How to Make Natural Deodorant


Today, I tackle a subject that no one really wants to talk about: body odor.

More importantly, I will tackle it naturally. Chances are, you’ve probably experienced body odor at some point. I am posting this because it was a touchy subject for me for a long time, and I’m hoping my (embarrassing) plight might be able to help you!

Why Natural Deodorant?

Eating a good diet and drinking enough water can really cut down the odor, but sometimes you need something else. Sure, the conventional deodorant antiperspirants work great, if you don’t mind infusing your armpits with aluminum and other additives!

For those of us who have sought a more natural option, you may have noticed that the pickings are rather slim. There are a lot of natural deodorants out there, it’s just that, well… most of them don’t work well. I say this from experience, as a woman who has been pregnant multiple times in the last few years (pregnancy increases sweat) and worked out through the pregnancies.

So what to do?

Sweat like a horse or slather on the aluminum? Is there no other option?

Fortunately, there is!

homemade deodorant bar recipeUnfortunately, it takes more time than going to the store, but it lasts a lot longer and is a whole lot healthier! In my pursuit of healthy armpits, I finally stumbled upon a natural homemade deodorant recipe that works and is still natural. This is after trying every natural variation I could find (which didn’t work or caused a rash) and after several very failed attempts at making it.

I did find in the process that pure baking soda or plain coconut oil work pretty well, so if you aren’t into making your own, maybe try that. Some people get a rash from baking soda, so test this on a small area of skin first. I’ve also recently been using this pre-made natural deodorant, which is very similar to these DIY recipes and that smells amazing and works well!

How to Make Natural Homemade Deodorant

Both of the recipes below work really well. I prefer the softness of the first recipe, but if you don’t have shea butter lying around, the second recipe works just as well and has fewer ingredients. You can customize your deodorant to your scent preferences with essential oils, if desired or omit them for an unscented version.

If you are looking for a pre-made option that smells incredible, I’d recommend this handmade one from Crunchy Betty.

Homemade Deodorant with Shea Butter

how to make your own natural deodorant

Shea Butter Deodorant Ingredients

Note: You can get all the ingredients here.

Shea Butter Deodorant Instructions

natural homemade deodorant ingredients

  1. Melt shea butter and coconut oil in a double boiler over medium heat until barely melted. UPDATE: Combine in a quart size glass mason jar with a lid instead and place this in a small saucepan of water until melted. This will save your bowl and you can just designate this jar for these type of projects and not even need to wash it out… This can also be done in the microwave if you have one.
  2. Remove from heat and add baking soda and arrowroot (If you don’t have arrowroot, use more baking soda or just omit)
  3. Mix well
  4. Add essential oils and pour into a glass container for storage. It does not need to be stored in the fridge.
  5. If you prefer, you can let it cool completely and put into an old deodorant stick for easier use, though it may melt in the summer!

NOTE: It may take several hours to completely harden and this process can be sped up by putting in the fridge for a few minutes.

If you don’t have all those ingredients around, or don’t want to wash a double boiler, this recipe is faster and easier:

Coconut Oil Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Natural Homemade Deodorant Recipe Ingredients

Coconut Oil Deodorant Ingredients

Coconut Oil Deodorant Instructions

  1. Mix baking soda and arrowroot together in a medium sized bowl.
  2. Mash in coconut oil with a fork until well mixed.
  3. Add oils if desired.
  4. Store in small glass jar or old deodorant container for easy use.

Why Use Natural Deodorant?

I started this pursuit to avoid nasty additives in regular deodorant, but I’m a lifelong convert because it works!

No, really! I was the girl who rejoiced when Secret Clinical Strength came out before prom one year. I’ve had to use regular deodorant a few times since I started the natural, and it doesn’t work as well. Although not an antiperspirant,  it does seem to absorb a lot of wetness.

After a few weeks of using natural, I noticed an unexpected side effect… I wasn’t sweating as much to begin with. Months later, and I notice this even more!

I urge you to try making your own deodorant. Even if you aren’t daunted by the ingredients in your own deo, wouldn’t you feel better knowing you weren’t putting anything on your skin that you couldn’t eat (not that you would want to eat shea butter!) If you do try it, let me know the outcome!

If you don’t want to make it, this is a pre-made natural one I use.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

After years of using this recipe and hundreds of comments from readers who have tried these recipes. If you have any trouble with making these natural homemade deodorant recipes, this may help:

Q. This homemade deodorant is giving me a rash… Did I do something wrong?

A. Some people react negatively to the baking soda and develop a rash or underarm discoloring. If this happens to you, I’d suggest stopping using the natural deodorant until you are able to resolve the issue. Many people cut the baking soda amount in half and notice that the irritation goes away. Also, make sure that you aren’t reacting to any essential oils you use in your homemade deodorant.

A simple clay-based armpit detox can help pull out some of the chemicals from past deodorant use that may store in the underarm and lead to a rash.

Acid-Based Deodorant: Other readers have noticed that if they react to a baking soda based deodorant, an acid-based deodorant works better. Suggestions that seemed to have worked include using diluted lemon juice or apple cider vinegar alone or with essential oils.

Spray Deodorant: A magnesium-based spray deodorant can also be helpful, especially for those who react to coconut oil or shea butter. This is also a lighter option that dried more quickly. If you prefer to spray on your deodorant, here’s a recipe to try.

Q. I’m allergic to coconut oil… can I make this recipe without it?

A. Absolutely!

You can use half as much of a liquid oil like almond, jajoba or avocado oil in place of the coconut oil, especially in the shea butter recipe. This will create a thinner recipe. If you want a formula closer to an actual deodorant bar but without the coconut oil, use this recipe but use 1/4 cup almond (or other liquid oil) in place of the coconut oil.

Q. Can I put this in a regular deodorant container?

A. Yes, though it will work better with the first recipe that contains shea butter. To make an even firmer bar, increase the shea butter to 1/4 cup. These inexpensive deodorant containers work well to store this recipe. I also recommend letting either recipe firm up in the fridge before attempting to use if you are putting in deodorant containers.

Q. This seems to be staining my clothes… How do I fix this?

A. I’ve personally never had trouble with this, but it seems that this can be a result of using too much of the mixture at one time or not letting it absorb into skin before putting on clothing. I use a tiny amount (not much is needed) and wait 3-5 minutes before putting on a shirt to avoid any staining issues.

Q. This stings if I apply right after shaving… how do I prevent this?

A. The baking soda or magnesium will sting after shaving. Usually, waiting a few minutes will solve the problem.

For more troubleshooting and help download my free guide:

Featured Download: Download a complimentary copy of my Switching Without Itching digital guide to DIY deodorant, so you don’t have to stink or have an armpit rash. Send it to Me!

Ever made your own deodorant? How did it go? Share below!

Deodorant can contain a lot of harmful chemicals. Save time and money by making this natural homemade deodorant with coconut oil, baking soda and oils.

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Reader Comments

  1. How do these do on clothing? Any staining? Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before dressing? Thanks so much – I would LOVE to switch to something natural.

    • So far, I haven’t noticed any stains on clothing, which is actually a change. My old ones would make the armpits of white shirts turn yellow after a while. I do usually wait about 5 minutes before putting a shirt on though, so that might help.

      •  I tried a different recipe which called for melted beeswax instead of shea butter & it DID stain my clothing. I will try this recipe or another I saw with only Coconut oil,Baking soda,Arrowroot & scented with lavender & teatree essential oils for their antibacterial properties. There are also recipes I’ve seen with cornstarch, but some people are sensitive to it. I will keep trying until I find the right one, I prefer the spray type personally, so I’ll experiment with that next.

        • Baking and coconut oil has never stained my clothes

          • Has never stained mine either. I did have breast cysts and when I started using natural deodorant they went away! I would recommend this recipe!

          • Used…coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch with lavender oil. stain. I love it!!!

        • I have used a recipe very close to the second recipe for 2 years now and I have never had staining. However most problems with other people arise from using too much. A pea size amount for each armpit is all you need. I have tried using store bought deodorant several time during travel, which did not turn out well and have always been amazed at how good this stuff works. Just remember you will still sweat just not stink. Oh and shave at night then put deodorant on in morning. The baking soda stings after shaving.

          • I second the shaving comment! It can sting if you apply the deodorant right after shaving.

          • If you put plain coconut oil on first and then put the baking soda/coconut oil mix on after it doesn’t sting after shaving, at least that has helped me.

          • I just stopped shaving and waxing. No Stinging 🙂

          • I always wait at least 30 minutes after shaving before applying deodorant. This allows your skin some time to heal.

          • Thank u very much for this information.i definitely will try dis.

          • Thanks to Shandie’s comment! Putting coconut oil on first after shaving stopped the deodorant from creating a rash!

          • The irritation is caused by the baking soda. Baking soda is abrasive. The first batch I made, my skin got really irritated. I cut down on the baking soda and the problem disappeared. I have been using this recipe for three years now and it works just awesome! I can actually go to days without deodorant, although I don’t do this usually. Crazy how I discovered this recipe after after 35 years using deodorant and anti-perspirants! So thank you very much for the recipe!

            I’ve never tried to use this recipe with coldpressed virgin olive oil, but would like to. Does anybody know if that works?

          • For something even simpler, though a little more expensive, just cut a fresh lime in half and rub on your armpits (NOT right after shaving!)
            I used the same half a lime for a week, in summer, and had NO ODOR–and normally without Ban or a couple different natural deodorants I use, I totally stink!
            I’d recommend this to the people that were having rash reactions.

          • I agree with using a small amount. I use a “similar ingredient” natural brand, and when I first got it, I used too much, I ended up with a rash and a couple painful lumps in my armpits. I actually started processing a return (Amazon) because of this, but decided to try it one more time because I liked how it worked (without the rash and painful lumps). In the summer because it is softer, I actually wipe it with my finger and apply a very small amount with my fingertips. That seemed to do the trick! In the winter, I don’t have the problem as it is harder because of the cold. I have not had a single problem once I starting putting a very small amount. Plus it lasted so much longer! I am excited to make my own. The other is expensive!

          • I am using the coconut alone as deodorant for nearly a year now and it works perfectly. I apply a bit underarm right after a bath.

        • I also tried a recipe with beeswax that stained my clothes. Not to mention, I got this awful rash on my armpits. It was like a big red circle right in the middle of my armpit that burned. I wondered if I was reacting to something in the deodorant? I used cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax, vitamin E oil, and lavender oil. I’ll give these recipes a try and hope for better results! Oh, and is there an adjustment period? I could still smell myself… :/ It was just masked by the lavender, but it was still there.

          • I would say that it was probably the lavender oil if you reacted with a rash. I’d say my skin is pretty neutral (some things irritate, but for the most part I don’t have many problems) and when I have something with pure lavender oil I tend to react. I would try maybe using less.

          • I make this kind of deodorant as well and in the beginning and occasionally even now I will get a bit of a rash especially if I shave and use it straight away. But mainly the rash only happened to begin with and then cleared. I think it is the strong alkaline of the baking soda..sort of burns a little…this is not actually dangerous in any real way. Just takes the skin a little bit to get used to. It’s by far and away better than putting the toxic chemicals on your skin and I too have found it works better than store bought chemical deodorant. Anyway I think it’s worth persisting with this type until your skin gets used to it, maybe reduce the amount of baking soda in it to begin with.

          • Unless you test each ingredient separately, you may not find out what you’re allergic to. I am allergic to topical Vitamin E, both natural and synthetic, and products with naturally high Vitamin E content. I can use a product a couple of times and most often have no problems but if I were to use it consistently…wow…red, raised, burning, itching rash. Imagine the worst rash you’ve ever had and triple it! I have to read labels of everything I buy-dish soap, tissues, lotions, creams, they even put it in toilet paper at one time!

          • Unfortunately, not all essentials oils are made equally. It could have been the lavender if it wasn’t 100% certified therapeutic grade.
            I’m looking forward to trying this recipe!

          • No! It’s not the oils at all. It is the Baking Soda that does it! I have to go back to using store deodorant which mind you, I HATE- doesn’t work. I get the same red rings in the middle of my armpit. Trust me- It is the baking soda. I am now looking for a recipe with out baking soda but none to be found yet

          • That is my problem right now. I did the coconut oil Shea butter arrowroot and baking soda combo. I have the painful red rash rings right in the middle of my arm pits. I’ve never been sensitive before. So I’m really not sure what to do. Did you find another solution that worked?

          • The red ring in the armpits everyone talks about is not an allergic reaction, it is yeast. Hot, moist areas combined with baking soda, corn starch, and talcs of any kind create yeast. The more talc you apply, the more yeast that grows. This will be an issue when you won’t smell but still sweating….and I sweat buckets! Yeast and I are old buddies. It is common to get yeast under drooping breasts also and the tendency to apply baking soda or starch create a huge breeding ground. Wow, TMI?? Anyways, good luck to all of us to be dry and smell really good in the process!!!!

          • The baking soda made me breakout with a red, painful rash. I replaced the baking soda with cornstarch and no more rash. I use equal parts unrefined coconut oil and cornstarch and then add essential oils and mix to make a thick, creamy paste. Works like a champ!! I sweat sometimes, but do not have odor or stains on my clothes. I typically do not have to reapply. I have been using homemade natural deodorant for 2 months. It did take a few weeks for the sweating to reduce.

          • If you have a reaction to the deo, it’s likely the baking soda. If you dilute apple cider vinegar in water (1:3 or 1:2 ratio),wash your underarms in the evening, then spritz the apple cider vinegar water on, it will help restore the pH balance. I had a horrible rash within 72 hours of starting natural deo, this worked wonders. I find I need to do it a few days a month to avoid rashes or break outs. Also, give the deo (the oils specifically) time to soak in before you put on you shirt. Otherwise, you may wind up with oil stains on your shirt. I also added a few drops of sage oil to my last recipe, it seems to help a little with my sweating.

          • Your skin may have been detoxicing, which is normal when you switch from a toxic deodorant (ie almost anything you buy from the store) to a truly all natural deodorant (seriously you could eat this stuff and be okay). Another thing to think about is the quality of the oils you’re using, I personally only use Young Living oils.

          • I actually get a rash from the arrowroot powder. So that might be it. It’s just going to be trial and error until you find the right one.

          • Yep, I second the essential oil irritation. I once used (after many great batches), a few drops of some manly essential oil for my husband. I liked the smell so I started using it too and it gave me a red rash. No essential oil, no rash. Oh well. At least I don’t smell strongly of body odor!

      • I followed the above recipe 6 months ago and am still using the same batch. It is VERY effective and does not stain. Better than all deodorants I’ve used, and better than many antiperspirants. There was a bit of stinging and redness the first couple of days, but that disappeared; I actually think that the stinging was due to the fact that I had used a strong essential oil in it, probably one that should not go directly on the skin.

        • Listen, i have been looking at thid recipe for months and was curious to try it, but extremely skeptical of its effectiveness. I am a woman who has ALWAYS sweated like a man, accompanied with odor to boot. I used clinical-strength deodorant twice a day, esp in the summer! However, im into diy so i finally made a batch of this. WORKED LIKE A DREAM!! I still cant believe it! I even had other people smelling me to be sure i wasnt fooling myself! I sdded other ingredients and omitted the EO to better suit my needs, but this stuff is wonderful! No more $10 deodorant for me! Thx for this!

          • I felt a need to assure you that it is most likely the use of typical deodorant that is causing you to have a smell. Been using the natural deodorant for some time now and not looking back – in fact the odd time that i do use a store bought one is when i actually notice a BO problem.

          • Hi Tara. Could you please let me know what the exact recipe was for your bar? I have suffered with the exact same issues as you every since high school. I also could use clinical strength Secret twice per day but still have issues with sweating and smell. I have tried all the natural options that I am aware of with very minimal success. I have been using an aluminum free deodorant men’s deodorant but still prefer to not have any chemicals in my body.



          • Hi, I suffer from the same things you suffer from… sweat odor swear odor swear odor, not in any particular order. What ingredients did you add to the recipe?



          • Reading your comment makes me want to jump for joy! I have always had issues with my smell. I have been wanting to get away from store bought and go natural.on many things. This just pushed me over the edge for deodorant.

          • May I ask, what were the other ingredients you used? Bc I’m in the same boat you once were and I would like to go the natural route…especially bc I’m breastfeeding! Tia

          • So, since I myself have similar sweat issues, would you mind sharing exactly how you made your recipe? My biggest concern is I’m going to stink and people will be too polite to be honest!

          • How do you apply it if you don’t use an old deodorant stick?

          • How do you apply this recipe?

          • Hi Tara, I am so with you. I found and tried this recipe (#2) just yesterday and the next morning it’s still working. My story is similar to yours so working the next day is a big deal for me.

          • What did you add? Your recipe?

          • How do you apply the deodorant if it is in a glass jar? Or am I not reading the finishing directions correctly? Thank you!

        • Hi !
          I have a question. Does 3 T means 3 tablespoon? I am not familiar with this abbreviation!

          • Thank you for asking this! I didn’t know either! 🙂

          • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Thanks

          • Also, take note that a US & GB tablespoon is 15ml, and an AUS tablespoon is 20ml. Quarter cup US=59ml, BRIT=71ml, AUS=60ml. If all the ingredients are listed in the same units then it doesn’t matter, it’s just a different sizes batch. It only matters when there are mixed units of measure.

      • So are we thinking that the beeswax causes staining? Cause I made the first recipe but used half coconut oil half beeswax and it works great, more than great really. I’m so impressed. I’m just afraid (now after reading these comments) that it will stain white clothing. Any thoughts?

        • Hello, I haven’t tried either of these recipes yet, but I would stay away from the beeswax and just stick with the coconut oil. Beeswax actually clogs pours where the oils actually work with your skin. As someone with adult acne, I have been using coconut oil for a year now and I have clearer and smoother/softer skin than I have ever had. Just a thought. Blessings!

          • Is coconut oil good for your skin, I have really bad eczema and need something for my skin? Please let me know.

          • I am new to DIY stuff, made the deodorant and loved it. But after the second day I noticed redness and irritation on the skin. Any advise ?

          • The baking soda may be too strong for you… you can try making without it or with less

          • Can you use something either then coconut oil? I’m allergic to coconut.

          • I’m new to coconut oil; have only been using it for a week. But from what I’m seeing online it can help eczema. I have 4-5 spots of nummular eczema; one on each shin, the top of one foot, and two on the bottom of the other foot. I’ve been spreading coconut oil over my entire body (face to toes) at the end of my shower and rinsing for the past week. So far, the itching on the eczema has been reduced and the flakiness of the skin is going away. Hopefully the redness will follow.

            I also have “chicken skin” on my upper arms and it’s getting smoother now.

          • I’m wondering…how do you use the coconut oil on your face? As a cleanser, moisturizer, or on the spot, or all of these? When cleansing, how exactly do you use it and do you mix anything with it? Thank you

          • For the acne- you just use straight coconut oil on your face, like a lotion?

          • I am a lifelong eczema sufferer and putting coconut oil on my eczema just made it itchy and worse- until I discovered using it in the shower. I live in an extremely dry climate and barely even need to moisturize (body or face) when I slather on the coconut oil then rinse with very warm water. I keep a jar in the shower and it is great.

          • So what could I use for wrinkles. On face.

          • The first two batches of the 1st recipe I didn’t add beeswax to but I have clients who do not live near me that really want to buy it in the stick form. So I am looking at different waxes to put in mine so I can ship them. I am thinking of doing a mixture of soya wax and white beeswax. I make solid lotion bars with both and they have never stained my clothes. Fingers crossed!!!

          • On a side note re: the acne, try Aztec clay. Works great!

      • can we use baking powder instead of baking soda?

          • Actually, there is an aluminum-free baking powder; however, this recipe calls for baking SODA, not the powder.

        • Baking Soda is the same as Sodium bicarbonate (for those living outside US)

      • can i just use any coconut oil??or it has to be the virgin coconut oil??

        • I’ve done some research in the past about the coconut oil vs. virgin coconut oil. One coconut oil manufacturer mentioned that there is no such thing as “virgin” coconut oil but because another manufacturer put it in their name, the other manufacturer added “virgin” to theirs to stay competitive, otherwise people would not purchase their brand thinking one was inferior to the other. That is just my two cents. Please look into it yourself. 😉

          • That’s a confusion of “virgin” verse “extra virgin”. There is no “extra virgin” coconut oil process like there is for olive oil but it’s become a part of marketing in the US for the reason you stated.

          • Actually the difference between Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut oil is that the Virgin version is cold pressed and unrefined whereas the regular stuff is refined and processed and stripped of some of its natural contents and is mostly pure oil. The natural content of Virgin Coconut oil may actually cause an allergic reaction when applied directly to skin on some people. It did on me. Virgin coconut oil is best for cooking and the refined version safer for the skin.

          • More confusion on coconut oil: there are differences in coconut oil – big time. Virgin coconut oil is different from standard coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil should be extracted from fresh material and not from standard copra and it should not use chemicals/solvent in any stage of the process. To make it more confusing, there are 2 basic ways to make virgin coconut oil: DRY process and WET process. Within that 2, there are still subcategories. The term cold-pressed is irrelevant (unfortunately most people believe that) as all of these virgin coconut oils are basically cold-pressed otherwise they cannot be called virgin oil. What matters actually is before, during, and after pressing. These are the 3 “processing quality” parameters to look at in your virgin coconut oil. Further unfortunate, I can say 99% of the source no matter how popular they are will not know that. There is no best or worst, it is your choice that matters but you should know the facts behind your choice.

          • Actually there is a difference. You want a cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed (as apose to being pressed with heat) actually keeps the good vitamins and good fatt in the oil. If its pressed and refined with heat it loses some of those vitamins etc. but the one with heat is not bad just less of the vitamins and the good fatty acids . Hope this helped!

      • Thank you for posting your natural recipes.
        I tried to make the deodorant (2nd recipe). But, I’m having some trouble. The coconut oil would not harden, so i refrigerated it. When I applied it, it melted quickly and stained my clothes.
        I remelted the deodorant and added more baking soda and some arrowroot and this time i did not refrigerate, but the coconut oil did not melt. What am I doing wrong and what do you do so that the clothes do not get the coconut oil stain?

        • Dahlia. I’m with you. EXACT thing happened to me. Are other people making it? The only way I could get it to harden was refrigerate and I’d prefer not to refrigerate my deodorant. I’ve increased the recipe by one T each of baking soda and arrowroot, still no dice. I’m trying 2 more T each of baking soda and arrowroot. My first days experience are it does appear to trump the field of store bought natural alternatives.

          • I have been using this recipes for several years after battling with excessive sweatiness and BO throughout my teens and early adulthood. I go sans beeswax and just the coconut oil, arrowroot and baking soda and occasionally an essential oil- I like rosemary as it also has anti-odor properties! The trouble with getting the deodorant to harden is coconut oil melts around 72 degrees F and refrigerating it was kind of a bother. I keep mine in a mini mason jar with a screw on top, (like for canning jam) and that has been perfect. I apply it with my fingers and just rub it on. If it does really melt down, like if it is in my car on a hot day or something, I make sure to stir it around till it’s well mixed before applying. It really is the best deodorant I’ve ever used and I have tried EVERYTHING. I’ve also found that I don’t smell or sweat nearly as much as I used to. Hope that helps!

          • if you use a wax with it, it will harden up, if you are against beeswax, you can try soy wax, I love coconut oil but wouldn’t use it on my face, since it is non-comedogenic, as that was someones concern about using beeswax, either way, in order to harden it, a wax will be needed, otherwise you could omit the wax and use more shea butter, but to much shea will smell bad.

          • I melt 5 Tbl. of coconut oil instead of 6. Remember to measure the oil after it’s melted and that your using a liquid measuring cup for the oil. It does make a difference if you measure using the wrong kind of tool. Same with the dry ingredients. I use arrowroot instead of cornstarch. I get a little OCD and put my baking soda and arrowroot through strainer to make sure there are no clumps.

          • I gave up on trying to harden it, I just started using a small applicator to take a small amount out of the jar, and I use my finger to rub the deodorant on my armpits

          • Had to join in this conversation – I’ve been making this deodorant for ten months on and off and have found it the most marvellously functional cosmetic lotion ever. I found at the beginning that I was not being careful enough with my ingredient measurements and sometimes got mixed results in consistency.

            But perhaps more importantly, I am experiencing Non Hodgkins Lymphoma that is often characterised by ‘raised glands’ under the arms, in the side of the neck, in the groin area. (They’re everywhere in fact) This year I found that the deodorant recipe 2 was having a beneficial effect on my underarm raised glands and diminishing them. (organic coconut oil, baking soda and arrowroot, no other oils)

            So I then applied some deodorant to my left groin area (the right side had just undergone a medical biopsy and was still sore from stitches) The raised gland(s) in the left groin quickly lowered themselves and I had to wait for the right area to become free to apply it there with the same amazing effect. My Oncologist listened but did not comment.

            But you know Baking Soda is Sodium Carbonate and there are well-respected doctors (even if they have been kicked off the list by the medical establishment – like Thomas Culpepper (1660) who believed all you ever needed for a cure you could grow and pick in your own garden – they hated him for that!) who say that cancer is a fungus and can be virtuously affected by sodium carbonate, particularly if applied topically (Dr Tullio Simoncini) I’m going to make another batch.

          • If you like a bar or stick, I think the first recipe is the way to go, or maybe try increasing the Shea butter if you are using that recipe already. Coconut oil’s melting point is only 78 degrees. Mine is usually either liquid or at least very soft in the summer. The Shea butter always stays nice and hard in the cabinet.

        • I made the first recipe and I cannot get it to harden. I did it exactly as the recipe called for, but not luck. Any ideas?

          • I made mine using cold pressed coconut oil (it is in a solid state and in what looks like a small PB jar). I never melted it (I used the second recipe), and halved everything because I wasn’t sure how my skin would tolerate it. Mine looks just like solid deodorant and when I scoop a tiny amount and rub it in it dissolves down.

          • If your room temperature is 76 F or above it won’t ever harden. Coconut oil starts melting at 76 F. This is just the main difference between a store bought deo and the DIY one. You will have to apply it by rubbing it in with your fingers – unless you did fill it into a reused deostick and kept it in the fridge. But it will turn into oil whenever it gets exposed to the temperature 76F and over.

          • ‘I used 5Tbl of coconut oil melting it and using a glass liquid measuring cup to be sure that I didn’t put too much oil in it. Used arrowroot instead of cornstarch. I let it sit all night before touching it. I live in Texas where it’s still in the low 70’s during the day. I don’t know if any of it makes a different or not.

          • if you want a solid deododorant, you have to make the DEODORANT BAR recipe. the one with the beeswax. its the addition of the beeswax that makes it solid. adding more soda and arrowroot is not going to make it solid and will only serve to make your deodorant irritating. i did the deodorant bar recipe with only baking soda and it made my armpits red and itchy. i made another batch with half baking soda and half arrowroot powder, and it is perfect. not irritating and as solid as any commercial deo. DEODORANT BAR RECIPE!!

          • You need to use a harder butter, like cocoa butter (deoderized if you don’t want the cocoa scent), mango butter, or even better kokum butter…it’s the most brittle. Use instead of the shea butter in this recipe. This will allow you to make solid sticks and ship the deoderant. This way you do not need any wax:)

        • I’ve made the 2nd recipe twice now. First time I put it in the fridge to harden it up a bit then scooped it into an old deodorant container. It melts the moment it touches
          your skin so you just use a tiny bit and let absorb. Second time I added a bit of grated beeswax so it wouldn’t melt in my suitcase. (Only about a spoonful) It was just firm enough to keep it a solid. Both ways it works like a charm! No NO!!

        • After combining all ingredients mine stayed in the liquidy state as well. I took out my mixer and beat it into a whip….. it now stays in a thickened type of cream in a jar…. 🙂

      • Hi! I love to try some new and natural recipes! But can I replace coconut oil by smthg else cz I can’t find it in the market???!

        • Try

        • Walmart sells coconut oil… looks more like a shortening container than an oil as it is generally a solid at room temp (under about 75 degrees). Sam’s club sells it too.

        • it must depend on where you are shopping. I find coconut oil in my local grocery store in the natural foods section, or at the food co op, or it is at whole foods, trader joe’s, online in many sources and I’m told it’s in most Asian grocery stores, or Indian ones. I don’t tend to shop in those markets because I can find it elsewhere. Be wary of buying it very cheaply or from big box stores that sell things at a discount. That’s where you need to check on the quality of the oil. A plastic container is not a good sign in my mind. Plastic leaches contaminants into everything. Glass jars are safer. Unrefined, cold pressed, organic is important. But as someone posted here, the process has many steps where crap can be added. I’m sure this website and others have lists of better and worse brands of coconut oil. good luck. I’ve also just put plain old coconut oil in my armpits and didn’t stink. And I am smelly when I sweat and workout. But not with coconut oil. Wait until it absorbs before getting dressed. I have stained an expensive shirt by putting it on too soon.

      • What I like about it is that I don’t get white stains on the bottom of my shirt when I accidently knock it against my shirt. Haha. btw how long will this keep and can I put vitamin E in it?

        • I would think some vit. e in the blend would be fine. I wouldn’t put much b/c of it being oily and it might not get absorbed right away. But it is good for preserving and for the skin.

      • If i dont want any baking soda, will it work? Coconut oil, shea better only?
        Am afraid from baking soda as i dont have any organic one. What can i use to make it cream like?

        • From what I understand, the coconut oil has some anti-bacterial properties that kill the smell-causing microbes, but for it to be especially effective you’ll want to use baking soda.

          Baking soda is just sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), and you’ll never find it “Organic” for the same reason that you’ll never find “organic” table salt — it doesn’t come from any living organism, and is mined in crystalline form or created in a commercial laboratory (either way, you’re getting the exact same product). So, you don’t have to worry about that.

        • Arrowroot powder (also called Arrowroot Starch or Arrowroot Flour). It’s a powdered starch similar to cornstarch but should be GMO free, very very gentle. Bob’s Red Mill makes a nice one you can buy online, my Whole Foods also carries it.

          • I do agree never use any soy or corn starch it is GMO in the country and soy is bad especially for ladies – to much male hormones. I think it is the best to completely stop using soy product especially in liquid form they are cancerous.

      • Thanks for this Katie! Hope you can post more diy products that are healthier than those sold in the market. I will try making this, hope it’ll work for me.

      • I read that it is the aluminum and sweat that makes the yellow stains on clothes.

      • I found since using homemade deodorant (this recipe of deodorant) …..I don’t get yellow staining on my white shirts anymore..and no staining from the deordorant either 🙂

      • Can I melt the Shea butter in the microwave or a hot towel cabbie? I’m asking this because I wanted to do this with my students as an in class project.

        • I’ve made this into a pretty successful business and my advice is not to melt butters in the microwaves cause they can get gritty. I melt the oils in the microwave and add shea to the hot mixture until it’s melted. Once it’s all melted, I stir alot to slowly cool it to incorporate the baking soda well/suspend it in the mixture.

          • Microwaving and food or natural things will mess up the vitamins and will take away nourishment so stoves are the better option

          • Yeah you don’t ever want to heat it in the microwave because you will definitely break down all the effectiveness of the minerals therefore pretty much defeating the purpose of making natural products. Especially if making these as products to sell, be educated about the process so you are taking your customer’s health into consideration.

          • “Mythbusters” tested whether microwaves kill nutrients by watering plants with tap water, boiled water, and microwaved water. The plants watered with tap water didn’t grow nearly as tall as the other two. But the microwaved water made the plant grow taller than the water boiled on the stove. I feel more confident about using the microwave after seeing that.

          • Wrong. Microwaves do not destroy nutrients (and especially not minerals..) anymore than any other type of heat does. Microwaves are “natural”, they occur in nature. Lightning, the Sun, and cosmic background radiation from the big bang all produce microwaves.

            You people posting this crap on every single one of these discussions need to stop.

          • You’re right about the grittiness. Shea butter will grit if heated above 65°C and cannot be reversed. Microwave ovens tend to be patchy in their heating ie hot pockets, so will ruin Shea.

      • I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your recipe! I had been using a non-antiperspirant from the store, but it was not effective (I had tried several kinds). I used to worry every time I started to sweat! But I didn’t want to go back to the unhealthy aluminum. I decided to search online and found your recipe.

        Now when I start to perspire, all I can smell is the lavender oil I put in it! As a Mom, there are occasional days I don’t see the shower. But I notice that even then, this deodorant keeps right on working and doesn’t stop! This recipe of yours changes lives. Thanks again! –

        • How much lavender oil did you put in, please?

      • hi Katie
        I am getting ready to make the homemade deodorant for the first time. I would also like to make some for my son and husband. Do you have a recipe for that. Happy Holidays!

      • Cam I use bicarbonate soda instead of baking soda?

        • Bicarbonate of soda IS baking soda, so yes, go ahead.

      • Is there possibly a different recipe that doesn’t involve coconut oil? I’m trying to get rid of using store bought deodorants but the “all natural” ones you can buy are way too expensive for me. I’d love to try this out but I’m allergic to coconut……..

      • I tried the second recipe but it leaves a white residue on my armpit after wearing it for a few hours. What am I doing wrong? Should I add more coconut oil? Also, can I add shea butter to harden the solution so I can put in an empty deodorant container?

      • Where do you get the empty deodorant containers?

        • You can purchase empty deodorant containers from Amazon.

      • Can I use cocoa butter instead of shea butter?

        • Yes! It’s much nicer to me, in smell(can use deoderized if you don’t like the cocoa scent) and it’s a harder butter which lends a firmer end product. You can use kokum butter,mango butter, as well..any hard butter will work better than the shea if your looking for a firmer product and no scent. 🙂

      • For awhile I used straight apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball, and it actually worked great, except for the smell for a bit right after you put it on. It wouldn’t stop the wetness, but seriously worked for smell for like 2 days straight. I hadn’t noticed any stains on anything. Then, I read that coconut oil works, so I thought that would beat the smell of the ACV! It works, and all I can say is it works just as well as the ACV. I just use it straight with nothing else and get on the treadmill for an hour. It’s been the greatest thing I’ve discovered. I will never use store bought deodorant again.

      • Maybe try keeping a little powderpuff in a jar of (cornstarch or talc) and top off the deodorant to speed up dressing… Kind of like applying powder to finish off make up?

        • I do this after using coconut oil I’ve infused with multiple different essential oils (I make sure to use a large enough amount of coconut oil as essential oils are extremely concentrated!!! Seriously! Try using only a few drops and then smelling the outcome and testing it on your skin before adding more!). I’m planning on making these recipes as soon as I can, but right now, I actually use coconut oil infused with essential oils from head and hair to the soles of my feet! I will just use some talc powder over the coconut oil. Not only does it help with the immediate moisture, it’s also what our ancestors used before they were told they should be using the manufactured deodorants by the manufacturing and advertising giants. That’s why the basic scent of deodorant is “powder”. It had to be familiar enough.

        • Talc is carcinogenic, only use cornstarch. Johnson & Johnson stopped using talc in their baby powder and now use cornstarch.

          • Roshini, According to the American Cancer Society, there is still a debate about the link between cancer and talc. Most of the links between the two are anecdotal at best. Talc before 1970 had the possibility of containing asbestos and therefore inhaling too much could be problematic. Now talc is purified and refined to remove that known carcinogen.

      • Amazing Stuff ! I sign up just to say Thank you.

        I been using your #2 method for couple of weeks and I love this stuff.

        I use baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil. Mesh em up and its good to use.

        When applying on my body, I use a small strip of plastic food wrapper to scoop up 2 pea size, apply it, massage a few time and I’m done.

        ps. I apply it at night after a shower and it last through the whole day without a hint of odor.

        I have to try your toothpaste concoction next : D


      • does it act as an antiperspirant? I am allergic to them.

      • Sorry didn’t know where else to comment. I’m allergic to coconut is there anything I can substitute it with?

      • Sorry- this in’t a reply, but a new comment. I have a lot of grittiness in my recipe 1. Don’t know if it’s from the baking soda or arrowroot. I’m trying this recipe because the ingredients follow one of my favorite natural on the market brands. That one has a little grit that actually rubs in to smooth and absorbs immediately; no hand washing or pit wiping necessary. This doesn’t absorb and there is grit. Any advice?

      • I break out from baking soda. Can it be substituted with arrowroot powder ?

      • Question!! What should the consistency be for the first recipe? The only ingredient I didn’t have was the tallow, mine came out mostly solid but it’s pretty oily on top. Should I add more baking soda?

      • Can this be used using only baking soda and coconut oil?

      • I Love this recipe. I will try it ASAP.
        I do need to ask you, is there a ingredient you would add to help lighten the darkened armpits due to all this years of trying all this deodorants filled with chemicals??
        I was using coconut oil and lemon. And it worked great but it goes bad soooo soon. It’s time consuming. I actually love the idea of putting the DIY deodorant in a empty deodorant pack.
        Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for this recipe! It is such a life saver! i have been using store brought natural deodrant, but they don’t work…I often have to re apply deodrant during the days. But when I tried your recipe…I am so grateful! I only need to apply once everyday now no matter how hot the day is. My armpit and me are very happy now 🙂

      However, I have only been using it for 2 days. I hope I won’t be allergic to the baking soda like some people do. (Btw, for my first batch, I have used less baking soda and when I apply to my armpit, I used very littel).

      • I made this natural deodorant (2nd recipe) in August. However, I noticed a razor burn like rash in my armpits within several days. It persisted, even though I used natural remedies for razor burn, like tea tree oil, and stopped shaving. I am not allergic to baking soda — I don’t think anyone actually is. However, some people — especially those that do not sweat much — are susceptible to a pH imbalance. Baking soda is a base. Sweat is an acid. Some people will be able to regulate their pH balance themselves. However, I wasn’t able to and I developed an awful rash! I discovered that using a spray of 1 T of apple cider vinegar (an acid) diluted with water (about 1 cup) in conjunction with a much smaller amount of the deodorant ( I freeze mine, so it is a solid; I was rubbing 4-5 swipes of it on each underarm and I reduced that to 1 swipe). Also, I do not use it at night after shaving. I use a cotton swab of aloe Vera (from a leaf) and tea tree oil. Things are much better now.

      • I have made the homemade deodorant for the first time and in cooling down the coconut sits on the bottom of the container and the rest is liquid on top.
        Any surgestions.

    • Okay, I made the natural deodorant with coconut oil and baking soda, and it worked great in terms of B.O. ! no smell whatsoever throughout the day. I loved it 🙂 but the coconut oil stained one of my favorite shirts! and it looked like sweat stains because it was on my armpits. also after shaving the baking soda burned pretty bad and it hurt like the devil’s flame for the whole day 🙁 I have really sensitive underarms, so I was wondering if there are any options for sensitive skin?

      • Baking soda will burn like salt in a wound on freshly shaved skin. Try shaving during the evening and applying in the morning or getting an epilator (if you can tolerate waxing). Use less of any essential oils and be very gentle with the amount of tea tree oil or leave it out entirely.

      • The razor catches dead skin cells in your underarms. If you have really sensitive skin, I recommend the Norwex body cloth for the shower, using no soap, just the cloth. It will exfoliate your skin and trap all the dirt and excess oils from your skin leaving it smooth and clean. I have shaved my underarms using just water wiping my underarms with the body cloth and then used a salt stone deodorant with no sting. I use the coconut deodorant at home and a stone when I travel but the body cloth is the perfect pre-shaving ritual ever! It really does make a difference on sensitive skin.

      • Yes, slack up on the baking soda. I make mine in mild, regular and of course, some active men request the super. Some of the football players wear between mild and super. As for me. I wear the mild, “less baking soda.”

    • The deodorants are amazing!! I prefer the one without shea as it feels less greasy. However, neither version stains my clothes. I work out at 9Round and leave there pretty sweaty (eew!) but I NEVER stink! : ) So very happy to have a natural alternative that really works!

      • Did you use arrowroot or cornstarch? Did you use any essential oils, and if so, which ones?

    • tried the second recipe and yes, unfortunately, my shirts got irreparably stained. 🙁 best practice is to apply immediately after showering so it can set by the time you put your shirt on it’s already absorbed into your skin.

      but i’m curious, how long did it take for your body to get used to the deodorant? I have been using it for a week and a few hours after application, my pits smell like a 13-year-old boys. It’s not cute, but i’m committed to making this work bc i’m tired of using commercial deodorants.

      • Did you use any essential oils? Some essential oils have anti-microbial properties that can augment that of the coconut oil.

        I did the recipe with shea butter and used a couple different essential oils, and it’s worked so well so far that I’ve even converted my husband, who’s been using the “clinical strength” stuff that you actually put on at night and is at the limits of his body’s tolerance of whatever’s in them.

        • Hi, which essential oils do you recommend? I have orange, lemon and grapefruit from a previous recipe for bath gel, also a clove, but none of those sound right for a deodorant. Lavender? Sage? Bergamot? Thanks for any info.

          • I am a big fan of this deodorant As I read all these comments, no one seems to mention how many drops of essential oils is recommended for recipe #1. Essential oils are very potent, so one must be careful…and they can irritate the skin if not used properly (which would defeat the purpose!!). Grateful for a suggestion. Thanks 🙂

          • I highly, highly recommend Frankincense, it smells citrus-y. I use DoTerra and it’s really expensive but other brands are great too. If you do happen to use DoTerra products, Citrus Bliss is also phenomenal. (no, this is not a DoTerra pitch, I do not sell it but I love recommending products I love.)

          • Lol…I mixed sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit, and vanilla bourbon essential oils..mine smells like cake! Best deodorant I’ve ever used!

      • I like thieves oil. It smells a little spicy with the cinnamonand it also has anti microbial (something like that) properties.

        • I used Thieves oil too. Love it. I have a little itchy rash that has developed. Maybe I’m using too much? No odor at all.

      • Same here. First two or three days, all good. Now I reek worse than a football player.

    • I have bought beauty products for decades and I decided one day to go back and do what I was taught going back to nature. Making home remedies are the best and you can be creative. baking soda/cornstarch mixed together has been my deodorant for a long time. For lip scrub natural sugar and honey coconut oil. Amazing,

    • The second recipe is amazing. I have been looking for a natural deoderant product for my family for several years. I have tried them all, but none worked very well. This one really works. It is easy to make, lasts a long time, and is not very expensive. I had to go without a shower for a few days, but had no BO due to this deoderant. If is really great! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I’m surprised no one has made a business out of selling it.

    • Some essential oils are colored. Maybe that is the source of people that have had stained clothes? I have not noticed any staining using the recipe at all. I did use too much tea tree oil in the first batch and it was um “unpleasant” feeling. Also there are different types of coconut oil. Make sure you use one that is clear when melted. I used the extra virgin kind.
      Maybe make a batch with no essential oil and see how it works for you?

      • My batch did not get firm because I used too much shea butter. Can I fix it by reheating and adding something to soak up the oil?

        • I add 3 T of beeswax in recipe #1 to make sure it is the right consistency. If you are afraid of potential staining, there is also candellila and soy waxes which come in white. Now I juts want to know if 15 drops of essential oils is adequate in recipe 1!!

    • I accidentally used aluminum free baking powder instead of baking soda…Will it still work?

      • Did it work? I did the same! :S

    • Hi Wellness Mama!
      I have a question about a natural deodorant that I found online. I used arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch, and I used cocoa butter instead of shea butter. I hear and have read these are both good substitutes. But when I made my deodorant, after they have been on the countertop for a few hours, the coconut oil has separated from the other ingredients and has settle to the top. Who wants to stir their deodorant before each use and make an oily mess??? SO frustrated right now!

      • How long did you heat them? I’d try mixing and placing in the fridge. Sometimes, it takes a while for it to harden.

    • My armpits turned black, how can this go away, please help

    • I used the recipe without shea butter. I used a few drops of Ylang-ylang and Citrus Bliss. It set up great in the roll up deodorant container. It feel so soft and smooth. It doesn’t feel wet or tacky at all. I live in Texas were it is still in the 70’s in December. I was using the extra strength most expensive deodorant I could find. Normally I applied it after showering, then again mid-day, and before going to bed. I only have to use my homemade deodorant once a day! It’s not been hot enough to test perspiration amount. I’m amazed at how much better it works as a deodorant! Not only is this better for me but it’s going to save me a lot of money. I’ve not had any problems with it getting on my clothes. I also like that it goes on smooth and doesn’t leave little white balls of deodorant under my arms that will fall off into my clothes or even worse on the floor.

    • I actually noticed that both the shea butter version and the coconut oil version stain synthetic cloth but do fine with cotton.

      • I have used the coconut oil version of the recipe for a year and half now. Like you, I’ve found that the type of material affects the staining. Some of my cotton clothing gets stained, but synthetic fabrics stain much more.

        To protect my clothing (and save myself from embarrassment) I just keep my robe on after I put the deodorant on and let it absorb into my skin for 5-10 minutes as I go about making breakfast or getting ready for the day. Then, I take a towel and dab each armpit a few times until it is not oily at all when I touch with my fingers. If

        I do that, then my clothing rarely ever gets stained!

    • I open and pour in 2 capsules of powdered probiotic, and it cuts down on body odor quite a bit! I pour it in when I mix in the essential oils. Just make sure the probiotic doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

      • Does it matter which probiotics? And which EO did you use? You have a problem with staining? I sweat a lot…very easily!

    • I too have searched for a naturals deodorant since 1983, when I first started using deodorant.
      The best I have found was mentioned in an article from a vacationer in Brazil.
      Milk of Magnesia – it is the best! It’s natural and gaining more magnesium is a good thing. Most o us don’t get enough anyway.
      The magnesium is a natural bateria fighter, so it eliminates odor great! It seems to last all day or me. It’s definitely a strong odor fighter because it has even worked on someone that doesn’t shower often with strong body odor.
      I’d love to know how you think it compares. Give it a try. My preference is the Mint flavor, just for added aroma.

    • I’m wanting so much to try this natural deodorant, but am unclear on HOW to apply it? Do you dip your fingers in the jar of ingredients? I do use coconut oil in cooking, so I know it solidifies at room temp. Thank you! ~Carolyn

      • unless you use an actual deodorant dispenser (old one or a purchased empty one) then yes, you’ll have to use your fingers. Less is more, so you don’t need much.

        What I did was, I used a deodorant container that I already had. The deodorant was just about gone so I scooped it out and made this recipe and poured it right in the dispenser. Then I put it in the fridge to solidify and now I keep it in my bathroom. It stays pretty cool in there since it’s upstairs and we have vaulted ceilings. If it stays below 74* it won’t melt but when you touch it to put it on, it will soften. I use ONE Swipe per pit and it lasts all day. If you find that your clothes are looking a little oily in the pit area, you may be using too much. Just a tip for ya 😉 Ever since I’ve been using 1 swipe instead of 3-4, I no longer have oily or wet looking pits on my shirts.

    • Not sure how to add my own comment on here. I just wanted to know if I could substitute shea butter with cocoa butter?

    • I have used just coconut oil for the last 2 weeks and I have to say IT WORKS by adding baking soda and shea will just enhance the protection…I use coconut oil for my skin, hair, feet, and have a teaspoon every now an then…i love it.

    • Trust Me the Baking soda , coconut oil, sheabutter, cornstarch combo works. I made this combination and i can put it under my arms and it wil last almost 2 whole days. You have to make it through the rash you will get from the baking soda just back off the use during the rash period when i had my rash from the baking soda i used toms for about a week to 12 days and then it healed and I went back to the baking soda, coconut oil, sheabutter, corn starch combo and i havent had any rash outbreaks since. What a relif all those years of putting poison under my arms clogging up my system. as soon as i stopped using the over the counter antipersperants I noticed when I went to the gym and worked out the toxins were coming out from under my arm pits i could take a white towel wipe under my arms and see the black and brown colored sweat. after haveing a clean diet for about 2 months this discharge went away. Now i can Even use pure baking soda under my arm pits alone and i dont break out or get any rashes. You have to let your body get used to the baking soda this requires enduring some uncomfort for a period then you are good.

      • Excellent testimony!

      • Wow! This great news to hear because my and I both experience a terrible rash also and we stopped using it. After reading this, motivates to start back! Thanks

    • Does the deoderant ever “firm” up or stay runny? Just curious

      • I’m curious to know this too. I’ve let mine set for almost two hours now and it’s it’s pretty runny. All of the powders seem to have settled at the bottom and the oils are on top. Any suggestions?

        • Mine did the same. Whenever I noticed the separation, I would whisk the mixture again. I let it sit in the counter until it was a thicker gravy consistency, then I poured it into an old deodorant container and put it in the fridge to harden. I used the first recipe.

    • I really want to try one of these recipes! I already switched to a natural deodorant called Lavanila which I like, it works. I do notice body odor the next day if I don’t shower & reapply more of it until late that day. The only other thing is the price, for barely 2 ozs it costs $14! So not something I can afford to buy regularly. I will definitely be experimenting with these recipes!

    • I do this an even easier way. I just apply coconut oil with my fingers and blot baking soda on with a cotton pad. This lasts longer than 24 hours on me and I have a physical job as a massage therapist. Never stains, never burns my skin. Amazing! And inexpensive.

      • That works for me too.

    • Aloha! I just wanted to share that if you eat about a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds a day, that have been properly sprouted, you will smell like maple syrup. No joke. I love the way eating these sprouts makes me smell, and my beloved enjoys it as well. I never shower because I smell bad these days, I shower to cleanse. A little tip to go along with making and using a earth friendly deodorant. Blessings all <3

      • Hey Bri,

        So you eat the sprouts? Like on a salad?



    • I made recipe one and put it in deodrant containers but it seperated the oil on top and didn’t solidify. i replaced arrowroot with baking soda as you said to add more…is that too much more?

      • I had this problem too… but I used the exact ingredients.

    • Just use straight Bi-carb, it works a treat.

    • I’ve never had staining with just coconut oil. Your body absorbs it immediately. It never sits on top of skin like beeswax or shea butter. I just saw some recipes that called for that and I left that page faster than a bat out of hell!

      All I ever need and use for essential oils is lavender and tea tree oil. They don’t irritate skin and are natural antibacterials.

      The cornstarch makes the deodorant nice and soft to spread on. using only baking soda will be grainy and very irritating. The balance in this recipe is needed. Don’t go doubling one and leaving out the other or you will not get happy results.

    • I found that I need to dissolve the baking soda in the melted coconut oil well so that it’s not so abrasive. My nerves are very sensitive, fibromyalgia. It only takes a few extra minutes. I too have had fibroids disappear after quitting chemical deodorants! Determined to be healthy!!

    • Hi, thank you for your post. I think I may try this next week. Just one small question before buying the ingredients, could you please tell me how long the deodorant would last in hot and humid weather? I live in China, FYI.

    • In the recipe it says ” 2T and 3T and so on , is that Teaspoon or Table spoon Tspn / Tbsp?

      • Capital T = Tablespoon. Small t = teaspoon.

  2. Thanks – I’ll give it a shot! 🙂

  3. I’ve been meaning to make my own deodorant for a while now, after having little success with the natural, no aluminum, no propylene glycol kind. I actually did better with plain coconut oil than I did with that stuff!

    It just so happened that today I decided to melt down the rest of my coconut oil, as I have a 1 gallon tub and it had less than 2 cups spread around the bottom… so I made this today! I’m excited, and hoping that it works! Thanks!!

    • That’s great! Let me know what you think!

    • At first I would mix a bit of coconut oil and a pinch of baking soda in the palm of my hand and would apply it. It worked very well. Then, after a week, I decided to melt a batch in the hopes that the baking soda would melt, too, but it didn’t! It’s still grainy. Is there a way to obtain a completely smooth, creamy consistency?

      • My cream deodorant keeps turning grainy. Is this because of the soda? Does anyone have this problem or know how to fix it?

        • I made my first batch this morning using a stainless steel medium sized bowl. I sifted and combined the dry ingredients then added the coconut oil (mine was pretty solid). Put the bowl straight onto the stove top mixing it as it melted the oil (this didn’t take long) until the mixture was a nice creamy consistency. Added some essential oils and poured it in into a glass container. I’ve put it in the fridge in the hope the oil will harden up again, but did try some before I put it in the fridge and can barely notice any graininess. Might heat it longer next time and see if that dissolves the dry ingredients even more. Trial and error. Hope this helps 🙂

          • I have to say this is amazing!! I have saved this “recipe” forever thinking it would be more complicated and it was easier than making a bowl of cereal. My coconut oil was pretty creamy coming out of the jar so very easy to mix. The recipe yielded enough to fill 2 old deodorant sticks and a smidge more. I put it in the fridge so it could solidify. I’m probably going to keep it in there during the warmer months and its great!!
            I had recently developed a smelly left arm idea why…my husband cutely (not cute) started calling me the lefty killer! I was trying so many different deodorants…and feel that the more perfume it had, the worse I smelled…I was about to spent $13 on a “natural” deodorant I heard was great on amazon. But finally decided to try this and man Im so happy! Ding Dong the Lefty Killer is DEAD!! yayyy!!! thank you!!!! Life saver!!!

        • If you add beeswax to the recipe, it helps with the graininess.

        • Butters like cocoa, shea, and mango, will get gritty if heated in the microwave to much. I add them to the oil/baking soda mixture while it’s hot to melt it down.

  4. I just wanted to check in and say that I LOVE it. I will never go back! Thanks so much!!!

    • Thanks for updating us Liz. I am going to make this now 😀

      Wellness Mama….I Love Your Recipes!!!!!! 😀 <3

  5. I tried this and absolutely love the results…I think it works better than the regular stuff even through workouts. However, I’ve only used it for two days and have noticed some irritation. Any thoughts?

    • I noticed that a couple days after I started using it, and it went away within a couple days. Not sure totally what causes it, but perhaps the pH change or the old chemicals coming out of your system. Until it goes away, maybe try just using coconut oil, which is antifungal and will prevent odor. I have noticed though, it is best not to put in on right after shaving, if that helps…

      •  What about rubbing coconut oil into your legs right after shaving? Is that a good or bad idea?

        • I use coconut oil on my freshly shaved legs with no issues whatsoever and I have SUPER sensitive legs. I can’t put anything other than pure coconut oil on my shaved legs

          • I have eczema & SUPER sensitive legs too. The only thing I can put on my legs after shaving is organic extra virgin coconut oil (or homemade coconut oil sugar scrub w/ lavender). I’ve never had any reactions. I only get a rash when I forget to oil up after shaving.

          • Coconut oil sugar scrub??!! Where do I get that recipe?

          • I use a slightly different recipe than Kate Wellness Mama. I use a 1:2 ratio of coconut oil to sugar. I prefer light brown sugar as it is the gentlest on sensitive skin. The actual measurements I use are 1 1/2 cups sugar, 3/4 cup coconut oil, 25 drops of vanilla essential oil & 25-30 drops of lavender essential oil depending on how strong I want the lavender scent.

          • Sounds amazing! Going to try this. Thanks

          • You’re very welcome Katie! If you haven’t tried any of Kate Wellness Mama’s recipes for natural DIY products I highly recommend them! She’s got one of the best natural living blogs around!

          • I have tried some recipes and they are great! Next I’m going to try this deodorant and then chapstick!

        • I have done this many times. In my experience, it took a little while for the coconut oil to completely absorb. I’d say in about 15min it would absorb and I could get dressed. However, be warned, if you have dogs and they smell that tropical goodness they will proceed to lick your freshly shaven and moisturized legs. 😉

          • My cat would lick my legs too. That is so funny.

        • I know this comment has been awhile back, but thought I would share in case it helps you out or anyone else out. I think Wellness Mama recommends waiting to put the deo on after shaving your armpits b/c of the baking soda…it will burn! I use coconut oil straight on both my armpits and legs after shaving, and it works great.

          • I have been using a similar recipe ( a little less baking soda and some bees wax for a more solid consistency in hotter weather) for 2 years now it’s wonderful I love it! I never stink even after a vigrious day hiking or gardening. Don’t give up change your recipes as you find you need to. Theses are a great starting point and the sky is the limit. I even made my sister in-law some with cocoa butter (she is highly allergic to coconuts) and it works great for her. I can use Shea butter because of latex allergies and the coconut oil is all I use as a base. I don’t sweat like I use to and the best part is I never have to buy chemical laden stuff again! Good luck and trust me it’s 100% worth it.

        • Try shaving with coconut oil instead of shaving cream! It is the best! For post shaving, there is a body butter recipe on this site that is awesome.

      • For me before, if I used too much Baking Soda on my underarms they became irritated, you could try to lower the amount of Baking Soda and see if that helps. 🙂

      • Just FYI, not all Baking Sodas are created equal! I’ve made my own deodorant a lot, and had major issues with the Baking Soda. So I stopped using it. Then, I decided to try again, and have no issues now. The difference? I tried using Arm & Hammer first. Now I use Bob’s Red Mill with no problems. 🙂

        • I hear some baking soda has aluminum which is what makes regular deodorant bad for you .. use natural baking soda like red mill is best

          • Baking soda does NOT contain aluminum, regardless of the brand and regardless of the fact that BRM puts “aluminum free” on their label. Baking POWDER can contain aluminum (there are truly “aluminum free” powders, though). Apparently, this is a myth that continues to be perpetuated

          • Thank you for this tip. We just switched to this recipe and my husband and I both had a reaction. I will try red mills baking soda! Thanks!

        • The arm& hammer stuff has Aluminium in it that is probably why there is irritation happening

          • Arm & Hammer does NOT contain Aluminum. It contains 100% Sodium Bicarbonate…this is not an aluminum.

            Baking POWDER contains sodium aluminum sulfate which is an aluminum.

            It’s as simple as turning the box, bag, or can around and reading the ingredients.

            This is a natural living blog, so why would the author tell you to use something which is un-natural in a recipe?

        • Agreed – do NOT use Arm and Hammer with this recipe. Use Bob’s Red Mill baking soda, and it’ll work better.

          • All I have is Arm & Hammer and I have been using this recipe (#1) for like 7 months now. Works just fine 😉

      • it could be that you are sensitive to other ingredients. I have sensitive skin and found that making it only from coconut oil and baking soda, I have not irritation issues at all.


        • Some people experience this at first and then it fades after a while. Most of the time the irritation is due to the baking soda. You could try decreasing the amount of baking soda.

        • Patty, I had the same issue using this recipe and a variation of. Underarms get red and irritated, underarm skin gets really dark. I read that one should exfoliate underarm skin regularly to get rid of the darkness issue and so I started light exfoliation with each shower but of course then I am just scrubbing an area that’s irritated and making it worse. Then putting more of the DIY deodorant on makes it more inflamed. What did you end up doing? I started using the natural roll-on salt deodorant (from the natural section at the store) everyday and the DIY stuff every few days when I knew I would sweat more. The natural salt deodorant doesn’t really work that long, like 1/2 a day for me at controlling odor.

          I’m still looking for an alternative DIY natural deodorant that I can use daily. This recipe actually worked for me on odor control – its the first natural deodorant that EVER worked for me. I’ve tried probably hundreds of products over the years. Had to use Secret Clinical daily or would end up smelling like a nasty sweaty onion! 🙁 However, I wasn’t happy with the side effects of the DIY and I don’t want to go back to the mainstream chemical laden products. Patty, if you or anyone else has encountered the same and had good luck with an alternate product or recipe, I’d love to hear from you!

          • Hi drishte
            i’m having the same problems you did. Were you able to remedy it?

  6. Why can’t you use cornstarch in the first recipe? I have everything except the arrowroot.

    • You could, I just keep arrowroot around as we don’t really use any corn products, but I would think it would work just as well!

    • I found that cornstarch and arrowroot tends to grow more bacteria when you sweat therefore defeating the whole purpose of DIY deodorant. I have been using the baking soda and coconut oil for two months now and have no issues with wetness nor odor at all.

  7. Thanks for posting this as it gave me the courage to do some experimenting. I actually haven’t worn anything under my arms for most of the last month or two — only baking soda when I had a job interview or on very hot days — although I did resort to real deodorant when I had a formal wedding to attend and knew we’d be drinking and eating fried foods… Because I have discovered that I don’t HAVE B.O. when I am eating a real foods diet! (No sugar, very little flour, and only natural fats, with most foods prepared at home.) If I eat something sugary in the afternoon, I will notice I am beginning to smell not so great by bedtime. If I am eating well, I can even go out in the sun here in Brasil where it is summer time, get nice and sweaty, and I only go back home smelling like a clean, normal sweat.
    (This is very exciting for me, because I used to buy prescription-strength deodorants!)

  8. Have been doing this for a few weeks and I love it. Smells awesome and works so much better than the millions of natural deodorants I have tried. Thanks! 🙂

  9. I’m in awe of how AMAZING this works, I just used the coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch. I haven’t tested it a lot yet with sleeveless, and have had some white residue on my bra tops but had no smell. At first I wondered how to use it but I’ve been applying scoops with my fingertips and since the ingredients are harmless (if not pleasantly moisturizing to my hands) I rinse quickly under water and rub off on a towel. I did have a little more irritation than normal with ingrown hairs, but I do think it might be detoxing from my husband’s strong chemical Deo that I had occasionally been using (I hope to get him to try it soon!).

    • try it without the cornstarch next time. It could be irritating you

  10. Wow! Last summer I decided to try to make my own deodorant and did not have any recipes to follow. I experimented and mixed together coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch till the consistency I thought looked right. I enjoyed using the product and it did work really well. The opposite thing happened to me, in that, I have never been one to sweat. I found myself sweating freely in the summer heat but without the odor. So, I guess I am on the right track following my own intuition!

  11. Hi! I have heard that coconut oil in deodorant stains clothes sometimes. I just use a simple baking soda slurry which doesn’t have that problem. Have you found that to be a problem with you? Thanks!

    • I have the same problem. I created my own natural deodorant using coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, and a few drops of lavender. I LOVE it because it works, but hate it because it is staining my clothes. I don’t know what to do.

      • I make my homemade Deodorant with shea butter. Coconut oil make a mess and leaves white marks of dark clothing. I haven’t noticed any staining and I’ve been using my shea butter formula for over a year.

  12. If you don’t have an old deodorant bottle to put it in, what would be the best way to appy it? Thanks!!

    • Most of the time, I just keep it in a jar and use my finger… not
      glamorous, but it works!

    • When I was a kid they hadn’t invented antiperspirant yet, AFAIK. we bought deoderant in a jar and used our finger to apply it.

  13. you might try some bees wax to harden it up a bit for summer. I’ve read a recipe for body butter that used bees waxy.

    • How much beeswax would I need to use to solidify the deodorant?

  14. Regarding staining, since it’s quite a concern, here’s the old fashioned methods.

    First use dress shields, which can be bought or made easily

    second, you can rub soap into the underarm areas of the blouse or dress before washing.

    third, use vinegar on the underarms of your blouses to help remove oils, body oils or otherwise.

    Then Wash. the soap and vinegar may tend to cancel each other out, so I tend to use one the first time and if the stain remains use the other the next time.

  15.  I’ve been using the second recipe, but without essential oils, for months now, and I will never go back.  EOs are unnecessary and even a little caused irritation within a few days.  Also, I’m not comfortable with using EOs that may affect hormones, such as lavender, in such a sensitive area.  

    It really seems to reduce staining, as well.  If there’s a lot of residue, you may be using too much – a tiny bit the size of a split pea is plenty for each pit.  

    It’s a lot easier to melt the coconut oil than to mash it in.  

    • I made some just (with the second recipe also) just before I left to go out of town for a week.  I used tea tree oil, since I knew it had antibacterial properties, and it was what I could get a hold of easily (I was between Law School finals, and trying to get out of town :-P).  It has been working GREAT!! I think I may have dropped too much oil in, it kind of spilled out when I was adding it. I’m getting a little irritation, and it smells fairly strongly of the tea tree oil (not much like coconut).  But when I get back in town, I’m just going to add more of everything else BUT the eo (I only made a half batch, to try out, so I don’t have a lot made anyways.)

      NOTE: I rode in the car from DE to FL.  I had it in the trunk from DE to NC (about 6 hours maybe) when we got to the hotel for the night, it was mostly melted.  I would recommend if flying/driving, either carry-on, or keep in the car with you.  I mixed it up really well while melty, by shaking, and kept it in the car (out of the trunk) for the rest of the ride (about 12 hrs), and it just got super soft.

    • I’m with Mati, I would SKIP the essential oils. There are a lot of healing properties and hormonal effects with essential oils. When used properly essential oils are a great medicine, but to put one on my body daily that I may or may not need seems risky. I’m going to try making this recipe today. I need shea butter… I have been using just coconut oil and that works pretty well. Now that it’s cold out I find myself skipping the coconut oil altogether and I’m not fighting BO at all. But when it warms up I know I’ll need something again and this recipe sounds more effective than stand alone coconut oil. PS. you may go through a rashy or stinky phase as you DETOX your pits from commercial deodorant, but it’s totally worth it!!!

      • About how like might your body “detox” & smell while making the switch?

  16. I made my first batch a year ago with only shea butter because that’s all I had at the time and I filled empty deodorant sticks.  I find I like it better because even on very hot days the stick doesn’t melt the way it does with coconut oil and there are no stains.  My new batch I mixed in a bit of coconut oil just so that it is slightly softer.

  17. I made my deodorant just with baking soda and mashed coconut oil (added a few drops of lavender essential oil too). It seems to be working great and it smells lovely. Is there a need to add corn starch to the mix? I looked for arrowroot at my Whole Foods and they did not carry it.

    • Not necessary… it makes it slightly smoother, but isn’t needed for odor prevention at all.

      • Hi Mama!  I just wanted you to know how much I absolutely LOVE this recipe!  I used to use natural deodorants on the market but I found that they did not keep away odor.  Your recipe is great!  I have no more odor problems even after working up a powerful sweat by doing yard work.  My husband and so many of my friends are using it as well.  Thanks so much! 

          • katie, this looks great, but I am Australian and haven’t seen a capital T used in a recipe before. This may be a silly question but what does it stand for? Tablespoon?

  18. I like the idea of natural deoderants, however, readers need to know to use ‘aluminum’ free baking soda.  Otherwise they might as well purchase OTC deoderants w/aluminum already in them.  I haven’t read about homemade toothpaste, but if it’s made with soda also, it also needs to be aluminum free.

    • I think some baking powders have aluminum in them, but I have not seen it in baking soda…  Am I missing something?

    • Pamala, hon, you’re confusing baking powder with baking soda.  Baking soda is naturally aluminum free, but the most popular brands of baking powder DO have aluminum.  You can find aluminum-free baking powder out there, but baking powder is not what is being used in these natural deodorant recipes.  It also is not what is used as a toothpaste substitute.  That’s still baking soda.  It’s easy to be confused here, as baking soda IS one of the components of baking powder.  : ) Clear yet?  Yeah, I know!

      THANK YOU, Wellness Mama!  I’ve been secretly using a simple 50/50 mix of baking soda and cornstarch for a few weeks now.  My friends already think I’m pretty weird, so I kept it quiet.  Well, I’m telling you that I am stunned that this simple and CHEAP formulation works so well on wetness and odor control down here in semi-tropical Mississippi.  I have never been one of those Southern belles who “glowed” from perspiration.  I have always sweated and have stunk like a hog, especially under “the girls,” and this formula works great there.  I do apply it a bit more lightly than in the armpits, because a bra will definitely chafe skin with the baking soda laid too thickly.  It IS a mild abrasive, after all, and I am a delicate Southern flower.  😀

      I don’t have any shea butter in the house, but I’d like to try your recipe for that.  Before I found your page here tonight, I added a little melted coconut oil to my 50/50 mix of baking soda and cornstarch, and I’m thinking I may need to add more to more closely match your proportions.  It may be that this mixture doesn’t spread well on the armpits.  Shower time will tell the tale in a few minutes.

      How I found you–I’m working on an entry for my frugal living blog tonight about saving money on deodorant and wanted to find people besides me who’ve gone rogue on the commercial stuff.  I Googled to find you and am tickled pink–very clear instructions and most helpful.  A kindred spirit, even!  I’ve bookmarked you and hope I can find you again.  Would you mind if I linked from my blog to your page so my readers can have your shea butter formula that’s a bit different from some of the others out there?  Carry on the good fight!  Powering down now!

      • LOL, you poor little delicate flower! Sometime, try smearing a little bit of plain coconut oil under your arm, then use a big blush brush to dab on a little baking soda. No staining, no smell, and easy peasy.

        • Totally trying this! Great idea!

      • Thank you so much for this recipe! I made some Yesturday and had a almost immediate irritation. I used Bob’s Red Mill double acting baking soda. Do you think irritation is caused by that? If so what baking soda would you suggest?Thank you!

      • Thank you for this! I began getting folliculitis and was told to stop using anti-perspirant. But I too am one of those “delicate flowers” who sweats like a hog in lots of places and absolutely need something to take away the wetness. I appreciate you posting this tidbit so that others can feel more hopeful about controlling not just odor but wetness, too.

    •  Baking soda is naturally aluminum free. Baking powder has aluminum in it.

      • Hi,
        I think you might be confusing baking powder with baking soda! be careful… I did that early in my cooking career with dread results! LOL

  19. We have been using the “homemade deodorant” a little differently.  We smear on a dab of coconut oil, rub it in real good, then puff on the baking soda/cornstarch mixture with a fluffy makeup brush or powder puff.  It has been totally effective on husband after 10 hour work day AND workout, as well as active teens.  Amazing!

    • Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve been using your recipe for a week or so now, it’s so easy! And it works great too!

    • before committing to making a batch of this i tried what you do – i am very happy with the results!! i was thinking though that i will still make some because i like the idea of adding the essential oils. not sure why but i dont like the idea of using my fingers to put it on – maybe i will use a large makeup sponge to put the coconut oil on?
      ps- i should also add that i havent used antiperspirant in a few years. apparently your body needs time to adjust – so if you make the switch to natural dont be discouraged if it doesnt seem as effective at first!

  20. I made the second recipe (coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder) about two weeks ago and at first it worked great.  I love the smell of coconut.  But, now it smells like rancid oil.  Does it need to be refrigerated?  Did I do something wrong? Please help as I love the idea of making my own deoderant, but I don’t want to smell like rancid oil anymore.

    • I always add Vitamin E to anything I use with oils.  It keeps it from going rancid.  Just a few drops will do it. 

  21. Hi I am going to try this. I am looking ot make a product that works I am going to use other ingredients also that are natural to see if I can get it to be in a more solid form that holds even on hot days. Thanks so much for sharing and I will keep you informed of my results.

  22. I have been using homemade deodorant for 2+ years (baking soda and coconut oil with essential oil of orange flower) and LOVE, LOVE it!  I have never tried any other deodorant that worked close to this!  I can’t believe how cheap it is to make it and how long it ends up lasting! 🙂

    • Hi. Can you provide more details on how you make deoderant with baking soda, coconut oil and essential oil? How do you store it? Can you put it in an empty deoderant stick container? Do you melt the oil and stir in the baking soda?

      • I just mix together with softened coconut oil and store in a little jar and apply with my fingers when I make it this way. It can get too soft for a deodorant container when you just use coconut oil, but it still works great.

        • if you wanted to put it in a deodorant container, do you just pour it in?! I am considering this, but not if its stored in a jar and you use your hand to smear it on.
          I want it in solid form…suggestions

          • I”d let it partially harden and scoop it in so it doesn’t round own in case there are any places it can leak in the bottom of the container, it won’t leak out…

          • Before pouring it into an old deodorant container, I cut a little piece of parchment paper to put over the bottom stopper so it wouldn’t drip down below it. Then I poured it warm (but not hot) into the container and put it in the fridge to cool. The consistency is great, just like a deodorant stick. BUT I’m finding the beeswax appears to be staining my clothes–maybe I’m applying too much.

        • If it’s too soft for a deodorant container…would it work if I put it in a roll on deodorant container? Or would the consistency of the deodorant be too hard? Thanks!

        • Wellness Mama,

          I finally gathered all the ingredients and made the first recipe. However, it has been hours and still will not solidify. I am up in chilly Canada, so I know it is not a heat issue. Have you ever had this problem? I’ve been reading all the comments, but no one I have noticed has had this problem.


          • I am also in ” chilly Canada” lol and made recipe number one last night. Mine also has not set at all, and it’s been 12 hours. It’s a slurry with oil on top.

      • Hi! I have been using baking soda and water for about two years but just recently (inspired by another blogger) decided to make a paste and put it in an empty “stick deodorant container” I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT NO MORE MESS! NO sticky hands! I followed the measurements in another blog but used some drops of Palma Rosa Essential Oil, and home made coconut oil and the cream still settled even in this hot hot hot caribbean weather… IT WORKS!

      • Yes you can put it in deodorant sticks. You may want to add beeswax as it is a preservative and also makes it so you can put it on easier!!

      • I know this post is kind of old, but hopefully this will help someone. Coconut oil becomes a liquid at about 76 degrees. I keep mine in a small jar in my medicine cabinet. It’s solid all winter when my house is cool, but in summer it’s pure liquid. I just shake it up & apply with fingers. I like the idea of putting it in a deodorant container & using it like a traditional deodorant, but I’d have to keep mine in the fridge….and my fridge is in the farthest place in my house from my bathroom, so I just deal with it melty.

  23. Hmm, I will have to try it. I’m currently using a homemade deo w/ baking soda, coconut oil, cornstarch and lavendar. It feels a bit grainy. Then I looked at this recipe:

    Looks super lovely w/ the beeswax, but I’m not so sure about the clay?? I will try your recipe next. 

  24. Interesting!  Looks like it would smell great!  I’ve never had much trouble with sweating at all and in fact have at times worried about being able to work out for an hour and not have much sweat even then, but when I’m eating well I sweat a little more but don’t smell bad.  A while ago I read somewhere to rub a slice of lemon on your skin and a few times I have needed deoderant and tried that – worked like a charm!

  25. I just wanted to let you know that while the recipe worked wonders in term of odor prevention, I stopped using it due to the bad irritation it caused me. It was too painful. I tried for 1 week and I couldn’t take it anymore. 
    I am thinking I might be allergic to one of the ingredients. Also, my arm pits got really dark the week of using it too. I am latina, so I’m not sure if that matters, but it significantly darkened my arm pits. 
    When I stopped using it, the irritation went away and so did the darkened arm pits. I am open to suggestions and I’m willing to try again if anybody has experienced any of these symptoms. 
    I did skip the arrowroot in the recipe.

    On the flip side, my husband has been using it and it works wonders for him! 

    • This is an older post, but an very interested in the irritation it caused. I have been using for over a week and love it, but then all of a sudden I broke out in a rash around my arm pits, not in them. Is this what you experienced? It is raised and itchy and really quite irritating!

      • I’ve had irritation, too, and it’s fairly painful. My bf had the same thing, within minutes of his first application. I tried going back to plain coconut oil and baking soda, but same reaction: pain, and red bumpy appearance under my arms. I’ll add that I use coconut oil somewhere on my body every day, and eat a fair bit, too, and have never had this problem anywhere else.

        Advice, comments?

        • Have you tried just plain coconut oil. It actually is a pretty effective deo by itself. Some people react strongly to the baking soda or arrowroot.

          • I’ll try with just coconut oil, though with some nervousness because it has hurt so much.  I used your recipe with good results for weeks before the burning and pain started.  I’ll update you again in a couple of days.  Thanks!

    • I have been using this recipe for about 4 months now. I love how it controls BO. I had some irritation at first but that has improved. My biggest concern now is that my armpits are VERY dark brown now. I’m fair skinned so it is embarrassing to wear sleeveless shirts. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to adjust the recipe to prevent the discoloration? HELP!

  26. I’m so excited that I found you today!  And even more happier about these deod. recipes!  Will be trying them soon.  In the mean time, I will try baking soda…I brush my teeth everyday with it!  Thanks so much to all!

  27. I ran out of deodorant last week, and I remembered reading somewhere that straight coconut oil rubbed on your underarms will work.  I used it, and I couldn’t believe that it actually worked.  I’m sure next time I might throw in some baking soda as a bonus, but even with the straight coco oil, no stinkiness, and I didn’t even break a sweat!  That doesn’t even happen with my regular deo/antiperspirant.  I have hyperthyroidism, so believe me when I tell you that I SWEAT.  With the coconut oil, nothing!  I’m so excited to have found this.

  28. I’m going to try this. My body reacts terribly to deoderants, even the clinical ones. They just don’t work. I’ve used my own homemade deo for several years. I mix 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup of cornstarch. I apply white vinegar first and let it dry then I dust on the soda, cornstarch combo. No odor and no stains.

  29. I made the second recipe this morning, and I’m very happy with the results. I do have to keep it in the fridge as the coconut oil gets soft easily…by the time I got out of the shower it was ready to go. All day I finally had no need to reapply harsh deodorant to my sensitive skin. No odor all day long and so far no harmful effects to my clothing. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe and website. Keep up the good work!

  30. hey mama, not to stir any waves but i believe you need to have a disclaimer with that affiliate link. it’s not on your disclosure page anywhere either!

  31. I just found your site and am loving it!!! I know this is an old post but would cocoa butter work for this in place of the shea butter since that is what I have??

  32. Me and my son are using deodorant for the last two months, I noticed that my son’s armpits are super dark, anyone know the reason. We love the deodorant.

    • There’s a chance that the baking soda is drawing out toxins and that is showing up on the skin or that pH changes are causing it.. maybe just try coconut oil alone for a while and see if that changes anything.

      • Thank you mama, actually my son is so amazed that the dark skin on his armpits is peeling off and living a nice and clean skin.

      • How does baking soda draw out toxins from the skin? Please explain this.

  33. I am determined to kick to aluminum-ridden deo habit for good this year and I look forward to trying this DIY version, thanks!

  34. I love this recipe, but I am still struggling with a slight odor, not to mention the having wet underarms on my shirts. Any suggestions?

    • more corn starch for absorbency, and a few drops of tea tree oil for odor!

      • Thanks!

    • I agree with more arrowroot for wetness and tea tree for odor. Also, taking natural magnesium and using on the skin will really help with odor over time. after a few months of magnesium I now don’t even wear deodorant since I have no odor whatsoever.

      • Thanks for the info! I have taken oral magnesium for a couple of years now, but wonder how much I am absorbing. I do not have a strong digestive system. I was just introduced to your website a couple of weeks age, and I am loving it! Thanks for the help:)

  35. I finally made this Monday night and I cannot believe the difference!  I love how simple the 2nd recipe is and it is a million times more effective than the natural deodorant I was using previously.  Thank you!!!

  36. I have been using this in the height of our Australian summer (and with a baby on my back) for over a month now. WOW! It really works!

    Thank you for the recipe! I’ll never have to use aluminum-based antiperspirant/deodorant again.

    • You are very welcome 🙂 So glad it is working so good for you!

  37. What is the easiest way to apply the deodorant if you store it in a jar?

    • Just with your fingers usually works great!

    • I use the back of a plastic spoon, since I usually put my make up on after my post-shower beauty regemine. My facial skin is super sensitive to oils and baking soda. If you’re not into plastic, I assume you could get wooden craft sticks or use a metal spoon and wash it.

  38. Thank you Wellness Mama, you are doing a great service to the community.  I will try to make it this week.  sick and tired of the stains on my clothes and since I exercise, the smell on my t.shirts under the arms is umpleasant.  I don’t understand, my armpits don’t smell, but my shirts get these weird smell that does not go away even after washing them.  do you think is the alcohol? I use Mitchum Powderfresh cause I love the baby powder fragrance. 

    • “Performance” shirts (a name for sports shirts made with certain artificial fibers) stink like the devil after sweat gets on them. I have no idea why but it’s well known in my family that these shirts just smell horrid no matter how well they’re washed. Maybe there is a natural remedy for this, too.

      • Try adding baking soda to your wash cycle. It should neutralize the odors in the fabric.

      • Also, White Distilled Vinegar (usually instructions on the back for adding to a load of wash) added to the wash cycle helps a good deal. If you don’t happen to have one, you might just have the other.

  39. Just trying the second one with essential oils….lemon and cinn!

  40. how much and what kinds of essential oils do you use?

    • About ten to fifteen drops. I’ve used tea tree, orange, lavender and peppermint, as well as a combination of all of those.

  41. Katie,
    I’m so excited to have found you through Everyday Paleo!  I saw this post on making my own deo (which I think is brilliant) and kept putting it off until now.  My hubby went out of town today and asked me to pick some up for him since he was out & I thought this is my chance!  I mixed some up and put it in his old container so it will have that smell he likes and put some in mine that I never used-it was rosemary & mint flavored.  I added a few drops of peppermint to mine & plan to make my own rosemary oil since that was in there before.  Can’t wait to try it out and see how it works.  I’m so glad to have found another ‘crunchy’ mama like me 😀  Thanks for all your tips and info!

  42. Why these ingrediants? Where do you get them? Should they be food grade?

  43. If you were to use just baking soda, or baking soda and one other ingredient, how would you get it to stay? I tried making my own deodorant recently, and each time, almost all of it clumped and fell of of me within minutes.

    • If you were just urging baking soda you could just dust it on like face powder… If you use coconut oil too you can rub coconut oil on first and then dust with baking soda

      • I see. The first time, I used baking soda mixed with lemon juice (that I got from a lemon myself). The second time, I used baking soda and water. Based on your reply, I think I used entirely too much of each ingredient. However, are the amounts you suggest enough for most people? Any humidity at all makes me sweat, but I recently started eating nothing but produce, and plan to keep it that way, so that should help a lot.

        • Even just a dusting of baking soda or a little coconut oil will get rid of any odor and the longer you don’t use antiperspirants the less you will swear

          • Thank you so much!

  44. I made mine this morning and seems to be working great-I apply OTC deodorant multiple times a day, so I was nervous. Question-mine keeps separating. Did I do something wrong? I do apologize if somebody has already posted this question.

    • That’s normal since there isn’t a chemical emulsifier to keep it consistant. Just stir every once in a while while it is cooling (the next day or so) and then it will stay mixed

  45.  Awesome. I am not into corn products myself, they are cheaper but I think the arrowroot is a great idea. I just made some, I cannot wait to try it tomorrow!!! The shea butter is definitely expensive but then again, the “natural” deodorants in the store are 5 bucks or more and I should get a few batches of this out of the shea!  So excited! Thanks so much for sharing!

  46. I have tried this about three times and get a horribly painful rash every time.  I am willing to live through the rash if you really think it is just the baking soda bringing the toxins out. Is it possible that the rash is from an irritation from the baking soda? Do you think it would go away after a few weeks if I just “tough it out”? If not, do you have any alternative recipes that don’t include baking soda? Thanks!

    • I made recipe # 2 with cornstarch. I have been using it for a couple of weeks & started out with a little bit of a rash, but it is getting worse. Is it the baking soda? If so, do I just leave it out or add more cornstarch or arrowroot? I want to make another batch but I’m unsure if it will work without the baking soda. I really don’t want to go back to the toxic store deodorants. Help!!!

      • It is likely the baking soda. It is pretty basic so it can cause irritation. I would apply coconut oil first and then dust on the baking soda like you would makeup powder. The coconut oil will act as a barrier between your skin and the soda.

  47. This stuff really works!  I tried it on myself first, but the real test was my athletic teenage girls.  I was so excited when they told me it actually worked.  I think I’ve bought them every natural, safe, and even those awful chemical-ridden deodorants which were the only ones to work until this one!!! Thank you so much for developing this recipe.  Now I don’t have to feel bad, because they will NEVER use those store-bought deodorants again.

    • That is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  48. Hey!  I’ve been using straight apple cider vinegar for a few months now and enjoy it, but have still been checking out other recipes.  Have you played around with it at all? Ever combine ACV with your current recipes??

  49. I have tried similar recipes and I am curious that you said the arrowroot was optional in the first recipe.  Do you think it would work with just the shea, CO and baking soda?  The recipes I tried worked fantastically well for blocking odor and kept me pretty dry, but the arrowroot and cornstarch seem to block my lymph glands and I get sore lymph after using them.  ( I have an illness and my lymph can be backed up easily.)  Thanks for the great recipes and site – it is one of my favorite sites.

    • Absolutely optional. Just a little extra absorption for the wetness, but not needed.

  50. OK, I have read through all the comments and see that the recipe might work without arrowroot.  Yay!!  I am going to try it, and maybe ACV as well.  I also wanted to comment to Andrea above, that yes baking soda can be irritating (I have no idea if it is the toxins or if it is just irritating to skin on its own) and that this recipe that doesn’t contain baking soda was posted by someone in the comments on this post:

  51. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Since my twins were born 3 years ago, I’ve been battling some hormonal thing. Been through all of the new “prescription strength” stuff. Then, I had my awakening about how bad all of that is for you. I resigned myself to being really self conscious and using a mixture of olive oil and Theives oil. I made your mixture last week and since then, NO SMELL what-so-ever! My husband is using it and he smells good too! Thanks again!

  52. Recipe # 2 is so easy and effective it’s outrageous!!  My husband and I will never look back.  Even my mother with her onion smelling arm pits uses it now, even at the gym!!  She loves not smelling like an onion. Try this recipe!

  53. I’ve found (in my case) that it’s the shea butter that really works.  Cocoa butter works about half as well and coconut oil doesn’t work at all.  I think I will try this recipe and substitute the cocoa butter for the coconut oil and smell like chocolate all day!

    • When you say “works”, do you mean it works at deodorizing, staying dry, keeping the deodorant solid or…?

      Thanks for sharing!

  54. I just made up a batch using lemon essential oil! It smells delicious and the lemon is great for killing all of the yuckies that live in your armpits!

  55. I tried the first recipe for the first time today and I loved how I did not smell one bit and barely sweat at all!!

    One problem- the oil completely stained one of my nice shirts 🙁 I had the wet underarm look and streaks down the front from pulling it over my head. I had to change shirts and it didn’t come out in the wash even after treating it with stain remover. I waited the 5 minutes like you suggested but maybe I used too much or didn’t rub it in enough? Any suggestions for removing the stains and for preventing them?

  56. So I tried this today for the first time…no BO but my underarms are sore and slightly rashy. I am going to give them a wash and then put some straight coconut oil on for tonight and hope they will not be sore or rashy in the morning! I love the light coconut scent too!

    • It’s the baking soda. I’ve been making and expeirimenting with the perfect natural deodorant recipe and I’ve found that baking soda will give most people a rash. My skin is the furthest from sensitive and even I got a rash from my deodorant containing baking soda. My recipe is almost exactly what is written here, except I add cornstarch instead of baking soda and honestly, it not only stopped the rash but it actually controls odor and moisture better! Good luck!

  57. hi, i purchased coconut oil from trader joes the other day, and i was talking to a friend of mine and she said that mine wasn’t as good as her’s because mine isn’t RAW. Do you think this is true? It is coconut oil, and i plan on using it for lots of things, but now i’m having second thoughts…and may want to purchase the RAW version.

    Thank you!

  58. Raw isn’t as important as unrefined, though organic, unrefined is the top of the line. I get mine here but there are some other good ones out there. The one you have should be fine but if you have concerns about using it, you could use it for skin care and use an unrefined one for cooking.

    • I have been using their coconut oil for years..yes a bit pricy but I usually buy a gallon and get one free…cook with it make cometic cremes etc…fabulous stuff

  59. Does this come out as liquid or does it end up solid?  I ask so I know if I need to store it in a jar (liquid) or is I can use and old deodorant container (solid)

  60. I have been using this second recipe for over 2 years now and have LOVED it, however, I am pregnant again this summer and wow! have I been stinking!  It is not working at all right now.  I have been applying 2-3 times a day in the hopes that maybe it has just been wearing off but that doesn’t even help.  I know body chemistry changes during pregnancy and I sweat so much more (my hair isn’t as responsive to the no-poo during this time either).  Any suggestions?

  61. This is amazing !! I am now making it for friends and family, sooo easy and it works !!

  62. I tried this and the concoction has a liquid layer gathered at the top. Did I do something wrong?  Also, this may be a bonehead question, but how do you apply it from the glass jar?  Thanks so much!!

    • Did you add any liquid to it? I’ve never heard of it having liquid floating on the top… I just use my finger to apply it, but you can actually scoop into an old deodorant container if you have one and just keep it in a cool place or even the fridge.

  63. When I started making my own deodorant, I definitely went through a detox phase – for a good week or so I felt like I was release years of build-up from my pores… and I smelled like it also. I pushed through, however, and now I feel like the amount of smell is never as much as it was before. Horay!

    • I just started using recipe #2 four days ago. Day 1 was fantastic, day 2 was not so good, and yesterday and today I can hardly stand my own stench! I’ve been scanning comments and was quite relieved to read yours. I’m hoping and praying this is just a detox phase. I’d love to make this work and am committed to not going back to anti-perspirant.

      • I also had great success with this mixture at first, until one day it failed me! I realized that the baking soda and the cornstarch had separated from the coconut oil. So now I stir it from time to time. I find that if it doesn’t feel sort of gritty then it needs to be stirred. Hope this helps!

  64. I absolutely LOVE how well the deodorant works!! I did several drops of lavender and tea tree oil and it smelled amazing….however, I did have a lot of irritation under my arms that did not go away for two weeks until I stopped using it. What could I do to modify the recipe to avoid irritation?

    • Just omit the baking soda and you should be fine. From what I can tell, some people are naturally more acidic than others, and if eating a healthier diet, sometimes toxins can be coming out through sweat, so this can cause irritation with the very basic baking soda. All the other ingredients should be fine…. Warmly

  65. i think this recipe is making my skin peel off.  any ideas on how to resolve this issue???

  66. I’ve just made your option 2 deodorant and added my favourite essential oil – vertivert, it’s divine! My own personal bespoke deodorant! I love it!!! I’m a Deo-Diva now lol! My mind is turning with anticipation of all the scent combos I can now have, I mean a girl can only smell like ‘fresh linen’ and ‘aloe vera’ for so long! Goodbye nasty toxins and hello my new little fashion secret!!!!!

     I’m so glad you shared this recipe and I’m a little bit sad that everyone doesn’t use it. I’ve shared it on my Facebook page and lots of my pals are dying to know how I get on with using it (yes, I am their guinea pig!)
    Well done! 10 out of 10!

  67. Looks like a nice recipe.  I currently use a rock salt and then dust with baking soda.

  68. I’ve been making similar recipes for a while now, and they work well…  But in our new home, the bathroom stays chilly, and it’s VERY solid.

    I don’t like putting it in an old deodorant tube – they give out after a while, and it seems silly to buy them just for that…  I want to just spread it on out of its jar.

    What can you do to keep it more creamy?  The coconut oil, of course, is the solidifying factor, so I’m assuming putting something else in with it is the secret?

    Thanks for any tips!

    • Shea butter helps make it smoother, or you can add some almond oil to thin.

      • OK, I know I’m probably the only man on this page, but I’ve used coconut oil for skin care, and I whip it with a hand mixer. It stays a creamy consistency (like Noxema cream, which I DON’T recommend) pretty much all the time, unless the room temperature gets too extreme one way or the other. Maybe try that if you’re just applying with your fingers. If you want to use a deodorant tube, it might still work, but I’m not too sure.

    • I love this site and the recipes I find here! She may have already mentioned this in a post that I failed to see, but you can also use plain old lemon juice for a highly effective deodorant. I have sensitive skin and *had* terrible B.O. that I couldn’t seem to kick. A friend suggested plain lemon juice. Now, I usually just slice a meyer lemon (less acidic than other lemons) and dab my pits as needed, which is usually less frequently than once a day. Sometimes I can go every third day. I have also treated clothing that I couldn’t get the stink out of. It works insanely well. To preserve lifespan, just keep in the fridge with a note like “Deodorant” so your family can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

      I have noticed that I can get some irritation if I am in a very humid area and wearing lots of tank tops. The stickiness can grab the skin and make it sore. This doesn’t usually happen, though, and I don’t usually experience any lingering stickiness of consequence.

      Thank you “Wellness Mama”, for all of your hard work and for sharing your insights.

  69. I do think our bodies sort of become ‘addicted’ to conventional drug-store deoderants…  Natural deoderant sticks were expensive and didn’t really work so I just quit using them all together.  I started using an equal mix of baking soda and arrowroot powder which I have mixed up in a little jar and brush on with an old (makeup) powder brush.  There is a little fall-out and the powdery texture took some getting used to but it works better than any other product I have ever tried.  I’ve noticed over time that I don’t always ‘need’ to use it.

    I’ve also had some success with coconut oil with a few drops of lemongrass oil mixed in on not-so-hot-days.  I’m going to try the non-shea-butter recipe and see if I like the texture better than my powder.  🙂 

  70. Ok. So i tried this (2nd recipe) and it really irritated my skin. I broke out in blisters. I think the recipe is too alkaline perhaps. Might try it again with much less baking soda.

    • Some people do have this trouble. You can actually remove the baking soda all together…

  71. I have been making your 2nd (easier) version of the deo for several years and would never go back to commercial deo!! It TRULY eliminates odor and seems to help reduce sweating. I have converted quite a few family/friends over to this wonderful alternative, too! I rotate between lemongrass and lavender essential oil….

  72. I’ve made my first batch and am using it, it wasn’t easy to clean up but that’s my fault for letting it solidify a bit before pouring it into the moulds. Next time I know better! However, I am finding that I can smell a bit of BO so might have to use the probiotics in my next batch.

  73. I have not tried your recipe, but for the last 2 weeks, I have gone to using a spritz of liquid magnesium and then a very light coating of coconut oil.  No body odor here, since trying this simple combo!  The real test will be when my hubby and teens give it a try when the other “natural” deodorant runs out.

  74. I tried the deo-bar and found it quite sticky feeling towards the end of the day is this normal?

    • Hmmm. not usually… did you just use the ingredients listed? Did you add any essential oils or fragrances?

    • I think it might be the shea butter you used. I’ve found that happens with older shea butter.

  75. Hei, I found a similar recipe about 2 years ago.  It worked fantastically for about 6 months, then out of nowhere it started irritating my skin.

    I wonder if I put in too much of one of the ingredients?  I do not know for sure, but I have been on/off for about 6 months, and I will try again soon.

  76. I love coconut oil for all kinds of things. unfortunately, I’ve noticed that it has stained some of my clothes when I used it as a lotion after a shower. I haven’t tried your deodorant yet but I am somewhat hesitant to use the coconut oil because I don’t want to ruin any more of my clothes. Has this every happened to anyone else? I guess I’ll have to give it a whirl and wear an old shirt to check it out first 🙂

  77. I love these recipes and find they work but I get a harsh reaction to the mixture. My underarms become scaly and sore. It maybe because of the baking soda. Any ideas on what I could use as an alternative. Could it be the tea tree oil?

    • You can omit the baking soda completely if needed. It seems that some people have this strong reaction to baking soda, but even coconut oil and arrowroot alone will work well….

  78. I have been using magnesium chloride spray under my arms instead of commercial antiperspirants. It works wonderfully well to combat odor and wetness and has the added benefit of delivering much needed magnesium to my system in a highly absorbable way. Also I haven’t experienced any staining of my clothes.

    • If you are sensitive to ( also low in ) the magnesium then it burns really bad. I tried easing into it by rubbing it into the soles of my feet for a couple months but it still fried my armpits to almost being raw by the 2nd day of use. I have friends that use it with no problem but I have very sensitive skin and this did not work for me.

  79. I’m so glad I came across this recipe! I’m so enjoying reading all of your interesting healthy recipes. I look forward to trying many of them. Like you I’ve tried many variations of the natural deodorant and none have worked. Fortunately I have all the ingrediants and excited to try this and will post my results. Thank you!

  80. I have been using the second recipe for a few weeks now and I love it! Regular deoderant has never worked great for me and I certainly didn’t like the idea of all the chemicals and artificial ingredients on my skin. I love that this is all natural and WORKS!

  81. I made the 2nd deo recipe yesterday and it didn’t harden. Its very soft I had to use my fingers to apply it. Could the problem be my coconut oil? It melts at 75 degrees.

    • It could be the coconut oil, but it can also take a couple days for it to fully harden. Put it in the fridge for a couple hours and if it hardens, it should stay a harder consistency once it is removed.

      • I followed the recipe with the shea butter, coconut oir, baking soda, and arrow root but mine is still too soft. I poured it into a old deodorant stick and set it in the fridge, I got it out a day later and it worked great but when I came back for it a day later it was completely melted. Any idea why it wont stay solid?

  82. I asked this of your lotion as well, but is there a substitute for coconut oil? I am allergic to coconut and all other nuts and even the smell turns my stomach. ANYthing else?

  83. I am wondering if you could add beeswax to make this a more solid recipe with a higher melting point to be used in a stick deoderant container?

  84. I’ve been making a homemade deodorant for my hubby for over a year now from a recipe he got from a sustainability class. It works and he loves it, and NO ALUMINUM.
    It is a combo of Cornstarch, Baking Soda and essential oils.

    1 tbsp corn starch
    2 tbsp baking soda
    10 drops peppermint oil
    5 drops tea tree oil
    5 drops sandalwood oil (lavender oil was original recipe, but Men tend to not want to smell like flowers)

    Mix Dry ingredients first in a plastic or glass container / jar
    Add oils drop by drop mixing occasionally (OK I found that if I put dry stuff in first, put lid on, and shake vigorously, then add oils one type at a time and mix with a plastic fork after adding each oil to break any lumps up and then shake, shake, shake that works best)

    *To apply use a cotton ball or wet finger tips dip in to mixture and apply to under arms. If irritation or redness should occur, increase amount of cornstarch.

  85. I was very skeptical about how well this natural deodorant works. Store bought deodorants will keep me from sweating (which I don’t do much), but if I wear tank tops and my underarm skin touches without the fabric from sleeves, I will still smell. I have always known that antiperspirants were terrible, but just assumed that anything natural wouldn’t work. After I found your website (and have read most of it), I thought I’d give it a try since it was summer and I wanted to wear my tanks and summer dresses! Shockingly surprised, it does work…and really well! I put it on in the morning, went through my errand running crazy day with my four small kiddos, and sat through a 2 hour flag football practice in the very hot Texas summer heat…all in a tank. When I got home I did my smell test, and the only thing I could smell was a hint of coconut oil. I will forever be thankful, and I can now shave my under arms daily and not live in fear of increasing my chances of breast cancer! Thank you Wellness Mama!

  86. Unless I’m exercising I don’t experience wetness or odor, but I do spray my underarms with 70% isopropyl alcohol if I feel it will be a problem. Works great.

  87. Dont forget body odour is the body detoxin itself and maybe you need a good liver and colon cleanse to rid the body of these harmful toxins ! this will also fix many skin problems and sensitivitys and aliments.Then stop putting them back in ! ie house hold chemicals, tap water, processed foods,all cooking oils except coconut oil ,the list goes on ! DONT PUT ON YOUR SKIN IF YOU WONT PUT IN YOUR MOUTH!

  88. Also anti perspirants have aluminium in them to block the pores to stop the sweat, this has been linked to breast cancer. Best only use coconut oil ,lemon and bi carb soda and anything else that is not toxic to the body.Be careful of what additives baking soda has! Your skin is a transport system straight to your blood stream !

  89. I made the deodorant recipe 2 this weekend and what a surprise!! No body odor and it actually worked alot better than EVERY conventional deodorant I have ever used!! Thank you for sharing this recipe! I love it and I have about 5 girlfriends who are dying to try it!!

  90. We just got fed up with all of the poisonous deodorants. I tried a few “natural” kinds but they just didnt work any longer than 1 hour.
    Tried your recipe and was amazed at how well it worked (and my hubby’s pits are something to be reckoned with!) at the end of a long hot summer day, no smelly pits or shirts! Now I’ve made another jar, which he smears on the soles of his feet every morning. Another problem solved, no dangerous ingredients involved.

    • how often do you have to apply the deodorant during a typical day?

  91. I made this and I was using it for a few days and my underarm areas turned bright red. It didn’t hurt, so I kept using it until one day my armpits HURT! Any idea what caused this reaction and what I can change about the recipe???

    • I have been using coconut oil & baking soda mixed together and put in an old deoderant dispenser for 6 months or so. I tried adding fragrance oil (not esssential oils) & a little arrowroot in the last batch. A few days of use and I get bright red underarms. I use plain coconut oil under the rash is gone. I’m not sure if it is the fragrance or the arrowroot that I have an issue with. Next, I will try a recipe similar to the one above but without fragrance.

    • If you used essential oil it may have irritated you. Which is sounds like if you got red with no discomfort at first. But if you have a tendency toward yeast rashes (heat rash) I would suggest using something more acidic like apple cider vinegar and let it dry or dust with arrowroot powder. Dilute 5 parts water to 1 part vinegar to start healing if you think it is yeast. Itchiness and burning would suggest yeast. The cornstarch (food) and baking soda (alkaline) can, for yeastie folks, encourage yeast growth. Might try recipe again but hold any essential oil and replace cornstarch with arrowroot powder. Hope this helps.

      • I’ve heard here are essencial oils that are antifungical. Maybe you should try 🙂

  92. I made your recipe above for underarm deoderant about 3 days ago, and so far so good…dirt cheap and it works! I put mine in an old deoderant holder ( the twist kind for solids) and refrigerated it for about 30 minutes…I have another deoderant container that has the gel that twists up through the holes…I am going to put it in there too-that might work better in warm weather, as far as being able to apply it to my underarms conveniently! because it does get soft in warm weather……tks!

  93. I am going to try the lipstick recipe and the deodorant. i use coconut oil regularly in cooking and on my skin. i dont wear deodorant or use lipsticks because of all the chemicals, finding this is exciting 🙂 i look forward to adding in my own essential oils to make it smell even more amazing!

  94. I just made recipe 1. I’ll give it a try tomorrow 🙂 I used lemon, tea tree and rosemary oil. it smells nice.

  95. I’d be interested in knowing what strength of mag oil Lynda uses because I’ve tried a very strong one and it doesn’t work for me. Also, I used to make a wonderful deodorant with baking soda but a botanist friend told me that applying baking soda long term to the skin can cause the fatty layer under the skin to desolve. I therefore wrote to an independent website that deals with baking soda to ask them if it was true. They said they hadn’t come across any such research, however, they were aware of research on PubMed which shows that applying alkaline solutions to the skin on a long term basis is damaging to the skin. We all know the high alkali levels of baking soda; I haven’t dared use it since. I’m still searching for a baking soda free home made deodorant that works. I’ve tried it with just arrowroot and shea butter etc and that doesn’t work either.

  96. Incidentally, I also understand that magnesium chloride spray (i.e. magnesium oil) causes the skin to sweat. Rub some on your legs all over just before going to bed and if you’re like me you won’t be able to sleep due to the moisture that it draws out from your skin. This makes magnesium chloride spray an unlikely deodorant option for some due to the excess sweat it creates. I realise my two posts must make me sound like a party pooper, but these have been my experiences; and the scientific research seems to issue cautions against applying alkali substances to the skin .

  97. funny story: I seldom used deodorants before, since I don’t really get BO unless I’m doing intense physical activity. but, a month ago I was at the body shop (that store uses terrible ingredients but markets itself as ever-so natural) and figured I’d get some aluminum-free deodorant for kicks.

    after using it, I started smelling REALLY bad! I think the bacteria must have been gorging on it or something, because it was just ridiculous. bc I started smelling so bad, I used more of it. it was a vicious cycle until I broke down and bought a regular deodorant. used it once and decided to test *not* using deodorant. that’s when I realized the body shop stuff was the cause of my BO :(.

    I’m tempted to try this natural deodorant, but my body just doesn’t like natural remedies lol. I used jojoba oil and avocado oil for moisturizers, and it gave me alligator skin.

  98. because of the unhealthy issues around any old plastic,I prefer to use rather a glass bottle or BPA free plastic containers. and thanks for shearing all your recepies an tips and help people living naturally and healthy

  99. One cheap tube of zinc oxide. It seems weird that this sun-protection ingredient works where the sun don’t shine, but it does, for everybody I’ve ever told about it.

  100. This is my second day trying recipe #2 and it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there a “break in” period or should I just give up?

    • Is it not stopping odor? If you’ve worn conventional deodorants for a while, it will take a while for your body to adjust to not needing to sweat, but it will happen…

    • I have to say that after 6 months of using this I still sweat and stink even with TTO and peppermint oil in the mix. I’m a heavy sweater and I’m out and about all day in Phoenix. I think I’m one of the few people I know who haven’t had success with this though.
      Also, keep in mind that this isn’t an antiperspirant so you will still sweat.

      • Are you taking magnesium? That seems like the missing link for some people as it is supposed to help odor and decrease sweat…

  101. The clay shouldn’t be an issue and has excellent properties that are beneficial for the skin. It will help reduce perspiration as well.

  102. So this is my second batch of the first recipe. The first batch, though it worked amazingly, was too mushy(i put it in an old deodorant roll up stick). This time I added two tablespoons of beeswax pellets. I think this will be much better in consistency. The essential oils i added both times were rosemary, lemon and tea tree. This it really an awesome recipe; it works better then any natural deodorant ive ever bought at whole foods.

    • How did it work out with the beeswax?

  103. I have tried these recipes before but find that the baking soda irritates my skin and the coconut oil leaves a stain on my clothes – any suggestions?

    • Try just taking magnesium or rubbing magnesium oil on the skin instead. Some people who don’t do well with baking soda do fine with that, and magnesium internally will eventually decrease body odor naturally.

  104. What ingredient in these recipes is the likely culprit for the undershirt/cami staining? I love recipes just not what it does to the whites. Any recommendations?

    • Probably the coconut oil… you can omit and it will still work…

      • Darn. It is my go to oil and I was hoping that was not the cause. Do you think another oil, grape seed, maybe might produce the same results (stain-wise)?

        • It’s probably any oil. If you have a problem with the stains, someone above mentioned a recipe from crunchy Betty with Shea butter and white clay – google it

  105. I followed your recipe, but mine came out very liquidy. It never firmed up at all & it’s currently 70 degrees in our house. Do you think I did something wrong? I just now put it in the fridge to see what happens. I will try to add in more baking soda & arrowroot powder. It did keep me smelling fresh while playing tennis today…but too drippy to use comfortably. The coconut oil that I used is a pretty soft version. My new one seems much firmer. Will have to try again. Thanks for any more tips!

    • If you used a coconut oil that is liquid at 75 degrees, then it will have some consistency differences. You could add more arrowroot to firm it up, or being in the fridge might do it too. I should have clarified that… the coconut oil I used in the recipe was unrefined and is solid below 76 degrees, so that might be what the difference was.

      • Thanks for your quick response! My older jar was cold pressed extra virgin…but did seem pretty soft. My brand new container is rated the same at solid to 76 degrees…but looks much firmer than the older one. Anyway, it’s better after the frig & mixing in more of the powders. Thanks for a great site….can’t wait to try more of your great recipes. God bless you!

    • someone is selling this it is called primal pit paste

  106. I recently was injured at work, and the painkillers that i was put on did something awful to my body. My hair fell out, and my armpits blistered. My doctor believes that i may have developed Multi Chemical Sensitivity. I switched to washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar and it no longer is falling out. I’ve tried the homemade deoderant recipes but the baking soda irritates the damaged skin under my arms. So far, the coconut oil seems to be working, but then, it isn’t that warm right now and I can’t work out due to my back injury so I’m not sweating as much.

  107. I had been wanting to use something “natural” but hadn’t found any “recipes” that sounded easy enough….last week I started using just plain coconut oil, have not had any big “stinky” experiences yet…we shall see next week…going to Cancun…on the subjuect of you having less perspiration…I have read that antiperspirant is not healthy because of the ingredients and the fact that you do need to perspire and it blocks the bodys ability to do so!! Another good reason to just find something for the “smell”!!

  108. I used recipe #2 and it is the most effective deodorant I have EVER used. I’ve been hiking in 90 degree weather with no odor. I have not developed the perfect application source yet. I just have it in a little jar and it gets a bit crumbly and messy. But I love this stuff.

  109. I just made this tonight, I used the shea butter/ coconut oil with arrowroot/ baking soda combo. It is not warm any more, but also not at all a solid consistency and it has been like 3 hours. Should I add more powder at this point?

    • Try putting in the fridge first. Even at room temp, it will take a long time (several days sometimes) to completely harden. If you put it in the fridge and then remove once it has hardened, it will stay firmer.

      • Thanks!! I did end up putting in more arrowroot and baking soda, until it was creamy and not so drippy. And, I put it in the fridge. It did get firmer. Now, it’s the next day and it is back to room temperature and has the consistency of frosting, which is perfect for me. I ended up putting it in a wide mouthed canning jar that is short, like 2.5 inches tall and this works perfectly.

  110. It has been 6 years for me using baking soda and cornstarch (originally just baking soda) – and I’ve not yet tried it with the coconut oil but want to. I too noticed the significant decrease in sweat over time, as well as the stink of the sweat even on days I don’t wear – it is almost *as if* my body was detoxing.

    Definitely proper nutrition and enough water play a significant role as well.

    Interesting that when we live our lives right, the problems fade away… 😉

  111. Any suggestions for a recipe that does not contain coconut oil? It gives me a nasty rash!

    • You can just use shea butter with a little bit of baking soda mixed in if you aren’t sensitive to the baking soda…

  112. I make a super simple version of this just using coconut oil and baking soda. I’ve used it for more than a year and would never go back. It keeps me smelling fresh all day long and costs pennies.

  113. I rub freshly cut lime in my pits every few days(!!!!), it actually works better than any deodorant I have ever tried. I can sweat and shower and it still keeps working.

  114. Thank you for this deodorant recipe. I have a question however. I have made one similar before, 7 tbl of coconut oil, 1/4 cup of baking soda ad 1/4 cup of arrowroot. I have been using it for a while. my last batch both my hubby and I broke out BAD, really bad. Do you think it is the baking soda, or arrow root?

    • Probably the baking soda… some people can become sensitive to the alkalinity in the baking soda…

  115. People’s Pharmacy has some good health tips. Using Milk of Magnesia as a deodorant was one of those. I just buy a regular small bottle and dip a finger in, then rub it in. This is NOT an antipersperant. It does make a pretty good and very inexpensive deodorant.

  116. Is there any way to incorporate magnesium oil into a deodorant recipe. I tried adding it to the recipe above and it had a crazy reaction with the baking soda?

    • You could actually replace the baking soda with magnesium flakes that are finely ground…

      • Thanks, I will try it and report back here if it goes well 🙂 Thank you for all the valuable info you share, I appreciate you!

  117. This got me thinking. I made a “hard” lotion for my LO using beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil. It doesn’t have baking soda, but do you think it would still work? And I wonder if adding beeswax to your recipe would help it hold together in a deodorant stick.

    • It would still work, as the coconut oil and shea butter are both antibacterial too…

  118. I’ve been using your Recipe #2, and love it! I’ve added it to my favorite coconut oil uses on my newest post. Thanks!

  119. I just made the second recipe for my husband and I and we love it! It works GREAT! Better than our other deo….works waay better than Toms of Maine. I didn’t add any essential oils and it smells wonderful. Thank you so much for such a simple recipe =)

  120. Its totally effective when i did the recipe #2. Its amazing..thanks a lot for sharing.. God bless..

  121. I was a skeptic, but made a batch without arrowroot (due to not having any in the house). I usually use clinical strength deoderant, which makes me itch like crazy … and was pleasantly surprised that this mixture stopped all body odour for 48 hrs. Fantastic! I luv your toothpaste recipe too. Going to try soapnuts and your shaving cream/soap recipe next.

    • 5 days into using the deodorant I developed a not so lovely burn under each arm. So I remade it using B. clay instead of baking soda and added some shea butter and beeswax. I am hoping it works as good as your original recipe. 🙂

  122. I love using my MYO Deoder. I just mix the coconut oil with baking soda & keep it in a small mason jar.
    It last a LONG time & it’s good for ya 🙂

  123. Confession time – I only made half of a batch of Recipe 2 because I was positive that it wouldn’t work. I am beyond thrilled to say it is amazing! As is the rest of your site! One thing, how can I get it to not leave a greasy looking spot on my shirt? Maybe more baking soda or cornstarch? Or both? Needless to say when I saw “deodorant” on my shopping list, from my husband, I quickly crossed it off 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your natural recipes with us, I’m looking forward to making many of them!

    • You can dust with cornstarch or arrowroot after putting it on… So glad it is working for you 🙂

    • I found that when my clothes were getting deod. on them, I was usually using too much – you’d really be surprised at how little you need.

  124. Thanks for enduring rashes and the like to find the perfect recipe! I was so proud of myself for buy a Tom’s of Maine deodorant only to find aluminum on the label. Can not wait to try this.

  125. Any ideas for a deodorant that doesn’t use baking soda? The baking soda seems to irritate my skin very badly. But if I use this recipe without the baking soda, I end up smelly (as expected, since the baking soda absorbs odor). Any other natural odor absorbers?

  126. Just made this last night, I basically did recipe 2 but had trouble getting it mixed up enough so I did the double boiler method with it. Added 2 or 3 drops of tea tree oil because it’s a good antibacterial but figured using more might be bad for sensitive skin. Used it today and so far so good! I’ve also been doing the black tea night time thing (take two bags of black tea and steep them in warm water, then soak compresses in the tea and apply to armpits for 5 mins, take off and let dry for about a minute and then use a facecloth to take off residue-do this at night for 2 weeks). I’ve done the black tea method before and it’s definitely made a difference and I’m really optimistic about the coconut oil.

    Next time I was thinking about possibly adding some powdered green tea to the recipe, it’s a good antibacterial as well and should add a nice mild scent. Does anyone have any experience with that? I know coconut oil has a long shelf life, could the green tea go rancid once it’s been heated to add to this?

  127. Hi Katie, I have been using recipe #1 with lavender oil for the last 6 or more mos and well … I still have odor. I read all the comments to see if anyone had any suggestions, but it didnt seem to be an issue with anyone else. I so want this to work for me. Do you have any suggestions? I hate to even go here, but do you know of any goods brands that you would suggest? I am one of your biggest fans and I love what you do for all of us!
    Thank you and God bless.

    • I have been using a homemade zinc oxide deodorant I made that is amazing against odor! I bought the non-nano particle zinc powder because I’ve read the nano particles aren’t good. You can just mix it with water or use it as a powder in a recipe. Also, I have found milk of magnesia works well for me as a deodorant! I just put it on with a cotton pad. 🙂 Good luck!

  128. I just recently discovered that there are a lot of natural substitutions for all of the products that I purchase (thanks, Wellness Mama, I am hooked!). One of the first things I tried making while on vacation was deodorant…I was definitely a skeptic, but was intrigued by so many people’s story of success. I used the arrowroot version, and started my experiment during vacation, just in case something went dreadfully wrong. 🙂 I have been using homemade deodorant for over two weeks, and it really works! I work at a University and often have to walk briskly across campus in a suit and heels. On one of our warm “winter” days, I stayed smelling like a rose through the evening. Please try this recipe – you will pleasantly surprised!!

  129. I made this deodorant because I am trying to limit my plastic purchases. I refilled 2 deodorant sticks and made 5.5 smaller sticks in the cupcake tin. I chose not to use essential oils because I love the coco butter & beeswax scent. Next time I make this I’ll use more coconut oil and less beeswax because I’d like it to be softer.

  130. How does it fare with black/white t shirts?

  131. I made the 2nd recipe and am so happy; it really works! Thank you so much for sharing!

  132. I’ve been using recipe #1, substituted cornstarch in place of arrowroot powder and did not use any essential oils. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I must say it works like nothing I’ve ever used, even tried the clinical strength deodorants that dont work. I was even contemplating botox to stop underarm persiperation but afraid of the effects. I sweat but it not stinky and even If I get any ordor its very mild and goes away. My only problem now is that I just started to have excessive peeling and darkening under my arms. I’m 6 months pregnant and unsure of why this is happening. Please help! I dont want to stop but afraid of these symptoms.

    • Try removing the baking soda and see if that helps. As your body adjusts, many people don’t need the baking soda (or don’t need as much) anymore…

  133. Hi! I love this deodorant but it doesn’t love me. I develop a red swollen rash after about a week, I have tried it twice. I notice that you said that the Bicarb is what will be doing it, do you think if I cut it down to just one T it would be better? I don’t want to cut out the Bicarb altogether as I think it really helps with the odour control. Also what do you think about the detox theory that some people have suggested? Thanks for a fantastic site and App! XXX

    • It could definitely be a detox reaction of some sort…. I’d try removing the baking soda and seeing if that helps… taking magnesium internally might also help…

  134. I can’t believe this worked for me. I have had BO since I was 10, even though I didn’t hit puberty until age 14. Now, at 37, store bought deodorant just isn’t working for me any more. I was sweating, and stinking right through it. With this recipe, after 24 hours, I still smell fresh as a coconut. I’m seriously so happy, but also shocked at how well this worked. I am actually sweating *less* that I was with the aluminum deodorant. I am definately sharing this with my friends and family. I added tea tree oil for extra antibacterial power, and peppermint oil to improve the scent.

  135. Hi, I just tried making this receipe for the first time, it looked a little watery but I figured its the melted coconut oil. Also, I bought the organic refined coconut oil from wholes food is that one good to use? It seemed pretty hard to spoon out, like using refrigerated butter.
    Any suggestions???

    • It will definitely harden out and that coconut oil should work fine….

  136. I used your 2nd recipe, but I added just a little beeswax to the mix. (I had tried to do the recipe from memory…oof!) Anyway, it seems to sort of coat the skin just enough to bring the sweat level down a bit. Not sure if it’s a good (in the healthy sense) thing, but it’s better than the 48 hour protection deodorant I was using 3x a day.

  137. Just made the deodorant. I think it smells great! I am already a big user of cornstarch so the arrowroot powder works for me. I scented it with Young Living oils so I know it will all be safe. Love all your suggestions- thank you!

  138. I made the second recipe and love it! I just wish this had been out years ago, or at least I had known about it then. It makes me feel good just knowing that I am using earth friendly products on my body. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  139. Okay been making natural deodorant this way, but I am sort of tired of keeping it in the fridge, and looking for a way to keep it more solid at room temp. I wonder if adding a little beeswax to the mix would work? Has anyone tried that?

  140. I used a homemade deodorant pretty much from the same concept except I added sweet orange oil along with lavender about 15 drops of each. I also put in dried orange peel and lavender buds, and vitamin e oil just to add a pretty texture and to be more potent. My boyfriend and I have been using it for awhile now, and he said he likes it. It makes a nice gift for people because it is a safer alternative than the aluminum filled sticks at the store.

  141. Do you know that baking soda cobtains aluminium?

  142. Has anyone ever tried adding some beeswax to the stick deoderant so it doesn’t melt or get mushy?? I just read how well everyone thinks it works, and I’d love to try it but want it in a stick form- for at the gym, etc. I’m thinking add some beeswax and it should help!? I’m so excited to try this!! 😀

  143. i’ve tried both recipes and i’ve had a really bad reaction, which i assume is from the baking soda. if i omit the baking soda, will these still work?

      • it doesn’t 🙁
        i smell really bad…..

  144. So I just made my own by using a natural deo that didn’t work so well by itself, by melting it down and using it instead of coconut oil in the recipe. We’ll see how it goes! I was worried coconut oil would stain my clothes, as I have had minor issues with it when using it as a moisturizer. Has anyone else had experience with this?

  145. I have been using this for a few months now and now have faint white arm pit stains on dark shirts. Anyone else have this problem and know what I can do? I sweat a LOT and love this deodorant and really want to make it work! Thank you! (Former secret clinical only girl 😉 )

    • Try using a tiny amount of liquid dish soap before washing them…

  146. Can anyone please explain me, how much is “T”? Is it tablespoon or teespon? Or in ml? Thank you very much

    • In recipes, “T” is tablespoons and “t” is teaspoons

  147. I made the first recipe, I was not impressed. My underarms were always wet or clammy feeling and it started smelling weird after just a few hours. I have personally found that just putting plain baking soda on works much better. I may try to adjust the recipe to include much more baking soda and probably no shea butter as my underarms seem to have enough moisture on their own. lol. Thanks for the recipe though, I’m sure everyone’s needs are different and this works better for some than others.

  148. I’ve tried this recipe and found it works great! I put it in an old clean deodorant container but I found it leaked out of the bottom when my house was even slightly warm (around 72°), I even tried it with 92° coconut oil, I added Essential oils though could that be the problem?

  149. I have noticed like past 2 years now, I been sweating more from my body than my armpits. My sweat does not smell..but those clothes I´s very odd..uncomfortable. I work in greenhouse, it´s very warm place to work..I think that other people think that I dont have any protection at all 🙁 I have tried only coconut oil as deodorant but it is nlot enough..I work hard.

  150. I made recipe number 1. its to soupy. I am trying to reproduce bubble and bee pit putty, which is more gritty. should I add more arrowroot and baking soda?

  151. I’ve been using this along with Himalayan sea salt (salt applied wet in shower) and it’s like a freaking miracle. No stink, Nada, even after 24 hours. Clinical strength commercial deodorants didn’t even do that.

  152. I finally got sick of being stinky with my shop bought aluminium free deoderant despite my awesome intention to wait until the bottle was empty and not waste any, and I made your first recipe (5T of coconut oil and 1T of cocoa butter as I had no shea) and its kick ass!!. I too was delighted about clinical strength deoderant as I sweat AND I get smelly, but I have to say, I’m really impressed by this recipe. I have been sniffing my armpits (covertly) all day and I DO NOT SMELL! Thank you so much, you have lifted my dignity 😉

  153. i want to give this a try but am concerned about the coconut oil mixture turning to soup when it gets warm out. does the addition of shea butter and/or corn starch (arrow root) prevent this from happening?

    • It does somewhat, but I store mine in a jar or in the fridge in the summer.

      • i just made some and i think i will keep it in the fridge in the summer. thanks.

  154. Thanks for sharing the recipes! I just made this and it’s pretty liquidy. Will it harden with time or should I add more arrowroot or baking soda? Thanks!

    • It will keep hardening for a couple of days but you can add more. Sticking it in the fridge for a couple minutes will also help it harden faster.

      • Great, I’ll try that. Thanks!

  155. could I substitute coco butter for shea butter?

  156. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Found this recipe about 2 months ago, im a large person (okay, im a fat girl, and I sweat a lot) and its been super hot the last couple weeks here. Not once have I had an odor (fat girl stink). Mowing the lawn doesn’t even cause a whiff!!! I just used the coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch. I poured them into lil soap molds and keep in the freezer. After I shower I put it wherever skin touches skin, then go out in the sun and work on the yard. One application even lasts through the night, I don’t stink in the morning even! Really, I cant say enough how happy I am for this! THANK YOU!!!!

    • So glad it is working so well for you! Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • ok, so I made a second batch (just the same as i did the first) using coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch…… HOLY COW the second batch did change! my mom got burnt after using the second batch (no reaction to the first), my friend had a horrible reaction. I threw it away and am about to make a third batch. have you ever had this happen? im 99.9% sure i didnt mess up the ingredients but i cant think of what else could have happened! What do you think?

        • Are those the same ingredients you used in the first? Some people will start reacting to the baking soda when it isn’t needed anymore….

  157. I just tried the recipe. I didn’t have the arrowroot but I did have everything else. It is suppose to solidify?

    • Depends on your temp in your house but it might not without the arrowroot

  158. Oh and thank you for the recipe!

  159. Question: I didn’t know there were different kinds of coconut oil… I went and bought some (liquid kind since it said oil).. just recently found out there is a thick white kind too… which kind do I need here? I’m assuming the thick kind? How do I know when reading a recipe which kind they’re calling for? What’s the difference? Can I use the liquid in this?

    • You can use the liquid and it will work, but it won’t be paste like… In all of my recipes, I’m referring to the one that is solid at 76 degrees 🙂

  160. I’ll have to make this for my brother! He’s allergic to commercial deodorant but has a BO problem :/…I know it says essential oils are optional, but what essential oils would have the most “manly” scent?

    • Ones like fir, cedar, etc have a more manly scent but even just something simple like mint usually works for guys…

  161. Could I add the baking soda and the arrow root to a simple lotion bar recipe that I use in order to make it seem more like a commercial deodorant stick? Would it still work with out the coconut oil?

  162. Hi. I really hope I get a response to this. I want to make and try this deodorant. I am an American living in Italy and I have been having a bit of a hard time finding the things I need to make my own soaps/lotions/cleaning agents etc… Today I found “Olio di Cocco” ( Coconut Oil). The only ingredient listed is Cocos Nucifera. The thing that I don’t understand is that it says for external use only. I have seen many recipes on natural sites that call for coconut oil in anything from deodorants and lotions to food recipes and they never specify a certain type of coconut oil. I just want to make sure I am using the right thing. I don’t speak Italian very well yet so I can’t really ask all my questions at the shop. I appreciate any help with this. Thanks 🙂

    • It is probably labeled that way due to how it was processed but it should be ok for deodorant…

      • Thanks so much for responding so quickly. I can’t wait to try it, going to make it now! 🙂

  163. Doubled Recipe #1. Additions were several drops lavender oil and several drops Vitamin E (at suggestion of lots of comments below saying that would preserve it.) Absolutely LOVE! Have had terrible luck with the store bought aluminum free deodorants but refuse to go back to the unclean. Recipe #1 is amazing and so easy to make. I recommend it to everyone. I will be making more to give to family members and two of my kids who are deodorant-using age. Thank you again so so much!!!!

  164. I have been using this natural deo for about a month now and I love it
    very much. It really seems to agree with me. The only thing is, I’m
    experiencing an odd discoloration on my armpits. Grey shading is
    occurring (not hair growth). I don’t have any other reactions that would make me think it’s any sort of allergy. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the chemicals from the antiperspirants I used to use being drawn out. Any thoughts?

    • It could be a detox, I”d try it with a reduced amount of baking soda as it may not be needed now…

      • Hmm, so after doing some research online, it appears that the daily use of baking soda on skin is not recommended and more often than not leads to mild to severe allergic reactions. I’m actually surprised more people haven’t been commenting about this as it seems to be a fairly common thing. Not sure if you knew this yourself or if anyone else has told you about adverse side effects of such high concentration of baking soda. While I don’t believe anyone should hold you responsible for their reactions, it might not be such a bad idea to let people know that this recipe is not really intended to be used daily (or that the baking soda part should be reduced and/or eliminated over time). I know that this is something I would have liked to know from the onset, instead of having to find out on my own. Hopefully my skin discoloration will go away at some point…

  165. I tried it and it was too abrasive on my skin. Irritated and chafed my skin right away. What could I do to avoid this from happening? I love the fact that it’s all natural and have stopped using my life-long use of antiperspirants with aluminum. I was looking forward to not sweating so much.

    • For me baking soda can really irritate my skin, I am going to try to make this today with half as much baking soda.. I would recommend you reduce the amount as well. Also if you add tea tree oil it will greatly improve it’s effectiveness, without the need of so much baking soda. Though that can irritate some people’s skin as well. :/ If I come up with a more sensitive skin friendly version I will let you know.

      • I had a previous reaction to baking soda in another concoction I ordered. So, I made recipe 1, and reduced the baking soda to 2 teaspoons instead of 3, but left everything else as the recipe stated (in teaspoons). I did not have a reaction. Also, I’ve read that applying this after shaving may cause irritation. So what I have done is shower at night and shave, followed with a swipe of coconut oil mixed with arrowroot, then in the morning, apply the full deo.

    • Okay so I made a batch this afternoon, I have worn it all day so far with no problems and my hubby did a “trial” of one armpit with store bought “extra strength” aluminum deodorant and the other armpit with my homemade deodorant. End of day, his armpit with the homemade doesn’t smell at all and the “extra strength” store bought deo armpit is smelly. I think we have a winner! 😀

      Anywho, the recipe I came up with is as follows:

      4T coconut oil
      1T baking soda
      2T cornstarch
      .5 tsp Lanolin (or shea butter)
      .5 tsp BeesWax
      1/4 tsp Vitamin E oil
      1/4 tsp Teatree oil

      (prepare as the original recipe calls for, melt coconut oil, butter and wax then add cornstarch, baking soda, vitamin E and teatree)

      *Also this makes slightly more than one whole stick of deoderant, so if you are planning to put it in a stick just be aware that there will be extra.

      I put it in the fridge and it hardened, the extra that is out and in a jar has yet to solidify. The original recipe was a great starting point for me, and now I adapted it to what I hope will be a permanent addition to our bathroom. I am also going to make a baking soda free version for days I don’t have to be around a lot of people – no work. That way my body gets a break from the baking soda and doesn’t rash out. I probably will just take away the baking soda all together and add different and stronger smelling essential oils. I hope this helps you. Good luck!

  166. Would it work to use cocoa butter instead of shea butter?

  167. I broke out and so did my mom 🙁

  168. hiya, I have just started making my own deodorant, the same as your coconut oil recipe. It truely is amazing. Ive tried so many deo’s in my lifetime and done of them have worked to combat sweat. I dont excessively sweat or anything but it absorbs and takes away any smell. I literally cant smell anything under my arms when i put this on. I did get some slight irritation as i do get eczema on my arm pits (only place on my body!) and im assuming its the baking soda and so my nxt batch im going to put more cornstarch/arrowroot powder. I live in UK and its a lot easier to get hold of baking soda/bicarb than arrowroot so i use that instead and it works amazingly well!

  169. I didn’t have everything on hand so I had tried coconut oil and just dusting on baking soda, as others suggested, it didn’t work so well! I gave up for a while, back to store bought deodorant and became increasingly aware of the strong smell of it, it started to really bother me. (Which it NEVER had before, but since I’ve been switching to natural solutions for body and cleaning the chemical stuff is starting to bother me more and more) So for a month or so I have just used coconut oil at home, applied several times a day as I would still start to stink, and only use store bought when I would go out of the house. I finally got around to MIXING the coconut oil and baking soda together and 2 days in a row now it works really well. I still have sweat but it isn’t that bad and it doesn’t stink. And believe me I have checked multiple times! I hope it continues to work.

  170. I’ve always had problems with store-bought deodorant. The stuff would only work for a few hours and then I’d sweat and stink up to high heaven. Not to mention, I never felt good about the stuff in commercial deodorants. With this recipe, the first day, there was a huge difference. I can actually go a day or two without any deodorant at all now. And I barely sweat anymore. The difference is phenomenal. I did make a investment to be able to make this recipe, but now I have enough ingredients to make more than a year worth of deodorant, as well as some other body care items. Thank you so much for this recipe! I would never ever go back.

  171. I just made the second recipe as I had the ingredients and think I am going to love it. Thanks so much for posting these recipes. It was dead easy to make as well 🙂

  172. I have a similar smelly story :). I work out hard and my family plays hard outside down here in FL= loads of sweat! I was a skeptic of these natural methods after having tried everything! Oh my goodness….I am so grateful to have revisited this post, it works! I added a lemon essential oil, it’s refreshing! Thank you 🙂

  173. Hi, I just tried this recipe tonight and mine came out as what appeared to be a thicker mixture on the bottom with a more clear layer on top (after being left to sit for some time). The entire mix isn’t solidifying at all and seems way too runny to apply. I followed the double boiler mix exactly, is this how it’s supposed to be or do I need to modify my mixture? I was hoping to be able to stick some in an old deodorant tube and store in the fridge. Also, this is my first time working with essential oils, and they seem so overwhelmingly strong (even with only a few drops of an EO mix recipe I found) that I have a terrible headache now. Any words of wisdom from wellnessmama or anyone else?

    • Ps… Was hoping to make a masculine smelling version for hubby and refreshing feminine scent for myself with the EOs.

    • It can take a few days to fully harden at room temp. Putting it in the fridge will harden it up… What oils did you use? They are definitely concentrated,but should dilute a lot when added to the mix…

  174. what do you mean by T? teaspoon or tablespoon?

    • I used all teaspoons for a small batch, and came out great. You could use all tablespoons for a larger batch.

  175. I’m allergic to coconut is there anything I can replace the coconut oil with?

  176. I have always had issues with sweating, smelling, and staining. I have tried every conventional product on the market, including unconventional such as Milk of Magnesia. I decided to give this a try and made it the other day. Because I had a reaction to another homemade concoction (I think the baking soda), I used 2 teaspoons instead of 3 for the baking soda, but followed recipe 1 exactly (in teaspoons for a small tester batch). I am happy to say, after a hot, humid and sweaty day, I still smelt nice and sweet! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  177. I really want to make this for my parents since OTC deodorant irritates their skin, but my mom is highly allergic to coconut. Can I use just shea butter or is there another oil I can substitute?

  178. i made this yesterday and was surprised to see that it never hardened… at all. i have a separated mixture with oil at the top. i used the first recipe, and measured everything exactly except the shea butter.
    is there anything i can do to fix it for easier application? right now i’m having to shake it up and apply it quickly (its runny). should i add more of the powders?

    • I’m sure someone else can comment on the ingredients, but I keep mine in the fridge to be sure it’s solid. It just takes a second or two for it to warm up enough to glide on.

    • How warm is your house? also, was the coconut oil you used unrefined and solid at room temperature?

      • maybe i just didnt mix it well enough. after shaking and using it, i noticed the next time i went to use it there was less oil at the top. after shaking it up again, its now the perfect consistency!

  179. Hi, I just made this recipe and I used the Coconut oil for cooking… is that OK? I accidentally put too much of it in and ended up adding more (equal parts) cornstarch and baking soda… is that OK? I live in Hawai’i, there is no Central Air Conditioning so my coconut oil stays in a liquid state (bought it from Sams club and it was solid but at home it stays liquid) I put my mixture into the fridge for a few minutes to solidify a lil’ bit, before putting it in my husband’s old deodorant container… is putting it in the fridge OK?

    It is not cool here at all, will I have to store my deodorant in the fridge FOREVER?

    I used Skin Oil Vitamin E, lavender, and tee tree for essential oils.

    I bought my husband over $250 of Tshirts for Christmas and his Deodorant stained all of them after just one use… turned the armpits yellow which is clearly seen through the light colored shirts (uuuugh). The only deodorant that “works” for him stains everything including his work undershirts which I keep replacing.

    I hope this works for me… (I am the lab rat for my concoctions and if successful I pass it on to him). I find that any brand I use just dont work for me… I used to use deodorant for just the scent but since I’ve been in Hawai’i it’s almost like the deodorant makes me sweat (I’m sure its cause of the heat here but I take very cold showers- the kind that makes my husband scream like a girl- and as soon as I put on my deodorant, I start to sweat instantaneously- nasty!)

    Let me know if you have any guidance on my predicament.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  180. Today is the 2nd time I’ve made a batch of the first deodorant. I love it! it works so great! better than anything I’ve ever used before! I used orange and cinnamon essential oils this time. smells sweet and mild! I love your website!

  181. Great deoderant. I definitely did notice stinky pits though. Mine didn’t smell with the deoderant on for the this first week, but when I shower in the evening and then don’t put on the deoderant they definitely smell. I am certain it is the unclogging and detoxing. I had been using rubbing alcohol to just wipe my underarms but going to try Another site’s suggestion of cleaning with raw honey. i already use it to cleanse my face so i know how great it is. Also for those who mentioned the staining of the armpits in clothing, I found I was using too much deoderant and so when I was sweating from our super hot weather I was saturating my underarms. But when I use just a thin film it was much much better. Also I made my deoderant a little less firm and I put it in an old gel deoderant container and it is holding up very well. Great stuff so glad I’ve switched.

  182. the first recipe gave me burns under my arms. Although, I must say, I didn’t use arrowroot because I didn’t have any. I think it was maybe a reaction to the baking soda. Just wanted to give a review, for people with skin as sensitive as mine. 🙂

    thanks for posting! I’ll try it again with arrowroot. 🙂

  183. I used recipe #1. Any suggestions as to why my mixture won’t solidify? There is also a separation thing happening, yellow clear liquid on top, opaque off white on bottom. Any ideas?

  184. Fantastic.

  185. I love this and don’t want to stop using it but has anyone else experienced a rash under their arms by using this deodorant? I don’t normally break out in rashes but I’m wondering if I put too much of something in?

    • I’ve tried the 2nd recipe and have had some irritation. If I try to use baking soda as an exfoliant without mixing it well with a cleanser I get a similar chemical burn like reaction so I think it’s the baking soda. I also get more shaving irritation with the natural deodorant for some reason. I may try tweaking the recipe the next batch to try to limit the BS or try a different brand.

      • try just the arrowroot. I’ve done that before and it didn’t seem to affect the way it worked, but stopped the irritation.

  186. Wow, this is amazing that I came across this article on making our own deodorant at this time. I was going to head to the healthfood store to buy a new deodorant tomorrow, but I think I’ll give this a try. You see, just recently I’ve developed a rash in my armpits and I think it’s from my deodorant; either it’s too old or someone used it other than me. It was the fat stick of crystal. Anyway, i’m glad I was surfing through your other posts after reading your recent post on being pape-free in the kitchen.
    Thanks for all your sharing, I love your site.

  187. I think you can use emulsifying wax to make this recipe solid. I’m going to give it a shot and see if that works.

  188. Hi I just wanted to share my positive experience with these recipes- my partner and I decided to try this and just as promised it really works! Even after exercise or in humid conditions it is amazing, and also my partner who was quite skeptical to start with swears by it now and he has not noticed (nor have I ) any smelling or excessive sweating. Instead of shea, which i could not source where we live, I use raw cocoa butter. I also add a few drops of tea tree oil. I found that adding arrowroot really made a difference. We have now got 4 other people onto the recipe and they now use only this. Thanks so much.

  189. I tried the first recipe and it is amazing!!! I’m out all day at work and school and I only have to put the deodorant on once in the morning and at night I still have no odors. I’m glad I tried this. No need to go back to store-bought deodorant.

  190. Hi Wellness Mama, I’m one of your followers from halfway across the globe, the Philippines! I couldn’t remember how I’ve found your blog, but here I am, loving the authentic way you’re documenting your steps to living a healthy lifestyle. Inspired by this post, I made my own deodorant. Turns out your recipe needs some tweaking for my tropical climate. As you know, VCO is liquid ALL THE TIME at room temperature here so that I had to increase the proportion of baking soda and cornstarch. Here’s my experience in following your recipe:

    Thank you and more power!

  191. I would like to make the deodorant – but am allergic to coconut. Do you have any other suggestions for the coconut oil portion of the recipe?

  192. I’m a noobie to the whole coconut oil thing. I’d like to try this recipe. Any essential oils you recommend? And in what amounts? (I’m a citrus/mild floral kinda girl)

  193. Can you recommend some essential oil combos? Amounts? (I’m a citrus/mild floral kinda girl)

  194. I’ve been using this recipe for about 6 months now and won’t go back to the terrible manufactured deodorant again. Great recipe!

    BTW its only a couple ingredients away from my homemade toothpaste. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now. I used to get a lot of cavities and haven’t had one since.

    Baking soda 1/2 cup (I use a Japanese brand, wouldn’t recommend A & H)
    7 drops of tea tree oil
    3 packets of xylotol
    peroxide: enough to give it the consistency you want.

    Close it up in an air tight container. Periodically you may want to add a little peroxide because it tend to slowly dry up.

    Take care; Peace and LOVE!!!


  195. Can you use cocoa butter instead of Shea butter and what is the difference?

  196. I have made and used my own deodorant and it is a really simple recipe that works better than anything on the market today. For a large enough batch to last quite a few months and fit into a deodorant container: start with 2 tablespoons coconut oil and work in baking soda until it forms a fairly thick paste that is stiff and will hold its own shape. spoon it into a deodorant stick, pressing the air out until filled. Voila! Ready to go. It stays solid until pressed against your skin and then work it in after application. It not only helps you to stay dry, but kills the odor causing bacteria and helps you not sweat so much. It has a very light coconut scent and i will never use anything else as this is the only thing that has ever worked without making my sensitive skin break out. It is even great for skin after shaving under your arms without irritating them. I would recommend to anyone and especially those with sensitive skin!

  197. I made recipe #2, using cornstarch & no EO. All I can say is, “LOVE IT!” Even though I don’t really have B.O. it’s nice to have absolutely NO smell after a long day. Even my finicky husband is using it & likes it.

  198. ####HELP#### I made the coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch deodorant and YES IT WORKS!!!! Buy its making my under arms really dark -anyone else going through this? I love that it works and its natural i really dont want to stip using it. I just scrub my under arms really giid but diesnt seem to help.

  199. A few weeks after first making the first recipe (it works amazing as deodorant – thanks!) I was scrambling to find something to treat a few terribly itchy bugbites. I figured this could work in place of a paste of plain baking soda. What I found to my complete surprise was total relief of the itching in less than 30 seconds! It works better than anything I’ve ever tried before! I couldn’t say exactly which of the ingredients other than the baking soda is helping do the trick, but I couldn’t care less if I get bitten anymore because I have a way for instant relief.

    • it’s probably the coconut oil. I use it on my son when he gets bitten, and my mother uses it for really itchy tattoos and it works amazingly well on both

      • Brilliant, thanks! I’ve only just fallen in love with coconut oil and all its uses and wouldn’t mind having yet another reason to love it so much 🙂

  200. I have to say for the first two weeks, I was sweating really bad, almost like the toxins were leaving my body. After that I haven’t had that problem at all, I didn’t add any essential oils & I omitted the shea butter. All in all I feel as though it works well & I’m happy to have found a natural alternative. I’ve just begun switching over to natural products due to all of the cancer causing ingredients in commercial products

  201. hi

  202. I’m a total newbie to this process. If I plan on pouring it into an empty deodorant tube, should I then refridgerate it so that it hardens?

    • Yes, a little but not completely solid

  203. i just made the 2nd version with a few drops of lavender oil, and then sat down for a minute surfing the internet and just saw a post on another site about the dangers of lavender essential oil during the first trimester. Should I dump the batch I just made or are 4 drops in a stick of deodorant ok?

  204. People who keep writing, “my friends think Im weird’, etc- its time you stop saying that b/c your not weird or strange for trying to be less dependent on a capitalistic, individualistic society. Be proud that you are going against the grain (albeit in small ways), and you will attract those like minded.
    – Also Wellness Momma, thats a 1/2 pint jar your showing. Quart size would be too big for this amount of deodorant.

  205. I did exactly as recipe 2-
    However, I can’t get it to solidify any tips?
    I put it in the fridge and it became completely solid but when it stood out for an hour it melted again

    • I am having the same problem. I added more baking soda, but it won’t solidify enough to put in a deodorant stick.

  206. I figure T stands for Tablespoon?

  207. Wellness Mama, I have decided to go all natural and have subscribed to your newsletters and what not. I’m very excited about going all natural! It seems kind of fun and obviously it’s healthier. However, I do have one question! I forgot to purchase Shea Butter while shopping for these ingredients and I could not find and Arrowroot. I was wondering if I could make this recipe with only baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oil?

    • Yes, but I’d go light on the baking soda.. you could also use organic corn starch in place of the arrowroot…

  208. hi! Thanks so much for this recipe! I laughed when I read it cause I just had my 4th baby in 4 1/2 yrs of marriage! Fun fun being extra hot when pregnant! Thanks again for the recipe!! 🙂 looking forward to trying it!

  209. Hi! I used natural deodorant for about 3 months, but then I started noticing stains on my shirts. I really like using it, so how can I avoid these stains? Thanks!

  210. I see that most of the comments re the coconut Oil deodorant are a few years old, but even so, I decided to make some, following the directions given in the “recipe”

    It certainly works very well, especially in the high temperatures we have recently had here in England.

    However, when the temperature goes down to normal room temperature, the deodorant goes very had and cakes up.

    I must be doing something wrong?

    Thanks anyway for all your great ideas.

  211. I made the first recipe tonight. It turned out very runny…is it supposed to be this way? I was expecting it to be more solid I guess because of the picture of it in an old deodorant stick. Thanks for any tips you can give me!

  212. Probably going to sound like an idiot, but what’s a T? I mean it’s says use 6 T of coconut oil? And how much essential oil should I use?

    • Tablespoon=T. Also, about 20 drops of essential oils

    • T is tablespoon and start with just a little essential oil and increase until it smells good to you.

  213. I’ve been making the first recipe for over a year and LOVE it! I’ve made 2 batches within the last week and am having the same problem with both: ingredients separating out and not solidifying. I have used the same ingredients for each batch over the past year and nothing has changed. I have even tried sticking in the fridge after making and still no luck. Any idea what gives?

    • That is really odd… could still be a temperature thing maybe?

  214. These recipes all sound great but I am an odd one, I don’t really like the smell of coconut. Is it essential that these recipes use coconut or is there something that works as well. Or would adding essential oils help without having to pour loads in to mask the smell?

  215. These recipes all sound great but I am an odd one, I don’t really like the smell of coconut. Is it essential that these recipes use coconut or is there something that works as well. Or would adding essential oils help without having to pour loads in to mask the smell?

  216. I can only say thank you! This deodorant worked so good on me!

  217. I was so excited to try this because I really wanted to eliminate all the aluminum and chemicals from my body products. I tried recipe #2, because I had neither beeswax nor arrowrroot. I put together coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch, plus a few drops of rose otto essential oil. It sadly didn’t work at all. The texture was great (I kept it in the fridge so it wouldn’t melt), but it wore off after an hour. Do you think the arrowroot or beeswax makes a big difference in how long it holds out? Thanks!

  218. Yay! I used your recipe to shop for ingredients but forgot to pin it and today when I went to find it, it wasn’t in my pinterest account (obviously) and I had a minor freak out but now I refound it! so again, YAY, YAY, YAY!!! Off to make a batch (right after I pin this!)

  219. This mixture works better than any deodorant I’ve tried – natural or not. It doesn’t help with sweating much but it kills the stench for over 24 hours. I usually just pour a few drops of a carrier oil in my hand and sprinkle just a bit of baking soda. I rub my hands together and rub the mix on my pits. It washes out from dark clothes much better than other deodorants, too.

  220. I made the first recipe posted and have wore it a few days now and love it. It has been hot and humid and it has performed so well. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I will never buy deodorant again!

  221. I have used recipe 2 with coconut oil for maybe 6 months now and I started breaking out with sore bumps on my armpits. Am I allergic to coconut oil? Any suggestions?

  222. I LOVE this!! I was using a salt stick for a while, but it still didnt do the trick all that well…it did stop the pimples and bumps entirely though, which i loved – now my underarms ar soo smooth….with this recipie though – heaven!! I can put some on amd two days later – STILL no smell!! Im so amazed! I just tried the cornstarch, coconut oil and baking soda in a pan on low heat, then poured in a pushup mold and placed in the freezer…i LOVE it!

  223. I make my own deodorant using these ingredients. I have used it for almost 4 weeks now, but have started to notice that it doesn’t work anymore… In the beginning it was awesome! I could even skip a day showering and still not stink! I thought maybe I needed a new batch so I whipped up some more but its just not working anymore. Help!! What can I do? I want to continue using the homemade kind.

  224. Two questions:
    Can I sub cacao butter for Shea butter? It’s what I have on hand.
    And, is tapioca flour the same as arrowroot powder? Or will it work the same?

  225. Hi,

    I made the deodorant using the ingredients from the first recipe. I haven’t used it yet but using lemon and peppermint essential oils the finished product smells great. I just had two questions. What should the consistency be like? Mine is quite liquidy. Also should I mix the powders together when the melted mix is warm or allow it to cool down?

    Many thanks,

  226. If this isn’t the best homemade deodorant, I don’t know what is! Thank you, Wellness Mama! I have been keeping away from commercial deodorants because I know well they are highly toxic but hadn’t found so far a good recipe for a homemade one. Virgin olive oil, the best natural product for so many things, I love it. I added a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, another wonderful product. Thanks again.

  227. I am totally trying this! I have given up on conventional deodorant due to the toxic aspects, but have yet to find a natural one that continues to work. SUPER excited to try this! I plan to use coco butter instead of shea, hope that works as well. (i have coco butter on hand)

  228. First, I LOVE your website and the natural, homemade recipes. Although I have not tried your recipe for deoderant, I did make one that I absolutely love (I will be trying yours out, as well). Anyhow, the one I made/use includes: Coconut Oil, Corn Starch, Baking Soda, Beeswax, Lavender EO, Lemon EO and Frankincense EO. Smells FANTASTIC and works absolutely wonders! It’s from the DIY website.

  229. I’m terrified to use commercial deodorants, but lately I’ve had no choice. I live in a area that reaches 110+ degrees and deodorant is necessary. I’ve tried mineral salt, Trader Joes brad and Toms, but none of them have worked for me. It’s been a frustrating battle. I’d like to try to make this, but I don’t have arrowroot on hand. Can I substitute i for another ingredient?

  230. Amazing! No more natural deodorant rocks that shatter on the bathroom floor. I had all the ingredients right under my nose.

  231. I have used all the deodorants even mans and I have a problem my armpits get dark and that makes feel insecure, I’m so embarrassed even with my husband, and if I stop using them it gets better but than they smell will this help me with problems.

  232. I have been using your homemade deodorant for about a month now and I really like it. Lately I’ve noticed my skin has darkened, it almost looks bruised. I added some lavender essential oil to it. Has any one else experienced this?

  233. I thought everyone knew that the cause of body odor (and indeed most of the other odors that plague us) is bacteria – – that is bacteria produce waste we find stinky. In the case of body odor, specifically bacteria that thrive in dark, moist environments such as underarms, feet in shoes, etc. So. . . the way to get rid of the odor is to get rid of the bacteria, simple, yes? 🙂 And it really is simple. Simply mix ethyl alcohol (ethyl alcohol = the kind you drink, I use vodka) and 100% pure aloe vera gel in a 50-50% mixture – one half cup vodka and one half cup aloe vera gel, and mix well. I have been using this as deodorant for 5+ years now and it WORKS and has never once stained any of my clothing. Another plus is that you can use it on any part of the body- underarms, feet, lower back, etc. I also use it as hand sanitizer. The alcohol kills the bacteria 🙂

  234. It’s true! You don’t sweat as much as time goes on, and there is a science behind this. When you don’t wear commercial antiperspirants everyday, your body’s sweat glands don’t work so hard to try and wash off the chemicals in them. The more these chemicals try to prohibit the sweat glands from sweating, the harder they work to wash the offensive substance off! Give it at least 6 months, and yes, you will have some wetness and odor which is a bit annoying. I had to wash my armpits twice a day. Be patient! The transition to wearing natural deodorant allows you to go completely without eventually. That took 3 years for me. Unless you are extremely nervous, or hot during a heatwave, you won’t sweat or smell at all! Honestly, I can use scented cornstarch now and stay dry and odor free all day. To add icing to the cake, when in a pinch (like a job interview) you do decide to wear a bit of commercial antiperspirant, you only need to literally press the stick to the groove in your armpit, and that is a heavy enough application that you stay bone dry for days until you wash it off. Just more proof how hard our bodies work against the bombardment of chemicals when we wear them everyday. They work to overcome the assault by making us sweat and stink more than we naturally would. Takes awhile to calm your sweat glands down with natural gentle approaches, but it’s worth the wait!

  235. I just want to add that you can use other starches too. Potato starch, tapioca, rice, to substitute the baking soda if you need to lesson it in the recipe due to irritation. Some people just use arrowroot only. One lady even wrote she used a bit of white rice flour, but I have not tried this so I would make a very small batch in case it doesn’t work well. I also have used a bit of pure Vit. E oil, and aloe vera oil. Both are anti-bacterial, and aloe is also anti-fungal. Stay healthy everyone!

  236. I’ve been using your deodorant for a few months now, and I really like it. But, I’ve noticed that my skin is starting to darken. It almost looks bruised. I added some lavender essential oil to mine, could that be it?

  237. Hi Katie,
    Could I use cocoa butter instead of shea butter? Thanks, Ester

  238. I love the second recipe. I’ve made it twice now. I add rosemary essential oil, jasmine essential oil, orange essential oil and either eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil. Smells like floral sherbet. Yum.

  239. I recently tried recipe #2 and I am FLOORED at how amazingly it works!!! I switched off anti-perspirants/aluminum products this year and was using some health food store brands that just weren’t cutting it *at all*. To the point where I never wanted to raise my arms in public (right outta the commercials!). Still wanting to put health first, I tried this recipe just two days ago and it’s absolutely incredible. No odor at all, armpits even seem to stay dry. I used more coconut oil to the cornstarch/baking soda mixture because it was a little too thick and chalky at first. This batch I used Lavender and Tea Tree oil for their antibacterial properties. Next batch I want to use different essential oils… i hear grapefruit works well for this? THANK YOU SO MUCH! This recipe is pretty life changing.

  240. I made the second version the other day and for some reason, it won’t solidify. Is it supposed to stay liquidy?? I love how it works, and I haven’t sweat thru it (i even have a condition called hyperhydrosis, i.e. excessive sweating, and it lasts me all day so far!)…..its just a pain to put on when its a liquid. Did I do something wrong when making it?

  241. I made the second version the other day and for some reason, it won’t solidify. Is it supposed to stay liquidy?? I love how it works, and I haven’t sweat thru it (i even have a condition called hyperhydrosis, i.e. excessive sweating, and it lasts me all day so far!)…..its just a pain to put on when its a liquid. Did I do something wrong when making it?

  242. I made the 2nd version this past weekend and love how it works, BUT mine is still in liquid form. Is it supposed to solidify at some point or always stay liquidy? Did I do something wrong?? Thanks!

    • Nevermind! I kept reading the comments and it answered my question! 🙂 I will be putting more arrowroot powder in it later tonight to try and thicken it up. Also, next time, I will def use coconut oil that is unrefined and solid below 76 degrees! 🙂

  243. I made deodorant with equal parts coconut oil, baking soda and arrowroot and 6 drops of lemongrass essential oil. I have been using it for about 4 days and now my armpits are covered with itchy red bumps and blotches. Any ideas why? Does the shea butter help with something like this? It really does work though! Thanks!

  244. Hello,

    I made the first recipe (with the shea butter) and it smells wonderful. I followed the instructions, and put it in a few mini-muffin tins (like the picture), but after I let it cool overnight it remains a liquid. I was hoping it could be a solid and put it in a deodorant stick (as the write-up and picture indicate). I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. I also tried putting it in the fridge, but after I took it out, it’s soft/liquid again. I do live in GA, so it is normally warm here, but today it was 74 – not really a heat wave. 🙂

    Any suggestions how I can get a “solid” deodorant out of these recipes or should I simply use the liquid by smearing it as needed?


    • The same thing happened to me and I just added more arrowroot then cornstarch to get it thick and it worked great. I found I had to let it sit over night to let the thickening agents sink in. Hope this helps!

  245. Can cocoa butter be used instead of Shea butter?

  246. I’m now making my second batch of recipe #2. It works well, but I loathe the overpowering smell of the coconut oil. I liked it at first but now it makes me nauseous. I tried dumping a LOT of tea tree oil and about ~10 drops of lavendar eo into the mix and I still can’t kill the scent of the coconut… Anyone have any suggestions for me?

  247. Great post. Than you. What adjustment do I do if I leave out the baking soda? Thanks, in advance.

  248. Love Love Love. I can’t express how much I love this deodorant. I have been waiting to post my review and I have now been using it for a few months. I have tested this deod to the MAX. Hiking, yoga, every day, office, stressful business meetings. You name it, I have tested it. In the beginning I did get nervous and reapplied sometimes throughout the day but it wasn’t needed. When I have on a suit jacket, it does rub off a little bit on the jacket but then again, it is usually me presenting in a suit so added stress. This is the best deodorant ever!!

    The first time I made it, it was very liquidy. I added all the arrowroot powder that I had, then added cornstarch and finally got it to the right consistency. My first batch I put in a stick and it didn’t glide on very well, so I just rub in on in a paste form today. I add lavender essential oil and it is wonderful. Thanks you SOOOO much for the recipe!

  249. Thank you so much for this recipe…I’m on my third batch & am hooked! It’s been a progression from hard core anti-perspirants to more natural deodorant, to the rock salt deodorant to DIY. I have yet to have arrowroot on hand, but just make it simply with coconut oil, baking soda & essential oils! Have seen upwards of 115 degree weather and have been good! *Gratitude*

  250. Thanks so much for the recipe! I’ve tried several different natural deos, but I still stink! So I will definitely be giving this one a try!

  251. I made this and it was so effective but after a while I developed huge lumps under my arms that were not only itchy but quite painful. Exactly the same thing happened to my husband and to other people I had made it for. I was so disappointed because not only was it the most effective deo I’ve ever used but it’s also natural and because I don’t like scents it was subtle (coconut and shea). Has anyone else experienced this? I made a few batches with different coconut and shea and different baking soda. Any ideas on how to get around it?

    • I think its the baking soda causing the issues. Try skipping it all together and use just arrowroot powder or a mix of arrowroot and kaolin clay instead of the soda. Baking soda is very high in PH – much more so than what our bodies need and people can be sensitive to it .

  252. I’m convinced. I didn’t have arrowroot so I used extra baking soda. I used an old can (actually the one from the coconut milk that went into the shampoo) to heat it and poured it into my old stick container after it cooled a few minutes. By the time I finished my workout and showered, it was solid. I used tea tree, lemongrass, and lavender essential oils. These with the smell of the coconut make for a really great scent. I can’t wear perfumes anymore because of my baby’s allergies, but this smells so good it’s all I need! Note: This makes a little more than will fit in a regular size deodorant tube.

    • Update! After a couple days of using this I had a horrible rash. I think the extra baking soda made it too abrasive. Be careful if you have sensitive skin, maybe use less baking soda and more arrowroot/cornstarch.

  253. Hi! I have been using the second recipe, but the last week it has been causing me a rash. It worked perfect, even better than store bought deodorants, and I don’t want to stop using it. Do you have a remedie for the rash or any suggestion? Thanks!

    • Hi I had this problem also, allergies to cornstarch are very common, so ensure you use arrowroot powder. Sodium bicarb is abrasive so use only 1 T in this recipe. When you apply you deodorant do it gently do not rub it in because of abrasion. I no longer get eczma under my arms using these adjustments. Hope this works for you 🙂

  254. coconut oil is my #1 favorite for really everything, its in my kitchen and in my bathroom and my bedroom. i use it as a hair product, is our lotion in the house and i can say it helps my daughter with eczema, no more signs of that since the coconut hit her skin ;-), i put it on scratches or cuts and i feel the skin heals better and faster with it. and in the bedroom, because its a awesome lube and total safe and natural, try it ladies 😉 i also make my own deodorant, i usually just warm the rest in the jar just enough to become clear, and i put some lavender in or some citrus peel. awesome and no staining !!!! love it , cant life without my coconut

  255. I like making DIY anything, soap, deodorant, tooth soap, hair pomade, body butter, soap powder, my own bleach, anything you name it I can make. I love it, I even cook with shea-butter try it you might like it!

  256. Hello there I like this recipe, I’m a beginner so please be kind :). The T such as 6T coconut oi;. Is this teaspoons or tablespoons?

  257. Hi, I am allergic to baking soda, so the baking soda/coconut oil works wonderfully but makes me break out. My next step was a spray on that didn’t work at all and then i made your shea butter deodorant recipe and applied it last night. The results so far are stink! Love it and no break out from the baking soda yet but I doubt it will because the recipe calls for so little. The only issue I have had is that it melts outside of the fridge and turns into goo. But thats really easy to fix, just keep it in the fridge..or..if you don’t mind the goo use your finger to apply. I also wonder how cost effective it is. But other wise, LOVE IT! I just finished my first batch of lotion bars and added a bunch of other skin friendly oils, so i hope they harden correctly..i would have added more beeswax but I am all out.Thanks for sharing this recipe, i was so disappointed when the baking soda/coconut made me break out because it works better than any store bought ever!

  258. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and LOVE it!!! Not once did I have BO even when we went fishing in the hot Florida sun all day. For the first few days I just used coconut oil and baking soda (all I had) and that worked really well also. I then added cornstarch and essential oils (jasmine for me, tangerine for my daughter). I just leave it creamy and rub it under my arm. I am so in love with this deodorant. First time I’ve ever used a natural deodorant that actually worked. Thank you!

  259. You have no idea how happy I am about this deodorant! It works beautifully, because those other “natural” deodorants that you can buy in supermarkets or get online, from my personal experience, are absolutely useless. It makes me so comfortable and confident. Thank you!

  260. Do you have any suggestions on making an easier transfer to an old deodorant tube? I’m kind of a klutz and make a huge mess when I try! Thanks

  261. I was so excited about this, but it didn’t work for me 🙁 I followed recipe #1. I showered, put it on, and within 90 mins of not doing anything physical, I STUNK. Most natural deodorants don’t work for me, except for the salt crystal deodorant. Anyone else have this problem?? I haven’t found one bad review.

  262. Great idea! I looked for many years trying to find a natural deodorant that actually works and I found it at face naturals. Their customer service and products are amazing!

  263. Do you recommend a particular essential oil? This would be something for my whole family to use so nothing feminine unless I wanted to make two batches:)

  264. I put baking soda on straight right now, a bit unyeildy though.

  265. Any ideas for those of us who live in the south for the coconut oil can it be substituted for something with a higher melting point? Here in Florida my coconut oil is solid in the winter and liquid in the summer. While I have done some crazy things to accommodate our more naturalk life style I am just not ready to keep my deodorant in the fridge…

  266. I have been doing this for six months, but somehow missed the step about melting the stuff together. I just mucked it together with a spatula, and added a few drops of EO and was good to go…it doesn’t stain, it is fabulous, and I am making some to give away as gifts now, but I am wondering how it would be different if melted together. What is the main reason for doing that step? thanks!

  267. I have been using the coconut oil, baking powder and cornstarch recipe for six months. My sweating has reduced and the recipe lasts for over two months! I just have to be careful not to let my clothing drag on my arm pits while dressing, but if it does it washes off easily. Very inexpensive too.

  268. Thank you for posting these recipes! I have been using the second recipe for two weeks now but I did add beeswax for a different consistency. At first I loved this recipe but now my armpits seem to be irritated (small red bumps, burning, dry skin) and there seems to be a brown spot developing on on the skin of my left armpit. Sorry this is so descriptive! I am just concerned because I would really like to use this recipe because it is very natural but I do not know why my body is reacting this way. Please help me, I am very concerned. Thank you.

    • Hi I had this problem also, allergies to cornstarch are very common, so
      ensure you use arrowroot powder. Sodium bicarb is abrasive (also has a high ph so can strip away the natural protective oils of the skin) so use only 1
      T in this recipe. Alternatively leave it out completely I know some people who use only shea butter and it works for them. When you apply you deodorant do it gently do not rub
      it in because of abrasion. I no longer get eczema under my arms using
      these adjustments. Hope this works for you :). Alternatively leave it out completely I know some people who use only shea butter and it works for them

      • Just had a thought. Too much bees wax can block pores. This may contribute 🙂 x

  269. Does T stand for tablespoon?

    • Yes x

  270. So, I have started using coconut oil as deodorant. I have been using it for two weeks now by itself. It works great until the afternoon, or I put a sweatshirt on, then I start smelling. I have the same problem with regular antiperspirant, only it ruins my clothing. I don’t want the body odor smell to stay in my clothing. Any recommendations? I’m going to try your recipe. Is the problem just the toxins coming out of my system, I’m quite frustrated at the moment!

  271. Hi, how long do these take to harden? I’ve waited overnight on two separate batches, and they’re still liquidy. Should I put them in the refrigerator? Or did something go wrong? I read carefully over the instructions.

  272. I am allergic to coconut and can’t seem to find any recipes without it. Any suggestions of what I could do to replace it?? Thanks!!!

  273. I have tried the big name organic/natural deodorants and they seemed to make me smell worse and I had to apply them up to six times a day. Then I found your site and I tried the second recipe. I did not have arrowroot or cornstarch, I added extra baking soda. When I applied it the next morning a miracle happened that day….no odor…none, not even after my workout! Thank you so much for this recipe, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy alternative to the toxic crap most people put on their pits.

  274. Hi Katie! I am new to your world and love your ideas and recipes! Could you just tell me what the big T you use as a measure means? I am French and have to convert all measures 🙂 I already figured out what a cup amounts to (250ml) 😉
    I will try this recipe as soon as I have received all the ingredients that I ordered over the Internet! My life is changing! Thank you so much! Virginie

    • It stands for tablespoon.

  275. I made this a couple of days ago and THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! I normally sweat just sitting on my computer working and the smell has progressively gotten worse. I made this and used it only once and actually forgot to put it on today and just noticed that I don’t smell not even slightly! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

  276. I have to say that I was skeptical about this homemade deodorant. I made it anyway and have been using it for 2.5 weeks and it really works! I don’t sweat as much and there is no odor….I am amazed! Thank you so much for the recipe….I am a changed woman! What to try next?

  277. I just made a natural deodorant with cornstarch, beeswax, baking soda coconut oil with a touch of tea tree oil. It ran out on me in about 5hrs I need something to last longer.

  278. Does the arrowroot help keep the deodorant solid, even under warm
    conditions? I made a batch using the first recipe, subbing more baking
    soda for the arrowroot, but it seems like it might melt if I keep it in
    the bathroom, which can get warm due to shower steam. I was hoping to
    store it in an old deodorant container, but if it melts in there, it
    will get everywhere. Would the arrowroot prevent melting?

  279. Hi there, latecomer here. I love your blog and got totally drawn into it last night, and inspired. I made the deo by recipe #2, and let it harden for 6 or so hours in the fridge. After leaving it out overnight in my bathroom, it had sort of turned to mush by this morning–not totally liquid but if the weather/my apartment were any warmer, it probably would have been. Any suggestions to harden it?

  280. I made my own deodorant with baking soda now twice and also bought one, the first time I made a batch myself and also when I tried the one I bought it was terrible! My skin reacts quite hysterical to the baking soda. I tried another one with only a little baking soda, but even then after using it two days my skin turned all red and itchy again 🙁
    Do you have any tips on making a deodorant that actually works without any baking soda?
    Hope you can help me out!
    Thanks in advance!

  281. this is so well-written and recipe is life-saving. It really is, if you think about it. You are saving yourself from getting your body intoxicated with cancer-causing things.
    I noticed I didn’t swear as much either, and sweating really is a defense mechanism for cleaning – obviously when we put metals under our armpits, our skin is releasing all that sweat to reject it and clean the area… Thank you for sharing this!!

  282. I just came across this post today and am excited to try this recipe! I would like to use essential oils and am curious as to which ones you used and how much?

  283. Love homemade deodorant! I first tried a version with beeswax so I could put it in an old deo stick, but beeswax, as others have said, stains. I think I tried it because I was first weirded out by the idea of rubbing the deo on with my hands, hehe. I then ran across a version similar to your 2nd recipe. That’s what I’ve been using, and it does the job, plus, it is now like 2nd nature to apply deo with my fingers. I have never thought to try shea butter though so I’ll have to try that! Lavender and tea tree are my favs for EO’s.
    To anyone new to homemade deo’s…if you are like me where you sweat like a man and tend to have bad BO even with the help of deo, allow 2-3 weeks for your body to adjust to homemade. Like any other products, our body’s get use to harsh chemicals so are trained to over produce (like oily face and hair, I think the armpits are the same!). So it takes a little time for our body to retrain itself when you stop with the harsh chemicals and go to all natural products.

  284. I have had some awful staining and realized from reading this discussion I was using too much. This deo works like a charm. Thanks Kitty for the stain removal tips.

  285. I love this recipe, it actually works unlike most natural deodorants you can buy in stores. I always end up having to add more dry ingredients that it says for the mixture to not be so mushy. I tried making some for my husband in his old deodorant tube but it was too messy he said.. Any reccommendations? or just add more dry ingredients until its more of a solid?

  286. If I do not want to use baking soda, how much arrowroot should I use? I want something easy on skin. Also, how is this recipe different from the other deodorant recipe using beeswax? I’ve heard that beeswax and coconut oil can stain, is this true?

  287. Hi, before today I didn’t even know you could make deodorant at home! I’ve been wanting to look for alternatives for a while tho because my underarms are always so irritated and have bumps from shaving and deodorants. I’ve recently switched to waxing and wanted to find something gentler to use. I def want to try your recipe. I’m a bit confused about the coconut oil. Wouldn’t it just be really oily and run down ur arms? Maybe bc I live in Florida, our coconut oil is almost always a liquid consistency. Do you have any ideas what else I could use? Or shld I refrigerate It? I also saw some recipes with beeswax but don’t have any at hand

    • If it is warm enough that your oil is actually runny then I would refrigerate it. I am in WI and rarely need to do that here with mine, lol.

  288. Do you have to use the arrowroot & what are the benefits if you do?

    • Also, there are so many comments that it might have been mentioned; maybe a FAQ section would be beneficial?

    • you can substitute more baking soda or cornstarch for the arrowroot powder if you need to.

  289. hey washi102 is the coconut oil u use for the scrub melted or unmelted

  290. i can’t wait to try this!

  291. Thanks for the recipe! I’ve been using a Himalayan salt block as deodorant for a long time now and have found that it works great (no smell, no staining, no recipe needed). I do wish there was a natural antiperspirant though, do you find this baking soda based recipe cuts down on sweat moisture?

  292. How much essential oil did you put in per recipe? One recipe per deodorant tube?

  293. Mine started to separate as it cooled, I have a layer of oil on top, do I scrape that off and use what’s underneath, or is there probably still enough baking soda in that top layer to just use that as deodorant until I get to the ‘whiter’ layer?

  294. “If you don’t mind infusing your armpits with cancer-causing aluminum.”
    Jesus, I hate this supercilious, haughty, holier-than-thou tone that people use when they think since they use the “natural” stuff, they’re better than others.
    I’m not opposed to eating real, healthy foods, but with something as simple as deodorant with such inconclusive results (meaning there have been no solid links found between aluminum and cancer), I’d recommend maybe you don’t treat your readers like idiots because they take the logical and more economical option of functioning deodorants monitored by the FDA.
    Thank you.

    • Your comments and FDA references make you sound the haughtiest of all! Yes, and the FDA is such a reliable organization. We are all entitled to our opinions.

    • Well, we all know the FDA has NEVER changed their minds when years later they find out…oops, that’s really not good for humans but is toxic. Your very post makes you sound “haughty, Holier-than-thou”. Like butts, everyone has an opinion and the right to state that opinion, especially on their own website. If you don’t like it, move on.

  295. I decided to switch to natural deodorant for my new years resolution, well I made the second recipe last night (with cornstarch instead of arrowroot) while I wait for my shea butter and arrowroot to get here. Well yesterday I just put coconut oil on my armpits to kind of detoxify them from my clinical strength deoderant and used the 2nd recipe today, Omg it burns 🙁 I’m really hoping it doesn’t last long and can’t wait to try the other recipe in hopes that the shea butter will make it smoother.

    • Also I can’t wait to try all your other natural recipes!

    • I can’t imagine why it burned… coconut oil has a soothing effect. I hope it’s better for you now

      • It is much better now! I don’t know why it did so bad that day though.

        • I had the same problem when I first started using it for some weird reason. Maybe baking soda reacting with leftover chemicals from commercial deodorant? lol idk. Feels great now. Coconut oil is pretty amazing. I hate greasy feelings so ive never used lotion or chapstick or anything like that. but coconut oil is so smooth and is absorbed so nicely I use it on my skin, to tame my beard and mustache, my lips, to condition my hair etc. Stuff is a God send in this windy 0 degree weather the east coast is experiencing. Friend came in yesterday complaining about his scalp being extremely dry from it (hes black so his hair is pretty dry). hooked him up with some CO and he was impressed with the non greasy shine and moisture. Beats the heck out of nasty cocoa butter imo.

  296. I was wondering if these solidify enough to put into twist up containers?

    • yup. started making it in my old spice stick and im never looking back.

  297. I’ve just tried making the first recipe today. I was waiting for it to cool down so I could transfer it to an empty deodorant tube. My problem is this; it isn’t solidifying. Is it supposed to? I don’t see how else I could transfer it. If it is supposed to stay in a liquid form, how do you apply it?

    • Just made my second batch of this recipe. love the stuff. You can play with the baking soda/cornstarch to coconut oil ratio. My first batch I didnt like how liquidy it was so I took out one tbsp of coconut oil and added a little more of the dry. Worked great just a little rougher to apply and clumpy until your body heat dissolves it. My new batch pretty much followed this one except used just a little more dry and it came out very creamy and goes on clear. For the guys I recommend following my first batch for the ladies and those who wear a lot of black follow the authors recipe.

      To answer a few questions: imo about 8 drops of essential oil is right. It works fine in a deodorant stick. If its still to liquidy stick it in the freezer for a few minutes. Coconut oil becomes liquid at like 75 degrees so just keep it in the medicine cabinet and it should be fine.

  298. i made this (recipe #2, using corn starch because i had it already) and tried it before i went to the gym and before i went to bed last night (after taking a shower). it worked great at the gym. and usually i sweat a lot in the night and wake up stinky but I WAS NOT STINKY AT ALL when i woke up! haha. it’s a miracle. i also have used prescription strength deodorant in the past but it’s just so full of nasty stuff. i’m so pumped for this recipe, and it already works great!

  299. I just made the first recipe and there is a layer of oil on top. Should the mixture solidify? Perhaps I added too much EO…

  300. I have just made this just now will let you know how it works for me 🙂

  301. I just tried making this, but seems very watery/oily or not enough consistency to put in an old deodorant stick. Suggestions to save the materials used? Add more arrowroot or baking soda? Or should I throw it out and start over?

  302. I think I may have done the recipe wrong. How long does it take for the deodorant to harden back up? I think I may have put too much lavender oil. How many drops do you suggest?

  303. Hi! I just made the second recipe today and not sure if i got the right consistency. I tested out to mix a small proportion of the recipe. 2 tbp of extra virgin coconut oil and 1 and 1/3 tbsp of cornstarch and baking soda. Consistency is a bit watery, not sure if i mixed in the right proportion. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  304. I was wondering how much essential oils you put into lotion, soaps, or deodorants? I have not made any yet. I have not read how much essential oil you put in these recipes.

  305. Just prepared it and used baking powder which prob is not exactly the same … Natron I think it is called in Austria. Do you think it’s safe then? And as I had to have it tonite 😉 I used cornstarch instead of arrowroot. Hope my clothes won’t get stained from the oil tho…..can’t wait to try

  306. You can also take a little of the CO and rub it under your arm. Next, apply baking soda. (a dusting). Works very well. I used about the size of a pea of CO. Rub my two index fingers together and apply to each underarm. I had my underarms lasered. They were really sore. I did not want to use deodorant that day. I was amazed at the CO and baking soda.

  307. I had a heck of a time finding the right ratio with the coconut oil recipe for me, because I’m especially sensitive, especially since I shave those pits EVERY day. Although I finally got it right, I didn’t actually “measure” so the next batch is going to be tough. It seems that I need more than twice the amount of cornstarch or arrowroot to the baking soda since it tends to sting quite a bit. Now that I have a good batch, I found that I love it! Even on black it never leaves any marks, and even under stressful circumstances, it hasn’t failed me yet. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  308. I did all the steps, but the deodorant is very oily!! What should I add to make it hard and easy to use without butting it in the fridge like the regular deodorant!!

  309. I used diaper cream with a high zinc content to prevent rashes on a 5 week hike across Colorado. During my research I learned that zinc has great antimicrobial properties. I’ve been using diaper cream as a deodarant for almost a year now with great results.

  310. I’m pregnant and have tried to eliminate harmful chemicals in my home. I tried recipe #2 for the homemade deodorant and I love it! I’ve used it two days with no odor, and today I worked 8 hours (I’m an RN) and still no odor. Better than my Dove deodorant.

    I also started using coconut oil to moisturizer my body and to cleanse my face. I’ve had moderately bad acne since being pregnant and after 4 days of using nothing but coconut oil then a warm washcloth to rinse it off my face is clear and hydrated and way less greasy. Love your site! Can’t wait to try more things from your site.

  311. I made this tonight and was so excited. I put it on both under arms. One blew up on fire with intense pain and the other is fine. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve used all the products individualy and had no issues but this happens every time I tried to use natural store bought. Advice?

  312. Hi, I don’t have access to a shea butter — the ones available locally are way to expensive! Equivalent to US$22 for a kilo! So I’m wondering if I can substitute shea butter with coconut butter which we have plenty of. let me know! Thanks.

  313. I made it… and so far good results for my bf and me. But… don’t pour on an old deodorant case.. at least not in Florida.. it melts next day…. if you keep in the fridge it gets way too hard… so keep it on the jar and use your fingertips to apply…

  314. I used the first recipe and love it, no more BO and extra sweating. I had a little bit of irritation not sure if it is from the essential oils (lavender and orange which smells fantastic) or from the baking soda? Its weird because this reaction doesn’t happen all the time I use it? I have also made the homemade lip balm with lemon essential oil. Love them both. Can’t wait to try more healthy DIY’s and recipes!

  315. I’ve experimented with a few recipes and like this one the best BUT like all of them, they all leave my armpits “oily” no matter how little I use. I know this is from the oils and butters, but oil ruins clothes. How is everyone dealing with this?

    • YOu can dust armpits with some arrowroot powder after applying to absorb the oil…

  316. Is there a good substitute for shea butter and cocoa butter since I don’t care for the smell?

  317. When adding essential oils to cosmetic recipes such as this, laundry detergent, wool dryer balls, etc., do you add undiluted essential oils? Or do you add oils that have been diluted with carrier oils? Thank you!

  318. Wow! I have to try this. Can the second recipe also be shaped in moulds? Also, would you recommend any essential oils please? I’ve never used before. I love fruity and fresh clean smells. Not a big fan of florals.

    • Citrus oils are good, especially lemon or grapefruit. They can be made in to molds

  319. I have a few questions: How much deodorant does the 1st recipe (with Shea butter) make? Are you able to fill an entire deodorant stick with this recipe? And how long does this amount typically last for you until it runs out? Will it “go bad” after a certain period of time after making it? Thank you for your time 🙂

  320. I’ve been using this and it’s great! but I started to notice my under arms became VERY DARK 🙁 plus it became very itchy (especially on my left armpit but my right is just fine no darkness, no itchiness).
    I wonder if anyone else has experienced this??? And is there a solution I can do to get rid of the darkness that occurred???
    Suggestions, anyone please….

    • I don’t know if you ever resolved this, but this happened to me. I forged on. I figured it was from my armpits adjusting. It went away completely within a couple of months. No problem with it since! Some people say it’s the baking soda, and I’ve also read “detox”? Either way, it happened to me and it was temporary!

  321. I live overseas and can’t get cornstarch or arrowroot. Can I use potato starch?

  322. Hi I just make recipe number 2 and was wondering if I could use eucalyptus oil instead off essential or tea tree? Am excited to try this 🙂

  323. I am sorry if this question has been posted already but I made the first recipe for the deodorant today and it is not setting for some reason? Wondering where I might have gone wrong and what I maybe could do so I don’t have to waste all of the product? Thank you!

  324. Hi, I’ve used this natural method and got a lot of irritation, itching and even a rash under my arms. I used shea butter, baking soda, lavender and rosemary essential oils. Not sure sure why this is happening. Plz help 🙁

      • I love all your DIY recipes. I made the first recipe for the deodorant and I had the same reaction, red pumps, ichiness, and my pits were sore. I will try making another batch w/out baking soda. I have noticed when I use just plan coconut oil I get no irritation but I still get a little beo.
        I made your chap stick recipe with lemon essential oil, LOVE IT! On to making a body butter and more…. thanks for all the awesome and informative info on your site!

  325. Hmmm well I tried an other recipe with baking soda and wow did that sting. My pits were red and irritated to begin with and that did not help so……could I leave out the baking soda altogether?? Maybe just add more arrow root!

  326. When I switched to this I had a little detox after a week or so and smelt bad for a few days. I thought it wasn’t going to work, but now I never smell and dont even need to use deodorant every day… makes me wonder. I love this stuff I rub it on with my fingers and even though it looks white and powdery, it doesnt stain. Its fun to make different scents with essential oils, coconut lime is my favorite !

  327. Hi! been using this for a long time, works better than any clinical (with the bad stuff) deoderant ever! Even helped there be less odor even when not using deo i’m sure due to the fact that this allows your pits to naturally detox as you are not clogging them up anymore so they can naturally detox as that part of your body was made to! So I just did a little modification to the recipe because we live in a hot climate and the coconut oil made it too mushy and melty to not have to keep in the fridge. so I just use way more raw shea butter (the stuff right from ghana in it’s natural form) it’s much more solid at room temp and makes it go on more like regular deoderant and you don’t accidentally use to much then. That’s all. Thank you! 🙂

  328. I made the deodorant using recipe 2 and have been using it for over a month now and the results are amazing. I’m actually sweating lesser. It works very well for me.
    I will never go back to clinical one.

  329. I bought a natural deo called “Lavilin” and it is a 7 day deodorant- yes, it works for 7 days , you literally apply it once a week! And the best part, it actually works! I’ve read that for some people it only works for 3 days, and for some people it can work for 2 weeks! I highly recommend it.

  330. Hi, so glad to find your website. My husband was just diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease, which there is no cure, but we are working with his diet to keep him off dialysis as long as possible, but we’ve discovered that on the back of his favorite deodorant, it says not to use if you have kidney disease! He looked at the back of several brands he’d bought on sale, and they all said that! So if they can affect your kidneys, then no one should be using this poison!

  331. Hi, I am interested in this because of pregnancy, but I must be really dumb and have a question. How do you put this on? I get it if it is in an old stick, but if it is in a jar how do you apply it? Thanks!

  332. So I made this today and it is solid on the bottom of the jar and liquid at the top. What did I do wrong?

  333. I am going to try this recipe.

    If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy Primal Pit Paste.

    Myself and 3 of my children use it. It’s awesome. It’s definitely more expensive than making your own but so good to have wholesome ingredients like the ones listed here. They have a stick that I find rough in the winter and I would put a little water on it before I put on. I like the kind that comes in a jar better. I put it on the way wellness mama said. They even send you a little popsicle stick to scoop it out. I use my fingers to apply it.

  334. Hi! I just made the mixture and am so happy! I didn’t have baking soda for cooking, only the baking soda for refrigerator freshness and used this.. The mixture is grainy – is this because the soda I used or are both recipes grainy? THANKS!

  335. Wow. Lots of comments. I was not able to read all of them, but how does this stand up to warmth? Will it melt, get soft, stay firm? Thanks.

  336. I made recipe #2 for the first time. Mine turned out crumbly. Is that the way it’s supposed to be or did I do something wrong. I would not be able to put in a deodorant container. Thanks so much

  337. Another question. Still wondering about the first questions. What would an appropriate amount of essential oils be. I don’t want to turn it into mush. Thanks!

    • It really is up to what you prefer. You could put only 10-15 drops or much more if you like a stronger scent

  338. I never write reviews or comments but after reading here and trying out coconut oil I must comment on the miracle that has happened to my horribly dry and cracked feet. I’m 54 years old and my feet were so bad I never took my socks off around anybody, way to embarrassing. After just 3 nights of putting on coconut oil and socks before bed my feet are beautiful. I can’t believe it and so very happy. I now use it as an all over body moisturizer and a dab under each eye. I swear the wrinkles look better! Next I’m going to try making the deodorant. Oh and I whipped my co with my hand mixet, wow its like putting on silk. Thank you!!

  339. Thank you so much for this recipe! I have been suffering from this issue for a long time. A year ago, I have changed to use natural deodorant but it is store brought and cost me quite a lot. Although it smelled nice, it doesn’t last, I would have to run to the bathroom 2 – 3 times a day to reapply it. I am always worry that I smell bad, especially when I am with my boyfriend. My shirt often have stain on the under arm areas…it is so embarrassing, especially when I sleep over at a friend’s house. So I am very happy that this easy and natural recipe works for me (I used the 1st recipe but I have reduced the amount of baking soda because I am afraid of the allergy like some people are having). Now I only need to apply deodorant once a day and it will last! And I don’t even need to apply a lot, I apply less than a pea size for both armpits one hour after shower. I don’t know will it stain my clothes but at least I am sweating less and don’t have to worry about B/O even if I do sweat. No more worries! Thank you once again.

  340. What is the consistency supposed to be like? When I first made it is appears the same consistency as store bought deodorant, but after it sits over night it turns into liquid goo. What am I doing wrong?

  341. I just made my first batch and can’t wait to use it!

  342. I just made the recipe using the coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda. I also added the arrowroot. I used the exact measurments and mixed the ingredients well after taking them from the heat, however upon cooling there is liquid on the top of the slightly more solid mixture. What did I do wrong?

  343. I made my first batch (of the first version) over the weekend with Tangerine essential oil. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I am so pleasantly surprised at how effective this deodorant is! I spent yesterday doing hot laundry and lots of cooking (sound familiar, anyone?) and it held up perfectly! I let it cool in the fridge for about 20 minutes after everything was mixed. Then I spooned it into an old Suave deodorant bottle and voila!
    **I keep mine in the fridge, because it was pretty soft after a couple hours sitting in the bathroom. It has the PERFECT consistency of a store-bought solid when kept in the fridge. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. IT.