Simple Natural Whitening Toothpaste Recipe

Homemade Whitening Toothpast Recipe

I write often about oral health and I’m fascinated how oral health really does affect the health of the entire body! I’ve been working on finding (or making) natural toothpaste and oral care options for years so that I would have options that were safe for kids to use would not aggravate my thyroid disease.

Some of my favorite recipes to date are:

My other toothpaste recipes get a lot of comments about substitutions, and if certain ingredients are really necessary. Since the other recipes also include coconut oil, some people have complained about the toothpaste being too hard to use when it is cool.

A simpler recipe…

One day (out of laziness as much as ingenuity), I decided to create a simpler recipe with all the most beneficial ingredients. I wanted a recipe that would be the same consistency at any temperature and would work well and taste great for my kids (and be safe for them to eat). My kids have also loved using Earthpaste, but with 5 of them and as much as they brush/eat it, it was getting expensive.

The resulting recipe is actually my favorite variation to date and the least expensive. Incidentally, it also seems to be the best whitening toothpaste I’ve used, especially when combined with oil pulling and/or charcoal (not at the same time).

The exact ingredients I use are:

I also use various essential oils to taste. I usually end up using a mix and using quote a bit. Essential oils provide some extra cleansing power but are not really necessary in this recipe.


I found that the Xylitol is naturally a little coarse so I ran it through the blender to make a really fine powder before making this recipe.

The second time I made this, I just added the other ingredients to the blender and used it to mix and it came out with a perfect creamy consistency. The blender was a little tough to clean but I found that wiping it with a paper towel worked great for removing the residue and then washing as normal.

I store this in small glass jars and each person gets his/her own jar of toothpaste. I’ve also used these reusable tubes in the past and they are a little more time consuming to fill but they also work really well with this recipe.


  • ¼ cup Calcium Carbonate Powder
  • 3 Tablespoons Xylitol powder
  • ¼ cup MCT oil (plus more for thinning if needed)
  • Essential oils of choice (optional)


  1. Make sure the xylitol is finely ground and not coarse.
  2. Mix all ingredients by hand or with a blender until incorporated.
  3. Store in a glass jar and use as you would regular toothpaste.

Ever made your own toothpaste or oral health products? Share your version below!

The best natural whitening toothpaste recipe I've ever used. It combines minerals, xylitol, gum supporting MCT oil and essential oils to whiten teeth.

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Reader Comments

  1. What is MCT oil? Thx!

      • Where might I get this MCT oil? I need a good, healthy toothpaste!

        • Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers all carry MCT oil. I actually give MCT oil to my mom who is 83 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5 years ago. It is beneficial for a number of things.

      • Your link above to the MCT oil is directing me to the wrong link (a link to buy coffee). Can you please tell me where you buy your MCT oil? Thanks!

    • Has anyone tried adding the crushed charcoal straight into the remineralizing toothpaste? If yes, any feedback?

      • I would not be tempted to try it as then I would have nothing with which to take off the charcoal.

        • The charcoal rinses right off your teeth! You do not need anything but water to get it out of your mouth.

      • Yes, and we love it!

      • I have. It works very well and easily rinses clean. Keeps the teeth whiter too.

  2. I love that MCT oil is I’m this! My daughter has several heart defects and receives MCT oil through her feeding tube to help her gain weight. Finally I have another use for it!

  3. Is this ok to use if you have sensitive teeth? How much essential oil would you use?

    • I’ve used a similar blend with peppermint, spearmint, maybe some cinnamon (not sure whether leaf or bark) or clove oil.

      At any rate, since switching, my formerly-sensitive teeth aren’t sensitive anymore. I know the coconut oil has something to do with that, maybe the oils and oils do too.

      I think you’ll probably be fine. I’d give it a shot 🙂

      • Please be very careful when using essential oil in your toothpaste. Peppermint and cinnamon can be very hard on your gums. You must be very careful to not use too much!

      • Please be cautious with essential oils, many are not safe to be used orally and peppermint in particular can be dangerouse however it is used. Peppermint essential oil is known to cause epileptic seizures in those who are susceptible, particularly in children.

        • What if I use a peppermint oil that is safe to digest instead of an essential oil? Could I use that on my teeth?

      • I’ve found that my teeth have become MORE sensitive since using it the past week. Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong? Thanks!

  4. Also looking at the reviews of the less expensive product your link goes too, I don’t think I would recommend it!

    I love using the coconut oil. I also use the tubes. If it gets too cold to squeeze easily, I just hold it in my hand for a bit wrapping my fingers around it. Works great!

  5. Hi, Katie
    1. MCT oil is in fact the name of the oil; not a category of oils? i.e., almond, coconut, etc. oils aren’t MCT?
    2. Do you get MCT oil and the other 2 ingredients at a health food store? Walgreen’s?
    3. I do oil pulling with coconut oil – my 3rd week. I guess my teeth are as white as they are going to get, right? So using the toothpaste vs. my usual isn’t going to whiten them any further, right?


    • 1. MCT is medium chain triglyceride oil which is the concentrated fats from coconut oil.
      2. I get them online since our local store does not carry much.
      3. This might still help since it is providing mineral externally and oil pulling continues to work over time.

  6. I love that you posted this! I often tell my patients to make a homemade paste very much like this one instead of buying commercial paste ( I am a dental hygienist). I can now just refer them to your site. 🙂

    • Catherine,
      My dental hygienist told me not to use baking soda to brush with as I have receding gums and it would be too rough (I guess). What are your thoughts? What might be a good substitution? I love that you are in to healthy options!

      • Believe it or not…paste isn’t really needed. Biofilm (plaque) just needs to be physically broken for removal. You can just use a soft tooth brush along your gum line for biofilm and stain removal. If you Google Modified Bass method…it will demonstrate how to angle the brush to remove plaque from under the gums and also help with angulation so you are not too rough on those areas. The reason baking soda might be just a little too abrasive for those areas is because they are no longer protected by enamel. The tissue you see that looks just a little more yellow is called dentin and is much softer. If you brush gently daily….you can keep stains away just fine without any outside abrasive. I find that my patients really just feel better with something to brush with…and everyone likes a little help with morning breath..haha. 🙂 Personally, I have tried a daily made paste with diatomaceous earth and it worked okay…but as far as the actual molecular abrasive quality of it compared to baking soda…I am not really sure. Hope this helps.. 🙂

        • I am a retired dental hygienst and I have tried various recipes (and will try a few more!) but at the moment I use a mix of diatomateous earth, bicarb and xylitol.(blended finer) When I want to brush my teeth I put a bit of powder in a small container, add a tiny amount of water and brush. My teeth feels so clean and stay clean for longer than when I used toothpaste. Once a week I add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and one drop of peppermint oil ( because it taste terrible)

    • Any healthy natural suggestions for someone with little to no enamel left on the teeth? Baking powder would be too rough I assume…I started rinsing with peroxide. I want to whiten my teeth and make my own tooth paste..

      • Hi Jina 🙂

        How do you know you have very little enamel left on your teeth? I am in no way saying you are wrong, it’s just if the wording is a little off then I can have different advice. 🙂 In any event, if your enamel is really thin, I would suggest actually not using any abrasive at all. Most people actually do not need an added abrasive to remove plaque. A soft toothbrush is all you really need. The main benefit to commercial paste is the added fluoride, but for someone trying to avoid fluoride…there is no reason at all to purchase any. I have found personally that any benefit to ready made easy abrasives found in stores is far outweighed by all the “extra” ingredients in the tube. I make my own abrasive paste because I just really like the slick feeling it gives afterwards. You can achieve this by using a dry washcloth believe it or not. 🙂 Your tongue will tell you if you have successfully removed all the plaque attached to the surface…the trick is in keeping everything dry. haha. I have seen some really neat essential oil recipes you can dip your toothbrush in for the added freshness you might desire from a toothpaste.

        As for whitening, I really wouldn’t suggest trying to do that by chemical or physical means. If your enamel is truly thin, then the yellow color you are seeing on your teeth is actually the underlying tissue called dentin. It can’t be changed to be more white, and that process actually might really make your teeth sensitive. Don’t be too hard on yourself though!…I actually work for a cosmetic dentist, and we tell our patients that if their tooth shade is the same color as the sclera of their eye..then they are actually just fine. Everyone isn’t supposed to have super white bright chompers. We all have different tooth shades just like each person has a different skin tone. The beauty is in the difference. 🙂 Also, you can try playing with different shades of lipstick…the cool tones tend to weaken the warm yellow color and can actually make your teeth look about two shades whiter. 🙂

        The peroxide is a great idea when diluted with equal parts water. It is such a fantastic inexpensive resource when you need a little extra help with gingivitis. If you see any bleeding when brushing or flossing, just swish with it a couple times a day. I wouldn’t try to use it to help with whitening though. If you do not have any blood pressure problems, you can try warm water and sea salt for the same problem. The salt water helps kill bacteria by reducing the acidity in the mouth and the warmth of the water mixed with it helps pull out the infection and bring healthy cells to the area faster. Plus, any movement of liquid can dislodge soft debris that might be causing an issue. Traditional mouthwash is the most useless creation in the dental world in my opinion..haha.

        I hope this was helpful, and I answered the questions you had. 🙂 Best wishes.

        • Catherine, fantastic information! Do you have any idea if coconut oil will loosen a crown attached to an implant? I’ve searched far and wide for this information with no luck. I’d love your opinion.

          • Hi Cate. 🙂

            I haven’t had much experience with removal of implant crowns. I do not think coconut oil would loosen it simply because an implant crown is cemented to an abutment (the metal piece that twists into the screw-like implant) and that bond is not exposed….but I am really not sure. If you would like to remove the crown…having a dentist cut it off is probably the most safe way..just so there is not too much stress on the actual implant. If you are trying to figure out why a crown keeps coming off, then that can possibly be the cement the dentist is using, or the crown and the abutment are not fitting properly. I know the dentist I work for uses a less adhesive cement for implant crowns..just so if there ever is an issue..he can remove it more easily. Hope this helps. 🙂

        • Thank you SO much for your comments! I love that you are a dental hygienist who loves natural remedies. This is super helpful to me. Thanks for taking the time to write this. 🙂

      • Watched a video about the wonders of peroxide. He said you can use to remove plaque, but not too often, can separate gums from teeth I think. Here’s the link:
        Just something you might want to research just in case he’s right

  7. How many drops of essential oils and what kind have you used

    • I use 20-25 for 3 oz and 40 for 6 oz. I like peppermint.

  8. Wow, MCT oil is expensive! How much does this recipe make? Is it about the same as a store bought tube? Is it worth using such an expensive oil in a recipe that we are not eating? Could another oi, such as extra light olive oil be used instead with the same results and health benefits?

    • I’m actually trying sesame oil now (non-toasted) and it seems to work well and not have a strong flavor as long as enough essential oils are used, btu olive oil would be another option.

  9. What a great recipe! I have one question!
    I already have some coconut oil at home, do you think I could you that instead of MCT oil??

  10. Do you ever use powdered egg shells in these mixtures?

  11. Are these ingredients combined ok for pregnant women to use?

    Love your blog!

    • I’d always ask a midwife or doc to be sure, but I’ve used all of these ingredients alone and in combination while pregnant.

  12. For the Ca carbonate, did you just crush some tums or did you use something else?

      • Im canadian and i tried to find the LD Carlson Calcium Carbonate, 1 pound Capacity on and couldnt find it :/ im worried ordering from the states will make it way to expensive… do you know any other brands that you trust or any where else i could order these ingredients in Canada? Could i use this calcium carbonate powder? curious on your thoughts on it?

  13. Do you know about miswak? best toothbrush/toothpaste ever and it is from a tree! nothing cleans my teeth more. try it you will not regret it 🙂

  14. I’ve got cal/mag capsules that I break open to use in your tooth powder recipe. Could I sub those?

  15. What a timely post! After reading the ingredients on my store bought mouth wash and tooth paste I have being desperately looking for an alternate.

    Wellness mama, you are wonderful! God richly bless you.

    I don’t mind using the alcohol, but can you suggest an alternative ingredient instead of the alcohol.

    Once again thank you.

  16. Hi Katie – What sort of essentials oils would you recommend for additional cleansing? Thank you!

  17. I am a huge fan of your site and your recipes, but this is my first time commenting. Is the reason you are using MCT oil instead of coconut oil because of the way coconut oil behaves in different temperatures? I know you refer to this, but I wanted clarification. My kids are so messy with their toothpowder, but the too-hard coconut oil is a pain for them too! So I am also trying to find the perfect solution!

      • Could I use fractionated coconut oil in place of the MCT oil? If the main reason is because of how regular coconut oil behaves with temperature changes. Is that the only reason you use it in the recipe?

  18. Wondering how you get the paste from jar to brush… You mentioned everyone gets their own jar, which leads me to believe you just dip the toothbrush in the paste? I suppose the anti-bacterial nature of essential oils makes that sanitary?

    • Yes, we just dip. You could also use a popsickle stick to scoop it out.

      • Could you use something like a (non soapy cleaned) hand wash dispenser to squirt it out onto your toothbrush or would it not be sucked up like hand wash is?

  19. Hi, i love all your recipes, but just wondered what your stance on xylitol is, having read Weston Price and Ramiel Nagel’s opinions on it… do you use it for sweetening in this recipe or for its effect on teeth?

      • Can stevia be used instead of xylitol? or just simply leave that our?? I can’t stand the taste of xylitol 🙁

        • I’ve heard claim that erythritol may have a more positive effect on tooth health than xylitol. You could try using that instead if you want sweetness.

  20. PLEASE check the feedback on for the less expensive option from Aspen Naturals. It’s rather alarming.

  21. Most commercial toothpastes have an expiration date. About how long would this toothpaste last? I suppose if you make it regularly though you wouldn’t have the expiration because you would use it up. Thanks!

  22. Love your site and all your recipes,
    I would like to make the natural mouthwash but am allergic to alcohol,
    Could you recommend a suitable substitute please.
    Thank You

  23. Question and a caution: The question is, you mentioned that some toothpastes aggravate your thyroid condition. I have a thyroid problem too and have never heard about this, can you tell me more about what ingredient in toothpaste it is that causes the problem, and what the issue is? Thanks.

    Also, the caution: Xylitol is very toxic to dogs. If you are going to do this, PLEASE PLEASE be careful where you store it and make sure the puppies don’t get access. If your kids like to eat this toothpaste, also make sure they know not to feed it to dogs.

    • I was just about to make the same comment about dogs and xylitol, the smallest amount can be LETHAL to a dog. I have two sons who are on special diets from the hospital, one part of which is anti-fungal (no sugars or yeast) and I bought some xylitol which promptly went into dustbin when I found out from my vet how dangerous it was, not worth the risk to my pooch to keep it in the house!
      Love this recipe although I use ordinary coconut oil and a tube, we just run the tube under the warm water tap for a few seconds then squeeze the tube in our hands for a couple of seconds. ????

  24. Just wondering about how much this recipe makes? 1/2 cup? 1 cup? Thanks. ;0)

  25. Have you checked out this MCT oil as an option? Just wondering…looks the same as bulletproof but half the price. The one you mentioned does have some negative reviews regarding ingredients.

  26. Hi Kate. You mention that your kids eat this paste. Do they swallow it rather than spit after brushing? It seems logical to do that because of all the good, healthy ingredients used, but I wonder if it’s OK to ingest all the stuff is brushed off the teeth? Also do your kids like a mint flavor or do you add an EO that’s more kid-friendly? Is unflavored just “sweet”? My 10 year old won’t even consider any toothpaste that’s mint-flavor. Thanks for sharing!

    • I try to teach them to spit, but I don’t worry as much if they don’t with this kind. My kids like mint, but they also really like orange and grapefruit essential oils.

  27. Love your website and have followed many of your recommendations and recipes. Thank you! We are currently using your remineralizing toothpaste (without the DE). I am concerned about some comments about baking soda being too abrasive. As I have read online the correct way to use baking soda as toothpaste is in solution form (a pinch dissolved in water). Is it considered too abrasive when used in the remineralizing toothpaste?

  28. Is fractionated coconut oil the same or similar to MCT oil? Also, I have cal-mag powder. Is that suitable as well?

    • Those should both work as long as the cal-mag is not in the citrate form, which is more acidic.

      • What is the concern with using cal-mag citrate powder? Will the acid damage my enamel?

  29. Ms. Katie, I enjoy your recipes, however, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not but Xylitol is toxic to pets, even in small amounts so if any of your followers have pets that follow their children around from room-to-room, you might want to suggest they keep the pets out of the bathroom or at least away from the children while they’re brushing their teeth. We have a little dog that can pick stuff up off the floor faster than you can blink and in this type scenario, it could make for a very, very sick pet. Thank you for your splendid recipes. 🙂

  30. What is the purpose of MCT oil in this recipe. Reading the benefits from it, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with helping the teeth by any means. Please educate me before I spend the money on MCT oil as it is really expensive. Thank you, Sherry

    • I like it because you get good benefits from the coconut oil component, and it is stable such that it does not solidify/liquify in different temperatures.

  31. I just bought some MCT and I just realized the one you buy is 100% pure and the one I just bought is 95%… is it okay to use or should I return it.

    • Does anyone have an answer to my question?

      • She’s using the MCT because it stays liquid. The difference is likely that they left behind 5% of some of the other fats. It will still stay liquid at the temperatures you’d be worried about coconut oil solidifying at.

  32. Can you use this as your everyday anytime toothpaste? Or is this just for whitening?

  33. Are you still suggesting Xylitol ? I read many articles that prevent people to not use it anymore?

    • I only use it for oral health as there is some evidence that it can be good for teeth, but I don’t consume it.

  34. Hello!! Love the Wellness Mama…..Thank You for your good work. Just received my first shipment of ingredients to make my first batch of toothpaste and have one question about the Calcium Carbonate (from LD Carlson Co.). I was reading that this is used for many purposes including chalk paint and for gardening, so a little concerned about the safety of putting this ingredient in your mouth? Did I get the right stuff?

  35. I have the same question as Larry, I hope someone can answer please. I am in the UK so I couldn’t use the link from Wellness Mama (thanks so much for this recipe!). I have bought calcium carbonate from Amazon UK but when it’s arrived it states that it is not for human consumption only for animals. I suppose I’m not consuming it so does it matter or might I make myself ill? Also the Peppermint oil I bought states it’s not for taking internally, would that be the same?

  36. Can coconut oil be used instead of MCT oil?

  37. Is there an ingredient that can be added for sensitive teeth, I use sensodyne normally.

  38. I bought calcium in pill format. Can I use this? It says bisglycinate on the bottle….
    Also, how long will this paste be good for? Does it go rancid? Thanks! Love your site!!

  39. it is amazing to read varieties of your homemade product. I wish to learn from you.
    thank you

  40. Yes this seems better because coconut oil became hard and difficult to get the paste out of the glass.
    Why you don’t use baking soda here?
    And can you add bentonite clay ?

  41. I was researching Earthpaste for my kids as they do not like the homemade recipe, but then I stumbled across this article.
    I value your opinion and would like your take on it.
    Thanks for all of your valuable information!

    • From everything I’ve read, Earthpaste has much less lead than many foods and the way it is bound in the clay molecule, it does not enter the body at all but stays within the clay.

    • For anyone worrying about heavy metals from a natural source, i.e. foods, clay, etc. Our bodies need some of these elements to survive. We need all of the elements in the elemental chart for our bodies to be balanced. We do not need the artificial, extracted, added in ones. If you are worried about this, please have your water source checked thoroughly, and make sure you are sitting down when you get the report on heavy metals in your water. I work with water and filtration and you are getting much more in your tap and most filtered water than from this toothpaste. I recommend making your own always, but not to worry over the miniscule amount found in clay.

  42. Also, I love your remineralizing toothpaste- can dolomite powder be used in place of the calcium carbonate?

  43. This is a little off the subject, but do you have an opinion on mercury fillings? I’ve heard they can be harmful and wondered if I should consider having them removed. Thank you, Celina

  44. This recipe is turning out runny. I got the ingredients from where you suggested.

  45. you can get 5 pounds of it for less than 7$ at walmart under the reptile section. wonder if it is any different than what you are using

  46. I have the same question as Larry. I heard that calcium carbonate has lead in it, according to Dr Mercola.

  47. Katie-
    Are you a dental hygienist? I didn’t know you work in the dental field. Love your recipes and been following your blog for a while. I am actually a hygienist:)
    Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  48. I’ve been using one of your other toothpaste recipes with coconut oil and the consistencies at different temperatures haven’t been at all an issue for me. Just wondering if MCT provides any other benefits or if it was just the consistency issue?

    Also, any benefit to xylitol besides helping with taste? (I’ve been leaving it out of mine and I find the taste fine, but if it’s important for other reasons, I will reconsider…)

    • MCT just helps with consistency but coconut oil is great too… Xylitol is just there for the taste really. There is some evidence it can help with oral health but it isn’t conclusive.

  49. Should the MCT oil be avoided being spit into the sink if I have a septic system like the coconut oil? I’m trying to decide between making the powder or the paste. Thanks!! 🙂

  50. Rather than the palm kernel coconut oil mixture (brain oil) you can keep the organic coconut oil, and add some organic avocado, grape, or even olive oil to the mix.

    The powder xylitol is a great idea. I ground mine up as well so it was less crunchy as it did not dissolve

  51. Hi,
    Thank you for all the natural homemade fun formulas. Love that.

    Teeth… I have alot dental work, so if I don’t get fluorideI find that my teeth start hurting. I currently use this fantastic toothpaste called “Squigle.”
    HOWEVER, I am so excited about your formula, I am going to make and use it ‘between Squigles!
    Thank you Mama!

  52. Hi there, I have tried many homemade teeth whitening without calcium carbonate with little success, then I found this site. Will I need to add anyt like bentonite clay to make my teeth white?

  53. what exactly is MCT oil? and what is the best brand?

  54. I just made your squeezable generalizing toothpaste, then happened upon THIS recipe – I’m curious why this would be a better whitening toothpaste??

    • It just has more concentrated calcium. Both are great though. The other would be more focused on remineralizing with the added ingredients. I use both (usually alternate)

  55. Hi.
    I am a bit confused. I discovered that glycerin inhibits tooth remineralization, by coating the teeth. How come MCT oil is good for the teeth, considering the fact that both are in the same family.


  56. Hi katie! What oils can I add to this recipe? What do I look for to make sure they are “edible?” What Young Living oil would be ideal in this paste?

  57. Can you recommend a premixed natural paste I can buy in store (or online)? I’d like to give natural toothpaste a try first before committing to purchasing all the separate ingredients in bulk. Thanks in advance!

  58. Hi, Katie! I wanted to let you know that I’ve made this recipe or one of your tooth paste recipes 3 times. This last time has been my best effort yet. I didn’t add the baking soda but added an extra tbsp. of calcium instead. No water, but homemade vanilla, and I didn’t have the minerals either. I probably had the wrong ratio then, of xylitol to the rest of the mix, because it tasted like homemade vanilla frosting 🙂 The consistency was so nice, very similar to toothpaste. Will I still get the benefit of remineralizing my teeth w/o the added ingredients? I have a tooth that the dentist said was questionable at my last cleaning. Love all your posts, btw 🙂

    • That should still be good, the baking soda isn’t needed 🙂 and diet is just as important for supporting the teeth

  59. Is there any other substitute for xylitol? Could I use fructose powder instead?

    • If you want to substitute for the reported effects that xylitol can have for teeth, erythritol has been reported as possibly working even better than xylitol. If you’re just looking to sweeten your blend, you could just use stevia.

  60. Hi Katie

    Thank you for the recipe. I would like to ask if you know any naturally ways to remove or dissolve plaque and tartar build up instead of going to dentist? Hope to hear from you, appreciate your reply!



  61. An even easier natural whitening method is turmeric. Just put about a few tablespoons of turmeric powder and mix with water. Make it really thick. Use a brush you don’t mind getting yellow stained. At first it seems like this will just stain your teeth yellow, but actually turmeric has the ability to attach to plaque and tartar and dislodge it.
    Brush it around your mouth for 10-15 minutes then rinse. Be sure to take before/after pics, you’ll be amazed!

    Also, you all should check out TruthPaste…search it on Amazon. Best natural toothpaste on the market, by far. Best ingredients you could ever imagine in a toothpaste.

  62. Have you considered using castile soap instead of oils in the recipe (for the liquid)? and adding propolis?

  63. This is not to be purposely rude or antogonistic, but I am sincerely curious…I’m really interested in switching my family over to healthier products but I look at a recipe like this one for tooth whitening and questions start popping up in my mind like, what is Calcium Carbonate and how do we know it’s good for us? I mean how do we know that extended use over a long period of time won’t cause cancer or some other adverse effect? Same with Xylitol or activated Charcoal. Just bc its on a “natural” website doesn’t necessitate goodness. Same with the outdoors. Just bc something occurs naturally in nature doesn’t mean it’s good to eat. I once asked a doctor I knew about Stevia and how we know it’s good for us. His response was that it occurs naturally in nature, it is a plant. Poisonous berries occur naturally but we can’t eat them. Sugar occurs naturally but we know that consuming too much of it will cause adverse effects. And I could go on. There are many new natural substances coming out and I guess I’m just a tad conscientious that they really are just making their grand entrance on the stage of history.

    • Great points Andrea. Cyanide is also natural, and just being natural is not a guarantee of safety at all. Calcium carbonate is found in many foods and drinks (dairy, fish bones etc) and considered safe to consume as a supplement (though I don’t recommend taking calcium). Xylitol is actually well studied and recommended for oral use by many dentists. Charcoal is used in the ER to help with food poisoning. Definitely do your own research on anything you use, but I researched these specific ingredients and found them safe enough for my family.

  64. Hi Katie, I recently made one of the remineralizing toothpastes you had on your site – but I think the cinnamon and cloves powder may not be whitening the teeth more but I read that cinnamon powder at least, can stain the teeth…Hm, I want to remineralize the teeth but also whiten them, so I think I’ll make another lot with only the essential oils (i.e. peppermint, cloves, cinnamon), calcium and magnesium powder, baking soda and coconut oil. One thing Im just wondering though with the calcium powder – I wasn’t able to access ‘calcium carbonate’ powder…but the calcium is derived from seaweed….would this be just as good as calcium powder? Also, would baking soda add to remineralizing the teeth or does this only help to whiten, with the possibility of making the teeth more sensitive? Thank you!

  65. (I know it’s optional) but do I use one of the essential oils (e.g. orange) PLUS myrrh AND trace minerals?? and if so, how much should I use?
    Sorry, don’t know what myrrh and trace minerals are……This is the first time I’m doing this….. please, thank you!

  66. Are you interested in making some for me and shipping it 🙂 The only free time I get is when I sleep

  67. I currently use the recipe with the coconut oil but I have the opposite problem right now because of it being summer. The toothpaste is totally liquid and it spills out all over the counter with the little ones. Other than keep it in the fridge, do you have any other suggestions?

    • Hm… Maybe in a cool dark place? Like a cabinet, perhaps? You have to find somewhere to store it that is going to be less 75 degrees or so. The fridge works best, but if oyu have a cool pantry or some such that may work.

  68. why is it oil pulling OR charcoal for whitening?

    • It’s not really… it would messy to combine them, but I use both at different times.

  69. Hi! Um I have a few questions. If I have 2 really really bad cavities will this remineralizing help my teeth fix themselves? How long will I have to use the paste to see a difference? I have already changed my diet and bought all the ingredients to make my own tooth paste. I have noticed my teeth are less sensitive eith the diet change. I’m just curious to know how fast it works. Obviously I’m not going to wake up tomorrow with the cavities gone.

  70. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make this toothpaste more palatable for my children. I made it following the directions, even adding orange essential oil for flavor, and it’s not very good. Even I don’t like the taste very much. I know baking soda toothpastes have a very different flavor than the commercial kids’ toothpastes, but I was wondering if there are any suggestions for improving the taste and texture.


    • What is it specifically that you guys don’t like? There isn’t any baking soda in this recipe…

  71. Hi Katie

    I am ordering the pure calcium carbonate for this recipe. Is it just the basic stuff that they say can be used for animals?


    Love your blog by the way!


  72. Just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy! I’m sure your family is thrilled!
    Thank you for all you do to help all families to stay healthy. All the best to you all!!!

  73. I have been using this toothpaste for several months now. I like it but I just looked at my teeth in the mirror and my bottom teeth are yellow at the base. It’s almost like I can see through them. This has never been the case before and I am freaking out. I am going to call my dentist tomorrow but do you have any thoughts?

  74. Is this toothpaste remineralising as well? Or would I have to make the remineralising toothpaste formula if my kids have cavities?

    Thanks 🙂

  75. My final product is gray. I purchased pure calcium carbonate powder. The website says great for homemade toothpaste. It also feels coarser than my friends sample she gave me. Should I be alarmed that I purchased the wrong thing? Also, I’m left with a ‘just polished at the dentist feeling’ and my dentist said it’s possible it’s too of that’s my feeling after every brushing. Are there any long term users out there that can attest to this being ok for teeth? So far, my teeth feel amazing, and surprisingly white. I like it, but nervous that I’ll do permanent damage. Thanks to all who respond.

  76. Hi, I live in England so am looking at I searched for calcium carbonate and this came up.. Is it the same thing?


  77. Please remind everyone that the Xylitol is toxic to animals so keep it out of their reach.

  78. I made this toothpaste but with olive oil as suggested in one of the comments, does anyone else have an issue with the ingredients not staying mixed once you start brushing? And my toothbrush was full of oily mess that took forever to get off. Any suggestions??? Thanks

  79. Which essential oils would you recommend and how many drops for each (if more than one)

  80. Why the calcium powder topically but not taking the supplement calcium internally? Is topical absorption different?

  81. Hi Katie,
    Thank you for this post. I am using your remineralizing tooth powder. Does it also whiten teeth, or do I need to use specifically this recipe for teeth whitening? Another way of asking my question: is it the MCT oil that provide the whitening element? Thank you!

    • The calcium seems to help whiten and this recipe is just simpler, but the remineralizing recipe does whiten as well.