Benefits of Vinegar Baths

Benefits of Vinegar Baths

There are many types of baths that can be used for detoxification and relaxation, but none that benefit the skin with a single ingredient as much as vinegar baths.

I’m not a fan of the smell of vinegar, but I’m a huge fan of vinegar baths because they leave my skin and hair looking and feeling amazing.

Why Vinegar Baths?

Apple Cider Vinegar is a versatile natural remedy and natural home product. It can be infused with herbs to be a natural cold remedy and health tonic, or sipped to relieve heartburn.

Sprayed on skin, it takes the sting out of sunburn and as a foot soak it helps alleviate athlete’s foot.

It is also a beneficial natural beauty ingredient in several ways:

For Its Vitamin and Mineral Content

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a natural source of B-vitamins, Vitamin C and trace minerals, making it nourishing to skin. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, it is possible to obtain these nutrients from soaking and to nourish the skin. It is naturally nourishing and moisturizing and can soften skin and hair.

Beneficial Acids

Vinegar is naturally acidic so it helps restore balance to the skin’s pH which should be slightly acidic (here’s why). Though it helps restore the skin’s pH it has an alkalizing effect internally and can also help aid digestion for this reason.

Also, many people with joint problems notice improvement from soaking in apple cider vinegar baths, and these beneficial acids and vitamins may be part of the reason.

Soothes Skin Problems

ACV can help naturally kill fungus and bacteria on the skin and offers relief for many with eczema and other skin conditions. Vinegar is often recommended for skin problems like eczema, dandruff and dry skin. These same antibacterial properties and beneficial acids make vinegar effective against zits. A tiny dab of ACV can often help reverse a zit overnight.

For this reason, AVC baths are also sometimes recommended for urinary tract infections as the vinegar can help kill the yeast or fungus and create an environment where it is difficult for infection to thrive. ACV is also a potential remedy for warts and athlete’s foot for this reason.

Reduce Body Odor

Body odor occurs when bacteria mixes with sweat or moisture from the body and thrives in the warm moist environment, especially in places like the underarms. Vinegar can help kill this bacteria, reducing odor. It also creates an environment where odor is less likely to thrive.

I haven’t personally tried it, but many people who can’t tolerate deodorants containing baking soda claim that using diluted apple cider vinegar works wonderfully as a deodorant. I would think that an armpit detox would also be helpful for those with body odor or skin irritation in the underarms.

How to Take a Vinegar Bath

Once or twice a week, I fill a tub with warm to hot water and add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar.

I soak for 20-30 minutes, using a washcloth to clean my face and making sure to get my hair wet as well.

After bathing, I rinse off in a cool shower, though some sources recommend letting the vinegar water dry on the skin.

Other Skin Uses for ACV

  • As I mentioned, a tiny dab of ACV can often remedy a zit overnight
  • I also use a diluted spray of apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon in 1 cup of water) as a soothing facial toner
  • This same spray can be used on the underarms for a natural deodorant, though some people find that they need to increase the concentration of vinegar for this use
  • Dab undiluted vinegar on toenail fungus or soak in a strong (50:50) solution of white or apple cider vinegar and water.
  • Dab ACV on warts
  • Rinse hair with 1/4 cup ACV in 1 cup water for shiny hair.

How do you use vinegar? Ever taken a vinegar bath?

There are many benefits to taking vinegar baths. Vinegar helps naturally balance the skins pH, softens skin and helps kill any yeast.

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Reader Comments

  1. Is there an age restriction on this? I mean is it ok to give babies/toddlers an ACV bath?

    • I would definitely dilute much more with babies and toddlers, but my two year old loves vinegar baths, especially when we were trying to figure out what was causing her eczema- they gave her a lot of relief.

  2. Can I use ordinary Apple Cider Vinegar (non organic ) to do all mentioned?

    • Hi Bridgette. I think Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is the best and while it’s more expensive than plain old apple cider vinegar it has a lot more benefits health wise.

      • My husband and I have used Braggs ACV for weight loss by putting 1 tabelspoon in 16 ounces of water 3x/daily and 1/4 -1/3 tsp cayenne pepper as well for when I get a cold or just to get the blood pumping! And as well as these other simple remedies that wellnessmama suggests! I love all of her homemade, tried and true recipes.
        I buy 6 bottles of ACV from for a good price and the cayenne pepper from, best highest quality (250,000 heat units per 1/4 tsp).

        • Local grocery store (preferred supporting) has Bragg for same or slight better price with no shipping.

          • Costco has an ACV that looks exactly like Braggs, is organic, and contains The Mother probiotics…I’m fairly convinced it’s bottled by Braggs. It is half the price and seems identical in a side-by-side test. I would not say the same about any other store brand ACV I’ve tried.

        • Does this work in helping to lose weight?

    • Search the net for a recipe, but making your own apple cider vinegar is very easy/way less expensive and allows you to use up the apple core or misc bits/scraps you don’t otherwise eat.

  3. Great article! I also use ACV on my dog! After her bath, I give her an ACV rinse. In between baths, I rinse her paws off especially after a walk with ACV. She looks and feels great at 8 years old.

    • Does this take the bad smell away

  4. I use Braggs ACV for so many things. When used diluted it can be so beneficial to the skin because, like Katie said, it is acidic, which our skin and hair prefers. I make a spray for my dogs and I put just a little bit of ACV in it along with other things to help with itchiness and such.
    For years I suffered from regular heartburn and was always using some form of antacids. Then about a year ago I took a round (about 6 to 8 weeks) of a few different supplements and as of November of last year I have not had to use any antacids. If I feel like I’m getting a little heartburn from certain foods I put a couple capfuls of ACV in a glass of water and drink it straight down. Works every time!!! I love ACV.

    • I’d really love to know what that round of supplements was. Can you help me out?



      • Hi Terri. I would be more than happy to share what worked for me. It does take a little time and patience and if you eat certain foods that trigger heartburn you may still have some instances of heartburn. You can drink a couple capfuls of ACV in a glass of water if this occurs.
        I took Mastic Gum by NutriCology. One in the morning and one in the evening before dinner and sometimes one in between there if I felt I needed it. It is a bit expensive at around $26.00 but you get 120 capsules so thats about 6 to 8 weeks worth. I also took Black Cumin Seed Oil capsules, one in the morning and one before eating dinner. I used the Life Extension Brand. There is an actual Black Cumin Seed Oil but it has a pretty powerful earthy, herbal taste that is almost impossible to cover up in anything you mix it with. I just liked the capsules better. The third supplement was a Digestive Enzyme by Now Foods called Plant Enzymes. I took 2 capsules about 15 minutes before every meal. I still take the Digestive Enzymes before every meal but have dropped down to one capsule before every meal. I do keep all the other 2 supplements on hand just in case, but I usually have great success with just the ACV in water for times when I eat something a little too spicy. You You can do some research on both the Mastic Gum and Black Cumin Seed oil. They both have great benefits for heartburn and H. Pylori, which is said to alter the pH of the stomach and in turn, causes more heartburn. Antacids only exacerbate it. ACV has an alkalizing effect naturally when taken internally without destroying the equilibrium of the stomach.
        If you decide to try it I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. If you currently take other medications for other conditions I would talk to a Naturopathic Doctor first. I do not know of any side effects or contraindications with other medications with the supplements I took but it is still always better to discuss those things with someone licensed in conventional medicine or Naturopathic medicine.
        Good Luck! I wish you great success because heartburn sucks!!!

        • that was so kind of you to pass that on to me! I’m currently on 20mg of Prilosec twice a day. I wonder if I can even find a Naturopath in my neck of the woods. And my doctor is totally against anthing that wasn’t thought of by a “doctor” and/or western medicine. I’ll start looking for a Naturopath – wish me luck.


          • Hi Terri, my son used to have terrible heartburn. They had him on so much crap and nothing worked. I was so fed up I told him for a biofeedback health anaysis. Started him on digestive enzymes and magnesium. To this day he still does that. So my point is there is hope. I can’t find anyone who does the biofeedback around here any more. But I also like integrative medical doctors. I follow a couple from the Atlanta area. If u can’t find a naturopath maybe u can find an integrative MD or functional medical doc. Good luck.

          • I am replying here but this comment is aimed at people generally. I just wanted to say that there is no need for anyone to be on tons of prescribed medication for heartburn. I understand how frustrating and potentially painful it can be. It’s also the reason why I am up at 4am! It stops me from sleeping when it gets bad.

            I am in the midst of turning my health and life around. Getting away from doctors/conventional thinking has been a great help to me. Just educating and THINKING for yourself about health issues is a great start to true empowerment. I encourage anyone to look for answers on their own, find a way to wean off medication (under a doctors supervision) and try other natural means.

            One great remedy that works in a pinch is bicarbonate of soda. This has personally given me more relief than any. I encapsulate mine since I cannot bear the taste of the stuff. Since I don’t know how regularly anyone here has heartburn then please do your own research on whether this would be good for your health to take as regularly as you would personally need to.

            Of course, relieving symptoms is a western mindset. What we need to be addressing is the CAUSE of the heartburn. My doctors answer to EVERYTHING was always ‘some people just suffer more than others with so and so’ if I ever asked her what the cause was of X and how to address it. I’ve had enough of that generic answer and I am seeking my own answers. . Although other people’s experiences can be a great resource,everyone’s answers will be different, so don’t get too hung up on other people’s diets/reasons/ways etc. Focus on finding your own.

            Since I currently have a water infection and heartburn, I am going to reach for the bicarb as it will relive both. I know that a good greens powder (I don’t have any at present) alkalises too but I have no idea if it would as ‘instant’ as bicarbonate of soda? Just another thought for someone to pick u on if they have any? Another remedy is bentonite clay which I have used and found worked. Although I would personally never recommend clay internally daily.

            Anyway, good luck everyone in your own journey. Keep learning and asking questions!

          • Terri, did you find something that helped your stomach/heartburn?? My daughter was on 2 meds for a stomach ulcer. She always woke up with stomach pain and not feeling well until she could take the Prilosec and other stuff. She found a natural supplement that helped more than any of the meds. No more medication needed and wakes up feeling great!! It has been over 2 years and she still has had no Prilosec!!

          • I have suffered for years with heartburn, indigestion and a lot of wind both top & bottom 🙁
            After seeing a natural therapist I eliminated sugars (incl fruit), bread and dairy products. That was at Easter (great timing, not). I actually found that all my symptoms stopped completely and have not been back on Losec since 2010 and don’t have any antacids in my handbag anymore. I do occasionally suffer from it but only if I’ve eaten too many grains (barley, oats) and sugars and I”ll have ACV in a glass of water and that usually helps. If you are suffering with all of those symptoms I’d suggest checking what foods you are consuming. By the way, I was advised if you eat fruit, only a small amount and first thing in the morning before any other foods. Hope that helps!

          • Terri, Try the Bragg brand ACV 2 teaspoons in 3 ounces of water immediately after every meal before u spend all that money. Bragg ACV is only $6-7 and its amazing for heartburn!!!! You may be able to cut down to one Prilosec daily after a week or so and then, like me, you can try to go off Prilosec completely. I’m taking the leap of faith that the ACV is the answer to heartburn altogether! My allergist said that heartburn is nothing more than a food allergy to something you just ate…do you ever notice its only certain foods that give you the heartburn? Also, ACV makes your skin soft, keeps you more regular than probiotics, and is amazing for skin allergies!! Just some friendly advice for my PPI people; longterm use is dangerous but ACV is awesome!! Best of luck!

  5. Amazing! I just passed this onto 4 ppl. Great info to know and to put to use! Thank you!!!

  6. Thank you so much for all your helpful tips . I love your blog you are amazing and congrats on your pregnancy:)

  7. Helps neutralize the Flu in a flash! I did well keeping it down. I noticed a difference real soon. The acidity helps neutralize it. happy sigh

  8. Does anyone have a recipie for making your own ACV?

  9. Just started using ACV in a chamomile tea solution as a hair rinse (conditioner), as a starting point for my hair detox routine. It feels really good. I also used it as a facial cleanser (since I’m in the shower already). Besides its innumerous benefits, I love that one “product” can be used for so many things (e.g. conditioner and cleanser), so I don’t need a dozen of different products piling up in my (small) shower cabin. It surprised me a lot that the vinegar smell doesn’t stay in my hair. That was my greatest concern too.
    I don’t have a bathtub though, so no vinegar baths for me. 🙁

  10. Isn’t the whole point of a detox bath to pull toxins out of the body through pH gradient: body=acidic –> bath=alcaline? therefore soaking into an acidic bath isn’t helping detox 🙁 It’s beneficial for other things you mentionned of course.

    • Detoxification with ACV would pertain more to internal usage. For topical use it may seem acidic but the pH is actually close to what normal skin pH should be, as our skin and hair prefers a slightly acidic environment to keep the acid mantle intact. ACV acts similarly to an exfoliant. It isn’t a scrubby type of exfoliant but it digests dead skin cells on the surface to reveal the new skin layer underneath that is healthier looking. Exfoliating skin in a gentle manner is one of the most revitalizing things we can do for our skin to keep it from looking dull and sallow. It also helps to increase circulation and that is a great benefit.
      If you wanted a more detoxifying bath you would need to add something like a clay, such as bentonite clay or white Kaolin Clay for sensitive skin. You could also use Dead Sea Mud but ACV will not provide a detoxifying benefit externally. It’s just very beneficial to skin because of its mild acidity.

  11. I’ve used diluted ACV to rinse myself for many years after a shower. Haven’t needed deoderant. Hair is shiny. Recomend raw ACV as it has all the vitamins, enzymes intact. The cheaper ones are pasteurized which kills all the goodness.

  12. You can make your own ACV very easily which makes it much cheaper.

    • Oh really, how may I ask.

  13. Congrats on your new pregnancy! I couldn’t find the appropriate place to congratulate you so… I did it in an inappropriate place. Lol. I am so excited for you mostly because I also just found out that I am expecting our sixth child as well ! ?

  14. This looks great!! I’ll definitely be trying this!

  15. As always, great article! I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of what you can do with ACV. I’ll bet you could come up with 101 things you can do with it, like you did with Coconut oil! I love ACV, have since I was a kid. I can drink it straight up! I remember when I was a kid, sneaking under my grandmother’s porch with a glass of it and drinking it down–slowly, to savor 🙂 I had to hide b/c she used to tell me that it would dry up my blood if I drank it!

    I use it in your underarm detox recipe, in my bath, as a facial cleanser, household cleaner, of course, and to dip popcorn in for a little added taste!

    I have noticed that, interestingly enough, that the “cleaner” and healthier I eat, the less I crave ACV. Don’t know what the correlation is, but it must have something in there that my body needs that I can’t get from junk!

  16. If unable to bathe in tub due to physical disability or lack of tub, use a basin with warm water and vinegar to pull toxins out.

  17. Do you continue with vinegar baths during pregnancy? Congratulations on your great news! I’m hoping it might help me with the joint pain I always get during pregnancy.

    • I do, but I’d ask a doc or midwife to be sure 🙂

  18. Thank you. Can you use your detox baths while pregnant or nursing?

  19. I have used ACV for sunburns it really took the sting out.

  20. I take epsom salt baths to detox but I could use a boost to my hair and skin. This sounds easy enough. Thanks

  21. Hi. I have a question for you…. I’ve been using ACV as a conditioner for years and love it. My daughter tried it out and she gets blotchy red marks all over her face if the ACV gets on her face. She stopped using it, but any idea why it would irritate her skin like that???

    • Could she have a sensitivity to apples? Have you tried other types of vinegar to see if she has the same reaction/

      • Actually she does have a sensitivity to apples, why didn’t I think of that!! Will have her try other vinegars, what would you suggest? White vinegar??

  22. Hello 🙂
    Can one soak a washcloth with the ACV and apply all over the body before a shower and get the same benefits from a ACV bath? Thank You.

  23. Do you do anything to remove toxins from the water before you bathe?

  24. Granted this is a discussion on ACV baths, but I’d like to add a suggestion for ACV use. Gargling and swallowing with ACV heals strep throat very quickly (1 TBSP in 8 oz. water).

  25. I did an ACV bath and developed a raw, awful yeast infection within 12 hours. I never get yeast infections, and as the doctor asked if i had been in any hot tubs or the like all I could think is the vinegar bath. Of course I just shook my head no since I never see an allopathic doctor normally since I am a holistic practitioner, but needless to say, I don’t think AVC baths are for me. Thoughts?

    • Hello I stumbled onto this site and saw your post and wanted to comment. Awhile someone told me to soak in a vinegar bath 1-2 times a week bc I was getting alot of yeast infections due to the amount of medications that I’m on. I have to say I don’t get them anymore once I started this. I don’t know what happened in your case but wanted to tell you that that doesn’t always happen. Good luck 🙂

  26. Is Vinegar good to make you lose weight.

    • I know people using ACV for weight lost. It really works. They mix 1 table spoon with 8 oz. of water before or after breakfast.

    • I do not think that ACV alone will help with weight loss. There are so many other factors involved in weight loss and there is no “magic pill” or single food or drink that will work wonders by themselves. Proper nutrition every day is the best way. That means avoiding sugar and sugar substitutes (with the exception of Pure Stevia and Raw Honey in moderation), and sodas and sweetened drinks, including store bought juice. Juice your own fruit and don’t add sugar. Avoid highly processed foods and stick to whole foods and clean grass fed meat.(if you’re not vegan). Portion control is also important.
      Some form of regular exercise or movement is also important but should not be excessive. (i.e. long bouts of cardio or endurance type activities). Exercising regularly should also not be an excuse to eat whatever, whenever. You cannot out-exercise poor nutrition habits. If someone asked me what they should focus on first I would always say good nutrition. Once someone starts seeing weight loss it’s very motivational to continue eating healthy and then adding some form of exercise that is doable and consistent for them. Everyone is different and some people don’t like exercise. Just going for a walk is great or sitting somewhere quiet and relaxing and doing deep breathing for five minutes can make a big difference.
      ACV is a great thing to add to a good nutrition plan and is a good thing to drink first thing in the morning. It has a lot of great benefits inside the body and you don’t need to add much to a glass of water.

  27. I’m currently 8 months pregnant and I’ve been doing vinegar baths and drinking ACV each day. Do you recommend drinking ACV while nursing? I’ve found so much conflicting info on the internet regarding internal use while nursing. Some say that if used as a detox it may trigger the release of too many toxins that could end up in breast milk. My thought is that drinking one-two tablespoons of vinegar each day while nursing should be fine.

  28. I have kombucha vinegar, I left some go to long, I might try that, also as long as the acv is not pasteurized that’s what you want, many health food stores sell their own brands which are much cheaper than Braggs and just as good, don’t get tied up with thinking you have to have the name brand thinking store brands or generic aren’t just as good. I use the sprouts brand, and save like $3 a bottle.

  29. Is this safe for digesting during pregnancy? I’m also breastfeeding my toddler.. Is it safe when nursing? If so, what kind of ACV should i purchase. Cheers

    • Apple Cider Vinegar is a food and is often used in many food products, so I’ve always felt safe using it in moderate amounts during pregnancy, but ask your doctor to be sure.

  30. Please, for God’s sake learn about the Human Microbiome. The truth is, we have millions of good, helpful bacteria that live in and on our bodies. Why is this important ? It is because these good, helpful bacteria play a role in our health. Yes, it’s true, please do your research.

    So, what happens when we take antibiotics ? We may kill some bad bacteria that are givings us some problems, but the important thing is ; we’re also killing off our good, helpful bacteria. This presents a problem. Most often these good bacteria are excluding or out-competing the bad bacteria. When we kill them off, this gives bad bacteria a chance to take over.

    Take C. Diff. for instance. It is widely known that most cases of C. Diff. occur in a hospital setting, and after a course of antibiotics for some other problem. The other problem is gotten rid of, but now these patients have a serious diarrhea problem, that kills many people a year. The antibiotics disrupted the flora of the large intestine, and gave the C. Diff. bacteria a chance to proliferate. Not good.

    Already, the average American has lost 40% of the diversity of their microbiomes, as compared to remote tribes that have never had antibiotics. An altered or disrupted microbiome has been linked to a long list of disease states. So, please listen………. be careful in taking antibiotics, there are consequences to your microbiome, and this microbiome plays a HUGE role in your health.

    Thus said, the idea of using a vinegar bath is probably not a wise idea for our skin microbiome. Vinegar has the potential to kill many of our good bacteria, the ones that help us lead normal, healthy lives.

    One last thing ; this Human Microbiome, the 100 trillion ‘freinds’ that live with us, has already been called one of the most important medical discoveries of this entire century. In the future, we will all be trying our best to maintain the health of our microbiomes.

    • Our skin has a natural pH of between 4.5-6.5 and using Apple Cider Vinegar in a relatively small amount in a tub full of water is not going to damage skin. Water has a pH of around 7, which is considered neutral. Our skin prefers a slightly acidic environment. (i.e. topical products of any kind). I would consider tap water (as nasty as it is) more harmful to the skin than using a mildly acidic product.

      People aren’t filling their tubs with straight up vinegar and bathing in it…… least I would hope not. Even though ACV is mildly acidic it should still be diluted before applying it to the skin.

      Comparing antibiotics to ACV is like comparing a frisbee to a basketball. There is no related relevance.

      • Thanks Kelli for your thoughtful comments. Hopefully, we have studies, or will have studies, that confirm what you said. As I study the microbiome, I am struck by how we have ignored this vital component to our health. We need to re-evaluate our actions and what we take, and consider what consequences that they might have to our helpful bacteria. It’s a whole new way of thinking.

        • You are absolutely right Joseph. Our gut health, or microbiome, is crucial to overall good health. It is said that, “all disease begins in the gut” and if we fill our bodies with junk like sugar and processed food we are feeding the bad bacteria and neglecting the good bacteria. There has to be a balance between the two and yes, you are absolutely right that antibiotics basically destroy natural gut flora. Even taking them only one time can be very detrimental but there are times when the choice between taking an antibiotic or not could mean life or death for some. Sadly though, they are often given too often when they are not really necessary. There really has to be more studies and also more natural alternatives need to be looked at.

          • Wouldn’t soaking in braggs acv encourage good bacteria as it is a probiotic? I wouldn’t think it would kill good bacteria on the skin since it had good bacteria that lives in it.

    • The skin microbiome is healthiest when slightly acidic; thus, diluted vinegar would be good for that. Soaps and other alkaline products strip away the skin’s natural emollients and leave it more vulnerable to invasion. Soap can be important for cleansing away bad stuff, but it’s important to take steps to then return the skin to a slightly acidic, moisturized state.

  31. Can I kill two birds with one stone and make it an ACV plus Epsom Salt bath?

    • Absolutely. I have done that many times. I love Epsom salt baths. They make you feel so relaxed and help you fall asleep easier. The ACV is an added skin benefit.

  32. Would an apple cider vinegar bath be useful to help treat yeast infections?

    • I’ve seen this remedy on quite a few websites but have never used it personally. Most recommend 2 cups full of ACV in a shallow bath (what they call a hip bath) of warm water 2 times a day for 3 days and benefits can be seen after 2 or 3 baths.
      You should probably also take a very good probiotic. There are some that have to be kept refrigerated and are considered “critical care” probiotics with at least 50 billion CFU. They can generally be found at most Nutrition or Health Food stores in the refrigerated area. You should also completely avoid sugar at this time as sugar will only feed the candida and prolong the yeast infection.
      There are also great supplements you could ask about at the nutrition store, such as Oregano Oil capsules, Olive Leaf and a good garlic oil supplement with a high Allicin content.
      Hope that helps!

      • Thank you Kelli!
        I’m learning more and more about yeast and I definitely need to cut out my sugar intake and heal my gut. Your tips help so much- especially with what would be beneficial to take. This is my first yeast infection and I don’t want another one!

  33. Hello,

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I was quite sure that vitamin C is not able to be absorbed through the skin. I remember reading about this a while back when cosmetic companies all started advertising when their products had vitamin C in them and I basically found that some types of vitamins are used to help shelf-life and were always in the products but only started to be advertised when people started to think there was some topical benefit to Vitamin C.

    • Hi Melania,
      Vitamin C in cosmetic products can be tricky. There are approximately 8 different forms of Vitamin C used in cosmetics manufacturing. Ascorbic Acid is the best form as far as skin penetration. Any other form of Vitamin C must convert to ascorbic acid in order to have any benefit to skin. The benefits being: Increasing Collagen synthesis, protecting from UV damage and reducing skin pigmentation. That is why when buying a topical product, it is best to look for one containing actual Ascorbic Acid as opposed to other forms. The downside of Vitamin C and its derivatives is that pH in the product plays a very important role as to the stability of the Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid, for instance is stable at or under a pH of 3.5, which is quite acidic and is the reason a lot of people have skin irritation (redness and/or stinging) or sensitivities when using them. Some people cannot tolerate products with this form and do better with a form that may not be quite as effective but can be used more frequently without irritation. Water in the product also plays a big part in stability. Ascorbic Acid and many of the other forms are often found in serums where there is either no water, or in products that do not have water listed as the largest in ingredient in the formula. Most forms of Vitamin C are not stable in water and will begin to oxide as soon as they are mixed with water. Other ingredients within the formula can also cause oxidation to occur. There are forms of VC that are soluble in oil and not in water and you would find these in serums made without water. You could also look for products that contain ingredients that stabilize the VC, such as Ferulic Acid. Some of the best topical VC products will contain between 15-20% Vitamin C (more than that does not mean it’s better or more absorbable) and will be sold in airless pumps so the product inside does not have to be opened and come into contact with air. You should also look for products sold in dark colored packaging. Air and light can also increase the rate at which oxidization occurs.
      So the long answer above is, yes Vitamin C can have topical skin benefits but it’s a tricky ingredient to formulate with. I haven’t heard of it being used to increase the shelf life of a product. You may be thinking of Vitamin E, in which there is a type that is used in formulating to slow the progression of rancidity in oils. This is not a preservative in any way for the overall formulation, as water containing products must always have a broad spectrum preservative that is designed for that purpose alone in order for a product to be safe for topical use.

  34. This post was very timely for me. I started coming down with the crud that’s been going around and have since taken two acv baths. I’ve added epsom salts, baking soda and lavender oil. Very soothing and helps with the aches that come on with this crap. It really helps!

  35. I used ACV to get rid of Ovarian cysts. I was going in for a hysterectomy and wanted to keep my ovaries. My doctor did a pelvic ultrasound and found that I had ovarian cysts. She told me the only way she would do the hysterectomy was if I allowed her to take the ovaries too, since they were ‘diseased’. Her thought was that they would have to go back later and remove them anyway. I went home and began looking for ways to get rid of the cysts and read about ACV on the Earth Clinic sight. I got myself a gallon of Braggs and started using it daily. I took 1 to 2 Tablespoons of it in the morning and repeated it in the afternoon for about a month. I went back to the doctor and she was amazed that they were gone. She asked me what I had done and when I told her she said she was going to tell other patients with ovarian cysts about it. Now I use it for all kinds of things. Face wash, mouthwash, to balance my ph levels, help with sunburn and poison ivy. We use it as a cleaning solution at home and in our laundry too. There are so many ways to use it that they cannot be listed.

    • The thought that ACV has removed ovarian cysts is ridiculous. ALL women routinely get ovarian cysts. The cysts re-absorb back into the bodies tissues on their own. Sometimes the ovarian cysts will rupture causing great pain and an emergency room visit. If you had discussed this with your doctor she would have explained further. Don’t assume.

      While ACV has tremendous benefits, it did not and does not get rid of ovarian cysts.

      • I have to agree with Krickette. My daughter suffered with terrible pain due to cysts on her ovaries. Since she has an eating disorder she was too slim for the doctors to remove it. She was in terrible pain. I had heard of others who had used ACV for the same reason, to remove cysts. We ventured on a diet of ACV twice a day and she removed all sugar from her diet. In one month, when she returned to the hospital, they could find no trace of the cysts and her pain had ceased. Sometimes she gets these pains back, but as soon as she gets back on the ACV it goes again.

  36. I use it to condition my hair – it makes it so shiny!

  37. Would you recommend this to prevent group b strep? I’ve read your article on gbs, just curious if this could help as well. Thanks!

  38. I hate the smell of vinegar. Makes me gag everytime! I am wondering if I could add some EO’s and maybe a bit of coconut oil to the ACV bath water. Will that negate the benefits at all? If so, any other alternatives to hide the smell? Thank you!

  39. Not long ago I tried ACV internally as well as externally – now all of a sudden I have been getting a rash each time I am subjected to UV rays. Anybody else run into this issue. Any theories of why this has suddenly started on my skin? I quit taking the ACV immediately but am wondering if (and this might be a long shot) possibly since I started releasing toxins through my skin if they are maybe “trapped” in my skin since I quit using the ACV? …just a thought. Suggestions or theories anyone?

    • One thing you could look into : You have a skin micrbiome, which means that you normally (we all do) have thousands of good, helpful bacteria on your skin. It’s called the Human Microbiome. These good, helpful bacteria keep us healthy. They are important. We have 100 trillion of these ‘friends’ in and on our bodies.

      Since vinegar has antibacterial properties, there is the chance that you may have unintentionally disrupted this ecosystem, and thus your problems.

      Please look into it, and let us know.

      Now, here’s another twist…………… would a mud bath restore the damaged ecosystem of bacteria on your skin ? (they practice mud baths in different areas of the world).

  40. Can you use white vinger instead of apple cider?

  41. Recently I have started AVC internally at 2 teaspoons three times a day in 8oz water. After 2 days I have a very bad headache so am reducing the amount today……build up slowly. I had an ACV bath…1 cup and was it wonderful!!!

    My question…. I have read that AVC can lower potassium and we should be careful of that and have started to eat a banana a day but, is that enough? I also take take Sundowns whole food vitamins but it does not contain a huge amount of potassium. Thanks so much. 🙂

  42. I have had diabetes for 17 years, of which I’ve had multiple bones infections over the past 11 years. Fortunately, I’ve never had an amputation until now. The greatest Dr I’ve ever had, because she’s healed many of my other wound without amputation when other doctors recommended amp, now is just waiting for me to get the nerve to get it. That’s when a friend highly suggested ACV mixed with Listerine and water. I’m just starting it today. Then I cover my foot with coconut oil mixed with nano colloidal silver. Have you heard of some else using ACV got bone infections? If not, I’ll let you know I’m two weeks when, not if but when, I save my toe

    • Excuse the missed auto corrects that aren’t correct.

  43. I’ve been spraying undiluted ACV under my armpits and other sweaty areas for 9 years. I follow with a shower and use safeguard soap. I’ve not used deodorant this whole time. I do mix up cornstarch, baby powder and baking soda to keep from chafing. I had extremely bad body odor and found this combination on the web and tried it and have had great success ever since. IMPORTANT: You must wash all your clothes in white vinegar to kill the bacteria on the fabric. Otherwise it will transfer bacteria (smell) back onto your skin. White vinegar is a natural fabric softener and actually sets colors. I use about a cup or from the gallon jug circle the wash once. Both the ACV and white vinegar work for stinky feet as well. If you can’t wash the shoes spray them with the white vinegar and let them dry overnight. Again spray the feet with ACV before showering. Another side note: Since it’s summer now and chances are a swim towel may sit around until it sours. Soak it in white vinegar water in the sink and follow with regular wash. Thanks for all the tips above!

  44. Check into PTNS-Percutanious Tibele Nerve Stimulator treatments on your legs. You do 12 treatments 30 minutes every week and then go to hopefully for you once a month, it will get 90% pain under control, if I did not do the IC diet and d-mannose and things, I Would need it more often. They take a machine called Urgent PC Stimulator that hooks up to an acupuncture needle on your tibele nerve hook the electric by a little grabber on one of your legs and then the other the next week for 30 minutes, the needle usually does not hurt unless they hit the nerve but they react fast when you holler, needle goes 3 fingers up from your ankle and one finger over; they try to find the “g” spot of the tibele nerve that curls your toes and has a little vibration feel. What this does is numbs yor pelvic area and which is one of the largest nerves in your body. Cannot tell you how awesome this treatment is! I have it done at Ft Carson, Colorado. The machine looks very similar to a tens unit. In fact, I use my tens unit all night doing electrode pads in the same spot as the acupuncture needle goes. It does help in between monthly treatments so I do not have to go in but once a month. But it does not kill the inflammation whatever is the cause of all the pain. For those of you that just got it, do your absolute darndest to get the inflammation gone cause I think it leads to chronic kidney disease which I found out I have this year(have had IC for 35 years). Research Dr. Hulda Clark and her radio frequencies to kill human body parasites, viruses, bacterias, etc., if you get the bug theory, look into getting a parazapper or a Spooky2…just google. 1 out of 7 people have this IC/PFD. The other theory of mine is we are born with too many mast cells and so we are sooooo sensitive to everything including we can be prone to cancer. If you are sensitive to medications, get headaches, you are either too hot or too cold when everyone else is fine, look up systemic mastocytosis and if you have a lot of the listed symptoms including IC, there is your answer of why your life is pretty painful. If I am allowed, go watch all the videos on YouTube by Montreal healthy girl, you will have a much better life if you absorb what she shares on that media, the best information I have come across in decades!! I am hoping that cold pressed hemp oil will also help or even kill some of the critters that took the bladder lining away. I have read you can get some of the lining back by doing some herb treatments (did not take notes though) but I cannot really back that one up but you all can research it for yourselves! For sure, we can help ourselves through the homeopathic side of medical, just get reading!!

  45. On a more delicate note and not to do with bathing, but I will certainly get my daughter to try this. My daughter is prone to Herpes infections, usually directly after her monthly cycle. She was prescribed the usual medication which seemed to take forever and didn’t in my opinion do a lot very quickly. When I discovered ACV, I told her to try using directly onto the sores. We were amazed! as soon as she got up the next morning, she said “mum!, its nearly all gone!. By the next day it had cleared up completely. Now she uses it as a gentle wash after her monthly cycle and weve had no problems since.

  46. I’ve got a question about vinegar baths.Is it better to use Apple cider vinegar unfiltered or filtered and why?Also is there a benefit from adding red wine vinegar to a glass of water , I read about Apple cider vinegar benefits.Which do you prefer and could I mix it up once in awhile and still get the same benefits from both?Thank you so much!