Tangerine Gummies for Radiant Skin

Tangerine Gummies

Note from Katie: My homemade chewable vitamins recipe is one of the most popular recipes on my site and I often get questions about different variations. Today, Sylvie McCracken from HollywoodHomestead.com shares a gummy snack recipe that is kid and adult approved. Enter Sylvie…

You might say I’m a bit gelatin obsessed. You might be right.

My husband and I lost over 65 pounds each when we switched to a paleo diet and our family of 5 improved more health conditions than I can count in the process. But it wasn’t until we started focusing on nutrient density and including nourishing super-foods like organ meats and tons of broth into our diet that our health improvements skyrocketed.

My gelatin obsession started when my oldest (then 14 years old) was about to have major spinal surgery for her severe scoliosis. That sent me down the rabbit hole of what the optimal nutrition is for bone health and surgery recovery. It’s what eventually led me to create The Gelatin Secret, because I just couldn’t believe how something so simple as homemade bone broth and homemade jello could be so impactful to every single part of our bodies.

It didn’t hurt to find out that regularly consuming gelatin and collagen work as “botox” for the skin as well!

Preventing and reversing wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks may not be essential but it’s certainly a nice bonus.

The list of conditions and symptoms that gelatin is helpful for is astonishing:

  • Multiple allergies
  • Food sensitivities
  • Joint and mobility pain
  • Chronic abdominal pain
  • Abdominal tenderness
  • Acne and blemishes
  • Dull and fragile hair
  • Tooth decay and sensitivity
  • Brittle nails
  • Stomach cramps, bloating and constipation
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Rollercoaster weight gain
  • Stress-induced insomnia
  • Wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Anxiety and fatigue

Luckily, adding gelatin to your diet and your kids diet is not only easy; it’s delicious! This recipe is from my book, The Gelatin Secret, which goes into detail about how gelatin nourishes each part of our body and includes many recipes, both savory and sweet so you can jumpstart your journey to health right away.

Tangerine Gummies

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Tangerine Gummies for Radiant Skin




Yield 12 +

Hair and skin health promoting collagen gummies made with fresh juice, gelatin,



  1. Bring the juice and honey to a low simmer (don’t let it get too hot as it will kill the probiotic awesomeness of the honey!)
  2. Add the gelatin and mix quickly with an immersion blender or with a whisk and some patience until it's fully dissolved.
  3. Pour into molds and place in freezer for 20 minutes (for easy transport, place the silicone mold on a cookie sheet).
  4. Take out and enjoy!

Like this recipe? Check out my new cookbook, or get all my recipes (over 500!) in a personalized weekly meal planner here!

I think your family will love these healthy gummies as much as mine does!

About the author: Sylvie McCracken is a celebrity personal assistant and mom of 3 by day, paleo enthusiast and author by night. She and husband Eric, each lost over 65 lbs with paleo and continue to improve their family’s health with food and lifestyle tweaks.

Ever made homemade “gummy bears” Ready to give these a try? Share below!

These tangerine gummies are a great way to add health boosting gelatin to the diet which can improve skin, hair, allergies and more.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Wellness Mama! I’m not too familiar with gelatin, but want to make it my top priority to make these to help my skin and joint pain. You said that also that “consuming gelatin and collagen work as ‘botox'”. Pardon my potentially silly question, but is collagen a part of gelatin or is this something I need to buy separately? And the product you recommended in your recipe, does that have both? Thank you!

    • Hi Mariel,

      The one mentioned in the recipe works just fine. You can also buy the green can by the same brand but that one does not gel. You can add that one to things like tea, coffee, smoothies. There is more info on how gelatin and collagen can help your skin in the ebook mentioned above. Consuming plenty of bone broth and soups made with broth would be great too!

      Hope that helps,

      • There are two different products on the link. Which one is for skin and hair and to make gummies?

        • Both are ok to take internally. Collagen Protein will gel and is used in this recipe. Collagen peptides will not gel but is good for adding to smoothies or coffee/tea.

    • Hi There.

      I love reading your articles Katie & your passion for helping the working mother be healthy and happy. However, I find this recipe about gelatin gummies to be disheartening. I know as a mother I want my children to understand what gelatin is. Heck, for my whole life I was comfortable unaware of the horrible and inhumane process it takes to produce gelatin…..So, before we continue preaching to other women how “healthy” gelatin is for the skin we should really ask,”did this mother cow who was ripped from her baby have to die a horrible death(check out factory farming if you think it’s not so bad), only to enjoy a gooey treat that benefits the human health & well being….

      We need to change the narrative. We need to help those who have no voice. We need to teach truth, and reverse out-of-sight-out -of-mind thinking.

      I am not speaking in anger towards anyone who consumes animal products. I’m not getting an ego boost or on some kind of self righteousness trip. I was a animal eater for a long time. But it is morally wrong, we have to be the adults in the room and listen to our inner child. These animals cannot suffer anymore. It isn’t just the animals, it’s the health of our planet as well.

      And if you just don’t care…..well, it’s very difficult to pull someone out of the mind washed matrix.

      To sum up….you don’t need animal marrow or bone broth to make your bones, intestines, or face healthy. Eating animal body parts or flesh is not part of a well balanced diet…..you can get collagen building proteins from other plant based foods.

      Be Happy By Evolution. As a species who is very much influenced by media, if one chooses to eat animal products they should have to witness how that animal was tortured before consuming.

      Come out of the Cave, What you eat should be a bite of love….not tortured blood.

      • Carla,

        There are animals in the wild, there are domesticated animals, and there are food on four legs animals.

        Some animals are made to be eaten, and they are good for very little else. Let’s release the millions of cattle into the hills without any food, water and ability to fend for themselves. I hope you will be there to clean up the carcasses and “love” the maggots (maggots are animals too, right?) in the rotting carcass as they pile up around the roads and lakes.

        On a side note – this recipe is fantastic, and i’ve done this with blueberry and acai berry juice (avoid pineapple juice – the bromelic acid prevents the gelatin from forming bonds and setting) for a vitamin & anti-oxidant loaded boost in the office.

        Since you have to chew/eat it, it greatly reduces my snack-attach in the office by tea-time as well.

        Great idea!

  2. I have never tried to make anything with gelatin, but this recipe has me curious to try. I really love all the recipes you post btw! There are never too many ingredients, and I’m always shocked at how simple they are to do. Thank you!!


    • Thank you Mae! Hope you enjoy it!


  3. Gelatin seems to break me out 🙁 do you know why that could be? I’d love to take it for all the health benefits but not at the expense of my face

    • Hi Amanda

      Are you sure it’s the gelatin or could it be another ingredient in the recipe? Also, have you tried a different brand just in case? Great Lakes, Vital Proteins and Bernard Jensen are all great quality.

      Hope that helps- I’ll check back here in a couple days to see if you’ve replied and I can help you further.

  4. Im getting married May 31 of next year. DOING. THIS.

    • Congrats Amy!

      Hope you enjoy it!


  5. Wish this was book was in Kindle.

    • You can open it in Kindle if you download it on an iPad

    • Hi Denise,

      You can definitely view PDFs on your kindle. Will that work for you?

      Hope that helps,

  6. Based on the molds recommended, how many should I eat in one sitting?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Eat as many as you like, but not more than you’d like. 🙂 There is no dose required. Just let your body let you know what it’s comfortable with.

      Hope that helps,

  7. Katie,
    We LOVE your gummy recipe but my kids won’t eat them anymore 🙁 After a few days in the fridge they really started to get a very beefy taste and it seems to have scarred them for life lol. I kept them in tupperware and in a plastic baggie-both times they were in the door…could this cause any issue? Have you had the same problem and if so HOW do I fix it???

    • Hi Morgan,

      How about easing them back in with a “jello” recipe instead. Since jello contains less gelatin than gummies that might be a good way to test the waters with them. Also, when you do attempt gummies again, perhaps use strong flavors like the tangerine ones above that will overpower the gelatin flavor.

      Here’s a jello recipe in the meantime: https://wellnessmama.com/3803/how-to-make-healthy-jello/

      Hope that helps,

  8. Do these keep at all? If so, what’s the best way for me to store them and for how long? Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah,

      At my house they disappear in minutes 🙂

      I would suggest storing in the fridge. The “shelf life” when using fresh ingredients like fresh squeezed juice will be as long as the juice’s shelf life so just a few days.

      I suppose you could try freezing but I’ve never attempted it. I would make half a batch if you think you won’t consume them in a few days (4-5).

      Hope that helps,

  9. I have been trying various recipes this week for homemade gummies using fruit juice and Great Lakes Gelatin (in the red can). The last batch I made used about 1 cup fruit juice concentrate (that I made), 2 tbs. raw honey, 2 tbs. lemon juice, and 3 tbs. gelatin. Like the other recipes I have tried I can taste the gelatin in the end product, a taste I don’t really enjoy. Am I doing something wrong? I always let the gelatin bloom first in about 1/3 cup water before adding it to my warmed juice/honey. They always LOOK great, but I can’t get paste the taste. Do you have any ideas?

    • Hi Christie,

      I would suggest using a stronger overpowering juice flavor, perhaps like the tangerine above to mask the flavor.

      If that still is too strong for you, you could make “jello” instead since that recipe will use a lower juice to gelatin ratio. Here is a recipe for you: https://wellnessmama.com/3803/how-to-make-healthy-jello/

      Hope that helps,

      • I just made these and based on the couple concerns about gelatin flavor, I added a half inch piece of fresh grated ginger to the tangerine juice. I definitely don’t taste ANY beefiness. Might not work for kids who aren’t accustomed to ginger (unlike my 2 year old cousin who likes pickled ginger with his sushi…), but for adults it’s definitely a good fix!

    • I would try using a blender verses whisking it. This has really helped me.

      • That’s a great tip, Danielle!

        Thank you!

    • We use Great Lakes gelatin. I agree…the gummies smell and taste like the gelatin. Can’t get anyone to eat them! Is there a different gelatin that doesn’t have such a strong offensive flavor and smell?

  10. Hi Katie, I live in South America and I can’t find kosher gelatin here, all I can find is very cheap ones that have many additives. Do you know if agar agar is a good replacement and if it can be used with your recipe? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Nina,

      Where in South America are you so I can do some investigating for you? Agar agar does not have the same benefits as gelatin and I haven’t tried using it as a replacement in this recipe so I can’t say but I do know that iherb.com has reasonable shipping rates on Great Lakes and other items. I would suggest ordering from them.

      Hope that helps,

  11. Hi! Do you think fresh watermelon would work in this recipe? I have heirlooms in the garden that will be ready in July, and I ALWAYS have too much and not enough recipes in which to utilize them! If so, what kind of “tweaking” do you think should be done to the recipe?

    • Hi Jaynie,

      Sure! That sounds delicious. I would worry that it would be too watery so you’d need more gelatin to compensate which might then make the flavor too gelatin-y 🙂

      You might have to try it a couple times to get it right or google some watermelon gummy recipes to get you started.

      Hope that helps,

  12. What is the white that settled to the bottom of these? They look delicious! Is the tangerine flavor evident? Also, can you substitute different juices with this?

    • Hi Raya,

      If the gelatin wasn’t combined thoroughly I suppose it may have settled some at the bottom. That’s never happened to me so I’m not sure but tasting it should confirm that.

      Yes, you can sub another juice. To keep the proportions correct I would suggest another citrus. If you venture into other juices I would suggest using one of the recipes in the ebook mentioned above. It includes flavors like blueberry, strawberry, etc and they all vary a bit in how they need to be made and their proportions.

      Hope that helps,

      • Hi,
        I think she’s talking about the photo’s here for this post. I was wondering the same thing and looking through to see if someone else had asked. The photo of these in the bowl in particular shows a layer of something whiter on the bottom of the chews. Also while I’m asking, is there a difference nutritionally between the hydrolosate and non hydroyslate other than having to use warm liquid and the way it gels? Thanks!

        • Hydrolysate does not gel so it won’t work for gummies. The white layer is just a foam that occurs when you mix the ingredients and it doesn’t have a different taste or texture.

          • Thank you. Other than not gelling are there any nutritional differences?

  13. Is there any reason these couldn’t stay in the freezer for an extended amount of time? I’m trying to make and freeze some snacks that the kids can access once the baby is born – they love these type of gummies. Since they go in the freezer initially, I thought I could perhaps just put them in baggies for longer storage?

    • Hi Karyn,

      That’s a good idea! To be honest, I haven’t tried it! Before you make a truckload of them, why don’t you make a small batch, freeze it for a week and see how they do when they thaw? I’d love to hear how it went!

      Hope that helps,

  14. What natural products can I use for hair. My hair is beginning to be very thin. And my nails are breaking very easily.

    • Hi Lorna,

      I suggest you look into micronutrient deficiencies and absorption issues. Ideally, you can work with a naturopath to see what supplements are best for your individual needs but in the meantime the ebook mentioned above will help you get started with the healing and nourishment you need for each part of your body.

      Hope that helps!

  15. How many will this recipe make?

    • Hi Mary,

      Depending on the size of the molds it will make about 25 gummies. Feel free to halve the recipe!

      Hope that helps!

  16. I ordered book and never received link to download it can you help please already paid for it via paypal

    • Contact her through Hollywoodhomestead.com and she should be able to help you out.

    • Hi Pam,

      Email us at info at hollywoodhomestead.com and you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours.
      Hi Nina,

      Where in South America are you so I can do some investigating for you? Agar agar does not have the same benefits as gelatin and I haven’t tried using it as a replacement in this recipe so I can’t say but I do know that iherb.com has reasonable shipping rates on Great Lakes and other items. I would suggest ordering from them.

      Hope that helps,

  17. I was just wondering if you were at all concerned about what gelatin actually is? I’m sure you know it is the left over bones/hooves/ears etc of cows and pigs. I’m not trying to be cheeky at all so please don’t think that lol!! I’m not a vegetarian but I choose not to eat any gelatin at all (honestly grosses me out to know what it is) I’m genuinely wondering if you have ever been concerned with what it is or if you feel its a good use of the meat industries byproducts.
    Thanks 🙂

    • I do know where it comes from, which is why I am very careful of the source but these parts of animals were routinely consumed for hundreds of years and it is only recently that we’ve had the luxury of being able to not eat them. Personally, I feel that this is part of the reason for some of the health problems we are seeing today.

    • Native Americans amongst others always used every inch of the animal’s they killed in some way and while I know exactly what you mean having been raised in more modern society (we were never told what gelatin was but there was a lot more of it being consumed when I was young), it seems to me a lot less wasteful to be using every part we can get benefit from. That said of course it’s one more reason to know where the product is being sourced from but the bones and hoofs are no less natural than the meat and hold a concentration of particular nutrients so why would they really be any less desirable/beneficial than any other part? The other side of course being that beef broth, like good chicken broth is always best made with the bones! Just the way I try to think about it…

  18. Hi Katie, I ordered the gelatin secret via pay pay and never received link to download. Can you please contact me. Thank you.

    • You can contact her through HollywoodHomestead.com and she should be able to help you out

  19. I don’t think that the gelatin which is linked above is actually pastured! I believe the animals are GMO grain fed. I am going to start looking into the possibility of making my own gelatin from bones but do you have any resources on doing this to get me going in the right direction?

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Dharmaja,

      In the ebook, I actually talk about making your own gelatin. Other brands I like are Vital Proteins and Bernard Jensen. You may want to try those if you are unhappy with Great Lakes.

      Hope that helps,

  20. This sounds great. Looking forward to reading about the gelatin advantages. If you make these, how long do they last? Do you store them in the freezer?

    • Hi Tawnee,

      They last a few days in the fridge. I would say try to consume them in 3-4 days. Fresh ingredients don’t last very long 🙂

      I’ve never tried freezing but do let me know how it turns out if you try it!

      Hope that helps!
      Sylvie from HollywoodHomestead.com

  21. This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to make these. Is there a recommended amount to have daily?

    • Hi Ellen,

      Eat as many as you like, but not more than you’d like. 🙂 There is no dose required. Just let your body let you know what it’s comfortable with.

      Hope that helps,
      Sylvie from HollywoodHomestead.com

  22. I tried a variation of this recipe today. Since I wanted to find a way to add beets to my diet (without adding them to my green smoothie as beets tend to make them a dirty brown that I find visually unappealing). I used my juicer to juice 2 small apples, 1 medium carrot, a small piece of ginger, a handful of cilantro, 1/2 lemon and 1 medium size beet – btw, this juice is delicious all on it’s own). I used a cup of this juice in place of the tangerine juice; with the 7 tbsp of gelatin and only 1 tbsp of honey – and poured them into small muffin tins. Delicious!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Penny! Sounds delicious!

  23. These are SO GOOD!!! And super easy to make! My little guy has countless food allergies, so tracking down healthy treats that he can enjoy is extremely difficult. You have made this mama and toddler very happy! Thank you!

    • Awesome to hear that Colleen! Thanks!

  24. Do you have a recipe that will help for asthma or congestion?
    I’m going to try your gelatin recipe this week it looks easy and delicious. Thanks.

  25. Looks great. How long can you keep them for?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I would say ideally 3-4 days in the fridge. If you’re using fresh juice it will have the same shelf life as that juice would in the fridge so not very long 🙂

      Hope that helps,
      Sylvie from HollywoodHomestead.com

  26. I saw your recommendation on gelatin and bought what I thought was the beef. I got the porcine gelatin instead. Is that still a good choice or should I toss it and try again?


  27. Hi,

    Can i give this gelatin to my 1 year old baby boy.
    Is there a limit in the amount of consumption??

    • Hi Alba,

      I don’t see why not! Like with any new food, introduce slowly in case of allergies or sensitivities. These gummies are quite chewy so if he doesn’t have teeth it may be difficult. Perhaps a “jello” recipe like this one will be easier to start with: https://wellnessmama.com/3803/how-to-make-healthy-jello/

      Hope that helps!
      Sylvie from HollywoodHomestead.com

  28. How many of these gummies do you recommend eating per serving, or per day? Or do you just snack on them?

    • I just snack on them. Eat as many as you’d like!

  29. Can I do this with other juices?

    • Sure! If you’re going to use this exact recipe stick to other citrus juices. For other completely difference juices, please reference the ebook linked above as the ratios and directions will be different.

      Hope that helps!

  30. These are good. Quick and easy. This recipe is perfect for filling an ice cube tray and works with any kind of juice. Here’s a tip for whenever you have to incorporate gelatin into hot liquid: reserve a little bit of the liquid (about a quarter cup) in a small cup and sprinkle gelatin over top and let sit for a minute or until rest of liquid is hot. Then just stir it in, and it’s SO much easier. Also, these keep best at room temp in an airtight container (I tried refrigerating them). Thanks for the recipe!

    • Thanks so much for the tip Brandy! Glad you like the recipe


  31. Hi there 🙂

    I commented on this link awhile ago and I see that it was never added?? I wasn’t being rude or confrontational but I was asking if the maker of these “gummies” was concerned at all with the fact that gelatin is the leftover ears and hooves of cows and pigs. I follow wellness mama and I love it! But I feel like my comment was left out since it wasn’t a ‘oh wow these are super’ type of comment.
    Can someone explain what happened here?
    Thank you so much 🙂

    • A lot of comments get caught in my spam filter and Im’ just now going through them. Not trying to censor your comments. It should be approved now.

  32. We make these at home using elderberry and cranberry juice…or whatever is in the fridge:) I am wondering how many should or do you eat a day?

    • Eat as many as you’d like!

  33. Can you make this with other fruit juices, such as pineapple, strawberry, grape, lemon, raspberry, etc?

    • Hi Bubbly,

      You can but not with the same recipe. They will vary slightly. There are several more recipes in the ebook to get you started.

      I must confess I still haven’t been able to get a pineapple recipe to turn out well. I’ll have to keep trying! 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  34. I hate jello, but “gummy” snacks I could do; especially if there is a healthy advantage. Would swithing out tangerine for fresh orange juice be okay? I don’t see why not, but thought I’d verify.

    • I’d like o try this with some other juuice to however me mindful of OJ. There’s a lot of crazy stuff in bottled OJ. I wanna try it with fruit that been thru the blender.

    • Yes that should work just fine!

      Hope that helps!

  35. How do you store these? Do you eat the whole batch in a sitting or have just a couple a day? How do you use them?

  36. Also wondering how many to eat at a time for the health benefits. It seems like it might be easy to eat a lot of them! Yum!

    • Stacey,

      In my opinion you can’t overdose on them. Eat as many as you’d like 🙂 In my house I’m lucky to get my hands on a couple of them before the kids take them all! 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  37. I read your book the gelatin secret, what a wonderful book and the best recipes! I’m already making them very simple and so good! Thanks I will be ordering more books by Sylvia…..

  38. I read your book the gelatin secret, what a wonderful book and the best recipes! I’m already making them. They are very simple and so good! Thanks I will be ordering more books by Sylvia…..

    • Pam, that’s so sweet. Thank you!


  39. These sound wonderful, but do the Gummies have to stay frozen, or can they be stored at room temperature?

    • Hi Patsy,

      No! I use the freezer to get the gelling done quickly. They can stay at room temperature but I would recommend the fridge since you are dealing with fresh tangerine juice.

      In other words think of it as a glass of fresh juice. You can keep it on the counter for a few hours no prob but after that it should be in the fridge to last a few days.

      Hope that helps!

  40. Sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try! I wonder can you substitute other juices?

    • Hi Alana,

      You can! But the proportions will change. For this recipe, I would feel comfortable telling you to sub with another similar juice like orange or grapefruit. Please consult the ebook for other fruits like blueberry etc since they are a completely different consistency 🙂

      Hope that helps!


  41. Question: should it be completely liquid-y when pouring into the molds? Roughly how long is “patience” when it comes to whisking the gelatin in?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes, it should be completely combined. As far as patience you just want to make sure there are no clumps. A hand mixer is really a lifesaver if you have one.

      Hope that helps!


  42. My turned out very gummy. I used the directions as is, but it’s overly gummy – not really a candy like texture. On the next batch should I use more fresh juice or just less gelatin?

    • Hi Debbie,

      How strange! You can do either or both. (less gelatin or more juice)

      Just curious, what brand of gelatin are you using?

      Hope that helps!


    • I have really enjoyed this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing. I had an issue with them turning out really “gummy” as well . It was felt like I was chewing on a bouncy ball the first time I made them. (I used the suggested Great Lakes gelatin.) I have since adjusted the ratio down to 5 Tbsp gelatin/ 1 cup of juice and it is a much better consistency. Just wanted to share in case anyone else had the same issue.

  43. Hi,

    How do you feel about the brand Knox?

    • Hi Jessica,

      I don’t love it. I would try to stick to Great Lakes or Bernard Jensen or Vital Proteins if you can.

      Hope that helps!


  44. Is there a natural preservative that could be added to prolong the shelf life ?


    • Hi Louise,

      Not that I know of and would be comfortable using. You could try freezing if you’d like.

      Hope that helps!


  45. We just made the orange gummies from the book. They are so fun to make and eat!!! We are unsure whether we should refrigerator the tummies or is it okay to leave on the counter. How do you store your gummies?

  46. Hi Sylvie and Kate! GREAT recipe! After nursing two boys 1 year with the first and 14 months the second, my body is DEPLETED! My hair is thin, and skin is not as fresh as it could be.

    I tried making these but seemed to BOTCH the first batch so I just keep them in the freezer and pop them out and eat them like mini popsicle bites.

    I want to get the “gummy” recipe right though as that is the way my kids will eat them best.

    I froze them for 20 minutes but they were still liquidy and when I froze them longer and pulled the out, they would begin to melt. I used the exact ingredients even gelatin powder you suggested.

    Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong or anyone else experienced this and can give me some advice on how to make these as true gummies?

    Thanks so so much and I LOVE LOVE LOVE both of your websites!


  47. I’m so excited to try this recipe! My son is 19 months and hoping he will like them too 😉
    My question is, i used the link for purchasing the gelatin and then I saw somebody comment saying that a Great Lakes brand wasn’t pastured. Can you clarify?
    Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  48. From the Great Lakes Gelatin website FAQ Page:
    ” 4. How are the cattle raised?
    Our cattle are grass fed and slaughtered in
    Argentina and Brazil which is controlled by
    their respective Department of Agriculture.
    These countries have the same type of
    rigourous tests and inspections as the United
    States. Beef hides are the only product used
    to manufacture gelatin in these countries.”

  49. Hi! I love everything on your website! I have a question about the Beef gelatin you recommended. I have an allergy to red meat, causes me to have stomach cramps. Would the gelatin have any effect do you think? I’m pretty sure I just have a hard time digesting red meat because I grew up not eating it at all but not sure if other beef products would effect me. Thanks so much!

  50. Just curious… I see the brand of gelatin you are recommending isn’t certified organic. I did an amazon search and wasn’t able to find any gelatins that were certified organic. Is there a reason this isn’t important? I’d hate to be ingesting gelatin from cows that had ingested pesticides.

  51. Hi
    I would very much like to try this recipe, but I can’t seem to be able to find powdered gelatin. In my country we only have the sheet-gelatin? from Dr. Oetker. Will this work? I drink it in tea just fine, but am I wasting my time using this kind of gelatine? How much?

    • Im not familiar with that type of gelatin. Does it gel in your tea if it cools? If so, it should work…

  52. Am I the only one who had issues with the taste and smell? I used these ingredients: fresh squeezed tangerines, raw canadian honey from tropical traditions, and great lakes gelatin. They smelled like stinky feet while cooking and taste the same…I forced myself to finish one but now have 11 more. Not sure I can do it. I REALLY want to like these!

  53. I am expecting with my 4th child. Is this stuff safe to take in daily when pregnant?

  54. I made this last night with grapefruit juice instead. I substituted gelatin powder with sheet gelatin (because that was the only one I had). Used 7 bloomed sheets for a tablespoon as per the conversion rate I got from Google. Maybe it’s because I used grapefruit juice instead of tangerine or bloomed sheet gelatin instead of the powder, but it turned out way too bland, like there was hardly any flavor, tang or sweet. Plus the texture…it was something in between soft gummy and fruit snack. I let the tray stay in the fridge for a bit longer, and it was a bit more chewy but still not the gummy like texture I was expecting. Is it supposed to be a little bit more bland than the store bought ones?

  55. I just made these with pinapple juice. Very good, but a neet trick I do is shake them all in a bag with a touch of arrowroot powder so they wont stick together. A little goes a long way. I suppose cornstarch would also work.

  56. This is my first time tampering with gelatin. Which one of the Great Lakes gelatin would be best to use with these gummies. They look delicious and i’m super excited to try them!

  57. Hi, I followed this recipe to a T but substituted grapefruit juice. The texture was not soft and chewy, it was more reminiscent of hardened glue! The flavor of gelatin was overpowering and not sweet or grapefruit-y at all. I found the end result to be very unappealing. What went wrong?

  58. Gelatin is made from boiled animal bones and ligaments! No wonder it tastes strange in a sweet jelly! Try a non animal product like agar to avoid the beefy flavour.

  59. We are hooked on these at our house and make them every week.

    Some adjustments that we’ve made:

    We use porcine rather than beef gelatin by Great Lakes. No strong taste and finer powder.
    We have cut down the gelatin to 4 tablespoons & use a madeleine pan. Makes nice big shell shaped ones.
    We use organic grape juice, cherry juice and cranberry juice. No honey in the grape or cherry ones.
    We’ve even made coconut milk and carrot juice ones for adults as children don’t much like them.

  60. I’ve tried looking on your website to no avail. Do you by chance have a recipe for some sort of ginger gummy, or some other ginger item, to help with morning sickness?

  61. Can I use the collagen peptides instead of the green capped one in the gummy recipe? Do you make it differently?

    • Collagen peptides won’t gel! Your gummies will be liquid…

  62. I’m wondering how to incorporate the collagen peptides in my diet. Can you refer me to where I read about it on your website?

  63. I made gummies following the recipe (except used oranges) and used raw organic honey- they turned out great but I notice every time I eat one I get a burning / stinging / almost numbness in my mouth and cheeks- I’m thinking it must be an allergic reaction? Or is it the citrus? Hoping I’m not allergic to the gelatin because I really want to incorporate it into my daily diet for the health benefits. Anyone else experience anything like this?

  64. Has anyone actually made these? I followed the recipe exactly and got rock hard and tasteless gummies. I don’t understand? I used a precious 7 TABLESPOONS of my vital proteins gelatin thinking there was some magical reason for it (every other gummy recipe I have seen calls for only 2tbsp gelatin for a cup of liquid). I am super bummed ?. Any ideas about what I did wrong??

  65. This recipe did not work for me. It’s my second attempt at making gummies and neither recipe worked. I followed them exactly. I put them in the freezer but they never hardened, except for freezing. It’s a shame because the collagen is expensive and I want them to work for my kiddos! Any pointers??

  66. Hi there…Im working with gelatin and jello to make gummies. I thought I had an awesome mix untill i ate one of my gummies from the fridge and it was hard and no longer taste as good…..but when i used a thin mold and kept them out they were lovely…..what did i do wrong?

  67. Hi there,
    I was just wondering how you get that white bottom in the gummies. In the picture it looks like the gummies are a see through orange with a white bottom – like store bought gummies. I just wonder how you do that?

    Thanks 🙂