Sea Salt Spray for Healthy Skin

DIY Sea Spray for Healthy Skin

I’m a big fan of natural sea salt and of magnesium, and this recipe combines both to create a sea spray that is nourishing for the skin.

Sea Salt and salt water have a long history of use in various types of beauty recipes and even skin therapies. Using sea salt/salt water for therapeutic purposes even has its own name: Thalassotherapy, which simply refers to the therapeutic use of salt water.

Many people seem to notice reduction in acne and a clearer complexion from the use of salt on the skin. Most often, salt is incorporated in scrubs for the skin, but this gentle Sea Spray can be left on to continuously nourish the skin. The minerals in salt can also help nourish skin.

Aside from its beauty benefits, this sea spray leaves skin feeling refreshed and light. It can serve as a facial toner or as an all-over skin nourishing spray. If you’ve never tried salt on the skin, try this simple and inexpensive recipe!

Sea Salt Spray Ingredients

  • 1 cup of distilled or boiled water
  • 1 Tablespoon Himalayan Salt (or Sea Salt)
  • Pinch of Epsom Salt or Magnesium Flakes
  • Optional: 1-3 drops of essential oil of choice (I like Lavender or Mint)

How to Make Salt Spray:

  1. Add salt and epsom salt/magnesium (if using) to warm water and stir until salt is completely dissolved.
  2. Add essential oils if using and store in a glass jar or spray bottle.
  3. To use: Apply to skin by spraying or with a cotton pad as a toner. Great for use as part of a daily skin care routine of after swimming.

Note: In place of distilled water, an herbal tea can be used as long as the tea is made from dried herbs. Calendula or chamomile tea work really well in this recipe or mint can be used for a cooling spray!

Do you use salt for improved skin health? Share your experience below!

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Reader Comments

  1. When using the oil cleaning method when would you apply this? I haven’t been using a toner since I started using oils to wash my face but I would love to try this!!

    • I was wondering this as well.

      • i was wondering the same thing didn’t go down for enough

    • After washing but before applying makeup or anything else…

      • Would I be able to use chamomille tea straight from a tea bag?

        • Yes, or any other suitable herbal tea bag.

      • Loving this recipe! Is this spray ok to use twice daily? Or should I stick to just the once?

  2. could i also use magnesium oil?

      • could I use coconut oil or tea tree oil?

  3. Could this be used on skin with eczema?
    Also, how much lavender (or mint) essential oil do you add to it?

    • It can be used on skin with eczema. The oils could be left out, or a couple drops could be added…

      • Thanks! Will be making this today 🙂

      • Hi there. My mother in law has a very bad patch of eczema that’s oozing at the moment. We’re trying a diet adjustment and we’re interested in the sea salt spray. Just one question, could the sea salt spray make her eczema worse at all? We’re worried about infection

    • Optional: 1-3 drops of essential oil of choice (I like Lavender or Mint)

  4. Since going off birth control 5 months ago (I was using the Nuvaring) my skin has developed the worst acne, which until now I have never suffered with in my life. A lot of it does seem to be hormonal acne (which would make sense) Do you think this spray could potentially help that? Or anything else that could be really beneficial? Been good with diet, exercise, and reducing stress but things seem to getting worse.

    • It definitely shouldn’t hurt! Internal magnesium is often helpful too…

      • what kind of magnesium there are so many and its really hard to trust whats real thank for the in put have a great day

    • You should read the book acne no more ( you can find it on the website of the autor) it has helped a lot to deal with hormonal acne without taking the pill.
      You could maybe try if you’re not hiding some part of yourself if you’re loving yourself enough.
      I was in the same case than you. I send you support
      Have a nice day

      • I agrree

    • Your skin will go crazy with hormonal changes but should settle in about 3 cycles. Really increase your water!

  5. I have been following your blog for a while and have done many many of your DIY recipies that really helped out during my Peace Corps service. Affordable and natural and my skin feels great. So thanks! Question: Could I use the Magnesuim Powder Natural Calm instead of these flakes?

    • You could try, but it dies have other ingredients so I’m not sure how it would incorporate. You can omit the magnesium and just use salt though…

  6. I love the sound of this – just the name makes me feel all summery and down by the sea 🙂 I guess we’re nearly half way through winter here, and I’m looking forward to summer already! (I do realise the point of the spray is not to make you feel like you’re on holidays, but hey, it’s worth a try isn’t it? 😛 )

  7. This sounds great! 🙂 If using the herbal tea, would you just steep and then mix? How soon should all of the spray be used after making? Thanks!

    • Just steep and mix. The spray will keep with the salt at least a month…

  8. This spray is amazing, thank you so much for posting this!

    I used Camomile tea instead of just water and it really soothes the skin and smells lovely. Made my acne MUCH LESS visible, when nothing else I have tried, including horrible smelling creams, helped.

    Definitely the best thing I’ve tried. 🙂

  9. Just for your face or whole body?

  10. This looks great! How many drops of essential oil should use?

    • I think she said 1-3 drops.

  11. Am looking forward to making this in the coming weekend… But – I always thought that salt dries things out…? I was introduced to using oil to clean my body through Ayurveda a few years ago, and like the oil cleansing method soap hasn’t touched a majority of my skin for almost 3 years (I know it sounds gross, but I quickly became a convert and soap is only necessary in certain areas!). With all the deep nourishing that has happened from the oil, what makes salt so beneficial? The magnesium makes sense… Just curious!

  12. I made a batch of your shampoo about three months ago and used almond oil as you suggested. I had a TERRIBLE reaction to it! I don’t know if it was just a bad batch of oil or if I’m allergic, but my doctor even said it was the worst case of folliculitis she had ever seen! Anyway, the past 3 months have been spent trying every kind of prescription and non prescription cream, steroid, cleaner, etc that I could get my hands on, to no avail. Needless to say, I was veeery frustrated. I made a batch of this spray, and I am not kidding, after ONE application (I kind of went overboard and soaked gauze pads and just laid them over my whole body) I noticed a huge difference! It’s been three days, and it’s barely noticeable! Thank you, Katie!!!!

    • Wow! I’m trying this!

  13. Where did you purchase your spray/spritzer bottle? I need to get my hands on a few so I can make some sea spray for my sisters and mom.

    • Yes, I have wondered where I could get a spray bottle as well. I have heard that you need a glass spray bottle, as plastic absorbs the essential oils. I could not find anything glass!! Thanks ????

      • I was wondering as well! Can’t wait to try this out! Still looking for this kind of bottle though. Katie! Where did you buy this? Thank you so much!

        • Amazon, whole foods.

      • I have no idea how old these comments are because they are not dated. But I buy my glass spray bottles on Amazon. They have lots of sizes and varieties (make sure if you get an amber or blue bottle that they are real colored glass and not painted). I just did research on that site and used the reviews to help me pick the bottles that I thought would work well for me. Hope this help some of you. 🙂

      • I found my beautiful cobalt glass spray bottle on Amazon from Amy’s Organics. Best wishes to all!

  14. Must try this!!

  15. I love your blog!! I’m a mama of 2 very young boys and on a budget! I have tried a few of your wonderful recipe’s… I have a question for this spray though.. what is the “shelf life”? Thank you!!

    • Indefinitely… salt is naturally antibacterial so it lasts a long time.

  16. I can’t wait to try this. Currently I am using witch hazel and coconut oil (or honey and coconut oil, depending on hormones) to clean my skin and I love it, but some days it needs a little more. I’ve done the clay mask with ACV and it’s a great spa treatment for me, but I am thinking that in the mornings this could be my “pick me up” prior to the 5 minute “make me up” session.

    For the teas– could I use a rosemary tea? Would it be too much for the skin? Or should I stick to the chamomile and calendula?

  17. can i use this spray to rid off my brown spots on my face….thanks

  18. Can I use rose water or other “standardized waters” in stead of the water / herbal infusions?

  19. Just a brief side note, the minerals found in salt that tighten skin and minimize wrinkles have the negative effect of causing skin to actually lose elasticity over time, which subsequently causes more wrinkling of the skin. Alternative? Hemorrhoid cream. The active ingredient in this cream significantly tightens skin long-term and does not have the negative effect of breaking down your skin’s elasticity. I use it for the wrinkles around my eyes (ie: crows-feet) and have had noticeable improvement. ;0)

    • Hey Denessa, where did you get this information from about mineral salts and skin losing elasticity over time? I can’t find reference to it anywhere.

      • I was just thinking the same thing… Like I’m going to want a chemical hemmeroid cream on my skin potentially clogging my pores instead of natutal sea salt. Which by the way this toner is FABULOUS! It is the best skin care product I’ve ever used in all areas including wrinkles.. I make mine with calendula or chamomile tea and it smells soooooo good.
        Maybe dennessa works for Preperation !! Haha. jK

  20. Hey! As a teen, I experience lots of wonderful acne, and I’ve been struggling to find a cleanser/treatment that can hep me out! Is this effective? Also, does this dry out the skin? From previous knowledge, salt loves to dry things out! If so, what moisturizer should I use? I’m pretty busy so no heavy oils, as id look pretty greasy when out and about! thanks so much, love your website!

    • I’m 15 and I have acne too! A few months ago it was really bad and red so I started using coconut oil as a moisturizer. I have naturally oily skin so I wasn’t sure how well it would work but using an oil as a moisturizer actually tells your skin not to make oil because it is hydrated. Coconut oil absorbs into the skin quickly and does not show or look greasy at all, it is also a great base for your makeup! I absolutely love it! I actually use it all over after I shower and it has definitely helped with acne and exzema! Hope this helps!

  21. Thank you. I made today for my daughter. I will let you know how it works. Also, I saw the homemade salve. I am going to fnd the ingredients and make that also.

  22. My eczema flare led me here, and I’m glad it did! I usually use lemon juice on my chapped and wounded hands, but find that the juice is so severe, it makes my skin unbearably itchy! I scratch until my hands are wounded all over again.

    This sea salt spray ‘seals’ the wounds within minutes without the severe itching! It makes your skin feel a little numb, not unlike a wound’s reaction to salt water. I plan to follow it up with some aloe gel to moisturise the healed skin. Thanks for the ‘recipe’! I’ll keep a bottle of this by my bedside to control my eczema.

  23. I am just curious, I am struggling with deodorant alternatives and I thought to myself what about a deodorant himalayan salt spray…That way I could keep it with me in a handy squirt bottle if it fades throughout the day and not have to use antiperspirant.

    I am wondering what you think? I bought the salt rock and it tends to irritate my skin a little when rubbed on, thought this problem might be fixed by spraying on diluted with distilled water and maybe a drop of lavender oil or fresh rosemary infused water… any thoughts?

    • The best deoderant ive ever used is baking soda mixed your favorite lotion. I just put a small amount of lotion in my palm, sprinkle a little baking soda, and mix. I also just discovered that if you add just a little betonite clay to the mix it helps absorb moisture and you stay dry. I dont notice ANY odor throughout the day. Its amazing. I always mix it fresh everyday in my hand so it doesnt lose any potency. 🙂

    • Hi Stephanie, I make my own deodorant that has a sea salt base. I add a few other things as well (witch hazel, grapefruit seed extract, essential oils etc). It works great. The salt kills the bacteria that create the smell, it’s as simple as that. No white marks, no stains. Sometimes in the heat of mid summer, it may have to be applied again mid day, but it’s worth it to me.

  24. hello. oil cleansing or sea spray? which one is good for whiteheads? its have been 2 years the whiteheads keep staying on my face especially on my nose. please help me

    • Make sure yoy are using the right oils that balance you skins sebum. You want to find oils that have a high amount of linoleic vs oleic. :). I had the same problem till i found a blog that explained things. Oils like saflower, pumpkn seed, evening primrose seed, or grapeseed, are good ones for acne because they disolve sticky sebum that causes clogged pores. Hope this helps. 🙂

  25. This intrigued me so I just made it. I used Himalayan salt, some Epsom salt and Tea Tree oil. I didn’t need the fragrance of the other oils so I thought since the tea tree oil is good for acne and such that it would be a good add. I can’t wait to get on a good cycle to see how it works! 🙂

  26. So I live in South Florida and am a few minutes from the beach. If the water report is agreeing; could I use the beach water; (which my family has always claimed to have healing powers) and add the oil and Epsom?

  27. Katie, is that a glass bottle with the spray top? I too would like a link to where you found that. I’ve been looking for a while, for my homemade liquid soap, and haven’t found any yet.

  28. Hi Katie,
    I love your recipes! I have a jar of “Magnesium Bath Crystals” that says it is magnesium chloride salts. I noticed that the links in your recipe lead to products that are Magnesium sulfate. What is the difference, and can I use what I have in this recipe? Thank you!

    • Some may not realize or know that your skinand hair is 4.5 to 5,5 acidic. Salt is alkaline. But salt is also a product that helps to heal.

  29. just tried this and I add a teaspoon of witch hazel extract to it. Hope that this will reduce my acne..

  30. Can I use Dead Sea Salt in place of Himalayan Sea Salt or would it be too harsh?

  31. What kind of chamomile tea to use this recipe. And where to buy Epsom. This my first time planing to make homeremidies. Looking for relieves for my etchy skin and sensitive skin since I have a celiac disease.

  32. Does this stuff give u a bad reaction I have sensitive skin

    • It’s pretty light, but you might want to test it to be safe.

  33. Can I just use the sea salt I find in the grocery store? I am on a strict budget.

  34. Add a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. I was having a yeast problem especially in areas where I sweat a lot. A spray or two in those areas throughout the day, plus my new clean diet is relieving me of this problem. BTW, GSE in water will help eliminate some underarm odor during the day.

  35. May I know how long can this spray be stored in a spray bottle? Thanks 🙂

  36. Where do u buy the glass spray bottles? Can I buy the sea salt at the grocery store?

    • I bought a glass spray bottle from Amazon.

  37. My children have developed weeping eczema in this past week. They have told me that it is contagious when it’s weeping and I was just wondering if after I spray this on the wounds if I should cover it back up or let it air dry and then put an emollient cream after the spray. What routine would you recommend?

  38. Why do you use distilled water? Have always been told that it’s dead water and not to use for making herbal remedies. Bach’s being one of those sources.

  39. Thank you Wellness Mama. I made this the other day and tried it this morning after reading one of the comments saying that it’s great to use as a makeup base. I have really oily skin and have used every known product made to keep it under control. It’s gross sometimes because my make-up would just wipe off. I have made and used some of your other recipes such as the body wash and sugar scrub. The oil on my face has reduced, my make up stays on, and my pores are getting smaller. I’m slowly moving towards homemade products because 1) I want to stay away from harsh chemicals and 2) making your own products is cost effective. I can’t wait to make small beauty kits for my friends to try.

  40. hey! so i’ve been using this for about a week and i’ve broken out all over my face- do you think that this just isn’t good for me or do you think it could be more of a detox reaction and that it’ll clear up once this first huge break out is over? i have no references for how sea salt should be affecting someone’s skin. other than the pimples i do notice that my complexion is more even and my skin feels loads better so i really hope that i don’t have to give this up!

  41. I have used this spray several times…even with my sensitive skin, it’s only dried my skin once, and I don’t believe I’ve had redness or irritation yet. However, it makes my face feel nice and fresh! Just be sure that if you rub it in (which I don’t know if you’re supposed to do), if you have broken skin on your finger it will sting a little! Overall, I’ve been very pleased with this spray. Thanks, Katie!

  42. My 6 year old son has severe eczema and his face is weeping and crusty. Can I spray it on his face or do I use cotton balls. Thanks.

  43. How long can you leave the completed sea salt spray in its spray bottle? Does it matter?

  44. Dear Katie,
    I wanted to say thank you very much for all your DIY recipes and information. I want wholesome, natural things for my daughter and myself but being a single mother I’m on a VERY LIMITED budget. You have provided me with the know-how to do this in a cost effective manner. So, thank you, not only from me but on my daughter’s behalf as well!!

  45. Hi there!! And this is safe while pregnant, right?

    • I’ve used it while pregnant but check with your doc if you are concerned about it 🙂

      • What size bottle did you use? Was it glass? I was thinking of dropping some tea tree oil in there..

  46. Firstly, thank you for this website and all the interesting info! I have just started trying things such as homemade shampoo (both coconut milk/aloe variety and no-poo methods) and ACV rinse, oil pulling (had never heard of or imagined such a thing!), and oil cleansing (with mainly coconut oil but also olive oil). To make sunscreen and natural oils moisturizer/lotion, I am trying to get zinc oxide and beeswax locally (i.e. without mail order–shipping RUINS the good prices) and have just found beeswax reasonably-priced at Whole Foods. If you don’t need the large block of it, you can buy a 2oz candle for $2.99. Except for the wick, it’s pure beeswax. What a great idea! (Thank you, Whole Body/Whole Foods Cosmetics Dept. Lady for the smart suggestion!)
    NOW, for my actual related-to-this-post question! (Gee, was she ever going to get there?)
    Can I somehow combine your two recipes for magnesium oil and sea salt spray? Since you recommend both the oil spray and the salt spray and they seem to have the same ingredients and method of use (i.e. spray on body), it would seem wasteful of time and resources to make each separately. Or, am I missing something? Is there a reason for keeping each potion a separate beauty treatment? Does each do something that the other does not?
    I was thinking of making the oil, and then increasing water by a half cup and adding the Tbsp of sea salt. (Because the sea salt spray recipe has 1 cup liquid while the oil recipe has just half a cup. But, I am no chemist. How should I do this?
    Thanks, again!
    Lady Sadie

    • Yes, you definitely can, but with the added magnesium it might be irritating to the face or other delicate areas so test first on a small part of skin 🙂

  47. Can I use this spray on an infant?

  48. I also have eczema on the insides of both heels & both of the palms of my hands & have tried EVERYTHING!!!! I am going to try your recipe for the face serumfor my face but I was also wondering if maybe I could use the face serum on my eczema? Have you ever tried that?

  49. My 5 month old has had eczema since around 2 months. We’ve tried everything. I’m currently in the process of changing my diet to raw and gluten free since I breast feed. It’s weird because it’s not all over her body anymore only on her face. It’s weeps on her cheeks and I was hoping this spray would help with that. Do you have any suggestions on any modifications to the spray for a 5 month old or can I use it as is? I was planning to omit the essential oil and use calendula tea…

  50. I’m wondering the same thing…my daughter is 16 months…can I use it on her?

  51. I apologize if this is a dumb question, as I know very little about essential oils so far, but would it be a problem to use fresh mint leaves/herbs instead of essential oils if it’s just for fragrance?

  52. Hi, I have a question. You said distilled water or water heated to almost boiling. Why did you specify “almost boiling,” if I may ask? Does it make a difference if the water came to a full on boil?

  53. I love all the recipes you have for skin health and beauty. I would love it if you knew any recipes on how to make a how to make a mineral powder foundation? Something close to Bare Minerals brand?
    I’m always playing around with different makeup, lotions, and creams. I’m 43 with fair skin, and I’m noticing fine lines and crows feet around my eyes. I really don’t like that at all. I want my 20 year old skin back. Lol (don’t we all?)
    Thank you for time, and your amazing DIY’s.

  54. Hi there, I have an unopened 1kg bag of dead sea salt and I’m wondering how to use them. I don’t want to use them in the bath as I’m pregnant – would using these in the recipe be good do you think? Or even as a spray on its own? Thanks for your fab website and podcasts! 🙂

    • Yep, you could absolutely use as a spray, or hair spray 🙂 Or you could make a salt scrub with salt and coconut oil

  55. Thanks so much for your reply as always. I have recently started me and my family on our own journey to natural health and your website is invaluable. With gratitude, Anna 🙂

  56. Hello! I was linked here after reading about the DIY vitamin C serum. My poor skin suffered awful acne post-baby & while I was nursing. I’m left with scars & hyper-pigmentation predominately on my cheeks. I was wondering if the sea salt spray is effective in lightening these marks or should I try the Vitamin C serum? I still am prone to some breakouts.

    Also, I’m always looking for “natural” ways to keep my acne at bay. My current face regimen is as follows:
    Every other day at night I use aloe Vera & tea tree oil that I use as sort of a mask and then on the off days I use a baking soda/water rub & then Rodan & Fields sulfur wash. I use Rodan & Fields sulfur wash every morning. I am on 2 topical prescription acne medications as well.
    Any ideas of things to try would be much appreciated. 🙂 I had flawless skin pre-babies & now 2 babies & lengthy nursing relationships later – my face is a mess. 🙁


  57. Hi there! I was also linked here after researching natural remedies to help eczema (which I have been suffering from for the past few years on my face as well as rosacea. This particular remedy caught my eye because anytime I have a chance to take a beach vacation (normally once a year) my eczema and rosacea completely disappear then of course a few days after I get home from my vacation it reappears. I am most definitely going to try the sea salt spray when I get home, but I had question…Instead of using Magnesium Flakes can I use a powder form?


  58. Could I replace epsom salt or magnesium flakes for magnesium oil? If so, how much would I add?

    • I have the same question. I have a magnesium oil spray and want to just use that with unrefined salt. Not sure of a ratio of salt to a 2 oz bottle of magnesium oil. Thanks!

  59. I have had severe hand eczema lately with blistering and cracking and itching. So I tried some of this and it helped! It dried out the skin but that is good. I’ll keep using it every few hours and use some aveeno lotion in between. thanks!

  60. Hi Guys. I suffer from really bad eczema. Have tried a number of ways to relive the itch / pain. Just gave this a go now. I used a mix of sea salt, epsom salts, warm water and a few drops of virgin olive oil. Seems to be really calming. Will let you know in a few days if it has reduced my eczema. Cheers

  61. Should I have a layer of salt on my face after it dries? I used 1 Tablespoon of Pink Himalayan Salt.

    • Is it supposed to burn? I’d like the convenience of a spray but it is clogging my sprayers 🙁

  62. Can I use my sole brine instead of straight salt? Would the sole/water ratio be the same as with the salt?

    • YOu could, but you’d need almost double the amount because of the dilution with water

  63. Hello, I purchase dead Sea magnesium salts today and was told if I mix and spray on my body it will give me energy that I need with hypothyroidism if true how would I mix this.? How else may I use this with this illness. Thank you

  64. will any kind of sea salt work? Such as in my grinder I use for cooking? or does it have to be a special kind? Otherwise I’ll get the himalayin salt

  65. Hi Katie

    I did actually tthink of making the magnesium oil with a tea with dried herbs when I came acorss yours suggestion about it. But I was wondering if it keep fresh for long or for how long can it stay fresh ?


    • I am not sure how long it would stay fresh if you make it with herbs…

  66. Hi Katie,

    I want to begin making some of your healthy and beauty recipes. When making a recipe that uses essential oils I have read oils need to be stored in glass. I see you use the Amber Glass jars. Do you use dropper tops, spray tops, or phenolic tops? I have read that its not good to store essential oils in anything with dropper or spray tops (anything with plastic essentially). Is that only a rule for undiluted essential oils or for these recipes as well?

    • I think it is less of a concern with diluted essential oils. I would personally prefer to avoid plastic entirely, but have never been able to find any glass jar or container that has no plastic whatsoever… even EO containers have plastic lids.

  67. Hi I have been thinking about making magnesium oil using dead sea bath salts do you think it would work? Here are the ingredients:-
    Magnesium Chloride 30.0 – 35.0 %
    Potassium Chloride 20.0 – 28.0 %
    Sodium Chloride 3.0 – 8.0 %
    Calcium Chloride 0.1 – 0.5 %
    Bromide 0.3 – 0.6 %
    Sulphates 0.05 – 0.2 %
    Insolubles 0 – 0.3%
    Water of Crystallization 32.0 – 40.0 %

  68. Does the salt leave the face feeling sticky?

  69. Just curious…I have read elsewhere that any time you’re making a recipe that has water, you need to add a preservative such as Optiphen Plus to keep mold from growing. Does this recipe need that? Thanks!

  70. I bottled ocean water from Barbados and have used it as eye dropsfor cyst under lid (added colloidal silver to dropper and it worked even better). I’ve sprayed the ocean water on my face for clear skin and I’ve also used it to clear my sinuses. The ocean is amazing !!

  71. Could you use powdered magnesium for this recipe?

    • I don’t think it would have the same effect…

  72. Could you add a little witch hazel to this? Would it help?

  73. Can I store this toner in a refrigerator?

  74. Can you use this in your hair, too?

  75. I do not have Magnesium flakes. Would I be able to use an existing magnesium spray and add it to the water? Or am I better off just using epsom salt?

    • You could definitely add pre-made magnesium spray.

  76. I love this Sea Salt Spray I’ve just made up my second bottle and my sprayer will not spray smooth any more I thought I read where someone had a remedy for this but unable to find again. Any suggestions!!!

  77. I really wanted to comment on this post and say THANK YOU! This spray is terrific–I would pay good money for this if I didn’t know any better! :c)
    I used green tea as a base, followed your recipe otherwise, omitted essential oils, and added a pinch of zinc (because it helps with acne) and ReStore (a lignite concentrate intended for gut health). My skin is finally acne-free. I think it’s a combination of this spray and using microfiber washcloths instead of face soap. I’m getting compliments on my skin–thank you, Katie!

  78. Can you use witch hazel instead of distilled water?