7 Ingredients – 20+ DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

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How to make all of your own DIY beauty products with seven natural ingredients
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Cosmetics and beauty products are a major source of chemical exposure for most people. An average beauty product contains dozens of harmful chemicals, many of which have not even been tested for safety in humans!

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives for every beauty product, and most work better than the chemical-laden alternatives. I have made hundreds of natural beauty and personal care recipes over the years — from shampoo and conditioner to mascara and foundation!

I know it might seem like you need a cabinet of special ingredients, but you can make so many great recipes with what’s in your kitchen plus just a few key bulk purchases!

Here’s how to get started:

How to Make Natural Home & Beauty Recipes (From Only 7 Ingredients!)

Natural ingredients cost more upfront but save us money in the long run because they are so versatile and can be used in multiple recipes. You also don’t need a lot to make a product that lasts quite a while.

I order these products once or twice a year at most and we have smooth, healthy skin all year!

Natural Beauty Ingredients

  • For a quick and natural facial, give yourself a honey mask. Take a warm shower, or hold your face over a bowl of steaming water to open pores. Rub warm honey on face and sit for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and splash with cool water to close pores. Honey also works great as a gentle face wash that can be used every day.
  • Instantly clarify and remove oils from your hair by mixing 1 part white vinegar with 5 parts distilled water and pouring over hair after conditioning. Add 5-10 drops of favorite essential oil to make a fresh smell. I recommend lavender, lemon, orange, or peppermint. Depending on your hair type, you may also benefit from detoxing your hair with healing clays and using a natural shampoo.
  • For an intensive hair conditioner, blend avocado and coconut milk or cream in a blender and apply to dry hair. Leave on up to 30 minutes and rinse.
  • For oily hair, massage baking soda into hair, shampoo as normal and rinse. This can be drying for some people and irritating to the scalp. If you want a gentler option, also try DIY dry shampoo for dark or light hair.

Ingredients for Natural Beauty Recipes

These seven products are my natural beauty staples… (There’s a list of recipes I use them in below!) If you’re just starting out with DIY beauty products, these are great to have on hand and you can make many, many recipes with just these ingredients!

1. Coconut Oil

I order Gold Label Coconut Oil in five gallon buckets from Tropical Traditions. This is by far my favorite coconut oil and I can tell a difference in taste and quality. We save a lot by buying in bulk, and since we use it to cook, in recipes and as a skin lotion by itself, it never goes to waste! (It also comes in smaller quantities!)

We will only use Unrefined, organic coconut oil in cooking, but a cheaper expeller pressed oil could be used in skin recipes to save money (though by ordering in bulk, we still get the good stuff for cheaper than the expeller pressed in the long run!).

For those sensitive to coconut, grass fed organic beef tallow can also be used and it is great for the skin, though you will need to add essential oils to cover the mild scent. We get our tallow in five gallon buckets here.

2. Shea Butter

Our most used natural beauty ingredient after coconut oil. Organic unrefined shea butter has a naturally nutty, earthy smell (very mild)  and is incredibly nourishing for the skin! I’ve heard many cases of children seeing improvement from eczema from using shea butter or a mix of it and coconut oil.

It has natural antibacterial properties and is great for preventing stretch marks, for wound healing, and as an anti-aging treatment for skin. It naturally has an SPF of about 5 and can be used as a daily sunscreen. I use shea butter in my lotion, lotion bars, deodorant, face cream, baby lotion, diaper cream and many other recipes!

3. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is another “butter” and a great addition to natural beauty recipes. It is also an ingredient in organic homemade chocolate (recipe soon!). It imparts a delicate chocolate scent, and I love it mixed with mint or citrus in lotion bars, lotion or face cream. It can be used interchangeably with Shea Butter, though I find that my favorite recipes include Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut Oil.

 4. Beeswax

Beeswax is a great natural thickening agent, and high quality versions have a gently honey sent. (Note: I’ve heard from several readers that brands ordered from other sources had a very strong and off-putting odor and I can only vouch for this brand.) I use beeswax in lotions, lotion bars, baby care recipes, lip balm, foot cream, etc. Only a little is usually needed to thicken recipes, and a pound lasts us for at least six months.

5. Liquid Carrier Oil

Recipes like smoother lotions, baby oil, salves, and after-shave balms often need to be thinner than coconut oil and the butters will allow. In these cases, I use a liquid carrier oil. Most often, I use olive oil, almond oil, or apricot kernel oil (my favorite). Apricot Kernel has the most gentle scent and almond oil is also relatively unscented. Olive oil is typically the least expensive if you don’t mind the olive scent in your recipes or if you plan to cover it up with essential oils.

6. Arrowroot Powder

I keep Arrowroot on hand for thickening sauces when cooking and it also gets added to a lot of natural recipes like deodorant, baby powder, diaper cream, dry shampoo, etc. It works much like cornstarch but isn’t GMO like many corn products. I also use it in my homemade makeup recipes. I’ve only used this brand, and others have reported that brands from elsewhere are often not as finely ground and don’t work as well in skin recipes.

7. Essential Oils

Not technically needed, but essential oils give great natural scents to DIY beauty recipes and can also be very mood lifting. I get mine here in 8 ounce or larger quantities and they last literally years. Our favorites are mint, lavender, lemon, orange, and sandalwood.

Other Helpful Ingredients

Some other helpful ingredients that can be added to the above recipes are:

  • Dried herbs: especially chamomile and calendula for skin recipes
  • Zinc oxide: for diaper cream and sunscreens
  • Sugar: Not to eat but great for sugar scrubs!
  • Baking soda: For deodorant
  • Salt: For DIY hair spray or skin exfoliating
  • Other essential oils
  • Coconut milk: for homemade shampoo
  • Liquid castile soap: for cleaning/washing and for homemade baby wipes.

Basic Recipes

Here are some of my favorite basic beauty recipes:

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Do you make your Beauty products? What recipes would you like to try? Share below!

Natural beauty recipes and ingredient list so that you can make your own toiletry products from deodorant to lotion to shampoo!

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  1. Jodi Rose Avatar
    Jodi Rose

    I’m looking for a magnesium oil shampoo recipe and can’t find it. I don’t feel I’m getting my scalp completely covered just spraying my head and want to make a shampoo. My hair is so dry constantly and falls out just because I don’t wash it often enough. It’s hard to get a shower with 5 children in the house and my boys have a talent for getting into everything when I’m occupied. So if you have any suggestions for how much magnesium oil I need to add to shampoo it would be awesome! Thanks so much for all your blogs.

  2. Lori Nova Endres Avatar
    Lori Nova Endres

    Coconut oil is so useful! We use it in so many products…and for cooking, too 🙂

  3. Regina Johnson Avatar
    Regina Johnson

    I will want to try I tryed the coconut oil and it made me felt real good what I found out vinegar works and sesame seed oil on the skin

  4. Debra Avatar

    I recently saw a Wellness Mama Beauty Recipe book for sale and I purchased it,…………. although I cannot remember WHERE I found it. I THOUGHT it was on your website but I have tried to find it on your website and I don’t see it….which makes me very worried. I wonder if I have been duped!! Do you actually have a BEAUTY recipe book?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      I did! It was available as a limited time offer, which is why you don’t see it anymore. Don’t worry, it was me 🙂

  5. Jacey Avatar

    Shea butter has antibacterial properties? Does that mean I could use it as an acne treatment?

  6. Patti Avatar

    Hi! I make my own calendula salve & soap.
    It’s great for any complexion types, & we also used for a first aid replacement in our home. For a small amount of calendula salve I use approximately 1 -2 oz. of dried organic calendula petals to 6-8 oz of virgin olive oil. Infuse in crock pot on low for 3-4 hrs. Drain oil from petals, add approximately 2 Tbsp. of
    pesteles beeswax & melt completely. Add about 1/8 tsp of vitamin E as a preservative, stirring well. Pour into clean, sanitized 1 or 2 oz plastic jars or tins. Let cool & cover with lids.
    Use on face & neck as a moisturizer, use on cuts & scratches, skin irritations, or use on baby’s bottom to prevent diaper rash. I’ve made this all-purpose salve for 20+ years & have never had a complaint yet. My chiropractor even uses both the salve & the soap when he gets poison ivy, & I had a customer who used it if she got scratched by her cats & my daughter used it on her foot to heal a cut that another antibacterial salve w/pain killers wouldn’t heal. The list goes on & on. Google medicinal uses for calendula salve. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
    Enjoy! 🙂

  7. Emma Avatar

    Hi, what is the difference between unrefined and naturally refined when it comes to shea, cocoa, mango, and other butters? Which would you say is better for making lotions and chap stick kind of things? Thanks!

  8. Chloe Avatar

    Would you know anywhere to buy the butters that’ll ship to Australia, I can’t seem to find anything anywhere! I love the website you linked to and have sent them an email. I want to get started on my DIY journey!

  9. Tesha Avatar

    Hello, I’d like to know if I have to use Beeswax Pastilles or can I just use solid beeswax. I have a bee keeper that lives in the area, and he has 20lb pound blocks for sale.

  10. sandy Avatar

    If I were to sell my home made products, would you suggest to vacuum seal the canned product?

  11. Janet Avatar

    Can you recommend an affordable source for jars, foaming pump and spray bottles, etc that do not require bulk or minimum purchases?

  12. Mary Murney Avatar
    Mary Murney

    I’m trying to change over to making what I can rather than buying all those awful chemicals! I’ve just about got what I need to make lip balm as I thought it would be an easy start. My question is about Magnesium. I’m Canadian and found a site here that I love that sells MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE. I saw that you recommend using magnesium in a home made deodorant recipe (I hope I can find it again). The description says to dilute this with water to replace lost magnesium in the body after excersizing, etc. I just want to make sure it’s ok to use this for home made deodorant.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. (I know how busy you are, I appreciate any help you can provide.



  13. Adrienne Avatar

    Regarding the lotion recipe, sorry for not posting on that thread.

  14. Ana McLeod Avatar
    Ana McLeod

    Loving your blog, not just because it’s somewhat cost effective but because it eliminate all the chemical we use in our everyday product. Now i see somewhere in the comment about using vinegar as a conditioner for your hair. Is it just the vinegar are do you add something to the vinegar to condition your hair?

  15. Krysten Avatar

    You’re a freakin’ genius! The information that you share is simple yet incredibly informative at the same time. Thanks so much! You rock!

  16. Helen Avatar

    I love Shea Butter! It’s one of my favourites. I usually just spread some onto my face, hands and feet in the morning and I’m good to go. I use an all natural skin cream at night that actually has most of these ingredients in them as I look at the jar and your post here, so that actually makes me feel really good about that product! I find so many “natural” creams these days have parabens and other not so natural ingredients, so it’s nice when something really is all natural.

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    rosie ellen

    Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. was truly information. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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