DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe

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DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe
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Hormones affect every aspect of health, and lately I’ve seen the affect of hormones on hair and scalp health.

After eight years of pregnancy and nursing, my body was tired and after that many years of my hormones being elevated from pregnancy/nursing, the postpartum hair loss finally occurred… and did it ever.

This happens because most hair follicles grow hair for a few months and then rest for a few months with an average of 10% of the head’s follicles resting at once. This resting period lessens considerably during pregnancy and women typically lose less hair during pregnancy, but the postpartum hormones can cause the body to catch up on the rest period for hair follicles, leading to more than normal hair loss. It is a normal process, but after 5 pregnancies and not experiencing the postpartum hair loss, it finally caught up with me.

On top of that, I had a really stressful few months and stress can make hair loss worse. I addressed the stress and the hormones and it stopped the hair loss, but I wanted to do something to help my new hair grow more quickly and to protect my hair/scalp in the summer months.

This hair growth serum is the result.

Some women go to a dermatologist or a beautician for hair-related problems. I go to my pantry.

As with my homemade hair spray, sea salt spray, and dry shampoo, this homemade hair growth serum is less expensive than commercial options without the harmful chemicals.

Hair Growth Serum Recipe

This serum combines herbs and essential oils that are good for scalp health and hair growth:

  • Nettle– Rich in iron and vitamins A, C, and K plus potassium and magnesium. It is often used in natural hair products and helps stimulate hair growth
  • Horsetail– High in silica and excellent for hair supporting hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera Gel– Naturally thickens and soothes the scalp and serves as a silkening base for this serum.
  • Essential Oils- Essential oils of Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Lavender are great for hair and scalp health.
DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe
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Hair Growth Serum Recipe

Help stimulate hair growth with this aloe very, herb, and essential oil recipe.
Prep Time25 minutes
Author: Katie Wells



  • In a small pan, bring the distilled water to a boil.
  • Remove from the heat and add the dried nettle leaf and horsetail leaf.
  • Let the herbs sit in the water for at least 10 minutes or until the water cools.
  • Strain the herbs out and pour the herb infused liquid in to a spray bottle.
  • Add the aloe vera gel and essential oils and shake well.
  • Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months and shake well before use.


Spray liberally on hair roots once or more per day. I found that it was easiest and worked the best to spray on before bed each night.

How to Apply Hair Growth Serum

Spray liberally on hair roots once or more per day. I found that it was easiest and worked the best to spray on before bed each night.

Where I Get Ingredients and Supplies

I got the nettle leaf, and horsetail leaf from Mountain Rose Herbs and the natural aloe vera here.

I re-used an old spray bottle, but it is very similar to this bottle. I also like this stainless steel bottle and this glass option.

For the essential oils, any high quality option will work. I typically order oils from Plant Therapy.

Have you ever had postpartum hair loss? What did you do to help it? Share below!
This natural hair growth serum combines herbs like nettle and horsetail with aloe vera gel and essential oils of lavender, rosemary and clary sage.

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361 responses to “DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe”

  1. Oly Avatar

    Thanks for this recipe and direction on how to use it.

    Please after applying the hair serum at night, should I washed my hair every morning ? Or should I leave it unwashed for couple of days? I do wash twice a week.

    Looking forward hearing from you.

  2. Olga Avatar

    Hi. In your post you said you addressed your stress and hormone levels and your hair stoped falling out. Can you explain what you did? I am 8mo pp and nursing and my hair is still falling out. Thanks!

  3. Rachele Avatar

    Hi! And thank you for sharing so much knowledge ?
    I wanted to ask if it is ok to use fresh aloe straight from the plant for this recipe.
    Thanks a lot!
    I really enjoy reading the articles on your blog!! I really admire how you can be a mum to ao many children and still find the time to create something this amazing!!

  4. Deborah Avatar

    hi, i am going to try you homemade hair serum soon. i wanted to know if you have had any real testimonials as i have been battling thinning hair for decades with female pattern hair loss. thnx

  5. Laura Avatar

    I love your page. I just made a version of your hair growth serum.. Do you recommend spraying it on wet or dry hair?

  6. Michelle Wasson Avatar
    Michelle Wasson

    So can I use the essential oils for like an air diffuser thing for skincare? Or are there different types?

  7. Anusha Avatar

    Hey katie

    I love your blog and have tried out many recipies from it. I have made this growth serum with nettle and rosemary instead of horsetail. I was wondering if nettle dries out your hair.. i noticed that it gets a bit dry when i use it contrary to how it was after i just washed it. Do let me know if i can do anything more to make ot softer.

    Thanks Anu

  8. Jacqueline Brown Avatar
    Jacqueline Brown

    Does your hair growth serum really work ? I have female pattern baldness due to hormone imbalance from perimenopause. Is this going to grow my hair back ? I read so many things on the internet I just need something. Evertime the Doctor gives me hormones to balance them I loose more hair so I am done with hormones.

  9. Linda Morgan Avatar
    Linda Morgan

    Thank you so much. I’ve been dealing with similar hormonal issues and my hair has not been agreeing with it. I have found other DIY hair serum recipes, they seem similar to yours, but I was wondering if you had an opinion on them.

  10. Emma L Avatar

    I don’t have hair loss, but my hair has become quite brittle and has lost most of its curl. A combination of drier climate, 2 pregnancies, and poorer hair care techniques. I’m trying to fix the last issue with better cleaning methods, but my hair is so bad it really needs good nutrients as well. Do you think this will this help? How does it compare with a supliment like biotin or vitamin e?

  11. Emily Avatar

    You suggest applying the serum before bed and washing it out in the morning. Would it be ok to apply this serum in the morning after a shower, style hair as usual, leaving the serum in all day and then washing it out the next morning?

  12. Angela Avatar

    Does this make your hair oily? Do you use it daily? I only wash my hair twice a week.


  13. Maria Vincent Avatar
    Maria Vincent

    Wow! Thanks for awesome DIY a post. I will definitely try it at home. Thanks for the share and hopefully we will get more from you.

  14. Liz Avatar

    Hey Katie,
    I see a few alchohol free organic tinctures available that include all the herbs in a 2oz dropper. This would be awesome for me due to storage and just being able to drop it in with the other ingredients. Do you use dried because you foresee it being most effective? Already have the ingredients for other things?

  15. Stacy Avatar

    I have a question…I have really light-colored natural gray hair…since nettle can be used as a dye do you think there is any chance that my hair color could be dyed by the nettle or any of the other ingredients? I’d really love to try this recipe. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas!

  16. Jeanne Avatar

    My 17 year old was told by a doctor when he was younger that a bald spot on his head was alopecia. When he was 17 he developed more spots and became concerned about it. I did some research & had put 3 drops of rosemary essential oil in his hand mixed with his shampoo every time he washed his hair. Within a few months the spots were gone. He stopped using it as soon as the hair grew in. He’s 20 years old now & hasn’t needed it since.Just thought this might be useful to someone also.

  17. Katie Avatar

    Is there an alternative for the Aloe Vera gel? Sadly I’m allergic to aloe Vera and am looking to thicken up my hair after significant loss due to an autoimmune disorder.

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