How to Detox Your Armpits

How to detox your armpits- and why you should

So, in case the title didn’t give it away, today’s post is on an interesting topic, but hear me out before judging!

I get a lot of questions from people who try my homemade deodorant or deodorant bars and have issues with rashes or odor or excessive sweat. I’ve found that the magnesium spray deodorant can be a good alternative, but wanted to find a way to help those who were still having trouble.

After much experimentation, research and help from a few brave friends, I found an unusual solution that works really well!

Why Armpit Detox?

It occurred to me as I sat researching the sebaceous glands one night with a bentonite clay face mask on that perhaps my face mask was the answer to the armpit question as well.

After all, I’d used bentonite clay to detox my hair before (and use it in my shampoo now) and in natural detox baths and it worked incredibly well… perhaps it would speed up the adjustment period to natural deodorant as well.

Why detox your armpits at all? Why not just keep using regular deodorant and avoid the whole problem? Glad you asked…

Conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants contain a variety of chemicals and additives. It takes something un-natural to block the body’s natural ability to sweat, and the chemical list in some deodorants is impressive:

  • Aluminum– some evidence links aluminum to cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Phthalates– Endocrine disruptors often also found in plastic that can cause hormone imbalance and even infertility (especially in med)
  • Propylene glycol– common name: antifreeze. It is a hotly debated additive in personal care products but the Environmental Working Group reports that it carries a moderate risk of immunotoxicity and allergies.
  • Formaldehyde-  a known carcinogen… guess it kills the germs though.
  • Parabens- Another hormone disruptor and parabens have been found in biopsied tissue with breast cancer
  • Antibacterial Substances- I talked about these before but they are endocrine disruptors and can negatively affect the immune system

Why is this a big deal? Ever gotten sick and had a lump in your neck or armpit? That is a lymph node and they are a major part of your immune system. Putting endocrine disruption chemicals directly on top of them is a great way to screw up your hormones and suppress immune function.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and what touches our skin can easily enter our bloodstream. With skyrocketing rates of breast cancer, it would seem prudent to avoid these chemicals until further research is done.

A great advantage to doing an armpit detox, besides that it helps speed up the natural deodorant adjustment period, is that it might help pull some of these chemicals out of the skin and tissue of the armpits. This can be especially helpful after years of conventional deodorant use.

Does it Work?

I tried it personally and had several friends who hadn’t yet made the switch to natural deodorant try it as well and then switch. Here are the results:

  • We all noticed less odor, even without wearing any deo afterward
  • Nobody who tried the detox noticed a rash when using the natural deodorant
  • All but one person said they noticed less sweat
  • Everyone said they would recommend it to a friend

Completely un-scientific trial but practically applicable and the results seem promising!

How to Detox Your Arm Pits

Don’t you love when something is so easy that it almost doesn’t need instructions?

You might already have the ingredients on hand. You’ll just need bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and water.


  • 1 tablespoon bentonite clay
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1-2 teaspoons of water (to get right consistency)


  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a glass bowl (do not use metal!) with a wooden or non-metal spoon until about the consistency of sour cream.
  2. Spread in an even layer over the armpits and allow to sit for 5-20 minutes. I suggest starting slowly and working up to a longer period of time once you see how your body adjust. If it hurts at all, remove immediately.
  3. This may cause some redness as it will increase blood-flow to the area, but it will go away quickly.
  4. Wash off in the shower or with a warm, wet washcloth.
  5. Repeat daily or as needed until under-arm odor goes away and natural deodorant is non-irritating.


I’ve found that I don’t even need the baking soda in my natural deodorant after doing this.

Additional Things to Try

If you are still struggling with odor or have itching or lumps in your armpits, consider dry brushing, which is said to help improve lymph circulation.

Also, make sure to drink a lot of water any time you stimulate lymph flow (dry brushing, massage, detox, etc) to help flush the body and avoid getting dehydrated.

Your turn. Ready to try an armpit detox? Think it’s too weird? Share below!

Find out how to detox your armpits and why you'd want to. Deodorant often contains chemicals like parabens, propylene glycol and other harmful chemicals.

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Reader Comments

  1. For deodorant, I use:

    Found it at the UT Farmer’s Market while in grad school and I was wicked skeptical about it and hesitant to pay the $9 for a bar… so I asked to smell the salesman/owner’s armpits. and they DIDN’T STINK! and it was a horribly hot day in TN in August. Yes, I’m THAT kind of shopper…;)

    I have been aluminum antiperspirant/deodorant free for the past year and a half and I itch less, have less ingrown hairs after waxing, and don’t smell unless I work out unusually hard or skip a day (and then it sometimes works too!) I used to itch so much with antiperspirants, but now it’s rare. Tried an antiperspirant one day and it felt like I had cellophane stuck to my pits. GROSS. I sweat, but it doesn’t stink;) and I also sweated a lot more when I was switching over.

    • Rita, thanks for sharing this link. I’ve been wanting a truly natural deodorant without the hassle of making it myself. I love the “thorough research” you did on this product. 🙂

    • Thanks for this link! Baking soda deoderant was completely inneffective for me, and the magnesium spray I tried for a month was not much better, and left bad red bumps. I am ordering some of this today!

      • I hope it helps! The arrowroot powder is supposedly good for deoderant-y things (sorry i’m tired) LOL

        My favorites are the Wild and Fresh and Coconut Lime (especially the coconut lime- smells SO GOOD!)

        • You will be surprised but I use just organic coconut oil as deodorant and work perfectly well for me.

          • I also use coconut oil (but also add lavender essential oil. Works great!

          • Hi. This sounds like a wonderful deodorant. Do you have a recipe using the lavender oil ?

          • I used Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil as well. Works like a charm. Sweat way less, No Odor.

          • I think that’s cuz your body might not have that much toxic load,, I’ve noticed how my body is getting less-odorish lol month after month (going to many procedures to clean my body, including surgeries :((,, have metallic implants in fallopian tubes, silicon in my breast, I cleaned my toxic mouth already over the past year,, and + a life of 30 years using toxic beauty products)

    • I tried the clay + vinegar + water armpit detox…. got diarrhea. Very strange, since I hardly ever get diarrhea. I used rice vinegar instead of cider vinegar (it’s what I had in the pantry). Wondering if could that be what gave me diarrhea. Speaking of, does anyone have any advice on treating diarrhea with an organic, non-toxic home remedy?

      • What did you do – drink the stuff?!?!?!

        • Hahahahahahahaaaa!! This is my second time reading this comment in about three months!! It STILL cracks me up!! DEFINITELY NOT laughing at Misty’s misfortune because that’s a horrible situation to be in. Just you’re reaction to it!! LOL

      • Misty, oh so sorry! Diarrhea is so troubling. There are several essential oils ( & blends) that help. DigestZen is my personal favorite! Whether one has any extreme or just needing to calm their upset stomach, DigestZen is our go-to! It’s safe for babies (diluted with a carrier oil) and pregnant mommas, too & is even available in convenient softgels!

        • Linda,

          Thanks so much for the reply. I purchased the softgels, but it didn’t get rid of the diarrhea. They never dissolved! : ( I inserted them in and tried to keep them in there, but since I still had diarrhea, they came right back out in the diarrhea, still whole. Maybe my gluten sensitivity kept them from dissolving, I don’t know? I never have trouble with suppositories when I’m constipated, but the ones I normally use for constipation aren’t organic, so maybe I need a non-organic/non-gluten diarrhea suppository?

          • Blackberry root tincture is one of the best remedies for diarrhea. Works in both adults and children and is very safe.

          • You’ve had diarrhea for a month?

          • I know you posted this awhile ago, but just in case you didn’t find out, DigestZen softgels are NOT suppositories. They are to be taken orally. You can also you the oil version, like Linda said, and rub it on your stomach topically.
            Hope you’ve figured out something that works for you! 🙂

          • Try grapefruit seed extract. Every time I get an upset stomach and diarrhea I take 10 drops of it with a small amount of water and it goes away almost immediately. I’m talking major diarrhea, like food poisoning type which I’m certain will only get worse (sorry tmi) but it goes away! Make sure to swish your water around as you drink as it settles at the bottom.

          • Okay wait, I’m confused. You ate the armpit mask and used the oral pill as a suppository? If so, this is probably your problem… Try taking the pill orally and then use the armpit mask topically on your armpit.

          • Take probiotics.

        • I have used digest zen and similar blends for various tummy troubles. I like them and agree they can be very effective when properly used but good heavens, DZ is NOT safe for infants nor pregnant mamas!! It has several oils that are contraindicated in infants and pregnancy -by the actual experts who’ve searched the volatile components. Before I get pounced on with a hundred anecdotes from people who used it regularly when pregnant or on their baby and had no adverse reaction, I will point out that not every young child who rides without a proper car seat, or plays with a plastic bag, or eats whole grapes and such under the age of 3 dies from accidents or suffocation, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to tell other parents it is safe to do. It also has nothing to do with “pure therapeutic grade oils” either. Look at the latest statistics for the Atlantic Institute EO adverse reaction database. A good portion of the adverse events reported were caused by those “pure therapeutic grade” branded oils. Oils are amazing and powerful but the are potent and should be respected. Please be safe and do your own research from independent sources before giving an oil to a child.

          • LOL.. I’m still laughing at the person who put them in her —..
            Really?? hahahaha

      • Hi, A natural way to stop diarrhea that works incredibly is Hylands Diarrex- it is Homeopathic. All the years I have kept this on hand and used it for our family -after you take it once you don’t have to go again! The other common single homeopathic remedies are podophyllum and arsenicum album a 12c or 30c. The BRAT diet is good to use, banana, rice, applesauce and toast and it is always good to keep coconut water on hand and add some salt to it to prevent dehydration. 🙂

        • I was going to say some of this! I decided to read further to see if anyone mentioned the BRAT foods

      • It’s called “die off reaction”. It is the candida in your body dying off. No worries its a good thing! Just look up candida die off reaction on Google.

        • Exactly. Diarrhea can occur with candida die off. Your body needs to release the waste products.

      • When my father, who was sick, had diarrhea I use to cook green plantain soup for him and he was good pretty quickly. Recipe:

        peel a green plantain (very green, not turning yellow at all)
        slice it in pieces of 1 inch
        boil it in water
        add salt as you wish
        add white onion as you desire
        after the plantain is tender, blend it and serve it

        No fat, no bacon, no cheese, nothing else.

        • I know this post is late but some thing that always works for my family for diarrhea is oatmeal water. Boil about a cup of water add 2-4 tablespoons of oats. Let steep for a few minutes, strain and then drink the warm water. It sounds a bit gross but its really soothing and I am always amazed at how well it works. Good luck!

      • Why is this post even still here? It really has nothing to do with the topic – the diarrhea was probably from something else – unless she DID drink the armpit detox formula.

      • I think you can use the clay internally to help your tummy. You’ll have to google for the dose though. I just know you should drink plenty of water with it.

      • My physical therapist has been doing lymphatic drain to detox me. She said that the following are symptoms of your system detoxing and to drink plenty of water:

        Acne breakouts, diarrhea, gas, itching, rashes

        Don’t write the diarrhea off as something else. Just keep up underarm detox and dry brushing and things should soon be back to normal. It took 2 weeks for the itching to stop and about a month for the acne breakout to stop. I had gas and some intestinal things going on between sessions of detox.

      • Real coconut macaroons. Must be real coconut!

        • My Grandparents swore by these for diarrhea!

      • Sounds like you need probiotocs..I have gluten and dairy sensitivities too. I make homemade coconut milk kefir..start slow, build up.

      • Can you use the rhassoul clay instead?

      • I know this is late, but if you aren’t a diabetic, take one tablespoon of raw, unfiltered honey .
        This is what I do. I’ve read in many books and articles to take up to three tablespoons. However, I find this way too sweet. One is very sweet. It has helped me. Take one with each bowel movement and it usually clears it up between one and four times.

      • applecider applecider vinegar

      • try activated charcoal. Go read about it. Amazing stuff 🙂

      • Blueberries work every time. The artic type is best, but a few spoons jam will do the trick. This is also a good way to not being in need of the loo, like when a long riding trip….Prunes works the opposite way…

      • Turmeric is the best remedy for diarrhea.
        Mix a spoonful in half a glass of warm water, down it. Not too tasty but it stops diarrhea in its tracks.

      • Remember that diarrhea is usually the body getting rid of something hurting it. If you got diarrhea after applying the armpit detox, it may be that you had a lot of toxins that needed to be flushed out.

      • Grate an apple on a plate. When it turns brown eat it. It will taste sweet. Don’t remember where I learned this but it works.

      • according to wikipedia bentonite clay has been medically prescribed as a bulk laxative so i would guess that caused the diarrhea. if you take 1 to 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, diluted in water so it won’t burn your throat, it should stop your diarrhea. i have found this works really well…sometimes too well so maybe start with 1 T ACV unless it’s quite bad.

    • I’m going to try this deodorant. I’ve been looking for a natural one for awhile that actually works. I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine and it’s weird but I get BO from my right armpit only. I can’t believe you smelled the owner’s armpits!! Crazy.

      • Well, I needed to know the product had a high likelihood of working before I plopped down $9 for a stick of deoderant;)

        And i haven’t noticed any stains from it, but I’m still hesitant to try it around my velvet dance costumes… those days I use straight up tea tree oil. or lavender.

        Hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

        • I use straight tea tree oil and it works great. Yes, I still sweat sometimes but no odor at all. The tea tree scent only lasts a few minutes.

          • this made my odor worse I seen your post about tea tree oil do you mix with a carrier oil??

      • I have also been using Tom’s ofMaine,and have had the same right armpit experience.How mystifying!I would like to know the cause of this.

      • I was amazed to read your comment about BO being only in your right arm…mine is only in my left. I don’t sweat hardly at all, and for awhile the smell went away, and now it is back. My dermatologist was mystified. Looking forward to trying something new…

        • I used to stink more under my right arm- and i’m right handed… figured it was because I used it more?

          Also, has anybody tried the Be Free yet?

          • I’ve noticed the very same phenomenon with only the right armpit & I’m right handed…wonder if the left side stink as Linda says, are you left handed?
            From a physiological stand point, it would make sense because more muscles & soft tissue are effected by the increased movement in your dominant side.

      • I get the same thing only its my left with toms…. Hmmmm

    • Is this safe to do while breastfeeding?

      • I would also like to know if this is safe while breastfeeding. I’ll do some searching and post if I find anything out.

    • How often can we do the armpit detox?

      • Hi,
        I did this armpit detox for three days straight, 10-15 minutes each time. I had a red, itchy raised bumpy rash on both of my armpits. I had already been trying to calm it down with Bragg’s AVC. This armpit detox with the clay worked like a charm… only three applications and the bumps are completely gone!!! I made my deodorant from arrowroot powder and virgin coconut oil with a couple drops of tea tree essential oil. Hope this reply helps you! In short, this detox method WORKS!

    • Another great natural deodorant is Original Himalayan Chrystal Salts Deo bar from Natural Health International. Salt is a natural antibacterial, microbial, etc. and it works great to guard against the bacteria that causes odor. Completely natural and easy to use. Just wet the bar and rub against your skin. Voila!!! Much better than the risk of toxins on the skin!

      Thanks for all the great advice you post here! Love your site and bogs.

      • Lisa, sorry to burst your bubble, but Original Himalayan Crystal Salts are not naturally found in nature. Many articles have been written about the Ammonium Alum salts and potassium alum salts used in deodorants, they are anything but natural, and they are actually made in a lab. Ammonium anything is created in a lab setting and is combined with Aluminum same as Alum. From Goggle: Alum (Ammonium Aluminum Sulfate) is a crystalline powder. It is a general purpose food additive that functions as a firming agent. Meaning it’s made in a lab.

        • Patra,

          Please take the time to look up Himalayan crystal salt. This salt comes from the Himalayan Mountains and has been used for thousands of years by the people of that region and beyond. I have been using this unrefined himalayan salt internally for about a month and have had great improvement with my health. Your claim of Himalayan Crystal Salts being not found in nature is baseless and unfounded. Please stop spreading false information.

    • My husband and I detoxed our armpits about a year ago now, using this bentonite clay recipe on this site and we are so thankful we did. Natural deodorants don’t work unless you detox first! I have quite a few details to include here for people who may try this, just based on our experience:
      1. This process doesn’t happen overnight
      2. It took me about a month to complete the detox because I had used antiperspirant for 20 some years, but only took my husband about a week since he only used deodorant without antiperspirant
      3. The sweat during detox smells horrific
      4. I got deodorant pimples when detoxing; when squeezing them, white nasty, chalky doeodorant came out
      5. The bentonite clay detox worked quicker, but I had to use wash cloths dipped in Epsom salt water under my pits, also, along with magnesium spray that burned like crazy, but that went away after a couple of weeks
      6. My pits looked like raw meat for a month
      7. GOOD NEWS: once done with detox, my sweat barely ever smells and I hardly ever sweat from my pits like I did with the bad antiperspirant. The natural deodorants are all I need, and maybe once a month or so I will need to spray magnesium spray on my pits due to a bit of extra odor (indicating low magnesium level in my body) but it goes away in a few days. I just spray my pits at night before bed for a couple of nights in a row.
      8. IT IS SO WORTH IT TO DO THIS. DO IT. We are trying to convince our entire family to do this.

      • Thank you so so much for posting this comment!! I started trying natural deodorant about two weeks ago and about a week ago I had all these crazy symptoms you’re talking about! I didn’t know what was wrong!! I’m litterally trying this right now! Hopefully it works for me like it did you!

      • Can you use any clay? Or strictly bentonite clay

    • I’m so glad you found something that works. I have never been so fortunate and was using the “clinical strength” deodorant until I was 56. Yikes. Then I read a thing on Facebook that said a lime cut in half works wonderfully, tried it, and found that it did work! Sometimes it stung, so I switched to lemons and THEY work well too!!
      I am def. going to do the detox, I think it’ll help with stinging and itching. Thank you so much for that idea. 🙂

    • I cant get to the link for the natural deodorant you recommend. I had recently made the switch to Piperwei but I hadn’t detoxed first. I wore it for a month. The first week, i sweated like crazy. Then it balanced out. I was loving the natural, non filmy feeling in my underarms. Then one day I woke up with a horrible rash. It lasted at least 2 months. At first I refused to stop wearing my natural deo because I didnt’ want to go back to conventional deo. But after having pits that were raw, I had no choice. I tried TOMs, but it just made me smell. I started this detox this week, after not wearing deo for a few days (I was just wiping my pits down with ACV and that seemed to work for a few hours). Now Im experiencing the itching again. Any suggestions?

      • Junie:

        I have 2 suggestions after a very similar experience. I have tried LOTS of natural deodorant products, some to work temporarily, others not at all, only to end up with itchy rashes. My first suggestion is diet change: I had to go through 18 months of healing my gut with no gluten products, alcohol, sugar, cow dairy, or night shades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, egg plant, and tobacco). I still can’t do cow dairy or gluten, but I have successfully re-introduced potatoes, tomatoes and peppers and very occasional alcohol. The dietary changes are not immediate or automatic, but they have made a huge difference.
        Second, for deodorant, I have been using a natural deodorant called “Only Goodness Inside.” I don’t know whether my body had finally healed enough that other products would have worked by the time I found this, but it has worked great for me. I have been using it for over a year now with excellent odor control and no rashes. The deodorant is a lotion, rather than a bar or stick. You put a little on your fingertips and rub it in. They have several strengths and offer a free sample pack so you can try to pick what is right for you (you just pay shipping). I ended up with the regular strength for most of the time and the soothing deodorant for the day I shave or the day after I have eaten something I shouldn’t. Hope this helps.

  2. I think I need to try this. Do you think it is safe while nursing?

    • I’d check with a doctor, but I would think it would be good to detox the armpit tissue (which connects to breast tissue) while nursing so baby doesn’t get those toxins.

      • It would be great if someone could confirm that they checked with a doctor and it’s okay to use while breastfeeding.

    • magnesium realy dehydrates me. i cannot use it as i am nursing and my daughter complains that my milk is dry.

  3. So crazy that you just posted this. (As a matter of fact, your last couple posts are like you’re reading my mind! I was wondering about conventional pads & tampons just the day before you posted that.)
    I have been working so hard on getting our food & home clean for my family. We’ve swapped out cleaning supplies & candles. We’ve changed up most of our personal hygiene products, but deodorant is where I have been drawing the line. It seems like no matter what I try, I’m always sweating. I don’t like feeling damp (ok, WET) all day. And while my kids aren’t sweaters, they are stinkers! Part of that could be the beginnings of puberty, but I don’t know.
    I am ready to try anything to kick my aluminum deodorant habit, so I’m going to give it a go.
    One question: would you also recommend this armpit detox for children? Sadly, mine are already using conventional deodorant.

    • I used to have terrible armpit smell, and I actually stopped it by changing up my diet ( sugar and processed foods out!) and drinking LOTS of water! Candida is the usual culprit as well as being dehydrated. Most people don’t even know they are dehydrated! I now use the baking soda deodorant and work outside all day in Florida in the summer and no smell! It is very possible to do this for yourself! I had the baking soda rash, but found a few days of using tea tree oil first works very well! Now I am going to do the detox, I have swollen glands and itchiness – good luck!!

      • I use baking soda too as a deodorant but I got lazy with making it. I modified it now by making a baking soda paste while in the shower and applying it to my under arms as if I’m doing a facial. When I first started I had to apply it at least twice for best results. No matter how many times you do it I’ve found that it works best if I rinse it in the shower water while gently rubbing my under arms.

        (This also works while doing facials and ensures you rinse every bit off to reduce any irritation after a facial…I rarely need moisturizer when rinsing this way).

        When using as a deodorant though, the last time I don’t rub and just let the water rinse it. This will leaves a very thin residue to handle deodorizing throughout the day. When I was making the deodorant I occasionally had irritation after a few days of daily use, but this method hasn’t given me any problems.

  4. Wow! That is interesting! Thanks for the tip!

    Lymphatic Massage is a great way to detox your body but this cost less!

    • Can you explain how you do this ?

  5. is this detox safe to do while pregnant?

    • I’d check with a doctor, but I would think it would be good to detox the armpit tissue (which connects to breast tissue) before nursing and it is a local area detox.

  6. I use white vinegar in a spray bottle with 1/2 filtered water…..even after shaving…….it does not sting. In fact I spray my whole body with it after a shower, rub it in and then use apricot oil. The PH thing….it helps with itching since I have Rocacea. I use white vinegar on a cotton pad and clean my face. I had such blotchy awful looking skin since Rosacea but now with vinegar and coconut oil to my face…….what a difference. I drink raw apple cider vinegar daily now too to clean my body inside. I clean my carpets with white vinegar, it whitens my sinks & tubs, next gonna try washing clothes in it. Btw….I LOVE this site….I am so into wholesome cleaning without toxic stuff now.

    • I also have Rosacia, and none of the Drs prescriptions helped. Have been trying more natural cleansers and foods lately and my nose & cheeks seem a tiny bit better, but will have to try the vinegar & apricot oil… have been using honey.

      On an armpit topic, my dad is 78, and has never used deodorant. He worked out doors all of his life, and wasn’t/isn’t really a heavy sweating kind of person, and he’s never smelled bad. I never noticed as a kid, but my mom told me he has never used deodorant a few years ago. Since she told me, I always wondered if commercial deodorants kill off any healthy microbe balance we are supposed to have.

      • That’s a interesting thought about your dad. I was just wondering something similar. I am 30, I went tree planting 7 years ago (I pretty much spent 3 months in a rocky swamp), anyways I didn’t even bother taking deodorant (why smell good for bugs?!). I guess that time out there must have detoxed me, y the time I came home I was sweating less and it wasn’t stinky. I don’t need anything most days, I do have a natural bar for when I need one though.

        • It depends a lot on what you eat as well, lamb can make your sweat have a very strong smell, most meat influences your sweat.
          Go to any country where lamb or mutton is consumed regularly, you will understand!
          I smell…when I get anxious or angry, otherwise I rarely have a sweat problem and although I keep a deodorant around rarely use it, I am going to shop around for a natural one or start using tea tree oil more, which I use for so many things.

          • Oh, this makes sense! We have a son who grew up in Saudi Arabia, and he loves lamb. We all do now. I always wondered about his strong body odor–not foul, but definitely strong, and he goes through good cologne quickly and showers frequently–scents are important culturally there, so he’s always burning candles and is a neat freak, too. But there’s always this strong, slightly spicy odor with his stuff. I’ve noticed it with his friends, too. And with us, once we started eating more lamb! I had no idea that’s what it was!

            Not stopping eating the yummy pastured lamb, though. Nope. Will do this detox.

        • This is interesting. My husband has never had armpit odor or really any body odor. He has to be working outside on a very hot day and get upset before he has any at all. He wears deodorant, but I’m not sure why! My teenaged daughter also has no armpit odor, even when she works out (and she’s a football cheerleader, so she’s been outside on some really hot days cheering).

          On the other hand, my dad has always had a lot of body odor. Mine is normal, I think–no one has ever said it’s either strong or non-existent, including my husband. My son gets normal body odor after working out (plays football and soccer), but it’s not knock-you-down bad. And my youngest, who is a young teen, has a normal amount. When she was starting to develop, she went through a period where her armpit odor could knock back a charging bull. But it settled down (and she started showering daily), and it’s just normal now.

          I really think it’s genetic. And I’m happy my dad didn’t pass along his gene for strong odors!

      • My father too… Never used deodorant and I’ve never noticed him smelling. Alzheimer’s runs on my fathers side the family and lucky, he’s now 70 with no signs of it. I believe not wearing aluminum deodorant has kept him from getting or at least delaying this horrible disease.

    • Any particular brand of white vinegar?

  7. I have been making a detox deodorant for a while now. It’s made with detoxing and anti-cancer ingredients, including kaolin clay, as well as sea kelp, coriander, chlorophyl, and a detoxing blend of essential oils. I have heard amazing stories from people I’ve given it to, including one man who has had swollen lymph nodes in his armpits for years, and the swelling is now decreasing since he’s been using the deodorant. People are amazed at the odor control as well, even those who do long, hard workouts. I created it because I felt like I’d tried every natural deodorant on the market and none of them worked very well. I also make a detoxing hair mask with Dead Sea Mud, a Detox Charcoal Soap, and a Magnesium Mineral Lotion made with not only magnesium oil, but Himalayan salt.

    • Would love more info. Do you have a website?

      • I would love more information too please 🙂

    • Would love a link to check it out 🙂

    • I am so glad you mentioned coconut oil making you itchy. I had the same problem. I’m searching for answers but every homemade deodorant recipe I’ve come across uses coconut oil. I love coconut oil and use it everywhere on my body, never had a problem. I started out loving it on my armpits but after a week the itchiness got too bad. I’m so sad and have been researching because I’m trying to decide if it’s an allergy or a detox reaction. Also I’m pregnant and wondered if this detox method is safe… Any ideas or input from anyone is welcomed!! ?

      • Rub lemon under your arm for 3-7 days in the shower change your natural deodorant every 6 mo.

  8. Is this safe for kids? My 8 year old daughter has struggled with cronic constipation her whole life and nobody seems to care. With that seems to come awful body odor (she’s been wearing deodorant since she was 6) and I tried natural but it didn’t work and I had to start using conventional. I hate putting all those chemicals in her as I’m sure the odor is due to toxin build up from the constipation as well as subluxations, but I also don’t want her to be made fun of for smelling. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

    • It would definitely be worth a try. Poor thing… have you tried a gut-healing protocol to help with her constipation?

    • Wellness Mama, Thank you so much for posting this recipe and opening a thought provoking discussion!

      Kimberley, my 10 y/o daughter also suffers from chronic constipation, and started wearing natural deodorant at 8. She has mild autism too so sweating/body odor just makes her world worse, but want to avoid antiperspirant on her. I can’t believe the link between constipation/body odor hadn’t occurred to me! Will be trying this armpit detox on her (and myself!) as I have always found clays to be very beneficial and gentle.

      For constipation we just started using an oxygenated magnesium that gently liquifies the impacted stool and also helps rebuild good flora (called Mag07). We struggle with her food preferences, but she has voluntarily gone gluten free this last month and we are working on removing grains from our diet as a family. She also now tolerates more fruit and veg than she did when she was younger, and we have seen a difference in her bloated belly. Gut healing protocols are also beneficial (glutamine, fermented foods ) and can be more effective over time as the intestines are cleared of old matter. She also smells more after eating onions & garlic, so we minimize those foods in the heat of summer!

      I will try applying the clay on her once a week and will post our results 😉

      • hi brenda,
        thank you for your thoughtful post. when i read things were worse for your daughter when she ate onions and garlic and immediately thought of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and sensitivity to FODMAPS. onions and garlic are high in FODMAPS (you can google what they are, its a bit of an explanation) and often need to be removed while treating SIBO which can cause constipation. i highly recommend a bit of research in that area if you haven’t already. it could be very helpful for your daughter and doing some healing around the possible SIBO could really improve her life. good luck!

        • Hi Ruby

          Funny you should mention FODMAPS, as it is a common word in our house now! I have discovered I am Fructose intolerant. I do suspect the same thing for my daughter. She cannot tolerate beans or wheat anymore, and gets horrible cramping and bloating from both . We have tested negative for coeliac. We are able to tell much easier now which foods are causing the bloating since she has been clearing out her impacted intestinal tract. We are taking it one step at a time, but making progress.

          There are so many ‘layers’ to healing, and our body’s signals (like body odour, constipation, moods) are powerful indicators for balance/imbalance, even in kids!

          • My daughter ate nonstop, was always hungry, and SO gassy. We went to an allergist who did muscle testing and found that she was fructose intolerant. She did allergy treatments through acupressure while holding the allergen then avoiding it completely for 25 hours. Within 2 days I heard the words, “I’m full.” Which I had only heard 2x before in her life-both of which were when she was sick. Now she isn’t eatting nonstop and isn’t gassy. Best of all no more belly aches. It’s been a huge blessing in her life!

          • As soon as you’re able, re-introduce the garlic and onions. I avoided these like the plague when I had SIBO but now believe that was a mistake. This is a powerful detox food. It is not only nutrient-rich, but contains high amounts of naturally occurring sulphur, which is a precursor to glutathione, the ultimate detoxing antioxidant that most of us with chronic digestive and detoxing struggles don’t produce well.

            When I first added garlic into my diet (raw) my stools were pretty nasty for several days. I kept with it though, and shortly after began to see huge improvements. I now eat at least 4 raw cloves a day on salads (note–if you add apple cider vinegar and fermented foods to salad as well, no garlic breath! And honey makes it all taste better!). I am now able to eat fruit of any kind with a totally calm belly 🙂

          • Hi Brenda! I know this is an old post, but you might find this protocol helpful – They have a free pdf download of their protocol. Good luck!

    • Oh no 🙁 Poor baby. Please don’t use convential deoderant. What your daughter needs is a gut cleanse, try to incorporate probiotic rich foods, and change her diet. Look up the symptoms and apply it I am sure a diet change will help tremendously I am just not sure what diet. Google it. Since switching to natural deoderant my skin has cleared up tremendously so it clogs you up and the toxins really does affect you. It was imperative to my health that I switch I have severe immune issues and a few other health issues. Parabens mimic estrogen and the aluminum and all that has been linked to cancer. At such a young age it would be bad.

      • You might try having her take a bath at night, rather than a shower. Put a cup of magnesium flakes and a 1/4 cup of bentonite clay in the bath. Have her soak in the tub for 1/2 an hour. With a couple of weeks of use, this might naturally assist with both problems. Also – have you tried taking her off gluten and dairy? Many people with constipation are gluten and/or dairy intolerant and eliminating these two triggers can eliminate the constipation. You might also try having her take a tablespoon of coconut oil when she is constipated.

    • Have you tried Magnesium capsules for her constipation?

    • She is most likely mineral deficient, especially magnesium. Almost everyone is – just not as bad as her. I use Max-Well Ionic Sea Minerals and it says “gut constipation remedy” on the bottle. The directions say not to take more than directed or they can cause diarrhea.

  9. Is it safe to do this arm pit detox while nursing? I am still nursing my 17.5 month old.

    • I’d check with a doctor, but I would think it would be good to detox the armpit tissue (which connects to breast tissue) while nursing so baby doesn’t get those toxins.

  10. So, here’s something weird (sorry if it’s TMI!): When I switched to natural deodorants 15 months ago (I used Primal Pit Paste, then Schmidts), my body adjusted really well. After a year, I suddenly got rashes under both arms. They wouldn’t go away! I made my own deodorant with arrowroot, a little baking soda, coconut oil, and lavender EO, and it still gave me a rash. I would stop using my concoction and the brands I bought for a few days, try my natural deodorant once, and immediately break out. The rash only went away when I stopped using deodorant completely for about a month. Now I’m back to using a gentle commercial brand because I’m afraid to have that rash again. Do you have any idea what might cause the rash even in my natural deodorants? I can’t for the life of me figure out why I was fine for a year, and then suddenly got that rash.

      • Baking soda also caused my underarms to be red and sore, which is sad since when I first started using it (mixed with arrowroot and dusted on with a big puff) it worked much better than regular natural or otherwise deodorants. I am also one like in one of the posts up above that has one armpit (left but I am right-handed) much smellier than the other and I used to use Tom’s of Maine. I could go for days with nothing on my right armpit and it would be fine.

    • This is a pretty common problem, from what I’ve heard. Using baking soda creates an alkaline environment in your armpits, which is what prevents the bacteria that cause body odor from growing. Very alkaline environments aren’t familiar to the body, and keeping an alkaline environment for such a long period of time is what causes the rashes that many people experience. I’ve never experienced this myself, but I’ve heard that using an ACV toner on your armpits before applying the baking soda deodorant can fix that problem.

      • Hi
        What is ACV toner?

        • Apple Cider Vinegar.

        • ACV cider vinegar 🙂

  11. I squeeze lime or lemon under my arms everyday for years it works really well . Does Anybody have any idea If it’s ok to do it everyday?
    I am sure I will try to detox my armpit any day. Thank you wellness mama

  12. I made a batch of your natural deodorant recipe and it works better than any natural store bought brand I have tried. I have had a terrible armpit oder for about 2 years and I refused to use antiperspirant. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your recipe and your wisdom. I can’t wait to do the armpit detox.

  13. This post interested me. I have an armpit problem that I’d love to see resolved. I don’t believe it is from antiperspirant, but it could be? When I shave my arm pits, 12 hours later they itch like crazy! And for the next 2 days. It will even wake me up at night. I have tried using a natural deodorant but that made no difference. What could this be? What I do now is shave very infrequently. Anyone else have this issue? I will try the detox and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the post. Love the blog!

    • Stop shaving 🙂 that’s what I did and it’s a great feeling.

    • The only time I had a problem with sever itching was when I had a fungal infection in my armpits. I think it was from some sort of contamination on a store-bought stick of conventional deodorant. Have you tried any lavender oil after shaving?

      • I will try the lavender oil. A fungal infection in my arm pits? Hmmmm, but why would it only itch right after shaving? Thanks for your info!

        • You may actually be allergic to the nickel in the razors. I have the same issue, and you cannot find nickel-free razors, unfortunately. However, I have switched to the dollar shave club razors (the middle one at $6/ month), and I have noticed a huge difference in the way my armpits feel after shaving.

        • It could definitely be a fungal infection. Google Candida symptoms and see if any of those apply to you? But it could also be just a fungal infection, I have it so I have to use natural deodorant. If I were you I’d switch to a natural deodorant, with antifungal oil in it. I am currently using Royal and Rogue from primalpitpaste and it is amazing. I tried other scents like Lavender and cinnamon and a few others and it didn’t work for me. The smell and itch only stops when I use a deo with antifungal oils… like lemongrass and thyme, the one im using now (Royal and Rogue from PPP) has a bunch of different oils and it works so well. You should fully detox if your still using regular deo’s.. might take a month or so and do this detox use the bentonite clay.

          After we shave we are cutting our selves essentially and allowing whatever deo we are using to travel into our blood more and it causes a bunch of problems…

      • Why don’t you wax instead of shaving? Hurts like hell the first time then after if you do it every 3 weeks you’ll be just fine and have thinner underarm hair. I find i have less odor when armpits hair is removed.

    • Yes I used to have the same problem! It got so bad I itched them until they even bled a little and then I went to a health food store and asked the lady in there if she knew what it was from and she said most likely just deodorant so I started using just a salt stick that she recommended and it’s completely gone now! It took about a month for it to go completely away once I switched deodorants but it worked.

    • I use an Remington electric razor. Works better than a blade razor, can’t cut you, also gets a cleaner shave believe it or not! With no skin reactions, ingrown hairs, or anything.

    • I have a similar issue, only it’s not my armpits that will itch like crazy, it’s my legs! About 12 hours after shaving, like you mentioned, and then for the next 2-3 days. It’s always worse at night. It’s SO hard not to dig them, the itch is very intense! It couldn’t be the deodorant issue for me, because I don’t put deodorant on my legs. 😉 I have tried all of the razors I can think of, on the market, tried all of the creams, lotions, etc… nothing seems to bring relief! Did you ever figure out a cause and cure for your intense itching? I’d love to know! 🙂

      • Hi Jessica, I recall having the same issue many years ago. I attributed to allergies. My legs could not handle detergents with scent that was one. Then I would take an antihistamine to see if that would calm the itch which it did. Like you I would bleed from scratching because the itch was bad. I also switched to waxing rather than shaving, thinking that I was maybe allergic to the razors, and that also seemed to help get rid of the itch but not until I found that my sheets needed to be scent free. I hope this helps you a little. You need to find the culprit so you can find relief.

        • Thanks so much for your response, Patra!! 🙂 I will definitely try to work on figuring out what it is that’s plaguing my skin! Thanks so very much for your suggestions and kind help!! <3

  14. Awesome topic Katie! You are so innovative and that keeps me always coming back to read your blog.
    I was thinking about using the Benny Clay face mask on my armpits, but was too scared about the possible mess. I am still new to the whole natural beauty idea and have been experimenting with some bad results. Do you have to keep your arms up to let it dry? That was another thing that was keeping me from trying it, but now I am going to!

    • I just did the Armpit Detox and kept my arms up for a few minutes then just put them down. I didn’t get any reactions and left on for 15 minutes. I have been using Katie’s deodorant for about 8 months.

  15. THANK YOU!!!!! I recently switched from conventional deodorant to Crystal roll-on and was wondering why I now had acne looking bumps. Guess it’s a good thing I decided to make the switch in sweater weather than tank top weather, lol! Will start my pit-tox tonight!!

  16. Hi!!
    Awesome article as always 🙂
    I’ve tries many natural deos and the one that works best for me has bentonite instead of baking soda and arrowroot. Alzó, when madre with rose water it smells amazing 🙂
    Thanks for this great Blog!
    Al the best from Spain

    • Hi Miriam, could you please tell me how much of each ingredient you use? I’d love to make this ????

  17. I ran out of regular deodorant about a month ago and decided to make your recipe. I used the cornstarch, coconut oil and baking soda recipe. I didn’t use essential oils because I don’t have any. I must say it really works for me. The first few days I felt really sweaty. After that I feel normal. I keep asking my husband if I am smelly. Lol! He says I’m not and promises to tell me if he notices any odor. Would you think I would be “detoxed” since I’ve been off of the commercial deodorant for a while? I am not sure. Thanks!

  18. Thank you for this tip. I tried natural deodorant several times (used your 2 recipes with and without baking soda) and always end up with red, itchy lumps. After your article about the magnesium spray, I even tried that, but again the lumps returned. I tried adding aloe Vera and witch hazel to the spray, but again lumps. (The spray works awesome for my daughter though!)

    I reluctantly returned to commercial deodorant, will definitely try detoxing. Fingers crossed!

    • When I first switched from commercial deodorant (Secret) to a natural deodorant (Crystal – the rock you just wet and apply), I started getting horribly itchy underarms (no problem with odor though). I tried every natural deodorant I could buy, and couldn’t find a product that both kept me from stinking and wasn’t itchy until I ordered one from the same company where I get my essential oils, Young Living. I have tried both of the deodorants they produce, and they both work really well. After a couple of weeks, no more itching.

  19. Not weird at all! I do this now about once a week until I don’t need it anymore (started about 2 months ago). Only tried it with clay and water, so thanks for the tip on vinegar!
    By the way, I do this in the mornings and apply magnesium oil to my armpits in the evening on the same day. I find that the lymphs absorb magnesium oil better than the tough skin of my feet, especially after detox. Only downside is that it tingles the first few times because of the magnesium.
    Thanks Katie!

    • speaking of feet, I wonder how to make a foot deoderant… the regular deoderants are kind of gloppy for my feet and I find I need super moisture on my feet- but not dry oily… if you know what I mean. (sorry I’m tired) I’ve tried just some carrier oil and lavender or tea tree EO but that doesn’t feel right it’s annoying!

      • Try the magnesium body butter on this website. It’s amazing!

  20. can I do this while breastfeeding??

    • I’d check with a doctor, but I would think it would be good to detox the armpit tissue (which connects to breast tissue) while nursing so baby doesn’t get those toxins.

  21. How do you get fuller lips naturally ?

  22. Try putting the bentonite clay IN the deodorant!

    I battled for a while with finding an effective homemade deodorant that actually works that does not cause me rashes and redness. I finally found a recipe using bentonite clay, coconut oil, and baking soda that works on my sensitive skin. I’m convinced it’s the bentonite clay that helps because I’ve tried so many variations without it. I also substitute shea butter for some of the coconut oil to help prevent the overdrying effect of the baking soda. I have been using it now for a few months and love it. I put the mix in silicone cupcake molds and use as you recommend for lotion bars.

    • Every time I have tried adding the clay to my deodorant is ends up runny or separating, not wanting to ‘set’. How do you add the clay and not get a goppy mess? Thanks!

    • Kelly would you mind sharing the recipe or link? I’ve used a naturally deo with bentonite and loved it but would really like to find a diy recipe. Thanks!

      • I can’t access the link at work (it’s blocked) but here is the recipe:
        5T coconut oil
        1T baking soda
        6T arrowroot powder
        2T bentonite clay
        essential oils to your preference

        It is runny in the warmer months but, just like lotion, only use a small amount and rub it in. I keep it in a small jar during those months and apply with my fingers. If you mix it well, it does not separate. It’s greenish but applies clear. Hope it works for you!

        • I’m just now seeing this….so the clay in the deodorant along with baking soda works??? Even if you are sensitive to the bentonite clay?

  23. So when should I do the detox? While starting to use natural deo or before? Do I wait to use natural deo for a while while I’m detoxing?

  24. I’m breastfeeding. Is lymph detox or the armpit detox safe to do?

  25. Oh dear god I need this!

    I recently stopped using deoderant completely (going completely natural- water washing, no products at all, etc), so it’s been a bad adjustment… Thank you!

  26. Lime juice works if me when nothing else did !

  27. Would this detox be ok while breastfeeding?

    • I’d check with a doc, but i’d think it would be good to get the chemicals out of the underarm tissue (which connects to the breast) while nursing.

  28. Not weird at all!! I’ve had an infection in my armpit/lymph nodes for a few months now and antibiotics didn’t get rid of it and I do t really want to do another round. Will try this. Wanted to try dry brushing again, but wonder if that would be too stressful on my heart if there’s already an infection. Any advice/suggestions? Thanks so much!!

    • Forgot to mention that this is after using homemade deode of coconut oil, arrowroot, and baking soda, and that was after going off typical antiperspirants bc of cystic breasts. Natural stuff still hasn’t controlled the stink, though.

  29. Where can I buy bentonite clay other than online?

      • I purchased it at a Fairway Supermarket.

  30. Is this safe to do while breastfeeding (asking since its a detox)? I don’t use deodorant and have well a stink problem and I would love to not have this problem anymore:)

    • I would check with a doc to be sure but it should be a local detox that would not affect the baby.

      • I am allergic to the clay. Is there something else I can use instead of the clay? I wasn’t sure if activated charcoal would work?

  31. Holy cow, Wellness Mama. What a happy coincidence, your posting about this topic today. I’ve been slowly eliminating the use of chemicals and toxic substances for the past few months, and getting rid of my current deodorant was something that had occurred to me the other day. I’m definitely going to try this detox. It will add to the list of ways you have helped make my life a little bit happier and healthier. Because of your blog, I’ve taken on the oil cleansing method and oil pulling as part of my personal hygiene routine. Both have worked wonders on my skin and oral health. I’m not much of a comment-er on websites, but I’ve been moved enough to want to extend my gratitude to you for your amazing work on this blog. Consider this a virtual hug. Three cheers for Wellness Mama!

  32. I switched using your deodorant recipe- THANK YOU! For the first week or two I had a rash but only under one arm. It eventually went away. Since I made the switch- I have noticed that I sweat less than before and I have NO body odor. Thanks for all that you do!

  33. As a woman already commented above, you really are reading our minds! I have been battling the natural deodorant issue for a long time and am experiencing serious detoxification of the armpits and its only been the last few nights i’ve been telling the family that i’m going to try a clay mask on my pits to see if it helps as I’m running out of ideas! This post couldn’t have been better timing. Will let you know how it goes.
    As for my battle with natural deodorant in the past, heres my experiences.
    It all started with huge lumps appearing in my armpits- like really nasty pimples. I would get these large bumps along with smaller pimples and if I did not wear anti perspirant at any time I would get really offensive body odour.
    So one day I squeezed this really huge bigger than a pea sized pimply lump and guess what came out? Not puss like I was expecting, but pure deodorant. (I was using those wind up solid anti perspiant bars). It was white and buttery and smelled exactly like the deodorant itself. I could not believe it was this building up in the pores of my armpits. I stopped using it. I did my research. And ditched any anti perspirants which contained aluminium. I tried store bought “natural” ones that left me with more offensive body odor than if I hadnt used any and still contain a chemical concoction. I tried the crystal deodorant which turns out to be a form of aluminium and is supposed to be bad news too! I just did not know what else to do!
    (Many months into my natural deodorant journey I went to a music festival and did not want to sweat or stink so I used that evil aluminium wind up stick and low and behold- tiny lumps appeared- so many that the lumps resembled course sandpaper! It was that moment I vowed NEVER AGAIN!).
    Ive recently been using the magnesium oil but am deficient so I get the BURN but not only that, the magnesium is detoxifying and bringing out the toxins to the surface aswell. The naturopath has got me on a permanent lifestyle change as I have cut out all chemicals, am eating wonderfully and am making all my own cosmetics and household stuff (thanks Wellness Mama, you are AMAZING!), but I am detoxing and its all coming out in my armpits, so much so I have pizza face of the pits! Embarassing really! Anyways, to put a long story short, this post has come at the perfect time and is so relevent. I am so greatful! Thankyou!

  34. Katie, I’m wondering if you ever heard of someone with an occasional metal odor in their left armpit. Any thoughts on that?

    • How strange! I have not heard of that… anyone else?

    • I have that on my left arm pit. Smells like metal and smells like old lunch meat, as well as burning tires. I have Lyme disease, so that is my explanation. My dr. tells me it’s the toxins and dead bacteria getting out. It’s suppose to go away after my treatment finishes and I start feeling better. Other people with Lyme say theirs smells like ammonia.

  35. This was a great post and very timely, as I’ve been using a natural deodorant and have experienced some irritation. I’ve also had some odor issues too. Thanks so much!!

  36. Just looking for bentonite clay and came across this: “Bentonite is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate……” So I’m assuming the aluminium component is killing bacteria in the armpit, hopefully it isn’t being absorbed?

    • Wait a minute. “Absorbent ALUMINIUM phyllo silicate”? Isn’t the whole point to AVOID aluminum?

  37. Adding activated charcoal to the mix about 3 parts clay and 1 part charcoal makes the mix a little bit stronger especially with acv versus water.

  38. Interesting! I have been using natural homemade deodorant for about 1 1/2-2 years now. Before I started making my own, I was having issues with pain and swelling in my armpits. I stopped having the pain after I ditched the chemical/aluminum laden deodorant, but I still occasionally have a little bit of soreness there. I wonder if it’s because there are still bad chemicals lurking there? Now to find 5-20 minutes where I can walk around topless before my shower so I can try this… 😉

  39. I used to used lady Mitchum deodorant. I used to have very STRONG arm pit odor. I was tired of using OTC deodorant because it wasn’t helping.
    One day, I found this reciepe: coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda, essential oil. I used for about 6-9 months. For the first couple of months, I still had odor, but soon it disappeared. About a month ago, quit using it after I ran out and was to lazy to make more. Then I read in the tropical traditions coconut oil book, that someone used only coconut oil for a deodorant….I’ve bee using the coconut oil for about a week and, I am very happy! My armpits are very soft, the skin has lightened, and above all…..still no odor!!!!!

    • Oh, I love Tropical Traditions. I use several of their products and was thinking about trying their coconut oil deodorant. Glad to hear that it works. I just may get it now and switch every so often between it and the homemade one from Wellness Mama.

      I’m also going to try this pit detox.

      • I have tried the Tropical Traditions deodorant made with coconut oil and it didn’t work for me.

  40. Hello all. This is for some of you that didn’t realize what was happening while using natural deodorant. The coconut oil and baking soda natural deodorant is detoxing. I used regular deodorant all my life and notice I had an inch under my skin that wouldn’t go away. Two years ago I started using the natural homemade deodorant and well…my arms pits turned dark because it was pulling the toxins out. I kept using the natural deodorant and the darkness is now gone and no more inch. I also got a rash at first and just adjusted the amount of baking soda. No more issues after that. I still use the natural with no problems and it last. Home that helps some of you.

    • Hope that helps. 🙂

    • Marie, this is good to know. This just happened to me (rash and darkening underarms) and I was going to cut out the baking soda all together. I’ll try adjusting the baking soda and see if that works.


    • Thank you for posting Marie. My armpits have turned dark and I was wondering why! I’m glad to know this will eventually go away.

  41. Can i use this if my puts are currently red/burning/itchy from natural deodorant or should I wait until they no longer are?

  42. Would this be safe to try while pregnant?

  43. Thank you very much for this article! I’ve been going around without natural deodorant for about half a year now and have to admit that it was quite a struggle in the beginning. I sometimes still have the feeling that I stink, so I will definitely try this detox.

    One thing I would like to share for days when is the use of plain lemon juice as deodorant. That works best for me, smells good and is always available in our home 🙂

  44. Thanks for posting this. I am definitely going to try it just for the fun of it 🙂 I use the Crystal roll on and wanted to let you know that if you are having trouble with smell a really great way to kick the smell is from the inside. Chlorophyll is a “natural deodorant” it naturally increases blood flow and oxygenates the blood. Here is a great article from natural news

    Thanks for your site. You are fabulous!

  45. I was curious if you had any idea what could cause a person to have one very good armpit (as in, I could put my soda deo on once a week and be fine) and one that is out of control sweaty and stinky no matter what I do. Could it have to do with lymphatic drainage? I tried the magnesium spray suggestion and it was the closest thing to success I’ve ever tried but, within a few days my armpits were so red and inflamed they burned and broke out terribly. Thank you, for all you do to help educate us about wellness. You are a precious resource.

    • That is certainly a good theory, although I don’t have personal experience with it. Anyone else?

    • As a massage therapist who also does lymphatic therapy, I was told that most breast cancers are on the non-dominant side and the theory was that you use your dominant arm more and in effect massage, or “pump” your axillary lymph nodes more than the non-dominant side and so I wonder if this is the case with those who have trouble with one armpit more than the other. I would be interested to know if those who have posted about this, have the trouble on the non-dominant side? I found in the past that when I was eating mostly raw vegan, I stopped having to use deodorant and have no smell. Even now, that I eat meat again, I still don’t use deodorant and do not smell. but I think I will use this clay detox and see what happens! Thanks, Katie

      • The itching I have experienced is, interestingly, on the non-dominant side.

      • When I used to wear conventional antiperspirant, I would always stink and sweat worse from my dominant side… I always thought that was because I moved that arm more.

      • I recently switched deo’s for a day, and it was my dominant side. I emmediatly thought about lymphatic drainage and actually gave myself a full body massage, (as best as I could) I woke up feeling wonderful. I have been feeling really sick, fatigued lately. I have immunes and I was surprised by how much better I felt just rubbing out a few places like my legs, and my arms. Everytime I get a smell though its on my dominant side. I also have breast implants. I now worry about this, if its making me sick and want them out. I’m sure a big piece of rubber can stop of lymphatic drainage more then any anti perspirserant 🙁 Sucks I have to live with my vain mistakes …

        Also I just bought european clay powder I wonder if it can be used in this recipe?

  46. Katie, I have kaolin clay on hand, but not bentonite clay. Is this a good alternative?

    Thanks, by the way, for sharing your successes with the rest of us. It has literally changed my life, and the life of my newborn baby!


  47. Hi Katie, can you tell me why you shouldn’t use a metal spoon with clay? Thanks!

  48. Thank for the great suggestions! I’m always looking for ways to make DIY deodorant easier. I so far have only had luck with baking soda keeping the stink away so this will be an interesting experiment 🙂

  49. Hi Katie!!
    1st Question: I have been using your deodorant recipe for a couple of weeks with great results, but now the moment it touches my armpits I am fiery itchy until I wash it off. I started with half the amount of Baking Soda right off the bat because I have sensitive skin, and it worked amazing until a week ago. I’m afraid to use it because of the severe irritation and using plain coconut oil while moisturizing my whole body, I get mild odor the minute I do anything action packed. What would you suggest I do from this point in my next batch?

    2nd Question: I have this clay sample for detoxing my scalp but I just can’t get myself to use it on my scalp. It is a mixture of Kaolin and Montmorillonite clays, both of which are highly adsorbent and it also says in the description they draw out toxins from the skin like a magnet. So my question is, can I use this instead of buying bentonite clay for the purposes of using it up for detoxing my pits? Could it help with the deodorant issue or do you suggest taking out the arrowroot & baking soda and replacing them with the clay?
    This is my first time ever writing on something like this so I hope I’m not pestering too much.
    Thank you very much for your time!!

    • You could definitely use those clays and see how they do. They work slightly differently but should still be effective. This might help the problem with the itchy rash as well, as sometimes this seems to be a reaction of the very alkaline baking soda with remaining acidic chemicals in the skin from past products.

  50. I’m doing this arm pit detox right now! It feels tingly and refreshing! Katie-I LOVE your site! Thank you for creating it! I thoroughly enjoy the information and the recipes, I have been looking for a site like this for years, so glad I stumbled upon it! Blessings!

  51. YES YES YES!! I am totally ready to try an armpit detox. I already use natural deodorant, and it does not irritate my skin, but I love the idea of trying this to reduce odor and sweat once after transitioning back to the natural deodorant. Thank you for such a simple recipe. I can’t wait to try this. Side note: it is quite scary what they are allowed to put in our beauty products these days. I hope that overtime, more people complain and stand up to these big companies and demand change.

  52. I’m trying to get my husband to switch to a natural deodorant but being a chemistry major he finds many flaws with the reasoning. He told me be bentonite clay has aluminum in it…

  53. This sounds like it would be a great alternative to deodorant. I’m wondering though how bentonite can be for you. If you look up the particular one you have posted it says it contains lead. I also noticed someone comment saying her husband a chemist says it has aluminum in it. Has anyone researched bentonite? When I notice I smell more than normal I use parsley in my diet. Shakes or regular meals. Parsley is supposed to help with odor and I feel it does for me.

    • I’m working on a full post on this, but from my understanding, the trace amounts of lead and aluminum are bound within the bentonite molecule and do not release into the body.

      • I have hesitated to use benetonite clay over the years because of lead concerns as well. Thanks Katie for doing research on such important topics! My family and community truly appreciate your dedication!

      • I can’t wait for this post! Woohoo!

      • The only articles I can find are written by those who stand to gain from clay sales. I couldn’t find studies on bentonite clay (aluminium phyllosilicate), however when there is an absences of unbiased scientific evidence, in my view it’s safer to abstain, not fall for the hype, and find safer ways to detox. Just because it’s absorbent and comes from the earth doesn’t mean it’s not harmful to human bodies.

        I was able to find this article which talks about the lead and other stuff, however it’s about eating it. But the same may apply to absorption through skin too.

        I look forward to your article, Wellness Mama. 🙂

  54. how often should this be done or before the switch?

  55. Katie, your magnesium oil post changed my life. The stuff is GOLDEN!! You were right – not only does it control odor immediately, but quite quickly, YOU STOP HAVING ANY ODOR AT ALL. I add a bit of lavender oil and a bit of pink Himalayan salt, throw it in a spray bottle, and it’s happiness in a bottle. I also use it on my 10yr old son, who, like a couple other kids mentioned above, has always suffered from chronic constipation (ongoing, winning mission) as well as body odor. It works a treat, but stings a bit if we forget to apply for a couple of days. I also rub it on his feet, which he LOVES. Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas. It’s made such a difference to our lives!!

  56. Here’s something to try… Milk of Magnesia! Heard about it a while ago and decided to try it. It works REALLY well. I worked out today…no shower (I know…eww!, right), STILL no stink. I have tried baking soda… burns and itches like the devil after a day or so as excellent as it works. This Milk of Magnesia is the final step for me using any chemicals on my body! YEEEAAAA!! I was excited about it.

    • You rub the milk of magnesium under your arm?

  57. Wow! What a great idea, we already use this on our faces. My hubby has been suffering with excess sweat and oder since we switched to natural deodorant. We are going to try this today!!

  58. This is for Leslie who asked about the metal smell in her armpit.
    Aside from drinking water and juicing with veggies and greens powder, try eating salads and juice with Clantro, I’ve read ionline info about using Cilantro to rid your body from metals. I juice with it because I unfortunately have mercury fillings in my mouth, so I tend to use cilantro as a buffer to prevent or rid my body of any mercury toxins.
    Hope this helps.

  59. For how many days did you use the detox before switching to your DIY deodorant?

  60. How often do you recommend to detox your arm pits?

  61. So I experimented this weekend! Used this Friday and Saturday morning. I didn’t wear any deoderant at all! THEN I repaired our (stacked on top of washer) dryer by myself. Didn’t shower yet either. And it’s Monday. Barely any smell. Two thumbs up!!

  62. Is there any reason why this would not be safe to do while pregnant?

  63. I’ve been using a Crystal deodorant stone for a while. It’s only good for about 12 hrs before I’d need to wash my pits again before re-applying. I don’t think I was this stinky when I was younger, it only got this bad within the past few years. These comments made me realize that the aluminum in the stones is probably screwing up my pits. I tried the detox tonight and it cut the smell, but within a few hours (didn’t anything to my pits after the shower), I smell bad again. I will try this nightly for a week and report back.

  64. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I need right now!

  65. I looked through the comments to see if there was an answer, but I didn’t see one. Should I not use anything after washing this mixture off? I’m finishing up some commercial deodorants now, but I want to start making/using natural ones. I feel like this is great timing to do this detox! But I’m just curious as to when I should start using the natural deodorants. I don’t want to counteract the detox but I don’t want to smell too bad either 🙂 Thanks so much! I’m really new to your site and I’ve really enjoyed looking around and am looking forward to trying some of your natural skincare recipes. Thanks again 🙂

      • Do you mean after I rinse off the mixture or after a few days of the detox mixture? Sorry, it’s late (or early?? It’s hard to tell sometimes) and often need very specific instructions. 🙂 I just wasn’t sure if there was a deodorant type thing I should use while detoxing so I can still be around people. I’ve never tried any sort of natural deodorant so it’s all a bit new to me. I recently saw your post on the coconut oil pulling chews and am looking forward to trying those too! Thanks for the reply and again, sorry if my questions are silly!

  66. Great idea! I’ve done this twice now while doing my usual clay/acv face mask and I can tell that my pits are less sensitive. I have aquestion, though. Does anyone have a good remedy for getting rid of old body odor in clothing? Since switching to unscented, natural deodorant, I’ve noticed that while my underarm odor is minimal to nonexistent, sometimes my body heat causes old body odor to be released in my clothing.

    • This has worked for me 90% of the time so it’s worth doing it for those clothes you can save.
      Add a cup of baking soda to your wash load. Let the clothes agitate for a few minutes, then turn the washing machine off and let everything sit there overnight. The next morning, turn the washer back on and finish the cycle.
      I have a top loading washer and I get to dictate the amount of water I use, so I can make sure my clothes are good and covered. If you have a front loader or a “smart” machine, you might want to do the overnight soak in your laundry sink or a large bucket.
      Hope this works for you.

    • I know this comment is a couple months old, but I wanted to respond. Once upon a time I read a tip for getting persistent odors out of workout clothes. The first tip was to make sure to use hot water for washing. And the second tip was to seal the clothes in a bag, and stick them in the freezer overnight. The freezing temperature supposedly helps to kill any residual bacteria that is triggering odor. I’ve never actually tried it, but hope it helps!

  67. Regarding metals and or aluminum in the body, I read a article that drinking mineral water will help flush them or it from the body as well as from the brain, the article did not indicate whether the water could be carbonated or noncarbonated.

  68. I was genuinely shocked, but this actually works! As my boyfriend loves to tell me, natural deodorant doors not work for me. Street doing the detox, I worked a 10 hour day and still didn’t smell AT ALL! This is a miracle because I usually start to drink around noon. LOVE THIS DETOX!

  69. Thank you for sharing this great idea! I tried this and I noticed my armpits were significantly less stinky than usual.

  70. I currently have four different deodorants and neither of them have been effective in ridding my left armpit of odor. I tried this detox method and all I can say is “thank you, thank you, thank you”. The other recipes using baking powder were horrible for my skin. This is so helpful.

  71. I became allergic to secret antiperspirant and I always had a horrid time with sweat sans b.o. (weird I know since they go together). I tried your natural deodorant and found it irritated my underarms. So, I cut down the baking soda and used corn starch instead of arrowroot powder. I was still very sweaty and began to have trouble with body odor. Then a new doctor came into our local practice and suggested I had an undiagnosed thyroid problem given my symptoms. I was often on low side of normal range but still considered normal via blood work. She suggested I start taking a magnesium supplement to see if I noticed any improvement. She must have been right because it not only decreased my sweating, but also the body odor! I feel generally better as well–less moody. I was wondering if you have a deodorant recipe that includes magnesium? I didn’t know if it would be too irritating or not, but I saw the lotion recipe and wondered if it would be possible! I still hope to give it a try at some point when I run out of my current jar.

    • I have been using wellness mama’s homemade magnesium oil in a spray bottle as deodorant for a few weeks now.
      No smell! None!
      I just spray it on after the shower and it works great. There is still sweat sometimes, but there is no odor to go with it. And if I do sweat a little, it just dries and doesn’t make a mess out of my clothes like when I tried the coconut oil based homemade deodorant.
      I’ve been super happy with the magnesium oil. Maybe it will work for you?

  72. I have been using straight ACV for a month now. I have it in a spray bottle and use it when I get out of the shower. It works great! I assume it also has detox ability??? (I dry brush before taking a shower.)

  73. So… My underarm odor is not my biggest concern. Embarrassingly, I suffer from sweaty–ahem–crotch! Do you think I could detox the skin in my groin area (not the membrane, I know) with this detox mixture to reduce odor? If you think it’s safe, I’m willing to be a guinea pig! 🙂

    • I suffer from this too, only when I’m in high stress situation. It used to be bad because I’ve been detoxing myself so I bought those sprays you get from walgreens. Worst mistake ever. But now I use “PoPo Powder” , just google it, it’s amazing has like arrowroot powder and all natural but keeps you completely dry and kills bacteria instead of covering it up.

      I’m sure this recipe will work though for any areas of the body … 🙂

  74. This worked so well, I skipped the Apple Cider Vinegar though, I can’t stand the smell of vinegar, it makes me want to retch (can’t eat it either). It worked so well! I love the mineral spray I’m using, works so great and I love the way I smell now and luckily so does my husband 🙂

    • What mineral spray are you using? I’m allergic to vinegar (and hate the smell), so I would love to know! Thanks!

  75. Hey thanks for all the great stuff you keep posting! Was wondering if Fuller’s Earth would work as well as Bentonite Clay? Thanks! 🙂

  76. Hi Kate! I love your post here. After frustrating efforts to control underarm sweat and odor, I decided to try the same bentonite clay recipe I normally use on my hair on my armpits this time. I absolutely love, love, love the results! No odor whatsoever. In the past I’ve tried Rosemary & Tea Tree with great results (especially the Rosemary), but after a couple days it seems that the bacteria persisted and the odor returned. The clay was different – I absolutely love it. I was online tonight researching why the clay made the difference (I know it pulls toxins, but I was looking for sthg more specific) and I stumbled across your post. Yeah for us!

  77. Just wondering if I can use bentonite clay from anywhere or does it have to be labelled for comestic use? I tried googling but didn’t find anything in relation. I can get the clay from a nursery…thanks

  78. Hi Katie,

    Would this work with diatomaceous earth rather than Bentonite clay?

    Many thanks.

  79. Hello Wellness Mama!

    I did not experience any redness or itchiness. Either my husband. Is that normal or should I add more apple cider vinegar?

    Thank you very much! I am a big Fan :))

    • It can definitely still be working if you don’t experience any redness or itching.

  80. I had some of the mixture left over, can I cover it and use it tomorrow? Thanks

    • I will say that mine lasted several days..and I forgot to use it a few days. And it will mold..beware!

  81. I stopped using commercial deodorant over three years ago, and although baking soda irritated them a little I never had an issue with smell. Recently I started using magnesium oil instead to stop irritation. Now however my left armpit has an onion smell, and I’m guessing it’s from stress sweat since it starts pretty early on in my work day. Do you think detoxing would help diminish the smell? And should I not use anything after or try the magnesium oil again? I’ve never had a BO issue before so this is really perplexing and I do not want to go back to commercial deo to stop it.

  82. Hi!

    Would this mixture work with kaolin clay? I’d really love to try this, but it’s really hard to get bentonite where I live for some reason…

  83. Hello,

    I live in Europe and sometimes it is difficult to get everything in recipes for natural alternatives. For instance, chia seeds have just become available in Germany in the last two years…

    Anyway I was wondering if this green clay from fance would work as an alternative to the Betonite Clay??

    It has great reviews for usuage on the face, but the armpits???

    Anyway love your deodorant recipe ( I used the second one without shea butter) and surprised that it works as well as it did. I did however not used any deodorant for 3 day before trying the homemade stuff. The fist two days of being deodorant free, I did not have any problems with being too smelly, but the third day – I took a shower and an hour later I started to smell prety bad. I guess that was my own armpit detoxing itself??? Anyway I am so excited to have found something not ony nontoxic and gut for the ph levels, but also much less expensives than the store bought stuff. Thank you so much. I will tring you tooth paste soon.



  84. I haven’t worn conventional deodorant in about 5 years. I struggled for years with boils and blackheads under my arms and finally decided it had to be the deodorant. I put rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle and give myself a spritz under each arm. When I first stopped using deodorant I had some odor problems, but only for a week or so. Now I could not even use the alcohol and not smell.

  85. I actually did a “detox” accidentally when I simply forgot deodorant for a few days in a row on vacation. Now- 2 weeks later I’ve just given it up completely and I am happy to say there is ZERO stink and so far no sweat to speak of either. I may go for no-deo permanently! Thanks for this post!

  86. Hello. My name is VALERIE and I am so concerned. I have been aluminum deodorant free for a little more than 2 months and have been using the wellness mama homemade stick deodorant recipe. At first, all was fine. Now, my armpits are deep red, sore, itchy and PEELING!!!! Is this ok? Is this normal? Should I be this concerned??? I am worried. Thanks.

  87. Use Phillips Milk of Magnesia on your armpits and be done with all the other methods. Give it a try and you will be amazed at the results and I work out at the gym every day. My wife and I both use it and No Stink. Put it on after you shower. Kills bacteria!

  88. OK, I’m going to approach this subject since nobody else has. I’m new to EO’s and detoxing my life is new to me.
    I use deodorant in my crotch area, have ever since I was in High school when I saw a friend us it after gym class, I’m now 62. Anyway…is this clay mask OK to use in that area as well?

  89. I have been switching much of my cleaning and beauty products to all natural and homemade and love them. deodorant hasn’t been my most successful. I have had itching and bumps and odor that I didn’t have when I was younger I tried the natural recipes which were ok but went back to commercial which are ok but I worry about harmful ingredients and continue to suffer the pain and itching until I tried something. I have a homemade antiseptic that I LOVE. I put a small amount under each arm and rubbed it in and wow…. not only has it almost stopped the itching, I haven’t had any odor problems at all.
    I did think it would help with the itching (it is awesome with cuts burns and rashes) but to stop the odor surprised me!

  90. Hey. I have stopped using all chemicals on my body four mo tha ago. I have used all the recipes from you, Wellness Mama! I currently use the squeezable toothpaste, the body wash and the stick deodorant. I take detox baths and I use bentonite clay masks on my hair and armpits.

    That being said. My armpits are a deep red, they are sensitive, itchy and the skin keeps peeling. Over an over. They heal, they peel, they repeat. I am also dry brushing but have only been doing so for about 30 days.

    Please help with any info. Specifically, is this normal? Should I be concerned or seek medical advise? If this is normal, how long can I expect this reaction? Could it be the essential oils (someone had told me it may be)?

    Thanks for everything!!!!

    • Some people have a strong reaction to the baking soda in the deo. It’s very alkaline and that does not agree with some people. You could try doing the detox, which may help (my testers had good luck with that) or you could try switching to my spray recipe ( to see if it clears up.

  91. could this help whiten the armpits? Any tips on this subject?

  92. I purchased Great Plains Bentonite Detox the ingredients say it’s
    15ml of Purified Bentonite GP Premium Grade UsP/NF hydrated with filtered water. It’s already in a liquid form. Can I use it for this recipe?

  93. 2 questions: 1- I thought I read twice that bentonite clay contains a form of aluminum? Can you explain how this would be different from conventional deodorants?
    And 2- Would white vinegar or lemon juice work in substitute of ACV? I just can’t stomach the smell of ACV. Thanks!

  94. I like Lavilin deodorant cream. I only need to apply it once every 4-5 days or so. The active ingredient is zinc.

  95. I ditched antiperspirant at the beginning of this new year, and don’t want to go back to it, but have since developed a TERRIBLE rash under both arms. I don’t have a huge sweating issue, and have tried several “natural” deodorants this month but nothing is helping. Any suggestions? I’m in a lot of pain, and irritation. I’ve tried coconut oil and tea tree oil to help. I’m afraid to use this because of the irritation I currently have ( red, raw, itchy) but would give it a try if it might help. Anyone else had this problem?

    • Yes. I too had this problem after switching to magnesium oil as my deodorant. I’m not sure why, but I think my armpits either got too dried out or irritated when I did sweat a little. I did the detox then I started using my hand lotion as my deodorant, just swiping a little on after a shower. I use Tropical Traditions unscented lotion. It does have coconut oil in it, so I think that’s why it has worked as my deodorant. Of course, it’s also winter, but I’m hoping it continues to work as the weather warns up!

    • Gurl just use coconut oil! Seriously it works and I havent even broken out since switching. It’s bc its so moisturizing and its an anti fungal. I think a lot of us have yeast problems under there and don’t even know it. Since switching I havent had hardly one break out. I would start with just coconut oil if I were you. Then slowly add a tiny bit of Baking Soda to that. And after that you can start adding more Baking Soda or a drop of essential oils. Either the oils are causing the rash or sometimes too much Baking Soda.

  96. I am definitely trying the armpit detox. Ever since my 5th baby my I have had the worst BO I assumed 5 pregnancies forever altered my body chemistry. Hoping the detox works!

  97. I have a lot of French Cosmetic clay from Mountain Rose Herbs… can I use this in place of the bentonite clay or is it important for it to be bentonite?

  98. I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for posting this! For years I have been struggling with natural deodorants giving me bad rashes after 2 weeks of using them. I finally bought some of the clay and did two days of the detox. Only 2 days!!! Now I am 100% free of any irritation. Thank you again. It is such a relief to be able to switch to a deodorant that does not have aluminum in it!!!!!!!!!

  99. Can you do this while pregnant?

  100. This is so cool! I have a big tub of calcium bentonite clay and was wondering what kind of bentonite you used. Would the kind I have work? Or is it another kind?

  101. HI There! I am so trying this! How often do you recommend doing this? weekly? monthly?

    thanks so much!

  102. I am curious to know if the detox for the armpits will work for my son who has psoriasis. He doesn’t like anything that stings so nothing I have had him try has been successful. Any ideas?
    thank you!

  103. I have STANKY pits. I stopped using anti-perspirant about a year ago but haven’t found a natural Deo that works. I’m currently using Old Spice, and the scent reminds me of Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret.

    I don’t sweat badly, but I can get out of the shower and can still smell them immediately after washing.

    I’ve tried Tom’s and a homemade version w bentonite clay, arrowroot, essential oils, etc.

    I neeeeeeed to do this detox!! I’m praying it’s the answer.

    My question is, can I mix up several uses of this to keep in a small Mason jar? I’m thinking 5-10 uses. I don’t think it has anything that would spoil, or react if not used immediately, but I’m not well versed in ACV and bentonite clay enough to know.


    • Honestly I would make it fresh every time. All you have to do is buy a bottle of ACV and mix it up whenever you are ready to use it.

      Also have you tried Primal Pit Paste? They sell natural deodorant that work surprisingly well. I was using a home made deodorant and since switching to this I do not sweat at all and it really works. I heard stories with athletes using it , and people who have had issues with other natural deodorants like Toms have used this and had no problems. Problem with Toms is that is still has questionable ingredients in it. Maybe your immune system might have issues flushing the toxins out. I think you are severely detoxing your pits start smelling even after the shower. Also, you might want to change your diet. Add some probiotics, and possibly even take chlorophyl I think you would benefit from that and leafy greens. You know that saying “You are what you eat” …

      If I wouldn’t use any more aluminum based deodorants, ever. Here explains alittle bit more about how long you will be detoxing

  104. If you don’t do this and switch to a natural deodorant will your armpits detox eventually on their own? I’ve been using a natural one for a year now…

    • They should, but its harder for some people. If you have been using the pore-clogging store bought stuff then you may not be able to effectively detox on your own (since you have been working so very hard at preventing your body from doing exactly that). So yes, in theory you should detox on your own, but it can take a very long time for chronic anti-perspirant users to do so, and this really helps speed the process along.

  105. thank you so much for this! I did it right away after discovering this post.

    Just wondering, how often do you do this? I quit chemical deoderent about 6 months ago but have been using it my whole life…. will I need to do this several times a year? once a month? or just once is good?

    • I do it once a month or so when I do a detox bath or whenever I notice any odor at all. Most days I don’t even need deodorant if I do this occasionally…

  106. I detoxed my pits for the first time today! Being 65, I feel you’re never too young to start going natural. (lol)
    Thank you Katie for all the work you do to inform us as well as making the transition to a healthier world easier!

  107. I made this and gave it to my sister in law about 2 weeks ago. She said it has mold on it now. Is this normal?

  108. I started using the recipe for the magnesium deodorant spray about a month ago. Last week both of my arm pits broke out in a very itchy rash. Is this “detoxing”?

    • Yes. I too had this problem after switching to magnesium oil as my deodorant. I’m not sure why, but I think my armpits either got too dried out or irritated when I did sweat a little. I got painful red bumps under my armpits that looked a lot like pimples.
      I did the detox then I started using my hand lotion as my deodorant, just swiping a little on after a shower. I use Tropical Traditions unscented lotion. It does have coconut oil in it, so I think that’s why it has worked as my deodorant. Of course, it’s also winter, but I’m hoping it continues to work as the weather warms up!

  109. I stopped using deodorant last Feb. I went without using anything for a couple of months and didn’t shave my pits either. I’m not a big sweater so it wan’t really an issue. I did notice an odor though. So I found your recipe and starting using it. It’s been great BUT my underarm skin has turned a darker color than the rest of my skin and on the days I don’t shower, they have felt a little irritated. I’ve been told that it could be the baking soda. I re-melted a new batch and added some doTerra EOs and I am no longer feeling the irritation but how can I get the skin color to lighten?

  110. So I did this just once the other day, then started Primal Pit Paste, because I figured putting chemicals back on my detoxifying skin was a doom loop. Well, the skin in my armpits is so red and irritated from the pit paste! What do you suggest? I had to do something, so I went back to my chemicaly Mitchum deodorant. I can’t go without until the detoxing regimen is over – I live in TX and work a corporate job. Help!

    • Oh no! Don’t go back to the regular deo’s. Contact primal pit paste and they will help you… Which deo flavor did you try? I would get the sensitive type. They will send you the no flavor one for free if you tell them that you had an issue with the deo you started. But that reaction is from the baking soda and the essential oils pulling toxins out of your body and your lymph nodes became inflammed. ( it’s a good thing and won’t last long) I would just put coconut oil on your pits and do the detox over again, make sure you contact them and tell them what happened so they’ll send you a lighter deo for you. Maybe you just need to start with something lighter first and then move up to the scented ones. I had been using my home made deo with m own essential oils for acouple weeks before I started the Primal Pit Paste. I have orange creamsicle and I got red bumps for an hour and it went away I am glad I stuck through it. It works really well. They also have a ‘pit primer’.

      • So – update on the detox. I contacted PPP and they don’t offer refunds or anything else due to skin irritation. So, I ordered the Pit Primer (oil based) and unscented deodorant.

        Also, I’ve been doing the ACV + clay detox daily. I STINK! I can’t stand it. It’s awful. I thought I never used to smell (thanks, chemical deodorants) but I can’t go on like this. It’s been 10 days of daily detox, dry brushing, and unscented deodorant. As of today, I have a red rash in only the left armpit. It’s quite uncomfortable.

        Thoughts? Suggestions?

        • Hmm. That is so strange, because I heard from people they would send u a different product if it doesn’t work for you. It’s only been 10 days so stick it out, because it took me over a month to quit stinking… but what’s strange is that I have PPP’s other scents, I am using orange creamsicle in the Kids version, and it has worked well for me. I tried the Primal Spice, and it made me stink! So then I tried the Lavender in STRONG, and that too made me stink! So I thought how is it that the Kids version works for me but the Strong does not? When usually the orange(kids version) lasts me a couple days without reapplying.

          So I did some research, and I have Candida, the reason why the Orange works to well for me is because it’s also an antifungal. So you may want to try their deo’s that has antifungal properties in it … I would buy those little sample sizes to see what works best for you. The thyme and lemongrass would be a great one to try.. and the orange creamsicle. I heard others saying that would works best for them when the others did not. And I am positive it has to do with the antifungal properties in the lemongrass, and certain essential oils.

          I do detox baths. Just soak your pits in a nice hot bath … add some drops of tea tree oil, clove bud , lemongrass or oregano. And add some Probiotics to your diet! Vitacost Probiotics 15-35 ,Also Chlorella powder. A good supplement is HealthForce Superfood Vitamineral Green. This has probiotics and the chlorella and a bunch of greens… they call this the “internal deodorizer”. It also naturally chelates metals out of our body and could cause detox reaction, “Herxheimer reaction” when your body is experiencing die off from the toxins… If this happens just cut back on it, or drink it at night, your body will get used to it. Cut back on sugar. Cut out all refined sugars, and wheat, and gluten. Eat healthy like meat, and veggies. Try the Anti-Candida diet, or Paleo diet. Look up Candida symptoms and if that sounds like you then try some natural herbs and stuff and get on the diet.

  111. I have a question about the armpit detox. I have all the ingredients and am ready to go. It looks like such a small amount. Is this something you make each day or could you make a batch of it. If I remember right, you recommend every day for a week to start and then once a week after? Thank you so much!

  112. Katie, Do you have any suggestions for removing body odor from clothing? I know it is sealed in from the build up of store bought deodorant and it is horrible!

  113. Could I use diatomaceous earth instead of bentonite clay?

  114. Can you save the paste in the bowl if you don’t use all of it in the first use? I think I could save the rest for tomorrow when I do it again. Or should I be using all of the paste each time?

  115. I notice that more than deo I also need anti-persperant. Any recommendations on this?? I can’t seem to find natural solutions for this.

    • Honestly, the best that I have found in natural products will have a good bit of arrowroot, cornstarch, or betonite clay, which will absorb perspiration. You won’t find a natural true anti-perspirant because those literally prevent your body from perspiring, which is really unhealthy in a lot of ways. Natural stuff is just not going to stop you up that way.

  116. Can I use rice vinegar?

  117. I have tried to use home made deodorant, but every time I do I get a rash and after about 2-3 weeks my armpits turn black. Does anyone know why?

    • That is strange. What are you using in the recipe? It depends on your ingredients. I heard of that happening when people use magnesium…My guess is that you are still detoxing quite a bit. And possibly the essential oils you are using along with the Baking Soda ( if you are using these things) is too much. I would make a new batch, one without baking soda, and one without essentials oils, see if either of those work. When I made my own deodorant I put much less baking soda and essential oils then what was reccomended. I literally put 1 or 2 drops of lemongrass and less then half a teaspoon of baking soda. I would start off with the least ammount and work your way on up.

      Or you can just use coconut oil for now. That’s what I did during my detox period is I used only coconut oil. You may have to start with that while you are adjusting.

      Also have you thought about trying a store bought deo? primalpitpaste has “pit primers” and I heard people having issues with detoxing they used this primer and everything wsa good. They have light deo’s and even one for sensitive skin, without baking soda. I would try them out and get the primer. Ingredients : Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Arrowroot powder, Baking Soda and Essential oils . I use the kids version…

      Good luck- and to speed up your detox try Katies recipes and you can take essential oil baths.

      • Thanks, I think I will try the coconut oil for awhile, I was using baking soda in the recipe but not essential oils

  118. hi,
    Now this is embarrassing but since we are discussing arm pits….do you have any ideas about getting rid of….”personal” body odor? I have tried to use commercial wipes, powders etc and nothing works. This only is a problem after working out or if I am nervous. Cringe! Thanks!????

  119. Hello,
    I enjoyed your article but wanted to clarify one thing – propylene glycol is NOT antifreeze! Ethylene glycol is antifreeze. Propylene glycol is a carrier or a preservative in many food products and bath/body products. Just letting people know so they don’t freak out when they see it as an ingredient in ice cream, etc!

  120. Would this be safe to do while breastfeeding? Or would toxins be released into my milk also?

    • I’d be careful if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  121. I have been using natural deodorant for years now, so I don’t need this for transitioning purposes, but I feel like I always smell. Even after a shower I still kind of smell. Do you think this will help with that? Or is this mostly for natural deodorant newbies?

  122. Tried this and liked it! Now I plan to do it once a week or so.

    About six months ago, I switched to an all-natural homemade deodorant that I loved, but after about three months developed an allergic reaction to it so I decided to stop using any deodorant for a week to hopefully calm down the irritation then try again. Surprisingly I found that I no longer needed deodorant at all!

    At first I thought the deodorant was still in my system somehow, but I haven’t used it since January and it’s still fine. I like this idea of detoxing so that, even though I don’t use deodorant, I can get rid of any toxins that could cause me to need it again. Thanks!

  123. I’ve been using my own homemade deodorant for about 2 mos. (coconut oil, arrowroot, tea tree oil, bees wax, etc.) About every 2 weeks I get a burning rash in my pits. I try to use my old brand deodorant to get relief, but then I get painful lumps in my pits. I go back to the homemade stuff and repeat the cycle.
    I don’t really know what’s going on, are the lumps from the rash (are the lymph nodes fighting bacteria?) or are the lumps from going back to the store bought deodorant?
    I’m miserable!

    • I would definitely say its from the store bought deo. It sounds like just as your body is getting rid of the toxins you go ahead and apply the chemical deo. You should fully detox and stick with it. If you get inflammed then its time to make a new batch of deo, and use less baking soda and tea tree. You can maybe make like a super light version of your deo, one without baking soda ( or very little) and no essential oil. You can also just use coconut oil for the time being and the rash will subside. The worst thing you can do is put chemicals on inflammed pits… xx good luck

  124. Katie, I wondered if you recommend doing the armpit detox for a number of days BEFORE starting with natural deodorant? Or should I begin both at once? Obviously once I start the detox, I know I shouldn’t go back to conventional deodorant at all. But I wasn’t sure if you have a recommendation on how many times or days to do the detox before starting use of natural deodorant? Thank you. Your website is such a huge help to our family. What you do matters. Thank you, thank you!!

  125. This works!! Thank you Katie! It took about 5 times and then I started spraying with ACV after my shower and when it dries I spray with magnesium oil that has tea tree oil and lavender oil in it. I had a real problem with BO. It’s is GONE!!!!! I am so excited!!!

  126. Hi – so, I’m back. I starting detoxing my pits about 6 weeks ago. I used this method daily for about 10 days and now I do it once or twice a week. I played around with Primal Pit Paste formulas and finally found the kid’s Orange works best (thanks, whoever posted that). So here are my current questions:

    1) I got a bad almond shaped horizontal rash in my left pit that has turned into almost a coffee-stain birthmark look. It’s still there, 6 weeks later. Is this permanent now? I have a smaller one in my right pit, more the size of a quarter, it’s been there for less time. Has anyone else had this happen?

    2) I still have BO but only in my right pit – my left doesn’t smell at all. Is that weird?

    • Pretty sure it was me who posted the orange 🙂 The smell on the right side also happened to me, the best thing to do is just give it time…after a few months mine has gone away. possibly start taking detox baths. Add a few drops of essential oils to your bath and let your pits soak. After the orange ( I went through 1 in a half tubs of orange) before I moved on to something stronger. I wanted something stronger for summer so I am using royal and rogue stick version and its working really well for me. I chose it because of all the different essential oils in it and I figured since its for a man it would likely do the trick. But it maybe too strong for others? since you already have a rash I am unsure …

      Can you pinpoint exactly when the rash showed up? Is it painful at all? It could be from the alkalinity of the baking soda +apple cider vinegar + bentonite clay maybe too much. I would cut back on the detox maybe and see if it goes away, the slowly start adding it back in see if it goes away. PPP also has a Pit Primer … I think it could be your skin adjusting to the alkalinity. They also have a sage one for sensitive skin types maybe you can alternate between those? Everytime I use the bentonite clay I get really red, it may just be too much for them. I am sure it will go away with time … but if not possibly think about seeing a doc for it just to check up.

      • That’s right! Thanks for the info.

        Well – I solved my issue. It was Primal Pit Paste – it simply does not work for me. I saw on a blog that No End Naturals on Etsy had a probiotic natural deodorant and that was the trick! One application and I don’t smell at all anymore. Whew! Throwing away the Mitchum for good.

        • Oh I heard about that! in fact I was going to buy that same probiotic one on Etsy .. which scent do you use??

  127. hi.. Thanks for the information. I have CFS/ME which can cause swollen lymph nodes but this is extraordinary. 🙁 For several years now ive been devloping swollen, painful lymph nodes under both arms with they’ll swell even bigger and hurt like he_l if i use my arms for anything. I’ve been xrayed & ultrasounded and they say there’s no cancer in either my breasts or lung, thank God.
    I am scheduled for surgery to remove these horrible lymph nodes sometime later this summer and am wondering if the detox could help me too as I already have a compromized immune system due to the ME.
    The cysts/swollen nodes are anywhere from palm-sized to pea-sized and they cause a great deal of pain and swell up more if I do anything with my arms (ie:shopping, housework, applauding at a concert, holding my grand babies – anytime I use my arms. I am DESPERATE for help as I really don’t want these nodes (healthy or not!) removed from my body. I also have a disabiliting level of chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia and cannot be touched without severe pain, so a lymphatic drainage massage isn’t a possibility. Thnak you for any help you could give me with this. <3

    • Jonikas, If you can get a mini trampoline you can do rebound exercise on it. I understand the Fibro thing. This is the gentlest form of exercise you can do with Fibro. AND, it automatically cleans out your WHOLE lymphatic system! Research it, it’s amazing. Start slowly. Probably wouldn’t hurt for you to do a gentle cleanse like Dr. Natura’s. If you can find a good Dr. to check your adrenal glands, do so. There seems to be a big connection to them and Fibro. Try cleansing baths with the clay also. You want to try and cleanse before you let them resort to surgery! Best of luck!

  128. Like so many others who have posted on this forum, I periodically get an itchy red rash under my left armpit (I am right handed). I have not used commercial deodorant for over a year now, and it happens every few weeks. I have tried multiple organic deodorants, both homemade and store bought. Many seem to work fine, but a few weeks later I get the itchy red rash again. I eat VERY clean: no gluten, no sugar, organic fruits and veggies when possible with no nightshades, and only grassfed meats. I tried the armpit detox this weekend, and I did not have any pain under my armpits while using it. While showering and rinsing it off, however, I noticed HUGE red welps on my stomach, forearms, and legs. These went away a few hours later, but I was totally freaked out! Any ideas????

  129. Pure organic lemon juice from an organic lemon works well as a deodorant too. Just rub held a lemon under your arms. Keep in fridge and cut off 1 small slice daily until it’s used up.

  130. Hey! I thought I would share my new discovery with you! I am one who completely detoxed and no longer use deodorant. I have only been using white vinegar to cover up underarm odor. However, I still tend to have to re-apply quite often, and the odor can get pretty intense, especially when I drink coffee. I eat an all organic/natural diet, but I will admit I don’t eat as many greens as I should. Anyways, my husband bought us some of that new Cashew Silk the other day. And girl, I have been drinking maybe one cup a day for about three days….and I have had NO ODOR!!!! Hallelujah!!! I drank 2 cups of coffee this morning, AND did 30 minutes of exercise….and I still smell great!!! I am spreading the word! 😀

    • Hi. You say that you don’t eat as many leafy greens as you should, and leafy greens contains protein as well as many other vitamins. The SILK milk your husband bought is a good source of protein .. I m curious, are you vegan?

  131. Okay i have read every comment and i have a couple of questions. Where and how much is the bentonite clay in local stores? and is it the baking soda that causes the rash and dark armpits? i have been using the homemade deodorant for over two months and begin to notice the dark pits and now rash that burns. i used coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking powder and essential oil………….HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • I found my bentonite clay at my local grocery store. It is a small, organic and natural store that sells everything from local produce to supplements. I paid $11.50, but I found it on Amazon for about the same price. You just want to make sure it’s good quality.
      The baking soda is usually the culprit when you end up with a rash and/or burning. I used to get the pain and rash, until I did the detox. Now I don’t have any reaction to my homemade deo. Good luck!

      • Thanks Amie you were right it was the baking soda! I made a new batch using only a half of teaspoon of baking soda and it works like a charm. No more dark spots or this stinking smells! This has been a loooong process (well about 3 months) but it’s worth it! I didn’t do the detox with the clay and now i am odor and rash free…Yay! Who knows if i would have done the detox with the clay first i may have not gone through this process but anyhoo it ALL works together for me good. In all things Patience is the key and my patience finally paid off. thanks Wellness Mama for this blog and everyone that comments

      • Would you mind putting the link down for which one you bought from Amazon? There are so many!

  132. I suffer from a condition called Hidradenitis suppurativa under my arms (TMI alert) which causes painful cysts which then rupture and create a deep hole in my skin as the condition causes “tunnels” in the skin under the cysts. These holes often stay open for months at a time.

    I gave up conventional antiperspirants and deodorants years ago as everything I’ve ever tried has made the condition worse. I have two questions – do you think it would be a bad idea to try this detox on an armpit with an open wound and is there anything possibly irritating or comedogenic about it that may cause my condition to flare?

    Thanks so much for your support as I will try anything to try to make this painful condition better!

    • Hi Moliver:

      I suffer from the same condition, and I will share my experience. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I tried the detox. I did not get any reaction or pain under my arms, but much of the rest of my body broke out in a raised red welp/rash (stomach, chest, thighs, forearms). The rash went away after about 3 hours. I do not know if it was in any was associated with the HS. I used redmond clay in the detox recipe. I regularly use this in a bath and have never before experienced any reaction. So, I am not sure if it was the ACV or perhaps the concentration of leaving it packed on for 20 mins in such a sensitive place.

      I too have tried everything. The best solution for me has been to use magnesium spray, but even with the magnesium spray, I will have an itchy red rash (not the HS cysts) every 4-6 weeks. Interestingly, my HS is MUCH better with diet (no gluten, no sugar, no nightshades – potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes), but even a tiny amount of any of those things sneaking in will, for me, cause an HS breakout.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Mary! I’ve read much about HS and many people have mentioned that gluten/sugar free really helps. It makes sense as I’m a sugar/gluten addict and I keep trying to get up the nerve to give them up. Meanwhile I was doing better for quite some time when suddenly about a month ago I got a huge cyst which ruptured and now won’t stay closed. I’m taking tumeric supplements which are supposed to help and they do seem to be closing the sore regularly but it keeps re-rupturing. You would think that would be enough to get me to change my diet but sugar addiction is a powerful thing:(

        Anyway, I’m still not sure if I should try this with an actively open cyst or wait till it’s more settled. Either way, I do intend to try it!

        • Moliver:

          I hope you are having some good success. I did want to share that while diet change is not immediate in alleviating HS, it DOES work. I have been over 10 months now without a cyst and can even eat a nightshade or two now and then. Your gut will need time to heal, and the food triggers can be different for different people. It took me about a year and a half to heal my gut. Using a good natural deodorant helps too.

        • For the sugar addiction, check out the BrightLines program by Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson.

  133. Would French Green Clay be an acceptable replacement for the benzonite clay? Thank you

  134. Hi Katie, I’ve only recently discovered your website and I absolutely love it, this past week I have made so many of your natural beauty and home products and love every one of them. I have a question about detoxing armpits! Is the apple cider vinegar a crucial ingredient? My digestive system doesn’t react well to ACV and whilst the clay will be applied externally in the detox, I am concerned that it may cause me issues. Any advice will be greatly received. Thanks x

  135. Thanks for this great post! I have a quick question… Are you supposed to USE the natural deodorant between the arm pit cream “masks”? or don’t use deodorant at all during this detox process?

    Also, what’s the approximate amount of time (days) one might expect to have to do this process? (understanding that it’s different for everyone.)

    Thanks for your help!

  136. Could you use activated charcoal in place of the clay? I am wanting to do this and don’t have the clay at the moment.
    thanks in advance!

  137. Is this ok to try while breastfeeding? I know normal detoxing isnt recommended and since the armpits are near the breasts just want to make sure I won’t be releasing anything that could enter my milk.


  138. I’ve been using this detox once a week for 3 weeks now and it really has made a difference in my BO. However, I noticed the skin of my armpits has been peeling off. There is no pain or rash associated with this so I haven’t discontinued the practice. Has anyone else noticed their skin peeling off?

  139. Hi Katie, I’m trying to phase out my liquid foundation containing aluminum after noticing that while working out, no sweat forms on my face. Do you have any suggestions for detoxing facial skin to help clear pores and any residual chemicals from long term conventional makeup use? Thanks for all the work you put into your blog — I’ve gained so much from your experience and insights. 🙂

  140. I noticed the bentonite clay i recently ordered is sodium not calcium bentonite. Is that as good as the calcium?

  141. Hi: Great article. Thanks for sharing. I made a homemade deo and have been using it for a while know, it’s has done the job and I love it. It includes bentonite clay as well but I’m a bit concerned since I read some bentonite clay may include aluminium. The one I ordered doesn’t give information about this. What would you recommend? Is there a way to prove if it has aluminium?

  142. Hi. I just tried the detox recipe but after applying it I realized I used a metal spoon! I don’t know why i just absent mindly did it. Did I mess things up? Did I poison myself?
    Thanks for the response.

    • You won’t poison yourself, but you may have deactivated the clay 🙁

  143. This is a terrific natural deodorant that really works! Available with or without baking soda!

  144. I just tried this a couple of days ago and have done it twice in the evening time. I loved it and noticed that it definitely helped my natural deodarant. I don’t have as strong an odor after hours of wearing the natural deodarant. My question that I have can I close my armpits once the clay is applied or do I have to keep my arms up in the air. I know it may sound funny, but I wasn’t sure so I’ve applied the clay and then left my arms up in the air, I had to lay down. I know its a crazy question, but I just started trying a more holistic approach to body care, so I have some questions… Thank you!

  145. Thank you so much for the advice in this blog. I (and those around me) have been dealing with my natural odors. Antiperspirant and deodorant cause me to break out. I have used “natural” options as well, however they also caused me to breakout even worse. My skin would get irritated, and then peel off. Nasty! I would wash with soap and water, and then use isopropyl alcohol to cleanse. It would work for and hour until I smelled like the end of the day.
    After reading your advice about bentonite clay mask I ordered it from Amazon, and this weekend did an armpit cleanse. Now my armpits smell like skin and not a homeless person! Thank you so very much for the advice, I am very greatful, and so is everyone around me!

  146. If I make a batch of this how long would it last? Should I throw it in the fridge?

    • I just mix each time since it dries out pretty quickly, even in the fridge.

  147. I have been using primal put paste because i dont have time to make my own. Its been a couple months and before that i was using a different “natural” one. Well my armpits have been really dark almost black since using these. Any idea why? I wouldnt say i have bo but sometimes my pits do stink and i still sweat prettt regularly. Guessing a detox might be in order?

  148. Proyplene glycol is not anti-freeze. That’s Ethylene glycol. Propylene glycol is found in foods, medical nebulizer solutions and IV solutions. If it’s safe to inhale or inject into your veins, chances are it’s safe on your skin.

  149. Will either the detox or the natural deodorant work when I’ve had all lymph glands removed? I, too, have the right arm problem.

  150. I definitely will try this as soon as the Bentonite clay I ordered yesterday gets here! I love my homemade deodorant but I have been having problems with itching (something that has occurred in the past with regular and crystal deodorant). I can’t believe how effective the homemade deodorant is! I will never go back.

    Katie, keep up the great work, I love using your recipes to make my own beauty products!

  151. I tried a natural deodorant from Green Tidings…absolutely loved it (could skip a day) except it made my left armpit swell (felt bruised and had a lump)…don’t know if it was a LN or a sweat gland. So I stopped it for a few days using CO and the essential oils of cypress, orange, and grapefruit since they are known to help with lymphatic drainage until the swelling subsided and then I started using it again (to test to see if there was a direct relationship and not just a coincidence)…swelling returned. So, I threw it away and used one of your recipes (wellness mama) to make my own natural deodorant stick that had the same ingredients as the Green Tidings…coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and essential oils (instead of lavender that the green tidings had used, I used cypress, grapefruit, and orange thinking maybe that Green Tidings didn’t use quality EOs and maybe i was reacting to that…swelling returned! So I threw that away and I switched to “The Healthy Deodorant” thinking maybe I was reacting to the baking soda and this brand doesn’t use baking soda. It’s been 3 months using it and no swelling until a day ago (after a heavy workout where I sweated A LOT and then shaved afterward). So now I’m wondering if i need to detox my pits and just so happened to find this article while searching about green tea of all things. I will try it. Exactly how does one dry brush for? What brush, how long, best after a bath, everyday??? Thanks!

    • I think maybe you are having a reaction to the essential oils. Even 1 drop of EO is a lot for a single stick of deo, and since you used 3 it maybe too much. How long have you been using natural deo? If its been less than 2 months perhaps you are detoxing.

      I am now about 5 months in and go with NO deodorant! ZERO. None! I’m thrilled because before I would have never dreamed of going without…. So what I did was when I first switched over I used plain coconut oil for about a week until I decided to make my own. The amount of ingredients others used was entirely too much so you must modify to your needs. I ended up using a small container ( about the size of most jar deos) and filled it up with coconut oil. Added VERY LITTLE baking soda (compared to what others say to use. maybe added 2 pinches of baking soda with fingers.1 drop of lemongrass EO and 1 of Clove Bud.

      This worked well for me during the detox period, no swelling or lumps. I took ‘detox baths’ adding 10 or so drops of EO in a bath and soaking my pits. I bought bentonite clay mix with ACV and applied to pits to draw toxins out faster. I still smelled sometimes in 1 pit or woke up smelly but looking back now it was all apart of the detox period.

      After few weeks I bought some Primal Pit Paste and never looked back!! I tried Orange in kids version to start with … my pit became sore and red for maybe 20 mins but quickly went away. Sometimes the EO or Baking Soda you just have to get used to … Like how I worked my way on up to the heavy stuff. I’m positive had I tried Primal from day 1 I would have stopped natural deos all together. Lol

      After a few months on the Orange Creamsicle I switched to a stronger version Royal and Rogue scent of PPP for summer, it contains 7 or so different EO and I can tolerate it now. It took atleast 4-5 months to completely detox and I can go wiith zero deodorant. Give yourself time and clean up your diet, the o0nly time I smell is if I slip up and eat KFC it happened once lol I reeked.

      Also drink a capful of ACV in your water every day and take probiotics if you don’t already this detoxes the body. Capryllic Acid, Chlorophyl does too.

      • about a year ago i had only one deodorant that would not burn. eventually, that one failed as well. began to look into all the harmful chemicals in these products and decided to go without. or almost without. began to use coconut oil religiously in my pits and as an overall moisturizer. i will admit that i too stunk for about 2-3 months. im pretty sure i had candida and began to treat that with a combination of diet, bone broth, turmeric, garlic, pau d arco, and ACV. it took awhile and there were definitely days i felt bad for others in my presence, but i work in contruction so i was not the only one that stunk 😉 also used a clay + ACV mask one a week on my head and neck as well as coffee enema weekly. coffee is a bit awkward to begin with, but once you get into a rhythm, feels great. and really helped me to understand my body and how it works. im happy to announce that one year later, i too can go without ANY deodorant. and yes, when you eat something you know youre not supposed to, you can feel it and smell it. it takes a lot of trial and error and a lot of sticktuitivness(?) but with the right mindset, it can be done! and youll feel better for it. 🙂

  152. Hi Katie! I’m 32 weeks pregnant and actually wanted to do this back in January, ordered the clay you mentioned, and then found out I was pregnant before getting do it! I held off because on the label it says something about the state of California and birth defects, etc. I’m wondering now, since I’m third trimester, if it can be used. Anyone used this while pregnant? I hate using normal deodorant with all the chemicals but the natural stuff just isn’t cutting it, I smell funky;) or any other, safer ideas for detoxing? I’m going to breastfeed so I’d like to do it before baby comes:)

    • I generally avoid detoxes while pregnant and breastfeeding because toxins can get into the bloodstream.

      • okay so no other ideas? it’s really frustrating. i don’t want to use the other stuff but it’s the only thing that doesn’t give me a rash or make my stinky!!

        • I know… it’s a pain. Trust me, I was either pregnant or nursing for close to 6 years in a row. That’s why I have like 4 deo recipes on this site 😉
          If it’s not cost-prohibitive, you might want to keep searching for alternatives. Sometimes you need to detox, and sometimes you just haven’t found the magic bullet yet.

  153. I was just wondering if this is safe to do while breastfeeding? I’ve read detoxing isn’t recommended while bf’ing because of toxins going through the breastmilk and was wondering if the same rules apply here. Thanks so much!

    • I would avoid while breastfeeding… Especially since the area is very close to the breasts.

      • That’s kind of what I figured. Thanks 🙂

  154. Can you use natural DO while using this paste/detox method?

    • Yes! You really should…. Otherwise you are just reapplying the same toxins to your skin that you are trying to get out! It’s counterproductive.

  155. How long before the itching stops altogether? I have been doing this about 2 weeks now. I will say that I am having better results compared to just switching to natural deodorant, as I have tried to switch several times over the years but returned in disgust to corporate deodorant. I am experiencing some itching still, not as bad but still annoying. I also chuckled at myself, when I realized that the garlic smell I faintly smelt was actually the ACV. I do notice that most days now I don’t have odor, like before.

    So thank you for putting this out there.

  156. I’ve tried this a few months ago and it has totally helped me! Most of the time I won’t have any odor even without using deodorant.
    But, instead of the natural deodorant recipe that you’ve suggeted (which is without doubt really good and I’ve tried it) it’s been a few months I use something I’ve “accidently discovered” and it works miracles for me!
    I’ve bought an Red Rasberry aroma (all natural, used for food) to use it for other stuff and I used it once as a deodorant just to try how it works. Since then, I can’t change it with anything! It has a great scent, it’s not oily, really easy to apply and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals!
    Just thoght to share it with you as it might help anyone who wants to try it, as it has helped me!
    And I’ve shared your detox recipe with my friends! THANK YOU for this truly life changing detox Katie 😀

  157. Yikes. I tried the armpit detox and now NO deodorant works very well. I’m afraid that I’m now the stinky girl at work. Sad face.

    This is my first Wellness Mama fail.

  158. Has anyone considered that there might be a link between hair removal methods and irritation level from natural deodorant? I have used Honey Dew Naturals’ Be Free aluminum free deodorant (containing arrow root powder and baking soda) for the past 2 years now. I have mostly waxed, but this summer I had to shave because I needed to be hair-free more frequently than I could wax. I also tried using Lavilin once, for a day, as an attempt to find something that wouldn’t leave marks on dark clothes when necessary. Not only did that not work, but during this time I also broke out in ugly red pimples under my arms during this time. This makes me think that hair removal method has something to do with it. Yes I know that it seems counterintuitive in that I don’t have as much irritation with waxing (I use a baby powder before waxing to protect my skin) as I do with shaving.

      • Do you have a theory as to why that would happen?

  159. I have a terrible ammonia odor after/during showering. Also notice it after exercising when I breathe deeply – it’s in my nostrils. I’ve always thought I need to detox. Gonna try the armpit detox. Any other recommendations?

  160. Okay, this may be a silly question that has been answered already, BUT I am waiting a natural deodorant to come to me in the mail (green tidings i think). it was recommended to me that I do this detox before using it. i currently use a yucky deodorant full of aluminum and bad things 🙂 any advice on when to do this? should i even start using the natural deodorant until i have done this? but what do i do in the mean time use my toxic deodorant? help! 🙂

  161. Is this detox safe to do if you’re breastfeeding?

  162. I switched to a spray antipresirant and immediately noticed itching and redness. Found a lot of information regarding allergies and concerns with the use of products with aluminum in them. So, I am interested in detoxing my armpits and stumbled upon this article. Today was the first day I did not apply deodorant after showering, I had read that use of hydrogen peroxide under armpits would help kill bacteria, so I did that after I dried off. Middle of the day, and only very slight odor noticed, but not sweating. Question, does it matter if I detox (with your recipe) until rash/itching goes away before starting a natural deodorant, or should I go ahead and use the new deodorant while detoxing? Thank you.

    • Honestly you could do either. I used the detox while using natural deo, but some of the other people who tried it with me were either using conventional deo and switched after completing the detox, or switched over while in the middle of the detox.

  163. I’ve just tried to make the mask, and I have to say I don’t think it went well. I started off with the tablespoon of clay and teaspoon of ACV, it was like I nearly added nothing. I then added a teaspoon and the a second of water it became almost like a cookie dough. I continued to add a little at a time but ended up with something closer to cottage cheese than sour cream. I’d add a pic, but don’t see a way.

  164. Here’s another tip on beating odor. For some odd reason when my husband had really bad underarm odor, he tried using plain old peroxide. Made a huge difference! Now I just use a washcloth dipped in peroxide to wash my armpits whenever I notice an odor. I rarely use deodorant. I have NO idea if this would work for everyone, but it’s easy enough to be worth a try!!! Anyone else ever heard of doing this?!

    • I have read using hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. I tried using it with a washcloth, but it absorbs too much- a cotton ball works much better.

  165. Hey wellnessmama 🙂 or anyone else that might know. When you put the clay/charcoal mixture on your armpits do you let the mixture dry like you would a face mask or do you keep it moist by leaving your arms down? Thanks 🙂 Alana

  166. HI,

    Just a comment about natural deodorant. I tried Green Beaver Wild Rose Deodorant. After the first use of this deodorant, my armpits burned and itched due to the Propanediol in this product, which is a chemical compound that causes skin irritation. It has acute effect when in contact with skin. See scientific data here:
    page 1, section 3.

    Also, I smelled like sweat all day since the product does not really neutralize the odors. it was a cold day but still I smelled of sweat. So overall, I disliked this product and would not recommend it.

  167. I just tried to mix the bentonite clay with only water, but it was just all lumpy and didn’t go on well at all.
    Is this why ACV is part of the mixture?

  168. My sister makes the deodorant I use; when she first started, she used baking soda but we both noticed after a while, an irritation in our armpits, bumps itchy, dryness. So she did some research and actually replaced the baking soda with bentonite clay! Neither of us have anymore problems AND I don’t even have to apply deoderant every day because I don’t stink! Also, to reduce stink, drinking more water throughout the day really helps. Days that I stink, I notice I haven’t had much water!
    And just as a side note- jumping on a trampoline gets your lymph node circulation going more smoothly:) in the winter you can use a mini one; all so helps drain your sinuses

  169. Hi Katie, thanks for writing such a great post. I love your blog! I was wondering if you keep your arms up so your underarms are stretched out and exposed to the air while you do the detox, or if you apply and then keep your arms down like normal? Thank you!

  170. I have started the detox today as I became so red and itchy changing to natural deodorant. Do I not use deodorant whilst detoxing or I can?

  171. I am interested in trying this. Though I’m skeptical, I’m more scared to death. I’ve had problems with excessive wetness and odor since I was a pre-teen. I would love to do something more natural. I’ve started eating clean, keeping as many toxic things from my home as possible, cleaning my skin with AC vinegar and coconut oil. This is obviously a sensible next step. I’m self conscious about this, but I’m gonna give it a try.

  172. Hello, about 3 months ago, I stopped using regular antiperspirant/deodorant. I never had issues of sweating or smelling when using it, even if I didn’t use it for 2 or 3 days. But now after being free from the chemicals, I smell on a daily basis. I will shower and even immediately afterwards, I smell of BO. I have used the arm pit detox 3 times and have not noticed any difference. Is this something I have to do for a long time because of my chronic use of anti persperant/deodorant?? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I really don’t want to have to go back to using the chemical stuff, but I can hardly stand to be around myself lately.

    • There definitely can be an adjustment period while your body gets used to the natural stuff… It can also vary based on body chemistry. Maybe try an acid based version and see if that helps? For instance, some people have success with diluted vinegar, or lemon juice.

      • Are you saying to try plain lemon juice or vinegar and apply to underarms with a cotton ball?

    • I am having a similar issue. I just gave birth two months ago and ever since I feel like I REEK. I never thought I smelled this bad before the baby, even though I was much warmer and sweatier during pregnancy (always a freeze baby with very dry skin before that). I have been using homemade deodorant for 2+ years now and we eat pretty clean, so it’s not like I’m adjusting to any other lifestyle changes. I’ve done this detox for 3 days now and don’t really notice a huge difference. I don’t see any info on how long one needs to try this before it should work. I’d just like to be able to go a day without feeling disgusting 🙁 I’m worried that as long as I’m breastfeeding I will continue to smell weird.

  173. This question might have been posted before but there are too many posts to read thru them all.

    Would taking a detox bath with Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar accomplish the same thing as putting the packs on the armpits?

  174. Is this detox safe to do while breastfeeding?

  175. Thank you for posting this detox info! It came at a perfect time. I have been using the recipe #1 for several months & love it. It is the best deoderant I have ever used & cured my embarrassing sweating-through-clothes problem. But I recently noticed a red, extremely itchy rash with red bumps & couldn’t figure out what was going on. I am so glad I can keep using the natural deoderant. I did the detox last night & am back to normal already today.

  176. Where do you buy bentonite clay?

  177. I have been using your homemade natural deodorant recipe for the past few days and honestly love it. It’s the first natural deodorant I’ve ever made, and the first one I’ve used that actually stopped me from stinking by the end of the day. I didn’t have arrowroot on hand and just used a little more baking soda. First few days were great with no problems, but now I’m starting to have trouble with a raw and red rash. From reading comments it seems this is likely due to the baking soda. I’m wondering if it’s advisable to do this detox mask when my pits are still a little tender from the natural deodorant? Do you recommend “phasing out” commercial deodorant, maybe using it off and on with the natural until skin adjusts? Or should I stop using the natural until my pits have healed up, then do the detox, then start using the natural again? Also, how many days do you recommend doing the detox in a row?

    Sorry for all the questions! I have desperately been trying to find a natural solution that works for me and I am so eager to keep using this one as it works so well, but would also prefer not to have angry armpits! Thanks!

    • Kat:

      I have suffered horribly from the same rash issues. I don’t know if my body finally detoxed or the new natural brand of deodorant I tried is less harsh, but I have been using “Only Goodness Inside” for about 7 weeks and have not had a single rash. Don’t go back to regular deodorant. Keep trying!

      • Which one did you get? I see there are some ultra ones, I suppose for us super stinky folk, and one for sensitive skin. I bet the fact they it’s baking soda free is a huge factor, as I’ve seen a lot about how that can mess with your skins pH and cause ongoing irritation. I generally have very dry skin and live in super dry Colorado so while I wouldn’t say I have sensitive skin, it is important why that I use products that don’t strip or deplete moisture. Any input you have on which of their products would be best for me would be much appreciated!

        • Kat:

          I also have generally dry skin, especially this time of year. I got both the regular and the sensitive. I haven’t had any problems with the regular, and it has done a good job of controlling odor. I use the sensitive one after I shave (which I don’t do often, having mostly blond hair). You can order a sample pack to try them out, which is what I did.

          • Mary, I thought I’d let you know that I ordered a sample pack and this is the first thing I’ve ever used that worked, didn’t cause any irritation and is completely natural. I’ll be ordering a full size! Thank you so much for your recommendation! I loved the recipe from his site but not having to deal with a rash or irritation is wonderful, so thank you again.

  178. Dry skin brushing changed my life! For the last year I have been off any kind of deodorant, except coconut oil, which I use to moisturize my whole body. My natural body smells are really nice now, (thanks to live water, real food & plenty of naked sun time), my natural scent isn’t masked but highlighted by the use of coconut oil or an occasional essential oil blend. However, before skin brushing, anytime I perspired I got super itchy, sometimes also developed small lumps/welts under my arms… Until I learned about the importance of the lymphatic system!!! Optimal self care to keep my lymphs happy looks like creative, dynamic MOVEMENT of the body, massage or any kind of healing touch, lots of water & skin brushing!!! ~*

  179. Is this pregnancy safe? I have started to develop underarm rashes and sensitivity to my regular deodorant towards the end of my first trimester, and I have been afraid to switch to natural again – the last time I did, it was an odiferous breaking in period, and then it was fine after. This time around, with all these extra hormones, I have needed the extra benefits of regular deodorant, but I just don’t love all the risks associated with it – this might help me make the switch faster, but I don’t want to hurt my wee one!

  180. I recently tried this natural deodorant by a brand called “Skin Food by Aubrey.” You can find it on Etsy although I bought mine at Whole Foods. There’s a similar product by a brand called Fat and the Moon. So this stuff works great!!! I run a lot so I get super stinky, and with this product I really don’t smell too bad. While at work I don’t smell at all. And it’s not sticky like other natural deodorants I’ve tried. My only problem is I seem to be allergic too it! Figures, right? After using it about 4 days in a row I’ll get a nice red rash in my pits. Not too itchy. I just have been switching it up so I don’t use it daily. I’ve patch tested it on my stomach and no reaction so I really don’t get it. I’ve even tried the sensitive version, still I rash. So… I think I’m going to do this bentonite clay thing. I have used it on my face and it’s pretty incredible. And it does stand to reason that we’ve been blocking up our sweat glands for years. For the record, I often don’t wear deodorant on weekends and definitely not when I go out to run 3+ hrs. No one has ever complained haha. But I could probably still use the detox.

  181. Thank you for the article. My husband and I made the switch to natural deodorant about a month ago. We do not notice any odor but I am sweating more than ever. He also has stains on his nice dress shirts. Would detoxifying help the sweating and stains or is this just normal as you switch from OTC to homemade. Thank you.

  182. Thank you for this detox recommendation! I tried switching to natural deo in the summer but didn’t detox my armpits first and found that I smelled terrible after a couple hours. I couldn’t handle it so I went back to the store bought stuff and told myself I would try again in the winter when I wouldn’t sweat so much.

    So now it’s cooler out and I decided to make the switch again, but this time I used the bentonite clay mixture to detox my armpits first. (I made a little too much so treated myself to a face mask and my skin felt great after!)
    I was amazed to find that after using the clay I didn’t smell at all. I even went a few hours without any deodorant and still no smell. It’s been 4 days since detoxing and switching to natural deodorant and I’m amazed at the lack of odor! I only apply the natural deodorant once a day and it lasts all day now that I detoxed first. The only time I notice any odor is when I first wake up in the morning, and even then it’s very faint! When I used store bought antiperspirant/deodorant I had to apply a couple times a day and still had such strong BO in the morning, but that hasn’t been a problem since detoxing!
    I plan to detox again today and every few days for the next couple weeks to ensure I don’t become stinky again. Thank you for the information about Bentonite clay!!! It’s made it possible for me to make the switch to natural deodorant which is so important to me as I have PCOS which inherently results in hormonal imbalance, so I’m trying to limit my exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals as much as possible.
    If anyone’s curious I use Organic Fields of Heather deodorant bought on Amazon. One day I plan to make my own since it will be much less expensive, but haven’t made the time for it yet. When I do I will certainly use one of Wellness Mama’s recipes 😉 Thanks again for your wonderful site!

  183. To generalize propylene glycol as strictly “antifreeze” is very harsh. It’s an organic compound found in such a broad range of products we use every single day. What compounds it is mixed with is what can make it potentially dangerous.

  184. I have been “trying” natural deodorant for month now. I have 3 different kinds and with each one I get horrible rashes and large “cyst” like lumps under each arm. I tried to work through it as long as I could be I found myself scratching almost to the point I bled and in so much pain it was hard to do much with my arms. I was sure it was the detox but started to worry it might be something more. How long should the detox take? does it progressively get better? How do you treat the itch?

    • You could be reacting to an ingredient in something you are using. I would definitely stop. You could try a clay detox like this that might help calm down the reaction but if you are having that severe of a reaction I would stop using the natural deodorant for now!

  185. Hello Katie!
    Wanted to thank you for the natural deodorant recipe – I have been using it for 8 months now and love it. Had the initial reaction of itching, but now it works wonders!
    Keen to get my Mum and sisters on the regime. Would love them to do the detox first. We are in the UK and there has been a general advisory against purchasing bentonite clay sold by most retailers here (high levels of lead and arsenic found in it) – would you be able to recommend a detox that uses an alternate ingredient? It seems like the pivotal part of the detox so maybe I will just have them jump in and start using the deodorant!
    Thanks so much!

  186. Why does it say not to use metal to mix the detox paste? My measuring spoons are metal though. Does that matter?

    • The metal lessens the effectiveness of the clay.

      • How or why? Thx!

      • Clay has a natural positive charge. This is why it is so good at removing toxins from the body. At actually attracts the negatives charged Thursday ha from your body. If you use metal mix your clay, it will remove that wonderful property of your clay.

        • Ok. Thx! I keep reading now tho that clay has lead in it and is dangerous????

  187. Long time (former) Suave / Secret antiperspirant user here…
    This article is great. I’ve recently started “cleaning up” my beauty stuff and wanted to share my natural deodorant experiences.
    Years ago, I picked up one of those deodorant crystals when they first got popular as a novelty. I thought it worked ok, but there was no smell. I missed my baby powder pits and the smooth feeling. So I tried the Nature’s Gate deodorant stick. It smelled nice in the store, but the semi-translucent stuff just gummed up all over my pits and reeked up a storm. And I don’t sweat (seriously – not even at the gym).
    Went back to Secret for years and years. Fast forward to me at age 45 switching to a different scent of Secret and noticing “the girls” were tender. That didn’t seem right! Decided it was time to see what new natural deo there is.
    I tried a natural detox deodorant stick whose name escapes me. It had clay in it and seemed promising. Online reviews were good. Unfortunately I think the combo of ingredients did not agree with me and I ended up smelling like funk and cocoa butter. In retrospect, I think the fact that this deo had clay in it may have at least helped detox my pits as in the article above.
    Did more digging into options and settled on a PASTE. It seemed strange at first, but the little pot came with a tiny spatula to scoop it out with. Warm it up, rub on pits…luxuriate in the wonderful smell all day. I ended up with Schmidt’s in bergamot lime. The ingredient list is simple and is VERY similar to the homemade deo recipe here. At nearly $10 for a small pot, I think I may try to make my own next time using the homemade deodorant paste recipe from here. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  188. Can diatomaceous earth be used in place of the bentonite clay?

  189. I just got some deodorant from Tropical Traditions. It seems to work wonderfully. I am slathering the coconut oil from them all over my body. It is heavenly. Thank you for all your great advice Wellness Mama.

  190. Organic lemon works so well for both my DH and I that we never buy any products anymore. Slice and rub on after bath. Wonderful!

  191. I have been using a homemade bentonite clay deoderant for about 6 months now. I never had any issues with rashes or irritation but over the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting a really itchy rash around my armpit area. Do you think I developed an irritation to the baking soda even though I never had an issue before?

  192. Katie after using your magnesium oil for about a month for my deodorant, I did notice my armpits getting irritated and so I immediately put some Manuka honey on my armpits which resolved the problem almost overnight. Now what I do is mix the homemade magnesium oil with either coconut oil or one of your lotion recipes and it works great and no more irritation! Love your recipe for magnesium oil and so glad I didn’t have to stop using it!

  193. I have used primal pit paste for almost 2 months now and just made your deodorant with astowroot, shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda and I have started getting pimple/boil like bumps in my armpit. Right side mainly but sometimes the left too. They pop like a pimple them go away and I will get another. Can you help me, what can be causing it i just started getting them since using your homemade deodorant so maybe something doesn’t like me LOL the primal pit paste did not seem to bother me and what is weird is the ingredients are pretty much the same as I used in my homemade deodorant

  194. Is this safe to do while pregnant?

  195. Is Bentonite Clay safe to wash down the sink? Put in with the laundry (on a washcloth)? If not, how do you clean the wash cloth and jar after this detox? Thank you 🙂

    • I did this tonight and I wiped out my glass bowl and spoon with a wet paper towel and wiped my armpits with wet warm paper towels so I could just throw them away and not worry about it going down the sink or getting all over a washcloth.

  196. I did this detox last week and now I have zits around my armpits….is this normal? Should I do the detox again to help clear them up?

  197. I haven’t really seen anyone here mention how long the stinky part of the detox period last? I happened upon this journey sort of by accident. I bought this organic/natural deodorant that smelled LOVELY! My underarm skin started to become really soft but I noticed a few days later the stank started to ensue. Like new deodorant was not working… Few days later, I land here and decide to go cold turkey and all natural. I am working through the detox but I would like an idea of how long the stinky phase will last??

  198. I was wondering if you can make a week’s worth of this recipe and store it. Would that work or would you need to mix everything right before you apply it every time? Thank you! 🙂

    • It works best when mixed right before application.

  199. It does tend to go moldy pretty quickly, so I wouldn’t make more than two to three days ahead of time!

  200. I just wanted to say a big thank you for this article. It works brilliantly.
    I only started to get sweaty armpits a few years ago, at the age of 42. Even fresh sweat smelt bad.
    In a bid to reduce chemicals, I switched to a natural deodorant (Salt of the Earth) and did your detox. I can’t believe how brilliant it is! That was two months ago. I’ve done it 3 times. Although I still sweat occasionally, there is NO SMELL whatsoever. None. It’s amazing. Either it’s balanced something or it’s removed toxins. I don’t know. But it works. Thanks so much.

  201. Hi Katie, loving your site!

    Keen to try this out but only have Diatomaceous Earth to hand. Would this be a good substitute for the clay?

    Many thanks,


    • They act differently so it wouldn’t be an exact substitute. DE might fight yeast or fungus on the skin but won’t chemically bind with substances in the skin like the clay.

      • Thanks for the info, will add the clay to my shopping list.

  202. I have not worn deodorant for over a year now.. and I live in hot, humid Lousiana. I have always obsessed over smelling good, and paranoid over even a whiff of B.O.
    At one point… I started getting really bad b.o. so I stepped up my deo to something stronger… when that failed to work, I switched to clinical strength.. that didn’t work either! In fact, the problem seemed to have gotten worse!
    A friend suggested that I take a hot bath (as hot as I could stand) with baking soda, Epsom salt, apple cider vinegar, and an essential oil (optional) I can’t remember the exact amount of each.. but these baths worked like a charm!
    I did several a week for a month or so.. (can’t really remember) but I would sit for at least 20 minutes… until my head and face were sweating.. then I would shower as usual…
    I was shocked that after a while, I didn’t have any b.o!! I didn’t get that “damp” feeling under my arms anymore either!
    I don’t put anything on my armpits and I don’t have to do those soaks anymore!

  203. Thank you so much for this. I made my own deodorant about 2 months ago and had been using it with no problems. But I went on a trip 2 weeks ago and went back to the travel size deodorant I already had in my travel case. I came home and have had a bad rash and horrible itching since. Figured it was due to the other deodorant and have been using Calendula and remedies to try to get it under control, but not really helping. So I figured I must need to do a detox of my underarms. I just ordered the clay and will be doing this asap.
    Thanks again.

  204. Hi Katie,

    I want to try out using homemade natural deodorants and would definitely like to carry out this armpit detox but I just want to clarify, does the Bentonite clay used in this recipe have to be 100% Bentonite clay on its own? I currently have a blend of bentonite, white & green clay + nettle powder. It was a mixture that I bought for my homemade mask. Am wondering if its fine to use this? Thanks!

  205. Can i do this detox during breastfeeding? Thanks for any advice!

    • I would check with your OB or midwife…

  206. I’m going to try this as soon as the clay arrives. I’ve been moving away from anti-perspirant for over a year, with occasional use because sometimes I still smell like onions (ick) and that’s not okay with sitting close to people in church (imnho). I’m very much looking forward to zero onion stench and getting the toxins out of my body after 40 years of use. Thank you!

  207. Currently use the Thai deodorant crystal stone and have been for about a year and have recently developed a very bad red rash that is worse on one side than the other. It doesn’t really hurt but is slightly itchy. Why would suddenly develop this after using the product for this long? Would the detox help or irritate it more? Thanks

  208. Hi Katie, thamks for all your wonderful recipies. Could liquid betonite clay be used for detox in the same propotion without adding water, since it’s already in liquid form?

  209. How long does it take to detox? I have been using the natural mix for months and it stopped working. I tried Kiss my face and it burned really bad after about two weeks. I will go back to detoxing daily but in the meanwhile what do i use for deodorant? P.S. I cannot use the baking soda at all it burns and causes a rash….HELP PLEASE!!

    • Cindy:

      Try This has worked for me, and I am VERY sensitive to almost everything else. The deodorant is like a lotion, not a stick or cream. They make several strengths and offer a free sample kit (you just pay shipping) so you can try several and pick what works for you. I use the regular strength normally and the soothing deodorant when I have just shaved or when my skin is sensitive.

      • Thanks so much Mary!

      • Mary
        I tried the only goodness inside and it worked great for two weeks and I started burning and itching really bad…I spoke with the owner and she said I was going through a natural detox. I haven’t been able to use soap or anything under my arms and they still itch really bad and are raw. I’m really wondering if I should do a bentonite clay detox…did you experience any of this? I’m in Alabama and it’s super hot hear…I need a solution quick!

        • Oh No Cindy! I am so sorry to hear that this one didn’t work either. My body must have already detoxed considerably by the time I found this brand. (It was about a year after I switched to natural). It is so miserable to have the itchy raw underarms. I tried the detox, but unfortunately I had some sort of reaction to the ACV and got hives on my legs and torso. Lots of other people have had great success with this detox, so I would, still, try it again or maybe just try bentonite clay. It is worth it to suffer through and allow your body to heal; there is relief, it just isn’t a quick process.

          • Thanks Mary! Yes it’s very uncomfortable but the owner of the company has been super nice and refunded my money. As soon as I can I will do the bentonite clay detox again. Right now I am leary of using the apple cider vinegar even though it will be mixed with the clay. It’s amazing hearing all of the different reactions our bodies have to detoxing but it’s been about a year and a half for me as well and I know it will be over soon!

  210. Awesome! Thanks so much headed there to order now.

  211. I’ve been wanting to switch over to natural deorderant for a while, however I am known to be smelly. I tried this detox just the other day and then started using my natural deorderant. I went on a 4mile run, no stink! I’m amazed. I honestly did not expect it to work because I am someone who has to apply my chemical laden deo. multiple times a day, usually. If any of you think you cannot switch over, you can! This truely works. Also does not sting nor burn, if you don’t shave the pits for a couple of days beforehand.

  212. Hi! Hopefully someone can help me out with my pit challenges, I’m embarrassed to ask but I’m at my wits end. I have been using natural deodorant (various brands) for years now. I have always been sweaty, even when I used antiperspirant, I’m accustomed to that. Whenever I switched to a new deodorant it would work briefly and then stop and I would stink. I was on a pretty good run last year using Queen Helene and my underarms had a reaction to something (I can’t pinpoint what exactly, a lot was happening), they flared up in a painful rash and I could do nothing to them. That settled eventually after about 2 weeks of propolis creme and gentle soap only (no shaving, no deodorant). This happened just after Christmas and since then I switched to a homemade which I liked initially but it was too oily for me and discolored a lot of my clothes. Even that irritated me eventually and I would only use it when I thought I couldn’t do without it, then I used it for a week straight and my underarms got like leather and eventually peeled… Since then I have just been using a little lavender oil on a cotton ball if I need to leave the house but that does not hold up well under challenging conditions and the days I don’t use it I smell even worse. Do you think this detox will help?! I haven’t used regular deodorant in years so I would think that those toxins may have worked themselves out by now, and I’m a bit nervous about having a severe reaction. But I need to do SOMETHING, I can’t walk around in public smelling like someone who’s been laboring outside for a week without a shower. Any recommendations?! (I’m sorry, I know that was long but I thought it important to have the full story)

    • Jeanique: I have had similar challenges with trying LOTS of natural/homemade products and having all of them end up either not working or leaving me with a horrible, itchy rash. Last year I got turned on to Only Goodness Inside, and it has worked GREAT! It is a lotion, not a bar, but, for me, it has been a life saver. They have multiple strengths and offer a free sampler pack (you just pay shipping) so you can try them and figure out what works for you. I ended up with the Regular deodorant for every day, and the Soothing Deodorant for the days I shave or the day after I have eaten something I shouldn’t (diet can really affect me). I haven’t had any issues with staining and hope this works for you, too. It is such a struggle!

      • Thank you so much for your reply Mary! I’ll look into that and get the sampler pack. I hope this one suits me better!

  213. Straight up coconut oil as a deodorant works! I couldn’t believe it! I rubbed in the organic virgin coconut oil I have after my shower and spent the whole day out. Now I am not a delicate flower that doesn’t smell, I normally am VERY stinky after a while – even using my beloved usual organic non toxic deodorant, which I always carry with me because it wears off. Well today I seriously kept sniffing myself because I could not believe I didn’t smell!

  214. Should you apply the detox to clean underarm pits or can you apply it to pits that have deodorant already on them? Thanks!!

    • Clean is best, even if you just wipe them off before applying the detox.

  215. Thanks Katie- great excuse to switch over to a natural deodorant.
    How long is the detox mixture good for? Do I have to make it fresh each time or am I able to make a larger batch to use multiple times?
    Also, how often do you detox?

    • I do it every couple of weeks and it definitely is better to make it fresh each time.

  216. Can you have detox reactions other than a rash from this? I have used prescription strength deodorant for 10-12 years. I am day 3 into the armpit detox and have developed a horrible cold. I have a lot of pressure in my head and my whole body aches. Is this just a coincidence or can this be my body’s reaction to detoxing all of these chemicals? I know other detoxes can cause cold like symptoms but unsure if this could. Thanks!!

    • Yes, it sounds as if you’re body is reacting to the detox. It happened to me once a while back. Your body is releasing all the toxins from the chemicals you’ve been using, and causing aches & pains along with the cold. The best thing you can do is get rid of all the toxins. Once your body has detoxed you can start fresh with your new deodorant or start making healthy food choices. To get rid of underarm odor, take zinc. You won’t need any deodorant with zinc.

      • Thank you so much for the response! Should I continue the detox every day but for less amount of time to help the detox symptoms not be as bad? Also I have been using a natural deodorant already. Should I not be using that yet since I’m still detoxing or maybe use essential oils instead? I’ll try the zinc you recommended because I have really bad odor and feel like I need to use something to cover it up. Thanks again!

        • Do you still have an odor after detoxing? When detoxing you should try to limit deodorant of any type. How long have you been detoxing? I would say that now that you’re sick your detox days are pretty much done. If so then try vinegar or an essential oil to keep your underarm breathing. When you say a natural deodorant are you referring to an organic based type of deodorant free of any type of aluminum, and made mostly of herbs and essential oils? If so then it’s fine to use if not then don’t use it. Try the zinc hopefully that will work on you. I have smelly underarms as well, but when I take zinc my odor just goes away. Hope this helps.

          • Yes I still have odor. Since I started using the detox I have not used an aluminum based deodorant. I recently have tried using crystal deodorant stones, apple cider vinegar, essential oils with coconut oil, Toms aluminum free deodorant, and Young Living brand deodorants. With everything I have tried I have to apply it over and over every hour or two to get rid of the odor. I started the detox on Thursday (5 minutes), Friday and Saturday (20 minutes each day) and today (5 minutes). I began feeling sick on Friday and was really bad on Saturday. I have had bad detox reactions in the past to other detoxes so I’m sure my body just has a lot of toxins to flush out. I will continue to detox over the next week to make sure I get everything out and will definitely try the zinc in addition to my daily vitamin.

  217. Kayla take the zinc at a different time from your vitamin, maybe wait a few hours before taking it. This is how i take it so it does not interfere with my multivitamin and how I noticed that my odor was gone after separating the times of it. It’s a well known secret that zinc takes away odor so good luck with it. Hope it works for you as it has for me.

  218. Curious if I can do an armpit detox while pregnant? Or if not while pregnant, nursing? Has anyone done an armpit detox while pregnant or nursing?

  219. I don’t recommend you doing it while you’re pregnant, it’s like going on a fast while pregnant, it’s not good for the unborn child. Your baby is pulling all the nutrients from your body, a detox is pulling all the nutrients out of your body while it’s detoxing. Be careful, do it after you are done nursing. I worked as a nurse in ob/gyn, detoxing and fasting were not something the doctor would recommend. But if you don’t believe me ask your doctor.

    • Lol I never said I didn’t believe you. Some people need to learn Internet etiquette or just not to use a keyboard. Thanks for your input, sour puss!!!

  220. Hi, you mentioned in your article that regular deodorants contain aluminium, which isn’t good but benonite clay also has aluminium. Do you know why this form of aluminium isn’t a problem?

  221. It’s not that I was being sour, sorry if you took it that way, what I meant to say is to consult with your physician since I am not a doctor.

  222. I started using the natural deodorant a couple days ago, but I want to try to do the detox as well so the results are more effective.
    I am planning to start the detox tomorrow, and I have been wondering for how long should I do it? or rather, how do I know I am completely toxines free?
    Any tips?

  223. How often would you suggest doing the detox? When you do it you say to do it for a few days, but do it again in a month? 6 months? A year? Whenever your pits are irritated from Deo?

  224. Do natural deodorants typically give you a rash? I was just about to go buy one today in hopes that it would reduce razor burn,

    • Have you tried shaving with Coconut oil? I found that it was pretty awesome for shaving and no razor burn. As for the natural deodorant, I haven’t found a rash but after using a tea tree essential oil based one for a year, I am finding that my underarms are getting red. Maybe you have to switch up the brands every now and then?

  225. Can I substitute the apple cider vinegar for something else in this recipe?

  226. Can I use watee, lemon juice or witch hazel instead of the apple cider vinegar?

  227. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! And that’s not even enough gratitude to express how wonderful this post/detox is! I switched to homemade deodorant about 1 yr ago…since then I have had such pit issues…bumps, rashes, irritation. It would come and go, but never truly clear up. I broke down and went to a dermatologist, who told me I had a yeast infection under my arms. I followed her directions to a t, even used prescription ointments despite my hesitation bc I was determined to clear up my arm pits and stay the course of no commercial deodorant. Needless to say, I still was battling awful rashes, despite changing up my recipe, going sans deodorant and trying alternative stink relief. I stumbled across this detox and have been doing it for 3 days and I have had amazing relief, and am confident this will clear up my issues for good! Thank you again!

  228. I have tried using natural deodorants in the past but find myself always going back to a clinical strength commercial deodorant. Even the clinical strength didn’t work to its full capacity. I have suffered bad armpit odor since I was in elementary school and I’m in college now. I’ve also had vaginal odors, and I can’t understand why. I know I don’t have any odor related diseases, I just have bad luck. I recently ordered primal pit paste, the primer and the pit pump (even the popo powder) in hopes this will help me through my journey but I have not used yet because I have been detoxing every weekend and it has been helping I just want to know how long does it take for someone to fully detox their armpits and there body? I am also taking a multi vitamin and chlorophyll supplements and recently started drinking alkaline water.. I don’t want to go back to commercial deodorants, I feel like I can’t be myself sometimes knowing that I have bad b.o ANY ADVICE WILL HELP!

    • I take zinc and it removes underarm odor. I like you have the same issue but when I drink zinc my odor disappears. Maybe give it a try as it is known to work. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you so much Pat! I really appreciate your advice and taking the time out to help! I am desperate. I take Garden of Life Raw One a day Women’s Multi Vitamin. It has 4mg of Zinc but I know an adult needs 8mg of Zinc. Do you think I should get a separate bottle of zinc? Or take 2 capsules instead of one from the multi vitamin? To increase the dosage of zinc?

    • Hi Mia,

      Have you ever tried changing your diet? Often this can help with body odor a lot! There’s a good article on this here:

      You should also check your magnesium levels and consider a supplement, as low magnesium can be a cause of body odor.

      Hope this helps!

  229. You’re quite welcome. I bought the pills and took them separately from my multivitamin. I would say don’t mix them together either.

  230. Question can I make up a batch ahead of time? For example can I make up the mixture tonight for the week?

  231. No, bacteria could set in and the mask would become hardened.

  232. buried in these comments someone suggested doing a pit detox with raw honey for 20 minutes or longer. i tried using that for an hour and it totally worked. who knew?! 🙂 i also suggested both that & your bentonite clay detox to someone online and they tried the bentonite clay and have had fabulous results. she’s now formulating her own deodorant with babassu oil & lemongrass essential oil and is having good results as both help to reduce odor. keep up the great work katie!

  233. I’m going to give this a try! I find that even after washing my pits with my regular body wash, I’ll wash them again with some baking soda and I find it keeps the Oder away allot better. I do shower daily and I wear scented body lotion and perfume every day (it’s just a personal preference). I ran out of the store bought deodorant that I had (I’ve been using toms for about 3 or 4 months now) and I haven’t had the money to buy any more yet. Although it hasn’t bothered me. If I find that I smell a bit, I’ll wash my pits before I head out of the house. I’m not Anti- deodorant, it’s just a habit I’ve gotten into since I haven’t had the money to buy any more. I am planning on making home made deodorant once I collect all the ingredients I need.

  234. Hmm I would be cautious.
    Bentonite clay contains aluminium.
    The reason I’d be cautious is my husband and a friend have both had horrible reactions after longish use of what was advertised as aluminium free natural deodorant, which contained kaolin clay which contains aluminium.
    Combined with bicarbonate it is probably worse than conventional deodorants.
    My friend had armpit swelling, cysts and generalised low grade malaise. My husband had burning neuralgia in face neck and upper chest.
    Both saw several Drs and alternative health practitioners. Eventually it stopped worsening and reduced with stopping using the product.
    So I would avoid it personally, especially if you are getting a reaction

    • Bria, if you’re referring to #233 I sense you misread. I don’t think they’re using the clay to make a deodorant with, Also Bentonite clay is volcanic ash that contains only trace amounts of aluminum.

  235. Ok this may be a stupid question, but do you let your arms down while the paste is on there or do you you need to leave your pits exposed (ie, lay or stand with arms up exposing the armpits)? Also, do you wait until after you’ve gone through the detox period before using natural deodorant or can you start right away?

    Do you wear a sign saying that your pits are detoxing in case people smell your BO? (I’m only half kidding,lol.)


    • You can put your arms down…. it will still be effective. I also started using natural deodorant long before I discovered the detox, so they can definitely both be done together.

  236. I have done the detox 5 times in the last week and am still experiencing unpleasant odor! I’ve noticed that I don’t feel/see the mixture harden like it does if I use the same mixture for a face mask. Could this be why? The area also doesn’t turn red which is another thing that happens when I use it on my face. I don’t want to give up but I’m frustrated! Any tips? I’ve been using natural deodorant for 4 months now and never had bad odor prior to using the natural ones. It sucks!

    • Hey Stephanie! I recently commented on this post a few weeks ago and I was so discourage and my boyfriend even called me out on it I was embarrassed but I didn’t give up (and didn’t want to buy a commercial deodorant) at that time I was using primal pit paste, I got the whole package (the primal primer, the pump and the extra strong pit paste) and girl it worked great the first two weeks or 3 weeks and that’s when I started experiencing the odor (last week) right when I made a month without commercial deodorant and I was taking chlorophyll (but kept stopping) and I take vitamins and even bought zinc which everyone swear by (I took it for a couple of days but I wanted immediate results, I’ll probably take them again) but anyways! I started using apple cider vinegar under my arms before I apply the primal pump, the pit paste and I even got the idea of using my popo powder from primal on my armpits and it worked!! For now at least and I’m also using African Black Soap as well … I hope my experience helps.. If not we can all be stinky together because I’m not going back … (If it gets deadly then yes)

      • No Never Give Up!
        I have been on this journey for almost two years now and it is a JOURNEY….SHEESH! Let’s see
        I have made my own using the recipe posted on this site…it worked for a couple of months …then i had the baking soda breakout reaction…HORRIBLE…from that to nothing but coconut oil…that didn’t work for me! Then i tried Schmidt….it worked for a couple of days and I discovered the detox which worked for about a month then it stopped working because it was the summer and it was Super Hot ( I Live in Alabama) so I tried witch hazel but by this time my armpits were raw so it burned liked crazy. I can’t use soap under there at all and I use the African Black Soap……then someone on here suggested Only Good Inside (check them out) and I thought Now this is going to work…..well it did for about 2 weeks and my armpits broke out AGAIN….this was about 3 months ago and let me just tell you it was BAD! I have used an Aloe Vera plant, witchazel (when i could stand it) and I detox about 5 times a week…leaving it on overnight and I am finally almost to the point where I just use raw coconut oil (depending on the time of the month)….So i’m saying all of that to say this DONT GIVE UP! I know that the 30 plus years i have worn deodorant is finally all coming out of my body. I learned from the Only Goodness Inside lady that this is very common and everyone’s body is different. We live in a microwave generation where everyone wants quick results. Well No Ma’am microwaves aren’t good for you. I am STILL on my journey now 2 years later but it’s gradually getting better. And I continue to press towards this goal to be Healthy and Whole and oh yeah Cancer FREE!!!!! This too shall pass and when it does you will be one happy chic:)

      • Mia! I am also a PPP user! They were my first choice after a lot of research. I went through their “pit detox” which was horrible, but once it was over I was very happy. But then my armpits started to break out and after going back and forth with their customer service team we decided I could be allergic to the baking soda which was a bummer! I was using their Coconut Lime so they sent me the unscented in both light and regular strength, which still didn’t help and still a rash! So next came the pit stick which was better but didn’t help with odor at all. So next I tried Piper Wai which I actually really love, but it didn’t last all day – so, here is where I have landed! The smell has actually gotten better over the last few days, and I am back to using PPP without any reaction so maybe this detox was just what I needed to soothe and fix everything! I will keep trying – I really don’t want to ever go back to any other deodorant.
        And Cindy – thank you for sharing! I think between the two of you I feel much better about this – and it does put my mind at ease that I’m not the only one who isn’t immediately smelling so fresh and so clean after one or two detox’s 🙂 great for you guys for sticking with it!

  237. Ok, first application – check. No redness afterwards. It took more than a tablespoon of water to get it to a paste wet enough to apply! Then, when I washed it off, it was in clumps that wouldn’t break up or go down the drain – yikes!

    I will continue to use it – I sure hope it works as I have one stinky armpit that nothing seems to help!

  238. Will Sonnes #7 Bentonite Clay work? I would think not to add water because it is in a liquid state already correct?

  239. Does it matter if you use unfiltered apple cider vinegar?