How I Avoided GBS Naturally

How I Avoided and Got Rid Of GBS with Natural Remedies

GBS, or Group Beta Streptococcus, is an colonization that affects many people and around 1/4 to 1/3 of women in the third trimester of pregnancy. Many people carry this bacteria in their digestive systems with no problem, but it can cause complications in a newborns of mothers who are colonized.

Mothers are often tested for Group B Strep in the third trimester of pregnancy and if they are positive, are usually given antibiotics during labor. I tested positive for GBS in my fourth pregnancy, though I eradicated it and tested negative before the birth, and then I tested negative in my next pregnancy (thus the title of the post). As there is a very small chance of serious and life threatening complications for baby in GBS positive moms (even with antibiotic use), I wanted to share what worked for me in hopes it would help other women avoid this risk to baby. This is just my experience and is not intended to be medical advice.

For more information on the risks associated with GBS and with antibiotic treatment, check out this well-researched article or this one from This page provides a compilation of a lot of research on GBS and antibiotic use.

Natural Remedies for GBS

GBS certainly has the potential to be serious and shouldn’t be ignored, but antibiotics carry their own risks and can cause problems as well. Especially with all the emerging research about the transfer of gut flora and immunity from mother to baby during delivery, it would definitely be preferable not to take antibiotics if it can be avoided (especially if testing positive for GBS can be avoided in the first place).

The good news is, at least in my case, GBS can be avoided with natural remedies.

As GBS occurs naturally in the digestive tract for some people, I felt it was important to treat the digestive tract as a whole when working to eliminate GBS instead of just focusing on the genital area. A probiotic rich diet is beneficial for overall health,and I also found it helpful in getting rid of GBS.

When researching, I found the following advice for treating/preventing GBS:

  • Eating a probiotic rich diet including things like Kombucha, Water Kefir, Yogurt, Sauerkraut and other fermented foods to help create a healthy gut environment.
  • Taking a probiotic supplement and using it vaginally (I used this one orally daily and vaginally every day or two).
  • Consuming garlic capsules or raw garlic cloves daily.
  • Consuming Coconut Oil for its naturally antiviral properties.
  • Using plain organic yogurt vaginally to help balance bacteria.
  • Taking Vitamin C daily.
  • Using a Chlorhexidine rinse vaginally before and during labor. (This is the usual protocol) This was a last resort for me and I was glad to not have to use it, as the emerging evidence about the bacterial transfer during labor brings this practice into question.
  • Consuming raw apple cider vinegar daily and using it as a diluted rinse.

What I Did That Worked

With my fourth pregnancy, I tested positive at 35 weeks for GBS and then at 37 weeks was tested again and the result was negative. What I did during that time (and what a friend did successfully after testing positive very early in her pregnancy) that worked:

  • Took 2,000 mg of Vitamin C in divided doses each day
  • Consuming 2 cloves of raw garlic each day by finely mincing them and drinking them down with water
  • Consuming at least 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil daily for its antibacterial/antiviral properties
  • Using a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse vaginally each day
  • Taking 6+ probiotic capsules a day
  • Consuming large amounts of fermented foods and drinks
  • Using a garlic clove vaginally for one night (anecdotal evidence supports that this is very effective)

In my next pregnancy to prevent GBS to begin with, I followed a protocol that is recommended by a midwife I know (and she is yet to have a case of GBS when a mom is following this):

Have you ever had GBS while pregnant? What did you do? Share below!

GBS (Group B Strep) can affect up to 1/3 of pregnant women but these natural remedies helped me (and can help you!) to avoid it.

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Reader Comments

  1. You’re so amazing to compile all of these things. GBS is one of those things where if I had it at 35 weeks, it would have taken a week (for me, at least) to find all the information I needed to do something about it, and that would have only left a few weeks to actually do it. I like having a list of things to just do–things that we maybe ought to be doing anyway! I am not pregnant again right now, but if that should happen again, it’s good to have these resources organized in one place.

    • By ” resources” , you mean one woman’s uneducated opinion?

      • I can tell you care a lot about the well-being of babies and their safe arrival into the world. You are definitely correct, Group B Strep should not be taken lightly. That said, if you find out about it early enough, and try something a bit less invasive than antibiotics, thereby potentially resulting in a negative test before the child is born, great! Your OB isn’t going to object to you rinsing your areas with ACV, taking higher doses of Vit. C, taking probiotics, or eating more fermented foods. If it doesn’t work, well the antibiotics are still there for you.

        Hopefully you’re not the type who runs to the doctor for antibiotics every time you have a sniffle because gargling with salt water and eating chicken soup is too strange, and simply based on your mom’s uneducated opinion about what might work to help a cold. Most people here are working with doctors, midwives or other professionals who have tests to find out about Group B strep.

        • Actually, I’m the type that has spent years of my life studying obstetrics and gynaecology, and I have over ten years experience in clinical practice. I wouldn’t object to probiotics, but If your urine tests positive for GBS, or you have a positive swab at term, declining antibiotics is not a wise choice for your baby. Antibiotics, when used appropriately are not invasive, and are life saving. It’s such a first world attitude to refer to something as life saving as antibiotics as invasive. Group b strep? Meh. Have you ever seen a baby being treated for GBS septicaemia in NICU?

          • Great! We need more expert opinions. I suspect that what you would like to convey to mothers to be is that if the Group B strep test is positive at the time of delivery to get the antibiotics. Most of us are in agreement on that. However, if you have a few weeks still, trying to get rid of it via alternative methods is reasonable. What’s the harm in trying to test negative?

            Tell me, please if you don’t have any first world ideas and problems? Hmm, which kind of coffee should I get at Starbucks? Petty first world problems. We can also agree more about the appropriate, necessary use of antibiotics more via email instead of in the comments section of a blog. First world problems. Oh wait, perhaps I’ll go hunt for my breakfast, first.

          • What is your opinion about Hibiclens?

            I know third world countries and midwives use Hibiclens in the vagina. but when penicillin is available it should be used. It has the wrong vagina pH and is against manufacturers recommendations.

            HIBICLENS® is an antiseptic antimicrobial skin cleanser possessing bactericidal properties. HIBICLENS contains 4% w/v chlorhexidine gluconate, a chemically unique cationic bisbiguanide with inactive ingredients: Fragrance, isopropyl alcohol 4%, purified water, Red 40, and other ingredients, in a mild, sudsing base adjusted to pH 5.0-6.5 for optimal activity and stability as well as compatibility with the normal pH of the skin. (pH of the vagina is 3-4, hibiclens could induce bacterial vaginosis to develop which in turn could cause preterm labor).

            Manufacturers recommendations: Avoid getting this medication in your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, rectum, or vagina. Chlorhexidine topical is for use only on the skin.

            FDA pregnancy category C. It is not known whether chlorhexidine topical will harm an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using this medication.

            It is not known whether chlorhexidine topical passes into breast milk or if it could harm a nursing baby. Do not breast-feed if you are using this medicine to treat a skin condition in the breast area.

            Be very careful when using chlorhexidine topical on a child younger than 2 months old. This medication may cause severe irritation or chemical burns on a very young child.

          • I think it foolish to never look at LONG TERM effects of antibiotic use. We are often too busy panicking about the immediate effects of a bacterial infection to think ahead. My Mom needed to take high level antibiotics in my older sister’s first week of life due to a uterine infection. In the ’80s, we never thought about antibiotics being passed through the breast milk—and it is possible (although not conclusive) to ascribe my sister’s terrible colic/constipation as an infant, followed by years of terrible food intolerance/allergies as a child and current struggle with Crohn’s/Colitis to the fact that her tiny, baby gut was completely stripped of all healthy bacteria as a new born.
            Suffice it to say, that given the actual given incidence of GBS infected babies ACTUALLY DYING—is it really worth it to kill all bacteria—good and bad— in the bodies of 25%-30% of all our newborns, especially since we don’t know how important that good bacteria is for the rest of that newborn’s life?

          • Not everyone’s decision is as simple….

            I tested GBS+ on this pregnancy (neg my other two). I am all about natural remedies, I try to avoid drugs and unnatural treatments at all cost, I believe in the natural nature of pregnancy, labor and delivery….our bodies were perfectly designed for it. It is a NATURAL part of a women’s life and not a sickness to be treated in a hospital….women who are pregnant are clients and not patients…we are not sick. With that said I WAS planning on the antibiotic….as I couldn’t bare the thought of being the 1 person in 200 to loose my baby to GBS (although I know the antibiotic doesn’t reduce the risk completely). I would much rather have a live baby than no baby…..even with all the things out there on the effects of antibiotics….I still think a live baby is better than no baby! I was then going to do everything to reduce the effects of the antibiotic (start my newborn and me on probiotics, Vit d3, Vit C, nurse, etc.)…..however, I feel my decision is a bit more icky than most…. My last labor was 2 hrs start to finish, this would mean I don’t have enough time for the full dose of antibiotic….AND I am allergic to penicillin the antibiotic of choice, my GBS strand is resistant to the next option (amoxicillin), and the next option is Cefazolin which has been shown to cause an allergic rxn in 10% of patients with a penicillin allergy. This means that I risk totally disrupting my labor and delivery by potentially having a severe rxn to the antibiotic. I think it is worth attempting all natural options to eliminate the GBS from my vaginal canal given my short labors and my history with allergies to antibiotics. If I can test negative for GBS the second time around I am going to try as hard as I can….this would reduce my risk of a severe rxn and my babies risk of having harmful effects to GBS.

          • The information posted by “Wellness Mama” about the mother transferring her immunity to the baby at delivery is erroneous. Immunity is transferred mainly through BREASTFEEDING, NOT DURING THE DELIVERY OF A BABY. Therefore, the advice to avoid taking antibiotics in the case of testing positive for strep B is RIDICULOUS and not based upon fact. If you’re going to give such advice, try to educate yourself first.

          • I am 36 weeks pregnant and just found out i have Strep B (GBS). I have read about the home remedies of vitamin C, garlic and probitiocs, also the use of ACV rinse. I would like to know how many billion cultures of the probiotics are ok to consume orally during my stage of pregnancy and what brands do you recommend ? I had asked my obgyn and he said he doesn’t know anything about it even though he is a very good doctor. I would also like to know how the garlic can be used vaginaly?

            Thank You

          • Tracey- perhaps you’ll take a moment to read my story about why I don’t trust antibiotics and use natural remedies for myself and my family whenever possible. When I had my first child, I had hemorrhoids from months 5 of my pregnancy until I was 7 months post partum. I saw my doctor about this issue repeatedly and during that 12 month span, they never ONCE receeded. I opted to have a hemorrhoidectomy–far worse on the pain scale than delivering my child. From there, I ended up with a perianal abscess, which then lead to a fistula. I was seeing a C&R specialist who put me on 2 different oral antibiotics to clear the abscess. When that didn’t work, they admitted me to the hospital for 72 hours and put me on 3 different intravenous antibiotics. That did NOTHING. I was then wisked away to surgery to have the abscess cleaned out and given another oral antibiotic to take to ensure my healing from the infection. That didn’t work either. There is something largely unsettling about your doctor looking you in the face and saying “I’m not sure how to help you” This was 2013! How can I not heal from an infection after all of the antibiotics I was on?? Leaving it wasn’t an option. So of course, she came up with an alternate plan: A fistulotomy as well as botox injections. I basically told her thanks, but no thanks. A week later I went to my nearest Naturopath who put me on a regimine of Goldenseal Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Oregon Grape Root Extract, Aloe Juice, a nearly all raw foods diet (no refined sugars) as well as a cocktail shot in the rectum of bacteria fighting herbs and herbal suppositories. This was a lot to take on, but in the end, it proved to be the right decision. Within a week, my infection was gone. With another 2 weeks after that, my fistula began to heal on its own. There is no science out there saying anything other than if you have a fistula you must have surgery or you will never heal. I am living proof 2 years later that that line of thinking isn’t correct. My C&R specialist treated me like s**t in her office when I told her I wanted to go against her orders. She was rude and unprofessional telling me she wouldn’t help me if I ended up having an emergency. If you’ve never been through something as horrendous as this–reached your breaking point, becoming depressed and taking care of a newborn plus feeling like you had no other options–then you need a little perspective. In the end, nature took care of what science couldn’t. That is more than enough proof for me. Science might have “facts” behind it, but it changes all the time, doesn’t it? Science isn’t always right. Antibiotics don’t always do what they should.

          • Actually wiping out the gut flora of the vagina prior to delivery is one of the best ways to ensure your child will be colonized by hospital bacteria and strep bacteria. There are studies indicating C-section babies have higher rates of autism. Treating roughly 1/3 of all women who have less than a 1% chance of having a complication of strep B bacteria in their baby is not prevention it is pure stupidity. Not to mention treating women with IV antibiotics raises the chance of having a baby with other more serious opportunitistic infections like E.Coli. If you are an OBGYN you should do some research before you continously harm your patients.

          • I sit on both sides of the fence with this… I was positive and did get antibiotics while in labor but what it caused me after I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I accepted the antibiotics for the health of my baby but within a week of delivery I began to develop painful rashes around my eyes, then my face, mouth, in my nose, scalp, neck, elbow joints, back… I looked like the walking dead. I had shooting nerve pain, migraines, chronic fatigue. I went to 2 dermatologist, 2 allergist, urgent care, primary care doctors, went through countless tests over the next year. All while trying to take care of my newborn and trying to get back into work… You know what caused it? The antibiotics! It caused me to have candida so bad that I developed the rashes, I would react to external irratants like air fresheners, paint, molds. It’s now been one and a half years later and I’m still trying to get my health back. My advice, do everything to get rid of the StrepB naturally before labor.
            My background: Celiac, EMT and pharmacy technician. I see how medicine helps and I see patients where it’s destroyed their health.

          • Preach!! My daughter was born at 26 weeks….I was not tested. She got GBS meningitis at 7 weeks….acary situation. She is finem now and 2 years old but this article makes me cringe!!

        • It is imperative that a woman be retested to know her GBS status going into birth. No one is really poo-pooing the very real benefits to antibiotics. Keep educating. You might want to start your own blog though.

          • No, I think it is imperative that we attempt to base our decisions on what the evidence shows. There is no evidence for these recommendations and interfering with a GBS screen is dangerous. I’m just so tired of having to dispell pseudoscience every day in my office because people who think they are educated ( google university ) peddle useless advice. There really seems to be an effort to push women back into the cave.

          • If we had better healthcare overall, Google University would not be so appealing to some. I am glad your family had the resources to send you to medical school (and I’ll trust that you paid for it entirely yourself through hard work and perseverance). Start your own blog and be your own well-informed Google University.

        • I have recently been diagnosed with Group B strep im a 35 yr old NON PREGNANT female and have already been on augmentin which didnt work and started penicillin yesterday but had a reaction to it, is there anything else you can recomend?? I dont know what else to do, ive called my doctor but it may take a few days before i hear back from them. thanks!

          • 😛 GBS is not an infection in a non pregnant adult. It is merely a colonozation presence. It doesn’t cause any discharge, pain, or problems. GBS has the propensity to affect a newborn with sepsis, meningitis, pneumonia, or death.

          • That’s not true I had it w my 4th daughter 8 mos later I’ve been complaining of cramping and discharge foul odor and they said its due to strep b I’m taking ampicillin 2pills 4x a day for 10 days and I hope and pray it works.

          • Try metrogel for bacterial vaginosis. Who diagnosed you with GBS vaginitis?

          • It does cause symptoms in “non pregnant adults”. I have had it twice….not pregnant. It can cause irritation, burning, and bladder infections to name a few symptoms. After being treated for a bladder infection symptoms were still present both times. Both times I saw my ob after my family doctor. They did a vaginal culture and both times it showed gbs.

          • 40% of women will be positive for GBBS anytime you swab them. So you are telling me it cannot possibly be coincidence. A correlation but not causation. If you had a sore throat and GBBS was found on a vaginal swab, are you telling me that GBBS was causing your sore throat? 40% of women are walking around with GBBS at this very moment. Are you telling me that 40% of women have vaginal irritation right now? Think a little. Tell me why Sibyls Sweeets didn’t get better after being treated for GBBS, because something else was causing the problems and the presence of GBBS was purely coincidence.

          • Many carry it and will never have symptoms. I am saying that in my case when no other explanation could be found that testing positive for group b strep both times, with the same symptoms was the common denominator. It is also common in the elderly. So your original post that it doesn’t effect non pregnant adults is false. Plus judging from a few of the other posts on here, I am not alone. If I had a sore throat and they swabbed my THROAT and it showed positive for strep, yes I would believe the sore throat was caused by strep. Same goes for gbs and a vaginal swab. My ob treats it, so I’d imagine it’s not all in my head. Apparently you believe you have all the answers and are only on here to argue.

          • What causes sore throats is group a streptococcus. Look it up. It is not GBBS. Believe what you want if it makes you feel better. There are several species of streptococcus, GBBS is not a pathogen to adults.

          • Lol! Did I say that group b strep would be found in your throat? I said if they swabbed your throat and told you you were positive for strep it would explain your sore throat. If they swab your vagina and tell you that you are positive for group b strep it would explain your symptoms if you had some. Are you a doctor? I believe because I know what I felt and am feeling and my doctor tells me so. And now I’m done conversing with you.

          • Group a strep is a pathogen for pharyngitis. Group b strep is not a pathogen in the vagina. Please explain how 40% women carry group b strep in the vagina and none of them have symptoms, and 100% of people with group a strep in the throat do have symptoms. Your logic is like saying vaccines cause autism because your kid got autism after having a vaccine. Correlation not causation.

          • You are not alone. I have symptomatic Group B strep, and it is vaginal. There is very little medical research on this subject and a massive amount of ASSUMPTION in the medical world. (That’s you, Jeff…..) I will refrain from submitting my credentials because I am intelligent enough to know that NONE of us is as smart as ALL of us. I have been through the humiliation of being told (by my former PCP) that this is sexually transmitted. I have been treated with metrogel, multiple oral antibiotics, and yeast remedies. I have been told that it is hormonal and will go away during menopause. (I am 41 so 15 to 20 years shouldn’t be too long to go around with an itchy, burning, smelly vagina right?) The truth is, nobody knows and seemingly nobody cares. I was unable to find any current medical research being conducted on this topic. I have tried the aforementioned natural remedies, the result was a decrease in symptoms but never a total elimination of infection. Sadly, I believe that most women give up trying due to frustration and financial constraints.

        • Here is a perspective from the Cochrane Collaboration.

          I’m leary of taking the word of doctors who have time to troll forums just to lambast others by regurgitating medical texts. Stick to clinic and let epidemiologists and biostatisticians analyze the science.

          Thank you wellness mama for your posts and many others that allow us to think about alternative health options. Some may not have rigorous scientific backing (yet), but that does not mean that they will never be validated.

          • Very well said.

      • Tracy needs to get off her soap box! I would rather not put an antibiotic into my body if I don’t have to, especially IV. Antibiotics do a lot of good, in some cases. More often than not once a course of antibiotics is started something else flares up and a medication is needed to fix that issue, and so on. If there is a natural or less evasive remedy I am going to search it out. I am having an unassisted homebirth by choice, because I want nothing to do with hospitals, Dr’s, OB’s and nurses telling me what I should and should not be doing with my body, or how I should be birthing my baby. Thank you Wellness Mama for all of your articles, research and blog posts!!

        • Jeff is incorrect. I still have group b strep and on second dose of antibiotics. Symptoms EXIST and are the same…vaginal discharge, slight cough, fatigue, etc.

          • Every doctor/midwife I’ve talked to will tell you that Strep B does not cause problems in non-pregnant women. It’s only an issue for the baby being born. Treating GBS during labor is only to prevent early infection, and early infection can be tested for and treated within the first 48 hours if the mother does not get antibiotics. It’s not ideal. But like mentioned before antibiotics are not 100% in prevention either. And if you are allergic to penicillin, and have to take a different antibiotic the effect of the other antibiotics is even less, and you risk the issue of a bad reaction, and who knows what the outcome of that would be. Also, many women with GBS are not treated and do okay. Also note that the infant can still be infected later, not related to birth.

            “Unfortunately, the method recommended to prevent early-onset disease (giving women who are group B strep positive antibiotics through the vein (IV) during labor) does not prevent late-onset disease. Although rates of early-onset disease have declined, rates of late-onset disease have remained fairly stable since 1990. At this time, a strategy has not yet been identified for preventing late-onset group B strep disease.”

            All that said, thank you for offering alternatives Wellness Mama.

            Now, if you are not allergic to antibiotics, and you are healthy – then my opinion is go for the antibiotics. Unless you have time to retest and come back negative for GBS.

          • Yes symptoms does exists and I cannot get rid of it please help somebody I’m tried of this been taking a lot of anthobiotics and not helping

        • I totally agree with you!

      • I think, if you truly believe that these remedies don’t work, instead of being snarky and combative, maybe you could provide your own data and resources to explain why they don’t. Considering you have a medical background, I would think that you would be more than happy to do so. It is for this judgmental attitude that many women avoid going to doctors in the first place. To expect us to take the word of a self-proclaimed medical know-it-all on the internet as absolute truth without any evidence to back her up isn’t much better than “Google-U.”

        • Like Ritz, I too am SUFFERING, cramps, discharge, and odor, did I say CRAMPS! My Well Woman Exam (Regular MD) told me this was the “new normal” for me-Jan 2014. Really?

          In tears – August 2014 and Nov 2014 went to OB GYN she diagnosed me with GBS both times. During which I have completed a round of antibiotics each visit, but I am back to square one, again. She also told me that I would have this for life, no getting rid of it.

          Thence. on the internet for a natural cure. Going to the health food store now…

          To Wellness Mama – I pray this works. I will try anything at this point.

          To Jeff “THE SPIN DOCTOR” educate your bad self.

          • Tammie could you please give please update on any natural remedy that you try And if it helped you or not ? I have been going through strange bouts of swelling redness gas, bloating, and intermittent yeast infections for nearly 2 years. Finally , the 3rd ob/gyn is running tests on every possible thing. I did test positive for GBS 14 years ago when my daughter was born. The doctor neglected to inform me and I barely made it to the hospital when I gave birth to her and therefore no antibiotic’s were given. My daughter was fine though 🙂 Anyhow , my ob/gyn said one of the test she was running was for GBS and I informed her that I did test positive for that with my second daughter and ask her if that could be causing these type of symptoms and she said yes.

      • @ wellness mama! Please get back to me! I have tested positive. My midwife ‘told’ me that i will just have antibiotics. There is no way I want to give my new born precious boy antibiotics. I’m so peeved… im 38 weeks. My last birth (first son) was at 39 weeks. I can only hope I have some time. Do you have any idea if it will be possible at all to fix the bacteria balance in a week or 2 max? If I go into labour will I be able to get the doctors to test me and get results back to me then and there?

        • Hi Krystal… congrats on your pregnancy and best wishes for an easy delivery! I know that some women have been able to use natural methods and retest within a week, but it is definitely more difficult. There is a rapid screen test for GBS that can be done in most hospitals, but there is definitely still some debate about its effectiveness:
          I hope that you’re able to work with your midwife to figure out a solution that works for you…

      • ill listen to her any day over listening to a mainstream dr who makes his money off of myself and my family being sick!!..its ok to think for yourself and doctors arent gods!! many ppl are waking up to natural remedies bc they have been around since man has, instead of medicines that have been around for only a 100 years and show to have side effects, negative side effects!!! but thanks for your uneducated opinion 😉

      • Uneducated opinion? You must be trapped in the conventional system of everything stupid.

    • Agreed, super generous sharing of experiences.

  2. This is perfect timing! I just found out today that I tested positive this time. I will be 37 weeks next week, and all of my babies have been early, so anytime after next week I am prepared to have a baby :). What would you do if you had 1week to treat the group b strep? Would you try to get retested before baby is born or would you do this treatment and then do the wash during labor and feel like that was enough? I have tested positive with 1 other pregnancy and then have been treated with 2 pregnancies after that. I am using a midwife this time so things are so much different. I am able to try these natural remedies and have her approve. I have enjoyed reading all of your pregnancy posts from your pregnancy and look forward to any after baby posts you may have.

    • I just went through this. I tested positive 2 weeks before delivery. I used hibiclens, probiotics, garlic supplements orally and vit c. I then re-tested. I went into labor before receiving the results of the second test. My son was born within ten minutes of being in the hospital; therefore, there was not enough time for IV antibiotics. Because I didn’t receive antibiotics they cultured my son to see if group b strep would grow. We had to stay an extra day in the hospital. My son was fine and did not test positive. However, a few days after my delivery I received my second set of test results and I was still Group B strep positive. It is important to note that my water did not break until I pushed and then the doctor broke it. It is my understanding that the sooner the water breaks the greater the chances of group b strep transmission. I feel that my water breaking late in labor was the greatest blessing in preventing transmission.

      • Yes, I’ve had GBS with 4/5 of my kids, and three times doctors have offered to break my water prematurely to start labor even though I always break while pushing. It was a strange offer, considering….

    • Is putting your baby at risk of group b sepsis, as all of the reliable scientific evidence shows, not reason enough? That isn’t a medical reason, in your educated opinion? You are giving people advice to avoid antibiotics when group b strep positive based on NO evidence whatsoever, and you think that’s ok? I’m flabbergasted.

      • The risks v benefits of using antibiotics for something SO LOW as ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT do not make it worth it for some. I am SO sick of western medical modalities being pushed by those who practice it as though they are THE ONLY WAY, THE ONE WAY to treat the human issues we face. You should be thrilled spitless that people are educating themselves! You should also recognize that we don’t have huge studies of ALTERNATIVE methods because of people like you, who sneer at and spit upon those of us who take a different viewpoint while you SHOVE your modality like a religious person knocking on the door shoving their literature!

        • Try losing your 49 day old daughter. How about watching your baby girl take her last breath after bring removed from life support. How abou watching your daughter’s head swell to the point of complete brain loss and devestation? Group B Strep is not something you want to mess with. I’d hate to have another mom experience losing a baby like I did two months ago. I tested negative by the way…

          • You tested negative, then lost your baby anyway. I am so sorry for your loss, but your case is one of the reasons we are avoiding antibiotics. The science isn’t settled by a long shot, and as tragic as your loss is, it isn’t truly prevented by this treatment (which doesn’t even touch late onset cases). In Europe, they don’t test for this or treat it the way we do, and their rates of infection are about the same. Killing off a child’s healthy bacteria leaves them more at risk for SO many other problems later in life, and there simply isn’t enough research to justify it. There are so many factors involved in having a safe delivery. Infection rates for hospital deliveries are higher than for home births. My daughter and I have both chosen to have our babies at the hospital for various reasons, but your story could just as easily have been a rebuke for that decision.

      • I am curious to know what you think of probiotics? I would do antibiotics if I still test positive closer to the delivery date. Since I am 5-6 weeks pregnant and have tested positive for GBS, I would like to try to do what I can in the meantime to obtain a negative test result closer to the delivery date as long as it is not harmful to the embryo/fetus.

      • It is not advising women to avoid antibiotics WHEN NEEDED, it is advising them to try other methods FIRST. You are not given the antibiotic until DURING delivery and therefore still have several weeks left (in most cases) to resolve the issue through other methods. Attempting to get rid of it BEFORE delivery is not putting the baby at risk.

      • Antibiotics are not for everyone though! All you care about is your opinion. anyways, my first I had antibiotics if I have another I will not. Why? Because intravenous antibiotics use came really close to me bleeding to death! (That’s from 3 obgyns and 2 pcps. They all agreed that is what caused the bleed) So guess what it is not good for everyone!

    • I am a clinical microbiologist, and I would not EVER risk giving your baby group B strep! The usual treatment is Very safe and effective. This natural remedy crap is a load of garbage, and if you are willing to risk death of your child because you were too ignorant and stubborn to take clindamycin (a very safe antibiotic) then you seriously should not be a mother. S. agalactiae (GBS) is very deadly and when infants contract sepsis or other infections, the mobidity and mortality is high. Spread the word that this is absolutely ridiculous and makes you look like a total idiot. A lot of women are colonized with S. agalactiae and that’s why they are tested. If you are positive, then we to antimicrobial testing to be sure your strain is susceptible to clindamycin, if it is showing a resistance to clindamycin in the presence of erythromycin, then you are treated with vancomycin. There is no known resistance to vancomycin. Listen to your Dr. ladies!!! there is years and years of research when it comes to women and children’s health, not a random, “oh this worked for me, (when actually probably something else is going on) so maybe everyone should try it.” This is why we have a measles outbreak… what next? polio?

      • I agree that women should listen to their doctors and that this is a serious issue, but I also think that more research is needed. There is a lot of emerging research about the microbiotic transfer that occurs during birth and our blanket use of antibiotics can interfere with this transfer and lead to bigger problems later in life (they are now linking this to increased risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity). I agree that GBS is a very serious issue and that it can be devastating, but statistically, the antibiotics do not actually lower the risk of GBS death in infants. Also, to “not EVER risk giving your baby group B strep” would require a c-section for every birth as false negatives occur on tests or a woman could become positive after taking the test at 37 weeks. There is also a lot of emerging research that no antibiotic is truly “safe” as they alter gut bacteria and can long lasting effects (as I’m sure you already know). Also, there is hardly an “outbreak” of measles with less than 200 cases reported since the Disneyland exposure and no deaths (and half of the people were vaccinated).

        • These trolls from Big Pharma are really hard on you girl! Keep on defending yourself and don’t take them personally! We appreciate your help. May the Lord bless and keep you and give you wisdom like Solomon.

        • Women who have c sections are given antibiotics and also c sections do not reduce the chance of your baby getting gbs.

      • My baby is just fine and I didn’t take the antibiotics.
        I was positive. So yes this treatment worked. And as for your comment about us not being allowed to be mothers because we didn’t take the antibiotics.

      • Steph Moss is my hero. You really should not be a parent if you aren’t willing to do whats best for your kids and avoiding antibiotics is not the way to go. Steph Moss please shield me from the idiots!!

  3. So glad you are touching on this!
    Just wondering if you had come across info about applying GSE topically on the bum? I’ve also heard that using garlic vaginally has the potential to be painful and burny…thoughts?
    Thanx again for all the wonderful things you share, I find myself checking frequently for your recepies and diy stuff.

    • I didn’t have trouble with the garlic, but I could see it being uncomfortable for some and would probably take it out if it was…

      • Thank you for responding and giving you’re testimony. I am a special care nursery nurse. Although I feel naturopathic medicine is helpful, it isn’t always successful. Please think of the baby you carried for 9 months. It would be devastating to lose your baby due to your views about what is natural or not. We are lucky
        to have the means to prevent such tragic outcomes. Even if there is a small risk, are you willing to take that chance of being the unlucky one to lose your child? I’m sure you want a baby to bring to your nursery, and not the alternative of a baby coffin and burial.

    • Just be careful not to nick the clove. It’s the garlic juice that will sting, but as long as you keep the clove intact, you shouldn’t have any irritation.

      • I have GBS in my urine. I read that it’s more serious if in the urine. Will all this still work for me? I do not want the antibiotics during labour. Any shills on here or “medical professionals” are not welcome to reply. I had a yeast infection when I did my urine test, I treated it with inserting probiotics and am not having any yeast infection symptoms anymore. I’m doing another urine test in a month. I’m 28 weeks right now. I’m hoping all these remedies will work for people who have it in their urine. I’m feeling very down and not confident but going to try my best.
        I also did the garlic inserts. I cut my garlic in half and was just fine it didn’t sting one bit and you get more effect from the garlic that way.

        • I just want to add to this that I tested positive for GBS in my urine at around 7 weeks. After many discussions with my doctor’s office, I found out that it’s possible a urine sample can be contaminated. The only way to know for sure if GBS is in your urine is to ask for a catheter test. This way you can prevent unnecessary antibiotics during pregnancy if you accidentally contaminated your urine sample. It took a long time for me to find this information out, so I want to pass it along. Also, diet is extremely important with yeast and GBS. You may want to consider doing a low/no sugar FODMAPS diet. This has helped me tremendously. Good Luck!!

          • Thanks Carrie I also believed that the urine got contaminated. When the yeast infection was gone I tested negative then when it came back I tested positive I told the midwife and doctor I really think there is a connection but they didn’t agree. My doctor told me he doesn’t recommend the antibiotics and that they don’t even test for GBS in Europe. I did the no sugar no carb diet and took probiotics and vitamins. I refused the antibiotics and my baby is now 11 months and so extremely healthy. 🙂

  4. One thing worth noting: for using probiotics vaginally, you want to make sure there’s food for the bacteria, but not food for other flora like yeast. I’ve seen some probiotics that contain sugar, maltodextrin (Bio-Kult is one of those) and potato starch. Those aren’t things you want to put in your vagina. It’s better to use something that has a prebiotic like inulin or nothing but the probiotics.

  5. I wouldn’t use Bio-Kult vaginally because of the maltodextrin in it. I’d use a different probiotic that hasn’t got any sugar or starches in it vaginally. Orally Bio-Kult is great though.

  6. Hi I recently went into preterm labor at 25 weeks and my baby passed away during labor and they ran tests sn said it was do to GBS. I was wondering what should I take on a regular basis to avoid this again. Ilove your blog and need some natural advice thanks again

    • Karen, I’m so sorry to read this. I also lost a child to premature birth due to GBS. Sending you {{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}},

    • I am so sorry for your loss! Many hugs… You could try the protocol for getting rid of it and then do the maintenance on a regular basis…

  7. I also took probiotics both orally and vaginally during the last trimester and was negative. My sister on the other hand was positive with both her kids and she didn’t do it. I’m close to my third trimester on my second kid and am going to start with probiotics again. This time I’m also drinking water kefir!

  8. I wish more women would know about probiotics and GBS. I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and I recommend a high dose probiotic to all my pregnant mothers as soon as they become pregnant. I am a mother of two and with the high dose probiotic, a probiotic rich diet and Vitamin C I tested negative for both my pregnancies. It is important to start early so that pregnant mothers are not scrambling at the last minute before they are tested again.

    Great blog by the way Katie. I am enjoying reading it.

    • 60-70 % of women test negative for GBS. The evidence would be if you were positive and the probiotics helped you become negative within a week or two.

      • The problem with this logic is that it takes weeks to months for probiotics to colonize the vaginal tract. Taking probiotics after testing positive for GBS does not ensure that there will be enough good bacteria to displace the unwanted one. Giving pregnant women probiotics prophylactically does not cause any harm to mother or baby and may even save lives.
        What you are proposing is reactionary medicine instead of proactive medicine.

        • Can you show me evidence based research that probiotics have “saved lives”? GBS is not pathogenic to an adult. It is merely a transient colonizing bacteria that lives on the adult body not causing any harm. It is only a potential pathogen to a fetus or neonate. Where is the evidence that probiotics select out GBS. For all we know, probiotics promote GBS existence and may only select out gram negative bacteria like E. coli or Klebsiella. If you are proposing that probiotics treats Group B streptococcus, how are you sure it doesn’t treat the “good” staphylococci and streptococci? Can you show me the evidence!

          • I have been fighting the effects of GBS for over 3 years. I tested negative during my 2 pregnancies over 14 years ago now. Approximately 5 years ago I started having bloating, discomfort and pelvic pain which I attributed to fibroids. Failed ablation therapy and eventual hysterectomy were the answer. Guess what the bleeding has stopped and the major monthly pain is gone but now without the monthly shedding and bleeding the GBS has really been able to get a foothold. I have had 2 skin infections, one on my leg that spread and wouldn’t heal until I put an occlusive bandage on it and a month later I had a crack on my foot that became infected and no OTC antifungal or antibiotic cream would touch it. Out of desperation I put raw honey on the site until I could see my MD and it went away over the weekend. About another month later I started getting short of breath, exhausted, foggy thinking, burning in the genital area and really foul smelling urine so I went to my OBGYN. He reported on examination that I was red and irritated throughout my vaginal area and took a swab and urine sample. A few days later I received a call from him that I tested positive for GBS with very high numbers in both my vagina and urine. Antibiotics were prescribed and I began feeling much better with more energy and even lost 3 lbs without changing anything. He informed me that I would always have GBS and if the symptoms returned to call and he would place me on a longer dose of antibiotic. As soon as the burning returned I called for the antibiotics and the burning was gone. Another 2 months later the foul urine, vaginal burning have returned. I tried waiting it out without antibiotics but guess what the fatigue, foggy brain, foul smelling urine, burning vagina, flank pain and now I am starting to feel that same shortness of breath. I would love it if all these symptoms are not connected to a bacteria that I can not get rid of but what else could this possibly be when I test positive for “very high colonization” when I have these symptoms, get the antibiotics and feel like I’m 20 years younger and then like garbage when the GBS is in full colonization. GBS in not just a non-pathogenic bacteria for me and others. I attribute this abnormal GBS with the overuse of antibiotics and I for one who will never be having another child will try every natural alternative that I can find hoping for an answer. As for those who can still have children, please if time permits and you are getting this information early in your pregnancy, try the natural approach. BUT if you are farther along in your pregnancy or are doubtful of your ability to follow a regime of all natural PLEASE if your doctor advises you on antibiotics during labor take his advice. No newborns life is worth risking to GBS.

    • I am not pregnant and was diagnosed with GBS and put on Amoxicillin. I’m not a fan of meds and only took it for the week because I was desperate for some relief! Today is the last day and there hasn’t been any significant changes. I am calling my NP back after lunch to see what else she suggests but in the meantime I’ve been told my other “crunchy moms” to insert a garlic clove, use coconut oil for relief (which I do), take probiotics (what kind? which ones? Not a lot of $$ to spend here), and do an ACV rinse (ouch!). Any other natural suggestions? Again, not a lot of $$ to spend !!

      • Dilute the ACV!! I’ve heard of people freezing coconut oil in tampon tube sizes and inserting it for relief

      • I’m in the same boat, I’m so frustrated, I have been dealing with this for a while now, it comes and goes. I have been taking, vit c, folic acid, garlic pills, and garlic vaginally, along with probiotics! I’m so frustrated I have taken ampicillin 3 different times and it comes back, I finally took clindamycin and it helped a little but my vag feels all thrown off! Try to find a probiotic that has live cultures ( the pills that are refrigerated) go to whole foods or mothers market. It’s a little pricy but you want to get the good stuff! Also inserting the garlic clove up the vag helps a little too! Good luck to you.

  9. I tested positive with my first baby and I honestly don’t remember for sure with my other two. I’ve had antibiotics all three times though. And all four of us have systemic yeast issues. If I could not have to do antibiotics again, I would be VERY happy. The only thing is…I’m not sure how to *eat* a 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Or if I could even swallow down garlic water (and I love garlic) because I have such an intolerant stomach when I’m pregnant. Think I could spread raw garlic onto toasted bread? And I like yogurt, but I guess I’m pickier than I thought because I don’t usually even think about eating the other items on the “fermented” food list. Geez. I sound like such a woos. Maybe I just need to buck up and follow the plan anyway because it would be worth it. But the last pregnancy I was so sick I could barely keep down the foods I really liked. (And I guess I should say that I could be pregnant right now because we are trying for one more.) Any suggestions? How did you do the coconut oil? Is it important that everything stay really raw or can I cook it?

    • Try magnesium before pregnancy and in early pregnancy to avoid the sickness part…. it worked wonders for me. You could spread the garlic on something. I mix the coconut oil in to smoothies, coffee or tea or use in cooking…

      • Thank you!

  10. quick question – I tested positive with my first 2 children and am starting the ‘strep b’ diet 7 days before my text for this pregnancy [next week]. My midwife recommends all of the above AND eliminating all sugar, all fruit, all flour/potatoes/white rice from the diet as well. Did you modify your diet or *just* add the supplements/fermented foods/etc. as listed above? thanks!

    • I’d modify diet too, especially with that short of a time…

  11. Hi, I am attempting to rid myself of GBS after testing positive with just a few weeks before my expected due date. I am curious about the diluted apple cider vaginal vinegar rinse. Is there a particular ratio and did you use the rinse internally or externally? Thanks so much!

    • I used it externally and used about 1 tablespoon in a cup of water…

      • just to clarify… externally as in over the basic vaginal area? (sorry to ask for specificity) not as a douche?

  12. I had GBS with my daughter and I was so bummed! I had an un-medicated birth besides the penicillin for GBS and I was so disappointed that I had to have an IV. Next time if I am positive for GBS, I will have to try this!

  13. i recently tested positive for GBS and am currently following your protocol so i can do a retest. I am 38 weeks and really want to get a negative test… im just wondering if a week is enough time… also, even if i do get a negative the second time around im not sure they will allow me to go home, i might have to go to the hospital. (im giving birth in a birth center) has anyone had any luck with getting out of going to the hospital? If i have to pick one thing to do, hospital for observation or antibiotics which is the lesser evil? thanks!!

    • It could be enough time… depends on your body. That’s a tough call, but if I got a negative test, I’d opt no hospital and no antibiotics, and if still positive, maybe consider antibiotics over hospital. Just me personally though…

  14. I am glad I ran into this on pintrest! I am currently 16 weeks along with my 5th baby and all 4 of my previous pregnancies I have tested positive for GBS. I was wondering if you suggest that follow this recipe for the remainder of my pregnancy or only for a certain amount of time?:
    Taking a high quality probiotic daily (I took 2-4 of these) and occasionally using them vaginally.
    Taking 2,000 mg of Vitamin C daily
    Taking garlic capsules daily
    Also, how many probiotic pills do I take daily? I have a midwife, do I need to check with her before I start taking this on a regular basis or no? Thanks for your advice on GBS, I look forward to hearing your response!

    • My midwife was fine with all of these from the beginning of the first trimester on.. She definitely suggested it for the third trimester though. I’d check to be safe, but none of it should hurt…

  15. My girlfriend shared this with me and I am so very grateful! It’s my first pregnancy and I’m about 10 weeks. Thankfully my midwife/doctor tested for GBS among other things because I found out that I do have it. When I asked what to do to combat it, the nurse mainly said cranberry juice and apple juice. It’s good to read your blog though and find out more about its origin as well as ways to combat it. I’ll be stopping by the co-op to get start integrating your suggestions into my diet.

    PS – I’ve tried a garlic clove in my vagina one for a yeast infection and it did indeed work 😉

  16. This information is great and I have shared it with my wife.
    I have been looking for probiotics and it seems like a minefield out there. Is there a specific brand or type that it’s better for general/family health?

    • If you live in the States be sure to get Garden of Life Brand “Primal Defence” supplements. I live in Canada and they are unavailable here (silly government!) They are a little pricey, but SO worth it as they truly can heal and maintain imbalanced gut flora, which is where GBS issues come from in the first place.

    • same issue here-way too many choices and how do you know they will work? Of course the price is a huge factor for those with little money like myself 🙁

  17. I had it with my first pregnancy, and assumed I would with this one. I got tested a week ago and it was negative. I was already doing some of the things listed here, like taking a high dose of probiotics and consuming lots of coconut oil, that must have done it.

  18. Hi. I tested GBS positive when pregnant with my son and unfortunately didn’t know enough back then to do anything about it. I had antibiotics during labor and I blame that for the multiple allergies my son has. Since then, I’ve done some reading on it and it’s my understanding that mom’s “good” bacteria is passed to the baby as they pass through the birth canal. It literally goes in their mouth and nose. And you want them to get the good bacteria because that’s what helps them jumpstart their own immune system.

    So, it would seem to me that the best option is to do the oral supplements and avoid having to insert anything vaginally if at all possible. Something like garlic would definitely kill ALL bacteria — both the good and the bad. On the other hand, my opinion would be that it is better to do an insert than to have to take IV antibiotics… so if it comes to that it seems to still be the better option.

    One last thing: GBS is a rare but valid health concern and I would remind pregnant moms who use one of the above protocols that even after they test negative, they need to keep up the protocol until the baby is born (to ensure that the GBS bacteria doesn’t re-colonize before birth).

    • Just a note about garlic, I’m not an herbalist but I’ve read in my herbal books that garlic in fact kills “bad” bacteria but the good bacteria stays, and thus you are not upsetting healthy balance buy using it. So, I would look more into garlic or speak to an herbalist before assuming that “garlic would definitely kill ALL bacteria — both the good and the bad.”

  19. I got to the hospital at 10cm with waters in tact… there was no time for antibiotics. If I test positive again I won’t take the abx again (unless there’s signs of infection), but I’d rather not fight that as well as everything else I disagree with. Thanks for the information!

  20. How far along into your fifth pregnancy did your start the protocol?

  21. I tested positive for GBS in my urine at my 12 week appointment, my midwife would like me to start antibiotics right away to try and get rid of it. I would rather institute your regime and have already started, but read that tested positive in urine means a more heavy colonization, which has scared me into thinking the infection will spread and cause a miscarriage. How fast does your protocol work?

    • Pretty quickly. I have a personal friend who tested positive at the same time and same way and was able to get rid of it and have an antibiotic free vaginal birth….

  22. I tested positive for GBS in my urine at my 12 week appointment, my midwife would like me to start antibiotics right away to try and get rid of it. I would rather institute your regime and have already started, but read that tested positive in urine means a more heavy colonization, which has scared me into thinking the infection will spread and cause a miscarriage. How fast does your protocol work? Thanks!

    • I really, really would not rely on treating this naturally. If you are so heavily colonized that it has gone as far as the bladder, your baby is at high risk. Google “Wren Jones”. His mom was just like you with GBS in her urine in the first trimester, but decided to treat naturally instead of with IV antibiotics during the birth. They went on to have what seemed to be a perfect beautiful homebirth with a midwife, but baby Wren died 11 hours later of GBS sepsis.

  23. Thank you for this information! I am hoping to prevent the GBS this time. You mentioned that a midwife you know hasn’t had anyone test positive for GBS while following her protocol: Taking a high quality probiotic daily, vitamin c daily and garlic capsules daily….was that with people starting this at the third trimester? I’m really hoping to prevent it the next time around. How many garlic capsules? You started the vitamin c and garlic in the third trimester, but I understand the probiotics should be taken from the start, right? Or do you increase the probiotics in the third trimester. Embarrassingly, I need to ask- how do you do them vaginally? Is there a right or wrong way? thanks so much and sorry if I’m repeating questions. I’m just hoping to understand this all correctly!

    • A couple garlic capsules a day and yes starting all in the third trimester (though earlier is ok too)

  24. Hi! Thank you so much for this information! I was negative my first preg and now positive for my 2nd so have just started the protocol in hopes that I can be retested and test negative. Have you heard of anyone getting extreme diarrhea and nausea by following this? Not sure if its the “die off”, but I’m on day 4 and last night I was so ill. But I am willing to do anything to get rid of gbs as long as it doesn’t send me into labor!! Btw I’m 38 weeks yesterday. Thank you!!

    • Could be… I’d back down on the Vitamin C or take smaller doses throughout the day…

      • Vitamin C in high doses causes diarrhea. You can get buffered Vitamin C which does not irritate the GI system as much or decrease your dose by 500mg. Also you can split up your Vitamin C intake so that you are not taking the entire 2000 mg at once. 1000mg in the morning and 1000mg in the evening might be better on your GI system.

  25. Garlic can also disrupt your natural flora. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t have side effects. You are much better off requesting IV antibiotics because they are targeted to work on GBS, and they don’t disrupt your gut flora nearly as much as oral antibiotics. Take a good probiotic a few hours afterwards to replenish your flora. Drink all the kefir you want! But get that antibiotic. GBS is so simple to treat and has such excellent results for babies and their families. This is one thing the US health care system does right. Other countries where they do not offer routine antibiotic prophylaxis for GBS+ moms (in order to save money) see much higher rates of loss due to GBS.

    • I will have to diagree with you. From a medical perspective, IV antibiotics do not target GBS. Antibotics kill everything they come in contact with and they do not clear up room for the right bacteria. There are real and serious consequences to getting IV antibiotics during labour. With all do respect, this information is medically unsound and incorrect. The consequences for mother and baby as a result of antibiotics can be very stressful. Sure you have prevented meningitis but now the baby’s GI system is compromised and it can effect them for life. If you are pregnant, be proactive, and don’t ask for IV antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary.

      • Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Look up the spectrum of penicillin. GBS isn’t treated with broad spectrum antibiotics. What are the serious consequences of IV antibiotics given in labor? You think altered gut flora is a bigger consequence than meningitis? Where’s the evidence that antibiotics given in labor affect your child gut for life??? That’s a neck of a claim. Advice like yours could take gullible people out of the gene pool. And, exactly when do the antibiotics become, as you say, absolutely necessary?

        • Isn’t Penicillin a broad-spectrum antibiotic? It’s what they gave me with my first baby for my GBS. And it wiped out everything. Yeast problems galor in both me and my infant.

      • GBS is a gram positive infection. The antibiotic most commonly used, penicilliin, targets gram positive bacteria. Now it’s true that some of your beneficial flora is also gram positive, which is why you should take a probiotic. But some of your flora is gram negative and some are yeasts and other microorganisms which will be unaffected by the antibiotic. Garlic contains a lot of sulfur and has the potential to kill a broader spectrum of organisms all while still missing the one we want to get rid of. No one is suggesting all laboring mothers recieve antibiotics, only the ones who need it.

        • Other microorganisms (e.g. Yeasts, parasites, etc) ARE affected by the antibiotic, in that once the antibiotic wipes out the protective good bacteria along with the bad, the other microbes such as the yeast and parasites have no resistance to prevent their proliferation. An imbalance in our bodies natural protective immunity is the result.

          Once these parasites and fungi are free to proliferate, they will do so unhindered, to the point where they seek more space to feed and grow. They bore holes in the intestinal wall (a condition known as “leaky guy syndrome”) leading to systemic issues like chronic yeast fections, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, mood disorders like depression, arthritis, intestinal disorders like Chron’s and colitis, to name a few.

          Antibiotics are mycotoxins, TOXINS, fungal metabolites, that are meant to kill. Yes, they kill the bad guys, but they also kill the good guys, our “allies”.

          To believe there is no residual effect from ingesting or circulating literal toxins in our bodies is short-sited. Yes, the antibiotics may reduce the risk of infant GBS infection rates by 80%, but even WITH antibiotics, there is still a 20% chance an infant will STILL get a GBS infection.

          When a GBS+ mother choses NOT to use antibiotics during birth, her child has a 50% chance of being colonized, NOT infected, just colonized. About 1% to 2% of those babies can then later become infected. Mortality rates for infants born to GBS+ mothers whether or not they get antibiotics during labor is the SAME.

          The reason CDC encourages universal GBS screening and free administration of antibiotics for positive mothers is not for mortality rates but for the morbidity rates, and the costs of hospitalizations. What they do not take into account is the long-term healthcare costs AFTER taking antibiotics and the affects it has on our immunity and acute and chronic conditions that result thereafter.

          • Do you know why some people get it in the urine and would you still opt out of antibiotics if you had it in your urine?

  26. I had GBS last pregnancy and I’m hoping to not get it this time. By taking garlic capsules daily, am I killing off my good bacteria too? I’m only 22 weeks and just started adding them to my diet. I’m taking Bio-Kult probiotics but if i take them with the garlic, will that be counter productive? And should I keep taking the garlic, even after(or if) I get a negative test result?

  27. I am 37 weeks pregnant and tested Negative. I am mid-twenties, healthy and active and this is our first baby. One thing that i changed after hearing about GBS was that I stopped wearing thong underwear and switched to cotton only.

    About two weeks before my swab, i…started taking 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, drank Kefir, ate live-active yogurt everyday(i already ate yogurt everyday), minimized my consumption of sugar, switched from whole grain/white bread to sourdough(it’s fermented and much more beneficial for your digestion!), ate about two cloves of garlic daily(either in my food, or ate garlic-stuffed-olives. For the three days prior to my test I diced up a garlic and drank it down with OJ…this worked for two days and the night before my test I tried to drink it down but threw up after-yuck!), rinsed with diluted apple cider vinegar(also have since learned about all the health benefits of ACV and love it!), stopped using harsh fragranced soap down there and instead clean around with unscented basic soap and just rinsed with hot water and would wipe with with hazel and water also I always wipe front to back. I am thankful that I tested negative but totally understand everyone being worried about it. I didn’t want to be forced to receive penicillin during labor(I am requesting a HepLock and do not want fluids). I plan to continue this regimen best I can(Although pumpkin pie has been my recent craving-yummy sugar!) up until birth because I felt great and understand that GBS can come and go and is a real threat to baby. I don’t know if I would have tested negative without all these changes, but I’m not sorry I made them! Good luck girls:)

  28. Dont mess with GBS! I almost lost my baby because of my not receiving IV penicillin during L&D. Spent his first week of life fighting for his life which was totally avoidable. Choose your battles. GBS is not to be taken lightly. <3

  29. *especially if you will be birthing outside of a hospital! In retrospect, my having to be transferred from home to hospital in order to deliver was the best thing that could have happened. Surely my baby would not have made it otherwise

  30. My story is very similar to rest of prev comments but i was wondering if I can use a probiotic supplement vaginally if directions say to take it orally? I really don’t have lot time left before I want to get retested for GBS in next 4 days and i cannot not find a store that carried the ones you insert vaginally (I just bought RepHresh Pro-B for feminine health thinking that’s it, but got home & saw the directions to take it orally) and I do not have time to wait if I order one online. And if I can, does it matter what type of probiotic it is? Does it have to be gel capsule or can it be solid form? I have been taking probiotics orally everyday even before I tested positive but in last several days I’ve taken about 3 a day (same w vit. C supplements). Also I am doing a Hibiclens rinse for last 3 days & inserting raw garlic clove for 2 days now and will continue. I’ve been eating raw garlic cloves with 1 or 2 of my meals daily & drinking milk Kefir & Activia yogurt. But the reason I feel I need to focus my attention on getting rid of the bacteria more so in vaginal area is bc I get yeast infections often and believe I had one after I got tested (or even during) and also had bacteria vaginosis during my pregnancy.

  31. Hey Katie, did you increase the intake of probiotic capsules orally during pregnancy? I just got prescribed with the pill, and it says ‘2 capsules daily with or after the main meal’ only. I’m struggling with GBS for way too long already! =(

  32. Hi! I’m in the same boat 🙁 Just wondering how you did the apple cider vinegar rinse and how you consumed the coconut oil. Thanks!

    • You posted months ago, but to do an apple cider douche, I do 2-4 tablespoons to 8 oz of water, I just use the disposable douches from CVS, I dump out their vinegar & pour in my own apple cider vinegar (raw organic)
      Apple cider douches have completely gotten rid of yeast infections for me. I swear by it. However I recently had intense irritation & my normal apple cider remedy didn’t work (usually after 1 or 2 douches I am completely back to normal) so I got a pap & the results were that I had no yeast but tested positive with Strep B. I immediately cut grains & sugar out of my diet, and alcohol (I am NOT pregnant) and the symptoms subsided but are still mildly there.

      I am now trying garlic cloves orally & vaginally but just started today. Hopefully the natural approach will work, otherwise my DR wants to give me penicillin.

      To consume coconut oil, you can cook eggs with it, pour on your salad, or just take it orally. I’m not sure what the site recommends but 1/4 cup would be quite a bit to swallow. You can blend it in a smoothie.

      I had strep b when I was pregnant. I had 2 IV drips of antibiotics during birth. I WISH I had done more research and tried a natural approach and retested closer to my due date. My poor 1 day old son smelled like penicillin when he burped. Undeniably those antibiotics were in my milk and saturated in my and my sons body.. I would NEVER risk his life and not do antibiotics. That is NOT what I’m saying.

      I’m saying, if I had known I would have at least tried to get rid of Strep B naturally well before my due date just in case I was able to get rid of the Strep B. I would have stopped eating mint chip ice cream every day and eaten garlic and fermented veggies etc etc. What’s to lose?

      And if I retested and was negative, great, if I tested positive, then I would do the antibiotics.

      It’s called PREVENTATIVE measures. No one is arguing that antibiotics have saved millions upon millions of lives. It’s just we do have the option to use nutrition to prevent needing antibiotics.

  33. wondering if you’ve heard of women’s probiotic called RePHresh Pro-B and if you have any idea how well it works to regulate GBS…?

  34. I think it’s great to learn from you about GBS and what to do about it! Thanks! I have questions though…Once pregnant and informed of having GBS, say at 3 months, how long should a person follow the regime? What is the maintenance regime? And what is the ratio of apple cider vinegar to water for the rinse? Is there a possibility of having too much fermentation in your system with this regime? Would appreciate your response! Thank you.

  35. Hi all,

    I’m jumping into a heated discussion it looks like. Let me add some more heat from another angle. I have Crohn’s disease. I was fortunate enough to have 2.5 healthy/flare-free/drug-free years (post-massive-emergency-surgery) topped off with a beautifully healthy pregnancy and natural delivery. An absolute miracle. A time in my life that I cling to because I want it back so badly.

    Post-delivery, I went to hell in a handbag. Weeks before delivery, I tested positive for GBS, and I received IV antibiotics during labor. Within a week, I went into the most insane downward health spiral, and I’m still reeling from it 1.5 years later. I am still trying desperately to crawl out of it, I’ve been on all the nasty immunosuppressant drugs (prednisone, Remicade, Humira, Cimzia), more antibiotics, etc., and nothing is working to keep me afloat. I just spent four days in the hospital after a massive bleed that required a major blood transfusion.

    Antibiotics are a b*tch, especially for anyone with an autoimmune disease-and there are more and more of us popping up every single day. If antibiotics can be avoided, they should be. I would NEVER put my baby at risk by refusing treatment, but why can’t we all put our heads together and look for alternative solutions like high-dose probiotic therapy? What is so wrong with that? Why is it so wrong to look for a more natural approach, especially if it can be just as effective as the harsh drugs WITHOUT all the terrible side-effects? If there is a way to pre-treat ourselves with probiotics and manage to shift our internal flora to the point where we test negative, then that is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! Why wouldn’t we do it???????????

    I really hope that I can manage to get out of this flare, and get pregnant again and have another healthy pregnancy. I’m going to continue to saturate myself with lots of probiotics in hopes of avoiding a positive GBS test so I do not have to rinse and repeat my post-delivery trip to hell.

    BTW, I was SO bummed when I tested positive for GBS because I didn’t want my son to have to be stripped of all the beneficial microflora that he would have gotten from me via the birth canal. That is enough of a reason to want to beef up on probiotics and avoid the antibiotics. But I walked away with another reason to avoid the antibiotics – one that I never saw coming!!!!! Lots of people, including people that do NOT have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, end up with C Diff infections and all sorts of nasties because of the IV antibiotics given for GBS. So keep hunting for alternatives ladies!!!!! You do NOT want to deal with these issues post-delivery. Taking care of an infant is enough!

    • I wanted to post this in response to the “Medical Professional” that is displaying unprofessional and ill-mannered behavior on a blog in which you are not welcome. Here is a site with credible evidence (research-based)

      It is interesting to note: 10 one study found no decrease in GBS infection or deaths among newborns whose mothers were given IV antibiotics during labor.

      There are women out there that genuinely appreciate any remedies that could offer their newborn a better chance for an active and productive life.

      • Thank you for posting that link. I agree that the “Medical Professional” is behaving unprofessionally. The original article never suggested that antibiotics shouldn’t be used, just that there may be a natural way to rid oneself of GBS and then get tested again before labor. Wellness Mama is careful to state that she is not a doctor or offering medical advice, yet the “Medical Professional” seems to think that she is qualified to recommend antibiotics to all women who test positive for GBS despite the fact that she is not their doctor.
        I read the article from the link you posted and found it to be relevant, informative and very current.

      • thanks for posting this link. Looks like administering antibiotics in this perceived risk situation doesn’t out way the consequences that can then arise from taking antibiotics. I understand that this bacteria can harm however a .5% chance of the baby contracting it during labour and then a 6% chance that it will cause a serious disease is a risk that I would be willing to take in order for my baby to have a chance at a regular gut flora. With the amount of allergies, illnesses and cancers in infants/young children I think we need to start questioning over use of medication. How can you bring health into the body by poisoning it

      • Excellent article! A must read for anyone scared of transmitting group b strep. The information will set your worried mind at ease. DONT LET THOSE ILL INFORMED OB/GYN’S SCARE YOU ANYMORE. I know I am not worried about gbs anymore and I will refuse antibiotics. For anyone scared to refuse something from a doctor…print out that article and keep that in your arsenal! Good Luck

    • How is your son doing? I tested positive, am on cimzia for ankylosing spondylitis and am terrified at taking antibiotics because I want him to have a healthy gut (because I truly believe in a gut/brain connection), but also don’t think I’d live with myself if he catches gbs and is ill. I can’t decide if I should opt for antibiotics at the first sign of fever/infection or just take the iv meds and load up on probiotics for me and him afterwards. What would you do second time around?

      • My son is doing just fine he is now 2 years old healthy and happy so far. I was just tested for Strep with this pregnancy and it came back negative!! I am so happy! I took the probiotics, vitamin C, and a garlic capsule orally every day from 32 weeks to when I was tested at 36. I also take wellness vitamins for pregnancy they come in a pack. Good luck.

  36. Have tested positive for gbs and I am NOT pregnant. My 16 yr old daughter also had same symptoms and her swab came back positive for gbs. How is it contracted? I was given clamidicyne(sp?) And was symptom free for months then it is back again.

    • I’m curious what symptoms did you and your daughter have?

  37. Do you happen to know how Hibiclens affects the good bacteria? I am still gbs positive even after doing the protocol, and myidwife suggested Hibiclens rinses during labor. Will this also kill all the good gut bacteria I have worked so hard at building?

      • Thanks so much, just wondering if I should be worrying about thrush and/or yeast when going this route. I will buy some infant probiotics to have on hand after delivery. Thanks again =)

  38. Is the fact that Stanford U. is conducting a study called “Effects of Oral Probiotic Supplementation on Group B Strep (GBS) Rectovaginal Colonization in Pregnancy” scientific enough for you? Maybe you should give them a call and tell them they are wasting their time on pseudoscience…

    • Thank you! I was GBS+ and the way it was handled medically leaves a lot to be desired. As usual the medical establishment is the last one to catch on but better late than never.
      And no, we are not gullible women. Just better informed ones taking our health in our won hands because those we trusted let us down!

      • Amen, and amen, from someone else who is dealing with long-term effects of antibiotic use during delivery in myself and also my now toddler. My son and I have both struggled with systemic inflammatory diseases since his birth, and I am 100% confident the use of during and the over-prescription of antibiotics after his birth are 100% related to our current health nightmares. Western medicine does rely too much on antibiotics, and sadly, they will be the last to realize that, since most of them believe they are God’s gift to men and know everything and therefore have no need to learn more. Many lives will be blessed WHEN Western medicine acknowledges and implements the practice that antibiotics should not be handed out like candy. It makes complete sense if you realize to take out the “enemy” (aka. GBS in a soon-to-be-delivered mother), the answer is not wiping out your “allies” (aka. friendly bacteria who actually make up the IMMUNE SYSTEM), but increasing the number and strength of your armies and allies (aka. strengthening your immune system w/ probiotics vs. weakening it with antibiotics) in order to properly fight the “enemy”. I predict when Western medicine as a whole becomes truly educated, it will be probiotics prescribed, and not antibiotics.

        • AMEN!!!!

  39. Thanks for the info Katie,
    I have been using garlic supplements and probiotics, and plan to do real garlic maybe for a week or two closer to the end, but for the rest of the time, which garlic supplements are better for gbs prevention purpose, ones which say fresh garlic or aged garlic, the fresh one claims to have 22x higher allicin, the aged one is well known and reviewed for cleansing yeast…

  40. Thanks for all the I info! I was very upset to test positive with my first pregnancy. I’m now 10 weeks with my second baby and ordered the probiotics and garlic capsules to start now and continue until birth. However, they just came today and I got the garlic capsules provided in your link….I was disappointed to see they contain soybean oil :(. I’m on the search for a better brand.

  41. How do you use the probiotic vaginally? Also, I tested positive for strep b in my urine and I am only 16 weeks. They put me on Amcillin to get rid of the infection. Am I doomed to not be able to get rid of this? I’ve been told if it is in your urine your levels are really high. My midwife didn’t seem worried but I’m worried. Any advice would be appreciated.

  42. I have to comment even though inhaven’t read through them all. I need to inform the people claiming group b strep does nothing to adults they are wrong. I, in my early twenties came down with recurrent tonsilitis. Each swab, 4 times, they did it came back for group b strep NOT a. Antibiotic everytime did nothing, it came back everytime. Eventually imgave up on modern medicine for this and went to an herbalist. 2 weeks gargling and swallowing clevers tincture inhad one reoccurrence then never again. It can cause issues doesn’t mean it will for all, same thing with uti’s – remember universal doesnt exist. This prompted me to get atibiotics with my first. I was going to refuse with my second when he decided pprom was a good idea, never got a chance to retest. I try to walk the fine line between crazy and sheep, that being said using vaginal washes without allowing for bacteria time to multiply to be in sufficent quantity to test positive is reckless. 3 days before a test stop, umless one plans to continue with this up until birth? Which seems rather harsh on an area about to go through some trauma. Everything else go for it.

    • The reason I think it is reckless is, say one doesn’t continue until birth, they cant accurately assess symptoms should they appear. Fever, prolonged rom, etc are risk factor associated with increased risk of transmission. Just thought I should clarify.

  43. I was GBS+ with my first pregnancy. Ended up with a NICU kiddo because I developed a placental infection after being given the antibiotic and my daughter had to be treated as soon as she was born. I’m allergic to penicillin, and my OB goes straight for vancomycin (sp?) due to the prevalence of resistance. Not only am I NOT planning to get to the hospital 12 hours before delivery (which is needed for this drug to work), I’m not even sure my labor will be that long this time around. So I don’t feel like there is a viable antibiotic alternative for me, and thus have been researching how to naturally get rid of GBS as to test negative in the first place (I’m beginning 3rd trimester). What is posted here is similar to the information found on midwife websites and published articles, only in a more user-friendly format.

    What I have found interesting, but not mentioned at all on any site I’ve found, is that the natural treatments for GBS seem to run parallel to those used in treating Candida. So I’ve become interested in trying to determine if there’s actually a link – that moms who have Candida are more likely to have GBS, and that in treating the Candida you are helping your body regain control over GBS as well. Since the organisms are similar in that they are yeasts, or yeast-like and are opportunistic, I logically see that there could be a connection, be it causation or correlation around another issue (maybe poor gut flora). Because I know I’ve had issues with Candida in the past, and many of those symptoms are returning thanks to a high carb pregnancy diet (I’ve been sick the whole pregnancy and it’s what I can tolerate to eat), I’m starting to treat both the Candida and GBS (though, like I said, treatment recommendations are largely the same). I just think it could be interesting to see if there’s a link between the two, since no one appears to have looked into that before (not that modern medicine generally considers Candida a medical issue anyway – I’ve gotten so much pushback when I tell doctors my GERD is directly related to Candida and food allergies even though I’ve been med free since dealing with both and no reflux, until pregnancy.) Oh, and there are enzymes and such that can help deal with Candida that are ok during pregnancy – I’m adding those to what is listed here in hopes to have my gut flora back to health by the time baby arrives.

  44. Honestly, I must admit, I think it was just chance that you ended up testing negative after these “natural remedies.” That happens – a woman can test positive one time, and negative again at another, even a couple weeks later. That can be the natural course of events, and it can have nothing at all to do with what you did or didn’t do. It’s anecdotal, but I did all the “correct” things during my whole pregnancy, especially the third trimester – lots of probiotics, especially. And I’m still GBS positive. I think it’s rather dishonest to be touting these “natural” remedies as a “cure” for GBS when there is, in fact, no evidence that this is the case. I understand people who adhere to natural remedies like these don’t care about “evidence” for it (anecdotes win!) but it’s just my two cents, as someone who did all the “right” things, and for many months, and still ended up GBS positive. It can happen. 🙂

  45. I am just about 38 weeks pregnant. I tested at 36 weeks for GBS and my test came back positive… I have been doing all of these remedies to try and cure the colonization. I really don’t want to have to get the antibiotic during labor due to all of the important bacteria the baby is colonized with while exiting the birth canal that literally completes her immune system… With my last pregnancy I was a sheep… I didn’t go natural and ended up with a fourth degree tear that I still have problems from. I will never know if it was because I am extremely petite (4″11 and 80 lbs.) or if it was due to the medical intervention (the rush of delivery and me being cut). Despite all of my problems from my last labor I have been offered & declined 2 elective c-sections due to the extreme importance of a drug/intervention free birth. We don’t vaccinate and my baby needs all of that important bacteria! We never use any prescription or OTC drugs and instead treat everything holistically or with homeopathy & I eat extremely healthy (all organic GMO-free vegan diet and am fluoride free)… I will retest at my next appointment in a few days even though my midwife said that I am a carrier regardless and they will still recommend the antibiotic… I am really freaked out because I don’t want the antibiotic AT ALL. but also don’t want to risk the baby’s life (I would never forgive myself if something happened and I could have possibly prevented the problem with an antibiotic)… If I do retest and it’s positive I feel absolutely obligated to get the penicillin- I would then leave the baby in her vernix, BF right away, & keep her skin to skin for at least 2 hours before ANYTHING… If my test comes back negative I still feel unsure on if it’s worth the risk or not… If I am a carrier, but am not colonized on the next test is the baby still able to get GBS (if I’m still negative when I go into labor)? I am really having a hard time understanding!

    • Did your test come back negative or positive?

  46. I was diagnosed with B strep with my third pregnancy at 35 weeks, did take probiotics on a regular basis after that and tested negative at 37 weeks. Refused antibiotics during the labor by doing research, my baby girl was well healthy although doctor had to keep me overnight to check her blood. She is 2 years old now and very healthy baby vaccine free.

    My 4th pregnancy im positive again, i do drink kambucha, kefir, probiotics, sorcerous you name it and im a little confused how i still have it, this time im having home birth and will not be taking antibiotics, i know i might be risking, but i will do everything on my part but the side effects of antibiotics that can suppress baby’s immune system after birth and more simply not worth it to me.

  47. Interested in your insight. With my first pregnancy, I tested positive for GBS, and received the antibiotics for an hour every four hours during labor until my baby was delivered. (I prepared with Hypnobirthing, had a 40 hour drug free labor–slow and steady, doable contractions). He came out wide eyed and alert, and perfectly healthy. A little over 2 1/2 years later, I was pregnant with my second. I tested negative for GBS (I was told that GBS comes and goes, and is perfectly normal for an adult). Fast forward to when I went into labor, had bloody show around 6 AM, contractions started at 6:30 and HARD, and figured I must be progressing quickly. I was only 3 cm though, and I figured that if I was going to be having another 40 hour labor, I wanted an epidural. Received epidural at 7:35 AM, delivered at 8:53 AM. My baby was motionless and his eyes were closed. After suctioning the meconium out his status wasn’t changing. Apparently (although they wouldn’t tell us anything about what was going on) he still hadn’t taken a breath and his heart beat at one point couldn’t be found, and another point was 40 BPM. They whisked him away and did 4 minutes of CPR (still not telling us what was happening–can you tell I’m a little traumatized by that?). After he had been resuscitated and we had some skin to skin time, they found he had GBS, and they attributed his rough start to that infection. He stayed in the hospital for a week to receive antibiotics every 8 hours. What do you think about this?? I’m nervous about my next delivery (I’m not pregnant, but when I am..). Of course I want to avoid that GBS situation again and feel like my only option is to be induced (since my labor was so quick), so I can have time to have the antibiotics….now I came across your site and found that possibly there’s some other ways to avoid GBS. I’d love your insight. Can you email me at “at.ormond [at]”?

  48. Hi all. I’m reading all these posts with great interest. I have a Step B Bladder and Vaginal infection. I’m not pregnant, 55 years young 🙂 I am allergic to Penicillin, and 4 of the other antibiotics that have been prescribed to me. I’ve had this for 2-3 months now, how I contracted it in the first place, I have no idea? I went to a Naturopathic Dr. two weeks ago, he has me on all kinds of different “medicines”, I’m taking 10 different pills each day, i have a vaginal capsule to insert at bedtime, i have a spray which i spray in my mouth twice a day. Its only been 10 days, but I feel absolutely no different. I’m supposed to do this for one month and visit him again. I’ve never heard about the garlic cloves in the vagina. I thought i had a yeast infection, very itchy and burning and uncomfortable… its certainly worth a try… so one clove at bedtime? Wish me luck!

  49. Thank you so much!!!! Starting this today!

  50. Awesome! Thank you for this significant and important article. I certainly enjoy reading all that is written on your blog.

  51. Just a quick question: I’m just in the beginning of my second trimester (first pregnancy), and want to start doing things to set me up to get a negative GBS test. I’m keeping up with taking probiotics, eating plenty of fermented foods, garlic, and taking vitamin C. I also thought that it wouldn’t hurt to do some garlic/kefir/probiotic capsule vaginally occasionally, as well as the diluted ACV rinse, especially once I’m in my third trimester. Here’s my question: Did you do the rinse as a whole douche, or just rinse like you would when washing up in the shower (mostly the outside without going inside)? Thanks!! I love your blog and recipes!

  52. You go girl! I’ve been experimenting home concoctions not only my Health but also using my skills around the house for the family! Self care and home rituals should be pursued more considering their holistic benefits and hidden treasures they have on our body’s system.

  53. What is the dilution ratio of the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse? I just learned that I’m GBS positive at 37 1/2 weeks so I don’t have much time to turn this around. My midwife told me about using garlic vaginally but I’m going to increase my consumption all the other things you mentioned too. Thank you for this!

  54. Thanks for your recommendations, Katie. I tested GBS + at my 36 week appointment and have started your above regimen. I plan on telling my nurse midwife that I would like to be retested at my 39 week appointment. Do you know of any resources that state how long GBS typically tends to stay in ones system? Also, I have been seeing a nutritionist who does nutrition response testing througout my current pregnancy. She recommended bacterial nosode drops, as well as your above recommendations. I’m wondering how safe they are to take during pregnancy. The resources I have found are very contradictory to each other. Do you know much about nosodes or know of any resources that might clue me in on how safe they are to take during pregnancy?

  55. I’m not sure if this has been pointed out as of yet, but Group B Strep comes and goes in cycles. So testing positive during one screening and not in another is nothing new. In fact, it’s normal.

    There has also been plenty of research into the screening. And coming Australia where we do have the option (preference) to screen for Group B Strep and The UK where they don’t screen, the statistics to how many babies get sick and how many fatalities are the same.

    So why does testing positive at around 36-37 week gestation cause a “need” for antibiotics?

    • Maybe it’s an American thing. I was told by my doctor that it could be harmful to the baby if I had it during labor, and therefore would be given antibiotics.

  56. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing your knowlegde and experience!
    I am 33 weeks pregnant, did not made the GBS test yet. But I started to prevent, I am taking extra Vitamin C, yestarday I started to take garlic pills and I will start to take probiotic pills next week. I will try near the exame to rinse with vinegar and yogurt and one day before insert one garlic. Hope it works, I am alergic to penicilin and I want to avoid antibiotics during labor!

  57. I was diagnosed GBS positive by urine culture at 8 weeks pregnant in my 2nd pregnancy (none detected in first pregnancy). I tried a few things, but subsequent tests showed GBS still present and due to early detection in urine, I ended up last minute acceding to the antibiotics. I am now 9 weeks in my third pregnancy and going to be more proactive in trying to eliminate this GBS (I know I will be considered positive regardless, because of past pregnancy records). My question: which approach would you recommend? I see your first was in a 2-week duration. This seems a bit extreme for me to do for the next 31 weeks. Should I do this for a few weeks, then maintain with the second regimen?

    • Ask a doc or midwife to be sure but I’d do the maintenance one until later in pregnancy and then do the 2 week one…

      • Thanks so much for the feedback.

  58. Hi Katie,
    My little 4 year old was just diagnosed with GBS by a urine test 🙁 they want me to start her on antibiotics. Im really worried about putting her on them. I can not find anything about a young girl having it and what to do naturally. Any help would be very much appreciated!!!! Thanks!!!

  59. So at 27 weeks I went for my regular urine/blood work and they found GBS in my urine. I was so stressed out because the last thing I want is antibiotics while I’m pregnant. I stopped having sugar and carbs and took higher dose of probiotics. I also got some homeopathic drops from my naturopath doc for GBS. Now I’m 31 weeks and did another urine test and GBS was negative 🙂
    Never jump to antibiotics. Even if I were still positive I wasn’t going to take the antibiotics. The side effects to baby are so much higher then the risk of baby catching GBS.

    • Do you remember the name of the drops your naturopath gave you?

  60. Hi! I tested Positive for GBS a couple weeks ago, they prescribed me antibiotics over the phone. I went online and found your blog which inspired me to to resist taking the antibiotics. I went to see my doctor after finding out I told her that I was going to try getting rid of it without antibiotics, she was doubtful but agreed to let me try it my way and test me again a few weeks later and I just go the news 2 days ago that I am now negative for GBS!!
    I am so grateful for your posting and for the support of my doula.

    Here’s what I did over the course of two weeks:
    I included about two cloves of fresh garlic in my daily diet, I took a probiotic daily, I added a dose of an echinacea tincture to my water at least once a day, and occasionally took a vitamin c supplement or drank orange juice daily. In addition to my daily prenatal vitamin and my calcium/vitD/magnesium supplement which I was taking anyways, (vitamin D helps your body absorb Vit C).

    I plan to continue this at least until birth.

  61. Thank you for your suggestions. I’ve been GBS+ with all 4 of my children & had to receive antibiotics during labor & delivery. However, the antibiotics led to horrific vaginal & breast yeast infections with my first 2. With my last 2 children, I started taking probiotics immediately afterwards, and it helped me from getting yeast infections. 🙂 In the future, I am going to try your probiotic, vitamin c, & garlic regiment to try to avoid testing positive.

  62. Question for Katie/Wellness Mama: For whatever reason, I was tested for GBS pretty early in pregnancy (this is my first) and tested positive, though my OB says it’s a very mild strain. They are doing a vaginal swab next Wed (I’ll be 36 weeks) to check again. I have been drinking ACV, taking garlic, taking a good probiotic, eating yogurt, kefir, raw/fermented sauerkraut etc. My probiotic is in powder form- How would I insert it vaginally? Or how do I insert garlic vaginally? Trying to do what I can to clear this up before birth!

    • I personally would not use probiotics that close to testing since it can sometimes culture a false positive. I tied a clove of garlic in a piece of gauze with a sting still attached and used it like a tampon for a couple of hours a few days before the test. Best of luck with the test. I hope you have a wonderful delivery 🙂

  63. Hello wellness mama. I was wondering if you experienced any tiredness or sluggishness when starting this regimen for a day or two? I love your article and since my mom and one aunt are natural doctors I knew this is what I wanted to do. I do feel very tired the first day and I know with treatments my mom has given, people will feel sluggish because the infection is reacting and being killed off. Did you experience this?

  64. I have witnessed a mom become sepsis with GBS, not to mention how very sick her baby was. After emergency caesarean, baby remained in NICU for full week after birth, having spinal taps, IV’s and everything else. Mom also had to remain in the hospital. Did I mention how sick she was? This was life threatening for both mom & baby. Thank goodness they have finally been able to come home…weak, very weak…but home.
    I say…
    Don’t mess
    with GBS!
    IVs can cause stress
    but it is what’s best!

    Kenny Shulman CD(DONA)

  65. Hi. I don’t usually comment on blogs but I wanted to share my story!
    I tested positive through a urine test at 11 weeks. (I was told that it meant I had so much of the bacteria in my gut that it was also in my urinary tract, although I did not have symptoms of a UTI).
    I did your protocol pretty strictly for about four weeks (used Bio-Kult probiotics, Vitamin C, coconut oil, garlic, apple vider vinegar), with some days of forgetting a few things (usually drinking the garlic). I only inserted garlic vaginally twice, and did the same with probiotics maybe three times.
    I got a call from the midwives today (I’m just over 15 weeks) and my urine test from two weeks ago is NEGATIVE! They’re very impressed, and they want me to share the protocol.
    I plan to continue taking most of the protocol to ensure it doesn’t return.
    Thank you very much!

    • Nanco

      I have had the exact same thing early in my pregnancy happen to me. I changed my diet and took homeopathic drops. Next urine test showed GBS negative. I started moderately having some sweets and carbs…. then had the swab done at 35 weeks and it was positive. I am now 38 weeks and this week i will find out my recent urine test results. Either way i will not do the antibiotics. For the next 2 weeks i will go back to carb and sugar free and hopefully be negative again.

      • What homeopathic drops did you use? Thanks

  66. From my Naturopath Doc. Strep B homeopathic drops. They worked. But i didn’t try using them without changing diet so i don’t know if they would work alone.

    • Thank you for answering!

  67. This might be a dumb question, but For the diet change, do you have to take out natural sugars like fruit too? Or just foods with added sugar? And carbs… everything has carbs. What the heck are you supposed to eat?

  68. What are you supposed to eat if you cut out sugar and carbs? Fruit is good for you but has lots of sugar and vegetables have carbs. Do you just cut out foods with added sugars but still keep the natural sugar foods? And then what else can you have, meat and thats it?

  69. To holly, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling and I hope that your heart and soul will mend. I just had my baby and I tried for 2 months to clear gbs on my own. It didn’t work and I still tested positive just a few days before I gave birth. I still declined all medication. Then my water broke and I was in the hospital. After a few hours of being there, I could hear a woman wailing. I asked what was going on and my nurse said she wanted a natural birth and her birth was successful at home but she had gbs and the baby came down with one of the gbs problems. Her baby was hospitalized within 24 hours of birth and died by the time I got there 2 days later. At that point I quickly started rethinking everything. I realized that trying and hopefully curing gbs naturally is wonderful especially if you are successful and is still the best way to go in my opinion….. BUT you should get checked again and if you are still positive then at that point you put yourself aside and you do the next thing for your baby which is the antibiotics. Never should anyone leave their baby’s health and life to chance. That baby did not need to die. So I asked for the antibiotics and got two rounds of it by the time my beautiful baby was born. She was born on her exact due date and was still monitored for 2 days to make sure she didn’t get any of the symptoms and then I went home. Of course I didn’t want her to have ill effects from the antibiotics but I rather know I tried to save her life then leave it to chance. I hope people see that from the horrible losses others fave and I am so sorry you are one of those people who had to feel loss. My prayers go out to you and I hope you try again and have anot her beautiful baby to fulfill your life that way. With love from afar.

  70. Hi mama!
    Just want to know whats your view on the iv we get injected thru the whole delivery?

  71. Can anyone explain more about using garlic/probiotics vaginally and also how to do the apple cider vinegar wash?
    Thank you

  72. Hi Katie!
    I thank you so much for this article, I tremendously appreciate all your information , can you PLEASE tell me how do you consume sauerkraut (i dont like it)? And how much kombucha to drink (i love and cant stop drinking it)?

  73. Hello! I am 25 weeks pregnant and was told at my 20 week appointment that GBS was found in my urine. My OBGYN was not aware or supportive of ‘alternative treatments,’ but has agreed to retest me.

    I’ve been taking probiotics and increasing my garlic and fermented food intake. I also purchased a supplement called Wellness Factors for Immune Support and am a little concerned about whether or not all of the ingredients in the supplement is safe to take during pregnancy. It contains 100mg Beta Glutane (Reishi), 500mg Olive Leaf Extract, 400mg Echinacea, 200mg Goldinseal, 400mg Garlic, 200mg White Willow Extract, 1,000 mg Vitamin C, 120mg Calcium, 25mg Zinc.. I’ve tried to do research on each one of these ingredients but have came up with inconclusive results. I guess my biggest concern is the White Willow Extract…. It seems that it has been deemed ‘unsafe’ because of the UNKNOWN. Does anyone have any opinions on any of these ingredients or any suggestions on a different all-in-one immune supplement to take during pregnancy? I have to say, I am feeling VERY healthy! I normally get a minor cold/sore throat during this time of year but it’s not happening now, and I’m confident it won’t. Thanks for any suggestions!!!

  74. OMG you again? I know this post was a year old but I cannot help myself. Tracy, I understand your points (although beaten like a dead horse) WESTERN MEDICINE is NOT the alpha and omega of the universe.

    The author of this blog was informing others of alternative options available and what worked for her. When did you become the person these women needed to get approval from?

    The difference from this blog and your regurgitated rubbish is that this is about personal choice and your dictation is just that. Dictation. The truth is, you aren’t speaking up in these comments because you honestly care, its because you spent a fortune on med school and you can’t stomach the fact that these alternatives can and do work thus negating all you thought you stood for and what you worked for. Its okay Tracy, being open minded is a virtue which they don’t teach in western medical school but you can always start.

  75. can group b strep cause irritating, unusual discharge, such as white, milky sticky discharge? all swabs keep coming back as group strep b positive since i have had this symptom. drs say it usually doesn’t cause such symptoms.

    • I have the same issues and I have tested positive for Gbs.

      • Terence, look into the condition desquamative inflammatory vaginitis. It is often misdiagnosed. Ask your doctor or specialist about it. Vaginal swabs often come back positive for group strep b when you have this condition. It is usually treated with Clindamycin. Hope that helps.

  76. I was GBS + for my 3rd. I did not try as much of this protocol, I did take more Vit C and did a Tea tree suppository- but 2 weeks later I was still positive.

    After doing all my research and seeing that antibiotics DO NOT always stop GBS from becoming systic in babies and not all GBS babies get sick, I chose to do a hibicleanse and waterbirth.

    My midwife was prepared with IV abx if my labor lasted longer than 3 hours or my waters had broken early. As soon as labor started, I did a hibicleans and every 1-2 hours after was the plan. My water broke and I got in the pool and my son was born 1.5 hours later. – antibiotics would have been a waste and caused more problems for me and spilled into my milk for nothing in this case.

    I like this site because Katie does her research and posts the research for us a moms to learn from and make our own choices. Western Medicine is not a one size fits all, and neither is natural medicine…but it is better to learn than to blindly take a doctors “standard protocol”. I am so sick of hearing doctors say that because they have no actual knowledge of how our bodies are designed to heal.

  77. I am not pregnant but after reporting to my OB/GYN of my boyfriend complaining of having a sore throat after every time having oral sex, I was tested for a number of possible STDs. Nothing showed up. After more tests my doctor told me I had GBS. I’m wondering if this is causing my boyfriend to get sore throats and if I should try these remedies. The antibiotics didn’t help!

    • I have not heard of that before, but these remedies are not harmful and it would not hurt to try 🙂

  78. Hello my daughter was born sick from group b strep, I tested positive and did antibiotics with my other two children. I recently have had two uti with huge strep colonies in the last two months. I am again on cipro and was wondering if I should do your protocol from now on, would it help for uti issues? Also not to seem dense but how do you insert probiotics? Do you put them in a capsule mix with coconut oil? Thank you

  79. what were the recipes that you used for apple cider vinegar rinse. how much vinegar to water?

    how did you use garlic and probiotics vaginally?

    Thank you

  80. I am wondering about using the probiotic vaginally. Did you open the capsule and make some kind of suppository or just insert the whole capsule? Are there certain things to look for or avoid when using a probiotic vaginally? Thank you

  81. I just found out that I tested positive for GBS. I had read before that people were able to treat this naturally. However, my doctor said that I won’t be re-tested because I already tested positive. Of course, I would prefer to do without antibiotics but also want my baby to have the least risk possible of contracting this. I don’t see any harm in adding in the remedies I read in this article but I also don’t like that the doctor won’t re-test me. I believe adding this remedies in will also help us bounce back from the antibiotics as well. Any advice?

    • That is so tough. I would definitely recommend working with your doctor, especially that close to delivery. I personally did all the natural measures and would have anyway. I’d also just research and make sure you are comfortable with whatever you choose.

  82. Thanks for your post it is really great!
    I’m 27 weeks now and was tested twice for GBS, first swab at 20 weeks no GBS but candida infection found only and at 25weeks GBS was found. I was advised on the antibiotics prior and during labour which I am happily going to go for, but I am also glad to come across this site and the natural remedy as I am willing to try anything I possibly can to lower the risk get my PH level back up or maybe even get rid of GBS fully just like an author posted this did so I can safe my little baby.
    I immediately got all the exact ingredients and products just as described above and wanted to double check with the midwife before using it just in case since all the products such as; Kambucha, Bio-Kult Probiotics, Garlic Capsules from Nature’s Bounty had instruction on To Consult Doctor if pregnant. Well, to my surprise the midwife happened to know nothing I mean absolutely nothing, that she even had to ask her other fellow midwifes who were no smarter than her so they were of no help at all as no one apparently even knew what Kambucha was. Finally a doctor appeared who said that non of the above is advisable and that the United Kingdom NHS disapproves of any self/home made remedies especially apple cider vaginal rinse and that none of the above is needed since I am going to have antibiotics during labour. Well I must admit It is shocking that midwives of UCLH hospital in London know nothing where is all over internet ACV is a recommended remedy for such infection.

    Despite their unhelpful comments I am going to try this protocol as I do not trust medics, and in recent years I notice more and more how little they care if not at all of what will happen to my baby once the delivery is done, should anything go wrong they will send me off to paediatric section to deal with and that’s all form their end, the less hassle the more time for them to have their lovely English tea time! Disgraceful!
    Since I have already started this treatment I have few questions to ask, can you please advise on how exactly to use the diluted Apple Cider Vinegar in what exact measurements, how often, can I use it for vaginal rinse internally (douche) and if it is not too dangerous for the baby?
    Also do you know if Green Tea Kambucha can be used in pregnancy? Now that I got it in both, form of a drink as well as a green tea I am not too sure as I read on another website that Kambucha should be avoided in pregnancy at all costs. Is it really so? Please advice on these questions as I am really in a need of your help.
    Your response would be greatly appreciated!
    Many Thanks, Anna

  83. Wish I had known about this 7.5 years ago when I was on antibiotics during labor .. Now my son has several food allergies and an autoimmune disorder — I firmly believe the antibiotics caused this ! Please use preventive care ladies and give the remedies a try.

  84. They don’t test for GBS in the UK at all….and we don’t have babies dying all over the place from it!

  85. Hi, I tested positive for GBS in both vagina and urine. Before taking antibiotics, I am going to get retested and this time try using mid-stream urine. I understand that GBS in urine could have been from vaginal contamination. I also understand that GBS can come and go – you may have it one week and not have it the next week – that is without doing anything at all. Nevertheless, the protocol suggested sounds promising and I will try the protocol and get retested closer to delivery time. Thank Katie!

    • I also had a positive test from my urine, and then when they tested my urine again 2 weeks later, it wasn’t there. I am absolutely going to start the natural protocol now and have been taking probiotics throughout the pregnancy, and have read that Lactobacillus rhamnosus was very effective against the populating of GBS bacteria. Please let me know how your birthing went and baby’s health.

  86. Thank you for the advise. I have tested GBS+ at 36weeks and have since been taking what you suggested, plus soaking a tampon in neem oil and tea tree and inserting it for 4 hours. I’ve also been taking 3x Turmeric capsules and colloidal silver. I asked the OB for another test today and she said even if I tested GBS- I should still get the antibiotics as it won’t be a zero risk.

    However, there never is a zero risk. Even if tested GBS- at 35weeks you may have it by 40 weeks. Antibiotics lower the risk considerably to 1 in 4,000 but she also mentioned that antibiotics have NO negative side-effects and I could kill my baby if I refused. She said that antibiotics do not weaken the immune system and there are no side-effects?!?! I will not be using this OB again. There are always risks with medication and we all know that antibiotics destroy good and bad bacteria. Seeing as 90% of our immune system is in our gut (made of good bacteria), if this is destroyed our immune system is lowered.

    Knowing all this. I’m still pretty scared to say no if it comes back GBS- now but my intuition tells me to refuse it. I can’t find figures anywhere stating how many babies got GBS diseases when there Mothers first tested positive and then negative. And OB could give me no figures about anything whatsoever.

    Most places i’ve seen say if the vaginal canal is clear of GBS then you should be OK.
    Confused Mama who wants the best for her baby!

    • How did the test turn out and what did you decide to do?

  87. Hi, how do you tie the garlic up in the gauze to make a tampon with it as suggested? I have the gauze but I’m not sure what sterile material to use to securely tie it together and make a string. I have followed the rest of the protocol but not managed to get rid of GBS so I need to do the garlic bit now as desperate to get rid of it. I’ve also been swallowing garlic capsules so I’ll try fresh garlic instead. I’m 36 weeks and at risk of premature labour so running out of time.

  88. I just tested positive for GBS at 37 weeks. I’ve been taking a probiotic since about week 33, eating homemade yogurt, and tried the garlic method twice. I’m so upset that I tested positive. I really do not want the antibiotics. Any feedback on whether it’s worth it for me to try to be tested again this week at 38 weeks? I plan to continue taking a probiotic. I wish I knew to start it at the beginning of pregnancy. Is it possible to just get once dose of the antibiotics and refuse additional doses depending on how long I’m at the hospital before delivery? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!

  89. I tested positive for Gbs with 1st babe and opted out of test w 2nd. Currently BFing. Everytime I have sex w hubby I get this horrible yeast like infection. Not yeast. Currently testing for gbs. Have been on 4 rounds of antibiotics for this issue. Has been occurring since feb. Do not use condoms. Eating 1-2 gloves of garlic a day. Probiotics. Kefir. If gbs could I be getting it from him? Is bfing contributing to problem? I’m like so sick of this…and I just cannot continue to take antibiotics. Ideas anyone??

  90. They did not test for GBS 15 years ago, and they did not panic the moms like they do now. 25% of all women are GBS carriers and actively positive 24/7/365. This means that throughout history of all the pregnant women throughout time, 25% of them were GBS positive and gave birth being GBS positive.

    Dont let these scare tactics frighten you. The statistical probability of a GBS positive mother giving birth and having that child experience any negative effect due to the GBS is 0.00025% .

    Thats right its 0.00025% chance of anything negative happening due to GBS.

    If you want to put that into perspective if you and your newborn get into a car and drive for 30 minutes you have a 0.028% chance of being killed in a car crash (and thats in good weather mind you).

    So, do you still want to panic about a 0.00025% chance? Or are you and your baby never going to set foot into a car?

    • Do you have a source for that stat? A quick Google search has shown me it’s 1 in 200

  91. Thank you for posting this regimen. I tested positive for Group B Strep at 35 weeks, started this regimen and was retested at 37 weeks. Today, at 38 weeks I got my retest results and was negative – wahooo!! I think the garlic glove halves are key, but I did it all just in case. Now, the only reason my OB agreed to retest me was bc I’m allergic to penicillin/amocicillin and they forgot to test the culture for clindamycin (an alternative antibiotic) sensitivity. Regardless of whether or not I retested negative they’re still go to treat me with an antibiotic at delivery just to be safe. With clindamycin, it has to be in your system for 8 hours prior to delivery to be affective, so I’m being induced at 39 weeks so long as the baby doesn’t come earlier.

  92. Hi Katty, thank you for the information, I am 12 weeks pregnant and have a bacterial infection no a GBS. My doctor said I have blood in my urine and that’s a sign of bacterial infection. I do want to follow your advice. Do you think it could work even it is not GBS. Thank you!!!

  93. Hi Kathy, I am 12 weeks pregnant and have a bacterial infection, it is not a GBS but I want to do your recommendation. I just have a few questions.
    Did you use plain organic yogurt vaginally to help balance bacteria? How did you applied it?

    Did you use the probiotic supplement vaginally at night or day?

    What time is it best to Consum the
    2 cloves of raw garlic each day?

    Did you used a garlic clove vaginally for one night or when do you recommend applying it?

    Thank you so much for taking the tame!!!!!

  94. Sorry to ask for specific explanation on the quiestion above !!! I also was wondering g if I could take Pure radiance C instead of the brand you recommend? I am asking because I am pregnant! Thank you so much!!!!

  95. So in your 5th pregnancy, did you start doing the vitamin C, probiotic and garlic capsules when you found out you were pregnant?
    Also how many galic capsules did you take?
    I have 2 kids and have GBS with both and was on antibiotics. I have systemic Candida now and my kids probably will too. I want to have another baby but don’t want to have GBS again. . .

    • Not the garlic in the first trimester but the Vitamin C and probiotics at the recommendation of my midwife. No GBS that time.

  96. I tested + at 37 week testing of GSB. I did the research of what this meant and then I didn’t think anymore of it because due to diabetes I was going to have to be induced at 39 weeks. I was in labor for 36 hours and as soon as I began dilating they hooked me up to a penicillin IV laced with a painkiller. No big deal. But then they had to give me another penicillin bag every 2-3 hours and it took an hour for the drip to end. There is only a painkiller on the first dose…

    I can only describe the pain of a penicillin IV as that of a cold two inch diameter steel rod slowly being inserted from wrist to elbow. Sometimes the pain was so excruciating that it was worse then the contractions. The nurses wouldn’t do anything for me except put an ice pack on my arm. It got to the point where I was wishing the baby would come out just to avoid having to have another dose.

    6 IV bags of penicillin is what I was given.

    that accumulates to 5 hours of feeling like a rod is being slowly hammered into your arm. The Dr’s in NICU were amazed to find out that my son had gotten 6 doses via fetal umbilical cord.

    So this is my take on this post. If I am ever blessed with another positive pregnancy test the first thing I will do is start this regimen. In my last trimester if I get a positive GSB test then I will ofcourse have a tiny panic attack…, but ultimately I will accept my fate of having the antibiotics during labor.

    I don’t think that this article was written with the intention of saying no to antibiotics at labor but as more of an attempt to prevent getting a positive test result and bypassing the threat of GSB altogether.

  97. Hi. I know this is an older post but I can’t seem to find the info I need. I know you are not taking the Vitamin-C that you have on this post because it is ascorbic acid, or are you? Anyway, I’m wondering where I can find, on your blog, info on probiotics and what to look for when choosing one. Can you direct me? Also, what is the easiest way to search for anything particular on your blog? Thanks for your time.

    • Even the regular ascorbic acid form will work as described in this post, though I now use a food based Vitamin C because I found a good source (I use this one). I’d ask your doc or midwife for a specific recommendation though, if you are concerned. For probiotics, I take Bio Kult and PrescriptAssist alternating. For searching, I’d just try googling “Wellness Mama ______” and filling in the term you are looking for. That way, if the term isn’t part of the post title, you’ll find posts that might have mentioned it.

  98. I dont suffer from GBS…but have recently been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis…. of course, the usually advice was given…take antibiotics and fluconizol…. both of which i refuse to do.
    do you have any advice on combatting BV with natural remedies?
    Never had an issue in my life until last month…. haven’t changed anything either.
    eat organically, eat whole foods, eat fermented foods, take probiotics….
    I’m at a loss…. would be super grateful for any help you can lend….

  99. Thank you so much for such an incredible blog. I’m at a loss. Too many annoying news this week. Being one with medical background it’s very hard to not succumb to western medicine. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant. A pregnancy that did not come easy, we got pregnant through IVF and it was a tough road. So naturally I’m paranoid and I can’t trust anyone.

    So GBS was found in my urine in “small amounts” last week during a visit regarding some spotting that I had which was attributed to a low lying placenta. I had some some suprapubic tenderness so they did a urine sample for completeness. Fast forward to this week I have a severe cold and went in to get a check up and that’s when the doc nonchalantly revealed that I shave GBS in my urine and should be started on Ampicillin. But before that we should run another repeat bc it can be contaminated. However regardless I’ll need antibiotics at delivery.

    Now this early if I start this regiment can I request a regular swab at 37 weeks and if it’s negative, can I have a rapid at delivery? Then if that’s all positive then of course I’ll do the antibiotics I won’t take that risk (even though it’s small) I read every comment here and I am just torn!!! And scared and just confused. My doc said regardless of vaginal swab at this point I’m colonized and I need antibiotics to decrease the risk.

    What do you say??? I think inhale a good plan but j need support. I want supper from my doc. My doc is awesome but now he got a partner who just finsihed residency and I’m so annoyed!!!

  100. I tested positive for Strep B with my first pregnancy. The told me it was nothing big I would receive antibiotics while in labor. Well let me tell you I will do everything I can in my power to be negative this time I am 32 weeks pregnant now with my second child. I went in to labor at 8:30am. Went in to the hospital they told me I was in early labor. I got stuck with the on call Dr. who was a man because it was a saturday. He wanted to give me patosen to get things moving faster when I had nothing wrong with me. I said no and went back home. Came back to the hospital at 8pm when contractions were closer and much stronger. Got the IV for the Strep the Dr. insisted they break my water to get things moving. HUGE mistake if you are Strep B positive NEVER let them break your water. I just found this out from a midwife my son and I could have died that night. About 20 mins after they broke my water I got a fever of 104 was shaking so bad my husband had to hold my arms down,Had 6 warm blankets on me to 4 ice packs and back and forth trying to break it. The Dr. said we should have a baby by 3am well I couldn’t breath from the infection I got so they were shoving an oxygen mask on my face all while I was pushing for 3 hours. Exhausted I finally got my son out at 6:15am he was rushed away to NICU where he stayed for 7 days get poked with needles 3 times a day had in IV in his wrist to the side of his tiny head to his arm. All because the Dr. wanted to speed things up so he could go nap. Oh did I mention he sat and watched TV in my room while I was trying to push. Yeah married with children! I finally found out days later after I became the pushiest I have ever been. I had my placenta tested and because of them breaking my water and being positive with strep B the placenta became infected with Chorioamnionitis. Google it it’s very scary stuff. This time around lets just say I am doing everything natural including the labor and delivery only having my own Dr. and hiring a Douala. I have been taking all the vitamins and doing all the research possible to avoid this again. So wish me luck but after that experience I am weary of Doctors and their “opinions”. So before you make assumptions about things or people just know everyone reacts different to things we all have different DNA and the Dr. doesn’t know it all!

  101. Thank you Wellness Mama for sharing your remedy of treating GBS. I am 39 weeks pregnant and planning a water birth. I tested GBS pos, which means I would have to receive antibiotics prior to entering the water tub, per hospital policy. After researching the effects of antibiotics on babies, I was determined to retest negative for GBS. I only had 4 nights of treatment before retesting. Here is how I re-tested negative for GBS:

    -soaked in ACV bath nightly
    -used a diluted ACV rinse each time after using the restroom
    -inserted a Bio-Kult probiotic vaginally each morning
    -inserted a garlic clove vaginally before going to bed
    -rinsed vaginal/peritoneal area with 3% hydrogen peroxide morning of my retest

    End result: GBS NEGATIVE

    After testing negative, I still insert the probiotic each morning and use a garlic clove vaginally every 3 nights.

  102. Just want to say thanks for this info! I am 37 weeks pregnant and found out I am positive for Group B Strep. The current plan is to start antibiotics as soon as labor begins and to do this for 4 hours, the problem that I see with is I have had 3 pregnancies- none of which have lasted 4 hours! By the time I have my first contraction- to the time I get checked into the hospital I am usually sitting at an hour maybe 2 left before I have a baby in my arms. I So I find it hard to believe that I will be getting anything to prevent passing this on UNLESS I find something alternative that I can do now to protect my child.. So- again, thank you for this! At least it is something that I can do now. Otherwise I would just be waiting and hoping I get the opportunity to fight this off with antibiotics during labor.

  103. When I had my now 12 year old daughter they just introduced testing for strep to pregnant moms and offered it to me. I went home, researched it and declined at the next checkup.

    The test itself has a high rate of false positives. The risk was so incredibly small based on my personal health and health history that I questioned the idea of the test for the general population. It’s never been a problem for *all* healthy pregnant moms so far so what is driving this testing? The thought of taking antibiotics for any non-life threatening issue to me is a major abuse of a very important medicine that becomes useless when a dire need arises.

    If you understand how food either hurts or helps your health and immune system then you probably already know all this, if you don’t I strongly suggest that you look for your food from a farmers market. The food industry in the US is really *that bad*, it’s manufactured to be the cheap with a long shelf life. If you think that fortified and enriched foods are good, guess again. The synthetics used to make that food look healthier are designed to block you from absorbing real vitamins and minerals. Even the word “natural” on the ingredients list is a joke.

    If you can’t get to a farmer’s market, always choose organic. It’s NOT that much more expensive! Generally, people repeat opinions and rarely facts, I shop at a variety of stores and constantly compare prices and it’s NOT TRUE. Up your veggies and fruit as much as you can. Juice any chance you get at home or when out. To all the new mom’s out there, wishing you all the best !! and don’t let anyone or any industry undermine your gut instincts. Your connected to your health and your baby much more than you realize.

  104. Thank you so much for all the tips!! After them telling me my levels we’re borderline at the beginning of my pregnancy, I followed all your suggestions starting a couple weeks before my test and just got my results and I’m negative! Thank you!!

    • Did your doc tell you you’ll still need antibiotics? They douse if in my irons at 15 weeks and I’ve been in a good probiotic. Doc said to be safe I should take antibiotics anyway. Regardless of 35w Swab. Idk how I feel about that. He said it could be a false negative.

  105. I was only borderline at the beginning so it was a little different. After I had gotten the test done early on, my doula said I should’ve declined it as a lot of people will test positive then, and then they will push antibiotics regardless of what the 35w results are. However, I did test negative then. If they had told me I needed the antibiotics regardless I would have requested to be retested at 35w and I would have gone off those results. Pretty sure that is accurate and would not give you a false negative.

  106. I also tested GBS positive in my first three pregnancies. Had antibiotics for #1, he developed GBS septicemia and meningitis. Praise the LORD, he is fine. Because of that, I had antibiotics for #2. I developed pneumonia immediately after labor. Both children #1 and #2 developed severe eczema. An immunologist later told me it was because I had had antibiotics during delivery, as he’d just discovered in some large study he was about to publish. I was pregnant with child 3 when I spoke with him, about the severe eczema of my first two children, and he advised declining antibiotics regardless of the test results. With pregnancy #3, I followed a protocol very similar to the above at the advise of my midwife for nearly the entire pregnancy. We tested, then retested and I was still positive. At first I was devastated, and angry I could not change my flora, then I prayed about it and decided to declined the antibiotics anyway. My child was born healthy and without intervention. We were both so healthy after her birth. It isn’t always possible to change your flora, even with a wholesome lifestyle and a good protocol like this one. It isn’t always possible to get a negative test, but the only option isn’t antibiotics if you’re positive. Don’t be discouraged if you work very hard, put a lot of money into it, and still have a positive GBS test results.

  107. Hello, I think I read most of the comments. I have a question for you Katie, I have tested positive for group b strep in two out of my 5 pregnancies. This time my urine came back positive at 14 weeks. I am wondering besides consuming garlic, vitamin c, and raw apple cider, and probiotics, what foods should I avoid or what foods should I consume more of to help me. I know GBS is very serious in labor and I am not opposed to treatment prior to labor, but I just so unsure why its in my urine so early in my pregnancy and I have been prescribed an oral antibiotic.

  108. I too have this problem. In November I was diagnosed with a uti caused by GBS, colony count of 100,000. I took macroid. I got a call yesterday that I have another uti caused by GBS and again with same colony count. Ob wants me to take clindamycin and if it doesn’t work take an antibiotic every day until birth. I am 27 weeks tomorrow and don’t want 14 weeks of antibiotics let alone for a week.

    What can I do to get rid of the uti naturally? I am kinda opposed to garlic in my vagina but I’ll eat it. And I’ll do everything else. Please help.

  109. So glad to see this article. Thank you so much for posting!! Please let me tell everyone out there from personal experience DO EVERYTHING you can to prevent GBS. I wish I had known about this, or anything about it when my daughter was born. She was born not breathing, septic, had pneumonia, etc. She was very critical and it was the worst and scariest thing I have EVER had to go through. This is serious stuff!!

  110. I tested positive with my 4th at 36 weeks. The doctor acted like it was no big deal, I would just receive IV antibiotics for 6 hours before birth. I asked what they did if I was in labor for less than that? My first two babies I arrived at the hospital just over and just under an hour before delivery. The doctors only suggestion was that I could be induced to ensure I received enough antibiotics. I went home and researched and started treating myself. I did high dose probiotic, and vitamin C, I swallowed cloves garlic, and used garlic vaginally, also used colloidal silver. A week later I asked to be retested. They agreed since we said we would pay out of pocket but still suggested that I still get antibiotics, telling me that they dont kill all of the good bacteria. I went into labor a few days after that appointment. I went to the hospital but was barely dilated and did not progress for the few hours I was there. So I refused the antibiotics and they said I could go home for a bit, they would keep my room ready for me. I came back about two hours later, and was checked. Water was not broken so I got in the tub in our room. When I stepped out of the tub about 20 mins later my water broke on the bathroom floor. The nurses rushed in to help me and my daughter was in my arms literally 1 minute later. They kept us in the hospital an extra day to monitor her. The day after we got home. A nurse called to say that my lab test came back negative, but they still suggest that I take the antibiotics. “Too late, she was born 3 days ago!”

  111. Hi Katie! I read through and didn’t see an answer to my question – do you just use a vaginal douche for the ACV rinse? I just tested positive for Group B Strep and want to start treating myself right away! I just want to make sure I’m getting the most appropriate equipment for the job, and would like to know what you recommend.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Check with a doctor or midwife before doing a douche of any kind during pregnancy. It can be done this way, or put in a bath, or even just in a peri bottle and used that way.

  112. I know this is an old post, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! for posting this information. I wasn’t GBS with my first, and it was definitely a shock to be GBS positive with my second. I wasn’t tested until a week before I went into labor, so I didn’t have the chance to reverse it, and I received the IV antibiotics while in labor. While I still had an easy vaginal birth, I definitely believe the antibiotics set my child and I up for a tough first year. My second child was riddled with skin issues for the first year of his life, acute eczema that kept him up at night itching was awful. He was also very susceptible to illness, actually needing a nebulizer at 8 weeks old, even though he was only nursing, and we had no issues with nursing.

    I’m not expecting my third, and I’m so excited to begin your protocol in the hope that I don’t have to do the antibiotics this time.

  113. Great article! Thank you so much! I am 22 weeks pregnant and trying to be proactive as to not test positive. I just ordered garlic capsules. What was the daily dose your midwife/doula recommended?

  114. I tested positive for Strep B in my last pregnancy and got the antibiotics, the only issue I had with it is the fact that I have babies fast so I’m really not sure if I even got the meds in time to be beneficial but all was well in the end.. I’m now 31 weeks pregnant and my two midwives have told me if I test positive again, they have a remedy that they tell their clients to do to get rid of the Strep B. It is pretty much exactly like the one described here. They will test me again closer to my due date to see if it is negative.. IF it isn’t, then they will proceed with administering the antibiotics during my labour. They have never once said not to take the antibiotics if I am positive.. only that they have a very high success rate in actually changing a positive test into a negative test prior to birth.. why not try it? There is no harm to baby to be taking Vitamin C, Garlic, Probiotics and I already consume Apple Cidar Vinegar daily for heartburn.. also safe. If in the end I test positive, I will be taking the antibiotics but if this remedy works as they say it has with their experience, PERFECT! The goal from the start is to not have Strep B.. so if there’s a natural way to treat it that works, I think it’s win win for baby and mama. It would be foolish to not try and rid your body of something harmful to your baby. If it doesn’t work.. well then there’s antibiotic backup.

  115. I’m wondering how much the ACV bath or vaginal Garlic also kill the good bacteria? Would the best course be to alternate days trying to kill the GBS and recolonizing with vaginal probiotics? I’m wanting to make sure there enough bacteria to colonize the babies gut during birth and not just be GBS free. Thank you!

  116. Do you know if charcoal helps with IV antibiotics? Is there anything that can be done to block or deactivate antibiotics that are given through an IV as mandated by a birthing center?

  117. I’m very interested in all of the comments. I appreciate the blog is a couple of years old now but I wish I’d found it sooner. Within 30 months my husband and I have had 5 babies gain their angel wings. Sam was born at 20 weeks and 6 days after my waters broke. Tests on cord bloods and placenta showed sepsis (I was showing no signs though). Our 2nd was a m/c at 7 weeks and 5 days. Our 3rd Lily was born at 22 weeks and a day after I went to hospital due to bad back ache. I’d been on progesterone for not quite 2 weeks as at my 20 week scan my cervix was getting very short but not short enough to do a cervical stitch. Cord bloods were clear and tests on the placenta were clear but on the inner membranes of the placenta it was heavily infected with gbs. Their assumption was I’d had gbs with Sam which hadn’t been detected and in turn manifested to sepsis. With our 4th we had a missed mc at 12 weeks and then our baby boy JJ was born at 17 weeks and a day. I’d had a cervical stitch done at 15 weeks and was put on antibiotics pre and post stitch. Just 4 days after finishing them JJ was born. My uterus ruptured due to the pressure on the stitch and it not being removed as they were telling me I wasn’t in labour. Well tests on the placenta (cord was too small) came back inconclusive. I’m convinced it was gbs and my body was reacting by trying to get rid of the infection. With JJ I’d had low and high swabs and they were also checking my urine but it was all clear.

    I’ll certainly be starting this protocol before thinking about ttc and then continue through a pregnancy on it too. With the garlic, when you say insert it vaginally how do you manage to find it to remove it or do you just insert it not as high?

    Thanks so much for all the advice. Unfortunately it’s not just babies in delivery that are at risk as gbs can cause miscarriage – although I’m told it’s rare – it can still happen. We’ve had 3 babies we’ve buried due to gbs

    • Terri- my heart breaks for you and I am so sorry for your losses. For the garlic, some sources recommend using a large needle and a piece of floss and creating a loop through the garlic to be able to remove, while others suggest wrapping in gauze like a tampon.

  118. I tested positive for GBS and was able to get rid of it quite quickly by drinking copious amounts of milk kefir, taking femdophilus probiotics (high quality probiotics specifically designed and tested for the vaginal microbiome). There’s also water birth as an option, which reduces the chances of GBS colonizing.

  119. Wow some of the trolls have come out to play with the rude comments! Most women have no trust in their body or in birth and embrace the western medical model. I am not one of those mamas. So you antibiotic happy epidural trolls can just be quiet while I give my personal testimony of GBS positive. I have 5 babies. For the first pregnancy I was GBS negative but for every single baby since then (not sure about this baby yet) I have had GBS. For two I had it IN MY URINE. I have never taken antibiotics in labor. I have done the hibiclens rinse and it worked fine for me. I’ve had healthy babies each time. I’m going to try some of these remedies to see if I test negative with this baby so I don’t have to do the rinse in labor. I’d prefer throws natural good bacterias to be able to be passed to my baby in labor. So I’ve had 3 homebirths with GBS + and 3 healthy babies. There are different strands of GBS and not all are deadly or dangerous. If your body has built up immunities to it over a long period of time it would virtually not even phase your baby or body because your body has built up a resistance to it. Don’t worry. Don’t freak out, it’s going to be ok. Do these things and take a deep breath. The plexus probiotic has been shown to help women test negative. It’s a good probiotic. I’m taking it this time as well as ACV rinses and coconut oil and garlic.

    • Well said Lilly!! I fully agree with your opinion as I have had similar experience and done lots of research about GBS. Two months ago my beautiful baby girl was born, my third baby. I had GBS in my urine at 28 weeks. My midwife according to mainstream protocol advise me to take antibiotics for 10 days to get rid of it!! I was shocked by this stupidity – as soon as you stop antibiotics recolonization will occur within days. Declined any treatment. Done research and used holistic approach. 10 days later my test was clear. At 36 weeks was some culture doubtful significance, at 38 weeks GBS positive swab. Still declining IVA during labor. Did garlic protocol for 10 days, stopped it because some trash in vagina. My baby was born at 41 weeks, short labor 2 hours, waters broke 3 hours before delivery. Healthy baby 4 kg, Apgar 10. The key point that women who GBS positive do have antibodies to GBS and pass antibodies to their babies!! Antibiotics during labor kill everything, any natural immunity not only to GBS but to other dangerous bags as well!! Administration IVA to laboring healthy women with no other health conditions accept of GBS + it’s A CRIME against humanity!!! The Cochrane Collaboration Announces that Intrapartum Antibiotics for GBS is not evidence based!! Some researches even shown that babies with early onset GBS infection born more by GBS negative mothers then GBS positive. In conclusion, we live in bacterial world. GBS is part of our microbiome. It’s irrelevant to test for GBS during pregnancy – tests aren’t accurate and pointless. The focus should be on maintaining well balanced immune system – organic food, no sugar, no junk, no drugs, min stress, fitness etc. Majority pregnant women do it anyway. Believe in smart nature. Don’t be fooled by western medicine and their protocols. They work for big pharma, unfortunately, Men never outsmart the Mother Nature. Hope my comment will be helpful for somebody to make a RIGHT decision. Very best wishes for everyone!

  120. How long did you use these natural remedies before retesting with a negative result? Also, how much did you dilute the ACV rinse? What should the ratio be?

  121. Wellness mama, why did you decide to go without antibiotics despite all of the guidelines that recommend to have antibiotics if you have ever screened positive?

  122. Wellness Mama, I am 18 weeks pregnant. I was late to get my 1st trimester screenings done and just got my urine results back. My urine is positive for cnm wants me to take antibiotic now and at delivery. From what I’ve been reading I will probably not object to antibiotics at birth to keep my baby safe, but I’m not sure about taking them now. It seems like from what I understand it will just come right back. And possibly become more resistant to the antibiotic. What do you think? Any advice is welcomed!

  123. Thank you!!! I was so defeated about having to get antibiotics. I at lease feel like there’s hope I don’t have to <3 very grateful for this.

  124. Hi there! So relieved to have found this GBS protcol. Trying to retest and get a negative culture! Just curious though, Wellness Mama, did you continue the more aggressive protocol until the birth after you were able to test negative or switch to the more conservative approach your midwife recommended??? Would love to hear back. Trying to decide how best to continue to treat it until labor! THANKS!!!

    • I stuck with the more conservative protocol after getting a negative test.