How to Avoid Morning Sickness

How I Avoided Morning Sickness With Natural Remedies

This pregnancy (my fifth) has been my absolute easiest by far! My pregnancies had been getting easier as I’ve learned more about health and real food, but this one held a surprising difference! So much so, in fact, that I was really glad to hear a heart beat to make sure I was indeed pregnant.

To help understand what a change this had been for me, I should explain: I never had morning sickness to the level that several of my friends have had. I never came close to being hospitalized, though I didn’t usually eat much the first few months.

With my first especially, the smell of food would sometimes leave me running for the nearest bathroom or bushes. The worst part, for me, was the fatigue. Especially after the first one, I didn’t have time to be tired, but the first few months, I’d play with my kids or read to them while laying on their bedroom floor, and I’d fall asleep any chance I got.

This time, I was a little more tired but didn’t notice it at all if I got to bed by 10 p.m. There were mornings that I didn’t feel like eating right away, but I wasn’t repulsed by food. One time, I chugged a huge glass of water and took Fermented Cod Liver Oil on an empty stomach and had a little nausea for about 10 minutes, but that was pretty much the extent of it. (For the record I don’t recommend that…)

What Changed?

How to Avoid Pregnancy Induced Morning Sickness

Being the health nut that I am, I have food and supplement journals from at least parts of all of my pregnancies. I’d also been working on improving certain nutrient levels over the last year, so I knew what things I had specifically been focusing on that could have made a difference.

The things that had changed since my last pregnancy with respect to diet/supplements:

Looking back, I’d rank the factors that changed in this order of importance:

  1. Using Magnesium Oil on my skin!
  2. Taking 1-2 teaspoons per day of Fermented Cod Liver Oil
  3. Drinking Bone broth daily
  4. Eating protein/avoiding processed foods

Why Magnesium?

I started researching to see if there was any actual evidence backing my theory that magnesium made the difference. I found some articles by naturally minded doctors and midwives that seemed to support the idea (or at least promote it as not harmful) and this post from Mommypotamus that talked about her experience with Magnesium. (I always love finding other actual pregnant women who had the same experience!)

I’ve also been randomly asking pregnant friends about their intake of magnesium containing foods and there does seem to be a correlation. (Asking friends how much seaweed and unrefined sea salt they consume daily is totally normal, right?) In fact, one person I know was doing the same protocol I was and had virtually no morning sickness either!

What Kind of Magnesium?

Here is what I did (from a previous post):

The best way to supplement with magnesium, in my opinion, is by using it on the skin. This is not only the safest way, since the body will only use what is needed, but the most effective.

Unlike internal doses of magnesium, topical magnesium does not have to pass through the digestive system and kidneys and can more quickly enter the blood and tissues of the body.

I have experimented with a variety of magnesium supplements over the years and now stick exclusively to topical magnesium spray because I found it to be the most effective (and cost effective!).

In fact, I was suffering from low Vitamin D for years despite spending regular time in the sun and taking supplemental D3 at the suggestion of my doctor. Magnesium is needed for proper Vitamin D absorption and it wasn’t until I increased my use of magnesium on my skin that my Vitamin D levels finally went up. (This is the one I used)

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of magnesium and its various actions in the body, I’d suggest the book The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean.

Since digestion changes during pregnancy, it can be difficult to absorb magnesium correctly, especially once you are pregnant. I found the magnesium oil seemed to be the easiest for me to absorb, and even before pregnancy, I noticed the biggest difference in my regularity (ahem) from the skin oil.

Magnesium is also an important mineral during pregnancy, so even if you are already pregnant, it would be worth a try to lessen morning sickness.

Why Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a great source of Vitamins D & A and Omega-3s. Vitamin D is essential for proper absorption and use of magnesium in the body, so this likely also helped the magnesium be more effective. Many women find they do better from consuming enough healthy fats and proteins in early pregnancy (magnesium aside) and Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a great source of healthy fats.

The Weston A. Price Foundation recommends Fermented Cod Liver Oil as a superfood during pregnancy for proper development of baby’s brain, bone structure, and more. At the least, I think the Fermented Cod Liver Oil was good for the baby, but I suspect that it also contributed to my lack of morning sickness.

Protein + Fats

I think the other factor that made a difference was that in very early pregnancy (before I found out and before morning sickness would have hit anyway) I was already eating a lot of healthy fats and proteins daily. My intake was already up and supportive of the pregnancy and healthy blood sugar levels before they started becoming a problem. My daily protein intake these days typically includes:

  • 3-4 eggs
  • Some form of healthy meat at every meal
  • 2 cups (average) of homemade bone broth daily
  • 2-4 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
  • 2+ tablespoons grass fed butter
  • Coconut based snacks like coconut cream
  • Various other forms of protein and fat like tallow used in cooking, bison for snack, etc.

I also try to consume 3-4 cups+ of vegetables each day, usually in soups or with meats. I’ve found that I usually prefer cooked vegetables in early pregnancy anyway so steamed veggies with butter are on the daily menu.

Not only do I feel better this time, but I’m confident that I’m giving my baby a good start too. (I’m also taking probiotics and optimizing gut bacteria to give baby the best start after birth, but more info in another post on that soon…)

This is certainly my own experience, and nothing scientific, but the difference has been dramatic for me, and I’d love to hear if any of you have experience with this as well  or if it works for you in the future!

What do you think? Does it sound crazy? Would you try it? Have you tried it? Weigh in below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations….I have two children. One boy. One Girl. Boy was first before I was a health nut. So I was eating a mainstream, crappy diet. I didn’t have morning sickness at all and felt great! I was 29.

    My second, girl, was after I started eating really good with lots of green smoothies. Lots of morning sickness, felt so crappy. I exhausted my sick bank at work DURING the pregnancy!!! So I’ve always thought Boys = feeling great. Girls = morning sickness. But that’s just me! 🙂

    Can’t wait to follow your journey and anything you share!

    • Same thing as me! I switched to Paleo 6 months ago and recently found out I was pregnant. The nausea and fatigue have been so bad! I’m thinking this must be a girl. I’ve been doing everything listed and still feel bad.

    • I am in my first trimester and was doing really well, suffering from minor stomach issues up until two weeks ago when the nausea hit me suddenly, like a train. I’m already very sensitive to nausea and motion sickness, so I was barely able to function when it hit me.

      I just started a new job and had increased stress and anxiety about vomiting at work in front of strangers (who don’t know I’m pregnant). I have been following your blog for some time now but had dismissed the posts about magnesium; WHY I dismissed them, I cannot explain. Willing to try anything, I went to my local co-op and found magnesium oil and skeptically followed the directions the first night after my shower.
      My relief from nausea went away the next morning and hasn’t returned since I’ve been using it regularly.

      I am BEYOND thankful for discovering this suggestion and cannot thank you enough for sharing. I am eating better, sleeping better, and have no nausea or vomiting. I’m feeling a renewed hope that I can survive this after all! Thank you!

      • Should you find yourself in a situation where your magnesium oil is not present and available to you – consider putting the Nevasic app on your phone. All you need to have to make that work is your headphones – keep those with you and you have the benefit from Nevasic at hand. I know it works for travel sickness too.

  2. Man, I wish I knew all this eleven months ago. I lost upwards of fifteen pounds in my first trimester because of my nausea. I was already pretty skinny before I got pregnant. Bookmarking in case we want another.

  3. I’m absolutely curious to see what others have to say. Additionally, what’s the connection between Vitamin D and magnesium? I craved sour cream, cheese, milk, etc like none other while pregnant. Turns out I was low on both magnesium and calcium. I was extremely fatigued as well, and want to change that next time around. I think I’m going to look into your magnesium spray! Thanks!

    • Magnesium is needed to convert vitamin D from its storage form into its usable, active, form. So if you’re taking lots of vitamin D your magnesium stores can deplete if you’re not taking magnesium.

  4. I’m currently having terrible morning sickness and can’t wait to try some of these tips! I wish I had the money to do a total overhaul right now.

  5. i haven’t added the additional supplements but have noticed a dramatic difference this pregnancy (11th pregnancy). i’ve attributed it to my clean eating. my weight was higher going into pregnancy but my overall health and well being was at an all time high.

    i thank you for all your sharing. this site has played a very important role in my journey to restore my health.

  6. Thank you so much for the info! I’m currently 4 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby. I’m determined to stay out of the hospital this time. The timing of this was perfect!

  7. I had a similar experience. My first daughter I was so morning sick that I had to have medication which I really My did not want (I even had to do it via a suppository b/c I couldn’t swallow it!). My second was better but still had to have the medication (this time orally). By my third I was able to skip the meds but was still pretty sick. My fourth (just 2 months old) was my easiest by far! We had started Gaps right before I got pregnant and I think it mad a huge difference! She was also my heaviest baby and is now my easiest (least fussy) so far. I think the broth, fclo, no sugar, nothing artificial, etc. really helps! I just was introduced to the magnesium so that didn’t play a factor but I hope it will for the fifth!
    On a side note, I think that part of why we needed Gaps in the first place had to do with the morning sickness. I was so sick with my first that all I could get down was fruit for over two months. I did some protein IVs but it was not ideal nutrition. She eventually had severe tooth decay and we went on Weston Price’s diet and eventually Gaps to heal her up. She had a tooth abcess the week before we started Gaps and has not had anything since! Praise God for the wonderful food He gave us!
    Oh, and I also read about morning sickness and bile and how beans and lentils can help it. I totally think that helped too!

    • I wanna know more about that! I heard about beans and lentils being good via an online naturopath but she wanted to get paid a fortune to cough up the info which seemed suss to me. Anyone who has had hyperemesis would want to get the info out if something would help! 😀

      • This is what I’ve found on the subject of eating beans/legumes to avoid morning sickness, just today actually.
        I have been so ill (unable to keep even broth down) and had to have some medication to avoid the hospital. All of a sudden I had an intense craving for beans! I thought I might as well try, whats the worst that could happen, more vomiting? Almost instantly I felt better! This site I found explained what was going on and “how to” fix it!

  8. where do you find grass fed butter?
    thank you, always love your posts!

    • From a local farmer here when I can, but I stock up on Kolona through a local co-op or get Kerrygold from our grocery store when the cows aren’t producing during the winter here.

  9. I don’t know. I was paleo (plenty of protein) for over a year and was also taking magnesium, FCLO, drank bone broth, and avoiding sugar for that time before my current pregnancy even began. I was still so sick my first trimester and would’ve had to take medication if I hadn’t discovered how effective acupuncture is at relieving nausea/vomiting during pregnancy. I’m now at 19 weeks and able to eat like this again. Based on my experience, I tend think it’s all about hormones!

  10. Congrats! I don’t remember you mentioning you were pregnant but I suspected it. 🙂

  11. How much FCLO do you take everyday?

      • Would you mind telling me which version/flavor you take of Cod Liver Oil? I’m curious which is the least bad. lol.

  12. I can’t wait to try this!!!!

  13. Sorry – paleo lifestyle, to go widespread will require a reduction in population… sorry – 5 kids?

    • Raymoure – I think we’re supposed to be commenting on how diet affects
      morning sickness – not on how many children a mom should give birth to.
      It’s none of anyone’s business how many children a couple decides to
      have. The entire world population could fit into the state of Texas with 200 sq. ft. per person. And there is plenty of food on the planet to feed everyone if we live smart and responsibly.

      • Love your comment! (Amy)

    • I’m sorry that my choice to have children somehow offends you, especially since I don’t even know you, but this post was just meant to share something I found helpful in hope that it would help other moms (whether they were having their first child or their 15th). I’ve never said it was my mission to take the Paleo lifestyle worldwide, even though I think it is sustainable without a population reduction, but rather to help those who are already seeking this lifestyle.

    • Although the original comment is off-topic, I feel obliged to point out that there is compelling evidence, recognized by scholars at major universities, that we are actually headed for a ‘demographic winter’ – not overpopulation. See the following documentary:

  14. I’m right there with you! I’m 6 weeks into my 4th pregnancy, and this is my first truly healthy one. I got a little better with each one before, but was eating the conventionally minded healthy ways — lots and lots of whole grains, packaged health foods, canned foods. Now for 3 years I’ve eaten the Nourishing Traditions way, and several months ago started rubbing magnesium on my skin daily to help my dry skin, tiredness and sleep. I had no idea it would cure my morning sickness now, but it sure did the trick!!! The CLO and raw milk and bone broths are certainly helping, too. I love this!

    The thing that makes me cringe is how my previous dr. and midwives all said that diet makes no difference beforehand or in the 1st trimester, and the baby isn’t affected if all I eat is saltines and plain pasta for 3 months. I now have a baby that is getting nourished from the start! And they always said there was nothing much to do for any pregnancy complaints, I just had to suffer it. I love being armed with cures that make life easier!

    • Love it! And I agree.. it is sad that women aren’t told the connection between diet and their health (and baby’s health).

  15. I have been taking Omega 3 supplements and I would love to try the Code liver Oil as you suggest in many of your post. (I am basically following everything you post) However, is it really safe while pregnancy? This is what made me a bit worried…
    “Pregnant women may want to consider consulting a doctor when taking cod liver oil because of the high amount of natural forms of vitamin A such as retinol. High doses of synthetic vitamin A (retinoids) have been shown to cause birth defects.[16]”

    • I don’t worry about this at all with the fermented ones. The Vitamin D balances out the Vitamin A, and all of the studies done on Vitamin A in pregnancy use isolated versions and usually synthetic ones. Natural Vitamin A when taken from a food source (which FCLO is) has never been shown to cause birth defects…

      • It’s synthetic A you should worry about while pregnant, according to my OB.

      • So you believe in that company again?
        I am confused, how about rancidity and trans fat levels……

  16. Can you give a more detailed account of your daily food intake – like a sample day of food?

    • It varies a lot, but usually something like this:
      Breakfast: 3-4 eggs with vegetables, meat, etc scrambled in grassfed butter or made into an omelet (take FCLO, magnesium, etc). Also a cup of hot tea with coconut oil and butter blended in Lunch: Bowl of homemade soup, salad with protein and homemade dressing, sometimes a piece of fruit or an apple baked in coconut oil. Dinner: Varies a lot but either soups/stews, stir frys, or meat and vegetables. Dessert is a few spoonfulls of coconut butter or fruit with organic cream. I also eat whenever I am hungry while I’m pregnant, so I eat high protein/fat snacks and veggies throughout the day if I get hungry.

  17. Do you drink raw milk? Or any dairy while pregnant? We drink raw, but as I am newly pregnant my husband is paranoid about the warning label. Any ideas to ease his concern? I KNOW it is better than the hormone filled store bought but I can’t seem to ease his concern. Advice?

    • Just have lots of probiotics on hand. There has never been a case of anyone actually getting sick from properly cared for raw milk, but if you should happen to, just take mega doses of probiotics and you should be fine.

      • This is ill-informed. The most advanced, thorough, well-cared for raw dairy that I know of in Pennsylvania was the source of a major campylobacter outbreak – and that can be fatal. It wasn’t due to negligence, but equipment fails sometimes without a good owner knowing about it, and it ended in illness for many of their clients, which they acknowledged had come from their milk.

  18. I just found out I’m pregnant with my second child, and I’m excited to try some of these tips this go-round. One question, were you also taking prenatal vitamins with this regimen? I am taking daily prenatal vitamins and am curious if taking fermented cod liver oil additionally would result in vitamin A toxicity. Thanks for all the tips–my magnesium flakes are coming in the mail tomorrow!!

    • Okay, so I just saw you responded to someone else’s post about this…doh! Still curious about the prenatal vitamins…

    • I don’t personally take a prenatal unless I have a need to, as they contain synthetic forms of Vitamin A. I eat a super nutrient dense diet and take the FCLO and magnesium instead.

  19. Another great post, very informative.

  20. Interesting post, but this has not been my experience. I was doing all of the above with the exception of bone broth and I was taking about 1/2 tsp of FCLO/BO daily. And my morning sickness has been worse than with the other two kiddos (a boy and a girl). I had been off sugar for over a year when I got pregnant. Bad morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness and crazy carb cravings and protein aversions. I haven’t been able to consistently keep up with the FCLO/BO since about 6 weeks.
    I do hope this works for some though.

  21. Would taking the Natural Calm with Calcium be just as effective?

  22. So a magnesium supplement like Natural Calm is okay to take if I’m breastfeeding? It says to consult a doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.

    • My midwife said it is fine during pregnancy or nursing…

  23. Hi Katie. I have some questions about Fermented Cod Liver oil. I’d like to start taking it, but I am wondering what your opinion is of the taste… because I have a pretty strong gag reflex and have only recently begun to overcome my 15-year aversion to swallowing pills. Also, what dosage would you recommend? I’m curious because of this quote from a review by E. Kirby on Amazon: “First of all, in case you don’t realize, if you’re taking capsules and you want to be taking 1 tsp per day (per WAPF guidelines), you need to take 8 of these capsules per day. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you need to be taking 16 capsules (2 tsp) per day. That means, if you want all of the benefits of FCLO,
    this bottle of 120 capsules will last you 7-15 days. If you can tolerate the flavor, the oil in liquid form is MUCH more economical.”
    On another note, how do you get your kids to take fish oil? Thanks for your advice!

    • For me, I mix with cinnamon powder to hide the taste, for the kids, I mix with or dip in honey…

      • I see! Sounds like a good idea. If you don’t mind me asking, do you personally take 8 capsules per day? I’m just wondering about dosage because I can’t read the WAP label on the Blue Ice bottle pictured at Amazon.

        • I take 1-2 tsp of the gel instead, but it would work out to 8+ capsules.

    • I take the cinnamon flavoured FCLO and butter oil separately. I take the FCLO with a syringe, by shooting it at the back of my mouth after having taken a mouth full of kefir (or any liquid) and swallow it together. I eat the butter oil from the spoon. I’ve mixed both with a little honey and cacao powder and vanilla to give to my 2 year old… I give her 1 ml and fill the rest of the 5ml up with other liquids… she takes it with no problems

    • My daughter 15 months takes it straight from the dropper – Nordic Naturals. She actually loves it.

  24. First of all I love your website! I’m 5.5 weeks pregnant after a mc last year and I am trying everything possible to be as healthy as possible so really enjoying the advice on your website. I have bought some of the magnesium oil spray on your recommendation and so far it has really been keeping morning sickness at bay as well as the fermented cod liver oil in capsule form. At the moment I am taking 2 capsules (500mg each), as the suggested serving size, and approx 6 sprays of the magnesium oil per day, I wanted to check that the levels I am intaking sound correct? Many thanks x

    • Apologies, just seen you suggested 8 capsules x

    • Personally, I take 8 or more capsules, at least during the second trimester, and let your body tell you on the magnesium, but up to 30 sprays can be helpful for some people…

  25. Thank you so much for the information! I ordered some magnesium oil online, but while waiting for that to ship I picked up some “Magnesium gel with seaweed extract” by Health and Wisdom Inc. today from Whole Foods. They normally have the oil but were all sold out. I was a little concerned about the seaweed regarding mercury content. Do you have any information about this? I plan to switch to the oil as soon as it arrives. I am hoping it is a miracle cure for my miserable hyperemesis. Thanks again!


    • I haven’t used that product personally, but from what I’ve read, I don’t think that that small amount of seaweed would be a mercury concern…

      • Thanks!

  26. I am so excited to read this post and am praying that I can start all of this now (2 months into my 5th pregnancy) and see some relief. I have the kind of morning sickness that keeps me queasy all day, but I never actually get sick. I have been slowly going green and clean, but this pregnancy has made me put it into high gear. I want/need to feel better this go around. Looking forward to all I can learn on your blog!

  27. Hello! I am 29 years old, 4 weeks pregnant today with my first (had the feeling right from the start and found out at 3wks 2 days via hcg blood test). I have been taking MEGA FOOD baby and me prenatals- whole foods based (4 pills) 3 months before pregnancy, Carlson’s Cod Liver (3 pills) 2 months before pregnancy and just started Raw Enzymes (3 pills) 1 month ago. I eat very healthy mostly protein, veggies and fruits. I have pasta/rice maybe a couple/few times a month and eat plenty of healthy oils/fats (coconut oil/olive oil/variety of nuts). I don’t have milk often but love to eat yogurt/cheddar cheese. I also have been using Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil (8 sprays).I want to get it right from the start. I haven’t had any morning sickness (kinda early I think). Anything else I should be doing? Thanks in advance.

  28. Is it safe to take the green pastures cinnamon fclo while pregnant? It has cassia oil which I thought was unsafe, also the mint has wintergreen. Would the orange flavor be ok? I allready bought the cinnamon it actually tastes good but we are ttc.

  29. Nope, it doesn’t work for everyone. I eat very well and wasn’t deficient in magnesium and still got morning sickness. There is no sure fire way to NOT get morning sickness! Hormones play the largest role, and with everything we come in contact with chemically, from foods to household products, we have no idea how much or if we are disrupting them. Sure, make sure that you are eating a whole foods diet and taking care of yourself, and you will have the healthiest pregnancy you can have.

  30. Hey I was just wondering when you found out you were pregnant did it show up on a HPT? I heard of taking magnesium before getting preg would help so I started about a year ago, and then fell off the band wagon for like 4 months. I then talked to my Dr. and got a magnesium shot this last month, and then for this month I was going to start back into my old routine of magnesium supplements and fish oil. Long story short last month (the month I got the shot) is the month I missed my period which has NEVER happened (I’m on a 28 day cycle, very regular). I have only been late once in my whole life like 10 years ago.

    Me and my husband have been trying for 9 months to get preg. So anyways I have not felt morning sickness at all, but my breasts were tender for like a week, and I feel stretching pain in my abs and lower stomach periodically throughout the day. It’s nothing too painful. All my HPTs have been negative? So what I’m asking is did your HPT show positive right away when you took magnesium?

  31. I have a question regarding fermented cod liver oil. I’m 7 weeks pregnant and taking a prenatal vitamin and Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA. I’m trying to figure out if I should be taking FCLO also, or if the DHA includes the same fish oils. Any thoughts?

  32. How do you get your coconut oil, I have tried taking it off the spoon but gag every time and can’t get it down!

    • Coconut oil tastes great mixed with raw honey and a little salt, and it’s much easier to eat! Eating it straight makes me want to gag, too! You can add some nut butter or ground nuts, vanilla, and a little carob or unsweetened cocoa powder tastes great too – very satisfying to the sweet tooth! 🙂

      • Also — can’t believe I forgot to say this — START SLOWLY with coconut oil! When I first started taking it it made me feel SO nauseous (and I wasn’t even pregnant). I’ve heard that this is because coconut oil is naturally cleansing, so it starts killing off some bad stuff in your stomach and can make you feel sick. So I went back and started w a tiny amount and worked my way up gradually, spreading it throughout the day, and It was MUCH better. Now I can eat a tablespoon or two throughout the day, no problem. But if I forget to take it for a while, I’ll notice a bit of nausea from it again and have to work my way into it (though much more quickly than at first.)

        And can I mention as a side note that coconut oil, applied topically, can do wonders for a vaginal yeast infection! I used to get them all the time, and now can usually stave them off by applying it several times a day when I start to feel itchy. Amazing stuff!

  33. I can attest to the fact that this protocol is working to keep my morning sickness at bay! I have had absolutely no nausea and very little fatigue – and I am at 7 weeks now. I had significantly upped my protein intake prior to getting pregnant, take magnesium (natural calm), drink homemade bone broth everyday, a few eggs each day (plus extra yolks), lots of leafy greens, green smoothies every day, etc. etc. I was kind of concerned at first that I was having very little pregnancy symptoms, until i read this post and Mommypotamus’s post on morning sickness! It really seems to be working!

  34. Have any of you had a problem with getting a rash from magnesium oil? We are TTC, and I’ve been using mag oil daily for the past month. It’s often a bit itchy, which I’ve heard is normal, but last night when I went to wash it off after 20mins as the directions say, my inner legs where I’d applied it had little itchy red bumps all over. It’s better today, but I’m hoping this doesn’t keep happening! I want to be able to use magnesium oil!! My mom was bedridden with morning sickness throughout the first trimester of 5 pregnancies, my sister threw up almost every day for nine months w her first, and I’m DESPERATELY hoping I don’t follow in their footsteps!! 😛

    • I have found it helpful to mix mag oil half and half with aloe vera gel. Also, change the location of where you apply it. The skin gets much less irritated that way.

  35. I just wanted to thank you for this article. I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 5th and I have been worried a bit because I feel good! I had morning sickness with all the others. However, this is my first pregnancy since one of my children was diagnosed with autism, and so in an effort to give this baby the best chance possible, I cleaned up my diet dramatically. I’m doing everything that I think might possibly help. This included switching to everything natural which was quite the overhaul. I’m also taking a krill oil omega-3, probiotics, and a calcium/ magnesium supplement. Ultrasound this Thursday to confirm all is well, but I’m feeling confident, and I definitely think your post here is 100% accurate. Thanks!

  36. Do you know approximately how much magnesium is in 1 spray of your recipe for magnesium oil. I read somewhere on your blog that pregnant women should not exceed 500mg of magnesium per day so I just want to make sure I’m not taking too much. My vits (Shaklee) have 200mg and I’ve been using 8-10 sprays of the magnesium oil.


  37. I’m 7 weeks pregnant. I was suffering with terrible morning sickness..I didn’t wanna be anywhere near food. Even when I do eat the after taste in my mouth made me wanna vomit. After seeing this post I bought a magnesium oil and I can already feel it’s working..its the second day usong it and I would say it eased 70% of my morning sickness

  38. I am 6.5 weeks pregnant with my fifth, I’m normally starting morning sickness around week 5. Last pregnancy was horrible, I was miserable and I had read that B-12 helps. After reading this post two weeks ago, I started taking a prenatal, a b-12, a magnesium tablet and cod liver oil tablet (bought CVS brand of all) daily. The only time I feel a little sick is if I have gone too long without eating. Otherwise I feel good. So much so, I’m worried because I associated morning sickness with the pregnancy progressing successfully. I started googling today to see if I my supplements were ok and came across this post from the very same site that I got the idea to take the supplements. So prayerfully, I will not get morning sickness. I don’t know if it is the magnesium or the b-12.

    • Glad it helped and prayers for a healthy and wonderful pregnancy and delivery.

  39. Is Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil Capsules the same as the fermented cod liver oil? this pregnancy app I put on my ipad said to stop taking cod liver oil/fish oil because the vitamin A was too high and I noticed that when I did, I haven’t had as much morning nausea ( I always take my CLO before I go to work in the morning)…
    thanks for your tips

    • The FCLO has it in proper balance with Vitamin D to protect against too much Vitamin A but it should also only be consumed with the pregnancy diet

      • Wait, are you saying that Carlson’s cod liver oil IS or IS not safe in regards to vitamin A? I take Carlson’s as opposed to the FCLO because it’s more affordable, though I realize FCLO is the ideal choice. We’re going to go for baby #2 next year and I’m wondering if it’s safe to take Carlson’s during the pregnancy? I always figured that since it was in its natural food state, the levels could not be toxic. Is this the case or…? TIA! I really appreciate your insight!

  40. I have been feeling sick almost every time I’m cooking food, would the fermented cod liver oil and magnesium help?

    • They still might. They are most effective if started before pregnancy but will probably still offer some benefit

  41. I have been doing pretty well with eating according to the suggestions on your site and according to the advice given in nourishing traditions but since about the 7th week I have been unable to eat as much meat as previously due to nausea. I am still trying to eat some and getting down some stock but wondered if I should still be taking the FCLO? I noticed in an earlier comment to someone you said that FCLO should only be consumed with the pregnancy diet

  42. Yay!!! I am so happy to read this post! Like you, this is my 5th pregnancy, and no morning sickness, only fatigue! I only vomited once with my first, felt more nauseated with my second even though I never threw up I was pretty much on the couch most of the day. With my third and fourth I wasn’t as sick but sick. I had made some healthier eating choices during the 3 & 4th pregnancies. However, during my 4th I started the GAPS diet for my son and lost some weight during my pregnancy as I was already overweight. My 4th child is really healthy by the way. I am not strictly on the GAPS diet currently but still make bone broth soups, often with kale, and drink RAW milk, avoid soy in all forms as much as possible and processed foods, and eat Rapunzel sugar, honey, syrup, etc. I have always eaten butter, lard, and olive oil all of my life, but didn’t cut out other oils until GAPS diet. I am also a big coconut oil consumer as well. And eat many fermented probiotics and make my own sourdough bread, pancakes, etc. I am 11 weeks pregnant with my fifth and I believe that the diet made a huge difference but I have been on this changed diet for 2 years. I didn’t mention that I have taken fermented cod liver oil, but never regularly. It’s so hard to remember and probably would make me queasy during pregnancy. I also use homeopathy which has been very beneficial. I would say that for those who have tried this but have still been sick, you probably have to already have built up stores of healthy fats and nutrition prior to conception. Hope it helps in future pregnancies though!! Thanks Wellness Mama!

  43. Does taking these supplements as well as my regular prenatal vitamins cause any concern. I’ve heard a little bit about taking too much of one supplement and that it could be bad, so if I’m already taking my regular prenatal vitamin, will adding the magnesium, and cod liver oil be of any concern? Did your latest baby come out totally healthy, strong? I know nothing about cod liver oil and want to make sure it’s totally safe, and I’m sure I can trust it if it’s on this site, but just want to be sure! It’s my first baby:)

    • Congrats on your pregnancy! I’ve taken both, but I’d check with your midwife or doc

  44. I am on my 5th pregnancy and the first 4 I had terrible morning sickness from the day I hit 6 weeks until 12-14 weeks. I am now 6 weeks and 5 days into my 5th pregnancy and no signs of the terrible morning sickness, and was glad to see this post. I have been a little worried not having the morning sickness but I have been taking a CalMag supplement that I didn’t previously take so I am hoping this is going to be a wonderful experience because I was dreading being on the couch for 6 weeks with 4 little ones running around! Makes me feel better that it could be the magnesium helping!

  45. Hi,
    I was happy to read your post. I’m expecting my fifth and have had morning sickness (really more like feeling “gross” all the time) with the others from weeks 6 – 16. I began taking magnesium for other reasons, but I suspect it is what has made the difference this time around. I’m a little past six weeks now and I feel better than I have with any of the others.

  46. I just found out I am pregnant (woohoo!) with my first. Is magnesium safe to start taking after you’re already pregnant if I’ve never taken it before? I’m only 4 weeks and a couple days… Super excited and nervous so I’m very thankful for all of this useful information!

    • If you are at all concerned, I would speak with your dr.

  47. I had hyperemesis during my second pregnancy. One thing that really helped me was Preggie Pops!

  48. I am really happy to say that topical magnesium spray has worked for me. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second child. With my son, I battled constant nausea and vomiting for 7 months. When we were considering getting pregnant again, the thought of being sick again for so long was really concerning. I have a demanding job, travel often and have two kids (15 and 4). I began looking for ways to treat it and came across a few blog posts on magnesium. I started supplementing half-heartedly before getting pregnant. When I got pregnant, the nausea started almost immediately. I started ramping up the supplementation and started seeing results. It’s amazing. I’m taking quality prenatals (Vitamin Code) and spraying with magnesium (Ancient Oils) three times a day. I also take a bath in Epsom salt 1/per week. When I forget to spray, I know within hours because the nausea comes on strong, but as long as I stay on schedule, I feel fantastic. I can’t tell you how great this is. It’s definitely worth a try.

  49. I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. I haven’t really been sick at all so far and have been feeling fine other than needing 9 hours of sleep at night. I have been storing up on magnesium for the past year and it has been the supplement I take most consistently and work into my diet. I didn’t know it contributed to helping avoid morning sickness, but I am surely happy I loaded up before I was pregnant. Other than feeling bloated and craving dairy in every form, not much else has changed and I am so happy about it! I still take magnesium every day and Epsom salt baths occasionally after working out. I also began to take cod liver oil in November because I read it helps with cavities (which it totally did. I went back to the dentist to have mine filled and they couldn’t find one in the spot they had previously seen on the X-ray just a months after finding it) so I am sure that has helped too. About to add bone broth in as well to see if that helps with the fatigue. I eat a variety of protein as well.

  50. Where on my body do u spray the oil?? How often. I am in desperate need of some morning sickness relief!!!

    • I used on my legs and arms mostly and several times a day at the worst stages.

  51. I haven’t read all the comments, but just wondering if you were taking prenatal vitamins in addition to everything listed above? Excited to be trying these things the next go round!

    • Was taking my prenatal (without folic acid- made sure it was the methylated folate form) and K2

  52. Do you recommend taking a prenatal? If so, what kind? Thank you 🙂

  53. I absolutely LOVE your post about 101 uses of Coconut Oil… I didn’t realize that it is even useful for morning sickness. I recently read a blog by an ND in Vancouver, BC that says that sea bands are effective with morning sickness as well as ginger. I had never heard of sea bands before.. do you have any good recipes that use ginger and coconut oil for a double effect??

  54. hi, just wanted to let you & others know that there is some major (unfortunately bad) news about fermented cod liver oil. you can read it all on Dr. Ron’s website. Having tried to heal my son’s tooth decay with FCLO I was pretty saddened by this news, however he didn’t use it for too long, but still.

  55. It’s important to note that even though you try to prepare your body for pregnancy you never know how it’s going to affect you. I coincidentally naturally followed this regimen for 7 months before conceiving AND STILL HAD SEVERE NAUSEA & VOMITING (aka hyperemisis gravidarum) for four months and counting.
    This type of “morning sickness” is completely debilitating, and as of now, there’s NO CURE OR PREVENTATIVE MEASURES one can take, aside from medication that curbs the vomiting. For some, it’s not as simple as diet and nutrition and I hope for more research to be done.

  56. I am on my 2nd pregnancy. Never had morning sickness with both pregnancies. I have been taking prenatal vitamins about 3 months before my husband and I decided to have our first and continued to take them till now on my 2nd pregnancy. Our 1st baby just turned 1 and I’m due this July. I started taking Magnesium while I was in my 2nd trimester with our 1st baby. I didn’t have morning sickness and was pretty active had lots of energy (renovated and painted our baby’s nursery till I was 38 weeks into my 1st pregnancy), but I did have some bad episodes of Charlie horse every once in a while. I kept taking the same supplements till now (prenatal, calcium magnesium with D3, flax oil caps, and vit. C everyday. I haven’t had any Charlie horse for my 2nd pregnancy and I believe it’s from adding magnesium to my oral supplements. Haven’t tried using topical magnesium but would be willing to try it if it can help me sleep better. Also to the other pregnant moms out there, increase your water intake daily! I cannot stress it enough. Drink plenty of water! Carry a refillable water bottle with you at all times. Dehydration is very common to pregnant women which can lead to headache and nauseous feeling, hence feeling like they are having morning sickness. My 1st pregnancy is a girl btw. So I don’t believe that having a girl makes you feel sickly. I have nothing special with my diet. I eat EVERYTHING including chocolates and other kinds of desserts. But I do think it is wise to eat more whole foods than junk foods and increase intake of raw fruits and vegetables. Hope this helps other moms to not feel guilty indulging on a little sweet treats here and there. I also think it helps to be physically active unless otherwise your doctor advised bed rest. Physical activity doesn’t have to be streneous. Walking daily is a good physical workout good for the mom and the growing baby inside. Btw, I’m a laser therapist.

  57. I just wanted to mention that after reading this post I started using the Ease Magnesium oil at 30 weeks with my 3rd pregnancy (4th child as the last was twins) and it has made a world of difference with my braxton hicks contractions! My muscles were in so much pain from the constant tightening of my uterus and the magnesium oil has made things much more manageable.

  58. I am currently pregnant with my 9th baby. In all previous pregnancies, I had various levels of morning sickness. So far this time, I have not had any, although it is still early. I’m attributing it to magnesium and D supplementation, along with a different diet of no grains, no sugar, and no dairy. This was recommended by a functional medicine doctor, and is also helping to lower my blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

  59. I have been drinking an herbal tea “no to morning sickness tea” to cure my morning sickness that was sucking me out. It helped relieving me from severe nausea and sickness.

  60. Interesting… I had a migraine a couple of days ago and upped my magnesium intake to try and get on top of it. The day after, and today have been the only days I’ve not had constant nausea.

  61. What kind of bison did you eat?

  62. Have you considered using a product that doesn’t involve swallowing something at a time when you are most likely going to throw it back?

    Take a look at Nevasic… form your own opinions..

  63. Is taking magnesium for morning sickness backed by any research? Or is this all anecdotal?

  64. This is fascinating! I love your posts, but never came across the ones on Magnesium until today.

    Big question: how do you know if you are getting too much? I find that especially worrying in pregnancy… For instance, if I were to use it as a deodorant, do 10-20 sprays on my body daily, and take Natural Calm (which I’m already doing), would I end up overdosing?

  65. I am on my second pregnancy (8 weeks) and have been ill since week 5. Just as with my last pregnancy, I am a paleo, clean eater, that takes regular supplements (my sister does nutrition response testing for a living). Since being ill, I now eat a small amount every few hours (eggs, avocado, banana, and yes bread/gluten-free crackers, as I can’t keep much down, ginger ale (homemade), chicken, veg soups, bone broth, having a hard time with fish…). I am really wondering if some people just get morning sickness, as my pre-pregnancy routine was as clean as possible and I have been sick since week 5. I also live in Europe, so no GMO and no need to hunt for grassfed, as I buy everything organic, fresh, natural from local farmers. This articles makes it sound like if I am having morning sickness there is something I am doing wrong. I take Magnesium and will try the oil, but otherwise I have been doing everything above for years and it hasn’t made a difference for me personally in the first trimester. Baby one was a girl.

    • Hi Alison,

      The UK National health Service researched an audio tape called MorningWell – which the national Childbirth trust used to distribute. Their own published results in “The Practising Midwife” journal showed an exceptionally high level of success in relieving NVP. It’s now much easier to get as an app called Nevasic – which you can always have with you on your mobile.

  66. Do you rub the magnesium oil just in one spot? Or all over your body?