My Oral Health Routine (That Stopped My Cavities)

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My daily oral health routine that helped stop my cavities
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My post about how to remineralize teeth naturally has gotten hundreds of questions and comments over the years, especially about my personal oral health routine. Most commonly, questions are about the specifics I used to help my teeth remineralize or products I used.

Check out the original post for the specifics on how cavities can remineralize and why I chose the products I did, and this post answers the specifics of what I used. If you are new to the idea of remineralization, this interview with a dentist about the body’s ability to remineralize teeth may be helpful too.

I had two small cavities that my holistic dentist was willing to wait on filling, and after using this protocol they had remineralized and no longer needed to be filled. Of course, I am not a dentist and you should check with yours about your own personal oral health, but I’m sharing my experience and routine for informational purposes only.

My Daily Oral Health Routine

This is the oral health routine that I personally follow daily (or most days) that helped remineralize my teeth and that I now use to help avoid any new cavities.

Morning: As soon as I wake up, I do Oil Pulling with Coconut oil. Spit, Rinse Well and Swish with clean water. Important notes- I don’t even swallow this oil and I make sure not to spit into a drain. I usually spit into a container and keep tightly closed until I throw away.

After that, I brush with homemade toothpaste or homemade tooth powder and a Bass Toothbrush.

Then I usually take some Marine Phytoplankton (for energy and cellular health).

Breakfast: Take 1/2 of Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Blend or Regular Cod Liver Oil. Eat breakfast high in healthy fats and proteins.

Lunch and Dinner: I include Homemade Bone Broth, at least two sources of healthy fats, protein and vegetables. (See my recipes for Ideas) or Bone Broth Tutorial for instructions on bone broth. (Or, if you’re short on time, try this storebought organic, grass-fed broth that I love.)

Evening: I use my Wellnesse peppermint silk floss, then brush again with homemade toothpaste or homemade tooth powder and a Bass Toothbrush. If I’m trying to whiten my teeth, I also brush with Activated Charcoal powder, which works wonders!

Bedtime: I don’t eat after 7 pm and try to be in bed between 10-10:30 to allow maximum restorative sleep and optimal hormone production. I sleep on an earthing mat to help reduce inflammation and spray myself with magnesium spray before bed to improve sleep and make sure I’m getting enough of this important mineral. Have trouble sleeping? Check out these four helpful hacks for falling asleep.

Throughout Day:

Sample Diet:

  • 3-4 eggs with vegetables and meat for breakfast or a gelatin-based protein shake and sometimes healthy coffee with a boost of good fats
  • Some form of healthy protein at every meal
  • 2 cups (average) of homemade bone broth daily
  • 2-4 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
  • 2+ Tablespoons grass-fed butter
  • Coconut based snacks like coconut cream
  • Various other forms of protein and fat like tallow used in cooking, bison for snack, etc
  •  4-6 cups+ of vegetables each day, usually in soups or with meats, including a lot of leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables.

Natural Oral Care Recipes

I also only use natural products on my teeth and gums. This made a big difference for me personally, as I realized after switching to natural oral care products that something in conventional toothpaste was causing the gum irritation I’d had since I’d had braces as a child.

These are the natural oral health products I use:

Recommended Oral Health Books

Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel

Oil Pulling Therapy by Dr. Bruce Fife

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price

Deep Nutrition by Dr. Catherine Shanahan

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This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Steven Lin, who is a Board accredited dentist trained at the University of Sydney. With a background in biomedical science, he is a passionate whole-health advocate, focusing on the link between nutrition and dental health. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor or dentist.

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My oral health routine that helped me remineralize cavities
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Do you have an oral health routine? What steps do you take to keep your smile looking healthy?

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Katie Wells, CTNC, MCHC, Founder of Wellness Mama and Co-founder of Wellnesse, has a background in research, journalism, and nutrition. As a mom of six, she turned to research and took health into her own hands to find answers to her health problems. is the culmination of her thousands of hours of research and all posts are medically reviewed and verified by the Wellness Mama research team. Katie is also the author of the bestselling books The Wellness Mama Cookbook and The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox.


96 responses to “My Oral Health Routine (That Stopped My Cavities)”

  1. Morgan Avatar

    I have been drinking lemon water in the mornings for about 6 months now. I think it has done WONDERS for me in so many ways (including, but not limited to: minimal canker sores and rapid healing if I get one, decreased colds and mosquitos don’t like me anymore, to name a few). However, I just had my 6 month dental check up and my sensitivity was through the roof. I have a LOT of recession (genetic predisposition to receding gums… my dad is a dentist and we both take great care of our teeth, but we have the same mouth and fight the same battle). The only thing I can attribute this sensitivity to is the lemon water. Have you (or any other reader) had a similar experience and what did you do for tooth sensitivity at the gum line, outside of crest sensitivity strip or toothpaste (which I’m not partial to, but they have allowed me to actually brush my teeth lightly the last few days). Thanks!

    1. Sita Avatar

      Do you rinse your mouth after drinking lemon water? This is important to do 🙂

  2. Lucy Avatar

    Why can’t you combine your oil pulling with the activated charcoal – swish with both the oil and charcoal? Is there a benefit that you know of of keeping them separate?

  3. Kim St.Germain Avatar
    Kim St.Germain

    Thanks for your inspiring story. I have a tooth that is almost all filled in from a sizable cavity, I could stick my tongue into it. Now it is barely detectable. I had stopped eating most chips, crackers, and less of the whole grain bread. I eat mostly food I make myself. I have recently added the cod liver oil capsules. I do eat plenty of organic butter, eggs, and raw milk, plus some coconut butter every day. I think that vitamin deficiencies are the root cause of tooth decay, mainly oil base vitamins A + D, and minerals. I feel that many of the processed foods and flavored drinks actually leach vitamins out of us. I also feel that many of our current health problems are due to this constant low level vitamin deficiency. Just the fact that we spend most of our time indoors under artificial lighting must compromise our vitamin D and thus calcium uptake. I have eaten very healthy for many years and have only recently experienced significant improvement in my teeth. There are so many lies fed to us about food and health that we need great vigilance in wading through all the deceptions. Simple and natural is the best way to go for foods, but some supplements are needed because of our current artificial life styles. It is nice to see this issue being explored and interesting to see what works best. Blessings!!! Kim

  4. Melissa Avatar

    I need to give oil pulling a try. Seems to always be a reason to put it off. I created a remineralizing charcoal toothpaste to help whiten and clean my teeth, so the oil pulling would be my next step. Thanks for sharing your routine.

  5. Nicola Angarola Avatar
    Nicola Angarola


    I wanted to know how i could use this plant in treating my gum disease (very sensitive due to receding gums) which has been treated by the dentist but still sore. At the moment, I have been gargling lukewarm water with salt after using several products available in the market. Please tell me the procedures and other options I could take, should it be fresh leaves or dry leaves?


  6. Kelly Avatar

    So, with oil pulling, drinking lemon water, etc, where would you fit in taking meds (ie, thyroid meds first thing in the am that require to be taken on an empty stomach)? I wouldn’t want oil pulling to take the meds as a toxin [well, okay, an unwanted toxin] and pull it out, nor would I want the lemon water to dilute it all and flush it out quickly before it got into the bloodstream well. Maybe that’s bad science on my part, but any thoughts/advice?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      Maybe between the oil pulling and lemon water… The lemon water is a fairly light flush (otherwise I would not do it everyday… It’s not healthy to do a prolonged heavy flush), and unlike something like chia seeds is not likely to dilute or absorb the medicine. Of course, you could always ask your doctor to double check and be safe about it.

  7. Julia Avatar

    I cannot make myself do the oil pulling, and I have a disease that causes the immune system to attack my mucus and moisture producing glands and membranes. Had read somewhere to mix coconut oil with a tiny amount of H2O2 and a drop of peppermint oil. Have you tried this?
    Thank you for all of your recipes and ideas!

    1. Elsa Avatar

      Hi Julia,
      Thank you for the recipe. My doctor is considering doing tests to diagnose me with Sjogren’s (I have the antibodies, some symptoms and I already have Hashimoto’s).
      If anyone knows any other recipe for the mouth for this condition or similar that contains natural ingredients and would help with oral health, please do post, it would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Deb Avatar

    I can’t stand the idea of swishing oil in my mouth for even 2 minutes. Can I skip this step? Also, how soon after drinking lemon water can I have coffee? Thanks!

  9. Dee Myers Avatar
    Dee Myers

    I think you are amazing and you do a great service for us out here in internet land! But your suggestions in this last post tell me that you do not work outside the home. To complete your suggestions daily are impossible for us who work 13 hr shifts in a toxic buildings
    (most health care workers). More realistic suggestions for working women and Moms would be appreciated.


    1. Rachel Avatar

      I’m sure Katie built this routine over time, not all at once and so it would be more habitual and easier over time. And a routine for a schedule like yours would look very different. I too have struggled a lot to find time to implement all the ideas for health I have for my family with work and all…. I will never do it all but I am excited when something works.

      It helps to find just one thing to implement for a week and then assess on a slower day I think- Like just putting a note on the mirror to try oil pulling.

      If I look at my calendar for when I will fit food in my life and write it down, that helps too- when I will grocery shop, when I will have time to plan out some meals or prep some sack lunch things to help in the rush to come (If there even is such a time that week. Some weeks just have to be ‘wing it’ weeks.)

      I have been able to add in some bone broth by finding a night I have the most time here and there and scheduling a whole chicken with salad and a veggie. After the meal, I take off any remaining meat to use later and freeze it if I won’t use it that week. I then throw the bones in the crock pot with salt and pepper, maybe some other things, overnight. In the morning I strain out the bones. Then I can put the broth in the fridge for later, or throw part of it back I the crockpot for a base for a soup for dinner. I try to make enough soup for leftovers for lunches. This took a lot of time the first time, but I am getting faster at it and it gives me a start on about 4 meals for the week!

    2. Ana Rose Avatar
      Ana Rose

      A lot of people work from home nowadays. My heart goes out to you regarding your 13 hour days in a toxic environment. I hope, assuming this is a problem for you, that down the road your life can become more conducive to healthful living! <3

  10. Guey Avatar

    Thank you for this! this post makes it a lot better and easier to figure out how I can start treating my teeth better!
    I was alway very strict with brushing 2 times a day and since I been having some issues with my teeth (inherited periodontal disease beginning stages) I am hoping this will help me to keep this at bay! Also I need to remineralized my teeth (my hubby also needs to keep his teeth in check… hes an ex-smoker).
    I really hope that this can help me with my oral health journey!

  11. Rob Avatar

    I can´t find calcium powder in my country. I have read that one can make a calcium supplement with dried powdered egg shells. Do you think egg shell powder could be used instead of calcium powder for this recipe?

    1. Rusti Avatar

      My son makes his own, boiled the organic egg shells, dry, then process into a powder (though still gritty to me:).

  12. Cara Avatar

    Thank you. It sounds like the oils to avoid while pregnant are OK in small amounts 🙂

  13. Ana Rose Avatar
    Ana Rose

    Thanks for another great post! Like some of your other readers, I am amazed by your daily routine. In fact, this doesn’t even cover it all…it would be neat if sometime you did an official “breakdown” of ALL the supplements you take (you’ve mentioned Astaxanthin, Vitamin D for Hashimotos, which I also have, Ubiquinol…none of which are listed here) and ALL the daily health-promoting activities you engage in (rebounding, dry brushing, etc.) in one comprehensive post. I trust and am trying to incorporate as much of your advice as possible and that would be so helpful!

    1. Jackie Avatar

      I second this! I would love to have a post about how you fit all of this into your day!

        1. Ana Rose Avatar
          Ana Rose

          Thank you for directing me there, I enjoyed that post very much!

          Incidentally, in addition to correcting dental decay and remineralizing teeth, TMJ can be resolved too! Through some cranial-facial exercises I was able to abandon my night guard about a year ago and my teeth look and feel great, not to mention my jaw 🙂

          1. Laura Avatar

            Ana do you have a link to those exercises? I’d love to get rid of my nightmare guard.

          2. Ana Rose Avatar
            Ana Rose

            Laura, I wish I could direct you to a link, but I actually developed the exercises myself. I recently skyped with a guy from Australia to teach him how to rehabilitate his jaw, but I’m realizing this one-on-one approach isn’t going to reach many folks. I am thinking about creating a simple website dedicated to this issue (as well as a slew of other health issues I’ve resolved, including SIBO, scoliosis, and hearing impairment) due to what I call “postural therapy” techniques. It’s been miraculous and liberating to keep these discoveries to myself! 🙂

            Nightmare guard – LOL!!!

    2. Alison Avatar

      Don’t forget that there’s also apparently time for

      a glass of water with sole in addition to the glass with lemon
      body brushing before showers
      a workout with kettlebells
      veggie smoothie with spirulina
      oil cleansing for the face
      water kefir
      elderberry syrup
      tart cherry juice for sleep
      gelatin gummies
      beet kvass
      rumble roller for back

      and probably a whole bunch more I can’t remember. Not just taking/doing the things, but making them. Plus the kids and the house. It’s almost like no human being could do it all.

      1. Wellness Mama Avatar

        You discovered my secret! I’m a robot Muhahahaha! Just kidding… I know it sounds daunting when you write it all out (which is why I hesitated to do so, even after years of people asking), but really, once all those snacks are made (and they spend the majority of their “cook time” in the over or fridge, because who has the time indeed?) they are just that: snacks. They take no more or less time than it would take someone to grab a bag of chips or a soda. Body brushing takes as log as my shower takes to heat up. And the workouts are intentionally quick. Again, so half of this stuff, it truly takes longer to write it out (or read it all) than it does to actually do.

        1. Lea Avatar

          And.. she took a baby step at a time. She is super intentional which is the #1 secret for any mom! Thanks Katie!

  14. Charity Shreve Avatar
    Charity Shreve

    Thanks for the post! I wondered what a day in the life of Wellness Mama looked liked. I am an attorney and the mother of four month old twin boys. I watch several hours of TV a day. I am thinking if I cancel my cable subscription, I should find the time for this routine. I am pretty sure I can also include some yoga and meditation.

    1. Pamela S. Avatar
      Pamela S.

      Love your idea to cancel your cable! I did and love all the time I have learning new things.

    2. Elisheba Avatar

      I have been seriously thinking about canceling my cable bill. And it feels good to see other moms out there which feel the same way.

  15. Terry Avatar

    Wow! Plus all the research and time you take to create a daily post for your blog and take care of 5 children! Maybe you are able to do this because you’re health gives you the energy! I hope I get there one day. I’ve been applying many of your recipes etc. and I must say my health IS getting better, so I am on my way.
    Thanks, Katy!

  16. Cara Avatar

    Hi Katie!

    Can we use the Otawellness blend if pregnant? There are some oils in the blend that are to be avoided during pregnancy…myrhh, cinnamon, etc. Maybe it’s okay since it isn’t ingested?

    Is oil pulling safe while pregnant too?

    Thank you!!

      1. Rachel brenner Avatar
        Rachel brenner

        I’ve had my cavities filled. Can reminders losing still be done with cavities that have already been filled?

        1. Rachel brenner Avatar
          Rachel brenner

          I’m sorry I had a typo in my last comment. My question was: can you remineralize your teeth that have cavities, but have already been filled?

  17. Alex Avatar

    Thanks for this post ! I’ve been wondering lately what you do to fit everything into your routine! Sincerely, Alexandra Sarka

  18. Jane Avatar

    That is quite a regimen. Do you have time for anything else? If so, how do you do it? I am 65, disabled. I could not even get all that done.

  19. Meghan Avatar

    Katie, your advice on tooth care (and really everything) has been so helpful to me and my family. I’ve got two questions – do you floss? And have you heard that homemade tooth powders can be abrasive? My dental hygienist was concerned it could be. Thanks!

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