Spray Deodorant Recipe

Homemade natural spray deodorant recipe

My homemade natural deodorant recipe is several years old and is one of the most popular on my site with almost 800 comments. I still use it and it is really effective, but some people don’t react well to the baking soda and are looking for another option.

It seems that baking soda gives some people an itchy, red rash when used on the underarms. It works incredibly well in deodorant recipes, but some people just can’t tolerate it and I definitely don’t recommend continuing to try a recipe that is causing a rash or pain.

One solution here is to just remove the baking soda from the original recipe, and use equal parts of shea butter, coconut oil and arrowroot powder with essential oils for scent, though some people find this isn’t as effective as the recipe with baking soda.

I found out recently when I packed the wrong glass jar for a trip that my magnesium body butter works really well as a deodorant. In fact, if you react to baking soda, I’d recommend trying the magnesium body butter as an alternative.

My accidental mix up made me wonder if there was another good natural deodorant solution besides the recipes with baking soda, and maybe one that was more convenient as well. One complaint with oil based recipes is that they can stain clothing if you don’t wait for it to dry before getting dressed.

I wanted a quick dry option that wasn’t oil based, didn’t have baking soda and that actually worked.

I also loved the idea of using something with magnesium like the magnesium body butter but didn’t want something that thick. Then, I found a perfect solution that I’ve sweat tested in a hot southern summer while running outside and it works.

I still love the original recipes, but I’ve been using this one too and even tested them both side by side and this recipe seems to be equally effective.

So what’s in it? Great question. The secret ingredient is….

Magnesium Oil!

It’s actually a misnomer, since magnesium oil just feels oily but doesn’t contain any actual oil, but it is incredibly effective at preventing underarm odor, plus you get a boost of magnesium. Add some essential oils and it is a great smell- good deodorant.

You can make magnesium oil yourself (this is the recipe I use) or buy the pre-made version here.

NOTE: Some people experience a tingling sensation when they first start using magnesium oil. This is considered a normal reaction, especially for those who are low on magnesium and it should fade in a couple of days.

TIP: To make this even more effective, mix 3/4 cup water with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and apply to underarms after showering and let dry before applying this. This helps remove any natural bacteria in the underarm and makes this spray deodorant last even longer.

Spray Deodorant Ingredients

  • 4 ounces magnesium oil
  • 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oils or a mixture
  • A 4 ounce or larger glass spray bottle (I use this one but replaced the top because my kids dropped the bottle and the original top broke)

Spray Deodorant Instructions

  1. Make the magnesium oil if using homemade magnesium oil.
  2. Pour in to glass spray bottle and add any essential oils if using.
  3. To use: spray a small amount on underarms and rub in gently. Let dry for about 5 seconds.

Note: Stinging can sometimes occur if used right after shaving or if you are low on magnesium. This should subside after a few days.

Ever made deodorant? How did it go? Share your experience below!

This simple homemade spray deodorant recipe uses magnesium oil and essential oils for an effective and nourishing deodorant without harmful chemicals.

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Reader Comments

  1. Amazing! I was just wondering about deodorant for my 8 year old. I just noticed she has B.O. 8 seems early but it is there. I have used Magnesium oil before putting on deodorant when it is especially hot out. Just today as I told her to remember her deodorant I wondered about using my magnesium oil. We’ll give it a try. Thanks for an excellent blog and excellent resource.

    • What EO do you recommend? I know you said favorite..but what work best..
      Thank You Love this site i’m searching everyday Thanks

      • I love a combo of lemongrass, tea tree, and geranium

    • Rubbing alcohol can be used in replace of the vinegar mixture. It kills the bacteria, and it doesn’t require any mixing.

      • Please do not use rubbing alcohol. It is absorbed through the skin, and is toxic! Can cause liver damage, brain damage, seizure, blindness and death! Ingestion is worse, but absorbtion through skin has been proven medically to be very dangerous. Thank you.

        • Would you publish your references for the assertion that spritzing one’s armpits with rubbing alcohol would “cause liver damage, brain damage, seizure, blindness and death?” These are scary statements. After I read it, I looked, and so far have found nothing to backup this assertion, but I am sure you would not say it if you could not back it up, and I would like to read the references for myself.

          On the same topic of using a natural deodorant, why would a person just finishing a shower need to do ANYthing (whether vinegar or alcohol) to remove bacteria that would already have been removed by a good thorough shower with shower cleanser of some sort?

          As for rating the recipe, I haven’t tried it yet, since I am waiting the arrival of an order of magnesium oil. I use the magnesium lotion on other body parts, so I did not have any of the magnesium oil on hand, but I look forward to trying the recipe. Hm-m-m … when I tied to give the recipe 3 stars (because it reads OK, but I haven’t tried making or using it) your website only allows 5 stars, no matter what one clicks on … NOT cool!

          • I have to use baking soda on my armpits after I wash them with soap. No matter how many times I wash them in the shower and no matter what soap I use. For some reason they still smell. If I don’t do the baking soda and wait more than 30 minutes to put on antiperspirant, my armpits become very stinky, sticky and itchy. I just did an arm pit detox and will be trying the spray. I am hoping it helps. I have been like this for years 🙁

          • @SueEllen I don’t think it’s “cool” to rate the recipe until you’ve tried it 🙂

          • @ Nikki, I use bentonite clay from Mountain Rose Herbs. If you detox with that at least once a week, it will take care of the smell. When I use it I use a few drops of Organic Lavender Oil in the bath and just soak for a while to let it absorb in. I know Katie-Wellness Mama has a article about it somewhere, she could probably help you more in that area. ?

          • In 2002, 8,998 people were exposed to isopropanol, according to the US poison centers. Fifty-nine people suffered a life-threatening toxic exposure that caused them to be disabled or have serious medical complications, and of these 59, three died …http://www.mdguidelines.com/toxic-effects-isopropyl-alcohol

        • Very valid point! I have heard many of the same things about rubbing alcohol and the damage it does. I was diagnosed with a severe allergy to all types of alcohols and rubbing alcohol being fatal. I have seen many doctors in my lifetime and I have heard a lot about rubbing alcohol and the consequences. I have not read such statements any where that I can recall, but I have heard bits and pieces from doctors far and wide.

      • Hydrogen peroxide cleans the underarm area very well and requires no mixing. It will also clean up any organic stains in the house from kids or pets. Helps clean the insides of shoes as well and no smell like vinegar.

        • What about alcohol. I use a cotton ball and clean first then put on deodorant. Do you think that will work too.

          • Alcohol is rather harsh, and may dry out and irritate your skin quite badly. Try to find other solutions. I am looking forward to trying the magnesium oil myself.

          • Ok I started using vinegar but the magnesium oil itches and kinda burns. It’s getting better for my pits but if I put it amy where else it burns and itches.

          • A simply and easy way to rid bacteria from underarms is : make a cup of tea, let it cool. Then soak cotton ball in tea, apply to under arm , let it stay on for about for about 5 minutes. Then rinse off. If it stings dilute tea. I have used this all summer, with no problem. The reason we have body odor is bacteria on skin ( corn starch, arrow root talc powder) Sweat does not smell,

        • I have found the most amazing body odor fighter of all. I use pure xylitol as a body scrub in the shower, leave on for a few, then go over with unscented body wash with a little essential oil mixed in on a loofa. Xylitol is the only thing that actually breaks down biofilm. I use it in my shampoo and as a facial scrub and it instantly cured my rosacea. I started using it for teeth and gums and it has markedly reversed my perio disease. As for the pits…after xylitol I spray magnesium oil with peppermint essential oil…I stay fresh all day. This works even for my very hormonal teenage son too, who used to have pits of death.

          • Lol, “pits of death”… what a phrase! Thanks for sharing!

          • Veronica, im interested in your comment about the xylotil for Rosecea. Whar format does it come in and where can one get it?

          • Hi Jackie, I have two types of xylitol that I use. The first is just the raw xylitol- I buy Epic xylitol in a 5lb bag for $22.00 from luckyvitamin (dot) com. I LOVE it. For rosacea I use the raw xylitol as a scrub everywhere on my face and neck and then rinse off after a few minutes. I use it as a body scrub on a loofah, and I put it in my shampoo and in non-flouride toothpaste. Great for pedicures, pretty much great for everything!

            And the second xylitol type is actually a group of products by the company med-actil (dot) com. I use Klearactil and/or Polyactil for rosacea after the xylitol scrub. They are both for skin regeneration but one is more for acne prone skin, so I alternate depending upon need. I use their Periactil Precondition Kit after I brush/floss my teeth, and this has reversed my gum recession.

            The only negative that I can see is that anything with xylitol in it must absolutely be kept away from pets because it is poisonous to them. Can’t leave it out ever, but other than that it has been a game changer.

          • My 11 year old lately had BO from hitting puberty and I wanted something organic to help her. I came up with my own home made recipe which has helped greatly and she smells fresh too. I combined Witch Hazel, organic Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon, tea tree and Ylang-ylang essential oils and voila! Fresh odour killing deodorant spray. I hope this helps.

          • Please tell me how you work with the xylitol! Do you buy it as a sweetener??? I’m so interested in this. I recently learned about using a xylitol nasal spray to break down biofilms in the nose…so that my natural remedies are more effective.

          • Did you make the xylitol products ? If so, will you please share the recipe ? If not what are the names of the products. Thank you

    • Did you ever find an essential oil deodorant recipe for kids? I’m searching the web for one but not having much luck.

      • I use vodka, and essential oil in a spray bottle. Works awesome… you can use cheap vodka, lol save grey goose for you cocktail.

    • Even thirteen hours after having shaved, magnesium oil burned when I applied it to my armpits.

  2. Does this help in keeping your armpits dry as well?

    • Yes, but works cumulatively over time, so it will reduce more and more over time.

      • I can’t wait to try this as the other recipe has left my underarms with a rash, cracked and almost bleeding. My local health store seems to only sell magnesium gel and I am wondering if you think it would work as a deodorant?

        • Sorry to hear about that! What recipe gave you a rash? I’m glad it’s not this one!

  3. Thank you Katie! I am one who’s skin itches and turns red with the baking soda. I will look forward to try this one out.

    • Hi Erick, Do you have any essential oils that are man friendly. I made the homemade stick deodorant for myself but am trying to figure out what scents to use for the bf. He doesnt want to smell like coconut oil or shea butter lol

      • Cedarwood & sandalwood are good man scents 🙂

        • So is patchouli 🙂

      • I use a mint and beurgomont mix for my husband.

      • I use Cypress with Sweet Orange or White Fir for my husband. They all smell very masculine. Cypress has the added bonus of being a natural antiperspirant.

    • Tea Tree Oil is a favorite, its a good man scent!

  4. I use magnesium oil on occasion, but warn that for me, it stings for hours if I apply it after shaving or if there is any irritation already in the area. Otherwise, it works like a charm. And I also do the ACV on my armpits, and on the bottoms of my feet. That is a great tip.

    • I’ve had that same dilemma! It feels almost like it’s “burning” my skin after having shaved. Is that burning sensation supposed to go away as well over time after the body has replenished its magnesium stores? Love the blog, btw. Thanks for all you do!

        • I have the same problem with stinging and also noticed a little bit of irritation even after two weeks of using. When should the burning sensation go away? I’ve rubbed a home made coconut oil lotion under my armpits in between as that helps with the burning and skin irritations. Also, is there any particular reason why you use a glass bottle to store this?

  5. Very cool! I wonder if this would work in an old roll on deodorant container…?

    • I use small essential oil roller bottles. That way I can keep one in my purse and one in my gym bag. They work great!

      • Oh nice idea with the little rollerballs. I’m going to try that. I have been using Magnesium as a deodorant for months now and it works great! You have to use it every day. One morning I forgot to put some on, started to smell, then sprayed the magnesium and the odor went away. I love that I get benefits from it as well. I sleep better and I have good energy throughout the day.

        • Lulu, what type of magnesium composition are you using? There are so many!

  6. Magnesium seems to be a miracle worker! I started using it when I was having morning sickness and it completely got rid of it….. Can’t wait to try this as a deodorant thanks katie!!! I absolutely loooooove your blog. I look for new posts everyday 🙂

    • Hi, how did you use magnesium for morning sickness? Just curious. Did you use the oil?

        • This might be a silly question, but is magnesium pregnancy and breast feeding safe?

          • Yes, I use them when pregnant and breastfeeding.

          • Magnesium is safe. I’m a mother baby nurse and we use large doses of magnesium during pregnancy and after for different reasons. It’s a neuro protectant for the baby during pregnancy and can stop labor. We also use it to prevent seizures during pregnancy and after delivery for preeclampsia.

  7. Have been doing this for a while now, with the magnesium oil from Health and Wisdom. I just rub it in my pits. Recently started using their mag oil/aloe vera combo which is gentler. Good idea about adding essential oils, will do that!

    • I like this idea of combining the Magnesium Oil with aloe. How exactly do you do this? Do you just add the aloe and shake it up? How much aloe to Magnesium do you use? Thanks!

      • Hi Andrea,

        Actually, I had thought the magnesium gel I was using from Health and Wisdom already contained aloe, but when I checked the label I saw I was mistaken. It does have seaweed extract. I had used about a quarter of the 12 oz bottle so I thought i might as well add some aloe vera juice I had in the fridge. So that was about 3 oz. aloe vera to 9 oz magnesium gel. btw, the gel is weaker than the oil, so it is already gentler on the skin.

        • oh, and yes, I just shake it up. 🙂

          • Awesome!!! Thank you so much! I’ll give it a try! 🙂

    • Make sure you use a high quality essential oil that is truly pure…many say they are, but aren’t..
      Do research on your oil of choice.

      • If they say it’s pure how do u find out it’s really not

  8. I can’t wait to try this! My homemade with baking soda has given me rashes so that stopped it. So I’ve been using the natural crystal deoderant but I’m really not a fan

  9. I can’t wait to try this! My Liquid Rock deodorant is almost out and never worked that great anyway. Magnesium oil is so strange, it often tingles if it gets anywhere BUT my underarms and sides of my torso. I put it on the sides of my torso every day with no feeling, but if it gets anywhere else it burrrrrnnnnsss! I had no idea it would work as an antiperspirant. Thanks Katie!!

  10. You can buy a dry powder ‘milk of magnesia’–magnesium hydroxide.

    Works perfectly as a deodorant. Since it’s a powder, you can get dressed without having to let it dry and when you travel take it on the airlines without a hassle from TSA.

    • how do you apply it dry? Just by itself?

      • You can get a large makeup brush for applying this!

  11. I was wondering if you think it would work to add magnesium oil to the original deodorant recipes that you posted…not the solid one, but the one that’s more like a paste. We love that one and it took me a long time to get my husband to convert. He is happy with it and doesn’t really care to switch again. He has troubles with sleep, so I would love to get him more magnesium. Thanks for this post, though! I plan on using it!

    • I would think it should be fine but I’ll experiment. You might need to whip it.

      • Great! Thanks! I will experiment too. Whipping it seems like that would be a great way to incorporate it. Thanks again!

      • A friend recently told me about using Mike of Magnesium as a deodorant.
        So I purchased a bottle, shake well apply to a Kleenex, dab both underarms wait a few minutes. It does not stain clothing and absolutely works. I have been using for about 1month now. By the end of the day, there is absolutely no odour at all.
        Let me know what other people think.
        Thanks & have a great day.

        • I use Milk of Magnesia when I run out of deodorant and in a hurry. It works VERY well for me. I also use it as a primer before I use foundation (which is rare,I hate make-up) so that my face doesn’t get shiny. And I never use powder.
          I have been scanning the comments hoping to see someone else bring that up. It really does work 🙂

          • Ms. Angela, you are absolutely right, milk of magnesia is great as a primer for makeup. The makeup artist that my sister used for her wedding applied milk of magnesia to her bridesmaids faces. The makeup lasted all day and with no shine. It was absolutely amazing!
            I never knew it could be used to help with body odor. I am definitely going to give it a try. I have potent underarms!?

        • I too use milk of magnesia as my deodorant. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now when my cousin told me that’s what she uses. We live in South Texas, so it’s passed the test with our super hot summers. No singing, no smell and easy to buy from any grocery or drugstore. I put it on after my shower in the evening and it lasts through the next day. Great stuff!

      • I always replace one tablespoon of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of magnesium oil in your paste recipe and it has been great. Thank you so much I love your recipes!

  12. I’ve been using magnesium oil as a deodorant for about a month and it definitely works. I bought the oil for sleeplessness and was applying it to my feet as recommended on the bottle. Then I thought I might as well use it during the day to help with my stressful job. The easiest place to apply it was under my arms so now I have a deodorant that helps keep me relaxed and dry. Love it.

    • Win win! I’m excited to try it!

    • Excited to try this. Just placed my order for magnesium oil, clay to detox first and some roll on applicators. Hoping this works! Used a coconut oil based diy deodorant with baking soda and it caused so much irritation that my armpits ended up peeling! :/ Never read/or thought about detoxing first but makes so much sense. Hoping this is it for me, I hate to smell bad after a few hours and I hate using chemicals on my body!

      • I know this comment is late but for those who are sensitive to baking soda or still have odor problems after washing under there arms etc….your not alone. I have searched everywhere using everything and I mean everything to get rid of my strong smelling pits. One day I came across a chemist who explained that the problem was I was using soap under my arm which in return causes the smell….even though washing under your arms cleans them, your left with soap residue that the bacteria eats on causing the smell. His suggestion was to NOT use any soap under your arms when washing (I know! I thought that’s crazy) only use hot water to clean them and after letting them dry use Lime. I have tried it and can say it WORKS 100%. Just cut a slice of lime and rub the juice under your arms, let it dry and your done. It feels slightly sticky at first but it goes away shortly. The best thing I have tried, next would be the magnesium oil which works great too but for some people it may burn too much. This is also great for kids and very cheap, I would recommend putting the juice in a roller to make it easier to apply for kids but keep it refrigerated to prolong use and freshness.

        • Have you tried pasteurized organic lime juice you can buy online?

          I’m wondering if it works the same.

        • Caution however, as lime juice makes your skin extremely photosensitive.

  13. How do you get the essential oils dispersed throughout the magnesium “oil,” since oil and water don’t mix? Do you emulsify the essential oil in Everclear first? I’ve used plain old milk of magnesia as a deodorant and was somewhat pleased. This might be even better. Baking soda caused a horrible rash for me.

  14. Since essential oils are not recommended for children, what should you put in the mixture for tweens and teens as a scent? Or is the amount recommended negligible? Also, any recommendations for a scent – antibacterial and antifungal?


    • Most essential oils are safe with children! Just make sure they’re 100% pure and the magnesium oil should dilute it too!

    • I would check out learningabouteos.com for help with knowing what essential oils to stay away from for kids, and proper dilution ratios for particular age groups. There is a wonderful dilution chart that tells you how many drops of EO’s to add for different amounts of carrier. Scroll down the home page and look at the right side bar under “Safety and Education Articles.”

    • Though I have not tried magnesium oil, or milk of magnesia yet, I have been using a fragrance-free deodorant for years, and giving it a little boost with my favorite fragrance applied to the armpit. That way your deodorant never clashes with your perfume! This leaves you and your kids free to find a fragrance whose composition suit everyone.

  15. I am one of those people who’s skin gets red and irritated when using baking soda. Also for me it always burns when I apply magnesium oil. I’ve been using it on my abdomen for 6 months and it still burns, not tingles, but burns. But that doesn’t stop me from using mag oil daily. Since using it my eye twitch has stopped. Interesting idea to try it out for deodorant.

    • If Magnesium oil is burning you simply dillute it with water. All it is is a strong dillution of the Mag salt and water. It is very easy to make. I use it full stregnth on ,my torso and dillute it to about 1/4 stregnth for my face and armpits. I simply put a small amount into another container and dillute that to a stregnth that doesn’t hurt my skin. Also I find that when it is mixed with a lotion or coconut oil it doesn’t burn or look powdery or flakey when it dries.

    • I squirt a bit of mag oil and then a squirt of lotion in my hand , mix the two and apply. You get moisturized and get mag oil without any stinging.

    • I have found that mixing a little coconut oil in the magnesium oil keeps it from burning other areas of my body. I am not sure about putting on your underarms though. Might feel kind of slimy.

  16. How long will this spray deodorant last? Does it need to be kept in the refrigerator?

    • It should last a good long time… 6 months or so. I imagine you will go through it faster than that, though.

  17. My husband and I have been spraying magnesium oil on our feet just recently. I’v been sleeping better and he is feeling more energetic but neither one of us can stand the feeling of it. It’s very sticky feeling. Is that normal? I’m not sure that I would like this feeling in my armpits 🙁

    • I made this and have been using it for the past week and it is sticky. It seems to be working better than my other homemade deodorant though. I’ve been spraying it on, letting it dry while I brush my teeth and then putting a dusting of powder over it. (I have cornstarch and arrowroot powder) That seems to help stop the stickiness, but I’ve noticed that the couple of times that I’ve sweat a good amount it gets really sticky again. I wore a tank top one day and my hair kept getting stuck in my armpit. My other deodorant has been staining my shirts, so I’m thinking this will be good when I have sleeves and on days when I’m wearing a tank top then I can use my other deodorant which isn’t as sticky and it won’t have shirt armpits to stain!

  18. Is this safe to use when pregnant? I would love to try it. Also I saw someone said it is good for sleeplessness if you apply it to your feet. Do you know if I can use it on my 10 year old? She has such a hard time falling asleep and I am willing to try anything!
    Thank you

    • I had severe pre-eclampsia when I was 33 wks pregnant. They wanted to hold off delivering as long as possible so they could give me steroid shots to help my son’s lungs develope as much as possible. They gave me magnesium through an iv to keep me from having a stroke. The magnesium was so strong it made me really sick & I don’t remember much of the week I was on it. With that being said, my son & I are doing just fine & there’s no lasting effects. If I was fine on that, I can’t imagine that the much much smaller amounts of magnesium would harm you or your baby. It never hurts to consult your doctor, but they were putting magnesium straight into my bloodstream! I should have enough magnesium stored up to last several lifetimes! Hope this helps. I just wish I had known the tip that magnesium could help morning sickness!

  19. Can children / pregnant women use this deodorant or does it depend on which essential oil you use in it?

    • Magnesium
      Magnesium is a mineral that your body needs to form bone, protein and fatty acids. It relaxes your muscles and helps your blood to clot appropriately. This is a useful mineral if you suffer from leg cramps. Studies show that magnesium levels are lower in women who have had a premature labour.

      Furthermore, because it has a good effect on muscles, it can help to prevent premature contractions by relaxing the muscles of the womb. Scientists have investigated the effect of giving magnesium during pregnancy and found that women taking magnesium supplements had less chance of having low birthweight and premature babies, and their babies had better Apgar score.Magnesium is known as ‘nature’s tranquilliser’, so it can be invaluable if you are suffering from tension and/or stress. It’s also a good basic treatment for insomnia. Take it as a separate supplement (apart from what is contained in your multivitamin and mineral tablet) for best effect. A total of 200mg per day is the optimum dosage. If you need help with sleeping, take it about an hour before going to bed.

      • The optimal dosage varies with the the person and their magnesium and vitamin D status. I’ve taken 600 mg a day for many years. Do not rely on the standard magnesium blood test. Your body keeps mineral levels in a very tight range in the blood, so that test does not usually reveal a problem unless severe. Check the red blood cell magnesium, aka RBC magnesium level. This tells you what your cellular level is, which should be about 6.0 according to what I’ve read. Google Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND for one informative source. She has several free ebooks.

        If you take it orally, separate it from iron supps and thyroid medication.

  20. I am pregnant, and I’m wondering if hormonal changes are keeping my body from “getting used to” the magnesium oil? It still tingles and is very irritating, despite the fact that I’ve used it very regularly for several months. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    • Possibly… I have not experienced it, but that could be a cause.

  21. Does this take a while to dry under the arm after applying? I’m looking for alternatives to store bought deodorant, and my main concern is the dampness products can leave behind. :o)

      • I recently made the deoderant bar with the baking soda and loved it….until my husband and I both developed a rash on week two. I am guessing due to the baking soda. I was also continually getting oily spots on my cloths…..impatient…. currently using my heal-all salve to help clear up the rash. Love the heal-all salve! Use it for everything! Looking forward to trying the magnesium oil. Pretty sure I am super deficient in magnesium based on the symptoms list. I love a product with dial purpose! Wish me luck!

  22. Hi, I made recipe #2 of your deodorant with arrowroot & cocoanut oil. It’s not quite strong enough. How do I make it stronger? Can I add more baking soda? If so how much?

    • I would be careful about using more baking soda, since some people can find it irritating to their skin. In what way would you like it to be stronger? That will help you know what to add more of.

  23. thanks for the recipe/idea, as the baking soda irritates my skin too. ive been spraying magnesium oil, diluted 50/50 with water daily for 2-3 months now. i have noticed its positive affects in my health, including no morning sickness during pregnancy!! but when i happen to get in on my armpits or legs if shaved recently it really burns. i can’t imagine spraying it on full strength. you mentioned that gets better as you become less deficient, but you’d think id have reached a good balanced place by now. how long would you reckon it takes to where it doesnt burn anymore? thanks!

    • You could try the magnesium/aloe vera mixture I mentioned above, or just use magnesium gel on its own. It is weaker than the oil but still does the job. I get it from Health and Wisdom.

      • thanks for the recommendation, i’ll try the gel, i actually have some and wasn’t sure what to do with it really! 🙂

  24. I tried this today and it really works! Thanks Katie!

  25. It’s so funny but I accidentally also discovered this when I used the mag oil under my arms as I read it’s best spot for trandermal absorption. I for got to use my other roll on but discovered it wasn’t necessary. I also add about 10ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide to 100ml of mag oil. And now I have zero odor 🙂

  26. Great timing! I had just made the magnesium oil from your previous post and was wondering if it could be used as a deodorant (I’ve been using milk of magnesia for a few weeks now, so it made sense). Thanks so much for the recipe and this post!

    I don’t have the stinging/burning others have experienced, but it does seem to be affecting my gastrointestinal system. *Ahem* I was on the slow side before and am hoping things will settle down somewhere in the middle after a while. 🙂

  27. Hi Katie, I am totally overjoyed with all your wonderful natural goodies.
    I have made all my own cleaning materials deodorant and lotion bars.
    I started to get a sort of tingle on face face from the lotion bars?? Then I developed massive redness under the arms and swelling, it was very painful. I thought I was perhaps allergic to the coconut oil, but now reading through all the comments it seems it may be the baking soda!! I have tried all sorts of ways to cut out the C.O but dah its probably not that its the baking soda, so magnesium spray here I come. Its such fun to learn all these new things at my age, well into my seventies!!!! Blessings and keep up this amazing site, we appreciate your hard work.

  28. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TIP! I had store bought magnesium oil that I could try right away and it works amazing!! I work in a very hot kitchen and (as you can imagine) sweat buckets. The magnesium oil definitely got rid of the bad smell, and it feels as if it works a bit as an antiperspirant to, might me my imagination though but I definitely feel less sweaty.

  29. I would love to try this but only have Epsom Salt on hand. Is it the same if I make my own mag oil from that?

    • Yes, that can work. It can leave a bit of a film though.

  30. FYI I have been using milk of magnesia as a deodorant for several years now and it works great! I shake the bottle well and pour some into a plastic wide mouth jar with a screw on lid. The excess liquid evaporates and leaves a cream that’s easy to apply. It does tend to dry out quickly, though, and you have to play with it sometimes to get the right balance. But the price is right, I don’t know what magnesium oil costs but would be surprised if it was cheaper than milk of magnesia .

  31. Can I use Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) to make magnesium oil?

  32. I, too, discovered this natural deoderant by accident! I just spray the magnesium oil straight onto my armpits and it works amazingly well- no odours – I don’t bother with adding any essential oils. I don’t mind the fact that it doesn’t have a smell as I’m pregnant and incredibly sensitive to smells anyway. It does sting if I apply it immediately after shaving but I’ve got used to that!

  33. Could you add the apple cidar vinegar and water to the magnesium oil in the same bottle to eliminate a step?

    • You could try it, but it might have a lingering vinegar scent.

  34. You are such a meaningful source for all the recipes I use. Thank you SO much for all you’ve taught me!

  35. This sounds like a great idea but how do we know it is safe to spray magnesium oil under your armpits? I guess it is as safe as baking soda and various other things under your arms! Has anyone tried a spray with herbs infused in vodka or grain alcohol? (I read rubbing alcohol under the pits is a no-no!) In a 2 cup (pint) glass mason jar, I use the herb Usnea-shredded up- about 3/4 c. of it with about 1/4 c. each dried lavender and dried sage and 1/2 tsp. vegetable glycerin. Add up to 2 c. Unflavored Vodka or grain alcohol. Add in about 15 drops of lavender and rosemary verbenon (much milder) essential oils. Make sure jar is filled to top pushing herbs down. Cover with a piece of wax paper and screw on the lid. Let infuse at least 4 weeks-but longer doesn’t hurt! Shake daily. I always have a jar ‘brewing’! Then filter off with a strainer and coffee filter. Put in spray bottle. My husband loves this! Dries fast and smells amazing.

    • I’ve been using vodka or grain alcohol and various EOs in a spray bottle and it works well and is super easy!

      • I use grain alcohol as well with tea tree eo. I also use Kiss my Face olive oil soap or natural homemade soaps, if I use commercial soap I smell. My girls use the spray as well and it works! We use the rock on occasion.

  36. Hi, this looks promising! But can I use TraceMinerals brand Concentrace mineral drops instead of the magnesium oil? Will it work the same?

    • I have not tested that… but you could try it!

  37. Hi Katie, I love all of your wonderful tip and recipes. This sounds like a really good one too.
    I’m going to try it. I have been using just the baking soda and arrowroot half and half,
    put it in a shaker container and just shake it onto my hand to use. This has worked for me so much better than adding the coconut oil. The oil was staining my bras and was hard to get
    them white again. Does the mag. oil stain? And, does it feel sticky?

    • It should not, no. Some people say it can leave a light film on the skin, but this is not the case for me.

  38. I’ve made your magnesium oil and have been using it for about a month. (My kids call it “Miracle Spray” and use it all the time for sore muscles.) I recently started to spray under my arms in addition to arms and torso after my shower and noticed that, as an added bonus, it boosted my deodorant’s ability. Funny how many of us have arrived at the same spot at the same time!

  39. I tried this one, but I must say it doesn’t work with me. After few hours i smelled so much, it was awful. For EO I used: geranium, bergamot and grapefruit. Can you explain what I did wrong?

    🙂 PEACE & HUGS!

  41. do you think magnesium lotion would work, or is it not concentrated enough? I haven’t made my own yet, but bought one.

    • I don’t know, but you can always try it…

  42. This might be a dumb question, but what essential oil combinations are people using? I was thinking lavender but would love to hear if anyone is using a good combination of scents. Clearly I’m not very creative when it comes to stuff like this haha!

    • I’ve had great success with melaleuca a., purification, lemon, lavender, and rosemary. There are tons that are lovely! You can do frankincense and sandalwood to boost breast health, too! Just make sure you check which ones aren’t safe for pregnancy/breast feeding if you are in that phase of life:)

    • I use equal amounts of Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. I believe all are safe in pregnancy too.

  43. The most natural thing I have found to use is a salt mineral stick called Crystal, but there are also other brands. It lasts more than 24 hours and it is amazing! I am sure the magnesium works too, but the magnesium oil I have is expensive. The salt mineral stick lasts forever and is only about 6 dollars. I have had mine for 3 years and it looks barely used.

    • This is a old thread, just wondering if you knew that the crystal deodorant you mentioned is ammonium aluminium sulfate. Ammonium alum is manufactured from aluminium hydroxide, sulfuric acid and ammonium sulfate. You may have your own reasons for using it but to me, this invalidates the reason for buying a more natural deodorant, as aluminium is the problem in conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants.

  44. Thank you thank you!! I found your website a few months ago and have been slowly transitioning all my household items to more natural things. I use your baby wipes daily and like how well your deodorant recipe worked, but it was giving me a red rash. I tried this the day after you posted it and it has worked amazing!! Love your blog!! Thanks for sharing!

    • I am so glad it worked for you! Thanks for reading!

  45. I’ve been struggling for a couple of years with itchy underarms. I switched to a natural bath soap and tried the hypoallergenic deodorants with no luck. I finally decided to go a couple of weeks without any deodorant at all. I used baby wiped to freshen up throughout the day. The rash went away so I knew it had to be the deodorant. Unfortunately, freshening up a few times a day wasn’t keeping the BO under control. I saw this page the other day and decided to give magnesium oil a try. I got it in the mail today and apparently I ordered lotion instead of oil. I see that someone else asked about lotion earlier. Does it work? I’ll give it a try for the next few days and report back.

  46. I must try this. I have terrible BO emanating from my underarms and it’s so embarrassing by the end of the day. And that is with washing them during the day too!
    I even made your deo recipe with the probiotics but that hasn’t worked.
    Hopefully this will!

  47. I use magnesium oil at night and it really helps me sleep but I’ve been afraid to use it during the day because it puts me to sleep so well. It also leaves a feeling on my skin and the clothes I wear to bed and I’m not sure it would be comfortable under my arms all day…do you experience this and do you have any suggestions for lessening it?

  48. I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve been searching store bought natural brands with no luck. The last one worked, but gave me an awful rash. I made this spray and it has worked great as far as odor protection, but my problem is the rash from the previous deodorant. The mag oil on that doesn’t feel good to say the least. How can I get the rash to heal so I can use this? I don’t want to stink… 🙁

  49. Can you use flavorless Magnesium Citrate instead? (It is sold in drugstores for regularity)?

    • It doesn’t work the same way and can cause skin irritation in some people.

  50. Just wondering if you could educate me on the difference between the milk of magnesium or Epsom salts we can buy somewhere like Wal-Mart vs the products recommended on here. I am kind of new to the discussion and would love to hear your insights or anyone else’s that might understand the topic. I am assuming like most of everything else that we can purchase easily at retail stores, it has been diluted or filled with other stuff or synthetically copied and mass produced bit wondering about these products in particular??? Thanks so much. 🙂

  51. Can anyone recommend a man friendly essential oil scent or deodorant recipe. I made the stick deodorant for myself tonight but I need to figure to something for him. Thanks

    • I think Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Lime would be nice men’s EOS

  52. Hi, I love this web site! I just wanted to let people know that there is a very simple natural deodorant. Lemon juice, that’s it! Put it in a small spray bottle and spray it on. You won’t sink and you’ll have little to no sweat. I live in AZ where it is every hot and I have not had any problems. I buy the large bottles at the store. Just remember to keep it in the fridge.

  53. I have been using this spray deo for the past few days and it is causing irritation. Do you think it could be the essential oils I used? Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you 🙂

    • Yes I have the same issue. Haven’t figured out a solution though. I use lemon lavender and tea tree oil in mine. . I use the same oils in my lotion also and it doesn’t cause irritation so I’m not sure if it’s a location thing or what?

  54. Hi! So I tried several variations of homemade deodorant and the baking soda gave me an itchy red rash no matter how much I cut it down. i was very excited to sew this recipe and I made it immediately and started using it and it was great for the first several days but then I shaved again and it started burning and I ended up with little white burn bumps under my arms? ? I am actually using a cream I make to try to get it healed but I’m wondering is this normal? ? And what can I do to fix the problem? I’m really getting frustrated trying to find a good natural deodorant that doesn’t give me I’ll affects. Thinking about trying the Himalayan salt stick but really like getting the magnesium in this way as well. Any help at this point would be great! Thanks 🙂

  55. when you use it on your body you mix it with mineral water. but when you use it for a deodorant you use it plain, undiluted, right?

    I’m wondering if it as efficient if you use it diluted? Did you try it that way?


  56. Hi, I would just like to thank you again for all your hard work and commitment.
    I did say I would try the magnesium spray and it has passed all expectations. THANKS!!
    After using it for awhile I decided to try it on my Rosecia. (spelling) too lazy to look it up!
    Well it burnt like fire, I nearly fell out of my wheel chair! The itch nearly drove me insane. But, I don’t give up easily, and persevered. NO more burning, No more itching AND improvement. There are NO cures for this, so if this oil helps, what a breakthrough!! Every evening I oil clean with Olive/sweet almond (dry skin) and then apply the Magnesium and off to bed. I also use it on my Plantaris faciitis (inflammation of heel bone) extremely and that too is slowly healing. This sure is a miracle healing product.
    Was fascinated to read a Dr was using magnesium on wounds in 1915!
    Thanks again andblessings

    • No cure for what? Rosecia? I cured mine over 15 years ago using various herbs and also staying away from ingesting anything high in acid: cranberries lemon vinegar etc.

  57. Hi Katie, well I did say Magnesium oil here I come. Oh what joy. It is working beyond any expectations. I am so grateful, have shared with many friends here in South Africa.
    After awhile I thought what about my Rosacia, so far nothing has helped. The first time I nearly fell out of my wheel chair, it burnt like fire and itched crazily. BUT I persevered. Stopped all other medications and only use the oil, no more burning and itching, and my skin is definotley improving. With the oil cleansing and the magnesium the difference is remarkable.
    Once again many thanks for your amazing insight and help.

  58. Hi, I am such a fan, I use the original mixture and loved it, However, I ended up with pitch black underarms and a really bad smell it was strong. There was nothing I could do about it. it last for three days, no matter what I did it would not go away. it smelled like cat spray and urine. Horrible, I started using the ACV with water mixture and just coconut oil on my arms on the fourth day. It peeled right off. Peeled off all this disgusting black tar. My skin was smooth and odor free. I had went through a detox, after two months of using the original mixture. I have not used Deo for four days and still no smell at all. I am now using the Magnesium spray, well I made it I haven’t actually sprayed it on yet, because there doesn’t seem to be a need, I have sprayed it on my body though and slept like a baby. I am totally amazed and I am forever going to do my best to use natural products as much as I can. Thank you so, so very much. My next project is Tumeric.

  59. This doesnt work for me! I want to stop using aluminun deodorant but these dont work im desparate! Help plz!

    • Have you given your body time to detox? It can take a couple weeks. But aside of that I can’t use it either. It burned my armpits abd I got s bunch of white burn bumps. I also can’t use tge homemade deodorant due to the baking soda in any amount. But I’m going to try to sub bentonite clay instead of baking soda ands see how that goes. Otherwise there are deodorant crystal sticks (I didn’t like mine) or I’ve ordered a Himalayan salt bar for a natural deodorant. We shall see how that goes. I now use the mag spray I made just on my body with no issues so I still get the daily magnesium. I dint know if this will help or not but I wish you luck!

    • Remember that aluminum products are anti-Perspirant. These natural products that are aluminum-free are Deoderants. They don’t necessarily stop perspiration, but they reduce stink. If your goal is to stop sweating, you will never be satisfied. But remember, sweat is a natural substance and it is actually unnatural to try to block it. The real goal should be to reduce body odor, which is something that can be done with natural products.

  60. Hi!

    I´m german, so sry if my english isn´t as good as yours =)

    I just have a question: Can I use Baking Soda in this recipe, too? And do you know, if “Bentonite Clay” is something possible for deodorants , too?

    • I haven’t tried clay, so I am not sure but it might leave a residue. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t add baking soda. And your English is perfect 😉

      • Ok, i´ll try it ! Thanks :-*

    • Hi,
      Were you able to successfully use baking soda in the spray bottle? or did it clog the spray bottle ?

  61. I have tried this for a couple of weeks but it still burns and stings a bit after I apply it which is somewhat unpleasant. I found that the sea salt spray seems to work fine as a deodorant and I don’t have the problem with the burning sensation so I’ll keep testing this out over the next few weeks. I was wondering about possibly addindga little witch hazel as it has some anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and cooling properties from what I read so I thought it might work well in a deodorant. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?

  62. I used this recipe and it does burn me every time, but I think I am really low in magnesium. I am using the recipe you posted to build it back up. I don’t think the caplets are as good as allowing the magnesium oil to absorb through the skin. I have tried quite a few of your recipes and love them. I have a stack going so that I can grab them and make them as needed, but they are saved on my macbook as well. Thanks for sharing! I really love reading it all! Blessings!!!

  63. I’ve been using Tom’s Natural deo. for about 6 months and noticed that I now have a red rash on my underarms. I’m happy to have come across this post! I’ll be trying the magnesium. I wonder what’s in the Tom’s that would cause a rash?

  64. I love reading your recipes.
    This may seem like a silly question , but where can I obtain magnesium oil ?

  65. Hi Katie,
    Is it possible to add the magnesium to the solid deodorant bar in your recipe?

    • You could certainly try it… you’d get something like the magnesium butter, which was the inspiration for this recipe, so I think it would work.

  66. Thx for the recipe and tips!!
    I’ve been using witch hazel as a deodorant and works really good too!
    Always good to get new natural alternatives!

  67. The best antiperspirant I have ever used is a lime juice – I squeeze a bit of juice of lime (which I keep in my fridge) and apply to my armpits. The best thing ever!!!

  68. Hi Katie! Love your site! Thank you! Do you have a shampoo recipe for dry hair without oil or minimal oil? Or, can you tell me why some homemade shampoos make some peoples hair more oily and how to fix that problem? Thank you!

  69. Dear Wellness Mama,

    Is there any alternative oil to magnesium oil please? At the moment I am using the crystal salt rock deodorant – I just wish to make a spray with essential oils 🙂

    Thank You X

  70. I have been using this recipe for about 2 months now and absolutely love it! Works great and NO painful rash, as with other recipes. However, I have suddenly noticed it is NOT working, crazily enough, on only ONE arm pit. The other is fine. ???? Any suggestions??? Thanks!

  71. Does it have to be a glass spray bottle? Or can I use a plastic one?

    • Hi,
      I would also like to enquire that do we need to use a glass bottle or the travel size plastic bottles would work too?

      I have been waiting to prepare and try this bcoz of the bottle dilemma 🙂

  72. Been using magnesium deodorant for a few months now. Love it but still get the occasional stinging. Want to make this for my 10 y.o. daughter but she has sensory issues so I know she can’t tolerate the stinging. Do you think I could add some fractionated coconut oil to this recipe to ease the burn? If so, how much would you recommend? Would it alter the effectiveness?

    • Once the Magnesium Oil has dried I find applying Tamanu Oil takes the sting away. I’m sure Coconut Oil would work too.

  73. Hi Katie,
    My husband has had a severe skin rash on his underarms for some months now, maybe even a year. He has tried several brand deodorants and already knows he has an aluminum allergy. I would like to try this magnesium deodorant for him; can you recommend some essential oils for men? Should I just smell some at my local health store? Is this recipe for men too?

    • It should work for men. You might want to see what smells good to you to find a good scent.

  74. I tried this in hopes that it would work, nope:(. I am of Italian descent and tend to be, well, stinky, lol:). Anyways, I found a recipe for a spray on deodorant of Everclear. Tried it, worked ok, then found the right blend of essential oils and boom, been sticking with it for a month, just apply and go, even after shaving! My stinky hubby uses it also, no complaints. Tried everything out there, either burned or didn’t work. My goal for my company this last year was to find a deodorant that worked, proud to say I have!!!

    • What recipe are you using?

    • What essential oils did you use? I’ve been using this recipe but it is working just OK for me yet, so I would love to find something that really works before the summer

  75. I use Magnesium oil every night before bed because it helps me sleep. Is this going to make me really sleepy if I use it in the morning? Thanks for the recipe! I’ve been doing the clay, coconut oil, and baking soda route for about six months, and I still sweat through, smell some after a long day, and it stains my clothes. Maybe this will work miracles! If this doesn’t work, I guess I’ll start buying it from Honest.

  76. Could this be used on a roll-on application, rather than a spray bottle?

  77. Have you ever heard of “Milk of magnesia” is basically Magnesium hydroxide, any thoughts against using this as a Deodorant or anything else? I have use it before with great results, a little bit messy though.
    Thanks for the great info on everything about magnesium.

  78. I made this recipe after realizing that I could not use baking soda deodorant. This spray has not given me the black place under my arms that gets very sore like the baking soda did; however, I am still breaking out with sores similar to pimples all under my arms. I have been using this for about 2 months now. I knew that I would go through some sort of detox, but how long does this last? I am worried that by summer my pits won’t be tank top worthy. 🙂 Occasionally, those sores will also show up on other parts of my body like down my side or on my stomach. Am I detoxing from almost 30 years of store-bought deodorant?

    • I have this problem as well – lots of pimples under my arms since using this recipe. Some days (when I’m not going out) I skip the magnesium oil and just use coconut oil, which seems to soothe the pimples but not really very effective at keeping the smell at bay! Any ideas why this rash might be occurring?
      I also have this issue that somebody else mentioned as well – the magnesium oil seems to not work so well under one of my arms, wonder why?
      But Katie, I must say thank you for all of the hard work you put into sharing all the amazing info on this site!

      • Why don’t you just go and try milk of magnesia, that’s what I’ve been using for years. I heard that it might contain some bleach or other not so healthy in the ingredients, but not sure about this and since is magnesium based I think it should be much better that using commercial deodorant. Never experience something like this, but I did try magnesium oil in my under arms and feel that itchy and not so good results after all. I’ll keep using magnesium oil for other purposes though.
        Can anyone tell me if the other ingredients in Milk of Magnesia can be harmful enough to decide to stop using it? Thanks

    • I have this issue as well, Katie can you shed any light on why these sores/pimples are appearing? They are so sore. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and they appeared at the start of this week and are worsening.

      • I too, am having the same problem with a rash/bumps and serious pain under the pits and I’ve done a few pit detoxes thinking that might solve the problem and it hasn’t. This is hands down the best odor eliminating DIY deodorant I’ve ever made/used BUT the pain is getting to be a bit much. I tried the coco oil and baking soda but the baking soda made them red and itchy. I now alternate between a mixture of coco oil, essential oils, arrow root, baking soda (doesn’t seem to irritate the pits when combined with all the rest) and the mag. oil spray and it seems to help with the rash/bumps. I would prefer to use the mag oil spray exclusively as I have to reapply the other mixture more than I would like to achieve “freshness”. But love, love love this recipe! Guess I just have sensitive arm pits! 🙁 Hopefully my body will adjust and eventually I can just use this recipe without pain.

  79. Kari,
    Can you give us your recipe? I have the same issue. Very stinky. Nothing seems to help. Thank you.

  80. Katie, do you know whether using this deodorant would interfere with thyroid medication? I take levothyroxine in the morning, around the time I would apply deodorant. Thyroid meds must not be taken within 4 hours of mineral supplements. Since magnesium is a mineral, I am wondering if there would be a problem. Thanks by the way, for all that I have learned from many of your posts!

    • Good question. I haven’t had any trouble with it, but I’m going to ask my doc to be sure.

    • I also take levothyroxine in the morning for my thyroid. I asked my naturopath yesterday if applying magnesium oil topically as deodorant would interfere with the thyroid meds, and she said no, not topical magnesium.

      I have been taking magnesium supplements for years, so my supply is pretty decent, and I used magnesium oil as deodorant for the first time yesterday. I had zero itching or tingling, so it really works if you can get your supply boosted before applying the oil as deodorant.

      I successfully chased my 11-month old daughter around all day with a bit of dampness, but zero odor! I’m really excited to try it with some essential oils for a nice fresh scent! Thank you, Katie, for this recipe! I’m so tired of oily natural deodorants ruining my clothes! You rock!

  81. Hi, Has any one tried a mix of coconut oil and magnesium flakes? I’m wondering if that would work.

  82. hi. I am wondering if you have any recipes for an effective homemade antiperspirant (as opposed to deodorant).

  83. Sadly the deodorant with baking soda irritates me and this deodorant doesn’t seem to work at all. Have you got any other ones I can try?

    • Hi Clare,
      I’m the same with baking soda and after doing a bit of research came up with one that actually works for me. I squeeze half a lemon (about 2 tablespoons of juice), add 1 tablespoon of Vodka, fill the rest of the spritzer bottle with Magnesium Oil and add my favourite essential oils (equal amounts of lavender, bergamot, patchouli and ylang ylang – 20 drops each). Works better than shop bought deodorants and doesn’t stain my clothes. I hope you find something that works for you 🙂

      • Hi Joanne,

        I’m very intrigued and tempted to try your recipe! I’m just wondering because of the lemon juice ,do you have any problems with stinging after applying it when you have shaved?

  84. Hi Katie, I use Milk of Magnesia deodorant (a comercial presentation called NATUREL FRESH, here in Colombia) many years ago and it works perfect to me and many people. I want to know if Magnesia Oil could protect like the one that I use. If both are magnesia, the other components in their formula (milk of magnesia is MgOH2 and magnesia oil is MgCl2) could affect their action as deodorant?

    • I have not tried that product, so it is hard for me to compare them. I would think that maybe they would work the same. It’s a pretty inexpensive experiment, though.

  85. Hi there. I started using this and I absolutely LOVE it – I am having an issue it seems I believe. I am extremely tired all the time and very emotional. I thought it was my hashimoto’s acting up but I did more research and people say to take it at night because it can make them sleepy. I just want to make sure it’s the oil and I am not going crazy all over again 🙂 Any insight would be appreciated – I was SO excited I finally found something that I can use and now I am afraid it’s too much for me or maybe I should try it at night?

    Thank you!!

    • I haven’t heard of that happening, but I would definitely try skipping it and see if anything changes or try applying at night for the next day?

  86. There were so many posts and this question might have been answered but would you mind telling me if you’ve ever considered mixing magnesium spray with one of your other natural deoderamts? Also, how would I go about that I’m wondering…

  87. I tried using your homemade Magnesium Oil recipe with this homemade deodorant spray. It burned for hours. I got red marks on my underarms. I tried to apply for a few days hoping that the burning would go away like you said it would. Then I saw the comment about using Milk of Magnesium as a deodorant. It doesn’t burn at all. Is there something wrong with the homemade Magnesium Oil recipe or should the homemade deodorant spray recipe be diluted when using the homemade Magnesium Oil recipe? I was trying to find a natural non painful way to help my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. She has a reaction to the store bought deodorant and it doesn’t work. So far, I think I am going to try the pre-deodorant spray and Milk of Magnesium.

  88. How would you compare this to your other DIY home-made deodorant recipe? Would you say one works better than the other?

  89. How long does this last/work for? I tried a very similar recipe, using Sweet Almond Oil instead of Magnesium Oil, with Tea Tree, Lavender, and Thyme oils, and the problem was it did not last long at all.

  90. Hi there,

    I am very interested in Magnesium oil, had never heard of it. I use baking soda everyday and it works fabulously but I do have sore skin, red patch from time to time. At first I’m fine but after using it for a while, my skn gets sensitive and it’s rather painful and unpleasant. I use coconut oil, or macadamia oil, just few drops and I massage the sore skin and that really makes things better. It is soothing but now that Ive read this great article, I’ll be sure to look for magnesium flakes to make my own oil. I dont think I’ll work it with essential oils (I love them and use them for many things) or any natural fragrance, I will probably use it on its own if it does work well without any other ingredients needed.
    thank you for the greaaaat tip

  91. Do you think this could be turned into a mosquito repellent as well? I have always used magnesium oil (that I made) and then separately used a bug spray (from your site as well). But I am thinking that maybe adding the essential oils that specifically keep bugs away to the magnesium oil could make a double duty magnesium oil/bug repellent and I could also put on as deodorant. And I could just make one thing to work for all activities. Is there any reason that these ingredients would not work together that you know of?

    And I just wanted to add that I am also a big fan of using ACV to help with stinky armpits. I noticed that the more stressed I am, the worse I smell. 🙁 So the ACV is a must and then I use the magnesium oil too.

  92. So I recently made your magnesium lotion. Out of pure laziness, what do you think about just using that?

    • That is how I discovered this recipe, so I say go for it! The worst that can happen is that it won’t work…

  93. i’ve tried the Mg as deodorant. It burns like fire!
    any suggestions?

    • Hi, if that helps, I started to use coconut oil on my armpits or/and macadamia oil and it works great.
      it s very nice for the tender skin there. I have both used them, together, and separately during summer and it would seem that they both work. so you only have to pick your favourite oil.
      what s nice about them is that they are great for so many other things, so it s not too much a bother to purchase them. (I also use them on my hair, on my body to have a soft, supple skin)
      hope this helps 🙂

      • Thank you.

        Do you mean to mix the Mg oil with coconut oil?
        Or to use only the coconut oil?

        Thanks ?

  94. I wish this worked for me. After using it for a week, I developed a painful rash under my arms. I am so sad. Is there any other way to use this? Maybe add aloe or something else? Suggestions?

  95. So I made the homemade version of magnesium oil to give to my husband to help him sleep- well he forgot the bottle so when my homemade deodorant (your version minus baking soda plus beeswax for summer) wasn’t working I researched and found this. I have been using for 2 weeks now and it is amazing!!! We had a very hot week last week and I was worried about smelling but no smell. I did have the issue with burning the first time like for 3+hours so I tried my other recipe on top and it helped greatly but after 2 days I am just using the oil. Thank you so much for this discovery. It has been a life saver for me.

  96. I have made my own magnesium oil out of Epsom salts but it has re-crystalied, any suggestions as to why? Have made this before with no such problem 🙁

    • it s a wild guess, but did you use hot water when you made it?
      the water must be hot, at least warm so it gets mixed well. it shouldnt re crystralise if the water s warm.
      at least that doesnt happen when I make my own sea salt hairspray and I use epsom salt in hot water.
      does this help?

      • Yes used hot water and even tried boiling water 🙁 will try again

  97. I was wondering can you use 70% Isopropyl? I don’t have any Magnesium oil.

  98. In this recipe it says to store in a glass spray bottle, is this to avoid the BPA normally found in plastics? Your recipe for the magnesium oil says you can use a plastic bottle. Wondering if there was a difference in why one can be stored in plastic and one can not. I have plastic on hand but I can get glass if it is better for me.

    • Partly… Also essential oil can corrode plastic and leach the chemicals into the deo faster than you would believe.

  99. Great article! I just got done reading food babe’s article about throwing away your deodorant. I’ve noticed that many of the anti-bacterial food based substances these blogs talk about can be used as deodorant. For instance a beeswax and coconut oil salve rubbed thinly on stinky pits will take subdue the bacteria that’s causing the stink. (used this in a pinch while not home)
    Also have been rubbing my pits with the magnesium oil left on my hands after applying to my torso each morning. Tea tree oil works great too. Just a dab kills bacteria and smells clean and unisex. Finally, lymphatic massage especially lymphatic breast and armpit massage will help with odor and breast health.

    Here’s a list of stuff that works:
    Pure coconut oil very thin coating so you don’t get grease stains. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial.
    A drop or two of tea tree oil on the finger tips for both pits. Again anti-bacterial.
    Magnesium oil, but allow it to dry before putting on clothes. It isn’t oil but it can leave a greasy stain. If it stings don’t use it just after shaving or on open cuts. I’ve noticed that when you have enough magnesium
    in your system the oil no longer stings.
    ACV anti-bacterial
    Grain alcohol mixed with water has anti-bacterial qualities (isopropyl-too harsh for me)
    Salve with bees wax and/or a bit of honey in it will work in a pinch. Beeswax and honey are anti-bacterial.
    Baking soda and clay. I don’t like them because they both seem to leave stuff on my clothes and baking soda is pretty irritating
    Lymphatic breast and armpit massage helps move toxins around and out of your system.
    Try this test: Does one armpit stink more than the other one? Mine did! My left armpit was always much more stinky. My naturapath said that your non dominant side (right handed here) will be more stinky since you don’t use that arm as much. I found that fascinating and began to massage my armpits especially the left side. Now things are not more stinky on that side.
    Be careful which essential oils you use because they can build up and some are estrogenic such as lavender essential oil.

  100. When i am in the shower, before i put any water on my body, i put some lemon juice in my hands and apply it to my armpits and dark areas of my body. i wait few minutes and then i rinse it and start my shower. This gets rid of any smells and you all know the other benefits of lemon :).

    The women in my family have been doing this for generations.

    • Awesome tips, thanks! I tried organic lemon juice in a spray bottle and oh MY it lasted me ALL DAY. LIKE 12 hours plus and still no stinky pits.
      Thank you sooooo much. Just saved time and money.

  101. I made my own deodorant from coconut oil, baking soda, and arrowroot powder based off of one of your recipes. It worked well for smell prevention but the baking soda made my skin turn red, itchy, hard and sore and slough off. I have concerns about the ingredients in commercial deodorant so I really want to make my own. I reverted to using commercial deodorant because the homemade one with baking soda wasn’t working for me. However, hearing that the recipe can be made without baking soda was really encouraging to me. I’m going to make some today. Thank you for providing people with knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

    • Try subbing out the baking soda with DE (diatomaceous earth) as it’s more acidic and can help with irritation. I had the same problem, and the DE seems to help.

  102. Hello, thanks for the great recipe! The only liquid form Magnesium I could find at my rather large health food store is called “Liquid Magnesium” by Now Foods. The only ingredients is “ionic trace mineral concentrate” and it has 133 mg of Magnesium per 1/4 teaspoon. Should I buy this? Would it work in this or any other recipe of yours?

  103. Hi:

    I prepared and tried this recipe, and it works! I do get a very mild burning sensation at first, but after a while it goes away. This is the perfect alternative for those deodorants in the market that have all kind of chemicals. Thank you for the recipe!

  104. Just wondering if you could help me out with a recipe – specifically with the amounts I would need to use for it be effective. I want to try to make a 2.5 ounce jar of deodorant “cream” using arrowroot powder, shea butter, magnesium oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. How much of each of those ingredients would you recommend? I’ve tried deodorants with baking soda and it’s just too harsh but I’m also having a hard time with just straight magnesium oil. I’m thinking that if I mix the magnesium oil with shea butter and coconut oil that it will mellow it out.

  105. I’m curious- if I leave cotton balls to soak in the recipe, would the cotton break down? I’m always carrying basic toiletries back and forth in my messenger bag and it seems safer/more convenient to carry cotton balls in a half-pint jar rather than a small spray bottle or plastic baggie.

  106. My husband and I really like using magnesium oil for deodorant but we really don’t like spraying it on. While making baby wipes today my husband asked if we could make deodorant wipes with the oil. It sounds like a great idea but I’m not sure if I should add something, like water, to the magnesium oil to dilute it or just use it straight. Any ideas???

  107. This works like a charm!!! I’m low on magnesium in my body and the deodorant does sting like no body’s business after shaving but when I apply it before shaving it stings a little but no smell!!! It also helps menstrual cramps!!

  108. Katie, I am looking fo a cream deodorant recipe using arrowroot and shea butter. No baking soda or coconut oil.

  109. A newbie naturalist here!

    I found this journal explaining the antimicrobial activity of Magnesium Chloride in acidic pH (healthy skin environment).

    Very interested in looking into more natural lifestyle hacks. Thank you for the wonderful post!

  110. “No itching or redness” is certainly relative. I can use mag oil for two days and then the redness/burning/itchiness hits hard. I experimented to make sure it was the mag oil and not the other additives to the recipe.

  111. A spray version sounds great, but I hate magnesium oil. It makes me feel wet and clammy. It does this to my husband and some others as well.

  112. Have a friend who has been trying, unsuccessfully, to find a deodorant that works for her – the Rx stuff doesn’t and many, many holistic attempts have failed as well. We talked recently about trying a different route – trying antibacterials (natural ones) since it’s the bacteria that causes the odor. How well will the antibacterial oils work with this, do you think? I think we were considering a honey / calendula / mint mix, with distilled water, witch hazel, and possibly glycerin, though I think the magnesium oil would work well in place of the glycerin.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

    • Give organic lemon juice in a spray bottle a try. I read it on the comments here and was going to use it in the mean time until my magnesium oil came. Well it worked so great I don’t know if I’ll want to switch. I simply took a shower this morning. Spritzed some lemon juice on and let them dry while I did my hair and brushed my teeth and I’m telling you the results amazed me.

  113. I made a spray deodorant today very similar to this today for the first time. Only difference is I used half witch hazel and half magnesium oil. I used Frankincense, lemon grass and tea tree oil

  114. This didn’t work for me at all 🙁 was so disappointed because I really hoped it would. The same with coconut oil. I use a natural sodium bicarbonate based spray which I buy on Amazon and which works really well and thankfully I seem to not react to that.

  115. Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. I really like the way it felt, like I using anything, so I was hoping it would work.

    I started using natural deodorants over two years ago. I’ve tried many OTC brands (including the crystal) and also made my own. The ONLY thing that works for me is deodorant containing baking soda. If it doesn’t have baking soda in it, it doesn’t work. I did have a reaction to the baking soda in deodorant last year. It caused redness, itchiness and hyperpigmentation. I had to stop using it for a while until my underarms healed. Now I use it most days but use another natural deodorant a couple of times a week and haven’t had another reaction.

    I love using natural deodorant in spite of the problems I’ve had. It got to the point where the regular OTC antiperspirants weren’t working for me anymore. They didn’t take care of the smell and I would sweat a lot. I hadn’t tried natural deodorant before because I was afraid that I would sweat a lot. But since switching to natural deodorant it’s been the opposite. I don’t sweat much if at all, unless I’m exercising or outside in very hot weather.

  116. I love your blog Katie! Your recipes and tips have helped my family tremendously 😉 I am going to give this one a try.

    I am grateful for your comments section too as I have found an amazing lemon juice spray idea that has worked really well for me today (only first day of trying it, but so far 12 hours and no nasty pit smells).

  117. hi katie i would like to know what essential oils you use for this recipe i would love to give this a try but not sure what essential oils to mix well for a good smell ?

    • It’s really a matter of personal preference…

    • I personally love using Thieves blend under the arms (that I’ve made into a salve for various uses). It smells like cinnamon and is a powerful anti-microbial. It also seems to be beneficial to the lymphatic system, so I’m using it for it there for it’s health benefits more than for it’s deodorant qualities.

  118. The magnesium oil does really help! I spray the magnesium oil on first (3-4 sprays) and then let it dry. It doesn’t take long to dry at all. I then apply the natural deodorant receipt that is on this site: coconut oil, arrowroot, and baking soda. This combination has worked really well for me. Thank you for such an awesome site, Katie!

  119. I tried mag oil under my arms for the first time. AAAAARGH!! It’s burning and they’re bright red. And I didn’t even shave!! Help!

  120. Thank you! I’m going to try this. I use magnesium oil already but will just shift where I spray it. Easy! I have had a hard time with the coconut oil staining clothes so have been looking for an alternative. Always love trying your recipes. Keep them coming!!!

  121. Hello! Just a couple questions. First. for the ACV & water mixture., can you leave it in a spray bottle for several weeks or do you have to mix it daily? Sorry if that’s a dumb question! I drink AVC dilutes with water daily but have never left it diluted for any amount of time.

    Second, I plan to use store bought mag oil. Is there a difference in brands, or something to look for to purchase quality?

    Thank you in advance!

  122. Amazing! Really works great! I put Mg oil on before bed, along with fractioned coconut oil, so the residue isn’t as noticible. I forgot to put my natural deoderant on, and was paranoid I was going to smell bad. I work as a nurse, plus worked out, and no smell!!! Works on feet too

  123. Hi everybody! I’m new at this whole thing and I have a question (sorry in advance if it’s a stupid question). I’m told when using magnesium I should dilute it, can I put witch hazel in this or will it mess with the recipe?

  124. Whay are your ratios of witch hazel, ACE, and essential oils? Thanks!

    • It depends on the size of the bottle am using, I give her a 15oz bottle because she is in school. The Witch Hazel is about 7oz, the ACV is 3 table spoons and I use 6 drops of the essential oils. The lemon or lemon grass comes out stronger so giving a nice fresh fragrance. My 82 year old mother loves it too but I add Rose water to hers.

      • Regular witch hazel or the alcohol-free kind?

        • Alcohol Free but then again you can use alcohol, I have read on some blogs that one can use vodka.

  125. Hi, i have been using a combination of Witch Hazel, Magnesium Oil, and an essential oil blend of peppermint and tea tree for about 2 weeks and have gotten a rash. At first i thought it was just from shaving three days in a row because of the nice weather, however it has not gone away and im not sure if this spray could be causing it. Please help!!

  126. Hi,
    This really is working good…but Ive some questions :-
    1.] Can I mix in some baking soda or vodka too ?
    2.] My magnesium oil: water = 1:1, but it seems a bit runny. Can we go with a higher ratio of MgCl:water ?


  127. This is amazing and life-changing!

    I read this post yesterday morning before work. I had bought magnesium oil in sale at the local health food store to spray in my feet at bedtime. I saw no difference other than dry, ashy feet. I’m coming to accept that I will NEVER be a sound sleeper…

    Buy yesterday I was reminded of this use. I decided to try it out.

    I did not detox my armpits. I did not even wash them, and I was four days past my weekly shower.

    I just sprayed it on over the alumninum-antiperspirant residue and added a dab of essential oils.

    This works amazingly well! Better than the alumnum-antiperspirant. I have struggled searching for something natural. One of my herb and EO suppliers has one that leaves me smelling not TOO bad, but stains my clothing. Crystals and everything they sell I stores are useless. This is incredible!

    I haven’t yet read ALL the comments, but can you explain why this works? Because it works SO well!

    Thank you so much!

  128. Wellnessmama! I tried many of your recipes all great! But i am having trouble with this one… Do i need to keep it in the fridge? Is second time i made this deo and after 5 days a cloudy white suspension shows up in the bottle.. I dont know if is something growing like bacteria or just the magnesium powder floating, but first days it was totally clear. Can you help me? Thanks

  129. I love the recipe, just made my magnesium oil and already spraying it on my feet and underarms. It does burn but I’m convinced to give it a try. While I was reading the comments I was wondering is it possible to replace the water with witch hazel and without warming the liquid dissolve the flakes. Did anybody try that? Thanks WellnessMama! Excellent blog and so much information. I love and probably tried most of your diy. So much fun. God bless you!

  130. I have recently started using this deodorant. It seems to work but now I have developed a rash under my arms. I. Wondering if this normal? Should I continue to use or stop?

  131. hi – I’ve read adding the contents of a probiotic capsule tremendously boosts effectiveness. wondering what you think (no one mentioned it but I imagine it would require refrigeration)

  132. Hi Katie – Do you think could works as a foot deodorizer for my twin toddlers? They can clear a room within seconds from coming home from school. I was looking into a natural diy foot deodorizer, but all I could find were powdered recipes. I’m looking for something a little less messy.

  133. I’ve been using a simple mix of food grade citric acid & water inside a travel sized spray bottle. A big bag of citric acid is inexpensive & lasts forever. I put several pinches of the citric acid into a small travel sized spray bottle with water and shake. Works pretty well for me as a deodorant, but not an antiperspirant. I try not to do it right after shaving because the citric acid does sting, fyi. Just want to share in case anyone could use it. I’m curious to try these other recipes and compare. Thanks for all the great info in this site!

  134. A baby bottle works well for applying drops of magnesium oil.

  135. I live in hot and humid Houston Texas. I sweat often and a lot down below. I dont like the baking soda since it gets on clothes and just didnt feel natural. Of course I have to be careful what I do use in that sensative area in the hopes not to upset the natural balance. About once or twice a week I will use the Apple Cider Vinegar solution. Especially when Ive been extra sweaty from working out etc. After my shower, I spray the Mineral oil all over. Especially Underarms and private parts. It works great and is dual purpose!! You also absorb it better there than other parts of your body. Just remember outside use only. I havnt tested it the other way. And since you can take magnesium baths, I’m fairly shure it wouldnt be much of an issue. But, no use being miserable to test it out.

  136. Why doesn’t the magnesium oil cause a rash like the baking soda? Maybe because baking soda is abrasive? (I would dissolve it 10% in water).
    They’re both alkaline and from what I heard this is why it causes a rash. pH is also the reason why it works, just like with ACV, bacteria can’t survive in an environment that’s too acid or alkaline. Theoretically ACV should cause irritation too, though I never heard of it.

  137. I love the idea of your natural deodorant! I signed up for your free ebook about detoxing…great stuff! My only question is: do you detox before using the deodorant on the SAME DAY or do a week of detoxing only and then begin using the deodorant on a daily basis? Thanks!

  138. Hi, I was wondering if you can use ACV, witch hazel, and essential oils as a spray deodorant. How would that work?