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Comfrey Leaf Uses and Benefits

Comfrey Leaf is a controversial herb but one I always keep on hand. Though it has been used for centuries, it has become controversial in the last century for the possibility of it causing liver problems when used internally. That being said, I’ve found it extremely helpful in external uses…

What is Comfrey?

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, some of the controversy stems from its historic use and recent testing:

“Comfrey’s use in Chinese traditional medicine spans over 2000 years. All Materia Medica from the Middle Ages forward carried descriptions on the uses of comfrey. Comfrey baths were very common during the Middle Ages. Comfrey is widely known as “one of nature’s greatest medicinal herbs”, and has appeared in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, as well as in herbals and compendiums around the world. Recently, reports of the toxic effects of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in comfrey have led some herbalists to be wary of using it internally. PAs in extremely large doses or over long periods of time may cause potentially fatal damage to the liver. Many leading herbalists and traditional healers question the warnings, pointing to laboratory tests that show only minute levels of PAs in random samples of comfrey preparations.”

Though I very rarely consider using Comfrey internally, I use it externally and would feel comfortable using it internally if needed for this reason:

“With regards to the warnings that comfrey can cause cancer and liver disease, most herbal practitioners point out that those results were from studies that isolated the pyrrolizidine alkaloids and fed or injected them into animal subjects in doses far higher than any typical usage of comfrey leaf, and that comfrey leaf has been regularly ingested by thousands of people around the world without reported ill effects.”

Uses for Comfrey

As I mentioned, I feel comfortable using Comfrey Leaf externally for its uses as in healing wounds and broken bones. It is high in Calcium and Vitamin C and simulates healing activity. In folk medicine it is sometimes referred to as “knitbone” for its ability to speed wound healing.

Externally, it is said to be anti-inflammatory and speed wound healing due to its natural concentration of allantoin.

In my personal experience, its bone mending properties are the reason I always keep comfrey in the house. I once broke my pinky toe (actually, this has happened more than once thanks to late night stumbling in the hall to get water for kids, etc) and was told that this is not an injury that doctors can really help and that it would have to heal on its own.

This was at the beginning of my health/natural living journey, but I decided to research natural options to help with the pain and stumbled on information about comfrey in the process. After more research, I decided to make a poultice of comfrey leaf and plantain and apply to the broken toe several times a day.

Since I’d had this type of injury before, I knew that it often took several weeks at least to heal and that the pain often lasted this long. With twice-daily comfrey and plantain poultices, I noticed reduction of pain within a few days and the pain was almost not-noticeable after one week! By the second week, I was back to wearing whatever shoes I wanted and was a believer in the benefits of comfrey!

Comfrey Notes and Precautions

Comfrey is not recommended internally. Not recommended for use in pregnant women, even externally. As always, consult a doctor and/or qualified herbalist before using this or any herb!

Ever used comfrey to help a broken bone or other use? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Wellness mama, speaking of controversy… What do you think about those “organic” tampons? I hope this isn’t too personal but I’m sure alot of us moms/women have seen them at whole foods/etc and wonder..

    • I know you asked Wellness Mama’s opinion but thought I would share my two cents and see if it helps. Organic can be hard to support fully through and through completely but from an agricultural stand point I think it is important to support organic ag as much as possible. From there though, organic tampons being a healthIER choice for you and your body it depends if they are also toxin and chemical free. Because those harmful toxins are being absorbed into your body with the help of your own body’s natural heat. Also, some tampon’s had controversy with moldy tampons, going unnoticed bc of being hidden in the applicator. I really recommend something like the Diva Cup (or something with the same idea) the first day will blow your mind, I laughed my butt off trying to figure the thing out but once that was over I realized how much of a better solution it really was.

      • I have used the diva cup for 6 years now and I would recommend it to every woman. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars and my body feels better.

        • I Totally agree! I had the diva cup for 2 years, and then misplaced it. Because I could not find it, I ended up using a tampon, only to become extremely sick…not cool, which made me stick to pads until I got another Diva cup. Granted, I have a heavy flow and have to change it a lot, but at the end of the day, it is soon worth it!

      • I too switched to the Diva Cup, eventually got used to the awkward insertion procedure, and would TOTALLY recomend this safe and frugal method. The only weird downside in my experience is when you need to (sorry for the imagery), dump and clean it, when in a public restroom. I suggest avoiding that ordeal if at all posible.

        • What’s made it a little easier for me when in a public restroom is to take wet paper towels in the stall with me. For the cup & my hands. Having some personal wipes helps too until I get out to wash my hands. It’s still a little awkward, but I can get past it a lot easier now.


      • I wholeheartedly agree. The diva cup- both sizes are fairly large though and although it is the American standard, there the lunette, the keeper, the mooncup, me luna- which I use because of the 4 different sizes, then long or short lengths, then in so many colors – all fundamentally the same with minor differences to make a wonderful product that lasts. Precious star pads is a youtuber from GB to help you sort it out.

    • For the last few years before menopause I used a small sea sponge for my periods. Worked great. Got it at health food store for 50 cents. Used the same one for years.

  2. I’ve taken it internally, in the form of a tea, for a soft tissue injury, and it really made a difference.

    • How do I make tea is it from the root or leaves. When is the best time to dry the plant.

    • So much in the way of healing, wheather it be bones , muscles, tendons etc….. Even nerve, dare I say as I have read so I’m quoting here,
      “All connective and soft tissue”, also “Bones and the strength and health of bone” … Can be so so much healthier if we add or supplement out diet, with Magnesium Chloride , since there are different forms of magnesium such as Epsom salts etc… This is the Chloride Type and is quite different than Epsom salts. Most Americans are very deficient in this amazing mineral. It affects so many things in our body I can’t begin to speak to that, if anyone hasn’t read about it, it’s for sure something to read about! Just FYI it’s really helped my life indeed as it was the only thing that’s helped my nerve pain due to a “BooBoo” that was made during my back surgery and I had nerve damage which became nerve pain which is very hard for Dr’s to treat. Similar to diabetic nerve pain .
      Off the wall I’m sorry but! To make it quick, the best way to get this wonderful substance into our bodies and working at peak performance is Transdermally! Proven over and over again, but the supplement company’s make the big bucks on selling magnesium supplements , I won’t say that they have anything to do with it but it’s controversy but bottom line is it’s easily assimilated transdermally and SO easy to make! Like easier than tea? Yes! It helps ? 99% of everything that happens in iur bodies that I wouldn’t want to be with out it even to the way to get a good nights sleep! It’s important . I use and so many others as well, the brand is Ancient Minerals , Magnesium Bath Flakes. You can Purchace expensive “Magnesium Oil” sprays if you just have way too
      Much $$$ lol
      Or you can make the exact same thing with the flakes. You for the equal
      Amout of boiling water over the flakes , stirred till water is clear and flakes have melted, couple
      Minutes.. LOL… Then cool
      And put into a good spray bottle. Spray on yourself when out of the shower, it may tingle some that’s normal
      & doesn’t bother me if it does bug you spray on a non tender place on the Bod like the bottoms of feet or arms etc.. Just get it sprayed on it all absorbs very quickly so if you get a bit of a whitefish look on your skin just brush off with a dry washsloth. The good stuff is already at work in your body so that residue matters not. I can’t tell you how much it has improved the way I feel from yep sleeping good (wow!) to deminished pain to the point I can ExERCIZE again which has always been important to me. I would say for everyone to try it ASAP ! lol
      I love it! If you feel you should speak to a dr first then absolutely !!! Just get it sprayed on as soon as you can. It’s really that important . After you e read or heard what all it can do for you you’ll be blown away! Seriously! So sorry I just interrupted here, but after thinking about healing bones and osteoporosis and perio problems I just felt the need to share! I wish I had know. About it ten years sooner for sure! You’ll then be making some for your BFFs as gifts! Trying to explain its value but it has to be felt by oneself! Health & Peace to All!

      • I’m going to try this for my herniated disc

    • Replying to April Grow….

      Everything I have read on consuming Comfrey tea or supplements internally tells me it is DANGEROUS! It really makes me sad. It looks like this is the one thing I SHOULD be consuming for a 2cm Hiatal Hernia! I need this thing HEALED!! I read where you consumed this Comfrey as a tea with great results. I’m excited all over again. How many cups did you consume a day and how long a period of time did you take it?? Please help!!


  3. Comfrey is extremely easy to grow, so I have TONS of it. And I’ve always drank it as tea. There ARE benefits to taking it internally, and the small risk of side effects still makes it safer than conventional medications!

  4. I just saw your post here. I wanted to say that I am a cancer survivor and I do owe it to my daily herbal regime. I make a tea of Comfrey and LIcorice Root. I use 1/2 tsp of Comfrey and 1 tsp of Licorice Root to 2 cups of water. Yes, this is a weak tea by most standards. I sweeten it with a few drops of honey and drink each morning. Having been through chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well as multiple surgeries to remove tumors, I noticed that within 6 months of my starting this regime, I had smaller tumors and less reactions to the therapies. After sticking to my regime without fail for just over a year and half, I went in for another fun biopsy. The result was remission. After another year, I was declared cancer free. This was back in 2007 that I was declared cancer free. I have been since as well. I still go in for regular check ups and tests and even had my liver checked as the common fear of Comfrey being liver failure. I originally heard about using Comfrey from an older Polish Herbalist that I studied under. Yes there are side effects to any herb just as there is for any medication, but before you decide to not use or to use something, please speak with your health care professional and get more than one opinion! Don’t be afraid to ask those silly embarrassing questions either. The only wrong question is the one that goes unasked…

    • I had a knee replacement 2 years ago, and due to an infection, I had a revision knee replacement 6 mos. ago. I am experiencing quite a bit of pain after activities, and was considering using a comfrey wrap to alleviate the pain. I have concerns about chemicals from the comfrey. What risk do I take with it causing adverse reactions in my knee?

    • The only wrong question is the one that goes unasked…

      I love this saying right here.

    • I would like to further question the lady who is the cancer survivor.Would it be possible to get her email address?
      Thanks so much.

    • Congratulations on being healthy and cancer-free! I’ve been researching the uses of comfrey for menopause issues. I found a nice, big bag of dried comfrey for sale online but it stated, “Not for internal use.”! I thought that seemed odd, right? Apparently, due to the supposed “risks” for the liver, they must add this disclaimer, which put me off buying it for tea. I’m really glad to read your story and understand a little more about comfrey!

    • Is it possible for you to contact me directly? Reason: I have a neighbor friend who is undergoing chemo and suffering. I would like to refer him to you if he is willing. I have no credibility, whereas you have experienced everything he is experiencing.
      I grow the comfrey. You’ve grown the experience.
      Thank you,

    • THAT rocks out loud…I know I’m way behind on posts but wanted to share my excitement for you! Congrats!!!

    • Can you give me the name and contact info of your Polish herbalist?

  5. What about the root? Can I drink tea made from the root?

    • The root has much more of the toxic chemicals than the leaf; Comfrey leaves contain about 0.06% alkaloids, and roots about 0.2 to 0.4%” . I would recommend the leaves if you’re going to make a tea.

  6. Has anyone used comfrey and noticed any change in their gum line? My dentist has explained to me that my receding gum line is due to receding bone. We know that was caused by tobacco but can I rejuvenate my jaw bone? I’d like to give it a try. I just want to know are there any comfrey users proud of their gum line?

    • I would try changing your diet. After i started eating more fruits and veggies my teeth improved dramatically. My gums got better (I had mild gingivitis) and I have less plaque. I aim for half my diet being fruits and veggies, preferably raw, and potatoes and juice don’t count. Potatoes because they’re mostly starch and juice because it’s mostly sugar. Smoothies should be limited because you need to chew your food to get the most benefits from it, especially for dental health. I attribute this change from both the high nutrient levels in plant foods (which supports proper tissue growth) and the high fiber content (which helps clean my teeth when the food is raw). Because i have a sweet tooth, many days i would eat half sweet carbs and half fruit, and i still maintained a huge improvement. So there’s more to dental health than just sugar. I particularly recommend raw celery, pears and mango. You can just feel the fiber cleaning your teeth. 😉

      Also try switching to whole grains. They also are high in nutrients and fiber and give your teeth more of a workout than refined grains. Beans are great too. For animal products, fish, grass fed animals, organ meats, and cod liver oil are more nutrient dense, though they don’t contain fiber.

    • Oil pulling my friend! It helped me and most of my family achieve healthier gums. You should really try it out if you’re experiencing receding :]

      • Complete agreement with Kaila. The local dentists were torturing my husband with his bad gums, told him he need to just get teeth pulled now because they would soon fall out. OIL PULLING the Periodontist was amazed at the change. Just get a routine going.

        • As one ages, the gums can recede and weaken due to collagen levels decreasing I found the cure for gums. I use the Biocell form of Hyaluronic Acid/Collagen. Most HA supplements use it. I use Doctor Best brand because of low cost.

          Take 6 capsules on an EMPTY stomach with at least 8 ounces of water. This must be done because it needs to bind with the water and taking it with food especially any protein will destroy it’s efficacy.

          It will take from 6 weeks to 12 weeks to strengthen gums. Maybe a lot sooner than that. I was taking it to cure a herniated disc which it did in 6 weeks. I noticed afterwards that my gums were regenerated and became very strong. I am 60 years old.

          If one is younger, maybe vitamin C alone will help.

    • I was in my late 50s when my gums started to deteriorate. At the time I was trying to cure a L4-L5 herniated disc with Biocell brand of Hyaluronic Acid (which is a high absorption HA and collagen. It must be taken on empty stomach and water. Give it a half hour or so to absorb. It healed my herniated disc in 6 weeks. I also found that after 2+ months, my gums regenerated and became very strong.

  7. Used Comfrey leaf about twenty years ago and have never forgotten the
    occasion.I had an infected sore on my lower leg ,maybe from a large
    splinter, that had caused the glands to swell in my groin…next step
    would have to be anti-biotics.At night I put some fresh Comfrey leaves under a bandage around the sore and by next morning
    the leaves had actually drawn all the infection/puss out of the leg
    and the leaves themselves were soaked with discharge .The swelling in
    the glands was gone and the sore disappeared rapidly.It was an amazing turn around.

  8. Comfrey is fantastic! I took a herbalist course and the uses for it are incredible. I do use it internally – but not every day! People take oil of oregano every day, and really it should be taken for no more than a week and then take a break because it can actually cause problems. There’s been too much fear about this herb and the scientific testing seemed (like you said) to be designed to make it fail. Check out Dr. Christopher – he was a master herbalist and has lots of information on comfrey use.

    • If I do not have any comfrey growing just yet…can I order dried leaves online and mix it with water and crush to then place on bone? Will an oil be better? My friend broke his toe and I know comfrey has healing properties from a permaculture class I attended.

      • Hi Marissa

        If you order the cream which is available online, this will in my opinion, be more practical and works very fast. Your friend can apply it three times a day and not have to worry about a fomentation or poultice, which are both more messy and a lot more effort. They are OK if you don’t have the cream.

        Cream, made with the root, is very effective. I have had two experiences with seeing two friends with bad breaks which healed quickly. They both used the cream which contained the root because that’s what was available.

        If you can’t get it with the root, I would use the one containing the leaf.

        Just Google and you will find something.

        Tea taken internally will heal from the inside out. The dried herb can also be used for that.

    • Reply to Alysia…

      Is that the doctor’s full name? Dr. Christopher?? You stated that you did not take the Comfrey tea everyday. Was it because of fear? I’m trying desperately to heal this 2cm Hiatal Hernia. It causes really bad symptoms.This Comfrey tea seems like the perfect solution for my problem! Please help!


  9. Before all the “controversy” and comfrey was pretty much pulled everywhere, I remember sitting down after a long, hard day of my regular 8 hour job and then my 3 hours of teaching aerobics (yeah, 2 1.5 hour classes back to back) and having a nice big mug of comfrey tea. It probably was a little weaker than the norm – I was buying it in stores in tea bags – because I had it in a 16 ounce mug. But it really helped with all the aches and pains, helped relax me a little and helped my had since I was 12 and no doctor could prescribe anything that gave me relief without side effects chronic IBS. I found comfrey to be almost a “miracle” when I tore teondons on the bottom of my foot and was put in a soft cast – I was back in shoes and doing light low impact aerobics in 2 weeks. Even the podiatrist was amazed. Comfrey is a wonderful herb. It’s a shame that these “studies” that are done are done so poorly. Of course people do need to be aware that there are risks – but there are risks with many natural as well as pharmaceutical remedies. People need to educate themselves, do their homework, check other medications they are taking or any other conditions they have before taking anything internally or externally. And with comfrey? make sure you’re steering clear of the root, stay with the leaves. I think I’m going to go hunt down a source for leaves and make some tea. Can’t hurt at this point, I’m in so much pain right now with plantar fasciitis (other foot) and I know it’s helped in the past.

    • I had plantar fasciitis in my right heel. It was really painful to walk on. Like little electric shocks. I bathed the foot in hot water with half a cup of bi carbonate soda & quarter cup of Epsom salts for between 1 & 2 hrs. I did this twice the first day. Skip the next day then do it again. Only did it the twice & mine has gone completely. Hope it works for you.

    • Oh I miss my comforting Comfrey leaf tea. Like you I use to buy the tea bags in stores for many years. Never had any problems from it.

  10. Good afternoon, I was told that I have fibroid, also heavy menstrual bleeding, do you think it would be good for me to take comfrey?

    • I don’t have any experience with Comfrey, but I would like to share what has worked for me. I have had fibroids for over 15 years and had many years of heavy bleeding……fibroids are generally caused by excess estrogen and are very common in overweight women because the fat cells make extra estrogen. We also have many other sources of xeno-estrogens (substances that the body treats like estrogen even though they really aren’t) that we are exposed to on a daily basis (plastics are a very common source……plastic water bottles, heating food in plastic, etc. along with many different chemicals we are exposed to). 8 years ago I went to a gynecologist and she did an ultrasound and immediately wanted to do a D&C along with an exploration of my uterus (forgot the name of that!) because my fibroid tumors were very large. If they found anything unusual, they would immediately do a hysterectomy which she thought was very likely. I did not want to have a hysterectomy if at all possible (that is the thing that most doctors will do immediately) so I started to look at alternatives and found a very easy one. I started to do some research and found some very helpful information on (this website tells real users experiences with different things they have tried). There are 2 things that were mentioned many times and have helped me over the years and I highly recommend to anyone with very heavy menstrual bleeding:UNSULPHURED BLACK STRAP MOLASSES (organic if possible – you don’t need any more chemicals!!) and ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (Braggs is a great brand). Initially, I used them both and made a drink out of it by taking a cup of warm water and adding a couple of teaspoons of BSM and a couple of tsp of ACV ( I sometimes added more if my flow was really heavy). I noticed immediate results (within half an hour!!)…..i went from a menstrual flow that was so heavy that I couldn’t leave the house to a very manageable flow (light to normal, I guess!!!). I used this every month when I start my period and have always had great results……occasionally I still have a couple of episodes of heavier than normal bleeding and I take a little more BSM. In the last few years, I have grown accustomed to the strong taste of BSM and just take it by the spoonful every day when I start my period (with a little water to wash it down afterwards.) I had also shared this with another doctor who had some patients with fibroids/heavy menstrual cyle problems and he has used this for some of his patients also (not the gynecologist who was only interested in removing the organs)!! I am getting close to menopause which I will welcome with a big relief because then I will have less estrogen and all of the fibroids should shrink. I do not have very many issues with heavy bleeding now so I highly recommend this easy method… helps tremendously! I do try to eat a healthy diet but sometimes I have more sugar and fats than I should…..and I am still overweight, but a healthy diet definitely helps too! This is all I have done and am very pleased with the results. Hope this will help some other fibroid sufferers!

      • took one year to heal my plantar F. used wintergreen and clove in olive oil as rub every night for heel AND lower back that strained due to putting most of my weight on the non pantar F side. Now my balance is better and no pain!
        ….at 64 years old male.
        Note: lost 25 pounds during same period. First due to pprofessional colon hydrotherapy and secondly, due to quitting alchohol. Less body pounds=less foot (literally) pounds.
        just harvested my comfrey. saved and double filtered the rinse water from pre-cutting comfrey stems and leaves for tincture with vodka and brandy.
        Am adding that “rinse” water to my teas and will use some for “beauty bath”.

      • Vickie, can you tell me more about what your husband does and how I can schedule a consult? Thank you!

      • wow i cant believe i had an “accidental” cure for my heavy periods because i drink ACV (organic w/ teh “mother”) w/ blackstrap, unsulphured and organic molasses every day! but i originally took it for acne (it really helps me w/ cystic acne), and my cousin takes it for energy….its crazy but i have lots of energy now, and i remember i would wake up so tired everyday, and now i feel great. but recently i have noticed that my period is not heavy like it used to be and i didnt know why….now i know, its the ACV and molasses….ill drink this the rest of my life, its miraculous

  11. I used comfrey 40 years ago for an ulcer and sensitive, easily nauseated stomach. For several years I couldn’t eat raw vegetables on an empty stomach without pain. Two cups of comfrey tea for a couple of months, one cup morning and night, completely cured my ulcer and stomach issues. Since then was scared away by the claims it would cause liver damage. I always wondered if it was just scare tactics by the pharmaceutical companies. I am ready to try it again to see if it will heal leaky gut and food allergies.

    • The tests done on rats and mice was with ISOLATED Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in higher concentrations than those found in the whole plant. When in balance with the other properties of the leaf, these alkaloids don’t pose a problem.

      In my opinion, tests such as these are misleading to the public and are very effective in turning people away from natural remedies which work. Big Pharma wants 100% of the market and is working hard to discredit and destroy their competition. It is simply called G-R-E-E-D!

      As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the root has a higher level of these alkaloids and is not recommended for internal use, but the leaf is SAFE if taken moderately. One cup of tea with one teaspoon of dried leaf per day, is not excessive. Dr. James Duke says that one bottle of beer has the same level of dangerous alkaloids as 100 cups of comfrey tea.

      American botanist, Dr. James Duke is reported to have said that one bottle of beer has the same level of dangerous alkaloids as 100 cups of comfrey tea.

      Studies have shown that alkaloids in comfrey are not readily absorbed through the skin, external application of a crude preparation (cream or ointment of the whole plant) of the root is not harmful and is highly effective in healing broken and fractured bones, inflammation, tendon, muscle and ligament problems, etc.

      Foster Savage, an Australian farmer, grew acres of comfrey and fed it to his cows and pigs back in 1954. The cows produced more milk with lovely thick cream and he became famous for his high quality pork. Not only that, the butchers commented that they had NEVER seen such healthy pig LIVERS before. The animals were allowed to eat as much comfrey as they desired.

    • Reply to Marilyn…..

      OMG!! I am with you all the way!! I think I have to close an ear to all the horrible written literature regarding the Comfrey tea taken internally. I will consume the leaves and not the root. I need desperate help with leaky gut and a 2 cm Hiatal Hernia. Where did you order your Comfrey Tea leaves? Have you started back consuming the Comfrey tea?


      • For anything to do with the intestine, stomach, colon, colitis, leaky gut… all those things, drink at least one glass of celery juice every day on an empty stomach! (organic celery)…. amazing things will happen.. it soothes the lining – a great healer.

        • Thank you thank you thank you!!! I will try it immediately!!!

          Is there anything out there that will completely heal a 2cm Hiatal Hernia?? I’ve been taking collagen and honey. I’ve also been drinking Comfrey tea despite all the bogus warnings against Comfrey tea. It’s amazing!! There just HAS to be a remedy to close the soft tissue of the hernia…. ????

          • You could try Slippery elm. Its amazing for digestive track.

        • What if you are sensitive to latex in foods? Celery is on the latex list. Is comfrey safe?

        • Please is the celery leaves also can the same work ?

  12. I Love Comfrey. I grow it and make solar oil infusions, salves, and tinctures with it. It has healed many a swollen knee or ankle. It is amazing!!!

    • hi there…my 10 month old gelding is lame in the right front …cant for sure pin point the injury ..knee or elbow or shoulder … my vet said its a deep bone bruise but I’m guessing hes thinks its the shoulder you have anything I could purchase I could put on him and help him out ??

  13. I have had a spiral fracture to my tibia and it is in a metal frame not a plaster cast, it has been like this for 10 months with barely any healing, I have started using comfrey oil on the fracture site as I’m can’t use the leaves due to infections if it gets near the pin sites. Would it be beneficial for me to start drinking comfrey tea too, as the ankle swells quite badly and I have nerve damage in the foot.

  14. After having a home birth I experienced vaginal lesions that were very painful and lasted for weeks after the birth. I finally called my midwife and she suggested bathing the area in comfrey tea. Back then you could still buy comfrey tea in any health food store.The lesions healed up the next day! It was almost miraculous. It’s too bad you can’t find the tea form that easily anymore but I would be willing to try it in any form.

  15. I grow my own Symphytum Uplandica x (hybrid by Henry Doubleday who made it safe) and make our own Comfrey oil with it. I infuse the leaves, stalks and flowers with extra virgin olive oil and use as a topical rub for aches & pains (I have OA and it helps a lot with that) and I put it on bumps, bruises, insect bites & burns. I would happily try it on anything. I was discouraged from drinking it as a tea by all the usual hype but, after reading your posts i am definitely going to make a comfrey leaf tea daily from now on and see how my sore hips respond. Thank you for the encouragement.

  16. Back before they were banned in the UK, I used to use comfrey tablets for a grumbling impacted wisdom tooth when needed: worked every time, just tucked in the mouth by the offending area.

  17. Good evening, I have piles from one year and also pressure sore,some new small three ,four sores are coming attached to piles .I came to know about comfrey leaves miracle , do you think it will be benificial for me ,if I.will drink its tea and how can I apply to the pressure sore.

  18. I recently broke my ulna and I didn’t want to have surgery…I found comfrey on line as my bone is not healing fast enough. The tincture is from the root, I am putting five dops in my tea twice a day. Is this too much, not enough?

    • Jen. I just came across this site as researching the use of Comfrey as a medicine and herbal ally. I was wondering how you made out with the healing of your ulna and the tincture you were taking? I’ve read that for tea it is safer to use the dried leaves and the root tincture you can add to any salve or cream and apply externally. Did you notice any adverse reactions from taking the root tincture??

  19. A neighbor broke his foot in March. As he agreed to try comfrey ointment, I went to the pharmacy and bought a jar. Three times a day he applied it and in a week, this 67-year-old went back to the hospital for his appointment and the doctor couldn’t find any sign of a break.

    Another friend, in his mid-twenties, broke his collar bone in six places after an off-road motor bike fall. Two days later he was applying comfrey cream after I told him how good it was for broken bones. One week later he had good movement with the arm and was sleeping well. It is now two weeks later, and he has full movement of his arm without pain and the feeling has come back in his hand. He and his family are absolutely delighted, as they were fully expecting a 6-8 week healing time, if everything went to plan.

    I strained my arm and shoulder last week. After several days of applying various remedies which normally work, and didn’t fully this time, I decided to turn to comfrey. It was effecting my sleep and I couldn’t straighten my arm without considerable discomfort. I applied the ointment around the shoulder and down the arm one morning. All day I had relief and I could straighten the arm and there was no muscle pain in anywhere. That night I did it again, just for good measure. The pain has not returned.

    I would advise against using the raw leaf on the skin. In my case, years ago I did and had considerable damage done to the skin by the leaf hairs. If you want to use it, make a tea and while nice and warm, saturate some cloth, squeeze out the excess liquied and sit it (the cloth) on the location and cover with plastic and then apply a stretch bandage, to hold it in place.

    I honestly didn’t know if the ointment would work with broken bones, but the above testimonials answered my question. I recommend making your own or buying some from the local pharmacy, health food store or online, and have it on hand for emergencies.

    I have since read that allantoin in comfrey rapidly stimulates the production of osteoblasts – cells that make bones by producing a collagen matrix that then becomes mineralized. It has been known to help osteoporosis for this reason.
    Comfrey is truly one of God’s gifts.

    • What was the name of the product you bought. I cant seem to find ayone selling it?

      • Hi Rich

        It was Martin and Pleasance, Herbal Cream Comfrey, in Australia. However if you are in the USA, you can buy online, Dr. Christopher’s brand for one; there are many others available also. Just get one which uses the root. M & P has root tincture added to the base cream. I only mention Dr. Christopher’s brand because I have seen it in my search. I have used other products of his myself and found them to be good.

        I hope this helps.

  20. After hearing about comfrey I decided to look it up online. I’m happy I came across these comments. I have a torn meniscus and central spinal stenosis, does anyone know if this would be helpful in alleviating the pain and discomfort of these problems? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

    • ~excerpted from the article “Comfrey — Heaven’s Gift to Man” by Dr. John R. Christopher, M.H., The Herbalist, Volume 1, Number 5, 1976.

      “A lady managing a china shop in Provo, Utah, came to us a few years ago, asking if a friend of hers could be helped. She said one-and-a-half vertebras had deteriorated completely in her back, and the vertebrae below and above were so weak that fusing could not be done.

      She could not sit up or walk, but just lay there waiting for the spine to continue deteriorating until she died. We told the lady that her friend could be helped if she would follow our instructions. The back was to be kept with fomentations and/or poultices of comfrey on it, and she was put onto the mucusless diet and lots of fresh raw juice and many cups of comfrey tea each day, slippery elm gruel and a nerve palliative tea combination.

      In six months, the one and one-half vertebrae grew back in the same form as before (the good Lord left plans and specifications) in the form of cartilage so the woman could sit and walk again. In another six months, the cartilage turned into bone and she had a perfect back from neck through tailbone with no more trouble. The physician took x-rays of the back with vertebrae gone and later again with them back in place, built like new by the body.”

  21. It’s interesting to read all about comfrey and the benefits plus the side effects.
    The interesting thing though is comfrey is used in Africa as a vegetable all the time,while growing up in Kenya we had it growing all over and was mixed with kale and spinach all the time,especially in the dry season as it withstands the sun very well!!-Now,am still alive and so is everyone in my family and we don’t have any liver problems!!!-What’s the explanation to that I wonder!!!
    Now in Canada I have a few plants and I still mix them in my kale and spinach and also use it for mashed potatoes(Kenyan recipe)-I also make tea from the leaves as am allergic to sulfites which are added to teas and coffee!!!

    • This one shows that Comfrey when widely used by the people of U.S and europe will kill their drug manufacturers.

      We have been using it as tea when we were kids. Now I have some plants in our backyard for the purpose of using it again as tea and other medical uses in addition to use it as natural fertilizer.

    • jambo Mariam,

      What is comfrey called in Kenya. would like to try it. am kenyan

  22. I have arthritis in my neck which is pinching the nerve causing shooting pain down my arm and fingers. There are also spurs on the vertibra. Would a compress of comfrey help this? Could drinking the tea also help here or only topical external use?

  23. hi
    am Richard and had my tibia half broken,I have had surgery done but want to ask if comfry ointment can help to straighten my bone since I feel pains after 8 weeks of surgery

    • Richard,

      Do you know for a fact that the bone is not straight? Was it set crooked during surgery? Or has it just not healed yet, hence the pain?

      Comfrey cream will complete the healing of the bone very effectively, from my observations. It also helps with pain and does many other amazing things.

      I have seen broken bones mended rapidly, using it three times a day around or on the break area.


      • the bone was set well but it’s not healing and I need to go back to play football for my team,am really scared I might not be able to play football for a year ,its still painful

        • Personally, I would be using the comfrey cream and apply it three times a day.

          If you are in Australia, by any chance, Martin & Pleasance make it and the large Chemist Warehouse stores carry it. You can also buy it at the average health food store, but it will cost you 50% more than the $10.50 they charge.

          May you have a rapid recovery.

  24. my mom and i used comfrey leaf in a tea form to help heal my then toddlers colon issues and you know what, i didnt notice any bad reactions in … shes alive and well today. i feel safe using it soon to heal whatever is wrong with my lower half its a great herb

  25. WOW. I am so happy to have found this website and this forum. Me, too have been confused and scared off about ingesting Comfrey as a tea. At the health food store today I found both the dried leaves and also the dried Comfrey root, which led me to investigate further, before purchasing. I know that Susan Weed and Dr. Robert Morse endorse the use Comfrey as a tea, regardless I was still perplexed. I will be purchasing the dried leafs and enjoy a cup or two of mild Comfrey tea for some time. I so inspired and in awe about that people are taking care of themselves and healing with the use of natural medicine and herbs. A remarkable story of a lady curing herself of cancer and remaining in remission. So well done!!!. I am inspired by each one of your stories and experiences. God Speed.

  26. About 20yrs ago I was riding my bike and fell on concrete driveway getting myself hurt on my left upper thigh about half way from my knees and got bruised immediately but i was afraid of going to see a doctor right away so i told my folks i was fine nothing hurts i feel fine well then over the years it formed into a big giant lump bout the size a liberty dollar or maybe a little bigger and now I think I should went and seen the doctor then when I did get hurt instead of avoiding all these years and just leaving with it for all these years and now dealing with it now with home remedies it helped a lot in some areas but now I am afraid if there is more issues inside that I can’t see from outside and still my hard head I rather do home remedy and get it better that way then going to doctors and they tell me that I gonna loose my leg or something like that……because bout a month ago I was working and was lifting a lots of wood and moving them when accidentally I got poked right on my ahhwee and made a hole on there I freaked out because now there was dark pasty stuff coming out of my old wound well it seems like everything has come out because the area is flat now but here n there while in the shower some stuff drains out so I am not very sure what I should use on it that can help drain whatever old stuff is still trying to get out before it can heal k …….so I need some help as far as what I can use in a home remedy that can solve my problem without me going to see a doctor …….i am open to all suggested treatments to take care of my old wound quickly and affectively getting it to drain whatever is left inside and start to heal properly with any home remedies and advise will be greatly appreciated and very carefully considered and followed. Thank you !!!!!

  27. Hi Sharin, It sounds like a hematoma may have formed under the skin from the impact. When it was poked and opened up, the old blood, etc. had a chance to evacuate.

    If it was me, I would be applying a drawing poultice on the area to release all the matter inside, so it can heal from the inside out. Such poultices can be made of plantain (the “weed”) if you have it in your area, onion, grated potato, activated charcoal/psyllium husks, and so on. There is plenty on line about such poultices. I love comfrey and call on it often, however, I wouldn’t use it externally in this situation as it will probably heal over the hole before all the matter has been discharged. You will then be back where you started with dead matter sealed in. I personally would be taking it as a tea to heal from the inside out, but that’s your call. I regularly ingest comfrey as tea or in my smoothie.

    Another option is to take a bath with 1 cup of epsom salts in it. Even if you just sit in the bath with enough water to cover the wound, that will work, it doesn’t have to be a full bath. Using hot water (but comfortable) will draw toxins and impurities from the body, warm water will absorb. I have seen amazing results with epsom salts and hot water for edema in the legs caused by toxic buildup. Baths can be taken once or twice a day for 20 minutes at a time until the problem is resolved.

    If a bath is not possible, dip a flannel cloth or the like, in some hot water with epsom salts added and wring it out, then fold it over and apply it to the wound area. Cover with plastic and a small towel or an ace bandage and apply a hot water bottle to keep in the heat and help the drawing ability. Repeat the process every 20 minutes or so.

    I wish you well.

  28. I’ve used comfrey leaf internally for both myself and my horses. It started when my 3YO mare whacked her lower leg on the pipe fencing while rolling, and a few days later the tendon bowed there.

    I laid her off any forced exercise for a year, then started trying to bring her back in training. I’d hop on bareback and ride for 10-15 minutes, just walking around the stable, maybe a few short trots. Her leg would swell up again, and she’d go lame again for 24-36 hours. After a couple months of this failure, I talked to an herbologist friend. He recommended comfrey leaf. So I got a pound of leaf, and fed one cup 2x/day (~900 pound horse). In two months, we were working up to 30-45 minutes of riding, with a little cantering. In six months, we were going out for an hour and a half trail rides, nothing too demanding. After one slightly too-rough ride, she did swell again — but did not go lame, and the swelling was gone in 12 hours. I kept her on comfrey for 2 years, until I was sure she was fully sound, and we never had an issue again.

    Seeing what a difference it made for her, I tried it for myself (this was before Big Pharma witch-hunted it off the shelves). I’d had surgery to remove a ganglion cyst from my right hand 8 years prior. The surgery did a lot of damage. I was in constant pain (ranging from a 3 to a 10+ on a 1-10 scale) and swelling. I took to wearing a metal-splinted brace almost 24/7. After 3 years, I went to a new doctor. Two years of assorted testing followed, during which time I began having pain and swelling in my left hand from compensating for the limitations of the right, and I had to brace it, too. The result of all the tests? “Well, we can’t find anything wrong, so I guess there is nothing wrong.” Never mind the visible swelling….

    I was about eight years in when I saw what comfrey did for my mare and started it myself. I took 2 capsules 2x/day. It took two years, but one day I realized I -didn’t hurt-. At all. It was as if the world was brighter and more vivid — which is when I realized just how much pain I’d been living in for so long. I was able to ditch the braces except after instances of compressed stressing (like moving; lots of heavy lifting in a short period of time), but even then it’s only for a week or two, and I didn’t live in pain from it anymore. That was back in the mid-80s to early 90s.

    (I have some issues still, because of the damage done then and the lack of access to comfrey capsules since they were made illegal. More cysts in both hands, arthritis, tendonitis; but it’s irregular and/or situation. I have to brace to use a hammer, and after 4 nails, can’t control the hammer and hurt. When I bowl, I brace, use only a 6# ball, and softball pitch it, because there’s too much damage to control the ball thrown normally. The swelling in the right hand is never completely gone. But still — I don’t live in constant pain!)

    I still keep comfrey leaf on hand for horse injuries. Any serious lacerations, and I put the horse on comfrey while they heal. And they heal fast. My friend’s young 3YO stallion shredded his foreleg to the bone in three places, and she sent him home with me for care. In three months, the wounds had healed to just thin seams of pink flesh that hadn’t yet skinned over, and all the hair was growing back normally. The vets were very impressed by how quickly and thoroughly he’d healed, but he had to have surgery to remove some dead bone from the initial accident. Because he was so well-healed, they didn’t put him on post-op antibiotics. It’s almost impossible to keep a leg injury on a horse sterile, no matter how well you bandage. Two days after surgery when the post-op bandages came off, his leg had infected, swollen enough to blow out all the stitches, and I could see bone again. He got his antibiotics, and I put him together all over again — except this time he ended up with some ugly scars that have never haired over.

    Basically, if the wound is serious enough that I need to clean and bandage it more than a week, I feed comfrey. Or serious soft tissue damage (like my mare’s original bowed tendon). When there’s been vets involved, they’re always impressed with how well the horse has healed. Some of that is wound care, sure, but some is also the comfrey.

  29. I have read that comfrey works on tumorso. I have hyperparathyroidism usually caused by a benign tumour. I don’t want surgery because they take out 3 of the 4 parathyroida usually and I believe that whatever the body creates it can heal. I have been looking for a remedy for this condition for nearly ten years and have not had any success in resolving this condition yethat. Not much is written about it as it is quite unusual and most people have the surgery. Reading this I am wondering if comfrey can help me. Do I drink the tea or put a poltice on my throat? Is it safe to use for glands?


  30. Hi, The fear of using Comfrey has been manufactured expressly to stop us using it, someone further up this blog had it right, big pharma doesn’t get rich from healthy people. The facts surrounding the research are detailed in the book “Comfrey – Nature’s Healing Herb & Health Food” written by Andrew Hughes, written in 1992, printed in Japan, & distributed by Sanyusha Publishing Co., Ltd., in the book it states that we are more at risk from, “Bacon, cooked – nitrosamines, Peanut butter – Aflatoxin, Diet Cola – Saccharin, Wine – ethanol.” It also states that the “pyrrolizidine alkaloids in Comfrey are qualitatively and quantitatively less toxic than pyrrolizidine alkaloids found in known poisonous plants, eg: ragwort – heliotrope.” Now guess which plants alkaloids were used in the research ? Here is another quote from the book.
    “Dr Culvenor’s research group has been studying these compounds, called pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which occur in pasture weeds as ragwort, Paterson’s curse & heliotrope – the last 2 weeds being from the same plant family as comfrey.” He was a CSIRO researcher. There is no truthfully recorded instance anywhere in the world of poisoning by comfrey. On the contrary, there are many, many recipes for food & medicines down throughout history using comfrey to heal & prevent illness. There is however a huge smokescreen out there, to do with separate compounds that form part of the plant. The Author himself took comfrey from Australia to Japan in April 1958, & spent at least 28 years ingesting up to 135 GRAMS of green leaf a day with no side effects other than excellent good health & still working hard at the age of 89! We eat comfrey raw in salads, we drink comfrey raw in smoothies, it is in our omeletes, stirfrys, & medicines, Comfrey Is AWESOME. The book is a wellspring of truth that attempts to shed light on the discrediting of comfrey, the plant that was given to us by Almighty God in exactly that right microgram/milligram doses to be of benefit to human & animal alike.
    For over 2000 years it has been used & revered all over the world…think about it…why suddenly in the 1970’s or 80’s does it inexplicably become a ‘poison’ for the first time in Australia, gradually followed by other countries? You must know the answer to this one. $$$$$$$$$ the root of all evil. If we all individually have the knowledge & ability to take control of our own health & well being..then we would all be happier, healthier & richer people in all aspects of our lives. Isn’t that all we all want anyway?
    I would encourage all of you to track down the following books
    Health Wars by Phillip Day The amazing man uncovers uncomfortable truths about our health
    Wheat Belly by Dr.William Davis This one tells us what they have done to wheat & what it is doing to us.
    The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow Iodine is missing for that last 90 odd years – why ? go get yours soon
    Toxic Bite by Dr Bill Kellner-Read
    ABC’s of Disease by Phillip Day How to cure your body & what ails you
    Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife Great natural fat & healing food
    Live Raw by Mimi Kirk This is a great way to purge the toxins out & get well again
    Comfrey – Past present & future by Lawrence D. Hills The truth & the history of comfrey
    Pure, White and Deadly – How Sugar is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop it by John Yudkin
    & of course ‘Comfrey’ by Andrew Hughes
    May God guide you on your own journey of discovery & protect us all from the evils of this world that do not want you to know the truth.
    We have come back from the brink of personal health destruction & only wish good health for others.

  31. Hi all 🙂
    Our dog Jewels broke her leg- it was a compound fracture. The vet put 2 pins above the break and 2 below it. I believe comfrey will help her, but I am not sure how to go about administering it to her. She has a small open wound on the leg itself. I am thinking maybe tea twice a day? (internally, as she has a small wound and the pins- which will eventually come out)
    If you have suggestions or can tell me where to go or who I can contact, that would be wonderful! 🙂
    Thank you ,

    • Hi, one of my cats, a kitten at the time, was run over by a car and dragged halfway down the street before she could escape. when she was able to get home she was dragging one leg and her tail, I immediately took her to the vet. They did xrays of her and she was found to have a crushed tail and a broken leg and the ball joint in her hip was smashed to smithereens. Because she was so alert and not constantly crying the vets – two of them- decided to try and save her. Her tail was amputated, a steel ball bearing replaced the ball joint, and three pins were put in the leg.

      The vets told me she would never be like a well cat, they did not tell her however. They said it would take months for her to heal, but I began using comfrey cream on her as soon as they released her and let her come home. I also gave her homeopathic Symphytum Officinale 30C or Comfrey. She was healed, running, jumping, doing everything a normal cat would do within 2 weeks.

      You can only tell when she is tired that there might be something wrong with her.

  32. HI nice to read about comfrey. i m suffering from Arthritis this is also joint pains. Can any one tell me is this is use full for my pains? did any body used this? i want to use this. please help me.

  33. While Comfrey, even taken internally can have minimal side effects it, like licorice root should not be taken for long periods of time (Most herbalists say no more than 6 week intervals) as they can cause damage and yes even death.

    What most people fail to understand is that although these are natural treatments they still have side effects. Herbs are still drugs in fact most modern day pharmaceuticals were developed from herbs. Basically they took out the constituents with the most healing power and multiplied the dosage or made it en masse synthetically. A prime example is Willow Bark where acetaminophen ( Aspirin and Tylenol) was developed from. Over the years they adapted it to make it stronger. Which in turn heightened it’s capability of liver damage. However, that factor was always there, meaning a regimen of Willow Bark, often used for arthritic pain was equally likely to cause liver damage, it just takes a higher dosage applied longer.

    So I would not recommend using anything long term without first consulting a doctor or herbal practitioner.

  34. Comfrey leaf poultices are beyond amazing! 2 years ago my husband fell off the back of his trackter trailer and broke his heel. We were terribly lucky in that respect, because when this injury happens, it usually shatters everything. BUT – we were still dealing with months of no weight and pt. I started looking up herbs and came across comfrey being able to help with broken bones. Found an herb farm & bought 2 grocery bag. Made poultices out of them and used them. After the first one the swelling and pain were much better. We did this several times, and long story short, he was able to shave about 6 weeks offf the amount of time the doctor said he would have to be out of work!

  35. Can anyone tell me where I can buy comfrey online? As my local health food store doenst carry it.. I fell this past Saturday while hiking and broke my 5 metataral and its a Jones fracture which is extremely hard to heal do to low blood supply.. Any input would be appreciated

    • You can buy Comfrey at Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene Oregon.

      • I just ordered some from them.

  36. Hi Michele

    Just do a search for comfrey root salve or ointment. There are plenty to choose from online. Dr. Christopher’s is a good brand but I am sure there are others.

    The ointment/salve/cream work extremely well and you don’t have to go to all the trouble of making up poultices etc. which are time-consuming, messy and restrict your movement.

    Religiously apply it three times a day and wait for the healing to take place.

    All the best in your recovery.


  37. Is it safe to use externally on a 19 month old for eczema? It was recommended to me.

  38. I’m finding a comfrey tea, is working better than my anti-deppressants, so i’ve stoped them. Major mental health issue’s….which has led to adrenal fatigue (cronic)…was a hard life… I’ve been drinking for about a month now…anxiety and depression symptoms have decreased by over 75% of what they used to be, I don’t need to or want to sleep so much, I have energy. I let a few fresh leaves simmer, and use the water in my tea. I don’t even do it every day. So relieved to hear about the silly experiment that has caused the controversy of using it internally. I hope this euphoric felling continues….

    Recently i just sliced my finger open, would have needed stitches. so i bruised a comfrey leave (gets the leave nice and juicy and ‘disables’ the prickles). I wraped the leave around finger, secured it with electrical tape (didn’t even have it on all day) and in two days the skin had stuck back together, with a thin scab and i dint need to do anymore. A few days later i couldn’t help myself and picked off the scab… previous ‘stitched’ up lacerations would always open up after this (i have a inclination to pick…) and i would need restitching..however this scab it seamed was ready to fall off. Impenetrable scar tissue underneath. Super quick healing.

    I prefer to use fresh leaves, for the fresh juice that comes out of them and because this plant is so easy to grow (It grows like a weed if you let it…you can always mulch it for amazing fertilizer if your patch is too overgrown), i always have it it the garden. I squeeze the leaf/bruise. let it sit in a scrunch for a few minutes, then squeeze it again and a little bit of juice comes out, not much, then i rub this in to whatever is sore (magic on back pain, for me it worked better than an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen) or i want to improve (e.g. my wrinkles). Workes for my dear arthritis and osteoporosis disabled mum on all her aches and pains. She prefers it to Morphine even! I think the creams etc are good, but juice straight for the leaves is even better. xxx

  39. I am puzzled as to why, even after you have noted the very plausible objections which herbalists make to the pharmaceutical industry’s bogus tests that effectively damns the long-standing, historic internal use of comfrey you end your blog entry by repeating this nonsense! Comfrey -leaf and root- can be used safely internally as long as it is not used in outmeasured amounts for a long period. In other words, use sensibly just like any herb. Comfrey, like so many highly useful herbs such as Cannabis and Ephedra, was slandered for economic reasons, not because they are too poisonous or dangerous even when used correctly, but because they pose too great a threat to the monopoly that pharmaceutical companies wish to have on health.

    • Because, as I also mention in the article, I am not a doctor or herbalist. I have simply presented my research on the herb, my personal experience with the herb, and suggested that if you want to use it, to consult a doctor or herbalist who is qualified to give you medical advice.

  40. Hello, I just want to say that my mom used comfrey when I was young in soups, fresh in salads, sprains, and even cuts. When my children were born they too ate at the table of my mom and we all ate comfrey at least fresh once a week from her comfrey bush. My children were never sick out of school one day of their lives nor was I. The benefits of comfrey are astounding to heal and make strong for the human race. It isn’t bad and if taken in moderation (as everything should be used including prescription medications that are used for such a greedy purpose on human kind) will benefit many. We are created from the earth and that is where we need to start and stand strong!

  41. I remember using dried comfrey leaves, chamomile and a load of rolled oats tied in an old stocking for the bath to help my daughter with itchy chickenpox. It definitely soothed the itching – she was very curious of the ‘odd ball’ with white stuff leaking from it and wasn’t keen to touch it! But it seemed to do the trick.
    I only used a small amount of comfrey, a larger amount of chamomile, a few drops of lavender oil and the bulk was rolled oats. Smelt lovely 🙂

  42. We used to drink comfrey tea all of the time; you could easily find it in tea bags.
    After some of the research came out, a lot of places stopped selling it. Even to
    get it for external use, there was a lot of issues, mostly I suspect because sellers
    were afraid of getting sued. I wouldn’t be afraid of drinking a cup or two a day. I
    forgot to get some on my last trip to my favorite herb store, else I would be infus-
    ing oil and sipping tea right now. 🙂


  43. high….very interedting…i read that it works also on decayed teeth …i know that teeth grow from inside out and this is why the decayed teeth need always to be filled as there is no cure from out ….can you give a possible explanation for how it works on regenerating teeth?
    best wishes

      • I actually found your website randomly (Googling the benefits of peppermint tea baths), and was wondering about the comfrey leaf as I remembered my father making a comfrey leaf sort of broth for our allotment vegetables when I was younger and it stunk to high heaven!!

        But I digress; I was very interested to read about re-mineralising teeth and am going to try it! Sadly, I have already had fillings from an NHS dentist in the UK and fear that they were unnecessary, which has left me fearing the dentist so if I can avoid more fillings, that would be wonderful!

        Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  44. Hi, I fell and sustained a shafts Fracture of my fibula. The diagnosis was made a week later. I now have a cast on my leg, for the last 3 weeks which is due to be removed in a week. My aunt sent me some comfrey root and leaves powder, which I intend to use on the fibula after the cast is removed. In the meantime, because of the lack of activity and the anti-inflammatory medication i am taking, I experience severe muscle aches and joint pain. Do you know or heard of anyone who has experienced relief from using the comfrey leaves and root powder. Or how do you recommend that I use it to relieve the discomfort?

  45. I just read an article from a medical journal which noted that Allentoin (present in comfrey) is in trials at this very moment, as an anti-aging agent. So far it seems to be very promising and has significantly increased the life span of mice. Another reason the pharmaceutical companies do not want it in common use as an herb?

  46. I don’t think this article is accurate at all!!! Studies prove opposite of liver issues (proven) that it’s an amazing tea with tremendous health benefits!!! Please study it further and don’t believe web md info on this. You can also get it as food.

  47. I totally agree with you Mark!! I have a huge bag of Comfrey leaf tea I ordered on line. It is soooo healing. To bad America would rather you be sick than well just for the sake of money!!! Sad…sad…sad….

  48. I had cooked the comfrey leaves with other herbs in a chicken soup and eat to energize my body as well as use it for sprains.
    We call this herb “the mighty powerful herbs” that can heal almost all ailments.
    I been eating the cooked comfrey and has given me great energies, but if you have fear of taking anything orally than don’t do it.

    • I would really like to try the herb.
      cooking with it sounds good especially for me I make soup a lot.
      Does it have a bitter taste?
      And does this herb really help you.

  49. I know a leaf that is called pallingapala, I do not know whether the spelling is correct but it is found in Mumbai and it is used for putting on a wound which has puss. The next day all the puss from the wound is collected on the leaf, can you tell me the correct name of the leaf and how it looks like & where will I find it. In the 70’s one could see those trees around now they are not to be seen. Thanks.

  50. Hi,

    Just stumbled across this page while researching comfrey safety. We’ve grown it for years and have used it topically to useful effect. I have an issue with receding gums and I’m wondering if it might be safe to use a comfrey leaf decoction (tea) as a mouthwash. I’m already on a regimen of oil pulling, but I’d like to try the comfrey if it is a reasonable risk. I know the toxic alkaloids are more concentrated in the roots. I’d certainly avoid those.

    I know it’s unlikely anyone had hard data on this, but I’d surely like to hear any anecdotal experiences.


  51. It is so funny to read people saying bogus testing or bogus information on toxicity. It isn’t bogus. But like everything in life you need to use that information to make good choices and improve your life versus simply ignoring information.
    This one single plant is not a miracle cure for everything that ails and pains. It has benefits and to each person the benefit will be different, just like the risk and danger can be different depending on your body and health.
    Like with other herbal remedies, give it a try, but use common sense based on all the information available and your specific circumstances.
    Of course, like any one’s post, this is just the opinion of one person!
    Here is wishing all of you a bounty of good food and beneficial herbs in hopes of a happy, healthy tomorrow.

    • I like your comment and I would like to ask a question, which of the comfrey is good for medical use ? I am new in learning to use wild plants for food and medicine. I have a big garden full of many herbs which I have read about and I now want to know how to use them. Hope to read from anyone who can guide me.

  52. Can you reuse the contents of the poultice for repeat application?

  53. I use the leaves and roots of Comfrey for my handmade Comfrey Healing Salve. I think the salve is much more potent with both as the roots contain more allantoin, which is associated with cell regeneration and therefore very effective for a wide range of uses, including facial creams, bruise, muscle pain etc. I also think as long as it is not used on broken skin there is nothing to worry. The salve is very safe and helps a big deal for many different problems.