How to Make Natural Toothpaste

How to make natural toothpaste

Since learning about how diet can drastically affect oral health and the need for minerals in the body for oral health, I’ve increasingly turned to homemade mineral-rich natural toothpaste options.

Why Use Natural Toothpaste?

I’m not a dentist or a doctor, just a mom who has tried a TON of different toothpaste options and read a TON of books and medical literature. I first started making my own toothpaste after getting frustrated that I couldn’t find a store bought brand that didn’t have questionable ingredients, including:

  • Sweeteners: Sorbitol, sodium saccharin and other artificial sweeteners are often used in toothpaste to improve taste, even though there is no evidence that these sweeteners are beneficial (or even safe) for use in the mouth. Xylitol has shown some positive benefits for oral health in some studies, but it remains a controversial ingredient in toothpaste.
  • Fluoride: The most controversial toothpaste ingredient. I personally have to avoid it like the plague because with my thyroid disease, I can’t take iodine in any form. Iodine is known to neutralize the affects of fluoride so it is easier for fluoride to build up in my body. Additionally, fluoride interferes with my thyroid hormone uptake. Our family doesn’t use fluoride toothpaste and we filter it out of our water, but there is definitely research on both sides. You can read Mark Sisson’s take here and Dr. Mercola’s opinon here. Whatever your opinion, fluoride does come with a warning to call the poison control center immediately if ingested and after seeing a close friend’s scare when her son ingested some fluoride, it isn’t something I keep in our house.
  • Triclosan: A chemical used in antibacterial soaps and products. Triclosan was recently found to affect proper heart function in a study at University of California Davis and the FDA is currently re-evaluating it for safety in human use.
  • Glycerin: Another controversial ingredient, glycerin is found in many toothpastes, especially natural toothpastes. Glycerin is a sweet, colorless liquid and some research says it can coat teeth and prevent them from benefitting from the minerals in saliva. I know that when I used glycerin toothpaste in college, my teeth started to yellow, but the research is still mixed on whether glycerin is harmful or not. Especially when I was working to remineralize cavities, I decided that it was better to just avoid glycerin.
  • Surfactants: Many toothpastes contain surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate, which gives toothpaste its foam and lather. Some research shows that SLS can cause mouth ulcers and canker sores.

Many toothpastes also contain artificial colors/dyes or synthetic flavors. There are a few good natural toothpastes out there, but after looking at the ingredients, I realized I could make a similar concoction at home… and the toothpaste experiment was born.

I admit, I had several failed attempts before I figured this recipe out. I originally tried mixing coconut oil and baking soda in equal proportions which makes coconut tasting salt. I also tried using pure ground stevia leaf, but my husband and kids couldn’t get past the green color.

Homemade Toothpaste ingredients

I finally made a concession to use stevia powder (the most natural one I could find) though I would like to try xylitol too, as it has some supposed benefits in dental health.

I finally found one recipe that tastes pretty good and that the kids don’t spit out!

Natural Toothpaste Ingredients

Natural Toothpaste Instructions

  1. Melt or slightly soften coconut oil.
  2. Mix in other ingredients and stir well. If using semi-hard coconut oil, use a fork, if not, use a spoon. If you are using completely melted coconut oil, you will need to stir several times while the mixture cools to keep the baking soda incorporated.
  3. Put mixture into small glass jar (I make different ones for each family member)
  4. Let cool completely.
  5. To use: dip toothbrush in and scrape small amount onto bristles. Could also use a small spoon to put on toothbrush.

Does Homemade Toothpaste Work?

Healthy natural homemade toothpaste recipeWe have been using this natural toothpaste for a while now, and it seems to work great. I’ve noticed less plaque when brushing our teeth, and my teeth feel smoother. I will keep you updated after our next dental checkups, but I have several friends who have used similar concoctions for years and never get cavities.

More Toothpaste Recipes

Since I originally wrote this post, I’ve created a few additional toothpaste recipes which are even easier to make! I still love this recipe, but you may also want to check out these:

Pre-Made Natural Toothpaste Options

If you don’t want to make toothpaste yourself, thankfully, there are several pre-made natural toothpaste options that are both effective and safe. Some of my favorites are:

OraWellness Brushing Blend

I use OraWellness Brushing Blend as an ingredient in many of my homemade oral health products, but I also just like using it alone. It is great for traveling, even for flying since it comes in a small bottle and since you only need a few drops, it lasts forever.

We also use OraWellness Bass Toothbrushes regularly at our house.


Earthpaste is another favorite at our house. The kids like the lemon flavor and my husband and I like all three mint options (cinnamon, peppermint and wintergreen).

I haven’t found it locally, so we buy a four pack online every few months.

Best Natural Toothpaste Options

What do you think? Up for making your own toothpaste, or is it too much? Tell me about it below!

Most tooth pastes are filled with unhealthy ingredients. Making your own natural toothpaste at home saves money and is healthier for your teeth and gums.

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Reader Comments

  1. wow. I’ll try making my own toothpaste. this is exciting.great post!

    • We have been using for about a week and love it, but are wondering a few things… How long does this last for? Also can you tell me what each product does for the teeth? Ex. baking soda-whitening

      • Baking soda has many parts to play. It is an acid reducer, mild abrasive, and it does reduce some of the stains..,slightly.
        I would recommend using Xylotol as the sweetener. It is a natural sugar that bacteria cannot digest so they die.
        The comment about Fluoride not shown to reduce decay is inaccurate. It has been shown from the 1800’s that it is effective. For adults the benefit comes from having the fluoride stay on the teeth.
        The Peppermint oil is for flavor and there are anti-microbial effects as well
        The Cocoanut oil is the binding agent to keep it all together on the brush.

        • Baking soda brightens but I do have a question…died it break down onrd teeth after time? Enamel? Tooth itself?

          • What’s the Myrrh oil for?

          • Toothpaste contains Silica a powder derived of granite – it in itself removes enamel.

          • I use straight baking soda when I had braces with no problem, I was 18 at the time and had them for 2 years. I started using straight baking soda since I was 16 because all sweeteners hurt my teeth. The taste takes a bit getting use to but well worth it. I haven’t had a cavity in over 30 years. I brush my teeth and floss morning and night. Flossing is must!

        • Xylitol actually isn’t natural…the sweetener you’re referring to anyways. The sweetener is processed using man-made chemicals so I actually think Stevia is the best sweetener to use if your trying to go for an all natural approach. Coconut oil has several beneficial properties for toothpaste rather than just holding the ingredients together. Coconut oil actually kills bacteria, freshens breath, and helps whiten teeth.

          • Hi , I love your site and have lived this sort of life for about twenty three years. Thanks for putting it all in one fun place to visit.
            About the toothpaste. I also make my own very similar to yours but with one important addition. I add activated charcoal to my blend. The paste is black and can create a little bit of a challenge when you notice you’ve missed a little while wiping your mouth (but not till you’ve been at work for a few hours walking around like you’re still cute).
            Love and wellness,
            Mama T

          • Do I need the Stevia?

        • I’ve heard that the fluoride coats your teeth, preventing your body’s ability to correct a cavity. I think a mineralization diet and proper toothpaste WITHOUT added fluoride would help the natural healing process.

          By the way, fluoride in itself is not bad. It is naturally present in spring water, but the powers that be add it in excessive amounts to toothpastes and most cities’ water supply, which does more harm than good.

          The Russians, as well as Hitler and his scientists, added fluoride to water in an attempt to breed docility and submissiveness in those who ingested it.

          • I think you need to do a little more research on fluoride there.
            The fluoride added to our water supply is the far, far from natural occouring fluoride. The stuff they put in our water supply is man made and can some time be from the phosphate fertilizer industry. Have a read of a book called Taking control of your health and escaping the sickness industry by Ellaine Hollingsworth – It’s a good read and educational.
            Fluoride is also toxic to human health no matter what way you slice the cake.
            It’s been noted that in the worlds oldest medical journal it’s a nwuro-toxin.
            I can’t remember the name of the guy but he has spent 27 or 37 years working for cancer research and came out publicly and said that it causes cancer faster then anything else. Something to thing about while all these 1st world countries has sky rocketing cancer rates!

          • it wasn’t fluoride that the Russians and Hitler added to the water to make the people more submissive it was chlorine still in wide use today as an antimicrobial in our water supply.
            love this recipe and can’t wait for more

          • And Those powers that be use their Sodium Fluoride which is a bi product of their nuclear and industrial waste . And Lynn it was indeed sodium fluoride that Hitler put in the drinking water… it lowers aggression and causes apathy. same reason our government is dumping into ours.

          • They dont use naturally occurring fluoride in toothpastes, bread , crackers , all processed foods pretty much . They use sodium fluoride from their industrial waste. So yes its bad very bad

        • What if the coconut oil is liquid cold pressed – not semi-solid at room temperature, but liquid.
          Do I add more baking soda until a paste is achieved [thus changing the recipe] or is it necessary to get semi-solid coconut oil?

          • I made this recipe today. I think 1/2 c of Cocnut oil is way too much!! I added about 10 or more TBS of Baking Soda and the same amount of Bentonite clay to make it have a paste texture.

          • I’m starting with this tonight, with a few minor modifications. How about a toothpaste that’s only coconut oil and baking soda? I don’t mind the salty taste, is it that important to add sweetener and essential oils? I keep the coconut oil in my fridge, it’s not liquid and I rather wouldn’t melt it in any way, I’ve found some Youtube tutorials where people simply mixed ingredients with a fork and put it on their toothbrush.

        • I have to say, there is not one study anywhere that is done by private researchers that can show that sodium fluoride has a positive effect on preventing cavities. Sodium fluoride is what they put in toothpaste and in drinking water. Natural fluoride in the Earth’s water supply is an inert “INERT” mineral called Calcium Fluoride. Calcium Fluoride does not attract and stick to the body, it passes through the body, does this make sense? Does anyone have any common sense? Sorry but Sodium Fluoride is a very, very, very toxic man made chemical that is highly reactive with the Human body. Sodium Fluoride is listed as being equal to mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium, in terms of toxicity. You would not brush your teeth with arsenic and lead would you? In the past, if you do a simple search, Sodium Fluoride had one purpose, it was called “Insecticide.” I am not trying to sound rude or arrogant, but this is all common knowledge now, and there is NO EXCUSE for not being aware of these facts. I see many smart people here who are aware!

          • Amen. After reading lots of negative things about fluoride I switched to a fluoride free paste. My wife thinks I’m crazy. My 2 year old son has fluoride free paste mainly because he likes to suck the paste off the brush. Personally I believe the best way to prevent cavities is in our diets. Cut out highly acidic and sugary foods and drink. Not by brushing our teeth with a highly toxic substance. I can’t wait to try this recipe for myself.

          • I quit taking my children to a particular dentist because she insisted on thickly pasting my children’s teeth with fluoride, i said my children don’t need this, and i don’t like its use, and my children have oats, often soaked in raw milk (which produces a natural fluoride/calcium nutrition boost) she said what good is that? I do not wish to use a dentist who has no true idea where natural, helpful fluoride comes from, or who tries to poison my children against my wishes. i have heard, although i have done little research on this, that there is enough fluride in an adult tube of toothpaste to kill a 6 year old! i am no scientist, but i did search out good nutrition facts about fluoride and calcium, and include these things in our diet.

        • Also, there is already fluoride in the drinking water, so you get plenty from just turning on your faucet!

    • Great recipe, except for the Stevia! Stevia has been used by native american, and south americans for centuries as birth control. It causes infertility. Just do a youtube search on stevia causes infertility.

      • So what organic natural sugar would you recomend? That is NOT manmade. Me and my boyfriend have recently got into the organic world and are trying to learn how to live this way because he has some major health problems and the Doctors want to chop his foot off, which we do not agree with. We need all the help we can get. We have done so much research. Thank you for your help. 🙂

    • I have been using this recipe for over 6 months now and had a beautiful dental appointment recently. My dentist asked if I was whitening my teeth and commented on the lack of plaque and tartar. I told him what I’ve been doing and he was actually shocked. He told new to continue what I’m doing! Thank you for this!

      • What is your recipe for the whitening of the teeth

        • Coconut oil whitens!

    • Made several kinds and all were great. I used cinnamon and Clove in the adult pastes and vanilla stevia and orange oils for the kids. They taste great, make your teeth look good and prevent bad breath even hours later. I now wake up w/o morning breath because the coconut oil inhibits the growth of bacteria.

    • Hello Wellness Mama,
      I use Toothpaste=
      Coconut oil
      Baking soda
      Peppermint oil
      Does it matter if the mixture goes into a liquid or is it best to keep it in the fridge?

      Filtered water
      Clove oil

      Body moisteriser:-
      I was trying to use:
      Coconut oil
      Essential Oils.

      Are these okay product ideas okay to use?
      Please advise?

      • I made a lotion with coconut oil, vitamin E, and essential oil. I’m going to try the toothpaste.

    • Anyone used this with braces?
      Just worrying if the baking soda might somehow loosen the brackets.

      • I use straight baking soda when I had braces with no problem, I was 18 at the time and had them for 2 years.

    • I make a similar paste, I did not add coconut oil but now do. I also use colloidal silver, rather than water. I also add food grade H2o2.

      I am a big fan of silver peroxide and use it to clean most things in my home.

  2. Great post! I’m a do-it-yourselfer so I’ll give it a try. It could save me a mint – no pun intended;)

  3. Is the myrrh extract safe during pregnancy? I can’t wait to try this out!

    • It should be safe in that small amount during pregnancy, but I’d leave that out just in case. An interesting note, when baby is born, myrrh is a great way to keep the umbilical cord clean until it heals.

  4. Where do you get the myrrh?

  5. I’m trying to go green by using eco-friendly products. Your homemade toothpaste is one of the best recipes that I’ve seen. The first homemade that I’ve known is baking soda with apple vinegar cider. My friends told me that this alternative is also effective in whitening teeth.

  6. I make my own toothpaste, and everything else I can. Love the toothpaste, love the body care stuff, love the cleaning supplies. 

    • hey, I read that you make “everything else”, and I would like to do everything I can to! So, do you have any blog or something so I can read your recepies?
      Thanks ;D

  7. why is there Castile soap in the picture?

    • The original recipe had 1 tsp of liquid castille soap, and it can still be added, I just prefer the updated version a little better.

  8. I just made this, but I didn’t have peppermint oil so I used citrus. I also put some cinnamon powder in to, because I didn’t have the oil and I figure it will still work well. It’s cooling and I can’t wait to see how well it works! Thank you so much for all your homemade cosmetics! These recipes are incredible. You are amazing. 

    • You are so sweet! Great idea on the cinnamon powder.

      • I just tried making this! is the consistency supposed to be watery? I assume it will get stiffer over time with the baking soda? I used wintergreen to give a spearmint flavor. I didn’t add the myrrh. Is that OK? Also I add more than 20 drops of flavor. It was just too bland for my 7 year old. I assume that’s OK too.!! thank you.

        • Debbie,

          PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL USING WINTERGREEN! The essential oil is very dangerous. Topically it is a very powerful and potentially useful analgesic but internally it can be poisonous, especially for children.

          “Ingestion can cause severe poisoning and death, lethal doses with children at 10 ml, adults at 30 ml.” (Guenther, Volume II, page 640, written around 1949)

          We use many essential oils at Island Thyme and have for many years. Wintergreen e.o. is unique. I would never say such a thing to alarm anyone, I just want you and your 7 yr old to be safe!

          • thank you so much. I had no idea. I have also been using orange but started with the wintergreen first since January and only have a little left. But I will remove it from the toothpaste and use another E.O. Truly appreciate you letting me know.. Debbie

  9. Doesn’t adding baking soda make this unnatural?  Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate is the chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3

    • Naturally occurring deposits of nahcolite (NaHCO3) are found in Green River Formation, Piceance Basin in Colorado.
      Nahcolite was deposited as beds during periods of high evaporation in
      the basin. It is commercially mined using in-situ leach techniques
      involving dissolution of the nahcolite by heated water that is pumped
      through the nahcolite beds and reconstituted through a natural cooling
      crystallization process. If it is naturally occurring it is natural.

  10. I’ve only read 1 of your blogs, this one about the natural toothpaste, and I’m absolutely in LOVE with the time, experimentation, sweat, tears – everything – you put into helping others! I’m going to follow in your footsteps and continue to be an excellent and natural role model for my friends/family. Thank you for doing all this research and sharing it with us! 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for the AMAZING website – I am in heaven and soaking everything up!!!!!  You said you would post an update of your family’s dental checkup, has that happened yet?!

  12. What is the purpose of the stevia powder?  Where do you get yours at?  Thanks 🙂

    • I’ve used actual stevia leaf from mountain rose herbs and a powdered version from amazon with no added ingredients… It just makes it sweeter and cancels out some of the bitterness of the baking soda

      • I have stevia leaf, also, so how much stevia leaf would I need for this recipe?

      • Could you use xylitol instead of stevia.. I’ve heard this is also good for teeth?

  13. Just made it today and we all love it, thx for the recipe.

  14. Why coconut oil and stevia? Could you just use baking soda and peppermint oil? I have also heard of adding xylitol,, 

  15. I’ve found this to be very good. I have used my recepie like this for 15 years.
    I crush up Calcium complete tablets that have Calcium, Vit D, Boron, magnesium ETc.
    Mix is 4 teaspoons Calcium powder, 1 teaspoon Baking Soda, 2 teaspoons Olive oil, 1/4 teaspoon of Colloidal minerals and 5 drops of oregano Oil and 10 drops of peppermint oil. No receding gums, Tartar or caries.  With the Calcium tablets as the base its a mineralizing toothpaste and is very effective. I dont add salt as that is to abrasive. The olive oil softens plaque. Read up on oil pulling with oil.

  16. Hi there wellness mama,
    I just wanted to say that another great way to keep your teeth clean without toothpaste or toothbrushes is by using a twig called miswak. It whitens teeth and removes plaque better than any toothbrush plus it benefits other parts of your body like your eyes, it’s amazing.

    • Hello! I just came across this product on ebay. I was wondering what it was… 🙂

    • Now that might be an idea… I allways get really sore gums after teeth brushing, and sometimes even bleed, even if I only brush twice a day, with the softest brush I can find! it’s quite upsetting… I don’t really know if it’s related to the toothpaste though…

      • Do you floss daily? I had similar issues and I was only flossing once a week (due to the sensitivity). I increased to daily flossing and not only do my teeth feel amazing but I have zero bleeding or soreness. This whole time I was avoiding it because of the bleeding and it was what my body needed.

        • Oh wow, I’ll try that! I was avoiding it for the exact same reason, and only flossing once or twice a week. That could explain it…

      • When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned?

        • It was about a month ago now, I had a dental appointment. I actually forgot to ask him about it because it hasn’t been so bad lately.

          • Yes. Floss EVERY day. I had the same problem, my dentist said just floss everyday and in a few weeks it should be better. In two weeks no more bleeding and my teeth feel so much cleaner. Its the excessive acid/plaque build-up in between teeth which brushing doesn’t seem to get, that causes the most damage!
            I have been oil pulling with coconut oil for the last week and I can tell such a difference. Better breath, and feels so much cleaner!
            Broke into the world of homemade taxables with laundry detergent (Thanks Mama for that recipie) and now on a mission to make it all!! Can’t wait to try this toothpaste!


  18. Wellness Mama! You are brilliant! I have recently committed myself to a (somewhat) strict cosmetics diet. My friend had a rule of thumb as a skin therapist, “If you can put it on your face, you can put it in your mouth.” Of course, she was referring to how it is O.K. to use St. Ives hand cream on chapped lips, when really it’s the reverse, i,e, I wouldn’t put commercial hand cream in my mouth, therefore I should not put it on my skin. Anyways, I have made the switch and feel great! We owe it to ourselves to put in the extra effort to make our own, safe, healthy, personal-hygenic products (not to mention save Money!) Your deoderant works better than any commercial one I have ever tried, I will note. rock on !!

    • I believe the saying is,” If you can put it in your mouth, you can put it on your face….” which is a great standard to live by. I agree about the deodorant…I used to need clinical strength deodorant and even that stopped working on me. I am amazed by how well the coconut oil and arrowroot/cornstarch and baking soda work. I am fresh and dry. I love it!

  19. I love your site and plan to make a lot of things at home now! I was wondering if the peppermint oil is safe to use during pregnancy? Thank you!

    • Ask your doc or midwife to make sure, but I use it during pregnancy…

      • Sorry I am late to respond. I was using the Orawellness oil blend with the Bass toothbrush- I am now pregnant and I have kept using it but I am nervous about it. Have you used this during any of your pregnancies?

        • I have used it during pregnancy but check with a doc or midwife if you are concerned.

          • Yes, I had planned on it. I just love to hear what others do when it comes to natural living. You’re site is informative and I love reading it.

  20. Is 1 “small packet” of stevia (about 1 tsp)?

  21. I have a 9 month old baby girl. What would you suggest for her? I love your website by the way!

      • I’ve been reading that it’s not good for babies to swallow the baking soda. I have a 10mo old I’d like to make this for…was that not a concern for you? Just curious if I should be worried about that. Or if I should omit the baking soda until I know he won’t swallow it.

  22. sounds interesting.. may try it.. just wondering.. how is the condition of ur teeth now ? 🙂 if its any good i wouldn’t mind trying this just for the health of my teeth !

    • They are great! No cavities in a couple of years, and one remineralized that I had but never filled…

      • haha great ! do you use any mouthwash though ?

  23. I didn’t have any stevia, so I decided to try manuka honey instead as I have used it in other toothpaste recipes. I just added it to the coconut oil as I was melting it and then added the peppermint and cinnamon. It smells soo good! I’ll let you know how the honey works out. 🙂 p.s. thank you so much to posting this recipe. My last one had no coconut oil and used 8 tbsp of baking soda with nothing for sweetner. So I’m looking forward to trying this one out! 🙂

    • Did the honey substitution work? I have fluid raw wildflower honey and solid raw honey.

  24. Can i use erythritol insteadof stevia or xylitol? Will it work the same?

    • I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure…

  25. so I just did this (didn;t use myrrh nor grapefruit seed extract oil (only eucalyptus oil) and varied the ratio of coconut oil and baking soda a bit… my reaction: it’s strange at first because it’s something new, naturally. but once i was done i liked how my mouth felt. it wasn’t overwhelmingly minty (maybe i should add more eucalyptus) but it felt downright clean. oh i also added a bit of hydrogen peroxide to the mix too. the saltiness of the baking soda is sooo weird to brush with, but after it’s all rinsed out, the mouth feels quite pleasant. i’m never buying regular toothpaste again unless it’s a crazy emergency, and even then i’ll just get my hands on some baking soda by itself and brush with that. thanks for this!

  26. Can you recommend a good fluoride water filter? I’m just learning about the effects of fluoride and I have an 11 mo old! Eek!

    • Reverse osmosis and adding minerals back in is one option and a lot of people love the Berkley

      • I have had acne around my mouth and face for several years. I believe a major contributor is that i have been using regular toothpaste like colgate to clean my teeth and freshen breath. I now want to change my routine, make my own paste and se if that helps my skin.
        I believe that an all naural toothpaste would help me so much.
        I cant wait to give it a try

    • Definately a good quality Reverse Osmosis system, we have had one for about 8 years now and it’s still going strong. I have never been able to drink tap water as it makes me really sick so that was the main reason for getting one but then our town water became heavily fluoridated and ever since then we have to get our filter cleaned every 6 months – 1 year and just seeing how dirty it gets in that time and what it actually stops from getting through is reward enough. We are now looking into getting a filter for the shower too, Good luck 🙂

  27. I have tried baking soda, almond oil, and peppermint oil and I HATE IT. it’s too salty, is this recipe salty?

    • It’s the baking soda that tastes salty.

      • One could always use bentonite clay in place of the baking soda. I can’t use the baking soda in toothpaste as it irritates my mouth. I do use it in water for a simple mouthwash, though, and it doesn’t bother me.

  28. I love making my own but my 11year-old thought it was to stiff…. so i whipped it up in the kitchen aid and it was amazing!

  29. Thank you for the great recipe! I’ve been using it for a few months now and really like it. I like the taste of the peppermint oil and stevia.

    • I made this and it did not turn out well. It was really thick and seemed to separate, what did I do wrong?

  30. My daughter is 18 months and still swallows her toothpaste. Is this safe for her to swallow?

  31. This looks awesome, but I’m allergic to coconut (and a lot of other things), and would love to try making my own toothpaste. Do you have any recommendations for possible substitutes?

    • Any kind of oil could work, you’ll just need less of it if you use a liquid oil.

  32. I loved this until it completely liquified during our first warm day this week! Is this inevitable, or do you have any suggestions? Thank you!!

    • You can add more dried ingredients, but that is the one problem with this…

      • Thank you for replying:) This might be a winterly commitment! Love the blog!

        • i too found it runny and just an outright mess (but loved loved loved it), especially being in south louisiana in july. so i added baking soda until it was…well, paste. success.

          so i whipped up another batch and used equal parts oils (essentials and coconut) and baking soda. still runny so i just did as before and added baking soda until it pasted, poured into a honey squeeze bottle and score!! thank you wellness mama!!

      • Where I live, we don’t have indoor heating in winter. Coconut oil becomes hard as a rock. Will the toothpaste become unusable? I’m really keen to try this but don’t want to struggle with having to melt the toothpaste before we brush our teeth every day.

  33. I was wondering, how often do you use your ‘remineralizing toothpaste’ vs this natural toothpaste? And/or if you can combine them, because the recipe is very similar. Thank you, you really are amazing! Thanks for all that you do and share with the rest of us! 🙂

    • You can combine them but I use the remineralizing one all the time now…

  34. I want to try to make homemade toothpaste but before I invest in all the oils would it be OK to use just the coconut oil baking soda and then peppermint extract?
    Do the essential oils and stevia have cleaning power or are they just flavorents?

  35. Excellent !!!! My husband and I love it!!! We started using this recipe and it works great!!! Thanks so much for your tips

  36. I just made this minus the essential oil, grapeseed extract or myrrh because I didn’t have any. :). I used cinnamon powder as someone suggested below. It’s more runny then I expected so I’m sure I did something wrong lol. I have so many recipes written down, just waiting to go to Whole Foods. I’m proud of my first concoction, even if it is runny. :). Thanks Katie for all your awesome info! Oh I forgot, I did start us on the Oil Cleanse Method so I guess this is my second concoction!

  37. Can anybody explain the difference between grapefruit seed extract and grapefruit seed oil please?? I have read some bad things about extract and want to make sure I order the right thing. Thank you

  38. Hello and thanks so much for your website! I’ve used many of your recipes, but this is the first time I’ve left a comment. I’ve made this toothpaste a few times and the last two times, I’ve stored it in a plastic BPA-free squeeze bottle to make it easier for my son to shake it to re-mix it before applying it to his toothbrush. I made it a couple of days ago and this morning, there was something “dark” at the bottom of the bottle that I’ve never seen before. Of course, we are no longer using it, but could this possibly be mold? I’ve never had this issue before and I’m wondering if the bottle is the culprit. I wash them before re-using, but I’m not sure that matters. I guess I’ll go back to our little glass jar and spoon to stir before using.

    • I”ve never heard of mold in this recipe, but it is possible I suppose…

  39. How long does the mixture keep? Conventional toothpaste can last
    indefinitely, but since this is a natural product I’m assuming it’s not
    the same…

    • I’ve had mine last up to six months but haven’t had any that I haven’t used by then to test past that…

      • Ok, thanks for the tip and the post. I’m currently trying to remineralize a tooth that’s previously had root canal work on it. They told me that the tooth’s nerve is dead and I wouldn’t have any sensation in it. That clearly has not been the case so I really don’t want to invest another $1500-2300 to repair the tooth if the dentist just making a best guess anyway (which is what it seems like). I’m so happy to have come across this concept of tooth remineralization. I have never heard of it before and it is so empowering to know that I have some control over my health & well-being.

  40. I love all the ingredients in the toothpaste (especially the coconut oil) for all of their many various uses. However, I was wondering if using baking soda daily on teeth is enamel safe? Thanks for your input!

    • Yep.. it actually has a very low abrasivity rating and is used in many toothpastes…

  41. Baking soda damages the enamel if used too strongly (like people using it to bleach their teeth), so beware 😉

    Also, fluor isn’t necessarily bad. It’s even good to get it as a kid to get strong teeth and everything. BUT only if it’s not already in your diet (and many storebought food contains a lot of fluor)

  42. Is it possible to replace the cinnamon essential oil with cinnamon powder?

  43. Is it possible to replace the cinnamon essential oil with cinnamon powder? _

  44. Is this safe for kids as young as two?

  45. i travel frequently and have not had any luck finding a suitable container that won’t leak. i’ve tried several different types with no dice. i also notice that if i fill the one in my cabinet to full, it seems to “creep” out and make the jar difficult to open. any suggestions….

    • I use canning jars… the smallest one for travelling.

  46. Can I sub the stevia packets for stevia extract? If so, how much do I add? Thanks so much!

  47. Hallo
    Your home remedy sounds great but my gut cannot tolerate coconut products is there a substitute ? Thanks.

  48. love this!

  49. I used to use plain baking soda. What is different in mixing it with coconut oil? Thank you

  50. Can I please ask why the last 2 ingredients are optional? Do they only provide a better tasting natural toothpaste & no benefit to healing the teeth?

  51. Thanks for this! I’ve been reading recipes for this for a while but haven’t found any I felt “safe” with. I do have a question though, what is the seed extract and myyrh for? Taste or does it help clean?

  52. Just tried making my own natural toothpaste for the first time tonight! I did – coconut oil, baking soda, & peppermint EO. The coconut oil & baking soda keeps separating though and it’s very runny. Should I just add more baking soda? Or is there something else I should do?
    Also, just made the coconut oil & baking soda deodorant, excited to use it! I had been just using coconut oil under my armpits but recently started noticing an odour (I’m in Thailand right now…sweating a bit more than usual haha)

  53. any update on this?

  54. I made this today and could not wait to test it out. The moment I began brushing my gums began to sting. As the mixture touched my lips, they began to burn and dry out.
    Once I was done, it appeared as though my gums had receded and my lips were extremely dry and wrinkly.
    Anybody else experience this? Not sure if it is the expected result?

    • You may be experiencing a sensitivity to baking soda, try using less. Or you can use powdered xylitol instead of stevia and baking soda. It will add the slight abrasiveness needed as well as neutralizing the ph in your mouth, thus eliminating the need for baking soda all together. I’d use about 5-8 tablespoons per 1/2 cup of coconut oil, depending on desired taste as it will sweeten the toothpaste.

  55. I will give this a try for the sake of the rest of the family. I’ve been making coconut oil based soap for brushing, which is very healthy for the teeth and gums, but can be harsh if using more than a small amount. The wife and kids don’t like it. The taste is also, well, soapy if there are no additives. I prefer salt as the added ingredient, but menthol crystals seem to work as well.

  56. Is stevia used just to effect flavor or is there another reason for it?

  57. The first couple of days my toothpaste remained the way it was, gel- solidify texture, but after that it just melt overnight even after I store it back in the fridge, I think someone said use glycerin in order to maintain the toothpaste solidified texture? This might be obvious but would it work the same by tipping the toothbrush in the pool of oil and just brush instead of trying to get it to the solidified again? But in that case I don’t think the mixture of baking soda and coconut oil would be even in the solution I’ll be dipping in. Also is anyone having gum bleeding issue with using that? Maybe it’s something I have to adjust to, brush softer, but it’s normal right?

  58. is this more expensive to make then to buy regular store bought toothpaste?

  59. i did this but with only coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint oil. after getting used to the taste it works amazing!

  60. Help! Since a few months ago I use this recipe: coconut oil, bicarb, turmeric and a little olive oil. This morning I noticed that the tips of my front teeth are much whiter than the rest of the tooth, google says it’s a sign of enamel loss! 🙁 I really don’t want to go back to chemical toothpaste. Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do to make sure my natural toothpaste isn’t harming my enamel? I’m very worried, please help.

  61. Hi, I was curious if the kind of coconutnoil mattered? Like cold press, extra virgin or regular. Thanks!

  62. I saw some other mamas ask this question but didn’t see an answer. I have a 16 month old and he swallows his toothpaste still so I was wondering if this is safe for him to use? Thanks!

  63. I found myrrh essential oil at Sprouts. Is that close enough? What’s the purpose of the myrrh extract? I’m excited to try this, thank you!

  64. May I ask where you purchase the stevia packets and which ones? Or how you use the stevia leaf from Mountain Rose. Thanks!

  65. Ahm, can I put banana or banana peel as one of the ingredients in making homemade toothpaste? We’re having a research and I chose to examine the effectiveness of banana/banana peel as one of the ingredients of whitening toothpaste. Is it possible for me to do my research using banana? And can you help me to identify what ingredients I need for me to be able accomplish my research? I badly need your help. Hope you’ll help me as soon as you read my comment.

  66. I love this! However, I have a bottle of peppermint flavored Stevia in liquid form. I think I’ll use it to flavor the toothpaste, since I’ve already got it on hand. I found it at Sprouts, and I use it to flavor my tea normally. It gives an extra mint punch and a sweetness that I don’t find overpowering. I rarely use honey in my tea anymore, unless I’ve got a sore throat!

  67. In response to many of you out there that have problems with bleeding gums and sensitivity to some toothpastes the baking soda in this toothpaste will help with that. It is the best thing for people with gum disease and prevention (aside from regular dental check-ups.) Gum disease is completely preventable. It’s like this when you take a shower you wash all of your body right not half (b/c that would be silly)? The same principle applies to cleaning your mouth. When you brush and do not floss in your routine you are only cleaning half of your mouth. Also many commercial toothpastes contain SLS in them and can cause apthous ulcers in the mouth. I am super excited to try this recipe and love this website. Thank you.

  68. Hello Wellness Mama!
    What is the stevia for, exactly? Just the taste? Thanks!

  69. I tried to make a recipe similar to this but couldn’t get past the baking soda taste and I used stevia liquid drops as that’s what I had on hand and even after 28drops it was still terrible. Is it suppose to be like that and i just adjust to the taste through persistence or am I doing something wrong. Someone told me you could also just brush with coconut oil. Have you heard this is beneficial on its own?

    • Hi,I use a mix of unrefined coconut oil,sea salt and baking soda.It works great,feels like coconut flavored toothpaste.Hope my feedback helps.

  70. My wife and I have been making a similar recipe for a couple of weeks now, and it was awful! I had not thought of peppermint or cinnamon oil! Superb idea! Thank you for saving out gag reflex!!!

  71. I have the same question as someone else, and I didn’t see an answer. Is it safe for toddlers to swallow?

  72. Hi, When I was a kid,my mum would give all her 3 children a whole body massage, every weekend, using pure unrefined coconut oil. Since this kind of oil is getting rare, I made my own, smells great, just like in the old days. Also started making toothpaste with the oil,sea salt,untreated wood charcoal and sodium bicarbonate in different proportions to suit the whole family but with the nice coconut flavor. Works great and makes the effort worthwhile.

  73. This is a great recipe: one may want to add some bentonite clay. It has a silky texture and it promotes a healthy Ph level in the body.

    • Indeed, whatever feels good and does good for the skin should make us feel good.

  74. Why not Xylitol instead of Stevia? It’s been shown to help with decay…

  75. Hi I made a mixture of 2tbl spoon coconut oil, 6tea spoons bicarb, 1/4 tea spoon hydrogen peroxide 3% and a few drops of peppermint the first day was strange but good teeth felt clean but second day and my gums are realy stinging 🙁 any ideas? Thanks x

    • Hi,I add one new ingredient at a time.For example.I started with one part cold pressed homemade coconut oil and one part sea salt.This is my basic toothpaste.The following week,I add one part or less baking soda and so forth.Adding untreated wood charcoal is great once in a while,in fact each of us can have one or many personalized tooth pastes to suit our mood or time available. This works for me and I always look forward to the coconut flavor.Will give the mint a try some day.

  76. Hi there, I used the recipe as it was orginally published (coconut oil, baking soda, stevia, peppermint) and it made my toothbrush all oily and hard to handle. worse – I got bugs! tiny little ones all inside my toothbrush holder and spilling into the sink. I did a major wash with every chemical I’m against (and replaced the toothbrush) and no bugs. I’d love to give this natural toothpaste recipe another try, but do not want to get bugs again.

  77. I’m going to try this tonight except I don’t have stevia or myrhh oil but, I do have clove essential oil which I’ve heard is good for teeth.

  78. I also added charcoal. It removes the toxins. I also use Nano Silver Spray as mouth wash. Both products is awesome to have around the house and is affordable.

  79. Well, please have a look at my recipe :
    – Coconut oil
    – Sea salt
    – Baking soda
    – Peppermint essential oil
    – Glycerin

    Can I use this as a body srub ? Thank you.

      • But I’m not sure about the quantity of each ingredient, could you give me an advise. Though I added just 1 coconut oil : 3 baking soda, it still tastes like salt even before I added sea salt 🙁

      • But I’m not sure about the quantity, though I added 1 coconut oil : 3 baking soda, it tasted salt even before I added sea salt ??? Could you give me some advice on the recipe ?

  80. Hi
    Ppeppermint essential oil – does it have to be food grade or can it be the type used in aromatherapy ?

  81. Could this be made in a larger quantity and then store in the freezer so it wouldn’t go bad? I am about to leave home for college so I won’t have all of the supplies but I don’t want to give up my homemade toiletries! Thanks for the recipes and the help!

    • I don’t see why that would hurt it. Go for it! Congrats on going to college, I hope you have a great experience, and kudos for taking your healthy lifestyle with you!

  82. can I replace Stevia whit another think because I cant find in my country ?

  83. Do you have a suggestion of where i can get these ingredients? Thanks!

  84. I can’t use baking soda. What alternative is there for that?

  85. Couldn’t get passed the green color? What!?

  86. Hi I’m new to your website but I absolutely love all your homemade beauty products!
    I was just wondering about the toothpaste, I’ve just made it using the coconut oil, baking powder and peppermint essential oil because I can’t find any of the other ingredients here in Scotland. But I’ve read a lot that baking powder is abrasive to the teeth enamel? So is it safe to use this toothpaste everyday without damaging my teeth?

    Thank you, Holly

  87. Wonderful post. I definitely am going to try this. Another little known fact about fluoride. .. it’s going to sound crazy and far fetched but it is also used a mind control substance. Before making accusations and calling me nuts do a little research and you will be shocked. Be blessed everyone!

  88. I’ve been using this homemade toothpaste for over a year and we love it! My children’s dentist is always so surprised that we don’t use fluoride and refuse fluoride treatments but somehow their teeth are so healthy:) who’d of thought:)

  89. Hey Katie, love this article and I’m a big proponent of DIY toothpaste. However, Grapefruit Seed Extract has a pH of 2.2 to 2.7, making it highly acidic and I worry about the damage this can have on teeth. Granted, mixing it with baking soda can neutralize the pH but I would recommend DIY toothpaste makers to test the pH of it and ensure the paste is above a pH of 7. Thanks for the great article!

    • Thanks for the input. It’s actually a topic I’ve been researching and will be writing a followup post on soon.

  90. Hello Katie. I made some toothpaste with exact ingredients but i just dont like the oily feel in my mouth. Am i using the wrong coconut oil. It’s an all natural organic virgin coconut oil a Now Food brand. Can you recommend a less oily paste? Thanks

  91. How much is ” 2 small packets of stevia powder”?… I really don’t know as I usually buy a big packet of 500grs. How long will this last? Can I keep it in the bathroom or should I put it in bridge?

    Thanks! 🙂

  92. Should it dissolve in your mouth and liquefy or should it remain a paste? Mine dissolves and that is throwing me off.

    • Mine liquifies. It’s the coconut oil… and it’s normal.

  93. I am allergic to coconut oil and was wondering if there is a good substitute.

  94. Careful, Xylitol is 100x more toxic to dogs than dark chocolate! I found that out the hard way, I let one of my dogs lick the bottom of a bowl of cereal I had sweetened with a teaspoon of xylitol, an hour or so later she was having seizures, lethargic, and almost didn’t make it, and this was a 120 pound dog! Even just a tiny bit can kill!

  95. Has anyone consulted a dentist on the use of these ingredients or their efficacy? Why the harsh departure from fluoride? Where are you doing your research? If you are basing your “toothpaste” off anything but literature from the American Dental Association, American Medical Association, or the National Institute of Health then you are misleading people. I am a dentist and my 103 year old grandmother has been using commercial toothpaste her entire life and (with excellent dental care) she has maintained 28 teeth (no wisdom teeth). I dislike people touting natural remedies when they have no research to support their claims. Eat organic foods, be active, be kind to the environment, and stay educated, but listen to your healthcare professionals.

    • Simple reason, I can not stand mint without getting sores in my mouth… most toothpaste have them, besides that fluoride, is synthetic ingredients are tested on animals, I am against using animals, besides that swallowing fluoride is bad for you… they forbid in many countries fluoride in the water, Here in Peru where I am, they put it even in the salt… I want non fluoride toothpaste for my baby-girl who swallows it… In Peru, and while traveling I can hardly find any vegan, non tested products, so making it myself is the only option.
      When I used fluoride toothpaste I had many many problems with my teeth.

  96. I want to try to use this recipe with some modifications in a project and I want to know if the recipe has much of an aftertaste before I buy any of the ingredients.

    • I just tried it and it didn’t leave an aftertaste, just feels fresh!

    • I have a couple question on this, I think I may have used a little too much baking soda because it tasted salty. Can I warm it up again to bring it to liquid state and add more stevia and or oils? Also, can wintergeen oil be used? For the cinnamon one, I have cinnamon bark oil…will that work?

  97. Am I the only one who had tooth aches as a result of this? I used the organic coconut oil, baking soda, sea salt and peppermint essential oil. On day 2 one tooth started getting sensitive to hot/cold food. Day 2 I had a previous crown from several years ago suddenly start hurting to the point I couldn’t even touch it. It eventually started hurting up to my eyes. I started applying Thieves essential oil and taking high dose ibuprofen. All the while I was still using the coconut oil toothpaste. The pain started subsiding from the first 2 tooth aches when on day 4 a different tooth all together started hurting. Is this related toothpaste related to oil pulling? Sure sounds like it may be. I am laying off coconut toothpaste for a while. I don’t want aching teeth.

    • This is exactly what happened to me. Have you gotten any better?

  98. I am concerned that the oil is not good for my drains. In the oil pulling segment, you say to spit it in the trash. Thats hard to do when you are brushing your tooth.

  99. I made this months back, in the beginning it was awesome! like coming straight from the dentist. My kids even used it cuz they loved how much it made it there teeth feel clean, they did his without sweetener!

    But after a few week I felt like the cleanly feeling just peeked and it didn’t feel as awesome anymore. And my teeth actually were feeling rough and stripped. At the same time my friend who I recruited to start using this toothpaste had the same experience and she started researching it. Turns out your not supposed to use the baking soda daily. Its too harsh and strips your enamel. As was happening to us. So I am still on the hunt for a different recipe.

  100. Hi, thanks so much for this recipe. I’ve been using it for a while now and I really love it. I’m just wondering if you could add bentonite clay to this recipe and if so, how much? Thanks

  101. I have therapeutic grade peppermint oil. Is that okay to use in the toothpaste even though it is not food grade? Is there that big of a difference?

    Thank you!

    PS-I have made your lotion bars and deodorant and am so thankful for your site!

  102. Help!
    Mine came out watery. what should I do to get a toothpaste consistency?

  103. This might be a really stupid question, but say you steep organic peppermint tea and you the liquid you get instead of peppermint oil. Would that still be effective? Mostly I want to make cinnamon toothpaste and organic cinnamon oil is outrageous in price.

    • That steeped tea could harbor bacteria and probably wouldn’t be the best option, but you can leave the oils out.

  104. Is this toothpaste safe for a 2 year old to use, in case it is swallowed?

  105. Hi !
    Thank you very much for your recipe ! I’ll try it this week !
    I was wondering, can you prepare severals jars, how do you keep them, and how long ?
    Do you have a special way to wash your teeth with this recipe for it to completely usefull ?
    Thank you!

  106. what about using Ongurad EO from Doterra in the mix? the can add the peppermint and even lemon for whitening? just wondering ur thoughts on that

    • I don’t see why not, provided it is safe for internal use. I might double check on that first, but if it is safe, go for it!

  107. do you have to use the essential oils in this diy toothpaste???

  108. I have been using homemade toothpaste (baking soda+coconut oil+peppermint) for about 4 months now. I think it’s amazing, my teeth is whiter, my plague is reduced and I prefer it over any other toothpaste that now just seems too sweet for my liking! 🙂

    However I read that baking soda used on your teeth daily is not good and should be used only 2-3 times a week. Is it correct???

    PS. I love your facebook page with loads of great advise.

  109. Would you be able to add a few drops of tea tree oil? What are your thoughts on using ground coconut palm as a natural sweetener?

  110. Any specific brand of baking soda to use or will Arm & Hammer work just fine? Thanks.

  111. I made this recipe almost a month ago. And now I see mold growing on the toothpaste… Where did I go wrong? What is the shelf life? How do I store it?

    • I have some discoloration in mine too. Does it go bad…anyone? All I put in min3 is baking soda, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil.

  112. I have made my own toothpaste with a recipe similar to this, but I use equal parts coconut oil (or twice as much if the texture is weird), baking soda and calcium/magnesium powder, and a tad bit of sea salt. I use Natural Calm orange flavor and then add peppermint essential oil to taste! Makes a great toothpaste and I just had a teeth cleaning and my doctor said no cavities! Whereas the last dentist I went to (a couple years ago, oops) said I had the starting stages of some cavities and gum disease.

  113. I have been thinking about trying an all-natural toothpaste for a while. You mentioned that you would update on dental checks? I am very cautious about cavities for I have yet to have one…

  114. buenas dias, if anyone is listening, I use non fluoride toothpaste, I am a dentist, with patients of course regular services with fluoride for one is a law, I am gonna try this I live in Mexico so some of these products aren’t sold here, I have coconut iol I brought from USA, some others gonna look around, yes, does this help enamel and various parts of the tooth in dental world, is a cleaning agent her toothpaste came up with, if you are into natural products give it a try recommended Nick in mexico

  115. Thank you for all the ideas and recipes you share on your site! I’ve been trying out many of these recipes over the last few months, and it is satisfying knowing my family is using safer products! I just made your diy toothpaste yesterday. My youngest likes it (almost 3yo), but my older 3 kids were not a fan. It turned out tasting pretty salty, and is a stark change from their manufactured “tooth candy” that they have been used to. I want to play with it a little by adding more coconut oil and stevia (at least for a transition for them to get used to the new taste/texture) but am wondering about the use of the cinnamon EO. I used about 20 drops already, and it isn’t very cinnamon-y. I am brand new to using EO’s, and am having trouble finding out about how much is safe, especially for children. Do you have a resource you could share that could help me gauge how much cinnamon EO is safe in this recipe?

  116. I am a sufferer of “Burning Mouth Syndrome”
    Last week I started on my natural toothpaste.
    ×2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
    x1 Teaspoon Sodium Bicarbonate (Pure Baking Soda)
    ×8 Drops Peppermint Oil
    Is this basic toothpaste blend beneificial?
    Would you recommend any variations?
    Thank you for your reply 🙂

  117. can i add some ingredient to make the taste sweet?such as honey?

  118. My wife and I love the recipe; except I use spearmint instead of peppermint; which she isn’t fond of. The problem I would like help with is how do you keep the baking soda from settling to the bottom. I set my pint jar in hot water this time; added and mixed the infredients; then moved it to ice water while continuing to mix. Still seems to seperate out though. Any thought would be appreciated. And did I mention that we LOVE the toothpaste; even with the seperatio

  119. Try adding clove essential oil to the mix of baking soda, coconut oil, stevia/xylitol (birch based, not corn), and charcoal (food grade).

  120. Can I leave out the stevia? And just use baking soda and coconut oil?

      • can u please reply to me, it is important if u dont mind help me out. can u please tell me exactly what kind of coconut oil do u use for this toothpaste or it dont matter? is it cooking coconut oil? coldpressed? unrefined? or it doesnt matter which kind i use?? what kind please but mainly i want to know is it cooking coconut oil?

        • I use unrefined organic coconut oil for everything

          • and if u dont mind can u tell me how long will that tooth paste last? do i have to refrigerate it?

  121. I just wanted to thank you for you blog and the “secrets” and recipes you share with us. You blog is really a treasure. I’ve tried this formula, and I really love it!! That’s a real good replacement for the conventional tooth paste. Thanks a lot!!!

  122. I make a similar paste for brushing my dogs teeth. I do not use baking soda for hers. I use coconut oil, cinnimon, turmeric, powdered vitamin c and a touch of raw local honey. Every time I take her to the vet he comments on how great her teeth look and she just turned 11. She does get raw bones and chicken necks to but I think the toothpaste does most of the work since her teeth are noticble clean after brushing . Added benifit she can’t get enough of the paste she loves the taste which makes brushing easy. The turmeric helps with inflammation in the gums and of course the rest of her as she ingests it.

  123. Which one of the tooth recipes would I use 2x a day, daily for me and my family? Paste…remineralizing…whitening….there are so much recipes here and now that I’m brave enough to finally make one…I’m not sure which one to make since there’s so many variations. Thanks!

  124. Does the essential oils just provide flavor to make it palatable? …is there substitute you could suggest instead? I don’t have any and they tend to be expensive.

  125. my son asked for chocolate mint toothpaste
    holy smokes! have you googled chocolate toothpaste? Maybe you already covered it and I missed it, but it sounds like theobromine in beloved cocoa helps remineralization- so yes, I’m making my kid chocomint paste 🙂

  126. Hello all!

    Just wanted to take a moment and tell my experience with coconut oil toothpaste: I make my own recipe (I really wing it, lol) and it’s amazzzziiiinnnnnggg! I was truly surprised to see how much more effective it was than regular toothpaste. I did not anticipate this AT ALL. I thought it would be just as effective, but it turns out that it is far more effective, and in little obvious ways I never thought could be so positive. Here are some real life examples:

    * No more funny/dirty coffee mouth after a cup of joe… for whatever reason, my breath stays fresh now!
    * No more MORNING BREATH. Yes, ladies and gents, I said it – I seriously do not have that horrid morning breath that I used to have. It’s still not citrus fresh (I use Orange essential oil for my flavor), but it’s a far cry from what it once was, and I now don’t feel like I’m going to melt someone’s face off the second I talk to them in the morning.
    * No more random dry mouth
    * You can actually brush less (Heaven knows I do!) and have a fresher mouth
    * It actually is more cost effective.

    As always, thank you Wellness Mama for pursuing the truth and providing this important information to the masses!

  127. can u please tell me exactly what kind of coconut oil do u use for this toothpaste or it dont matter? is it cooking coconut oil? coldpressed? unrefined? what kind please but mainly i want to know is it cooking coconut oil?

  128. Hi! Wondering where you get your stevia and myrrh from?

  129. I just tried my own natural toothpaste with coconut oil, baking soda, sea salt and mint extract, and have noticed a lot of gum bleeding and bleeding when I floss. Any advice? Has anyone else noticed this in the past? I’m hoping it is some type of gingivitis or something that will clean up with more natural brushing and oil pulling!

  130. I made a recipe similar to this, coconut oil, baking soda, peppermint oil, and 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, when I used it tho I felt a tingling burning sensation around my gums, is that normal or is it hinting to a bigger issue with my gums?

    • hydrogen peroxide burns by nature so dont worry. I gargle with HP and my toungue slightly burns too but my gums burn a bit more cuz i have gum disease so since there is an opening the HP will burn a bit

      • I started out with 3 tbs of baking soda and coconut oil, 10 drops of peppermint, and one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide then added 3 more tbs of coconut oil, and 5 more drops of peppermint, it is so salty and still burns my gums but my teeth felt very slick and clean after, I read that baking soda is abrasive so not to use it daily… I am also concerned bc now my sink and toothbrush is covered in coconut oil, I always read to never spit coconut oil down the drain, there is definitely some room for improvement on this method in my opinion.

  131. I have a really important question regarding the coconut oil.

    I went to the store and bought the best coconut oil I could find, in a tube.

    This coconut oil never solidifies. It is 100% pure, GMO free, etc, etc.

    So I did some research:

    “If Coconut Oil doesn’t solidify in colder temperatures, chances are the Lauric acid has been removed to stop this occurring!” -

    What do you think? Should I take the bottle back and go for the regular kind?

    • If coconut oil does not solidify it has likely been refined in some way. I personally prefer the unrefined kind.

  132. It seems a lot of people have mentioned hurting, stinging bleeding gums when using this recipe or a variation with the baking soda & coconut oil. I also have gum bleeding since using. I wish the author would address this, please. Is it just a matter of using too much baking soda or maybr some people have bad gums to begin with so it’s a possible sign that it’s working and should stick to it or what??? Hope someone can chime in on this or post your experiences of those who had gum bleeding and did you continue??

    • I’ve answered a couple times in the comments above, but it does seem that some people do have this reaction, though I haven’t personally. In talking to other commenters, it seems that the longer conventional toothpaste has been used, the more the reaction and that also reducing the baking soda can help. OraWellness is a great pre-made blend for those with sensitive gums and I use it at times also. Anyone having bleeding or gum issues should definitely consult a dentist before continuing to use.

  133. Hi thanks for the recipe. I used to use coconut oil but then suddenly I had no less than 10 cavities when i returned to dentist after one year for check-up. However I will not go back to fluoride an have my gut bacteria destroyed- no way.
    I therefore called my practitioner homeopath an alternative dentist in Copenhagen.

    They gave me this recipe:
    1/2 teaspoonful baking soda and the same 1/2 teaspoonful salt put in a jar with water . Good for one week.
    And then finally I had started taking one lemon in water every morning again for heightening PH- that is again fine for stomach but not for teeth enamel . So the advice was to immediately use the tooth “paste” after having drunk the lemonjuice in water.

    • Sorry I’m not a chemist, but can you clarify the reasoning for adding salt and eliminating the coconut oil? The added salt is going to prevent cavities??

  134. Hi !! Wondering since after oil pulling you spit that down the drain is it bad to spit this toothpaste down drain too since it has coconut oil?

    • With the toothpaste, you are using so little coconut oil, I doubt it would be an issue. If you would feel better about it, it wouldn’t hurt to spit into a disposable container instead.

  135. Hi ! Also wondering.. I know in other posts you mention using liquid pure stevia?… Would that be better to use than the powder? And where do you get your stevia?

  136. I just tried this today and was pleasantly surprised at how white my teeth became. Of course I had to bleach the bathroom sink, but oh my no painful whitening strips for me !

  137. Thanks so much for posting this recipe. Conventional toothpaste has always made me gag when brushing so this is a very welcome change. I put it in a silicone icing syringe and it works great for getting it onto the toothbrush. If it hardens I just run warm water on the outside of the syringe.

  138. I made this, but now the coconut oil has hardened and it’s all crumbling on my toothbrush. Is there something I can do?

  139. Im from asia and i belong to a tropical country, If make a large amount of it. How long can it be stored. Especially its hot in our place. I wonder if would damage it or not.

  140. I have recently been making my own tooth past after watching a youtube clip about a girl who reduced her no recallable waste to 1 jar over 2 years.

    Her recipe is very similar, but in much smaller quantities so you are ensured of freshness and quality and it takes no time at all to make.

    2 table spoons of organic coconut oil
    1 table spoon of baking soda
    and 20 drops of organic essential peppermint oil

    I don’t need my toothpaste to be sweet, and I actually like the saltiness, followed by a sweet burst of peppermint at the end.

    incase you are wondering about peppermint oil

    Researchers have found that the peppermint EO is extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria, they type of bacteria that thrive in a low oxygen environment such as the mouth, and can cause gum disease.

    other oils you can use

  141. Hey! This was a wonderful post. I tried it tonight, I only had baking soda and coconut oil. (Very salty) but oddly satisfying! Haha. I’m considered about the kids brand fluoride toothpaste my daughter is using. shes 4. I was wondering if this combo would be harmful for her? Or do you have any tips that could help me with replacing her tooth paste? Thanks so much! I LOVE coconut oil I just washed my face with it this morning. I have Dermatitis and am trying to plunge head first into the CO benefits!!! Xoxo

  142. Dear Katie,
    I love your site! I am sorry you were not around when my son was little (he is 24 now…), but I enjoy very much your health recipes and I always know where to look for a natural remedie.
    I am definitely going to try your toothpaste , the oil pulling and the whitening stuff with the activated charcoal.
    Thank you very much for all the things you share with us.

  143. You show GSE in the picture, but it’s not in the recipe… should it be? Thanks! Looking forward to trying this.

    • It was in the original recipe but I found it wasn’t needed and there are some concerns with its formula and with the glycerin on teeth so I removed it from the recipe.

  144. This by far the busiest thread I’m on. I’m always getting comments in box. I have to share a recent testimony. 6 weeks ago I was at the dentist and discovered I had a severe cavity, tho had no pain yet. The cavity had reached the pulp chamber. I decided against the root canal and instead upped my game w oil pulling and a homemade toothpaste. I combined a couple recipes from this blog and another. Basically I threw everything into that toothpaste that I came across as helpful that I had. I included: diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, cinnamon, cloves, tea tree, baking soda, coconut oil. No sweetener. It tastes a bit earthy but your teeth feel awesome afterwards. So much that all four of my kids (4-10)come in and steal my toothpaste toothpaste instead of there better tasting Tom’s. I asked them why and they said because it’s whitening there teeth that they were embarrassed about and there teeth feel so much cleaner after. They don’t even mind the taste! But back to my story. Today I went in only asked for an x-ray again and didn’t tell her what I had been doing. She said ” what have you been doing?!”, si I told her. My cavity has pulled away from the pulp chamber and is healing! I am thrilled and am going to keep doing this, I’ve been aiming for after every meal, 3x a day. But at worst I do it am n PM. To speed things up I’m going to do oil pulling 2x a day and when I get the money add Ora wellness. Isn’t this amazing that we can naturally heal our own cavities! So empowering!

  145. I’m a bit anxious about using cinnamon oil in a toothpaste. Cinnamon is an irritant – does it not irritate the mouth?

  146. Hi! I just made this recipe and was wondering if it will harden or stay at a kind of liquid stage?

  147. Hi there! Just wondering, when you say “2 small packets of Stevia powder”, how much that actually is? I have decided to try and buy in bulk so just need to know approx. how many grams you would use?

  148. I have tried many different homemade toothpaste recipes, but each time after two weeks of use I will get an increasingly bad taste in my mouth, which i did not have when using store-bought natural toothpaste. I am feeling frustrated because I am not sure how honest some opnions are when they say diy toothpaste works.

    • It’s possible your mouth is detoxing…

  149. Hi, thanks for your helpful tips and recipes. I am desperately trying to find a toothpaste for my 15 month old. assuming she will swallow, I’d prefer not to give her essential oils. Do you have a recommended recipe for babies/toddlers?? Thanks so much!

  150. What is the purpose for the Myrrh? I know you said it is optional, but I see it in all of your toothpaste recipes, so I’m guessing there is a great reason! Thanks!

    • It is said to be antibacterial and antiviral 🙂

  151. I can not wait to try this. Please NOTE: to all dog owners – do not use Xylitol, if they eat it, they can and will die if you do not get emergency care right away. Even if they vomit it up, it is already in their blood and will put them in liver failure. We just had this happen to us. so I wanted to share that. Going to go make my toothpaste now.

  152. Good info, but you could have made it much shorter. Sweet and simple is common sense.

  153. great recipes!, can not wait to try these. Should you sanitize container?.

  154. Is the mint safe during pregnancy? I’ve read conflicting reviews about essential oils and I think I would just leave that and the myr out, along with the stevia. I’m assuming they’re just in there for flavouring?

  155. I just read on another blog about DIY toothpaste that calcium carbonate is better than bi-carbonate. I’m going to use this recipe with a crushed calcium carbonate tablet to help remineralization. Any comments?

  156. I have been using baking soda and peppermint essential oil for about 2 weeks now, but I want to mix together a recipe in a small glass jar for easier use. If I add coconut oil to my recipe will it be safe for the drain pipes? Also, what is the shelf life of homemade toothpaste?
    Thank you

  157. I’ve tried this recipe and many other natural toothpastes, including Earthpaste, and while I feel that my teeth/mouth have been very healthy since switching to natural toothpastes, my teeth get brown staining around the gum lines no matter what type of natural toothpaste I use, which includes this recipe. This has only happened since switching to natural toothpastes. I don’t want to go back to using regular toothpaste because of all the harmful ingredients, but I’m at a loss for what to do to keep these stains away. It sounds like other people have had great results with this and other natural toothpastes, so I’m wondering if this staining is just something that happens to certain people. My husband and I both use natural toothpaste and have the same diet, but he doesn’t experience staining.

    I’ve also had problems throughout my life of acquiring a lot plaque on my teeth (especially on the bottom front ones), even after changing my diet to be even healthier and switching to using natural health/toiletry products. This is also something my husband doesn’t experience, even though I’m more diligent with my oral care, so I’m wondering if both the staining and the plaque are just random things that I’ve been “blessed” with.

    I imagine that the only reason I didn’t use to experience staining on my teeth when using regular toothpaste before I switched to natural is because of whitening agents in the toothpaste that are probably not very good for teeth.

    I can combat some of the staining by using baking soda, but it doesn’t take it all away and continues to come back. When I go to the dentist they’ve been able to get it off when polishing my teeth, but between dentist appointments I want to know if there’s a way that I can keep my teeth whiter at home while still using natural toothpaste.

    I’m still convinced that natural is the best way to go, especially because I’ve had a couple times when I’ve felt like I’ve had a tooth infection (similar to the one time I ended up getting a root canal years ago), and was able to make the tooth aches go away both times by using combinations of natural ingredients in my mouth and around the tooth ache pain.

    Anyways, if anyone has any advice for how to combat staining when using natural toothpaste, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  158. Hi I’ve been using my homemade tooth paste for a few months now. But my gums bleed everytime. Is this normal?