Healthy & Natural Gift Ideas for Mom

natural healthy mothers day gifts

As Mother’s Day approached, I’ve gotten several requests from husbands of a few readers for Mother’s Day gift ideas when regular chocolate won’t cut it anymore.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the things I’d want to get (hint-hint honey) and feel free to add your favorites in the comments! Some of these are definitely not your typical gifts but are ones that will help Mom be healthy and happy!

Organic Dark Chocolate

Ok, so regular chocolate with soy lecithin won’t cut it anymore, but organic, fair-trade high quality dark chocolate will! (It’s packed with antioxidants and magnesium!)

My favorite is Tropical Traditions‘ Organic Dark Chocolate (and they have mint, orange, and espresso flavored) but any organic dark chocolate over 70% chocolate without soy lecithin is fair game.

New Shoes (Sort of)

If the special woman in your life has joint pain in her legs or if she is a runner, consider getting her some minimalist shoes. There is evidence that running barefoot (or pseudobarefoot in minimalist shoes) is better for the joints and may have some health benefits.

My favorites are Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport and their Bikila, but they now make lots of variations of their barefoot shoes, and in a lot of fun colors. For those who just can’t get used to the idea of a shoe with toes, the Altra Eve’s are another good option.

A Massage (at Home)

A Rumble Roller allows you to get the benefits of a deep tissue massage at home, but without the cost and time of going to the salon for a massage. These things really break down muscle tension and help relieve stiff muscles. Plus, it’s only about the price of one massage and it stores anywhere!

Microfiber Cleaning Supplies

I’ve recently become obsessed with microfiber cleaning because it is so much faster and I don’t need any chemicals at all! While cleaning supplies might not be the most exciting of gifts, anything that cuts down the amount of time I spend cleaning is a winner in my book! My favorite microfiber products are the Mop Set, the Kitchen Collection, and the Household Essentials.

A Good Night’s Sleep

If the mom in your life is anything like me, she doesn’t always get a full night of sleep without an interruption or someone needing something in the middle of the night. This means that the time we do get to sleep is even more important.

Despite all the information about the importance of sleep (it’s even more important in some ways than healthy food!) it is hard to make it a priority. The things that have greatly improved my sleep lately are: removing sources of artificial light and putting up blackout curtains, taking enough magnesium, and spending time in the sun each day.

Next on my wish list are: a natural light alarm clock (no harsh buzzing and gentler wake-up), an earthing mat to help reduce EMFs and ground the body, and some cold thermogenesis (more on that soon).

A One Item Gym

I’m personally a huge fan of kettlebells because they are a completely portable and very effective workout option. My kettlebell stores under my bed or in a corner of a room and is the most effective 15-minute or less workout option I’ve ever used. Workout videos have nothing on kettlebells, and they especially strengthen the core, buttocks and upper legs (all areas that most women wish they could firm up).

Other fun gift ideas

  • A CSA share
  • Some pastured meat from a local farm
  • baby chickens (the gift that really keeps on giving…)
  • A picnic (if it isn’t too cold)
  • Tickets to a local theatre or performing arts center
  • A basket of seeds and gardening supplies
  • Cooking classes, personal training or massage gift certificates
  • Flowers- but give in a flower pot rather than cut flowers so she can enjoy them year-round!
  • anything made by her kids 🙂
  • Not having to cook or clean for a day (This is the one I really want!)

What are your favorite natural gifts for mothers? Please share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. These are such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I freakin love my natural light alarm clock! I had a wind chime clock before, which is also way better than a normal alarm clock (no soul sucking beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep), but even with that, I always felt like my wake up was too abrupt. Thanks for reminding me my mom could use one too!

  3. Lol not sure about any cleaning products… I would feel like a highly valued maid with that one. But great ideas all around. Chocolate? Yes please! And a massage in any form would be highly welcomed 😉

  4. These are very thoughtful and unique ideas. One more my mom loves is the “I’m Tickled You’re My Mom” gift box for a birthday or Mother’s day. With it mom can grow the only plant that will close its leaves and lower its branches when tickled or blown a kiss. Found this online and Amazon.