Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix Recipe

Real Food Ranch Dressing Powder Mix Recipe - Wellness Mama

Ranch dressing was one of my first condiment loves (after ketchup, or course) but I had to break up with the store bought version long ago when I found out that it was hiding things from me, mainly:

  • Vegetable oils
  • Sugar
  • Soy
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Modified Food Starch
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA as Preservative
  • MSG

Seemed pretty counterintuitive to make a healthy salad and then top it with that list of junk. I found a great alternative to regular ranch dressing (here’s the recipe), but I wanted an alternative to the ranch dressing mix I often used on chicken, roasted vegetables and other dishes.

A Better Ranch Mix

The ingredient list for that one was even more scary than the bottled ranch dressing and I figured I could make a better real-food option. This was the result and it is lovely. We keep a jar in the cabinet for use on veggies, eggs, chicken or to make dip.

I order all of the ingredients in bulk so I can whip it up whenever we need it. This way, I can also make any other spices we need any time we need them. You can find my other homemade spice blend recipes here.

Some Things Don’t Change

This ranch mix and ranch dressing are part of our regular meal rotation. I keep the powder pre-made and always add the other ingredients to my Real Plans Shopping List so I can whip up a quick batch whenever we need one.

I’ve noticed that so many things in life have changed since my childhood, but love of Ranch dressing seems to be a consistent part of childhood. I just love that I can give my kids a healthier (and more delicious) version these days!

Real Food Ranch Dressing Powder Mix Recipe - Wellness Mama

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Healthy Ranch Dressing Mix Recipe

Homemade dry ranch dressing mix to use in place of store bought ranch packets in dips, meat dishes and on roasted vegetables.



  1. Mix all ingredients together in jar or food processor.
  2. Store in an airtight container.
  3. To make into Ranch Dressing, mix 1 Tablespoon of this mix with 1/3 cup homemade mayo or Greek Yogurt and 1/4 cup Coconut Milk.

Courses Spice

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I never thought I could give up ranch dressing (or thought I would want to) but I now like the real food version much better. What I thought was going to be one of the worst/toughest parts of switching to healthy, real food actually became one of the best.

What are the worst and best parts of switching to a healthier lifestyle for you?

This ranch dressing mix is great on beef, chicken, roasted vegetables or to make salad dressing. Made with herbs and spices not vegetable oil or additives.

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Reader Comments

  1. Best: Being able to look good without really trying.
    Worst: Having to turn down food offered by other people.

  2. Best: fewer aches and pains
    Worst: constantly hearing “oh, I could NEVER give up (insert whatever delicious thing everyone else is eating that you decided in not in your best health interest)” while you practice smiling with your jaws clenched.

  3. Best:  Overall feeling better
    Worst: Not being able to eat out at Olive Garden. lol.

  4. Best: bacon drippings!
    Worst: trying to convert my husband on some things

  5. Best:  Feeling better than I have all my life,  and never being hungry!

    Worst: Not being able to drink chocolate milk.

    • You can make your own chocolate milk.
      I stopped drinking store bought chocolate drinks 10 years ago, due allergy.
      I mix up cocoa powder and suger can not use other sweeters.
      Put a spoonful in cup to taste,add boiling water, stir well, then add a milk of choice.
      Drink hot or let cool in ridge.

  6. Best: Learning to love new (healthy) foods – quinoa, kefir, avocadoes

    Worst: Saying no to sugar

  7. Best: feeling happy, peaceful in mind and body
    Worst: passing up my mother’s cinnamon rolls

  8. Best: Feeling great and looking good.
    Worst: Saying no to potatoes and oatmeal.

    • Not sure about why you had to give up oatmeal. I eat a delicious organic oatmeal every morning with cinnamon and organic stevia. It’s my AM staple.
      Is oatmeal bad for us? Just asking because I truly don’t know why one would give it up.

      • No oatmeal is great!!! It is naturally gluten free, and a great fat burner. Also blends well in smoothies.

      • Some oatmeal contains gluten. If oatmeal is properly soaked overnight it is much more digestible. See the Warren A. Price Foundation’s recommendations on properly preparing all grains, seeds and nuts. Also, the Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig is a valuable resource for this.

  9. Best:  Feeling great and seeing how much healthier my family is.

    Worst:  Ruining my childhood ‘comfort foods.’  They just don’t taste good to me anymore.

  10. Best: A full night’s sleep!
    Worst:  Giving up cream in my coffee :/

    • i’m sure you could use organic heavy whipping cream on occasion….

    • I like to use coconut cream. I have a dairy intolerance, but want the cream in my coffee still! Coconut cream helps fill that void.

      Best: Getting healthy and losing fat with only good food.
      Worst: Learning how to cook all over again. Long learning curve for me!

    • I’ve been using organic half & half in my coffee with honey to sweeten it – I swear it brings out the flavor of the coffee so much better than what I was doing before. 🙂

  11. Best: A full night’s sleep!
    Worst:  Giving up cream in my coffee :/

  12. Best: Butter and bacon
    Worst: giving up Chocolate La Creme cake

  13. Best: it’s a tie between butter on vegetables and being full for a long time after eating healthy meals

    Worst: people thinking you’re crazy for drinking whole milk and saying it’s disgusting

  14. Best: Realizing that my home cooked meals put restaurant food taste and quality to shame.

    Worse: Explaining this concept to family and friends when they ask us out for dinner and we delcine.
    …AND the fact that they just can not seem to understand this concept so they continue to ask, our reasoning for doing it, they think we are strange, they rave about how good the pasta or steak was, and they just refuse to learn the reality of how horrible that food is for them 🙁

  15. Best–eating cocnut oil, and olive oils!

    Worst–no more doritos 🙁

  16. best: butter
    worst: no more ice cream 🙁

    • coconut ice cream is wonderful, and okay as I treat I think!

  17. Best: making a few sandwiches made with juicer pulp “bread”, yum!
    Worst: Making sandwiches for others with fresh tangy sourdough bread….

  18. The Best: feeling good and having energy to do things with my family
    The Worst: abstaining from Tollhouse Pie when at my favorite restaurant

    • I’ve thought about it some more, and I think that the actual worst is:

      constantly disagreeing with my husband about what to feed our daughter.

  19. The best: being the same size as I was before we got married, 7 years and two kids ago.
    The worst: people assuming I’m a “dumb nanny” because my belly isn’t flubby (not that nanny’s are dumb, just that people act like *I’m* inexperienced with my own children).

    • Wow! You should NOT care about that (others thinking you are the nanny).

  20. Best: being told i have great hair, skin, i look healthy
    Worst: hearing all the comments about my green (or whatever color) smoothies and what they remind people of… and hearing people complain about feeling sick, but choosing not to do anything about it

  21. Best: Not throwing up everything I eat (turns out my body can’t digest gluten, who knew! )
    Worst: Having to justify all the healthy things I buy to my very not-interested-in-health-but-very-interested-in-our-budget husband. (Sometimes one income households suck!)

    • I have finally got the hubs not comparing a handful of items, he will grab the organic when I ask.

  22. Best:  It’s a tie between butter and coconut oil.
    Worst:  Trying to convert my kids to a healthy way of eating.

  23. Best: knowing I’m feeding my kids well and giving them a good health foundation.
    Worse: Trying to figure out how to afford this way of eating!

    • RIGHT!!!!???? If there is a Kroger in your area go there ASAP. It has been a LIFE SAVER with my $$$$$. Their Simple Truth Organic line is AMAZING and AMAZINGLY affordable. In a lot of cases CHEAPER than the conventional stuff. exp… Organic balsamic vinegar dressing $1 CHEAPER than the hidden valley ranch dressing!!!!!

  24. Best:  I LOVE BUTTER!  Now I know it’s a healthy fat, as long as I consume pastured!

    Worst: No more chocolate chip cookies.  🙁

  25. Best: Teaching my girls to treat their bodies with respect and watching them learn to love “weird” food.
    Worst: Not being able to eat out (convenience).

  26. Best: knowing that I am giving my unborn baby the best possible start in life
    Worst: navigating family get-togethers and all of that unhealthy food that all my family members so lovingly prepared

  27. Best: being much more hormonally stable and being able to be creative in the kitchen and share that with others! (www.unrefinedkitchen.com)
    Worst: not being able to eat french bread and raised doughnuts… P.S. if anyone has a great doughnut recipe, let me know! 🙂

  28. Best: not catching every little cold that passes by!

    Worst: the time it takes to do everything from scratch

  29. Best: feeling like I am 20 years younger than I am.  
    Worst: listening to people whine about their health problems but then look at me like I am nuts because of how I eat (while I am running circles around them). 

  30. best Loving what I am eating
    worst- snacks don’t come inconvenient wrappers

  31. Best: Not worrying about fat contents of my food.
    Worst: Giving up baked goods. I love to bake!

  32. Best feeling healthy and strong
    Worst the battle in my head with all the “healthy” CW stored up through the years,

  33. Best:  Looking and feeling great and all the wonderful compliments that come along with it.

    Worst:  Having to always plan to make sure I have the right food available.

  34. Best: Seing and feeling an improvement in my severe clinical depression which I’ve suffered from in more than 5 years. And be able to face my life again.

    Worst: Choosing between being antisocial or a minor relapse when out with lovely people. Much of our social life is about people caring for others with food/sweets/cake – and often delicius, organic and/or homemade (but still full of unhealthy ingredients). I often choose the relapse if it’s not too often or just very easy to decline it without much attention.

  35. Best:  Coconut oil and BUTTER!
    Worst:  Trying to deal with ‘normal life events’–birthday parties, visiting family, church events, etc.

    • Wanted to add that NOT being able to get raw milk is the worst as well!

  36. Best: Butter!Worst: Dishes!

  37. Best: Feeling great

    Worst: Having to pay $15 for a gallon of raw milk

  38. Best:  Having more energy
    Worst:  Cooking and cleaning up EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL

  39. Best: Feeling much more free in eating the things I want (i.e. butter, bacon)
    Worst: Having the responsibility of cooking every meal and finding time to do it.

  40. Best:  Having zero PMS after I began cooking exclusively (and liberally) with coconut oil and lard.

    Worst:  Being caught off guard every month because I never feel it coming!

    • i have this best/worst, too!

    • After having been in Perimenopause for the past 2-3 years with periods skipping several months, then 2-3 weeks apart, then on and off flooding for several weeks, mood swings, oversensitivities, brain fogs, extreme sensitivity to hot weather, no hot flashes yet but feeling feverish in the morning and chilly at night, and so on…
      For 3 months now my periods are back to normal and once a month, no more brain fogs or mood swings or temperature sensitivities.  So…
      Best:  feeling hormone wise more and more like I did 10-15 years ago.
      Worst:  see above…
                   I mean pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!  I’m 52!  NO more monthly cycles, please!!  It’s been over 40 years and I’m tired of it. 

  41. Best: How adding good fats and eliminating bad sugars has stabalized my blood sugar and eliminated those nasty mood swings.

    Worst: Balancing politeness with healthy choices when eating at someone else’s house. 

  42. best: feeling & looking healthy, regaining mornings, omelettes.

    worst: being mocked, interrogated, and made fun of for it.

  43. Best:  more energy
    worst:  walking into a bakery and seeing all the gluten filled baked goods

  44. best: having a lot of energy!
    worst: feeling like everyday is a battle. 

  45. Best:  feeling fab
    Worst: restaurant servers who say “you can’t eat wheat?  There’s no wheat in that.  Just flour.”  Arggh!

    (Can you tell I’ve been eating out a lot this week?)  

  46. Best: Feeling and Looking good.
    Worst: giving up desserts, SOMETIMES. 

  47. Best: Celiac disease under control for the first time in my life!
    Worst: Getting the kids to understand that eating “mom’s way” is normal!

  48. Best: Curing my crippling chronic pain and neurological dysfunction.
    Worst: Being told by pitiable, overweight people drinking diet sodas and popping statins that all that grass-fed butter will ruin my figure and give me heart attacks.

  49. Best:  Feeling like I am actually “tasting” my food…and it is DELICIOUS!

    Worst:  Miss my daily chocolate and soda pop

  50. Best: healing from illness
    Worst: not eating any cookies 😉

  51. Best: Looking and feeling better at 53 yrs old than I ever have! Also, seeing my husband getting slimmer and fitter!
    Worst: Trying to defend this way of eating to others…sigh

  52. Best: My kids are no longer constipated or have tummy aches.

    Worst: I’m an excellent baker! I really miss baking!

  53. Best: Finally knowing the truth about nutrition and the satisfaction I have after and in between meals. 
    Worst: Being burnt out of cooking when I am still learning and applying things. 

  54. Best: Totally clear skin!
    Worst: Being really tired and knowing I absolutely must make a lunch to take to work the next day.

  55. The best thing about living healthy: Feeling good, looking good, eating bacon and steak!
    The worst thing about living healthy: The judgmental looks/comments from people when you try and explain what you’re doing and why… 

  56. best:  Losing my “baby weight” quickly.
    worst:  not eating ice cream every night before bed.

  57. The best: having energy and feeling good!
    The worst: there’s never enough room in the fridge for all those fruits and veggies.

  58. The Best: More energy
    The worst: Not going out to eat for Pasta.

  59. I had the same problem with the powdered Ranch mix… every time I would make a recipe with it, I would feel horrible afterward, even if I’d just made something “healthy”! I knew what to look for on the label when the symptoms popped up (low-grade fever, and feeling like all if my bones had been broken, especially in my hands): MSG, which, along with aspartame will ruin my day if I injest even a tiny amount. I found a blend at Penzey’s, but it wasn’t quite right… because I noticed that there was no white powder in the Penzey’s version, I added about 3T powdered buttermilk to an amount that would equal about two envelopes of the toxic version from Hidden Valley… Voila! Perfect “imitation” to use in my recipes that call for an envelope of Ranch dressing/dip mix powder! Of course, this works for me because I can use powdered buttermilk, and the mixture has to be refrigerated once made (like the powdered buttermilk, once opened)… I am willing to bet that organic powdered goat’s milk and some spice that will mimic the sourness of the buttermilk would work just as well. I hope this isn’t out of line with too many people’s diets; sorry if it’s not useful to anyone, but I wanted to share it as another alternative because my family finds it so yummy 😉

  60. what would you suggest to mix with the homemade ranch mix that is gluten and diary free…..Would it work with soy or rice milk or a fake mayonnaise.? my nephew is dairy and gluten free….how can I do this for him?

    • This recipe is both gluten and dairy free as written, provided you use the mayonnaise rather than the yogurt.

  61. A few questions about the recipe… on the last line, do you use the coconut milk whether you’re combining with Greek Yogurt or mayonnaise, or only with the Greek yogurt?

    Is the dill leaf fresh? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that; is it with other fresh herbs?


    • I use the coconut milk with either one to get the desired texture. Fresh or dried dill will work and I usually use dried unless fresh is growing in the garden.

  62. This is so much better than the store version! I can’t stomach that anymore. It just tastes like chemicals to me. Sharing this with my mom that is addicted to ranch….

  63. What happened to the powdered Buttermilk in the Ranch dressing mix??

  64. I’d like to begin eating this way but it’s overwhelming. Where should I start?

  65. Is there a substitute for coconut milk? My husband notices anytime I use coconut, even when I cook meat in coconut oil and use a lot of spices. He swears he can taste it and refuses to eat whatever I cooked.

  66. Worst: Giving up wheat and all foods containing gluten and still having allergic reactions, and dreading to know what else I love that my body now rejects….

  67. Best: Having more energy, feeling “lighter”
    Worst: Not being able to get my family on board

  68. Thanks so much for this powdered ranch mix recipe! But I’m not clear on the mixing instructions:
    To make into Ranch Dressing, mix 1 Tablespoon of this mix with 1/3 cup homemade mayo or Greek Yogurt and 1/4 cup Coconut Milk. Does that mean mayo or yogurt, and coconut milk? Or mayo, and yogurt or coconut milk?

  69. I can’t believe all the unnatural ingredients dressings have. Homemade ANYTHING beats everything at the grocery store. I tend to make it with only Greek yogurt but I like the idea of using coconut milk as well. I will be giving this a try very soon! Thank you for the recipe and tips!

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