Herbal Nursing Mom Tea Recipe

Herbal nursing mom tea recipe

I had a slight panic moment the other day when I realized (while drinking my pregnancy tea) that I will have a newborn in a month or so (nesting is now in hyperdrive).

With a precious new little one comes baby coos and tiny clothes and breastfeeding. I love the newborn phase but the early days of nursing are always a little tough for me and I feel that it is harder to get enough calories and nutrients when I’m nursing a baby.

This time, I’m prepared ahead of time as I’ve mixed up a batch of nursing mom tea to have on hand when this little one makes an entrance. I’ve also been busy getting my birth kit in order, eating dates (I’ll keep you posted on that one!), obsessively cleaning (nesting for the win!) and optimizing all of these factors to help make labor easier!

Nursing Mom Tea

Pregnancy is a time of extra demand and nutrient need for the body. Labor is a physically demanding time on the body. Breastfeeding is also a time of increased demand and nutritional need. All in all, having a baby is a couple years of wonderful exhaustion, and while it is easy to focus on the beautiful baby, it is also important for us, as moms, to nourish and support our own bodies during this time.

To the extent possible, it is important to get enough sleep during pregnancy and breastfeeding, eat a nutrient dense diet, and nourish the body in other ways. I’ve found that this is often easier said than done, especially when you have other children too, but since breastfeeding is often done sitting down, it is a great time to hydrate and replenish.

The Nourishing Ingredients…

This tea has a combination of beneficial ingredients to help nourish the body and support adequate milk supply:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf– High in Vitamin C, Magnesium and Potassium. Raspberry leaf is also recommended to support hormone health.
  • Nettle Leaf– High in chlorophyll and trace minerals. It is said to support urinary health.
  • Fenugreek– Used as a spice in many parts of the world and often added to curries. Contains potassium, Vitamin C and diosgenin which is the compound that is said to help breastfeeding and milk supply.
  • Fennel– Source of Iron, Folate and Vitamin C and also helps improve digestion. Some midwives claim that adding fennel to a nursing tea can also help alleviate digestive struggles or colic in the baby as the benefits can pass through the milk.
  • Alfalfa– Known as the “father of all foods” alfalfa is a nutrient dense plant high in Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Chlorophyll. It is often used in multivitamin blends.
  • ChamomileOne of my favorite herbs and one I use often for children. It is a calming and relaxing herb and can support restful sleep for mom and baby.
  • Dandelion– Good source of vitamins A, C, D, and B as well as minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, copper, choline, calcium, boron, and silicon.

I order all the herbs in bulk (click links above to see the ones I use) so I can make big batches of these and other herbal teas very inexpensively. If you aren’t a DIYer and don’t want the initial expense of purchasing herbs in bulk, you can also find this tea pre-made in tea bags.

Some of these herbs are not recommended during pregnancy, so I only drink this tea after the baby is born. It is also important to check with your doctor or midwife before consuming any herb while breastfeeding.

Herbal nursing mom tea recipe

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Herbal Nursing Mom Tea Recipe




Yield 1 cup

A simple herbal nursing mom tea to help nourish and support the body during breastfeeding.


  • ½ cup red raspberry leaf
  • ½ cup dried nettle leaf
  • ¼ cup fenugreek seeds
  • ¼ cup fennel seeds
  • ¼ cup alfalfa leaf
  • ¼ cup dried chamomile flowers
  • ¼ cup dandelion leaf


  1. Mix herbs and store in a glass jar. To brew, add 1 tablespoon to 2 cups of boiling water and simmer on stove for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Strain and serve. Can also make my the gallon using ½ cup dried herb mix and store in fridge after straining.

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I’m grateful to have been able to nurse my babies, but realize that there are many cases where breastfeeding is not possible. Though I have not personally tried it, I have many friends who used this homemade organic formula option with great results.

What helps you stay nourished during breastfeeding? Ever tried a nursing mom tea?

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Reader Comments

  1. Can’t wait to try this! Katie, you and I are due around the same time! I’ve been loving all the posts.

  2. Please know that fenugreek has many contraindications. It should not be used by individuals with asthma, diabetes, or a family history of peanut or soy allergy. It also should not be used by individuals taking blood thinners and is contraindicated with many other prescription medications.

  3. Did any of your kids get acid reflux when they were babies? If so how did you treat them?

    • We had one that did. I tried an elimination diet and eventually found that dairy and eggs seemed to be the triggers. After removing those from my diet the baby’s reflux stopped but it can be different for each mom and baby.

  4. Thankyou, you are doing great job, can you suggest me ladies doctor gaonacologist.

  5. Hi! Have you tried the one in the bags? I know everything DIY is better but I’m thinking of putting the bags on my registry to try.

    • Yep… those are the bags I used after my third was born. He was born over a month early due to placenta previa and spent time in the NICU. I was trying to pump enough to keep him from ever getting formula and was able to with this tea, even though he couldn’t nurse for a couple weeks. I brewed it in the hospital even. It tastes great.

      • your third? how many kids do you have? hope your pregnancy is going well!

  6. My due date is 4 days away!! I’m doing placenta encapsulation this time around, but think I’ll make this tea as well. Thanks for the recipe and best of luck with your new little one!!I

  7. I’ve read it’s not safe to drink licorice root tea while breastfeeding, do you think that’s true? Thanks! ??

    • It is one of the herbs that I am cautious of while breastfeeding so I typically just avoid it…

  8. Hi Katie! Wondering since this is kind of about pregnancy and what not.. And by sure where to ask this, but so you do placenta incapaculation or what you think of it? Also can you put these in a French press or tea kettle?

    • I need to write about it, but I did encapsulate my placenta last time and it seemed to help me recover quickly as it was one of my easiest recoveries (but also one of my easiest births). You can put these in a french press or kettle 🙂

  9. I tried the dates! My labor was one hour and forty minutes, and three weeks early.

  10. I drank red raspberry leaf and nettle tea while I was pregnant. Now I am 4 months postpartum and am loving a tea called Dandy blend made with dandelion. I really notice the energy boost too! Thanks for the tip

  11. I’ve noticed with the redesign of the site, links (or what I presume are links, they could also be a different font), don’t show up on my mobile browser. I’m using an iPhone 5 with the most recent iOS and Safari browser. I’ve been able to guess what is being posted, mainly because you’re describing each ingredient, so I’m able to guess the ingredient.

    • Well, apparently all I needed to do was submit a comment. They were in fact links, and I now can see them all.

  12. Have you tried using Jnantik Mayan Mothers Tea for milk production?! It is the best and tastiest tea I have tried and is made with an ancient Mayan superfood called Mayan seed:)

  13. Hi Katie,
    I think we are due around the same time…end of this month. I am hypothyroid and had much trouble with my milk supply with my first. The Motherlove tincture, MoreMilkPlus worked very well. It’s main ingredient is fenugreek. I’ll have to ask my midwife if this tea and the tincture might be too much.
    Thanks for all you do!

  14. Hi! Just wondering if you can recommend any other prenatals other than the seeking health optimal prenatal? It’s a little out of my price range but I really want to take something that will not be harmful to me or baby!

    Thanks so much

  15. in Nepal people make soup with fenugreek and ajwain seeds for the lactating mothers and it is supposed to help increase the milk supply.

  16. Hi wellness mama! I am nursing right now and hoping to get pregnant again here soon… I know you said you were pregnant and nursing at the same time… I had always heard that when your pregnant you don’t make very much milk. We’re you only nursing 1 or 2 times a day weening the little one off or did you eat or drink stuff to help you make more milk while pregnant? Also… Do you need to stop nursing before your delivery date so you start making colostrum for new baby? Thanks for any help!!!

    • It’s different for everyone, honestly. I did produce less milk when pregnant. It is hard to say if it was part of the natural weaning process (baby was nursing less and eating more food) or due to the pregnancy, though. I would ask your doctor about nursing right up to your due date… I know some women who have done so with no issues, and some women who had trouble with the nursing threatening to cause pre-term labor.

    • I *just* had a baby (12/28/15) and I nursed my 21-month-old during the whole time I was pregnant. My toddler is old enough that she really only nursed a couple of times during the day, like before bed, so my supply was pretty low anyway. I had no trouble with colostrum coming in correctly… my milk sort of switched over during the couple days before my son was born. My mom tells me that when she was nursing me and pregnant with my sister, she started having uterine contractions when nursing me, so apparently that can be a thing, though.

  17. This tea sounds great, but how does it taste? Lol. Some of these can be so bitter that I end up not being able to drink it.