DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe

DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe

Hormones affect every aspect of health, and lately I’ve seen the affect of hormones on hair and scalp health.

After eight years of pregnancy and nursing, my body was tired and after that many years of my hormones being elevated from pregnancy/nursing, the postpartum hair loss finally occurred… and did it ever.

This happens because most hair follicles grow hair for a few months and then rest for a few months with an average of 10% of the head’s follicles resting at once. This resting period lessens considerably during pregnancy and women typically lose less hair during pregnancy, but the postpartum hormones can cause the body to catch up on the rest period for hair follicles, leading to more than normal hair loss. It is a normal process, but after 5 pregnancies and not experiencing the postpartum hair loss, it finally caught up with me.

On top of that, I had a really stressful few months and stress can make hair loss worse. I addressed the stress and the hormones and it stopped the hair loss, but I wanted to do something to help my new hair grow more quickly and to protect my hair/scalp in the summer months.

This hair growth serum is the result.

Some women go to a dermatologist or a beautician for hair-related problems. I go to my pantry.

As with my homemade hair spray, sea salt spray, and dry shampoo, this homemade hair growth serum is less expensive than commercial options without the harmful chemicals.

Hair Growth Serum Recipe

This serum combines herbs and essential oils that are good for scalp health and hair growth:

  • Nettle– Rich in iron and vitamins A, C and K plus potassium and magnesium. It is often used in natural hair products and helps stimulate hair growth
  • Horsetail– High in silica and excellent for hair supporting hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera Gel– Naturally thickens and soothes the scalp and serves as a silkening base for this serum.
  • Essential Oils- Essential oils of Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Lavender are great for hair and scalp health.

Hair Growth Serum Ingredients

  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 2 Tablespoons Dried Nettle Leaf
  • 2 Tablespoons Horsetail Leaf (optional)
  • 2 Tablespoons Natural Aloe Vera Gel
  • 10 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil
  • 10 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Hair Growth Serum Instructions

  1. Boil the distilled water and add the dried nettle leaf and horsetail leaf.
  2. Let the herbs sit in the water for at least 10 minutes or until water cools.
  3. Strain the herbs out and pour the herb infused liquid in to a spray bottle.
  4. Add the aloe vera and essential oils and shake well.
  5. Store in the fridge for up to 3 months and shake well before us.

How to Apply Hair Growth Serum

Spray liberally on hair roots once or more per day. I found that it was easiest and worked the best to spray on before bed each night.

Where I Get Ingredients and Supplies

I got the nettle leaf, and horsetail leaf from Mountain Rose Herbs and the natural aloe vera here.

I re-used an old spray bottle, but it is very similar to this bottle. I also like this stainless steel bottle and this glass option.

For the essential oils, any high quality option will work. I order oils from Mountain Rose Herbs, and Plant Therapy.

Have you ever had postpartum hair loss? What did you do to help it? Share below!
This natural hair growth serum combines herbs like nettle and horsetail with aloe vera gel and essential oils of lavender, rosemary and clary sage.

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Reader Comments

  1. Will this for hair loss in men too?


    • I haven’t tested it on men, but I don’t see why it would hurt, so you could experiment.

      • I just made this hair serum recipe yesterday! Does it really need to be stored in the fridge? Just wondering bc it would be easier to leave it on the counter bc I am going to be using it twice a day. Thanks!!

      • Do you think it’s okay to use purified vs distilled water?

      • OMG!!!!!!!ALMOST AN ORGASMIC CONCOCTION, I feel like a kitty rolling in Catnip, really. And the best part, besides this wonderful sensory stimulation, is that I might grow back some hair I’ve lost in perimenopause, awesome. Love it Wellness Mama, Thank You. Had to do a few adjustments, I used a few sprigs of fresh Rosemary (instead of dried), and I couldn’t wait to order the dried Nettle leaf so I left it out, used fresh aloe vera (I liquified it in the blender), and 12 drops of Lavender essential oil. I had to leave out the Clary Sage oil because I’m in the process of starting Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Clary Sage will have some effect on your hormone balance and I need my blood and saliva tests to read true. Anyway, a descendent of the Mayans, I grew up with mom and grandma self-prescribing herbal medicinal potions for all ailments and to the best of my knowledge, all the ingredients in your natural hair growth serum comply with their beliefs in the powerful healing science with herbs for a killer for mane of hair. My mother had the kind of hair you would stop and look and she never used any expensive products. Thanks, I was looking for just the right combination and I found it.

        • Clary Sage essential oil is also a wonderful mood up-lifter. Neat on a tissue and inhale to lift sadness, moderate depressive states etc or mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into temples and collarbone.

        • Clary Sage: Have any idea if it will interfere while taking just T3/T4?? Glad you mention the “hormone” part of your review. I’m in the process of gathering all the ingredients to make this lovely serum…

      • I know this question is silly, but I just need the confirmation – This truly does work for you? You see new hair growth and improvement? My hair is falling out less but it is reallly thinned out. You could try for men, that would be cool, if it worked -Thank you WellnessMama, I appreciate your time and putting this website together!! ~Shillene Hancock

      • Could I infuse the castor oil by heating it on low adding the herbs. Letting it infuse for 4-6 hours. Then there will not be any need for water and may increase shelf life?

        • I would either use Castor or Olive oil instead of water and infuse 3-6 weeks that will LAST for a year. Shake it daily for 3-6 weeks. =)

    • I’m looking for aloe vera gel and would like to know what kind to use. I’m only finding aloe vera gel with additional ingredients and would like to know what additions are ok to use for this serum recipe?

        • I found it was best to just buy an aloe vera plant and snip a leaf when you need it that way its always growing and available. Looks nice in the house too.

        • Does this work on hair that is processed as mine is without stripping out the color? Are all of the ingredients in your serum etc safe to use on processed hair? I need to know this prior to investing in these ingredients. Thanks so much.

      • I make my own aloe Vera gel by mixing aloe Vera juice with a very small amount of xantham gum. Blending seems to speed up the absorption process. Very Inexpensive alternative to buying gel.

    • If this is good for hair growth, surely if you have superfluous facial hair, it is a no no!! Would like to know as soon as possible please.

    • thank you for sharing that info to i am going to try that serum and i have tried curl activator and coconut oil for my hair and coconut oil liv and curl activator mixed together for my girls hair and it grows it but it stops at a certain length. i cant wait to try this to see what this will do for our hair. thank you once again for your postings.

  2. Is this safe to use while breast-feeding, including the horsetail and essential oils?

    • I’d ask a midwife or doc before using anything while pregnant or nursing but I have…

    • Does anyone know if Rosemary or Jamaican black castor oil is safe while nursing a baby? Or while pregnant?

      • I have read in several different places that Rosemary is unsafe for pregnancy. Personally, the smell of it gave me terrible headaches when I was pregnant, which I saw as confirmation. Some people use castor oil to induce labor, my mother being one of them! I would avoid these during pregnancy, but I don’t know about breast feeding.

      • So long as you dont drink the castor oil it is safe for pregnant women. Castor oil is used for constipation because it gets the bowels moving which in turn could induce contractions in a pregnant woman. Applying it on your hair would not cause labor.

    • Please be careful of Clary Sage when breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant. This was one of the first things I had to be mindful of when I used it to lift my mood. Better safe than sorry, as essential oils do get absorbed by the body to a large extent.

      Thanks Wellness Mama – am going to try this for my hair too. You really are a sweetheart for making all this information available. I hope you have a very Happy New Year and wish you go from strength to strength in all your endeavours.

      Everyone else, Happy New Year.

  3. Omg…I so love you for this recipe! I needed this!! You rock my world, girl! Xo

  4. This intrigues me! I will have to try it, because i could use a little longer locks! Thanks for the recipe!


      • Massage oil? Add it to any light oil and massage with it.

  5. I’m so glad I found this! I experienced birth-control related hair loss (though I have been off of it for about 6 months, there is barely any new growth). I cant wait to try this!

    • Just wondering if this worked for BC related hair loss?

      I’ve been off Mirena for a year now and just starting to see a reversal of the negative side effects. Half my hair fell out… 🙁

      • If ur dedicated to hair regrowth, I have recently learned of a few things. I made a hair regrowth serum for my aunt undergoing chemo. In an aloe Vera juice (with a little aloe Vera gel) and a about a 25%-33% distilled water, base, I add it to my Pyrex/simmering water ‘dbl boiler’ and add polysorbate 20 or 80, to emulsify the the water and oil. Also, add Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint/menthol, Geranium, Sage, Ylang Ylang, Ravinsara, Cedarwood, Basil and Oregano.
        And that is all that I can remember goes in that, but menthol essential oil, comes as a solid. You warm its glass container, melt it down and add at least 30-100% liquid peppermint essential oil to blend the menthol with and it will stay a liquid. That and tea tree are really potent and add an invigorating effect to help stimulate circulation in the scalp. This promotes growth. Since then, I have learned of two other ingredients I’m ordering this week; Rhodiola Hair Active (usage rate of only 1-5%), and Follicle booster. The follicle booster might give u some sticker shock (at almost $40/oz) but their sample recipe calls for a usage rate of only about 2%, so that’s not that bad at all, especially if it delivers! Not yet tested. I have just learned of this update. But I will be making this for sure!!!!!
        Oh! And don’t get taken, purchasing certain ‘Hair Support essential oil blends’, many cost from about just under $25 for only a HALF AN OUNCE!? It simply contains about 6 essential oils. All of which u can buy for RUFFLY $10/oz. So, I highly advise u to make ur own, you’ll save tons!!!. Some may contain; (Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Ravinsara, Cedarwood, Basil, and Sage.) I would def add Tea Tree, Menthol/peppermint, & Eucalyptus, if u wish, to awaken circulation around the hair follicles. I also have learned to use a Gelmaker product with this (use when product adding to, is already warm). If u don’t have that, just use mostly aloe Vera gel with about 20-30% aloe Vera juice..
        Also add a little baking soda about 1-2t. per 8oz of your Shampoo {Mix: Outside the container, in a bowl, as the baking soda will react and expand!!! ??}. (It’s fx are: clarifying, freeing each follicle of any blockages) and a dissolved aspirin or two (for the salycilic acid, controls dandruff, and keep the skin cells free and clear around the follicles) to your shampoo. Be careful do it in a large bowl so it can double in size, based, on the baking soda and aspirin. But after it calms back down, stir gently, and pour back into bottle. A funnel may help. You may want to have a place for the excess to go. If it isn’t much, put it in a mug and use for tonight or in the morning.
        Remember to add the Rhodiola and Follicle Booster (2%) to your Healthy Scalp Serum. I put mine in a Cosmo oval bottle with Yorker top that you can dial up and down to control the rate at which your serum comes out. And since its leave-on, you apply it like you’re dying your roots, by parting your hair about an inch apart all over the scalp, applying the serum, massaging in with ur fingers, as u go, until u apply it all over ur scalp. The tingly, invigorating and cooling fx have a delayed response. Give them a 5 min head start. Meaning, you probably won’t start to feel it’s fx, until ur just about done with the application process or u may be completely finished, before u feel it’s fx. Happy Growing to you! : )

  6. I have never commented before, but I love your site- it is my go to for healthy recipes of all things. Thanks so much. Anyways my last baby is now five and I am just starting to feel like my hair isn’t falling out so much. After both of my pregnancies I lost so much hair, I even shaved my head to get a break from dealing with it. I am going to give this serum a try and see what happens 🙂

    • Did u try this? Does it work

  7. Hi Katie. I’ve been doing some very similar things in my home. Interested in hearing how it’s working for you. Pinning.

  8. After my son was born, my hair started thinning so much but 4 years later, it’s still thin. Can this serum be used for thinning hair possibly not related to post baby? Thanks. I bet it smells great!

  9. Hi there, I was just wondering if you use dried horsetail leaf or fresh? Love your blog by the way!

  10. Mountain Rose Herbs is out of the horsetail leaf. Would you recommend anywhere else? Thanks.

    • carries herbs in bulk. You will find it there.

    • Haha – WellnessMama must have directed so much horsetail business to MRH because they ran out!

      They were out too when I checked so I just got the horsetail extract. I’m going to add it to the nettle tea after it cools. If anything, the extract is more potent so you will get more benefits from it.

      • I know this is an older thread, but I just found this and am interested in how much of the horsetail extract you used in place of the dried? Did it seem to work well?

  11. I was wondering about gathering my own herbs. There are a few different types of horsetail and was wondering what type is used in this formula. There is the small whispy stuff you get in your garden and then there is the giant ones you see when walking the trails. Are both good? I read that certain types are toxic so advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  12. love your post. I read so much about the use of sage and rosemary during pregnancy. Question: can it be used after pregnancy during nursing or after nursing?

    • Thanks! Check with your midwife or OB if taking during pregnancy, but I have used it while nursing.

  13. Yes! Thanks for sharing this! I have been doing overnight (and sometimes 24 hour) oil treatments to my hair in preparation for my wedding in October. I usually warm up almond or coconut oil (by heating water in a bowl and then putting the oil in a smaller bowl into the water) and then add 3 drops of clary sage, 2 drops of fir, and 1 drop of rosemary. My hair has been loving this, but I only do this treatment once a week. I will definitely be adding this serum to my hair care routine on a daily basis 🙂

    • I use the same recipe perhaps should say almost the same recipe as you do. In-stead of Rosemary essential oil, I use Lemon essential oil. It leaves my hair shiny. From time to time in-stead of coconut oil, I use good quality olive oil. The reason why I do not use Rosemary oil as much is I love outdoor activities Rosemary and Sun do not work for me. I was getting red under tones back in to my hair. I looked like a chameleon.

      • Good suggestion about the lemon oil! Thanks! I wonder if it would give my hair natural highlights???

  14. Would this work for men or would you need different herbs?

  15. I have a 2.5 year old with very slow hair growth – maybe an inch so far! Can I use this for her?

      • I know this is an older thread.. But I have been making this serum for my general hair loss… surprisingly I find that I have a little bit more hair loss when I am using this serum. Given that it has been only two weeks – is it normal to experience hair loss before we begin to observe growth?

  16. I love you site SO much! I just made the lotion basic lotion bars and I’m so happy with them. I have had five full-term pregnancies also and have been nursing or pregnant for 13 years, now. I experienced post-partum hair loss and it seemed to get more noticeable with each pregnancy. my new hairs are still somewhat short (my youngest is 1), so I’m excited to try this recipe. Thank you so much for what you do! My family and I are just getting started, but have already been blessed by your work here <3 <

  17. hi. I am not pregnant, but I have been having some hormonal/liver issues and have been loosing lots of hair. I also have oily roots and dry ends. I tried to follow the no poo (baking soda/acv) method. but makes my hair fall more. would this recipe work for my issues :0). or could you suggest anything else. thank you so much!

    • I don’t see how it would hurt to try…

    • Instead of using shampoo, years ago I started washing with water only. I did that for several months. My hair became thicker; it was pretty, wavy, managable. It stopped falling out immediately as soon as I stopped using shampoo.

      But washing with water only, I got an odor and very heavy build-up. It looked killer. But I couldn’t do stink.

      Then I washed with Dr Bronner’s. It smelled nice, remained pretty & wavy. Maybe a little less beautiful but acceptable. And if it ever felt too dry I rubbed jojoba into my fingers and smoothed out the frizzy or dry upper layers. Scalp always looked flaky up-close.

      Occasionally, I also used a “shampoo bar” by Tropical Traditions and/or the Burt’s Bees one. It isn’t shampoo, but old-fashioned soap. They lather great. My hair would be a bit less wavy and would feel dry. I would follow up with jojoba.

      Last year, I read that Dr Bronner’s is the wrong ph for scalps. Baking soda is, as well!! And I read that scalps behave nicely if you start alternating your products. I decided to not use the same hair wash every day.

      For some months now I’ve used a DIY honey shampoo, alternating every day or so with just water, or washing some days with a lightweight conditioner (massaged onto the scalp just as if it were shampoo), and with (very rarely) one of my shampoo bars. Here is my DIY honey shampoo:

      Half honey
      Half coconut milk
      10 or 15 drops of rosemary or other essential oil
      maybe a little water

      Keep refrigerated; use in a week or 2. Warm under the shower and shake well before using. It works best for me in a condiment bottle with a longish nozzle so I can direct it below the roots to my scalp. It will not lather at all. But it works.

      I’ve done this several years now.

      However, my thyroid is not happy this summer and hair has started falling out again. Very sad. Very vain about my hair. Not sure if a topical nettle/horsetail/rosemary rinse will help, but I’ll try anything.

      • I tried Dr. Bonner’s as a shampoo and it was an epic failure. Hair wasn’t shiny clean and it was a heap of dry tangles and knots.

        • I got everything I need to make this serum except distilled water,can I use other water etc spring water,tap?

      • Thanks for the honey wash tip! I’d love to try it. I’ve used a bunch of natural shampoos (incl Dr. Bronners which turned out horribly!) and the best so far for me is Whole Foods 365 lavender shampoo. I wasn’t using any conditioner and would just apply argan oil after showering. My hair was feeling flat though so I asked my hairstylist (very eco/natural-loving, works in green salon) and she explained that while oils are great to add shininess, softness and calm frizziness, they’re not actually conditioning the hair. Hair needs protein to penetrate and rebuild. I’m not explaining it as well as she did but it really made sense as to why using an actual conditioner (with proteins) is important for body, fullness and overall hair health.
        You may want to play with mixing the serum ingredients with unrefined coconut oil, which is supposed to help with hair loss/regrowth, and apply the mixture before bed then wash out in the AM.

      • Have you tried Rosemary essential oil and olive oil? Take about 2 Tablespoons olive oil, depending on length of your hair, and mix 2-3 drops rosemary oil, apply to hair, cover with plastic, and wait approx. 30 minutes, then shampoo. My hair is not oily after this treatment, but is conditioned and healthy.

    • Baking soda is alkaline(pH level over 7) which will dry your hair out, as our skin & hair are acidic(PH level 4.5-5.5). That could be why your hair is still falling. I would just find a gentle, natural shampoo that is sulfate & sodium chloride free, and only shampoo when necessary. The oil we naturally produce from our scalp is the best “conditioner” for our hair, and washing it away daily will make your hair dry and fragile. I’ve been rubbing coconut oil into my scalp once a week and it’s helped a lot to stop my hair from falling. Also, getting regular trims really helps to keep your hair healthy. Split, damaged hair will only get worse and the only thing that “fixes” it is a pair of shears. It’s normal to lose about 100 hairs a day. All the best!

  18. Do you sell this cause I don’t think I would ever get myself to do it, but I do need my hair to grow, I had very long hair, when I started my chemo the nurse told me I wouldn’t lose my hair, on the second day huge chunks of my hair fell out so I just shaved it off. It’s been eight months since my last chemo treatment and I have about an inch of my hair that’s grown out, I want my hair back! Please help me.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t currently sell this, but it sounds like it might work for you. I encourage you to try making it for yourself.

    • If I was you, I would get some pure, unrefined Coconut Oil and apply that to your entire scalp a minimum of 2 times a week. And doing a research would also help you.

      I developed dry scalp in various areas of my scalp last fall, also on my ears & my left eyebrow. Lotion only helped minimally. Dandruff shampoos made my scalp extremely itchy – couldn’t sleep very well.
      So after researching, I began using Apple Cider Vinegar with the ‘mother’ – just sprayed it on & left it – It helped, plus I began to see 2 areas of my scalp (receding hairlines each side of forehead) begin to grown hair.

      I felt it was taking too long on the dry scalp so I searched & found that Pure, Unrefined Coconut Oil should help. So I’ve been putting that on for about 2 months (I still use ACV w/mother – but after I shampoo with baking soda & water & often rinse it off). – But I have seen a great progress on the dray scalp & my receding hairlines are so much better – And I just put it on those areas every other day. So there is no telling how much it would help if I left it on much more often…

      It may not work as well as this combination (which I’ve copies for future use) – BUT it is much easier to use. Just know that you hair ‘will’ be greasy – I’ve had to wash my hair twice whenever I apply to all of my scalp & hair. – If nothing else, it is worth trying.

      • What is the “mother”?

        • Mother is a brand name in whole food stores of Apple Cider Vinegar. It might be part of a name…I can’t recall.

          • Here is a snippet from Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar’s website:
            Contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar which occurs naturally as strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules.

          • Actually, mother is a cellulose substance made up of various Acetobacter, a very acidic strain of bacteria. The Acetobacter combine with the oxygen in warm air to cause fermentation in apple cider, wine, or other alcoholic liquids to produce vinegar. It is the mother that gives the vinegar its characteristic sourness.

        • The “mother” is the fermented ‘glob of gook’ that forms on unpasteurized ACV: it is only on the good stuff, like Braggs ACV. It sounds horrible, but it IS good for you!!! It is not harmful, rather the opposite, it is very good for you both in consuming and applying to the body/hair.

        • The ‘Mother’ is the ‘starter plant’
          used for creating the vinegar – also called the ‘SCOBY’ (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). If you have ever made Ginger beer at home, you need a starter ginger ‘plant’ or SCOBY to create the drink. Hope this helps. Ann. x

    • I know in my case I had to make sure that I was getting enough minerals in my diet. Did you read the blog about adding bentonite clay to water for supplemental minerals?

      “For Internal Cleansing: I drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon most days in a cup of water. I combine in a glass jar with a plastic lid and shake until well incorporated. This has helped improve my digestion and also seems to give me more energy. Since adding this and getting gelatin in my diet or through Gelatin powder daily I also notice that my nails and hair grow more quickly.”

      Thanks Wellness Mama! I pay attention.

  19. Does this REALLY work? How about on a man? 🙂

    • Yes, it worked for me. On a man I am not sure… Hair regrowth works different for men and women. I don’t think if would harm someone if they wanted to try it, though.

  20. actually I have a thining eyebrow and am using the rosemary tonic which is rosemary ,Myrtus (whic is wonderful for hair growth as well) but i have all these herbs because they also are great for hair growth .also have heard and read lots of great stuff about fenugreek seed paste but I would use this serum with the addition of Myrtle hydrosol or tea for sure.Thanks.

  21. Thank you.

  22. So incredibly happy you shared this! I have been struggling with this lately as I am now entering the dreaded menopause stage of my life. Thank you so much! I can not wait to try it!

  23. Love you site..favorite lotion is the luxury lotion..Wanted my hair to grow back fast after chopping it all off in a Michelle Williams pixie last year. I have been making a treatment of an equal parts of olive oil, avocado oil & castor oil. Slather in your hair. Best to do on night before washing your hair. Cover with an oh so glamorous shower cap and cover pillow with a towel. Next morning shampoo as per usual. Hair is supper soft and bouncy and is growing in fast.

  24. Is the Rosemary oil necessary for this serum to work? Rosemary oil is mostly used for digestive health, muscle aches and pains, and nervous tension, no? Just curious if it was in there for scent purposes?

    • It is also incredibly good for the scalp, and very stimulating.

  25. Since nettle has so many vitamins, would it be beneficial to drink it as a tea or take it in a supplement too, or is it not edible? i’ve been looking for a good source of those vitamins. Also, Do you mean nettle leaf, nettle leaf powder, nettle root, or nettle root powder? All of them are on the MRH site. Thanks!

  26. This sounds great, but I am allergic to aloe vera. Can you suggest an alternative?

    Thanks so much!

      • I also am allergic to aloe vera…but would you believe I am also allergic to witch hazel? Seriously, I have so many allergies, it’s often hard for me to follow recipes for food or skin care. Is there something else I can use for the base of this hair growth serum?

          • Thanks. I’ll try that.

  27. In regards to the multiple pregnancies, What are your thoughts regarding Dr Weston A Price’s studies on child spacing of 3-years for optimal maternal nutrition?

  28. HI! THANKS for the post! How long did you use this for? Long term? And you noticed hair growth? You have beautiful hair 🙂 THANKS!

  29. Does the aloe vera clog your spray nozzle?

    Where did you get/come up with this recipe?

  30. I started taking fermented cod liver oil/butter oil about a year ago because I read it helped re-enamelize teeth. But then after a month I noticed an additional but unforseen positive effect. My hair stopped falling out and started growing again. Im 48 and for several years I havent had to shave legs etc and my hair was always coming out in shower or when brushing. But after taking the fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend it totally reversed itself! I had to start shaving and also coloring my roots again lol. Also my brittle nails stopped breaking so I assume they are harder/ healthier.

    • Hi, what exactly is the product you are speaking of? Thanks

    • Tisha, where did you get the “fermented cod liver oil/butter oil ?” A brand name? Thanks.

      • Go to green Amazon also sells the same brand. Good luck!

    • Wow I too just started taking the Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil/butter blend (chocolate flavor). I sure hope it works on my hair as well cause I had major fall out due to stress. Thanks for posting your comment.

    • Could you elaborate on the mixture your taking? How much of each and how often? Thanks!

    • Hi Tisha! My name is Trisha, am 48 and haven’t needed to shave my legs and experience hair loss in the shower too. I felt like I was reading about myself! I can’t wait to try this. Is this a premade mixture? How much do you take a day? Thanks!!

    • How much of each do you use ??? And you only used the 2 ingrediences ???? And I’m sure you meant daily & to take it internally ??????

  31. My regular OB recommended 3 years spacing years ago after I did not listen and waited a mere 3 months. She advised me that it takes years for your body to recover and be in optimal health for a new pregnancy. Also, I’ve seen many examples of how 3 years us an ideal age difference for siblings. It allows the youngest time to develop and find their place in the family before another addition is added. They can help out at that age, too. Personally, I can attest that age is less important with siblings since mine are so close, but I very much wish I had treated my body better and let it recover 3 years.

  32. Hi. Im a few days away from having our 5th bubba. I was wondering if by any chance that you could use this AWESOME recipe straight away instead of storing it away for 3 months? Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents to the WORLD. x

  33. Do you think I can use the herbs fresh?
    Because I have both nettle and horsetail growing in my backyard.

  34. Thanks wellness mama! I love all your recipies and am sooooo glad i have found your helpful site! I’ll try this serum too because my hair and eyebrows are falling out due to the HCG diet i did last year. The doc says I shocked my system doing the extreme diet. Things we do……! I had hoped this diet would help with my hormonal issues, but didn’t – i’m now seeing an excellent GP who also specializes in nutrition and naturopathy who says thyroid issues also can cause thinning hair, brittle nails etc.
    I’m also allergic to Aloe Vera so thanks for posting about witch hazel! i’m going to give this a try!
    Thanks also to Tisha for posting about the internal supplementation of fermented cod liver oil – i’ll be trying this too! Tisha can you tell me how you take this? Is it straight off the spoon? How much?

    • I take the fermented cod liver oil/butter blend (chocolate flavor). The bottle says 1/2 tsp. I take a full teaspoon right from the spoon. Green Pastures also sells a gel caplet of the same formula. Mine (chocolate flavor) is yummy for me right off the spoon and I get no after taste. Hope this helps

    • I got a Kelp supplement from the health food store – it brought my thyroid level up. Might be worth a try for you.

  35. For women hair loss is one of the most common and distressing signs of a low thyroid especially around the time of pregnancy. Research reveals the thyroid hormones play an important role in regulating the natural growth and shedding cycles of hair. Most importantly the thyroid hormones slow the release of hair from the scalp and activate the growth of new hair. It is therefore very important to check your thyroid if you are experiencing excess hair loss. I recommend 5 thyroid tests: TSH, free T4, free T3, thyroid antibodies and reverse T3.

    • Thanks for the info. I heard that if you’re missing the outer third of your eyebrows it also means that you also have thyroid problems that should be checked out.

  36. I have very dry scalp. I stopped using shampoo about a few months ago and to my surprise my hair looks amazing, but I still have dandruff pretty bad. My scalp burns and itches all the time. I use bentonite clay and kombucha once a week to wash my hair and then just water in between. I have very hard water that is softened with potassium chloride. I was just wondering if this syrum would work as is on my scalp or are there other herbs/eo’s to try, as I don’t particularly need the growth help. Thanks!

    • Try some apple cider vinegar rinse, or just spray it on after you towel dry. Really helps itchy scalp (changes the pH).

  37. Thank you Katie! I look forward to making and using this serum. I am 64 and had 5 children. losing more hair with each one. Even tho now I take thyroid med (armour) my hair is not growing back after 2 years on it. I wonder if the hair follicles have curled up and died , or if there’s hope. Guess I’ll find out 🙂


    • To get oil out of your hair apply shampoo to dry hair, rub in then rinse. Sometimes even with this method it takes two applications of shampoo.

  39. I regularly use a homemade ‘conditioner/rinse’ for my hair made of a strong tea using rosemary, nettle and horsetail. I steep for several hours, usually. I add the same amount of raw organic ACV and keep this in the shower (the tea makes a lot, so I keep the remainder of the tea only in the ‘frige). After washing my hair with an organic nettle/rosemary shampoo bar, I dilute the tea/ACV mix with warm water, massage it in and leave for the rest of my shower and thoroughly rinse before getting out.
    I will often add the tea only mix to some other tea and drink (usually hibiscus tea, or any other fragrant flower tea works best for me).
    My hair has never felt or looked better!
    Thank you for your great ideas and recipes and for sharing them with all of us!

  40. Hi Katie,
    I’ve been reading your blog for the last 6 month and truly love it. I’m one of these people who works 80 hours per week (and feel good about it, because I love my job), but unfortunately I could not find time to reproduce all of your wonderful beauty recipes.

    So I decided to ask you if you sell anywhere samples and full size bottles of your beauty products?

    Thank you,

    • I don’t sell any products, I just share recipes that work for me in case others are interested in making their own.

  41. Thanks for the info on hair serums, I’m on a “back to natural hair” journey and I see on other natural hair blogs similar if not the exact same recipe.
    For those who inquire whether to use the leaf, root or powder, I suggest to use the leaf form for a hair rinse because it is easier to measure out and more potent when you boil it.
    I use a stainless steel mesh ball and add nettle leaf, horsetail leaf, indian hemp leaves (from my local botanica) about a big pinch each, boil in filtered water about 10 minutes or until dark, let cool, take out mesh ball, place rinse in a spray bottle and add a few drops of jojoba oil or indian hemp oil.
    Spray hair with the mixture either as a rinse or use as an addition for a hair set. It makes my hair strong and helps maintain my natural curl pattern.
    P.S. for anyone who have thinning spots, get some Jamaican Black Castor Oil (it comes with lavender as well, any brand will do) and rub a small drop on problem area and you’ll see that area grow in and grow in thick too. A little goes a very long way since it is very viscous.
    Good Luck.

    • P.P.S. you can also add some rosewater in your mixture for extra moisture and it leaves a nice fragrance too.
      Thank You Wellness Mama.
      P.P.S.2 : I made your Tangerine gelatin for the skin and I drop a cube or two in my hot green tea and its amazing!!!

    • Can you share where you get te Jamaican oil? Thanks

    • Loving all the info about thinning hair! I am post-menopause at 54 and have been for almost 10 years. In the last 12 – 18 months I have noticed considerable thinning. Thanks for all the info!

  42. How about using this for eyelash growth? I would really love a natural alternative to eyelash serums…my eyelashes could use some lengthening and fullness! Thanks!

  43. Does this need to be refrigerated or was that a suggestion to keep it for up to 3 months. If refrigeration is not necessary how long can it be used before you need to make a new batch?

    • You should refrigerate because of the aloe. I kept mine in the fridge so I’m not sure how long it would last outside, but maybe a week or two.

      • How long does this last in the refrigerator?

  44. Thank you for sharing! I am a year post op weight loss surgery and have been steadily losing hair for the past 8 months. I’m hoping this will help with that.

    My question: do you use this like leave-in conditioner or like a hair mask at night that you shampoo off in the morning?

    Thank you!!

      • do you wash your hair every day? love your web page

        Thank you so much,

  45. Wellness mama is correct with these ingredients. There are several reasons whys this formula attacks hairloss at almost all angles. Aloe Vera is a natural salicylic acid which cleanse pores so follicles do not get clogged and die. As well as keeping the scalp clean from bacteria and fungus.
    Horsetail is known to jump start dormant follicles so for androgenic alopecia this will help tremendously.
    Lavender is anti fungal so if a fungal infection is present this will help kill that. Rosemary helps for stronger hair and regrowth of new hair.

    Side note I used nioxin shampoo since 2000 recently stopped since they sold out to proctor and gamble and now make a toxic shampoo. When I stopped using my scalp got irritated inflamed itchy and pachy hairloss. Nioxin or the old nioxin contained all the ingredients in this formula wellness mama gives.

    Other things to consider are using an organic safe shampoo like organic excellence, installing a chlorine filter on your shower head and using brags apple cider vinegar as a pre treatment before you get in the shower by spraying on and leaving for 15 min. This will kill fungus if a niche is present. If not he cleansing astringent properties will open up follicles well for your shampoo to cleanse well.

  46. Hi,
    Love your website! Just wondering if this is safe for highlighted hair? Also, will this leave your hair oily? I have thin, oily hair and would love to regrow new hair and hopefully make my hair feel thicker in the process but I don’t want to have to shampoo every morning. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you do much in advance!

  47. Does it have to be Jamaican Castor Oil or any Castor Oil?

    • after i read the other reply recommending jamaican black castor oil, i started experimenting with regular castor oil. Today is second day; and so far, i notice less hair falling out. don’t knkow if that’s a coincidence. i’ll keep trying and maybe remember to post about it later.

  48. I have so many aloe plants. Can I use it instead of the aloe gel?

    • Sure! Fresh is best, just scoop out the gel inside the plant!

      • I used fresh aloe from my aloe plant for this recipe and it worked great EXCEPT I didn’t blend it before I put the aloe in the nettle tea. That sounds like common sense, but I figured if I shook the bottle really hard that I would break up the aloe. That did not work. I did cut it into little pieces, but some of them still got stuck in the sprayer. Next time, I will be blending/pulverizing the aloe before adding it.

        I love this serum! I took it to my friend’s house last night and sprayed it on both her sons’ hair (they are both under 5 and love all the EOs and smelly stuff I always bring over). They loved the smell and it seemed to calm them down for bed 🙂

  49. Cant find the horsetail herb. Will it still be effective enough?

    • The horsetail does help, but you can try it without.

  50. hi,
    could you use Horsetail extract instead and what amount?

  51. Hi Katie,

    My husband’s hair is thinning and it is turning white. I was wondering if you could combine your 2 serums (1 for hair growth and the other for naturally colouring hair) to solve both problems at the same time? Or would this reduce the effectiveness?

    Thank you

    • You could try it together and separately and experiment to see which works better. I don’t think one would cancel the other…

  52. Dear Katie,

    Thank you so much for your awesome blog! I have couple of questions about the hair growth serum: First, have you experienced alopecia–bald spots or visible scalp–or did you just have less hair from thinning? Also, how long did you use the serum before you saw growth? I’ve been struggling with thinning and now what my dermatologist calls androgenetic alopecia for about 4 years. I’ve been working to get to the root of the hormone problem, but in the meantime, my scalp gets more and more apparent. I’m up for trying anything, but having a time frame may help me keep track. Many blessings! ~Laura

    • I haven’t had anything that severe but noticed results within a few weeks.

  53. How often and for how long do you recommend doing this treatment?

  54. can you use a plastic spray bottle or does it need to be in glass or metal?

    • Plastic will leach nasty BPA into your serum.

      • What about the plastic tube IN the spay bottle? Where do you find a glass spray bottle WITH a glass tube inside?

  55. I have a doubt about the “store in fridge up to 3 months”. That’s 3 months before you can start using it? or is it the expiration span?


  56. is there a benefit to using a stainless steal bottle to just a plastic one? also does it matter where you get their oils? I have a little local store in town but I am new to all of this so did not know if there was a difference?

    • I don’t like to use plastic because of BPA.

  57. Hi, Katie

    What can you recommend to grow over plucked eyebrows, please? I read on the Internet to use vaseline and vitamin E oil on brows and lashes. I’ve done it at night on washed face for a couple weeks. The only change I’ve noticed is one WHITE eyebrow hair getting longer. ugh.

    Do you agree with these, or do you have something better?

    I over plucked as a teen-ager. Of course, the hairs that do grow back in are the hairs I don’t want! But the blank spaces are forever barren.

    Lisa in Indy

    • Vitamin e oil, yes. Vaseline, no.I try not to touch anything with the word “petroleum” in its name 😉 You could also try olive oil, although I confess I haven’t researched it much.

      • Great recipe for hair regrowth, thank you 🙂

        Regarding the post on overplucked eyebrows & Vitamin E :

        I had that unfortunate experience myself last year – i have very fair fine hair, eyebrows included – and read that vitamin E applied at night works great – and it sure did !! I used it every night for a 6 weeks or so and saw a significantly noticeable difference in eyebrow regrowth than I would normally see without using anything. I just rubbed it onto my eyebrows using my finger tip and by morning it has completely absorbed. Now I use a thoroughly cleaned and dry mascara wand and that works great for adding the Vitamin E to my eyelashes as well. It does work, just make sure the tweezers are completely out of the picture for at least 6 weeks. Resist the urge to do maintanence tweezing. I collected every pair of tweezers in my house and gave them to a friend to hold onto lol. I will say though it did take around 6 months for them to fully grow back and i started using Vitamin E around month 4. I suspect for my case, it would have taken more like 8 months had i not used vitamin e. Its worth trying for sure. There are oils that are high in VItamin E that you can use however I had best results with eyebrow regrowth using straight vitamin E. Hope this helps 🙂

        • Hi Stacy,
          Have you tried Jamaican Black Castor Oil? It help the hair grow in thicker and faster as well.
          It also comes with Lavender oil if the castor oil smell seem a bit overwhelming. A little goes a very long way.

  58. Hi, Katie

    Not sure if you got my previous question (last nite). What can you recommend to grow eyebrows? Mine are over plucked since teen age years. Vitamin E oil and vaseline don’t seem to work – except to grow the WHITE eyebrow hairs! Thanks. Lisa PS: love your blog. I’ve started the oil cleansing on my teeth w/o any probs doing for 20 min! Teeth are clean, fresh and w/o plaque!!

    • Have you had your thyroid checked? Thinning on sides of eyebrows that don’t grow back can be a sign of thyroid disease (it was for me)

  59. Katie.

    You should make this and sell it? Do you? I want some so badly but done have time
    nor patience to make the concoction. Let me know if you would make it and sell it to me?

    Kristina (Michigan)

  60. Hi, I have been losing hair for the past 10 months and unfortunately cannot blame it on pregnancy as I have no kids! The hair loss started 6 months after i stopped taking the pill and I am also struggling with gut/skin issues (SIBO, rosacea, etc) since taking the pill. I have tried countless things but cant get my hair to stop falling 🙁

    My question for you (or any reader) is about the white bulbs/tips I see at the END of the fallen hairs (not at the root, but at the ends). I know this is weird but I can tell which hairs are loose just by looking at the ends!

    Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. I am 25 years old.

    • Check out my recent podcast interview with Chris Kresser. He talks about post-pill recovery and hair loss remedies.

  61. Will freeze dried Nettles(400mg) & Horsetail grass(440mg) which they have at Whole Foods work ? They both are in capsule form. I would like to make this for my Niece who just finished 8 months of Chemo treatments. (she is in remission now) Thanks. Hoping for quick response.

    • You could try it, but I am not sure about the results. Congrats to your niece… She must be a stronger lady!

  62. Ok, I have a stupid question. I don’t guess there is a way to get it on the roots of your hair without getting the rest of your hair all wet too is there? Mine is short now but I want it to grow long. My hair has always grown very slowly and never been longer than just touching my shoulders so I am hoping this works for me. Thanks!

    • If your hair is very short, you may not be able to keep it off the rest of your hair, but I find that really just shoving the nozzle well into my roots and spraying keeps the majority of it where I want it.

  63. Hi Katie ~ I’m thrilled to see this and will be making it just as soon as I can get the ingredients in hand. I’m 10 weeks with my 4th pregnancy and have been losing hair for what seems like a year. I am wondering how you balanced out your hormones. Can you share? Thanks for all you share!! ~Jen

  64. I am from south Africa and I am mixed race, my hair is thinned ever since I moved to the UK in 2005.

    Now so even more, I wanted to send you a picture but it does not have an option on the site. I have changed my shampoo 2 weeks ago to your no poo . T

    here is definitely a change, my hair does not fall that much in the bath. I use acv as a conditioner.

    Can someone please tell me if they have tried this serum and does it work on hair type that is similar to mine ?

    Thank you so much for this, you should tell more women about this (TV or radio)

    My hair type is like indian hair (dark brown and wavy). My hair fell a lot in the last 6 months, I am due to visit the dr to check if there is anything wrong but I doubt it as I do take much care of myself.

    I need something to stimulate hair growth as it is getting so bad.

  65. Hey there!

    I am excited to try this since I am trying to grow out my hair – fast!
    1) How much did this help your hair growth
    2) How consistently did you use it?
    3) How long did you use it?
    4) Did you notice that getting your hair wet with the serum and letting it dry a few times a day made it dry?

  66. One thing to consider is that gluten in the diet (especially in the excessive amounts we have in food today) causes gut damage, malabsorption of nutrients and thyroid issues in many people, which leads to thinning and hair loss. If you have tried everything else and it doesn’t seem to help it might be something to look into. If you can’t afford to be tested for gluten sensitivity, just change your diet and see if you notice a difference in the way you feel and the way your hair is doing. It will take several months to see a difference, but you can feel the difference quickly. You have to be very strict though… any at all and it wont work. Gluten is hidden in almost everything and it is an adjustment and takes willpower, for sure! If you are gluten sensitive it takes up to 3 years for your intestines to heal and to be able to absorb nutrients fully again.

  67. Hello Katie,

    My husband’s hair is thinning and going grey. Can I combine your hair growth serum with your natural herb hair colour recipe for dark brown hair? Will it achieve both goals if I do?

    Thank you

  68. when you say you have to store it in the fridge for 3 months does that mean you have to wait 3 months to be able to use it?? I got a bad hair cut and i am in desperate need to grow my hair out and I wouldnt want to wait three months to try this

    • Oh no… It is immediately usable and will stay good for 3 months.

      • How long does it take for you to start to see results? And does it make your hair look greasy? Like I take showers at night so if I sprayed it in my hair after I shower and then go to bed would my hair look greasy in the morning?

  69. okayy and how long does it take to start to see results? And how often should I use it?

  70. Can this be applied in the morning instead of at night? Does it smell? Is it very heavy?

    • It isn’t that heavy but I would say it depends on your hair texture 🙂

  71. Hi can I use the nettles growing in my yard? If yes do you suggest using younger plants or older ones?

  72. Hi Katie,

    How long would you expect this to last in the fridge if I was using filtered water instead of distilled?

    Thank you

  73. Thank you for your wonderful site. Your knowledge is invaluable.

    Please let me know how this Hair Growth serum is working out for you. I am taking biotin, probiotics, eating Paleo (except mistakenly added grains after 2.5 years thinking I needed them…not…. they are gone), got rid of a major stress contributor, went to dermatologist and even had a scalp biopsy. It revealed “early onset female patterned baldness”. My hair is growing back, but still losing. I have been told it is my “age”(54) and I don’t buy that.

    I know that we all are chemically different and we need to know our bodies…but still interested in how it works for you and others.
    Many thanks and blessings!!

  74. Can you use nettle and horsetail herbs from a tea bag or are they too finely ground? Would the whole leaf work better?

    • It might work… I guess you wouldn’t find out until you went to strain it. But then again it’s not too fine to stay in the tea bag. I think it’s worth a try. Let us know how it goes!

  75. Do you think I could use on my 5 year olds hair?

  76. Hi Katie! I’m just curious how this ended up working out in the long haul? Did you notice any significant hair growth or thickening? Thanks!

    • Yep. Hair is definitely thicker and I just use this occasionally for maintenance now

  77. Will this work perhaps for my 4 y/o? She has very short hair still. Can just barely do tiny pigtails. I haven’t seen any advice on this here. She hasn’t had wheat in one year because of eczema and has so far been taking FCLO/butter oil for 1 month. I can’t find much online about this. We don’t make it a big deal at all.i don’t want her to be self conscious about it. Any advice?

  78. I love the recipe for the hair serum. Question: I have blonde hair and frequently use chamomile tea to help lighten. Will the nettle or horsetail DARKEN my hair????

  79. Well, it’s a long story…. but as a result ….. I have a half sister, who HAD a problem.
    She WAS absolutely bold. As a rubber toy.
    My parents adopted her at age 8 (now she is 38) and spent whole year – to get a result. An eye lashes. It was the First Victory.
    After that – every thing was EASY.
    The recipe the same like yours PLUS Cinnamon essential oil 5 drops in 200ml of yours “treatment”.
    But more important- to apply this treatment – EVERY DAY TWICE.
    And – NO chemical/commercial shampoo and conditioner.
    PLUS – ones a week -hair mask with ANY oil, coconut/olive/avocado…… preferably warm temperature mask at least for 30 minutes

  80. Hi! I’m really excited to try this recipe. I’m really new to DIY and I’ve tried a few of your recipes already and they’ve worked out fantastically!!! Thank you 🙂 I have nettle and horsetail in powder form. Can I use that instead? How much would I use for this recipe?

  81. Is this effective without the Clary Sage? It is a bit more expensive than I can afford…

  82. Hi Katie
    Did you notice change in your hair after using this? I really want to try it because I am 4 months post partum and my hair is falling out like crazy!

      • Awesome! Ordered everything today 🙂 Crossing my fingers for amazing results! Thank you 🙂

  83. Hi, I have been using the hair serum for about 4 months and love it. I am seeing regrowth and my hair feels thicker.

    • Yay! So glad it is working for you! Thanks for sharing!

  84. Can we use the aloe vera straight from the aloe vera plant leaf instead of the store bought gel to make this serum? If the aloe vera gel used is natural will the serum still be effective for 3 months when refigerated or will it get spoilt? Which is better to use natural aloe vera gel or store bought? Thanks.

    • I’ve never tried with fresh but I would think it would go bad before that time.

  85. Hello! I have been recently going “greener” with my young family and am eager to try this as my hair is definitely not what it was… Have you tried sage instead of clary sage? It is almost prohibitive in price. Thank you in advance!

  86. Can you make this recipe for me? I would love to have some. Please let me know how to order and the amount. Thanks!

    • I am sorry but I do not sell products at this time 🙁

  87. If you ever decide to sell stuff, please let me know! I think you’d have quite the market!

  88. Hi Katie

    Can I use dried rosemary boil together with nettle and horsetail leave instead of rosemary essential oil?


  89. I use something like this. I brew it as a tea, some are from tea bags and some loose herbs. I do recommend that anyone with problems on the hair really research well. I use green tea in my mix to help. Green tea blocks the hormone that causes hair loss. So that can be a option for anyone. Certain teas help with coloring hair. Rosemary tea is great for this but eo wud def be better if u have light hair cause it darkens hair same with sage. Drinking the teas also greatly helps with hair fall and growth. Nettle is great for growth and green tea for the hair fall. As a bonus nettle is great for allergies too. I also put in lavender to help with scalp issues. Very soothing. I make my tea in a 14oz jar every day and use it as a rinse plus as a spritz for later in the day. Without the aloe in it. I put a lil on at a time and massage it in, especially where I have a few bald spots. Sometimes I leave it in sometimes rinse. Depends on my mood. I strongly believe in spiritual underlying causes for ailments and hair loss is one of them. So really to combat it u also need to find the cause and address everything as a whole

  90. Is this similar to Biosilk? The texture?

  91. I have thinning eyebrows will this help in the regrow the of them?

    • Chandra ~ I use castor oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s works exceptionally well for hair growth! You can even use it on your head. I make a little mixture that I found online and I’m sorry but I don’t remember the source. In a mascara tube…fill 3/4 of the way with castor oil, 1/8 with sweet almond oil, and 1/8 with Vitamin E oil. Having it with a mascara wand makes it soooooo easy to apply and not make a mess lol I used to just dab caster oil on my finger and run it across my lashes and I always ended up with oil in my eyes lol Things were a bit blurry for awhile :p I would say you should definitely notice a significant difference within a month or even less. Hope this helps. 🙂


      • Thank you Yvonne!! I have all these ingredients I’m going to make it today!! Random question, how do you get the liquid into a mascara bottle?

        • It’s kind of tricky especially with castor oil and vitamin E oil being so viscous/thick and the tube opening being very narrow. I used pipettes that I have. You could use a syringe by pouring everything into the barrel and then plunging it into the tube. Also you could try pouring everything into a Baggie and mash it all together til it’s fully mixed. Then squeeze all the liquid to one side while cutting a bit off the opposite corner off. Twist that corner really skinny and tight and slip it into the mascara tube and slowly push your mixture thru that opening. Whichever way you chose, remember to allow a little space for when everything disperses after putting the mascara wand in. I didn’t think of that the first time and I ended up over flowing the tube. Live and learn I guess lol Good luck hun :)) Let me know how it goes.

  92. I have everything ready to order but going out of town so will order when I get back. I don’t have a problem with thinning hair so much as it just doesn’t grow past my shoulders no matter how much I trim it and i’m taking hair, skin, and nail supplement. Will this help my hair grow in length? Thanks for all your great recipes!!

    • Have you heard of a lunar calendar for hair? I started using it and noticed results. Look it up.

  93. Just received everything today and ready to make. I will post results in a few months if I have any as I have tried everything to get my hair to grow. I chopped it up to my shoulders to get off all the dry ends and faithfully trimmed every 6-8 weeks and still stops at just past shoulders. Will be your best friend if this works lol.

  94. Are the EO’s essential? I ask because these are 3 EO’s that do not smell good to me!!!

    • They do perform a role other than scent, if that is what you mean, but the serum is still be powerful without them.

  95. Can any men who use this tell me of its effectiveness? I understand it stimulates hair growth but balding due to male patterned baldness works a little differently..

  96. I want to let you know that after just two treatments my thin, fine, dry, brittle hair is already softer, shiner and healthier feeling and looking than it has been in years. Thanks so much for your recipe.

  97. Hi! Thank you for all of the amazing recipes! Would aloe juice work as well as the gel in this serum?

    • I made the serum, and wow! It is incredible! I’m a 30 year old woman who started experiencing hereditary hair loss last year. Seeing how thin my mom’s hair is, I started using Rogaine pre-emptively. The warning labels are pretty terrifying, but I vainly wanted to keep my thick hair. Rogaine has a TON of possible side effects and when you first start using it your hair goes through a “shedding phase”. For the first month I was pulling out clumps of 10 or more hairs at a time, several times a day. Once the shedding phase is over (it’s supposed to last 2 weeks, but mine lasted about a month) the Rogaine really does work–as long as you keep using it twice a day. I found that if I missed a few doses I would start losing clumps of hair again. Fast forward a year to me becoming a diy beauty girl, I wanted to get rid of the Rogaine chemicals. I made this serum (with aloe juice) and quit the Rogaine cold turkey. It’s been almost two weeks and I haven’t had any of the Rogaine fall out! As I said before, in the past I would experience it within only a few days of stopping Rogaine, but this serum seems to be keeping the hairs on my head! I can’t thank you enough for this recipe! We are going to try it on my mom soon, too! 🙂

  98. Can I just use the Nettle Leaf and essential oils for this lotion? For some reason, the aloe vera gel and the witch hazel leave my hair dry and lifeless (even the natural wave in my hair doesn’t ‘take’ – it just hangs in a frizzy-ended clump.) I’ve used natural, non-sulfate shampoos and the same thing happens. The area right around my hairline looks and feels better, but the rest of my hair? Well, guess it’s time for a haircut!

  99. Two questions. One is can you use this at the same time of the castor oil scalp treatment for hair growth, or just alternate times you use them? And secondly, do you need to wash this out in the morning, just like the castor oil compound? Thanks

    • You can alternate… This one doesn’t need to be washed out unless the aloe weighs your hair down

  100. Can this be stored at room temp for a shorter time? The fridge is so out if my routine route I forget to use it!

  101. Does this serum help grow new hair or just lengthen the hair you already have?

  102. Do you have any serum for grey hair?
    I already have grey hair(40%), using henna & Indigo powder to dye.
    Is there anyway to stop & reverse greying.
    I will really appreciate your help.

  103. How long did it take to re-grow new hair?

  104. Hi! Can I use aloe Vera gel directly from the leaf? I know that aloe Vera gel can store in the fridge one and a half week without any preservation!thanks for your time and amazing site!

  105. Hi,

    I have liquid nettle leaf and horsetail. How can I use those in this recipe instead of the dried version? Thank you.

  106. Regardin post-partum hair loss:
    My first pregnancy, I had postpartum hair loss – badly.
    On my second pregnancy, with doctor’s permission, I added b-vitamins – natural source 50mg level complex.
    I did not have the postpartum hair loss.

    Also, when I got “fixed”, I lost hair due to the anesthesia. On another surgery with anesthesia, the doctor put me on B-vitamins 10 days prior to the surgery for other reasons. No hair loss.

  107. Hello,

    I have been reading your blogs about natural hair care, I actually have my own skincare line on Esty and I know all about natural products but I need some help here. I am turning 40 and I go to the gym 4 days a week I eat a clean diet etc… But my hair breaks a lot and comes out A LOT!!!! I don’t and it’s thining out!! I don’t do the no poo method but I was think of doing something with honey I know the PH level in baking soda is pretty high and honey is lower. I also will up grade my intake of gelatin I may try the biotin as well! I was just wondering if the no poo method would work for me?

    Thank you,

    • I also am on your site,
      I started doing no poo, but please do not do that product that starts with W I did and lost A lot of hair When I used that W product my hair did Look great but When I stopped it stopped falling out! Any way back to topic I recently have been doing this. Wetting my hair, taking
      1TBSP Jojoba oil
      1tsp. Non-GMO Vitamin E
      Add 2 drops Frankinsense
      Add 2 drops Lavender
      Add 1 drop peppermint
      Mix well Apply ends to scalp.

      Lastly take Sweet almond oil 1 Tblsp and add 3 drops lemon EO and 1 drop Frankinsence EO Mix with 1 Teaspoon Apple Cidervinegar apply from scalp to root. No shampooing needed

  108. Hi,

    I’m thinking of trying this, but I have I’m now using the beach waves spray and I love it. Do you think it is possible to combine this with the beach waves spray (just add the epsom salt to this mixture)? And would you still need to keep it in the fridge then?

  109. Hi, can anyone provide some clarification for me? Does this make your hair THICKER or does it make the hair already present grow FASTER, so it gets longer? My hair is already quite thick, I don’t think my scalp has room for more, but it goes a few inches past my shoulders and won’t grow any farther. It regenerates itself, it just doesn’t seem to be able to grow any longer in the limited lifespan of a hair follicle.

  110. Hi Katie,
    I’m wondering if there is a modification of this that would be okay to use with a toddler. My son is experiencing some hair loss after a surgical procedure that he unfortunately needed to have, but he’s only 2 and so I’m not sure what is safe for him at this age. We saw a dermatologist to rule out any other issues but we are not comfortable using the steroid cream that they suggested. It is likely that things will start to grow back on their own but I was wondering if you know of vitamins or supplements that are toddler-safe and could help? Thank you!

  111. I sell a lot of remedies like this. There are at least a dozen essential oils you are NOT to use while pregnant. Rosemary and clary sage both are on the list!!! Be responsible and state the warnings of essential oils. They can be dangerous if not used properly!

  112. How do you recommend using this in conjunction with the castor oil for hair growth? Thank you so much!

  113. Do you know if bamboo extract can be substituted for horsetail? I’ve read that it contains more silica than horsetail. My main concern is that it won’t last up to three months as your recipe with horsetail will.

    Thank you!

  114. I have a few questions regarding the hair serum recipe. I made this twice and both times have had white clumpy stuff after putting the gel in the water and mixing it…looks like a wad of chewed up I’m wondering if it could be the aloe vera gel I’m using. Bottle says it’s 100% pure. I also used nettle/horsetail in tea bags because I could not find loose leaves. Also is it ok to use this serum on colored treated hair?

  115. Do I have to use distilled water or can I use water from my Berkey?

  116. Hi There! I have one paritcular concern: the nettle.
    Nettle is also used as a hair-removal herb to aid in hirsutism (excess hair on the face).
    Mixing nettle and tumeric as a paste can act as a natural “nair.”
    I would hence be nervous to put this on my scalp.

    • In regards to Anastasia’s question #116, I would also like to know the answer to whether nettle is a natural hair remover. Is this only when nettle is mixed with turmeric? I have all of the ingredients and am anxious to mix them and start. I also have a question regarding the horsetail. I could only find horsetail capsules. Each capsule contains 4.7 mg of silicon (equivalent to 10 mg silica from extract of spring horstail.) How many capsules do you think would work for this recipe? they are powder inside. I look forward to your reply Mama, or anyone who might have the answer to this. Thanks in advance.

    • Did you get an answer to this Anastasia?

  117. Hello. Want to know how much Horsetail Extract to use on this recipe…..

  118. I could only find podwer horsetail capsules. Each capsule contains 4.7 mg of silica (equivalent to 10 mg of silica from extract of spring horsetail). How many capsules do you think I should put in to equal 2 tablespoons of dried horsetail? I quess what I should be asking is, how many mg of silica are there in a tablespoon of dried horsetail? I look forward to your reply, as I have everything else ready to go and am anxious to start. Thanks!

    • I discovered that the horsetail capsules I got in fact didn’t contain any horsetail at all, so I returned them and continued on my search for organic dried horsetail leaf. I live in British Columbia, Canada and through a local health food store I found a fantastic way to get top of the line herbs, spices and superfoods. They are called Harmonic Arts and are located on Vancouver Island. I just ordered organic nettle leaf, organic horsetail leaf, some silica tea and a fantastic little bamboo tea strainer.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful site Katie.

      • They are out of horsetail and I am going nuts. I have everything else. Until I get the horsetail, do you think it’s okay to use double the nettle for now? Also once my castor oil gets here, I want to make a second bottle of the exact recipe with a bit of castor oil in it for a once / twice a week treatment . I think this will add to the benefits….is there any reason castor oil would not work with this recipe and if okay, how much do you think I should add? Thanks so much in advance. If anyone else can add to this, I would love it.

        • You can definitely make it without the horsetail for now. I wouldn’t mix the castor oil in though as it won’t combine well with the other ingredients since this serum has a liquid base.

          • Thanks Katie, that makes total sense.

  119. I would like to read about success with this, but most people ar writing about how to mix it, and what ingredients to substitute. WHAT HAVE THE RESULTS FOR TH PAST TWO YEARS OF PROVIDING THIS HAIR AID.

    • Hi PATT,

      I haven’t started it but have been researching it a lot. My mom gave me a wonderful hardbound book by Deni Bown called “Encyclopedia of Herbs & Their Uses.” It was published in 1995 and has over 1000 plants and 1500 photographs. The first thing I looked up was nettle, “Urtica dioica”. Amongst so many wonderful things it does, it said it was also used for scalp and hair problems. Then I did the same for horsetail, “Equisetum arvense.” It didn’t say anything about the hair or scalp but it did say it contained silica, which is an essential part of skin and hair health and is known to reduce hair loss. I think even spraying these two things without the essential oils would be fantasitc. I am guessing the aloe vera is also acting as the carrier oil for the essential you wouldn’t want to omit it without putting something in it’s place. Regardless, PATT, I have super fine hair and need some help in a couple spots. I am thinking of doing a before and after photo, perhaps even a time lapse short video of my progress. Maybe Katie will create a spot for us to show before and afters. I really think this recipe will work. Cheers.

  120. Hi! Where can I get the dried nettle leaf and horsetail leaf in India

  121. Have you ever heard of using Triphala for hair growth? It’s made from three fruits and is used predominantly in India. There are also medicinal uses.

  122. Hello, I am going to make a hair growth spray using ” liquid alcohol based herbal extracts “. I am using a 4oz bottle with vodka as my base.

    How many droppers of each 1oz herbal extract should I put into the bottle ?
    ALSO: ,… I will be using EO and want to know how many drops of each EO in the bottle ?


  123. I’ve been searching for nettle and horsetail leaf, and all I find is Nettle oil, and horsetail oil. Could you use the same measurements in this recipe with the nettle and horsetail oil? Even though you probably couldn’t use it as a spray, but maybe a rub-in serum?
    Also, would you be able to incorporate Jojoba oil in hair treatments as well?

  124. You can purchase horsetail on I herb or Amazon. Nettle Is in most natural food stores

  125. Ginger is also very effective for hair growth.

  126. I want to try this, but I am allergic to lavender. Should I just leave it out or would you recommend that I replace it with something else?

  127. Hi Katie, first of all I just want to say I love your website and always get very inspired 🙂 I am definitely going to try this hair growth serum, I have noticed my hair got thinner after moving from a tropical island to Victoria, Australia – not sure if it has anything to do with the change in climate/air or other factors, but I definitely would like to get my thick luscious curly hair back! Would you recommend anything different for dry curly hair which is prone to an itchy scalp?
    Also, I would love to know if you would recommend any natural supplement I could take alongside your hair growth serum? I have heard silica and biotin are great, but I don’t know enough about them to know whether they are safe for longterm use. Thank you for all your great recipes! Hopefully this one works for me too 🙂

  128. I have struggled with my hair for a long time now. I am quickly approaching my 40s and I have bad hair quality. Recently, I have also noticed that my hair has stopped growing as it used to. A few years ago I went to the salon on a monthly basis. Now, it takes me almost two months before I even need to cut my hair! I am desperate and I really need help right now. Hair is one of the most important parts of a woman and I don’t want to give up on this one. I went to the doctors but they didn’t found anything wrong with me. The exams I took showed that I am healthy and there’s no reason for this to even happen to me. Please, I really need hair advice urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. I have some stinging nettle ROOT (not leaf) can I substitute that instead of the leaf??

  130. Can I use fresh nettle ?

  131. Hi Katie! LOVE your blog. I saw your post about Castor Oil for hair growth as well. I figure I’ll start with one of these methods – which would you suggest trying first/which do you think is more effective.

  132. Have you ever tried silica (powder) as an ingredient in any of your hair serums?

  133. Hello,
    A good-looking recipe, followed by informative comments as well. I wish I could pin it and spend more time sifting through all this good info another time. But I can’t pin it because it’s “outside the parameters” or something. I’ve seen this message before, and I’ve seen it get fixed. Is there something you know you can do so we can pin this good article for future quick reference?
    Thank you,

    • Click red button at the top of the page that says “pin”?

  134. Hi Katie, I love your site, I’ve made many if your recipes and have seen results. I made this a few weeks ago and I filled 2 spray bottles. I pulled it out this morning to spray my hair as I do every morning and every night and I noticed some floating things in it. I’m wondering how long does this normally last in the frigerator I did exactly the same as you but I’m wondering if the water is the issue. Can you please advise I really do not want to throw out! Thank you in advance. Tina

  135. After two pregnancies i notice my hair would just fall out a lot more then usual. Specially when I brush my hair I notice atleast 20 hairs fall out. I have try many things to help me with my hair loss but nothing was really help me. So I decided to try nuhairrx natural hair growth serum. I’m so happy that I did try it after a couple of weeks I just notice a huge difference on my hair. Know I’m hardly loosing any hair I can brush my hair every day and just a few hair fall out. I also notice that when I put my hair in a pony tail that I have a lot more hair.

  136. I’ve used a variety of your recipes which are great, but this one takes the cake.
    Even my husband likes this one.
    I ran out of clary sage, so I substituted it for texas cedarwood.
    I love your recipes. Yeah! Keep going,?