from their site too right? Since we live in Ohio 🙂 do you know do they have have sales or coupons?

  65. The futon shop has certified organic mattresses!

    • Absolutely are not CERTIFIED Organic at futon shop!!! I’ve done a lot of research into organic….. Lots of smoke and mirrors……. Organicpedic (OMI) and Naturepedic are the only ones.

  66. Pretty sure they ship to the USA and with your strong U.S. dollar you may be further ahead buying from Canada. Not sure about coupons. They have contact information on their website.

  67. I have a latex mattress from Savvy Rest, which I have enjoyed. We bought it about 4 or 5 years ago and it was not cheap. It comes with a mattress cover that encases the latex with wool and organic cotton. Now I have come to learn I have developed an allergy to both latex and wool! While many people say that a latex mattress should not cause an affect, my allergies are systemic and extreme and I can no longer risk it. So now we are in search of a new mattress that isn’t laden with chemicals and isn’t made with latex and wool! Any suggestions?

    • Research the manufacturers on their websites. Naturepedic and OMI are the ONLY 100% certified organic mattress companies in North America. Your latex is most probably not 100% pure and free of chemicals and that is what you are reacting to in the latex and wool. Look for certified organic, not just organic. Organic a loosely used word. Manufacturer websites are best information….. Retailers often twist information to make a sale….. Manufacturers can’t do that.

  68. People love organic mattress. They love to have highest quality mattresses. Made from the very best Mother nature has to offer organic cotton, natural wool & organic cotton with natural latex.

  69. I think I read in one of these organic bedding posts, something about you choosing Obasan mattresses for your children. Is that correct? I am trying to find something safe, affordable, and comfortable for our daughter before investing in a new mattress for us!