5 Essential Oils I Use Daily

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Essential oils that I use daily
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I get more questions about essential oils than almost any other topic, probably because they’ve gained such immense popularity. Our family uses essential oils daily in our personal care products, homemade cleaners, and as natural remedies.

The five essential oils I use most often for my family are:

1. Lemon Essential Oil

We use lemon and other citrus essential oils aromatically by diffusing them in to the air. I also add 10-15 drops of lemon or orange essential oil to all of my homemade cleaning products for a fresh and clean smell without the chemicals.

Lemon has natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antihistamine properties and it is great for dabbing on insect bites or in salves used on wounds. I also often add lemon or sweet orange essential oil to our homemade shampoo since the scent is energizing and there is some evidence that lemon can stimulate hair growth. I add lemon and orange to either my honey face wash or my oil cleansing blend for use at night.

We don’t use citrus essential oils for any homemade products that we will use on our skin during sun exposure as citrus can increase sun sensitivity.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is one of my favorite essential oils to diffuse as it is said to help increase mental clarity and is invigorating. I use it in my homemade remineralizing toothpaste and in homemade lotion recipes. It is also an ingredient in my homemade vapor rub.
Five Essential Oils I use Daily

When I’m not pregnant, I use it on my feet for nausea or upset stomach and on my neck for headaches. It is an ingredient in our homemade bug spray and I also add peppermint and lavender to a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to help cool sunburns (though we don’t usually get those anymore since adjusting our diet).

3. Lavender Essential Oil

I absolutely love the scent of lavender essential oil and diffuse it as an air freshener. It is said to help digestion, support skin health, stimulate hair growth, help mitigate the effects of stress and more.

I sometimes add a drop of lavender and lemon to bug bites or burns to cool the sting and use it with peppermint to calm a headache or sunburn. Lavender essential oils is also an ingredient in many of my homemade beauty products.

4. Oregano

I love that the smell of oregano reminds me of Italian food. I also love the natural antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties of oregano. It is important to note that oregano is very potent and should always be diluted for topical use. In times of bad illness, I diffuse oregano in to the air. I don’t do this often since it isn’t the most pleasant scent but it definitely works!

Oregano is anti-parasitic and a recent stool test I did showed I have no intestinal parasites! The majority of the population does have parasites, but I credit my external use of oregano essential oil and a diet high in probiotic-rich fermented foods to my lack of intestinal invaders.

I’ve used (or had a family member who has used) oregano effectively for:

  • Getting rid of athletes foot (diluted with coconut oil)
  • Diluted topically for killing ringworm
  • Massaged on feet to help deal with intestinal parasites
  • Diluted to help remove warts
  • Diluted on sore muscles to speed muscle recovery

5. Disinfectant Blend

The use a specific blend called Germ Destroyer from my go-to brand of oils. Best of all, it is designed to be kid-safe so I don’t have to worry about safety. It contains spruce hemlock, marjoram, lavender, rosalina, and lemon. It smells divine and is naturally disinfecting.

I use it in everything from homemade cleaning spray to avoiding illness but my favorite uses are:

  • On the soles of the feet to support the immune system
  • In homemade mouth wash to support a healthy mouth
  • When mopping floors (disinfects and smells great)
  • Diffused for an air freshener
  • To freshen air and fabrics in the car (here’s how)

Where I Get My Essential Oils

I have been using Plant Therapy as my source for essential oils because they are backed by Robert Tisserand and have a ton of solid information about how to use essential oils on their blog. I especially love their Kid-Safe Blends which make buying oils for use around a family so much easier.

Another excellent source for essential oils is Vibrant Blue Oils. They have very high quality, targeted blends designed to help a wide range of conditions. You can find out more about their products on this Wellness Mama Podcast episode. Their oils are blends designed to be used for a specific purpose and are therapeutic dose.

Note: Essential oils can be dangerous if used incorrectly. This post discusses some of the risks and other considerations when using them.

Do you use essential oils? Which ones do you use? Tell me below!

These essential oils are a daily staple in our house for natural cleaning, homemade beauty products, for natural remedies and freshening the air.

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165 responses to “5 Essential Oils I Use Daily”

  1. Ava Avatar

    Hi, is this a silly question. Im pregant and purchased a natural cleaning solution for toilet. It has pine, lemon and eucalyptus oil, as the last ingredients. Im assuming they are in miunte amounts, and safe.

    Whats the standard for cleaning products in pregnancy. Any thoughts?

  2. Jamie Avatar

    Hi Katie! I love how you make everything seem so easy! I would love to make a collection of my essential oil right away, however, I don’t know which are the necessary ones. I know the basic ones like lavender, lemon, etc. but I don’t know the other ones that are not popular that I might need. I would really love it if you make a list of all of your essential oils! Do you have more than 20? I would definitely go and buy what’s in your list! Thank you so much!

    1. Justein Avatar


      I just purchased my first set of oils and of course I wanted most of all the basics…I found the perfect kit called the “Family Physician Kit” which includes 5 ml bottles of each Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, Breathe, DigestZen®, and On Guard.

      I hope this helps!


  3. Lorraine Avatar

    Hi Kate, may I pls ask for some advice?
    5 months after my beloved of 50 yrs passed away, I adopted a little Daschund. We nick name them sausage dogs, he is absolutely adorable.
    Now I was wondering if the eo I use in my diffuser, will they not be too strong for his sensitive nose? Sure don’t want to harm my new baby in any way.
    I use diff combinations, a. TTree and Lavender, Peppermint and Lavender, and Eucalyptus when the asthma is bothersome,
    Thanks for any advice
    greetings L

    1. Justein Avatar


      I have a puppy (Border Collie) and we diffuse essential oils daily. She doesn’t seemed to be bothered at all by it all. She loves the oranges and usually is very calm with the lavender! Puppy..calm…yeah, it is awesome!


  4. Dee Avatar

    I just started into oils this past summer and decided to use Native American Nutritionals (and Rocky Mountain Oils … joint companies). Excellent products, high quality, 1st distills, no additives.
    Cost was a primary reaon as well. I specifically did NOT want to pay into a multi level marketing chain that has to support a multi-rung ladder of promotions, perks, and conventions. I just wanted to buy great oil for my self and my family!

  5. lorraine Avatar

    Hi Katie, I have on previous occasions asked for advice, and always had amazing answers. I live in South Africa and am in my seventies, and only started this natural living 6 months ago.
    I can still only say this must be one of the best sites I have ever visited, and say a huge thank you again.

    Be thankful you have so many choices, we certainly don’t have that here. Its incredibly difficult to even find similar products especially for these amazing recipes, we just don’t have it!!!!

    Thank you Kate you are an amazing woman.

  6. Nickie Avatar

    I’m a Young Living user, in a very doTerra saturated town. I’d rather my friends use doTerra than some poison off the pharmacy shelf! I may not agree with how the other business was formed, and I may prefer personally that I can visit the farms where Young Living grows their plants….but seriously, I’d rather my friends use doTerra than poison!

    1. Diane Avatar

      Isn’t it wonderful to have choices and to be able to choose products based on our own criteria, wants, needs and opinions? Whether you use Young Living, doTerra, Native American Naturals, or some other brand of essential oil… we are all after the same goal: to live healthier lives using plant-based remedies and trying to avoid the use of synthetic drugs with their long list of side effects! (But even there, sometimes modern medicine is necessary and even life-saving. So, isn’t it nice that we have choices?)

  7. Nicole Avatar

    Hi! I love reading your blogs and was also curious, as well as many others, about which diffuser you personally use. I am going back and forth and was just looking for some opinions! Thanks!

  8. Marie Avatar

    Hello Katie,

    I was curious on your post- you mentioned rubbing oil on the soles of the feet. I was confused by the comment because to me (And I’m just getting into all of this myself and by no means any type of expert) it just didn’t make sense, recently after looking around found that reflexology and aromatherapy seem to debate this issue quite heavily. Turns out rubbing the feet with essential oils espcially on children or the elderly can be exceptionally dangerous. Just wondering if you have ever looked into this?

    Love you blog, thanks for the great info!


  9. Kelly Avatar

    Thanks for the advice and a fun blog. When it comes to what oil company to chose I believe to educate yourself and to each their own;) I like a variation of company’s;) DoTerra YL mountain herb ect…. but im really curious about essential oil exchange? I love the information on their site and I have read that the quality and price is good. What do you think? I would appreciate your opinion if you have the time;) peace and love a Kelly….

  10. Michele Avatar

    Hi Kaitie-Love your blog! What do you think of the safety of essential oil use in personal products, such as lip balm? Do you dilute, use extract, etc? Thank you

  11. Ralph Avatar

    Hi Katie,
    I’m relatively new to your site and find it very informative. As I approach retirement age I’m looking to take steps towards the simpler and earthy life being able to escape the 9 to 5 grind stone. I notice that in several articles I have read that you refer to the “Essential Oils” and their many uses. Can you tell me / us where on line are the best places to obtain those oils and some of the other things you mention such as the bottles, roll on tubes and the like you use. Do you have a recommended brand for the essential oils?

    Thanks much for your time,

  12. Ana Avatar

    Can oregano oil be diluted in magnesium oil?
    I’d like to test it on my feet at night, I intuit that it could be great for my digestive system. It works great when I ingest it but it’s really not pleasant 🙂

    Love your blog and your podcast. I’ve learned a lot and you’ve made my life beautifully better.


  13. Silia Avatar

    We love your posts, “Wellness mama recommends…” is an all too familiar sentence starter in our home. We have tried many of your recipes and have maintained as best as we can a natural and chemical-free home thanks to your work. Thank you for introducing EO to my family. Continue the wonderful work!!! : )

  14. Janet Avatar

    Hi Katie! Love your blog! I’m a breastfeeding momma and having trouble with producing enough milk for my second baby now. I heard a drop of fennel oil on each top of breast would help my production? Any advice or tips?

  15. Kacey Avatar

    I have a couple warts on a foot and one on my hand. We are trying to get pregnant. Do you have a removal suggestion? The link to order page said oregano should be avoided.

  16. Karla Avatar

    I don’t have any essential oils in my house right now, but I like to use them for homemade perfume!

    My aunt has an obsession with essential oils, and I think once she used lavender oil to speed the healing of a nasty dog bite she had on her calf.

  17. Kathy Johnson Avatar
    Kathy Johnson

    I loved the discussion. Also loved the debate. It is always good to hear each other on the essential oils. How boring if we all had the same thoughts. We are blessed to voice our opinions so freely. Isn’t it great.

  18. Mariana Avatar

    I like essential oils too and I believe that they have healing properties. One thing only I learned from an esthetician that is not good to use essential oils or any other fragrances on your face because they can be drying and irritating. A dry skin is the start of all problems so better avoid using essential oils, parfums, alcohol and dyes on your face.

    1. Malori Mayor Avatar
      Malori Mayor

      Hmmm….I use melaleuca, lavender, and frankincense on my face regularly and have experienced many benefits! Melaleuca is excellent for acne, lavender is very soothing for itchy skin, and frankincense is good also for acne and for healing scars/sun spots. I use them “neat” and also in homemade lotion. It probably just depends on your skin type and also the quality of essential oils. If they’re EO’s that have artificial fillers and have been extracted using chemicals, then I can see how THOSE would be drying or irritating. But doTERRA’s don’t have any of that. Theirs are the only essential oils that I use now.

    2. Kat Avatar

      As to using EO on face…I acquired an eye disease last year after going in for an eye exam. There is no remedy or cure for it, have heard Doctors will give an Rx which doesn’t always work. I have used just about everything to ease the itching and dry flakes on my sensitive eyelids to no avail. For weeks I tried just Olive Oil and or Coconut oils, which were not effective. The only thing I have found which helps is 1] Bag Balm -which i use only when the lids have cracks. I’ve tried several EO Y.L. blends to no avail. What does work is a mixture of coconut oil with drops of Lavender. The majority of all my EO are from Natural Grocers/Seasons which carry the NOW brand. In all of my blends, they have been fine for my use. I even made a sleep blend which i use on the bottom of my feet at night. I also use two sprays on my pillow case with a mix of Lavender and Eucalypus EO.

  19. Cassie Avatar

    What do you know of Now Foods? I got that brand of peppermint oil on amazon for my toothpaste. What do you know about their company?

    1. Rima Avatar

      Yes, I like this question!
      Has anyone done any research on the NOW brand of oils that can be purchased from Amazon?
      I think the price is a definite benefit but don’t know if we are missing out by not buying the more expensive brands?


      1. April Avatar

        NOW brand is okay. From my research their oils are standardized, which means they mix them so that their chemical make-up is exactly the same from batch to batch. They aren’t the only company that does this. They are decent oils for decent prices. However, I would not buy them on Amazon unless they are shipped directly from the NOW company. There are too make fake supplements and essential oils being sold on Amazon.

  20. Vicky Dublar Avatar
    Vicky Dublar

    Hi Katie! My daughter and I have recently started using EOs. However, we noticed that the Zendocrine has carrageenan in it. My daughter has leaky gut syndrome. She decided to try it, anyway. It doesn’t seem to be having any ill effects and my N.D. wants me to start taking as part of my protocol to help me detox. Will you please address this, as I value your opinion. BTW – we LOVE the oils!

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