DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe

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DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe
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Hormones affect every aspect of health, and lately I’ve seen the affect of hormones on hair and scalp health.

After eight years of pregnancy and nursing, my body was tired and after that many years of my hormones being elevated from pregnancy/nursing, the postpartum hair loss finally occurred… and did it ever.

This happens because most hair follicles grow hair for a few months and then rest for a few months with an average of 10% of the head’s follicles resting at once. This resting period lessens considerably during pregnancy and women typically lose less hair during pregnancy, but the postpartum hormones can cause the body to catch up on the rest period for hair follicles, leading to more than normal hair loss. It is a normal process, but after 5 pregnancies and not experiencing the postpartum hair loss, it finally caught up with me.

On top of that, I had a really stressful few months and stress can make hair loss worse. I addressed the stress and the hormones and it stopped the hair loss, but I wanted to do something to help my new hair grow more quickly and to protect my hair/scalp in the summer months.

This hair growth serum is the result.

Some women go to a dermatologist or a beautician for hair-related problems. I go to my pantry.

As with my homemade hair spray, sea salt spray, and dry shampoo, this homemade hair growth serum is less expensive than commercial options without the harmful chemicals.

Hair Growth Serum Recipe

This serum combines herbs and essential oils that are good for scalp health and hair growth:

  • Nettle– Rich in iron and vitamins A, C, and K plus potassium and magnesium. It is often used in natural hair products and helps stimulate hair growth
  • Horsetail– High in silica and excellent for hair supporting hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera Gel– Naturally thickens and soothes the scalp and serves as a silkening base for this serum.
  • Essential Oils- Essential oils of Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Lavender are great for hair and scalp health.
DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe
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Hair Growth Serum Recipe

Help stimulate hair growth with this aloe very, herb, and essential oil recipe.
Prep Time25 minutes
Author: Katie Wells



  • In a small pan, bring the distilled water to a boil.
  • Remove from the heat and add the dried nettle leaf and horsetail leaf.
  • Let the herbs sit in the water for at least 10 minutes or until the water cools.
  • Strain the herbs out and pour the herb infused liquid in to a spray bottle.
  • Add the aloe vera gel and essential oils and shake well.
  • Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months and shake well before use.


Spray liberally on hair roots once or more per day. I found that it was easiest and worked the best to spray on before bed each night.

How to Apply Hair Growth Serum

Spray liberally on hair roots once or more per day. I found that it was easiest and worked the best to spray on before bed each night.

Where I Get Ingredients and Supplies

I got the nettle leaf, and horsetail leaf from Mountain Rose Herbs and the natural aloe vera here.

I re-used an old spray bottle, but it is very similar to this bottle. I also like this stainless steel bottle and this glass option.

For the essential oils, any high quality option will work. I typically order oils from Plant Therapy.

Have you ever had postpartum hair loss? What did you do to help it? Share below!
This natural hair growth serum combines herbs like nettle and horsetail with aloe vera gel and essential oils of lavender, rosemary and clary sage.

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365 responses to “DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe”

  1. Sam Avatar

    Hi! Where can I get the dried nettle leaf and horsetail leaf in India

  2. PATT Avatar

    I would like to read about success with this, but most people ar writing about how to mix it, and what ingredients to substitute. WHAT HAVE THE RESULTS FOR TH PAST TWO YEARS OF PROVIDING THIS HAIR AID.

    1. Jennifer Avatar

      Hi PATT,

      I haven’t started it but have been researching it a lot. My mom gave me a wonderful hardbound book by Deni Bown called “Encyclopedia of Herbs & Their Uses.” It was published in 1995 and has over 1000 plants and 1500 photographs. The first thing I looked up was nettle, “Urtica dioica”. Amongst so many wonderful things it does, it said it was also used for scalp and hair problems. Then I did the same for horsetail, “Equisetum arvense.” It didn’t say anything about the hair or scalp but it did say it contained silica, which is an essential part of skin and hair health and is known to reduce hair loss. I think even spraying these two things without the essential oils would be fantasitc. I am guessing the aloe vera is also acting as the carrier oil for the essential you wouldn’t want to omit it without putting something in it’s place. Regardless, PATT, I have super fine hair and need some help in a couple spots. I am thinking of doing a before and after photo, perhaps even a time lapse short video of my progress. Maybe Katie will create a spot for us to show before and afters. I really think this recipe will work. Cheers.

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    I could only find podwer horsetail capsules. Each capsule contains 4.7 mg of silica (equivalent to 10 mg of silica from extract of spring horsetail). How many capsules do you think I should put in to equal 2 tablespoons of dried horsetail? I quess what I should be asking is, how many mg of silica are there in a tablespoon of dried horsetail? I look forward to your reply, as I have everything else ready to go and am anxious to start. Thanks!

    1. Jennifer Avatar

      I discovered that the horsetail capsules I got in fact didn’t contain any horsetail at all, so I returned them and continued on my search for organic dried horsetail leaf. I live in British Columbia, Canada and through a local health food store I found a fantastic way to get top of the line herbs, spices and superfoods. They are called Harmonic Arts and are located on Vancouver Island. I just ordered organic nettle leaf, organic horsetail leaf, some silica tea and a fantastic little bamboo tea strainer.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful site Katie.

      1. Jennifer Avatar

        They are out of horsetail and I am going nuts. I have everything else. Until I get the horsetail, do you think it’s okay to use double the nettle for now? Also once my castor oil gets here, I want to make a second bottle of the exact recipe with a bit of castor oil in it for a once / twice a week treatment . I think this will add to the benefits….is there any reason castor oil would not work with this recipe and if okay, how much do you think I should add? Thanks so much in advance. If anyone else can add to this, I would love it.

        1. Wellness Mama Avatar

          You can definitely make it without the horsetail for now. I wouldn’t mix the castor oil in though as it won’t combine well with the other ingredients since this serum has a liquid base.

  4. Anastasia a Avatar
    Anastasia a

    Hi There! I have one paritcular concern: the nettle.
    Nettle is also used as a hair-removal herb to aid in hirsutism (excess hair on the face).
    Mixing nettle and tumeric as a paste can act as a natural “nair.”
    I would hence be nervous to put this on my scalp.

    1. Jennifer Avatar

      In regards to Anastasia’s question #116, I would also like to know the answer to whether nettle is a natural hair remover. Is this only when nettle is mixed with turmeric? I have all of the ingredients and am anxious to mix them and start. I also have a question regarding the horsetail. I could only find horsetail capsules. Each capsule contains 4.7 mg of silicon (equivalent to 10 mg silica from extract of spring horstail.) How many capsules do you think would work for this recipe? they are powder inside. I look forward to your reply Mama, or anyone who might have the answer to this. Thanks in advance.

  5. Cindee Gaines Avatar
    Cindee Gaines

    I have a few questions regarding the hair serum recipe. I made this twice and both times have had white clumpy stuff after putting the gel in the water and mixing it…looks like a wad of chewed up I’m wondering if it could be the aloe vera gel I’m using. Bottle says it’s 100% pure. I also used nettle/horsetail in tea bags because I could not find loose leaves. Also is it ok to use this serum on colored treated hair?

  6. Sharnae Avatar

    Do you know if bamboo extract can be substituted for horsetail? I’ve read that it contains more silica than horsetail. My main concern is that it won’t last up to three months as your recipe with horsetail will.

    Thank you!

  7. Amber Avatar

    How do you recommend using this in conjunction with the castor oil for hair growth? Thank you so much!

  8. Kelly Avatar

    I sell a lot of remedies like this. There are at least a dozen essential oils you are NOT to use while pregnant. Rosemary and clary sage both are on the list!!! Be responsible and state the warnings of essential oils. They can be dangerous if not used properly!

  9. Mara Avatar

    Hi Katie,
    I’m wondering if there is a modification of this that would be okay to use with a toddler. My son is experiencing some hair loss after a surgical procedure that he unfortunately needed to have, but he’s only 2 and so I’m not sure what is safe for him at this age. We saw a dermatologist to rule out any other issues but we are not comfortable using the steroid cream that they suggested. It is likely that things will start to grow back on their own but I was wondering if you know of vitamins or supplements that are toddler-safe and could help? Thank you!

  10. Dawen Avatar

    Hi, can anyone provide some clarification for me? Does this make your hair THICKER or does it make the hair already present grow FASTER, so it gets longer? My hair is already quite thick, I don’t think my scalp has room for more, but it goes a few inches past my shoulders and won’t grow any farther. It regenerates itself, it just doesn’t seem to be able to grow any longer in the limited lifespan of a hair follicle.

  11. Stine Avatar


    I’m thinking of trying this, but I have I’m now using the beach waves spray and I love it. Do you think it is possible to combine this with the beach waves spray (just add the epsom salt to this mixture)? And would you still need to keep it in the fridge then?

  12. Michelle Avatar


    I have been reading your blogs about natural hair care, I actually have my own skincare line on Esty and I know all about natural products but I need some help here. I am turning 40 and I go to the gym 4 days a week I eat a clean diet etc… But my hair breaks a lot and comes out A LOT!!!! I don’t and it’s thining out!! I don’t do the no poo method but I was think of doing something with honey I know the PH level in baking soda is pretty high and honey is lower. I also will up grade my intake of gelatin I may try the biotin as well! I was just wondering if the no poo method would work for me?

    Thank you,

    1. Heather Ann Bueltemann Avatar
      Heather Ann Bueltemann

      I also am on your site,
      I started doing no poo, but please do not do that product that starts with W I did and lost A lot of hair When I used that W product my hair did Look great but When I stopped it stopped falling out! Any way back to topic I recently have been doing this. Wetting my hair, taking
      1TBSP Jojoba oil
      1tsp. Non-GMO Vitamin E
      Add 2 drops Frankinsense
      Add 2 drops Lavender
      Add 1 drop peppermint
      Mix well Apply ends to scalp.

      Lastly take Sweet almond oil 1 Tblsp and add 3 drops lemon EO and 1 drop Frankinsence EO Mix with 1 Teaspoon Apple Cidervinegar apply from scalp to root. No shampooing needed

  13. Cynthia Avatar

    Regardin post-partum hair loss:
    My first pregnancy, I had postpartum hair loss – badly.
    On my second pregnancy, with doctor’s permission, I added b-vitamins – natural source 50mg level complex.
    I did not have the postpartum hair loss.

    Also, when I got “fixed”, I lost hair due to the anesthesia. On another surgery with anesthesia, the doctor put me on B-vitamins 10 days prior to the surgery for other reasons. No hair loss.

  14. Brittni Avatar


    I have liquid nettle leaf and horsetail. How can I use those in this recipe instead of the dried version? Thank you.

  15. Dinitris Avatar

    Hi! Can I use aloe Vera gel directly from the leaf? I know that aloe Vera gel can store in the fridge one and a half week without any preservation!thanks for your time and amazing site!

  16. viji Avatar

    Do you have any serum for grey hair?
    I already have grey hair(40%), using henna & Indigo powder to dye.
    Is there anyway to stop & reverse greying.
    I will really appreciate your help.

  17. Dani Avatar

    Does this serum help grow new hair or just lengthen the hair you already have?

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