DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe

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DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe
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Hormones affect every aspect of health, and lately I’ve seen the affect of hormones on hair and scalp health.

After eight years of pregnancy and nursing, my body was tired and after that many years of my hormones being elevated from pregnancy/nursing, the postpartum hair loss finally occurred… and did it ever.

This happens because most hair follicles grow hair for a few months and then rest for a few months with an average of 10% of the head’s follicles resting at once. This resting period lessens considerably during pregnancy and women typically lose less hair during pregnancy, but the postpartum hormones can cause the body to catch up on the rest period for hair follicles, leading to more than normal hair loss. It is a normal process, but after 5 pregnancies and not experiencing the postpartum hair loss, it finally caught up with me.

On top of that, I had a really stressful few months and stress can make hair loss worse. I addressed the stress and the hormones and it stopped the hair loss, but I wanted to do something to help my new hair grow more quickly and to protect my hair/scalp in the summer months.

This hair growth serum is the result.

Some women go to a dermatologist or a beautician for hair-related problems. I go to my pantry.

As with my homemade hair spray, sea salt spray, and dry shampoo, this homemade hair growth serum is less expensive than commercial options without the harmful chemicals.

Hair Growth Serum Recipe

This serum combines herbs and essential oils that are good for scalp health and hair growth:

  • Nettle– Rich in iron and vitamins A, C, and K plus potassium and magnesium. It is often used in natural hair products and helps stimulate hair growth
  • Horsetail– High in silica and excellent for hair supporting hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera Gel– Naturally thickens and soothes the scalp and serves as a silkening base for this serum.
  • Essential Oils- Essential oils of Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Lavender are great for hair and scalp health.
DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe
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Hair Growth Serum Recipe

Help stimulate hair growth with this aloe very, herb, and essential oil recipe.
Prep Time25 minutes
Author: Katie Wells



  • In a small pan, bring the distilled water to a boil.
  • Remove from the heat and add the dried nettle leaf and horsetail leaf.
  • Let the herbs sit in the water for at least 10 minutes or until the water cools.
  • Strain the herbs out and pour the herb infused liquid in to a spray bottle.
  • Add the aloe vera gel and essential oils and shake well.
  • Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months and shake well before use.


Spray liberally on hair roots once or more per day. I found that it was easiest and worked the best to spray on before bed each night.

How to Apply Hair Growth Serum

Spray liberally on hair roots once or more per day. I found that it was easiest and worked the best to spray on before bed each night.

Where I Get Ingredients and Supplies

I got the nettle leaf, and horsetail leaf from Mountain Rose Herbs and the natural aloe vera here.

I re-used an old spray bottle, but it is very similar to this bottle. I also like this stainless steel bottle and this glass option.

For the essential oils, any high quality option will work. I typically order oils from Plant Therapy.

Have you ever had postpartum hair loss? What did you do to help it? Share below!
This natural hair growth serum combines herbs like nettle and horsetail with aloe vera gel and essential oils of lavender, rosemary and clary sage.

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361 responses to “DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe”

  1. Mina Avatar

    actually I have a thining eyebrow and am using the rosemary tonic which is rosemary ,Myrtus (whic is wonderful for hair growth as well) but i have all these herbs because they also are great for hair growth .also have heard and read lots of great stuff about fenugreek seed paste but I would use this serum with the addition of Myrtle hydrosol or tea for sure.Thanks.

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      Yes, it worked for me. On a man I am not sure… Hair regrowth works different for men and women. I don’t think if would harm someone if they wanted to try it, though.

  2. mae Avatar

    Do you sell this cause I don’t think I would ever get myself to do it, but I do need my hair to grow, I had very long hair, when I started my chemo the nurse told me I wouldn’t lose my hair, on the second day huge chunks of my hair fell out so I just shaved it off. It’s been eight months since my last chemo treatment and I have about an inch of my hair that’s grown out, I want my hair back! Please help me.

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      I’m sorry, I don’t currently sell this, but it sounds like it might work for you. I encourage you to try making it for yourself.

    2. Bets Avatar

      If I was you, I would get some pure, unrefined Coconut Oil and apply that to your entire scalp a minimum of 2 times a week. And doing a research would also help you.

      I developed dry scalp in various areas of my scalp last fall, also on my ears & my left eyebrow. Lotion only helped minimally. Dandruff shampoos made my scalp extremely itchy – couldn’t sleep very well.
      So after researching, I began using Apple Cider Vinegar with the ‘mother’ – just sprayed it on & left it – It helped, plus I began to see 2 areas of my scalp (receding hairlines each side of forehead) begin to grown hair.

      I felt it was taking too long on the dry scalp so I searched & found that Pure, Unrefined Coconut Oil should help. So I’ve been putting that on for about 2 months (I still use ACV w/mother – but after I shampoo with baking soda & water & often rinse it off). – But I have seen a great progress on the dray scalp & my receding hairlines are so much better – And I just put it on those areas every other day. So there is no telling how much it would help if I left it on much more often…

      It may not work as well as this combination (which I’ve copies for future use) – BUT it is much easier to use. Just know that you hair ‘will’ be greasy – I’ve had to wash my hair twice whenever I apply to all of my scalp & hair. – If nothing else, it is worth trying.

        1. Karolee Avatar

          Mother is a brand name in whole food stores of Apple Cider Vinegar. It might be part of a name…I can’t recall.

          1. Goldie Avatar

            Here is a snippet from Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar’s website:
            Contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar which occurs naturally as strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules.

          2. Michelle Avatar

            Actually, mother is a cellulose substance made up of various Acetobacter, a very acidic strain of bacteria. The Acetobacter combine with the oxygen in warm air to cause fermentation in apple cider, wine, or other alcoholic liquids to produce vinegar. It is the mother that gives the vinegar its characteristic sourness.

        2. Carol Avatar

          The “mother” is the fermented ‘glob of gook’ that forms on unpasteurized ACV: it is only on the good stuff, like Braggs ACV. It sounds horrible, but it IS good for you!!! It is not harmful, rather the opposite, it is very good for you both in consuming and applying to the body/hair.

        3. Ann Powell Avatar
          Ann Powell

          The ‘Mother’ is the ‘starter plant’
          used for creating the vinegar – also called the ‘SCOBY’ (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). If you have ever made Ginger beer at home, you need a starter ginger ‘plant’ or SCOBY to create the drink. Hope this helps. Ann. x

    3. Mellanie Avatar

      I know in my case I had to make sure that I was getting enough minerals in my diet. Did you read the blog about adding bentonite clay to water for supplemental minerals?

      “For Internal Cleansing: I drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon most days in a cup of water. I combine in a glass jar with a plastic lid and shake until well incorporated. This has helped improve my digestion and also seems to give me more energy. Since adding this and getting gelatin in my diet or through Gelatin powder daily I also notice that my nails and hair grow more quickly.”

      Thanks Wellness Mama! I pay attention.

  3. Jez Avatar

    hi. I am not pregnant, but I have been having some hormonal/liver issues and have been loosing lots of hair. I also have oily roots and dry ends. I tried to follow the no poo (baking soda/acv) method. but makes my hair fall more. would this recipe work for my issues :0). or could you suggest anything else. thank you so much!

    1. Goldie Avatar

      Instead of using shampoo, years ago I started washing with water only. I did that for several months. My hair became thicker; it was pretty, wavy, managable. It stopped falling out immediately as soon as I stopped using shampoo.

      But washing with water only, I got an odor and very heavy build-up. It looked killer. But I couldn’t do stink.

      Then I washed with Dr Bronner’s. It smelled nice, remained pretty & wavy. Maybe a little less beautiful but acceptable. And if it ever felt too dry I rubbed jojoba into my fingers and smoothed out the frizzy or dry upper layers. Scalp always looked flaky up-close.

      Occasionally, I also used a “shampoo bar” by Tropical Traditions and/or the Burt’s Bees one. It isn’t shampoo, but old-fashioned soap. They lather great. My hair would be a bit less wavy and would feel dry. I would follow up with jojoba.

      Last year, I read that Dr Bronner’s is the wrong ph for scalps. Baking soda is, as well!! And I read that scalps behave nicely if you start alternating your products. I decided to not use the same hair wash every day.

      For some months now I’ve used a DIY honey shampoo, alternating every day or so with just water, or washing some days with a lightweight conditioner (massaged onto the scalp just as if it were shampoo), and with (very rarely) one of my shampoo bars. Here is my DIY honey shampoo:

      Half honey
      Half coconut milk
      10 or 15 drops of rosemary or other essential oil
      maybe a little water

      Keep refrigerated; use in a week or 2. Warm under the shower and shake well before using. It works best for me in a condiment bottle with a longish nozzle so I can direct it below the roots to my scalp. It will not lather at all. But it works.

      I’ve done this several years now.

      However, my thyroid is not happy this summer and hair has started falling out again. Very sad. Very vain about my hair. Not sure if a topical nettle/horsetail/rosemary rinse will help, but I’ll try anything.

      1. Clarke Avatar

        I tried Dr. Bonner’s as a shampoo and it was an epic failure. Hair wasn’t shiny clean and it was a heap of dry tangles and knots.

        1. Selda Avatar

          I got everything I need to make this serum except distilled water,can I use other water etc spring water,tap?

      2. Elysia Avatar

        Thanks for the honey wash tip! I’d love to try it. I’ve used a bunch of natural shampoos (incl Dr. Bronners which turned out horribly!) and the best so far for me is Whole Foods 365 lavender shampoo. I wasn’t using any conditioner and would just apply argan oil after showering. My hair was feeling flat though so I asked my hairstylist (very eco/natural-loving, works in green salon) and she explained that while oils are great to add shininess, softness and calm frizziness, they’re not actually conditioning the hair. Hair needs protein to penetrate and rebuild. I’m not explaining it as well as she did but it really made sense as to why using an actual conditioner (with proteins) is important for body, fullness and overall hair health.
        You may want to play with mixing the serum ingredients with unrefined coconut oil, which is supposed to help with hair loss/regrowth, and apply the mixture before bed then wash out in the AM.

      3. maxie Avatar

        Have you tried Rosemary essential oil and olive oil? Take about 2 Tablespoons olive oil, depending on length of your hair, and mix 2-3 drops rosemary oil, apply to hair, cover with plastic, and wait approx. 30 minutes, then shampoo. My hair is not oily after this treatment, but is conditioned and healthy.

    2. Maureen Martin Avatar
      Maureen Martin

      Baking soda is alkaline(pH level over 7) which will dry your hair out, as our skin & hair are acidic(PH level 4.5-5.5). That could be why your hair is still falling. I would just find a gentle, natural shampoo that is sulfate & sodium chloride free, and only shampoo when necessary. The oil we naturally produce from our scalp is the best “conditioner” for our hair, and washing it away daily will make your hair dry and fragile. I’ve been rubbing coconut oil into my scalp once a week and it’s helped a lot to stop my hair from falling. Also, getting regular trims really helps to keep your hair healthy. Split, damaged hair will only get worse and the only thing that “fixes” it is a pair of shears. It’s normal to lose about 100 hairs a day. All the best!

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    I love you site SO much! I just made the lotion basic lotion bars and I’m so happy with them. I have had five full-term pregnancies also and have been nursing or pregnant for 13 years, now. I experienced post-partum hair loss and it seemed to get more noticeable with each pregnancy. my new hairs are still somewhat short (my youngest is 1), so I’m excited to try this recipe. Thank you so much for what you do! My family and I are just getting started, but have already been blessed by your work here <3 <

  5. Wendy Avatar

    I have a 2.5 year old with very slow hair growth – maybe an inch so far! Can I use this for her?

      1. Tracy Avatar

        I know this is an older thread.. But I have been making this serum for my general hair loss… surprisingly I find that I have a little bit more hair loss when I am using this serum. Given that it has been only two weeks – is it normal to experience hair loss before we begin to observe growth?

  6. Teresa Avatar

    Would this work for men or would you need different herbs?

  7. Brooke Avatar

    Yes! Thanks for sharing this! I have been doing overnight (and sometimes 24 hour) oil treatments to my hair in preparation for my wedding in October. I usually warm up almond or coconut oil (by heating water in a bowl and then putting the oil in a smaller bowl into the water) and then add 3 drops of clary sage, 2 drops of fir, and 1 drop of rosemary. My hair has been loving this, but I only do this treatment once a week. I will definitely be adding this serum to my hair care routine on a daily basis 🙂

    1. Vera Avatar

      I use the same recipe perhaps should say almost the same recipe as you do. In-stead of Rosemary essential oil, I use Lemon essential oil. It leaves my hair shiny. From time to time in-stead of coconut oil, I use good quality olive oil. The reason why I do not use Rosemary oil as much is I love outdoor activities Rosemary and Sun do not work for me. I was getting red under tones back in to my hair. I looked like a chameleon.

      1. Brooke Avatar

        Good suggestion about the lemon oil! Thanks! I wonder if it would give my hair natural highlights???

  8. C.Alex Avatar

    love your post. I read so much about the use of sage and rosemary during pregnancy. Question: can it be used after pregnancy during nursing or after nursing?

  9. Deb Avatar

    I was wondering about gathering my own herbs. There are a few different types of horsetail and was wondering what type is used in this formula. There is the small whispy stuff you get in your garden and then there is the giant ones you see when walking the trails. Are both good? I read that certain types are toxic so advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  10. Julia Avatar

    Mountain Rose Herbs is out of the horsetail leaf. Would you recommend anywhere else? Thanks.

    1. Elizabeth Avatar
      Elizabeth carries herbs in bulk. You will find it there.

    2. Brooke Avatar

      Haha – WellnessMama must have directed so much horsetail business to MRH because they ran out!

      They were out too when I checked so I just got the horsetail extract. I’m going to add it to the nettle tea after it cools. If anything, the extract is more potent so you will get more benefits from it.

      1. Beth Avatar

        I know this is an older thread, but I just found this and am interested in how much of the horsetail extract you used in place of the dried? Did it seem to work well?

        1. Dana Avatar

          I have been using a similar recipe for the past 6 months (2X per week, sleep with it and wash in the morning) and I have quite a bit of new hair growth. I suffered from a chemical burn years ago, the hairdresser forgot the bleach on for too long and lost 25% of my hair. I have tried multiple remedies and the following recipe is finally yielded good results.

          30 ml castor oil
          45 ml jojoba oil
          30 drops rosemary essential oil
          15 droppers alcohol free horsetail extract
          15 droppers alcohol free nettle extract
          15 droppers liquid biotin

          1. Melissa Avatar

            Is a dropper different from a drop in your recipe?

          2. Christina Avatar

            I’m wondering if “droppers” is a misprint meaning “drops” or if it really means the entire dropper. Also, do you have to wear a cap on your hair overnight or is it not too greasy?

          3. Lynne Avatar

            HI Dana- Can you please clarify if you meant to truly say “droppers” instead of “drops” in your shared hair serum recipe. Several have asked the question and we would LOVE a response, please. Thanks!

  11. Hanna Avatar

    Hi there, I was just wondering if you use dried horsetail leaf or fresh? Love your blog by the way!

      1. Theresa Avatar

        Please let me know if it is necessary to wash your hair in the morning after applying the serum. I only wash my hair twice a week..
        Thank you very much!

  12. April Avatar

    After my son was born, my hair started thinning so much but 4 years later, it’s still thin. Can this serum be used for thinning hair possibly not related to post baby? Thanks. I bet it smells great!

  13. Adrienne Avatar

    Hi Katie. I’ve been doing some very similar things in my home. Interested in hearing how it’s working for you. Pinning.

  14. Taryne Avatar

    I have never commented before, but I love your site- it is my go to for healthy recipes of all things. Thanks so much. Anyways my last baby is now five and I am just starting to feel like my hair isn’t falling out so much. After both of my pregnancies I lost so much hair, I even shaved my head to get a break from dealing with it. I am going to give this serum a try and see what happens 🙂

  15. Antonia Avatar

    I’m so glad I found this! I experienced birth-control related hair loss (though I have been off of it for about 6 months, there is barely any new growth). I cant wait to try this!

    1. Shawna Josphine Avatar
      Shawna Josphine

      Just wondering if this worked for BC related hair loss?

      I’ve been off Mirena for a year now and just starting to see a reversal of the negative side effects. Half my hair fell out… 🙁

      1. Nicole Bagley Avatar
        Nicole Bagley

        If ur dedicated to hair regrowth, I have recently learned of a few things. I made a hair regrowth serum for my aunt undergoing chemo. In an aloe Vera juice (with a little aloe Vera gel) and a about a 25%-33% distilled water, base, I add it to my Pyrex/simmering water ‘dbl boiler’ and add polysorbate 20 or 80, to emulsify the the water and oil. Also, add Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint/menthol, Geranium, Sage, Ylang Ylang, Ravinsara, Cedarwood, Basil and Oregano.
        And that is all that I can remember goes in that, but menthol essential oil, comes as a solid. You warm its glass container, melt it down and add at least 30-100% liquid peppermint essential oil to blend the menthol with and it will stay a liquid. That and tea tree are really potent and add an invigorating effect to help stimulate circulation in the scalp. This promotes growth. Since then, I have learned of two other ingredients I’m ordering this week; Rhodiola Hair Active (usage rate of only 1-5%), and Follicle booster. The follicle booster might give u some sticker shock (at almost $40/oz) but their sample recipe calls for a usage rate of only about 2%, so that’s not that bad at all, especially if it delivers! Not yet tested. I have just learned of this update. But I will be making this for sure!!!!!
        Oh! And don’t get taken, purchasing certain ‘Hair Support essential oil blends’, many cost from about just under $25 for only a HALF AN OUNCE!? It simply contains about 6 essential oils. All of which u can buy for RUFFLY $10/oz. So, I highly advise u to make ur own, you’ll save tons!!!. Some may contain; (Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Ravinsara, Cedarwood, Basil, and Sage.) I would def add Tea Tree, Menthol/peppermint, & Eucalyptus, if u wish, to awaken circulation around the hair follicles. I also have learned to use a Gelmaker product with this (use when product adding to, is already warm). If u don’t have that, just use mostly aloe Vera gel with about 20-30% aloe Vera juice..
        Also add a little baking soda about 1-2t. per 8oz of your Shampoo {Mix: Outside the container, in a bowl, as the baking soda will react and expand!!! ??}. (It’s fx are: clarifying, freeing each follicle of any blockages) and a dissolved aspirin or two (for the salycilic acid, controls dandruff, and keep the skin cells free and clear around the follicles) to your shampoo. Be careful do it in a large bowl so it can double in size, based, on the baking soda and aspirin. But after it calms back down, stir gently, and pour back into bottle. A funnel may help. You may want to have a place for the excess to go. If it isn’t much, put it in a mug and use for tonight or in the morning.
        Remember to add the Rhodiola and Follicle Booster (2%) to your Healthy Scalp Serum. I put mine in a Cosmo oval bottle with Yorker top that you can dial up and down to control the rate at which your serum comes out. And since its leave-on, you apply it like you’re dying your roots, by parting your hair about an inch apart all over the scalp, applying the serum, massaging in with ur fingers, as u go, until u apply it all over ur scalp. The tingly, invigorating and cooling fx have a delayed response. Give them a 5 min head start. Meaning, you probably won’t start to feel it’s fx, until ur just about done with the application process or u may be completely finished, before u feel it’s fx. Happy Growing to you! : )

  16. Brittany Avatar

    This intrigues me! I will have to try it, because i could use a little longer locks! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Nancy Russell Avatar
      Nancy Russell


      1. Sara Avatar

        Check to see if you have any health stores in your area. They sometimes carry loose herbs which you can buy by weight. I got these herbs by the tablespoons for $2 total 🙂

  17. Marne Avatar

    Omg…I so love you for this recipe! I needed this!! You rock my world, girl! Xo

  18. Carolyn Avatar

    Is this safe to use while breast-feeding, including the horsetail and essential oils?

      1. Pa Avatar

        Has anyone seen results from this recipe? I’d like to hear some testimonies.

        1. Alyssa Avatar

          I’ve been using this for over a year. I’ve had thinning hair caused by birth control pills and hormone imbalance. I’m 29 years old. I use it nightly in conjunction with castor oil, which I rub into the problem areas of my scalp. It does help a lot, it soothes the itchiness I associate with inflamation that causes the loss. It also makes my hair look super curly and bouncy and shiny in the morning. I have oily scalp and dry hair. This gives the dry parts some relief, while also not adding oil to my problem areas.

          I also add sea salt to the recipe. I melt it in after steeping and straining the herbs. I find this when sprayed on my curls helps them keep their shape and creates almost a natural hair spray that also smells nice.

    1. Stacey Avatar

      Does anyone know if Rosemary or Jamaican black castor oil is safe while nursing a baby? Or while pregnant?

      1. Laura Avatar

        I have read in several different places that Rosemary is unsafe for pregnancy. Personally, the smell of it gave me terrible headaches when I was pregnant, which I saw as confirmation. Some people use castor oil to induce labor, my mother being one of them! I would avoid these during pregnancy, but I don’t know about breast feeding.

      2. Ashley Avatar

        So long as you dont drink the castor oil it is safe for pregnant women. Castor oil is used for constipation because it gets the bowels moving which in turn could induce contractions in a pregnant woman. Applying it on your hair would not cause labor.

    2. Hena Avatar

      Please be careful of Clary Sage when breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant. This was one of the first things I had to be mindful of when I used it to lift my mood. Better safe than sorry, as essential oils do get absorbed by the body to a large extent.

      Thanks Wellness Mama – am going to try this for my hair too. You really are a sweetheart for making all this information available. I hope you have a very Happy New Year and wish you go from strength to strength in all your endeavours.

      Everyone else, Happy New Year.

      1. Kayla Avatar

        I just made this hair serum recipe yesterday! Does it really need to be stored in the fridge? Just wondering bc it would be easier to leave it on the counter bc I am going to be using it twice a day. Thanks!!

      2. Martha Avatar

        OMG!!!!!!!ALMOST AN ORGASMIC CONCOCTION, I feel like a kitty rolling in Catnip, really. And the best part, besides this wonderful sensory stimulation, is that I might grow back some hair I’ve lost in perimenopause, awesome. Love it Wellness Mama, Thank You. Had to do a few adjustments, I used a few sprigs of fresh Rosemary (instead of dried), and I couldn’t wait to order the dried Nettle leaf so I left it out, used fresh aloe vera (I liquified it in the blender), and 12 drops of Lavender essential oil. I had to leave out the Clary Sage oil because I’m in the process of starting Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Clary Sage will have some effect on your hormone balance and I need my blood and saliva tests to read true. Anyway, a descendent of the Mayans, I grew up with mom and grandma self-prescribing herbal medicinal potions for all ailments and to the best of my knowledge, all the ingredients in your natural hair growth serum comply with their beliefs in the powerful healing science with herbs for a killer for mane of hair. My mother had the kind of hair you would stop and look and she never used any expensive products. Thanks, I was looking for just the right combination and I found it.

        1. Hena Avatar

          Clary Sage essential oil is also a wonderful mood up-lifter. Neat on a tissue and inhale to lift sadness, moderate depressive states etc or mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into temples and collarbone.

        2. Jane Avatar

          Clary Sage: Have any idea if it will interfere while taking just T3/T4?? Glad you mention the “hormone” part of your review. I’m in the process of gathering all the ingredients to make this lovely serum…

      3. Shillene Hancock Avatar
        Shillene Hancock

        I know this question is silly, but I just need the confirmation – This truly does work for you? You see new hair growth and improvement? My hair is falling out less but it is reallly thinned out. You could try for men, that would be cool, if it worked -Thank you WellnessMama, I appreciate your time and putting this website together!! ~Shillene Hancock

      4. Heather B Avatar
        Heather B

        Could I infuse the castor oil by heating it on low adding the herbs. Letting it infuse for 4-6 hours. Then there will not be any need for water and may increase shelf life?

        1. April Avatar

          I would either use Castor or Olive oil instead of water and infuse 3-6 weeks that will LAST for a year. Shake it daily for 3-6 weeks. =)

    1. Alex Avatar

      I’m looking for aloe vera gel and would like to know what kind to use. I’m only finding aloe vera gel with additional ingredients and would like to know what additions are ok to use for this serum recipe?

        1. Marsha Avatar

          I found it was best to just buy an aloe vera plant and snip a leaf when you need it that way its always growing and available. Looks nice in the house too.

        2. Janice Avatar

          Does this work on hair that is processed as mine is without stripping out the color? Are all of the ingredients in your serum etc safe to use on processed hair? I need to know this prior to investing in these ingredients. Thanks so much.

      1. Jennifer Hewitt Avatar
        Jennifer Hewitt

        I make my own aloe Vera gel by mixing aloe Vera juice with a very small amount of xantham gum. Blending seems to speed up the absorption process. Very Inexpensive alternative to buying gel.

    2. sheila hyde Avatar
      sheila hyde

      If this is good for hair growth, surely if you have superfluous facial hair, it is a no no!! Would like to know as soon as possible please.

    3. Keonna Beard Avatar
      Keonna Beard

      thank you for sharing that info to i am going to try that serum and i have tried curl activator and coconut oil for my hair and coconut oil liv and curl activator mixed together for my girls hair and it grows it but it stops at a certain length. i cant wait to try this to see what this will do for our hair. thank you once again for your postings.

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