5-Minute Homemade Ketchup Recipe

How to make natural ketchup

Ketchup is one of the most kid-friendly foods out there, and some kids (mine!) will eat anything, including liver, with ketchup on it. Unfortunately, most store bought versions are packed with GMO tomatoes and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Thankfully, this ketchup recipe is one of the easiest condiments to make at home with basic ingredients and a blender or food processor. I make this every few weeks and always have it on hand to add to dishes.

This is a favorite on our sweet potato fries, grain free fish sticks and chicken fingers. My kids will even eat it on meat, vegetables, or almost any food.

homemade ketchup recipe

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Easy Homemade Ketchup




Yield 8 +

A natural and simple homemade ketchup recipe that kids love.


  • 3 cans/jars of organic Tomato Paste (I order the jars by the case from here)
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar or apple cider vinegar (this will leave a faint apple taste)
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon onion powder
  • 2 tablespoons honey or cane sugar, or about 1/2 tsp stevia powder/tincture (or more to taste)
  • 2 tablespoons molasses
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried mustard powder
  • A pinch of each of the following (to taste): Cinnamon, cloves, all-spice, cayenne
  • 1 cup of water
  • Optional: 1 teaspoon powdered chia seeds (powder in food processor or blender) for thickness


  1. Put the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend well. Put in fridge to let flavors meld overnight or at least two hours.
  2. Use as you would the GMOhighfructosecornsyrup regular ketchup.

Courses Condiment

Cuisine American

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My kids love ketchup and I don't love the ingredients so we make our own ketchup recipe with tomatoes, vinegar, onion, honey and spices.

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Reader Comments

  1. Can’t wait to make my own! 

  2. How long will this last in the fridge?

      • How long do I process the ketchup in a canning kettle? I use a hot water kettle not a pressure cooker. We have made a lifestyle change and no longer eat sugar or grains and i have really missed ketchup so I am delighted to find a homemade recipe that I can make with Stevia. do you order the Tropical Traditions tomato sauce on line or is there a number I can call?

        • You can process it in a water bath for 15min


        • She says 6 oz in the comments

          • The link isn’t working for where she gets her tomato paste by the case…
            Anyone know?

        • The tomato paste I bought is triple concentrated. So do I need to use less tomato paste, than the recipe suggests?

    • Can someone confirm the size of can to buy for tomato paste?

  3.  There is no such thing as ‘GMO tomatoes.’  I am passionately anti-GMO and Monsanto, but we must be 100% accurate in our depiction of the evil and not attack things that do not exist. 

    I love your blog.


    • Doesn’t the “tomato danger” have something to do with canned tomatoes?  And the chemicals in the cans? 

      • There is BPA in the cans, and while the tomatoes are not genetically modified in the same sense and corn and soybeans, many do have altered genes.

        • Not entirely actually. Bionaturae doesn’t have BPA in their cans anymore.

    • It is important to note that tomatoes were actually the first genetically engineered food approved for consumption by the FDA, created by a company called Calgene that was eventually bought by Monsanto. They were called flavr savr tomatoes and while I don’t think they are commercially available anymore, there IS such a thing as GMO tomatoes and Monsanto probably holds the rights/info/pattent in them, and they could make a come back an any time.

    • david tomatoes use to be gmo but are said not to be anymore but who knows if we can believe this and i am sure that is why she has said gmo tomatoes. they were out there and could still be.

      • No, actually. There doesn’t really exist any vegetation we eat that’s not a GMO, except maybe heirloom tomatoes. There’s nothing wrong with GMOs done right. Genetic modification isn’t tantamount to poison. And in fact, if we didn’t have GMOs, it would be impossible to support our population in this country, with increasingly less and less farmland at hand.

        GMOs should be very heavily researched, yes, and there should be oversight in their production and use, but to think that any genetic modification immediately ruins nutrition or introduces danger is just ignorant.

        So really, unless you take a course in genetic engineering, and actually understand what’s involved, and what scrutiny you’re held to before allowing human consumption (read:a lot) don’t pick up a picket sign and start condemning the only thing that keeps our country afloat due to what the current ‘fad’ cause tells you (rarely backing it up with proof or science)

        • I would never eat anything GMO no matter what you post. It’s not good for us and it sounds like you are one of those trolls who go around the internet to hype it up. The people on this web site are too informed to believe that GMOs are not harmful. Say NO to GMOs.

        • The concept that we have to have modified foods in order to support the population is flawed at best. Heirloom vegetables produce just as well, if not better in some cases, as any modern varieties I’ve tried. In fact, I find some of them hardier, tastier, and heavier producers.

          Just as people need to do the research behind GMO’s and not believe every bad thing they hear, so people on the other side should do some research about heirloom foods and not believe everything they hear. No, not all modern varieties are evil, but they aren’t really necessary either.

          Thank you for the recipe. It’s the first I’ve tried at home that my boys like.

          • The really terrible thing about GMO crops is that they are modified to withstand glyphosate (roundup). So if you consume GMO crops, you are essentially eating roundup…which is poison!

        • GMO’s supporting the world food crises, is the biggest bunch of bologna I ever heard. They do not, and will not help feed the starving parts of the world, nor would I eat them. Real, whole foods can feed the world if we would only start sharing and stop throwing out vast amounts of it in supermarkets, & in over consuming. The huge amounts of meat consumption that are being greedily over eaten are also part of the problem with the vast amounts of water it takes for animals to be raised and then horribly slaughtered. Not to mention the large land masses it takes to raise animals, which is totally unnecessary for proper nutrition. Just look around at people and their sizes today and realize that we are doing something terribly wrong at the dinner table. Vegetables can be put into these land masses instead; then the world can be fed, as it can be done now, if it wasn’t for the love of money, & a total lack of proper information about food & nutrition.

          • Thank you. There’s more than enough room on this planet that is owned by no human, to support everyone alive.

          • I am not at all pro-GMOs that make plants more resistant to toxins or produce toxins themselves.

            However to be factually accurate some GMOs (genetic modifications) DO help support world food needs in 3rd world nations in particular. GMOs have created rice strains and other crops that are more drought tolerant and can be grown in arid climates that they could not normally.

            The public does related GMOs to poisons and toxins which is probably the case a lot of the time but not factually accurate in all cases.

        • Really Willy? What kind of scientific, any! reports are available on testing for GMO that say they are safe for long term human consumption? None. why? Money.

        • I fail to believe GMO products can save the world; it just doesn’t make sense, no matter how hard they try to cram them down my throat, they will never be embraced…we need to get back to nurturing nature & our bodies…glad to have found the ketchup recipe…

        • WOW!!!!!

        • I am a food engineer and don’t recommend eating ANYTHING GMO.

        • Most are laced with roundup which is a probable carcinogen. Please don’t spout the “unless you are a genetic engineer” stuff either, or chemical engineer. They profit from all of this so those are the last people I trust.

    • Once upon a time there ws such a thing as GMO tomatoes but it did not sell so it was off the market. It was the canned variety and was called flvrsvr. This was in the 1990’s.
      Hopoefully we’ll not see the like again!

    • The first gmo grown in the United States was in 1982 and it was a tomato. There is a report about genetically modified organisms in the United States from the USDA. Yes, there are genetically modified tomatoes, the whole thing is an interesting read, but page 7 is what you would like to read.

    • To the man that said there are no GMO tomatoes:


      He’s part right, there are, but they aren’t being sold.

      The GMO I’d be more worried about would be in the corn syrup. Most corn is GMO these days unless you get some organic that was grown far away from anywhere else.

    • Tomatoes were the first products sold on shelf to be genetically modified. For one and this sounds Sci fi the gene which makes a chicken’s egg hard was spliced into a tomato to make shipping less damaging. God knows what else they’ve done to tomatoes

  4. Would this last in the fridge like “regular” ketchup does?

  5. Also wondering how long it would last and also, could you substitute something for the molasses?

    • She said a month in a earlier post

  6. Also wondering how long it would last and also, could you substitute something for the molasses?

    • agave syrup.

      • won’t provide the complexity of molasses. If you use agave add some soy sauce.

    • You can also do more honey. I’ve found ketchup to be pretty forgiving to make, and pretty much any of the syrupy sweeteners will work, just make sure to account for the differences in sweetness between them (though with the small amount used in this recipe, it may not be particularly noticeable).

  7. Thanks for sharing!  My husband & I were JUST talking about finding a low sugar ketchup! 

  8. The GMO crops in the US are: corn, soybean, cotton, alfalfa, papaya, canola, sugar cane, sugar beet, some zucchini and coming soon rice.  Tomatoes are not GMO (yet).  The one I worry about the most is soy- it is in everything!

    • The one I worry most about is corn – if it’s not in what you’re eating (used to dust the insides of packages, not declared in the ingredients) then it’s probably sprayed on what you’re eating (many types of produce, even organic, are sprayed with GMO-corn based ethyline gas for ripening).  What I don’t understand is why more people aren’t totally freaked out by GMOs being in our food supply!?!

      • I think a lot of people are ignorant of what GMOs are and that they kind in a lot of different types of foods. If people really knew what they were, what they could do to their health and it is in pretty much all processed foods and given to their children, I think people would start caring. It’s all about educating the public!

      • GMOs are ok with me. The sky is falling hoopla is getting kind of old. I have yet to see the harm caused by the “evil” GMO.

        I often wonder why we as educated citizens think we can outsmart Doctors, FDA and Nutritionist to name a few. Yet we are so quick to jump on a bandwagon because that is the trend.

        Next time someone is talking to you about GMO or the benefits of not vaccinating your kids ask for credible documented studies prepared by someone who has extensively studied and worked n that field. Research on the internet alone can be misleading.

        • Charlie,

          If you go take a quick peek at the Dun&Broadstreet web page and further do a search of the USA, FDA, FEMA and any other orginazation, including your town, state and school district, I can almost guarantee you that they are all incoporated. This fact alone makes them a business, which means that everything they do is for profit, including their so called ‘scientific’ reports.

          thanks but ill take facts over ignorance any day.

    • The very first gmo crop in the u.s. was tomatoes,they were called flavr savr but they are not available anymore. Of course, Monsanto owns them now.

    • Isn’t cross pollination a form of GMO?

      • No, it is genetic manipulation perhaps, but not modification. Though, through cross-pollination, Modified Genes from GM Crops can end up making their way in to your garden. (Genetic Pollution) Hope this helps!

    • I worry about that too. I, as well as so many I know or vegan/vegetarian…. yes its in 75% of everything I eat and love to eat.

    • there is also GMO wheat. GMO wheat was created by the use of radiation upon wheat seed back in the 50s or 60s. A little known fact that a number of plants were so treated.

      One of the bad effects of gmo is that they can alter proteins into a foreign particle for the human body. Hybridization taken to extremes can also do this. The human body is not capable of adapting quickly to foreign proteins. Of course there could be other foreign substances in these foods besides proteins that cause reactions.

      Due to these significant changes in wheat over the years we now have an epidemic of wheat intolerant people. This never use to be and wheat was once the staff of life but now is the staff of death for many, providing many difficult health issues.

      Also one of the GMO companies has created genetically modified wheat with the new processes and it has never been given permission by the USDA to be planted. but still mysteriously gmo wheat has appeared in some farmers field i Oregon, and more recently this year in a field in the midwest.

      In Mexico monsanto has been accused of randomly planting gmo corn along roadsides intended to contaminate traditional strains of corn that the people down there so pride themselves for maintaining over the years. GMO corn has now been fully banned from Mexico.

      These are corrupt companies with the intent of controlling the food supply which is a way to control the people. Henry Kissinger said it himself.. “control the food and you control the people” Please pay attention folks and spread the word. These companies are not looking out for you, desire total seed monoply and if they had their way heirloom seeds would no longer exist. Support the heirloom seed companies and make your own stash for the prosperity of your family.

      Boycott those companies that use gmo.

      Thanks for the great ketchup recipe. I really needed this!

  9. Can you ferment this?

    • You can, but the vinegar might stunt some of the fermentation. I sometimes do anyway… just leave on the counter for a day with 1 tbsp of added whey before putting in the fridge.

  10. How long does this ketchup last in fridge?

  11. How many oz are the cans of tomato paste?

    Love your website and recipes. Thanks!

  12. Could I can this recipe into mason jars, so I can keep it longer in our pantry?

      • I’m new to canning and ketchup is the first thing I plan on making and canning a lot of come this years harvest. I have a toddler, so I’m sure no further explanation is necessary ?. I’ve been scared to can from all of the safety warnings about following tested canning recipes to a “t” or you’ll kill your family, etc. I like this recipe a lot and want to use it. Do you can it and know it’s totally safe? Thanks! I know this is an old post!

        • I have canned it in the past and have always felt safe canning tomato products as they are one of the easiest and least risky. If you have one, you can call a local extension service (4-H office) with any questions. When I was learning, I asked an elderly relative and she taught me in a few hours…

  13. Could you use date molasses as a substitute for the molasses?

  14. How many ounces are the cans? I tried clicking on the link and it keeps taking me to Tropical Traditions instead of tomato paste. Thanks! 

      • Please add that to the recipe when you get a chance. 🙂

      • “usually 6 oz” ? if they aren’t 6 oz will that ruin the recipe?

        Thanks for the time and effort you put into this site. I love it!

  15. Could you heat this up first before bottling?

  16. No need for chia seeds in my batch; I could have turned my blender upside down after mixing this and it wouldn’t have budged.

  17. what size cans of tomato paste? there are small cans and larger cans.

  18. Great recipe but where is the link for where you buy your tomato paste by the case?

  19. Will you be posting an all natural mustard recipe?

  20. Just made this tonight! It tastes wonderful! I can’t wait to see how it tastes after the flavors have had time to meld in the fridge. I’m not even telling my oldest son (7). He eats ketchup on EVERYTHING and prefers only a certain brand. I’m going to put your recipe in the bottle and see if he notices. 😀 muahahahahaha

  21. Has anyone tried replacing the chia seeds with gelatin, and if so, how did this work out? Thanks!!

  22. Has anyone tried this minus the molasses?

  23. Awesome! Is this ketchup recipe able to be canned? If so what pressure and how long?


  24. Can I use canned tomatoes?

  25. Mom used to make and can homemade ketchup every summer. it was some of the best ketchup I have ever had. It had a little bit of a sweet taste but it was delicious. Wish I still had that recipe. It lasted forever since she canned it in Mason Jars.

  26. Can you can or freeze this using fresh garden tomatoes

  27. Oh my…who cares if the tomatoes are GMO or not.. I have YET to find a ketchup that doesn’t contain sugar and if it doesn’t it has corn.. yikes!! We are on the GAPS diet.. so I may try this recipe w/out the molasses at all.. we shall see. My son really misses ketchup 🙁

  28. ok I think I did something wrong…….when I originally blended it, it was a little thicker than regular ketchup, but still pourable (and tasted fab!). After being in the fridge for a day or 2, it turned into a HARD lump, and the water/vinegar separated. Can anyone give me a hint as to what I did wrong??

  29. Good Morning
    Thanks for the recipe. 1860 question though. If I want to use my fresh tomatoes, how many would I use? What is the conversion between paste and fresh tomatoes?

    • not quite 3 cups

  30. Thanks for the recipe! I was pleased to discover that I had all the ingredients on hand, and it took only a few minutes to make in the vitamix. My 2 and 3 year old noticed the color was darker than commercial ketchup, but had no qualms with the flavor. I liked it! Thanks for the recipe.

  31. How big are the cans you use? I have some 6 oz cans but I’ve seen other sizes

    • she uses 7 oz size

  32. Great recipe, did a couple of mods, used fresh from the garden tomatoes, and also cooked down due to that for about 4 hours on low heat. Let chill overnight in fridge, great taste and you know what is in it.

    RE; The side discussion on GMO’s. Glad I live in the EU, GMO’s are banned, as is GH in the food supply and antibiotic doping for non sick animals. And for the most part (I live part time in Greece and part time Cape Cod) i can buy local. Most of my food is grown or raised within 50Km of where I live in both locations.

    The USA has it so wrong when it comes to our food supply. Just research illness and obesity rates from the 50’s and 60’s (pre GMO, GH, etc) and today’s rates. What has changed? Our food supply, and the processed crap. When I grew up limited allergies, limited incidents of Downs, ADD, and other birth defects, and mental disorders that before only occurred very infrequent.

    Just Saying – Know what you eat


  33. Can u tell me what size cans u use as it isn’t stated in the recipe

    • in the comments above she says she gets her tomato paste from tropical traditions and I looked there and see the paste comes in 7 oz, using 3, so 21 oz, not quite 3 cups.

  34. I made green tomato ketchup for my family about 2 years ago. They loved it. I have tried to grow enough green tomatoes in my garden again but I have a raised bed garden and there just isn’t enough room GREEN TOMATO KETCHUP
    4 c. ground onion
    4 c. ground green tomatoes
    6 sweet red peppers, ground
    12 green bell peppers, ground
    4 c. ground cabbage
    6 c. sugar
    2 tbsp. mustard seed
    4 c. vinegar
    1/2 c. salt
    1 tbsp. celery seed
    1 1/2 tsp. turmeric
    2 c. water
    Grind vegetables using blender or coarse blade of grinder. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup salt. Let stand overnight. Rinse and drain. Combine with remaining ingredients. Heat to boiling. Simmer 3 minutes. Place in sterile jars and seal. About 8 pints.in it. But here is the recipe in case someone wants to try it.

  35. Wonderful recipe! Does this freeze?

  36. I’m wondering exactly how much this recipe makes. I am hoping to make this in my classroom of 20 children.

  37. Hi. Wondering how long this last for once jarred? A month? what is a good estimate of expired date?

    • The acidity of the vinegar and tomatoes makes it last for a couple of months, at least. The better question is, “how long does it last until it’s gone?” because that’s the issue we run into with the similar recipe we use — we go through it too quick to find out! 😀

  38. I made this and mine ended up being rather thick and not quite so smooth as normal ketchup. It still has the consistency if the paste. Any suggestions? It’s been sitting in my fridge for a week now.

  39. How long will the mayo and ketchup stay good in the fridge?

  40. I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out amazing! My husband really loved the flavor and the consistency was perfect. But I put it in the fridge and the next day it was really thick- thicker than the tomato paste I started with. I tried to mix it up with a spoon and it sort of mixes but I think I would have to put it back in the blender to get any sort of creamy mixture going on again. What can I add or do differently so that I have a creamy ketchup after refridgeration? (I did leave it out on the counter for a couple of hours thinking that maybe it would soften out of the cold, but it didn’t make a difference)

    • Mine did the same, Ashlyn – what did you end up doing?

  41. My son is diabetic and was wondering what the carb count on the Homemade Ketchup would be? For store brands it’s 1 carb for 1 Tablespoon.

  42. Is it possible to use tomato sauce instead of paste? Other than the consistency, does anyone know how it would affect the recipe? Thanks!

  43. Is that an actual picture of your ketchup (above) when it’s done? I did this recipe a few days ago. I don’t mind it because I’m not a big ketchup “connoisseur” anyway. lol It tastes fine to me because I really don’t eat much ketchup. But–my family isn’t impressed, and my husband would actually go without than eat this. I followed the recipe exactly, but it does not look like the ketchup above. The consistency is still very similar to the tomato paste, so I just wondered if that’s an actual picture of yours after you make it? I really want to find a homemade recipe that they will all like. 🙁

      • Hmmm. What brand of tomato paste do you use? Mine doesn’t look anything like that picture, and I followed the directions completely, except for sea salt. I didn’t have any, so I used regular.

  44. i made the recipe exactly as it is written
    but unfortunately when i jarred it
    all the vinegar drained out of it ( the first time i used it ) .. and i was left
    with semi solid red substance ( still good ) but not really ketchup-consistency .
    we didn’t use a wide mouthed jar, but a ketchup bottle.
    what do you recommend storing it in ?

  45. My hubby is VERY picky and will only eat Heinz . How does the taste compare? Love this site! I’m excited to try recipes.

    • I personally think it tastes better, but it doesn’t taste the same… thanks for reading

    • If your husband is picky, then he probably won’t like it. Personally, I’m not a fan of ketchup. I don’t dislike it, but I can take it or leave it, so this recipe suits me just fine. However, my husband and kids love ketchup and use it a lot. When I made this, they actually preferred to go without ketchup on the foods they normally eat with it. But I still use this ketchup for other things, like as an ingredient in meatloaf, or to make sauce for meatballs–foods where they won’t notice it so much. It works out great! 🙂

  46. Never mind this ketchup although good but In our family no sugar of any kind. 1 can pureed tomatoes combined with 1/2 cup of vinager, 1/4 tea spoon garlic powder, 1/4 tea spoon of onion powder. 1 tea spoon canning salt, 1/2 tea spoon pepper.Not coarse.Combine in slow cooker on high, let moisture disapate stir often. when steam starts to leave, remove lid and keep stirring till it stops steaming.Allow to cool overnight. Next day turn back on high re steam for about an hour while stiring only twice. Remove heat and lid let cool. and jar or can or what ever you put it in.I use old mustard bottles or ketchup bottles. If not to be used for a while rinse bottle while wet microwave for 40 seconds.Fill cap and store.

  47. Thanks very much for this great recipe. I liked it so much that I browsed your site for other condiments. Thanks for all the great recipes. I looked for Worcestershire sauce recipe but I didn’t find one. Have you come up with a recipe for this?

  48. I was looking for a ketchup recipe with little to no sugar and didn’t realize you had one! Super excited to try it, but I have a quick question. Is there a reason why you don’t heat or cook the ketchup? Have you ever tried cooking it? I wonder if that would help meld the flavors and develop depth and help not cause the ketchup not to separate.


  50. Regarding condiment recipes, here’s mine for ‘Never get tired of it’ salad dressing for one large salad.

    In your (small) food processor or blender, put a good sized tablespoon of Tahini and soy sauce or substitute to taste. (I’m partial to Braggs Enzymes.) Experience (and saltiness) will tell you when you’ve put too much in. Also, press one small-to-medium sized garlic clove, which you should have mashed ten minutes ago. (For anti-cancer properties to maximize) Add just a dibby of water. Experience will tell you the right consistency for your taste, so add a little at a time. Too watery will leave some at the bottom of the bowl and you don’t want to waste any! Enjoy! Also wonderful as a dip for roasted asparagus!

  51. I made this and it did not taste good my husband hated it we went back to using Annie’s Organic Ketchup. also the consistency was not good. I have been making my own mayo and mustard for years thought this would be a good recipe.

  52. My daughter is highly allergic to peanuts, and has developed pretty serious allergy to soy and eggs. She has been developing swollen joints and other ailments after consuming the same foods she has always eaten…esp. corn products. I wondered if it could be because the corn is GMO…and contains soy DNA .

  53. I made this and while I’ve loved your other recipes (meatloaf, meatza, etc.), this one didn’t work for us..
    It might be because my spice ratios were off, as I put in a true pinch (with my thumb and index finger) of the last pieces. If I were to measure and be more exact, perhaps it would’ve worked out better for me.

    How much would a pinch be? 1/8 teaspoon to less?

    • I usually use between 1/16 and 1/8 for a pinch. But if the taste is off, I would start by adding just a little and working your way up until you achieve the taste you desire. Hope that helps!

  54. Instead of this discussion how hard is it to make your own tomatoe paste???

  55. is there a substitute for molasses? I’m not supposed to be eating it due to a sensitivity. Thanks.

    • You can omit or use honey or maple syrup instead.

  56. Okay, first off, I absolutely LOVE this recipe! My family does, too, and that’s definitely saying something. They keep bugging me about when I’m gonna’ make more. So, yeah, this recipe rocks! 😉

    But I do have a bit of a problem; it turned into a bit of a lump in the fridge. 🙁 I wonder if maybe I puree it long enough in the blender? I’m not sure, but I will be making more today. 🙂

    One last thing; in place of the chia seeds, my mom suggested using a bit of arrowroot starch since we didn’t have any chia seeds at the moment. And it worked great!

    Thanks again for the recipe! 🙂

  57. Is there a substitute for the molasses/date molasses/agave syrup? I am a diabetic with kidney disease and I am on a low potassium diet. Both molasses and date molasses are very high in potassium and agave syrup makes you blood sugar go up.


  58. This is absolutely delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. I actually had my doubts about how this would taste (no offense ?) but it’s actually very tasty. I did add just a tinge more agave syrup and water. The consistency isn’t the same as your run of the mill Heinz type ketchup but my ketchup obsessed toddler couldn’t tell the difference. Maybe if I added a little starch it would be smoother? Hmm..