How to Make a Probiotic Deodorant Bar (Easy Recipe)

homemade deodorant bar recipe

One of the most asked questions on my popular homemade deodorant post is: “Can I put this in a plastic deodorant container for easy application?”

And the answer is- absolutely yes! But it will work better if you make a couple of tweaks!

I should also confess that sometimes I don’t make my own deodorant anymore since finding a pre-made option that uses the same ingredients and smells incredible! Check it out if you aren’t into the DIY version or don’t have the ingredients on hand.

What are deodorant bars?

Deodorant bars are  is similar to homemade sunscreen bars but without the zinc oxide for sun protection and with baking soda and arrowroot added in for odor protection. These are slightly thicker than my original homemade deodorant recipe, which allows them to be used as a bar, or put into an empty deodorant container.

Since the homemade lotion bars, sunscreen bars, and deodorant bars all use many of the same ingredients, you can order these in bulk and save a lot of money on your family’s personal care products.

I also love Frugally Sustainable’s idea of adding probiotics to the recipe to help balance good bacteria and prevent odor, and I tried it with this recipe. If you have very sensitive skin or really struggle with odor, this might be a great option for you also!

Try making your own deodorant if you haven’t already… you’ll not only save money and avoid chemicals, but I’ve found the homemade versions work better too!

Start with a Detox

If you are new to natural deodorant, I’ve found that an armpit detox, done once a week or so, greatly speeds up the adjustment period and makes it more effective more quickly. Here’s how to detox your pits.

Before You Start, You’ll Need

Deodorant Bar Ingredients

  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • shea buttercocoa butter or mango butter (or a mix of all three equal to 1 part)
  • ½ cup + 1 tsp beeswax
  • 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil – optional
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda (Omit this if you have sensitive skin and just use extra arrowroot or cornstarch)
  • 1/2 cup organic arrowroot powder
  • 2-3 capsules of high quality probiotics that don’t need to be refrigerated (optional)
  • Optional: Essential oils of choice – I used about 20 drops of lavender essential oil and also like citrus and frankincense

Deodorant Bar Instructions

  1. Combine coconut oil, shea (or other) butter, and beeswax in a double boiler, or a glass bowl over a smaller saucepan with 1 inch of water in it. Combine in a quart size glass mason jar with a lid instead and place this in a small saucepan of water until melted. This will save your bowl and you can just designate this jar for these type of projects and not even need to wash it out…
  2. Turn the burner on and bring water to a boil. Stir ingredients constantly until they are melted and smooth:
  3. Remove from heat and add the vitamin E oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, probiotics, and essential oils. Make sure the mixture is not hot to the touch (warm is ok) so that the heat doesn’t kill the probiotics.
  4. Gently stir by hand until all ingredients are incorporated.
  5. If you will be making these into bars, pour into muffin tins or other molds while still liquid. If you will be putting into an old deodorant container to use like stick deodorant, let the mixture harden for about 15-20 minutes at room temperature to harden and when it is about the consistency of peanut butter, use a spoon to scoop into the deodorant tube and pack down to fill. Then, leave the cap off overnight to completely harden before using.

Note: This recipe can be adjusted to make any quantity that you’d like by increasing the amount of ingredients used. This batch made enough deodorant for my husband and I for about 2-3 months. You could also cut the recipe in half if you want to make a smaller amount.


Why is mine taking so long to harden?
This is common when using the baking soda. Try putting it in the fridge for a few hours to harden. I actually like keeping mine in the fridge all the time and applying while I’m making breakfast since it keeps it really cool and refreshing.

It seems to be leaving stains on my shirt- what do I do?
This is likely just due to the oil residue that is there for a few minutes right after it is applied. Try keeping it in the fridge so a smaller amount is transferred to skin or waiting approximately 5 minutes after applying before putting a shirt on.

Help! I have a horrible rash after a few days/weeks/months of using this.
This is also common in some skin types and if you have used conventional deodorant for a long time and have a build up of the chemicals from that deodorant in your skin. I’ve found that doing an armpit detox once a week makes a huge difference. You can also try omitting the baking soda from the recipe, which resolves the issue for most people.

Is this an antiperspirant?
No. Stopping the body’s ability to sweat is not a natural process and there is no way that I know of to accomplish this naturally. The good news is that you will sweat less and less as your body adjusts to a natural deodorant and it won’t be needed anymore. Again, the armpit detox can help speed that up. I went from using clinical strength deodorant to not needing an antiperspirant at all and just using a very light natural deodorant.

Have you ever made your own personal care products? How did it go? Let me know below!

This homemade deodorant bar recipe will save you money and help you avoid nasty chemicals. It's easy to make and completely natural.

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Reader Comments

  1. I have extremely fair/sensitive skin and every time I try to wear makeup I breakout like CRAZY for the next week.  I don’t have the best complexion :/ so I can’t wait to see what tips and tricks you have for natural makeup!!  I am definitely going to be trying this deodorant too!! nothing i buy ever works for me!

    • I was really excited to see this recipe and immediately bought all the ingredients and made it. Without the baking soda. Today, 2 weeks later of once a day application, I had to see a dermatologist due to a very strange and painful rash that had begun in my arm pit, yesterday I noticed it beginning in my other arm pit. I don’t have insurance so the visit cost me $188. The dermatologist told me to immediately discontinue the use of the deodorant and put me on a string of meds and salves. I personally think it may have been from the probiotic. Just a fair warning to anyone with sensitive skin. The cost of this experiment was way too high.

      • I’m sorry to hear this. You know I just use coconut oil alone. And that last me a whole day with no nasty smells. It works great 😉 no rashes as of yet and I’m very fair and sensitive too 😉

      • Sorry about your rash. Before I sell home-made deodorant, I tell my customers that they cannot use too much since it is so concentrated. If you use the same amount of deodorant as store-bought ones, you are using too much so a rash may occur. This recipe is concentrated and contains no water, unlike the store bought version, so you just need to use a little bit. Also some essential oils, such as lemongrass are not recommended for sensitive skin, and a rash may occur.

      • I had a reaction to the essential oils. I used them for about 6months. Over time they build up in the body. I love the oils but everytime i apply them i get a very itchy rash. Unfortunately i had to stop using them.

        • I would strongly recommend not using the same essential oil for an extended amount of time. I intend on making this deodorant with several different oils so I can switch off week to week. All essential oils have an intended purpose, that’s why people use essential oils to deal with issues. Just as with my supplements I take, I like to switch off brands as they are all slightly different. Using anything for an extended period of time will allow that item to build up in your body. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it is not.

      • I would not say it was from the probiotic at all. Did you use cheap Essential oils? I only use one brand. My friend was using cheap essential oils she bought on Amazon and in the store, and ended up with adverse reactions.

      • I get the same reaction when I use arrowroot powder. I now use rice powder instead and no longer have any reactions. I haven’t ever added essential oils, either.

      • I’m so sorry you had that happen! When using essential oils, make sure they are very high quality. Grocery stores do not carry good quality ones, and that may have been the problem right there. Therapeutic Grade is the only kind you should use on your skin, and it must be diluted!

    • Could I use a white bentonite clay? if so, what can I substitute it with? thanks

    • I use a homemade deodorant once daily but I can not use it on the days that I shave. I shave on days that I know I will be home. I got a rash when I used it and shaved (it contains baking soda), it took 3 days to heal. I didnt start back using the homemade deodorant until I was healed.

      • I accidentally discovered what works for me, especially after shaving. I had tried many store bought natural brands, used with different soaps, cleaned shirts with vinegar, etc etc and was tired of trying. I went back to ‘regular’ toxic brand, but quickly knew I actually smelled worse when using it – and it was ruining my clothing. With that, I started trying again and discovered WITCH HAZEL, of all simple things. I keep it around, it is great for chicken pox and such, but never had I used it for underarms. It is also recommended after shaving to prevent razor burn – of which I assumed the opposite – I thought it would burn! So, I haven’t used regular deo for 2 months now; treated all my shirts with strong vinegar (Four Monks brand) and rinsed it out well. I use the jar of hemmorhhoid pads saturated in witch hazel, generic from any store; this is stronger WH than most that are sold in bottles. I use one pad a day and wipe my skin after showering. I started using Pit Paste after that and now the PP works for me again with no problem. I will usually start to smell at the 24-hour mark, but this is a serious improvement for me. I shave maybe once/week/every 5 days, and still use the WH pads right after – NO burning, no itching or anything. I was really surprised by this, but it seems to work.

  2. I made your previous deodorant. But i feel like it burns off all of my skin. its incredibly painful. do you think its the baking soda as i see noted in here? i really dont want to go back to traditional deodorant.

    • Try omitting the baking soda and see if that helps. From what I can tell, the pH of a person’s body/sweat also makes a big difference, and if you are more on the acidic side, it will literally create a minor chemical reaction, which could be why it feels like its burning. with just the arrowroot, it shouldn’t be a problem, and the probiotics can help replace the baking soda. Good luck!

      • I had the same problem and I switched to all organic baking soda and organic arrowroot powder. I have no problems now.

        • Sorry Sandy, but baking soda is a mineral, sodium bicarbonate, and cannot by definition be organic. But I am interested in whether or not you changed the ratio of baking soda. Perhaps you used less the second time around?

      • I followed the deodorant recepie but I instead of 3 tablespoons of baking soda I used 1 and 2 zinc oxide non-nano. It works very good!


    • Instead of mixing up a big batch, what I usually do is make what I’m going to use and see how it works for me. 

      For example, I’ll take a dab of coconut oil, a sprinkle of baking soda and a drop of EO, rub my hands together and apply.  That way, I get to see how effective it is and whether I have any adverse reaction before mixing an entire batch of something that I won’t be able to use.

      If I do have an adverse reaction, I’ll omit something and / or replace it with something else.   It took some trial and error, but I’ve found what works well for me!

    • I had the same problem so I reduced the baking soda to teaspoons instead of Tablespoons
      and I increased the arrowroot powder to make up for the baking soda reduction. I’ve been using it since.

    • Yes, it is the baking soda. I just had a bad reaction to it myself. If you make a new batch, just omit the baking soda & use more cornstarch.

      • So you can use corn starch in this recipe instead of arrowroot powder? I can’t find arrowroot where I live (most Texans aren’t in to trying new holistic things) and I’m out of deodorant now and wanted to make some so I don’t have time to order any online.

        • Lol I’m from Texas too and I know what you mean. You can order organic Arrowroot powder from Mountain Rose Herbs.

        • hey if you have an heb market near you. they have arrowroot powder in the healthy living section

      • I made a batch with the baking soda and it worked great. About 3 days later, I had a red itchy rash. I made another batch but reduced the baking soda. Does not work as well. Any suggestions?

        • I use a homemade deodorant with baking soda. I have found that if I apply coconut oil after I apply the deodorant, it prevents me from getting burned. (I have super sensitive skin, so baking soda tends to burns my skin.) So I get the benefit of using the deodorant with baking soda (that works), and the extra benefit of not being burned. 😉 I hope this helps you, too!

    • I use plain baking soda to my armpits. it never irritates me and keeps the smell away a whole day.

  3. How do you store the bars?

    • They are shelf stable for up to 4 months and freezer stable indefinitely.

  4. I keep it in the refridgerator i have it in a old deodorant bottle. it literally takes all my skin off then scabs over and starts over again. 🙁

      • Hi from Edinburgh, UK – I also reacted with a painful, burning rash – definitely suspect the sodium bicarbonate. Will try without. Anyone have an idea what the purpose of the bicarbonate is meant to be, if going without is an option?

    • I would not use any combination of natural ingredients that produced that result to my skin. You need to try something else. That constant peeling and scabbing over is not healthy and may cause adverse affects.

  5. Ecmorgan, you might try some different combinations if you haven’t already.  I tried arrowroot powder and beeswax in my recipe and it broke me out like crazy–I think I’m allergic to beeswax, as weird as that sounds.  I do better with just coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch with some tea tree EO, even though it melts easily.  But that’s just me.  (And it works way better than traditional deodorant).  But that’s for my skin.  There may be another recipe that works better for your skin.  

  6. The ingredients are spendy so thats why im keeping using my one. i hate to keep trying things and waste the money 🙁     I might try the arrowroot next time although im allergic to corn on the inside so im not really sure if i should put it on the outside either. ive tried natural ones at the store but i felt i really sweated throught them. I dont have a sense of smell so i worry if i sweat that i smell bad.

    • Arrowroot might work better for you if you’re allergic to corn.   If you have a grocery store that sells items in bulk you can buy smaller quantities.  I do that when I want to try things and not buy a big bag or box.  

    • I tried using cocnut oil, arrowroot and baking soda and have not had any problems since. The cornstarch must have caused the poblem for me. The deoderant without the baking soda did not work as well.

    • You know there are a lot of people who use lemons as deodorant… You could use slices of lemons, or even that bottled lemon juice stuff (although I’d make sure it’s ONLY lemon)… I’ve tried it and it works, and I stink bad sometimes Lol

    • If you know anyone that is into trying new things, sometimes it really is nice when you purchase these items together, try the new recipes, etc. and you will cut your cost in half or get as many people together as possible so the cost is cut even more. I will purchase the items, make up all the things as they don’t have as much time as I do and then we split the cost. Of course, figure out the total before hand so they know what they are getting into. ALL the best to you.

  7. is the probiotic necessary? The stuff that you recommend is awfully expensive for a college student =(

    • Not necessary, and any other would work as long as it doesn’t have to be refrigerated…

      • I was wondering about that myself since it listed the probiotic as optional. What is the purpose of the probiotic in this?

        • It can help with odor and there is emerging evidence that we have a skin biome so it helps support beneficial bacteria on the skin.

  8. I want to know about making lip tint and mascara! Can’t wait!

    • Ditto on the mascara.

  9. I’m looking for a good makeup remover!

    • Coconut oil is the best eye makeup remover I have found.  Everything else I have used irritates my very sensitive eyes.  LOVE it. 

    • grapeseed oil is fabulous, use it for eyemakeup everyday. Cheap in grocery store!!!

    • Coconut oil works great to remove eye make up.

    • I use 1 tsp olive oil, 1/4 tsp castille soap and 1/2 cup distilled water. I have also used pure coconut oil in a pinch but in the summer coconut oil tends to liquefy at room temperature.

    • I use 50/50 witch hazel and EVOO – works fantastic for getting off even waterproof eye makeup!

    • Avocado oil or avocado oil and witch hazel.

  10. What would one use in place of coconut oil in these natural recipes?  I’m allergic to it.

    • You could sub almond oil, but just cut the amount in half and add an extra half of shea butter instead.

    • From the above article:
      For those sensitive to coconut, grassfed organic beef tallow can also be
      used and it is great for the skin, though you will need to add
      essential oils to cover the mild scent.

  11. Is it just a deodorant bar or an anti perspirant as well?

    • It will lessen perspiration, but commercial antiperspirants have aluminum, which is effective but very harmful. If you sweat a lot, make sure you are taking enough magnesium and that you don’t have leptin issues…

      • magnesium helps with leptin issues? Ive just started reading your leptin article….it might say in there, i just haven’t gotten that far yet! lol I stink alot and i sweat alot too…it’s terrible so i hope all of this helps. i’m tired of taking several showers in the summer and changing my shirt just as many times

  12. How about a laundry soap, and liquid hand soap?

    • 2 parts soap flakes, 1 part washing soda, 1 part borax, 1 part baking soda. Mix altogether. Store in airtight container.

      Use 2 tbsp per normal wash. 1 tbsp light load. 3 tbsp large load. Okay for use in HE front load washers.

  13. Hello! thanks so much for posting this. I was wondering whether corn starch could replace the arrowroot? I guess it could if the arrowroot just plays an ‘absorbent’ role, but not if it has some other role too. Thanks so much!

    • It could. I try to avoid corn as much as possible, but you could use it.. just look for organic corn starch…

      • I am a huge fan of your blog!! Looking forward to make this recipe and throw out the deodorant full of chemicals I have in my bathroom… however I don’t have arrowroot and it is quite impossible to find it here (Norway). How about amaranth instead of arrowroot? Could it work as well?

        • I haven’t tried it but it probably would…

      • Would potato starch work as well?

  14. Looking forward to making it, deodorant is the last product I have to make before each toiletry is handmade 🙂 I will try the probiotics, however I get one from my own town. It’s important to make sure the probiotics are shelf stable.
    Thank you Wellness Mama!

  15. Forgot to ask, why do you need to wait for it to harden before you put it in a deo tube? Wouldn’t you want to put it in as a liquid so it fills well?

    • The problem is that most don’t have a solid stop where you twist to move it up, so if you pour, it hardens in the bottom too and makes it nearly impossible to turn the wheel and get it to move up. If yours has a solid stop, it may work though…

      • How can you tell if the deodorant tube has a solid stop or not?

  16. I saw that you have a natural shampoo recipe and i’d love to see a recipe for hair gel….i have wavy hair that gets frizzy in humidity if not tamed and i’m tired of using all the junk that is in most gels and mousse!

    • Have you tried just using a small amount of olive or jojoba oil, rub in the palm of your hand then rub your hands through your hair.

  17. Cool recipe!  Do you think french or bentonite clay might work in place of the arrowroot?

    • The problem with bentonite clay is it turns dark gray when wet and all the arm pits of my shirts turned black :-(. Maybe it was just the kind I used, but it’s awful!

  18. I would love to have a recipe for a bronzer — just something to add a little sheen and sparkle and a good natural foundation too.  I don’t wear too much makeup and not even every day.  The mascara has others have mentioned too would be awesome.  Thanks so much for everything. It is great!  I am hooked. 

  19. I am extremely alergic to coconut. What oil could I use to replace to coconut oil?

    • You can use olive, almond or even jajoba oil, just use 1/3 less.

      • how about avocado oil?

    • Palm oil is another oil that has a similar molecular structure. It too is solid at room temperature. Give that a shot.

  20. I’d be interested in learning about DIY eye make up (shadows, liners, etc.) Thank you!

  21. I was gathering ingredients to make this and need a little help with the beeswax, as I have never used beeswax.  When purchasing beeswax, I noticed it’s sold by weight.  Could you give us a guess how much we will need by weight?

    • No more than a few ounces (4 should be plenty).

  22. I had tried the crystal, which did nothing for me. I didn’t have all the ingredients, but I mixed up the coconut oil and baking soda and it really worked! Amazing, thanks for sharing!

  23. Hello,

    I made the bar deodorant yesterday and it really didn’t firm up as thick as peanut butter.  I put it in the frig for a little while then put it in an old deodorant case/tube.  I fear that this will get melty in the summer months.  Is it okay to keep it refrigerated??  Do you know what of the ingredients makes it stay solid and won’t melt??  I will be trying out for the first time today.  Hope that it works well for me, I am one who really has a smell and feel that regular stuff wears off rather quickly on me especially in hot weather or if I get nervous.


    • You can absolutely store in the fridge… the beeswax helps it firm up, so you could add more of that in future batches if you want a firmer one. It does take a good 24 hours to fully firm outside of the fridge though…

    • Stearic acid will harden it, and it’s super cheap.

  24. I made this recipe not too long ago and love it, but the only problem I have is that it seems to stain my clothing (under arms of my shirts). My guess would be the beeswax. I do, however use a natural detergent to wash my clothes that I made myself. Maybe that has something to do with this? Any suggestions?

  25. I made the deodorant recipe last night and I tried it out this evening after I got out of the shower and it was really sticky feeling.   I only made one stick and used corn starch because I didn’t have any arrow root powder.  What are your thoughts on improving it?

    • A lot can vary based on brands of coconut oil, cornstarch/arrowroot, etc. I definitely like the arrowroot more, so you could try that and also try adding more of the powder and less oil for a thicker deodorant.

  26. Mine does the same thing, I think it’s actually the cocoa butter (if you used that). Also, I smell like peanut butter and it’s kindof overwhelming. I assume using a different butter would do the trick, but I may try and omit it.

    • Same issues for me.  My homemade laundry detergent does not get the staining off my clothes.  Any solutions?  Is white beeswax available anywhere?

      • There isn’t but the beeswax can be completely left out. Just coconut oil, shea butter and baking soda will work, the beeswax just makes it firmer…

        •  Also, you could try another wax like an emulsifying wax (which is white and also sold by Mountain Rose Herbs). This is also good for vegans as well.

          • white beeswax pastilles are available on Amazon

      • you can try soy wax but it won’t get as hard as beeswax

  27. I made these for the first time last night and I have a few questions… First: does beeswax always smell this awful?? It is SO overpowering (can’t even tell I put essential oil in there) and it smells so gross.  I ordered it from Amazon rather than Mtn Rose Herbs – could that be the problem?  Second – how the heck do you clean up after this stuff?? With the shea and the beeswax, it did NOT want to come off my hands or out of the spongue I used to try to clean up the bowl, or off the bowl, etc.  It took a LOT of washing, with a LOT of dishsoap to clean up after this little project… what am I doing wrong?!

    • I don’t really notice a smell at all in the beeswax I have… it might be a difference in the types. A trick I discovered recently is to melt the ingredients in a quart size jar sitting in a pan of boiling water instead of a bowl. Then, you can pour directly into molds and just save the jar to use for the next batch… saves a lot of cleanup. If not, you have to rinse with almost boiling water then wipe with paper towels and then wash normally…

  28. I only had an issue with the previous recipe on the days I applied after shaving.  I would get all rashy and painful.  I thought it might be the baking soda.  But then I remembered it hadn’t happened with the first batch I made.  For some reason, I react when it’s made with arrowroot, but not with cornstarch!  Funny since when talking about eating them, it’s the exact opposite 😉 .  

    I definitely want to give this one a try once I get around to ordering from Mountain Rose!  

    I am curious about home made make up for sure.  I’d also really like to know what you use for make up remover and/or daily face wash and what you apply after to tone and/or moisturize?  Making my own deodorant and shampoo, only use a bit of Dr. Bronners in my armpits when I shower, but haven’t quite figured out a DIY face care routine yet.  Thanks!

    • I’m responding to the toner part. I bought witch hazel and rose water from bulk apothecary and a small spritzer bottle and I use that with mostly the witch hazel and top it off with the rose water so it smells nice. I also use the witch hazel mixture as an after shave for my arm pits and my husband’s face. It works really well, and isn’t too steeply priced.

    • toner: 1/3 aloe juice, 1/3 alcohol-free witchhazel, 1/3 lavender water.
      moisturizer: find a vegetable oil (grapeseed, argan, etc) that your skin likes and use that as moisturizer

  29. Coconut oil in its solid state?  Or do you get it to liquify first?  How do you apply?

    • You actually melt it with the shea butter in the jar until they both melt and then add the other ingredients. Once it hardens, it is hard like a bar of soap and you can just use on your armpits, or you can mold into an old deodorant container…

      • What recipe is this, please?

  30. I have a friend who makes a similar recipe with bentonite clay which works great!

  31. I would love to know how to dye my hair naturally…I have dark brown with gray popping in now! And I don’t have much depth or shine. I use to use temp hair dye from the store but it tore up my hair….any ideas?.

    • I just did my first home hair dye with Naturcolor Herbal Haircolor Gel (ordered online) and it turned out stunning. The color is natural and luminous, left my hair silky soft, didn’t smell during application, and covered my small amount of gray. I will use it over and over. I’ll never let my hairstylist put chemical hair dye on my head again.

  32. Hey Katie! I’m wondering… Living in TX, my house is kept at a relatively high temperature of about 77-80 degrees on a regular basis (this will change as the weather does, but my question remains…); would this high temperature make these deodorant bars and the lotion bars hard to keep solid? Should I perhaps use more beeswax?

    • They’d still be solid, but not as hard. You could add a couple extra tablespoons of beeswax, or keep in the fridge 🙂

    • mine never came out hard like soap. I can definitely dent it with my finger, but it is hard enough to stay in the tubes, even in my upstairs bathroom that regularly gets hotter than the rest of the house. 🙂 I am really liking this recipe.

  33. Do you have any problems with the beeswax getting into the clothes? We have been making our own deodorant for awhile and my husband just showed me that the underarms of one of his dress shirts is dark…like the oil is soaking into the material.

    • I haven’t had any trouble with it, but another reader mentioned the same thing. One thing that seems to help is dusting the area with arrowroot after applying to absorb the excess. You can also omit the beeswax and just use coconut oil as the base…

  34. Could I skip the probiotics in this recipe and it still turn out well?

  35. I just use pure white vinegar with a few drops of tea tree oil in a little spritz bottle for Deodorant and it works great if I put it on after every shower and every morning.

    • How much vinegar do you use? I have been using a home made thieves oil for fragrance/antibacterial, etc., but wanted a “spray” deodorant. I had never thought about using vinegar. do you find that you smell like vinegar when you sweat? or just the tea tree oil?

  36. Just noticed in some of the comments that many people are having a similar problem as me… After using this for several days, my underarms are bright red, sore and itchy. I didn’t think I had sensitive skin, but who knows, maybe I do. I guess I will try making it again without baking soda. I hope I figure it out soon!

    • This could be a detox from the baking soda. I had big red but not itchy patches. Also, it turned the underarms of my clothing a muted brown color, and it does not come out. But after several months the red patches completely disappeared and I no longer get the brown staining on my clothes. I really believe it was a detox. I think if it had been itchy, I wouldn’t have been so willing to go through the other.

    • When I first switched from commercial deodorant/anti-perspirant I developed the same issue – my skin would actually peel off. I adjusted the baking soda/arrowroot ratio a bit, but I really believe it’s detox, too – especially if you’ve mostly used commercial anti-perspirants (FULL of aluminum – which is linked to Alzheimer’s). I think it’s your body’s way of sloughing off all those toxins. I’ve been using homemade deodorant for over a year now and since the first month or two of detox/transition I haven’t had any issues like that again.

  37. Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this yet, but it might help with the rashes if you use a natural, aluminum-free baking soda, rather than traditionally-derived versions like Arm & Hammer. Bob’s Red Mill brand is what I use and I don’t get that chemical burn-like rash when I apply it to my skin.

  38. About how many deodorant containers would this fill?

      • I can fill 4. Two suave and 2 right guard. Both 2.6 oz containers.

    • I filled 4 empty deodorant containers. They are pretty small though – ordered them from amazon.

  39. I made this deodorant last night and the only problem I am having is when I try to apply it. It is really hard and does not apply well. Any suggestions?

    • Is it in a jar or deodorant container. I keep mine in a jar and just scrape a little out with a popsicle stick and spread on my skin. It definitely will be harder during the cooler weather…

      • I actually poured it into a mold. Could I have used too much beeswax?

        • Possibly, did you add by volume or weight? and what brand… there does seem to be a discrepancy with some brands of beeswax…

          • I melted it and added by volume. I’m not sure of the brand, I bought it from our local good foods co-op.

  40. how long does it take to “work”- I still stink and I tried it for a week. I’ve tried both “recipes” 🙁 Does it take time to adjust? I smell horrible! I went back to using my clinical strength secret.

    • Did you put baking soda in both recipes? It can take a while for your body to adjust, but most people do start to notice improvement in the first week or so.

      • yes I used it in both. But I forgot to try probiotics. Maybe that’ll help. 🙂 thank you!

        • Poor diet is the most major cause of strong/bad body odor…If it were me I would take a look at what I am consuming. Food for thought.

  41. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. 🙂

  42. Hi,

    I made my own body butter. I used cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, almond oil, beeswax and Vitamin E (squeezed from Vitamin E capsules). I made 100 ml of it and it got over in 3 weeks – I applied it on my entire body. Please tell me a way wherein I can make the body butter last longer. Have I missed out on some ingredient? I melted the cocoa butter, almond and apricot oils and beeswax. After it cooled down I added Vitamin E and kept it in the freezer. After 20 minutes, I took it out (it had hardened by then) and whipped it well. Please do let me know how to make it last longer. Kindly e mail it to – it would be very helpful. Thank you very much.

  43. I only have refrigerated probiotics. Will it still work?

    • It should but I’d try it with a small batch to test….

  44. Hi I am new to the cite, but have been using most of your DIY toiletries, I am however having a problem with the consistency of the deodorant. The first batch came came a little gooey, but I have left it out to dry, do you think that will work ( I’m thinking of leaving them for a month)

  45. Hi– What are the pro-biotics for? Are they anti-stinky (I know, so scientific) or more for over all health? I’ve tried a number of DIY deodorant recipes that have not worked, so I’m hoping this one does. =)

  46. Which brand of vitamin E oil do you recommend? I am looking to avoid the synthetic kind.

  47. If we omit the beeswax, will we need to add something else in (or more of something else), instead? Thanks

    • just cking bk. in.

    • I have made this in the past without the beeswax, probiotics nor vitamin E, it just gets softer in the summer months and you have to be careful not to apply too much, but if you refrigerate it, you don’t have as much issue. I rubbed it in with my hands after applying. I am just trying the beeswax recipe (without the vitamin E and probiotics again)- I made my first batch last night and I like the way it applies.

  48. what non-refrig. probiotic would you rec. for dairy freezers?

      • oh, i meant dairy -FREE-ers. ha. bio kult contains dairy. sorry

  49. Hey, I was wondering what brand of E oil you buy, I saw on another post that you said you get it on Amazon and I was wondering what kind of quality I should be looking for.

  50. In your edit at the top you mentioned using a quart jar with a lid… Do you place the lid on during the heating process?

  51. i just wash my armpits in the morning and at night, and in between i am fine. If i happen to be going out all day or out in the sun, i just use a cotton ball and powder on some baby powder. have never smelled and never have a problem with breaking out. not to mention you save tons of money not having to buy all these ingredients. probiotics for 30$ cmon.

  52. Hello there – I just made a batch of the deodorant and the mixture looks very yellow in color where yours looks beige in the picture – I followed the recipe and used pure cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and arrowroot…… Not sure what I did wrong but also seems kinda greasy…… I used sticks of cocoa butter – maybe it was too much?

    • I”ve never seen sticks of cocoa butter, so not sure on that, but it could be that it hasn’t fully hardened yet, and it is more yellow before it hardens, which takes about two days…

  53. I love everything about this deodorant except it isn’t firm enough. I’m going to try to add more bees wax next time. Does anyone else have ideas?

    • I would skip the Vitamin E and the probiotics. Probiotics are for your stomach and intestines. If you eat enough, it will get to the outside of your skin, and don’t use things that have triclosan in them. Seriously, eating homemade sauerkraut, and yogurt will give you many more good bacteria colonies than purchasing any store bought probiotics.

  54. Is this useful as an antiperspirant as well as a deoderant, or is it just a deoderant?

  55. Hi! I was wondering if there is way to make this without the coconut oil? I have a moderate coconut allergy, but would really like to add this to my naturopathic tricks! I appreciate any suggestions you have!!!

    • almond or another liquid oil works just use half as much…

      • Thanks!

  56. Is it ok if I use cornstarch instead of arrowroot? Would you recommend it? I live in Mexico and arrowroot is hard to get.

  57. Honestly, I am just rubbing on a dab of coconut oil then powdering up with baking soda and I dont sweat very much and I never have problems with b.o! Its cheap and I dont even have to make a bar out of it, which can get expensive. I just use these clear pill container from Wal-Mart in the travel section. I filled one with coconut oil for easy access, one for baking soda, and one for my toothpaste (baking soda with water and two drops of peppermint essential oil.) E-Z P-Z

  58. Hi: I just came across this from a group. My issue is that I have a sensitivity to coconut oil. Is there a substitution for it? Thank you

  59. I am allergic to arrowroot. What is a good substitute for arrowroot in this recipe? Thanks!

    • Try using tapioca starch instead of arrowroot or corn starch. It works great and is much cheaper! About $1 a pound at most Asian grocery stores.

  60. Could you do a recipe for leave in conditioner and/or heat protectant???

  61. I never comment on any websites but I just had to comment on this. I’m
    currently trying to transition in to an all natural life and I’ve been
    finding it so confusing and hard and lots of ingredients I’ve never
    heard of before. This deodorant is the first I’ve tried and omg! It’s
    amazing. If normal store bought deodorants had no bad chemicals in them I
    still would use this natural recipe because it’s the best deodorant
    I’ve ever had. Today was the perfect test as it was my first day of
    college and I was sweating like mad! But I still am dry and smells great
    (I used lavender oil in it) and all my clothes have been smelling good
    at the end of the day which is a first! My brothers have even started
    using it and usually the minute you say the word “natural” they’re like
    BLAH BLAH BLAH NO! haha so just wanted to thank you for making this
    transition easier for me. I can’t wait to try other recipes 🙂 Big
    thanks from Ireland! <3

  62. I love the idea of using probiotics! Can I use a probiotic that does need to be refrigerated if I keep it in the fridge?

    • What purpose do the probiotics serve? are they just a preservative?

  63. Okay, these are also awesome. I’m so happy to have finally found a recipe that works, goes on smooth and clear and is not slimy. I went with arrowroot and no baking soda since I’ve had irritation with baking soda in the past. Thank you so much for these recipes Katie! They are lifesavers!

  64. What if I wanted to use 3 different essential oils? Should I use 20 drops of each, totaling 60 drops in all?

  65. can you just use arm and hammer baking soda and bob’s red mill arrowroot powder?

  66. how did you decide on 1 tsp of vitamin e oil?

  67. I tried this recipe and i found it a bit hard to put on and then slightly sticky. Maybe i did something wrong? I have also tried the versions without beeswax. I love these, they work great, but it would be nice to use a bar….??

  68. I made the deodorant but mine melts in heat just like the coconut oil… did I do something wrong?

  69. I made the deodorant bar for the second time last night and it’s still quite soft (won’t come out of the deodorant applicator and can’t unmold it). Can I remelt it and add more baking soda and arrowroot? Or add beeswax?

    • I haven’t actually made this recipe yet, but I would do beeswax to make it harder. Katie talks about doing that in some of her other recipes like with the lip chap she says ” If you prefer a firmer and longer lasting lip chap, you can add more beeswax, up to double the recommended amount. If you prefer a smoother and more oily lip chap, you can reduce the amount of beeswax.” So that’s my guess, hope it helps!

      • I added beeswax and it did make it harder. Now, since I’m still on the last batch I don’t know if it’s too hard or not but it is coming out of the applicator. I forgot that if your house is a bit warm ( I live in the great white Canadian north) you can keep it in your fridge, which I did and it works…
        Thanks Ravenna Black!

        • Hi! Did you simply melt the entire thing and add more beeswax? I was wondering if that were a bad thing to do, since powders and EO are added after the jar is removed from heat. I’m somehow thinking maybe keeping EO and the powders in the double boiler on heat destroys their properties…?

  70. What a tutorial indeed. Will surely check back.
    Thanks for sharing.

  71. you are BRILLIANT! I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years trying out every natural deodorant on the market that i could find. I recently found a few that were OK, but still, it sucks to settle when it comes to deodorant. I made a batch with your recipe this weekend and it is WONDERFUL! so far, no odor at all! thank you so much for sharing! I have made so many things from your recipes and love them all!

  72. I am a breast cancer survivor who wanted to go to a natural deodorant. I am a very “fragrant” sweater and even had problems with the strongest anti-perspirant deodorant out there. Every natural product I tried let me down in hours. Until you. I made your recipe that uses baking soda, beeswax, mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, probiotic capsules, etc. believe it or not, I can go for two days and still not smell! I am thrilled to pieces! Thank you SO MUCH Katie!

  73. Hello, I made a batch of deodorant using a smiliar recipe of coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, arrowroot powder and Tea treeoil. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and it is working great, but I have found my armpits to be getting sensitive and a little sore in some areas, I believe it is due to the baking soda. I am going to make another batch without the baking soda. I see that you use pro-biotics, what role do they play in preventing odor or wettnes?

    Also, I love your website, it has inspired me to lead a healthier and cleaner life!! thanks for the inspiration.

  74. I was looking at both the deodorant and the deodorant bar recipe and wondered the purpose for the probiotic. It is not in the deodorant recipe, just the deodorant bar. Is it necessary?

  75. For desert dwellers like me or anyone who wants a bar that is not as pasty, try using raw kokum butter. In the summer months I use all kokum butter and only half kokum and half shea or mango for the winter batches. It protects skin and has a great non-pasty smoothness. Raw kokum butter comes in hard dry lumps but melts into the coconut oil perfectly and makes a bar that outdoes commercial bars in texture and provides much better staying power. Better on you and not on your clothes. I did have to use a summer batch recently (in the cold) and it was very hard – a little dab of witch hazel on the skin allowed it to spread well. So if you make it too hard for your liking remember you can always remelt and add a wee more coconut oil to soften the bar or just moisten skin with witch hazel first.
    **oh and I found a great life hack. If you break the cap on one of your “go toobs”, remove all the hard plastic and keep the silicone part. If you fill that silicone (no more hard plastic) with this home deodorant (set in a cup to fill & harden) you can squeeze it up, apply and it goes back in for storage. I use a locking french barrette clip to close the end for travel. No more messy deo muffins.

  76. Hi. I like this so much. By the way, can i use olive oil instead of coconut oil with any of your recipe?

  77. Are there any tricks to removing the finished product [deodorant bars] from a silicone mold? Haven’t tried making these yet and I just want to prepare myself. 🙂

  78. I’m curious why you omitted the zinc oxide? It has great antimicrobial properties. I’ve been using diaper cream under my arms with great results, but looking to make my own bar based on this recipe. I’ll definitely be using zinc oxide though.

  79. Would you mind giving the ingredients in weight. Thanks

  80. Many people seem to be having a reaction to the baking soda, so I was wondering what is the purpose of the baking soda? Obviously it is your preferred ingredient compared to corn or tapioca starch.

    • It is definitely the best for reducing body odor but many people don’t need it after the initial detox period

  81. I was wondering could you substitute the bee’s wax with soy wax I hear emulsifying wax isn’t as organic or natural as we may think just wandering what Wax I could sub it with Other then that I’ve been using this recipe with AMAZING Results just stained one shirt So that’s where I’m wondering if I sub it with a different wax?????

  82. I made this a few nights ago and used your great Mason Jar tip- much easier, cause clean up on the few spots where I got it was a beast! So… it feels really SICKY and is leaving a yellowish mess on my clothes armpits… I followed your recipe exactly. It feels OK but as my body heats up, like exercising, it gets sticky. Have you found this?

  83. Hi, Love your blog! Just made the deodorant last week and have been using for several days. My underarms are itchy and have lots of red bumps. I do also sweat a lot. I made the deodorant with arrowroot. I added a few drop of tea tree and lavender essential oil. Can essential oil be irritating? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  84. I am a HUGE fan of this deodorant. Awhile back, I went from using aluminum deodorant to non-aluminum Melaleuca deodorant, but something in the Melaleuca deo irritated my skin. Far too often than I would have liked, I would get red, itchy patches where I applied it. I figured living with that was better than using aluminum, but then I saw your recipe and decided to try it. I made half a batch of the recipe and reduced the baking soda to 1 TBSP. I also added about 1 tsp calendula oil as an extra soothing ingredient for my sensitive skin.

    Now I will never go back to using anything else. This deodorant absorbs well, does not make my skin itchy (although I do still get red patches, but they don’t really bother me now), and works better than aluminum deo! I’ve noticed that over the past month as I have used it, I seem to sweat less, and I NEVER smell anything from my body anymore. I only smell the deodorant itself. My husband also enthusiastically uses it and agrees that it works very well.

    Deodorant is an odd thing to rave about, but I have been telling every “healthy” person that I know about this stuff!

  85. I was wondering where you purchase your Vitamin E?

  86. Sorry but this recipe was an EPIC FAIL! I might as well have lifted my arm up and squirted a bottle of baby oil into my armpit! It was so soft and greasy I couldn’t believe it. I followed the recipe EXACTLY and it turned out awful. I have since found other recipes that are similar but call for WAY LESS oil. I’ll be trying those ones next. Thanks.

  87. Hello, and thank you for your website.
    I used this recipe:
    – coconut oil
    – Shea Butter & Cocoa butter … (The cocoa butter was very hard to scoop, but smells tasty)
    – beeswax
    – vitamin E oil
    – baking soda … (I made 3 batches so far. The 1st was without baking soda, and it worked pretty well. Husband & I found that we had to reapply throughout the day, and when my “monthly hormone changes” took place, I needed to increase the applications even more. But honestly, I don’t have any other options except making my own deodorant because everything else gives me a rash. I’ll try the batch with baking soda starting tomorrow.)
    – organic arrowroot powder

    1- How do you clean the oils off of the container, mixing tools, measuring tools, etc.?
    I do see you suggested keeping the mason jar just for these ingredients, so that we don’t have to clean it, but I already used other containers…

    2- What’s the shelf life of this recipe?

    3- I bought beeswax beads, so I had to actually bring the coconut oil, beeswax, and butters mixture to a boil for the beeswax beads to melt. Is this okay?

    Thank you:-)

    • It will last indefinitely. TO clean, I wipe the containers with paper towels, newspaper or old rags. It does take a while for the beeswax to melt.

  88. Was wondering if the baking soda only burns after you’ve just shaved or does it burn all the time? I used it after showering last night and I woke up this morning with my underarms burning. Just curious to know if I wait to put if it would make a difference. I’d hate to waste the deodorant I just made. Lol

  89. I have noticed a channge in the color of my skin sense using this recipe for deodorant I made. At first it color change was small but now it’s covering my whole armpit. Is this bad?

  90. For those who have commented about a burning sensation to the skin, I’m wondering if the problem could be the essential oils. Even EO from “food” sources, like lemon, are often labeled “May cause skin irritation.” and “Do not take internally.” (This is true of those sold by Mountain Rose Herbs.) I’ve heard you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth. Are there any EO we can use with confidence on the skin? What about when flavoring edible recipes?

  91. Hi, I would like to make this and any suggestions to lighten darker underarms.


  92. There were a few comments about this staining clothing, but I didn’t see any definite replies on how to fix this problem. I love the deodorant but it leaves a greasy looking stain and I have tied several treatments to try to get this out without any success. Any ideas to help PREVENT the stains and then ideas to get the grease spots out? I have tried Spray and Wash, Tide Boost and even 409. None of these work.

    • have you tried ironing with a brown paper bag? kinda like the treatment to get candle wax out of carpets….

  93. I made your recipe but I omitted baking soda and beeswax and used clay instead but it’s not setting. Its about 85° here. I have it divided in baking tins to give away. Any idea on how to get thus to thicken would be appreciated!

  94. I love your recipes! I tried this one and it wasn’t quite strong enough for me and I found another recipe for deodorant that works better for my needs. I was wondering though, I dont want to waste the deodorant I made so would I be able to use this as lotion bars instead. I used arrowroot instead of baking soda, would it be ok on my skin without irritating it? Thanks!

  95. Hi I was wondering how much this recipe yields? I’m in the uk and it seems almost impossible to get empty deodorant containers without the need to import them or breaking the bank and as I have a few friends who’d be wanting to try this recipe too I was wondering about the amount. The stick sizes I can get take 30ml. Many thanks for your help!

  96. Have you done any research on or have comments on deodorant crystals?

  97. Currently I am using milk of magnesia for deorderant. It works better than clinical strength deodorant/antiperspirant, but it takes forever to dry. I have herd that excess sweating can be a magnesium deficiency. Can I add MOM to the recipe or magnesium powder, and if so, how much would you recomend.

    • I’m wondering the same thing, could we add Mg to the recipe to help with sweating? What about the zinc oxide, would that help with stinky sweat too?

      Thank you so much for posting this recipe! Love the site!

  98. Hands down, this is my favorite recipe for deodorant! I double the recipe and I double the amount of baking soda when I make it and I store this in small sized mason style jars for easy application after I shower. I find this recipe with the extra baking soda works BETTER than any natural deodorant on the market that I have tried. A double batch of this recipe yields close to a year’s worth of deodorant for me and when I buy the ingredients, the quantities I get can make a double batch of this twice so deodorant for two years with this recipe costs about $32 for me. Considering the average natural deodorant can run you $5-$15 and lasts from 1-3 months, this is a great price for a better product that REALLY works. Yay Wellness Mama! Love it!

  99. Ohhh myyyy. I am 100% amazed by this recipe, thank you thank you! Today was my test run, and I was very skeptical, and after sweaty cardio I was wet but completely odorless! Not to mention my pits are so silky~~ I’m shocked. You’re a godsend, thanks for helping us all live clean and smell clean too. 😉

  100. Can I use soy wax instead of beeswax, and if so would I use the same amount? Thanks. Sorry if you’ve gotten a few questions about this from me, the other ones were similar questions but for different recipes 🙂

    • I haven’t tried it with soy wax, but you can! If you do, let me know how it works!

      • OK thanks! I’ll let you know how it went 🙂

  101. Hi, does it matter what kind of probiotic I use? I’d like to buy it from my local store so I don’t have to wait for shipping. (Want to make it this weekend.) Is there a certain type or strain I should look for? Or just any multi-strain probiotic that doesn’t require refrigeration? Thanks!

    • Really just any high-quality probiotic is fine.

  102. For the same end result, can the same ratios of ingredients be used in weight rather than volume? I’ve used the recipe for a while and love it, but thought it might save me a little time to measure in weight. Thanks!

    • I haven’t tried that, but it would most likely work. It is probable, however, that the ratios of ingredients will be a little different, since they don’t all have the same basic weight. That’s why volume is used as a constant in the original recipe. So the consistancy may be a little off from what you are use to of you end up adding a great deal more of a particularly light ingredient, for example. But certainly try it and let us know how it worked!

  103. Hello,
    Thank you for your information and website. I love the information you provide. I found another recipe for deodorant. I believe I found it on a post on fb? It calls for baking soda, coconut oil, cornstarch, and essential oils. I had bad underarm odor since I was a teenager-now in my mid 40’s, and I used to use clinical strength deodorant. which didn’t always work. Now that I have tried this natural reciepe, for approximately a month now, it works wonderfully!!! After the first week, it seemed to help control the wetness too. One down side, my underarms have gotten darker. But I do smell like a rose!!

  104. Did anyone else experience graining from the powder? It definitely works but it feels grainy and after a few hours of wearing it, I have those crumbles in my armpits. Is it the baking soda?

    • A little goes a long way. 🙂 try applying less. I used about a pea size or less amount for each underarm and then I apply over a patch at least 3″x4″. Also, make sure you are using correct measurements of powders? Make sure not to pack them when you measure.

  105. I’ve been using your lotion recipe for quite some time and I love what it’s done for my skin. Then I decided to try natural deodorant and used the Tom’s brand with some success. I had to reapply but felt it was worth it to avoid aluminum. Then I saw this recipe and how close it is to the lotion I am already making and I gave it a shot. I love it! I ran out of Shea butter so I used only cocoa butter and I mixed with my beaters like I do the lotion. I waited only a couple minutes and poured it into my used (cleaned) Tom’s containers and I got a perfect pour. I’ve had no irritation but remember having some mild itching and redness when I first went natural. I also use the lotion on my pits after showering so I wonder if this helps with irritation. Anyway, this is the best deodorant I’ve ever used! I’ve had no need to reply and absolutely no stink! Thank you, Katie!!!

    • I’m so glad it works for you! Thanks for reading!

  106. Has anyone had trouble with beewax making a big mess and sticky? I have made the magnesium butter and had to throw it out because it was soo waxy and sticky on my skin my clothing stuck to it! Any tips?

  107. I made my own deodorant a long while ago and I’m still using the first batch of it. I have sensitive underarms and when I attempt to use store bought deo, it causes my underarms to swell and get tender. But I’ve had no trouble with them since switching to my own. I love making things at home. My next endeavor is soap. I absolutely can’t wait to try making it. I’m nervous about using lye though..

    Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to try yours because the deo I made didn’t have beeswax in it and I had to store it in the fridge. I’m super excited to make some that stays solid at room temp.

  108. I don’t know if you have already answered this but whats the length of use before you need to reapply during the day?

    • Frankly, that may be up to your own body chemistry. I use it once a day, though,

    • I only use it once per day.

  109. I love this deodorant! I’m trying to make some for my boyfriend, but he wants it in a stick. Right now I’m following your recipe and it comes out more as a thick, grainy paste (even though when I pour it into my jars it’s completely fluid, not grainy). To make it firmer for use in a stick should I just add more beeswax? Will it still be as effective? Thanks!

    • You can ad more, yes. But it will dilute your active ingredients, so it might become less effective, yes.

  110. I tried another Recipe for deodorant from another site with Bakeing soda and my under arms turned sore and I had made a full batch so I did not want to throw it out, but i was getting big red sore spots. Out of not wanting to waste I had decided to throw in vitimin E oil and a few drops of tea tree oil. It worked! My arms heald up amazingly and are well gorgous.

  111. Can I substitute the baking soda with magnesium chloride? Should i use the same amount? Thank you

  112. I tried a natural deodorant using baking soda, cornstarch, and a few drops of an essential oil. Worked okay for a couple of days, then I got this awful rash like a diaper rash under my arms. It itched and hurt all at the same time. The problem: my body is acidic and the combination with the baking soda was like the vinegar and baking soda you pour down your drain to clear it. Ouch! Instead, I use straight vinegar (smells, though) or a waterless hand sanitizer (without triclosan). Both work but they must be reapplied a few times a day. I go to these extremes, because of my unusually strong garbage-smelling armpits and excessive sweating. It’s just my body chemistry. Count your own blessings!

  113. I find that I am applying this deo often and so that it is making the pits of my clothes oily. So what if I omit the coconut oil entirely (so that the only oils would be the vitamin E and essential)?????
    P.S. This is the best recipe ever.
    P.P.S. I have sensitive skin and do not react, though I find it a little scratchy. So does my brother in law, who is now a fan (said it was better than store bought natural deo) and wants me to make it for him on an ongoing basis. I might try using only arrowroot powder, BUT, I wonder if it would have the same level of antibacterial properties. I don’t want to decrease antibacterial properties so I use a LOT of EO in mine!

    I would love it if you could respond as I am about to make another batch and wanted to try without oil.

    • Well, the coconut oil is a large part of the antibacterial function of the deo… but you could certainly try it. It’s worth an experiment at least.

      • After experimenting with no coconut oil and failing miserably, I have to say, I am so thankful for all of the experimenting YOU did to come up with this *perfect* recipe, which perhaps is left best unaltered. My advice to everyone who stumbles across this one, if you want an excellent deodorant, don’t mess with the recipe, keep it as is.

        I learned the obvious, that whatever form the ingredients take on at room temperature will influence the final form of the cooled deodorant. So in my experimenting, using a lot of cocoa butter in my non-coconut oil stick was a bad choice. In the end it was like rubbing a candle on my pits.

        I believe that omitting the coconut oil could work, if I used softer butters. But I also realized that the coconut oil lends to the velvety texture (as opposed to a sticky texture) when applied, and as you say, also to the antibacterial properties.

        I wonder just one thing now….Is arrowroot powder antibacterial? I tried looking it up but it appears that I am the first one to pop that one into a google brower.

        And thanks so much for replying!

  114. Also, are your ingredients measured melted or solid (as in the beeswax and coconut oil)?

  115. I was wondering if I could use the recipe for the basic deo. And make the deo bars. I see the bars have a few different ingredients.

  116. what can I use instead of arrowroot powder? cornstarch maybe?

  117. I was super excited when I found this recipe because I’ve been doing a lot of research on deodorants on the market. I am a masters students, so I have been perusing scholarly articles and such to make sure I was doing the right thing. I blindly jumped into this and made the recipe right away. And it works! My boyfriend loves it! I, on the other hand, have extremely sensitive skin. The high alkalinity of the baking soda practically destroyed my pits within 24 hours and it’s been three days and it’s still healing (I stopped wearing the deodorant for now).

    I did some research and figured out that in order to make sure the deodorant isn’t too alkaline, it should be less than 10% baking soda, which means a significantly smaller amount. Probably a quarter of what is recommended. Just a heads up for anyone with sensitive pits like myself.

  118. Hi! I made the deodorant bar today and everything seems to be great so far. I have one question though when reusing an old deodorant case for this recipe I noticed that I had some trouble actually getting the deodorant to come out (like a regular bar), in fact in my case I can’t seem to get to rise up out of the casing. I did put it in the refrigerator to harden so maybe after it comes up to room temp it will be ok. Any tips on this? I know it is kind of a weird question/issue. I added a ½ dropper of jojoba oil and used sweet almond instead of coconut oil and the finish is really nice. I omitted the baking soda and probiotics and just used extra arrowroot and had no buying issues, actually I feel like this made my armpits really smooth!


  119. THEEEEE simplest and most trouble-free deoderant on the planet is 100% COCONUT OIL. Plain and simple! No starches, shea butter, mixing, measuring, etc. needed. Slather on a tad of coconut oil (I customarily remove excess with the back of my hand and then rub into hands as well) and you’re DONE!! If you’re a heavy sweater or you’re going to be doing something very physical, bring some extra along and re-apply during the day if you need to, though–even after walking briskly/power walking for 2-5 miles–I seldom find this necessary. (But, to be fair, after exercising like that, I generally shower and then, by default, apply more “deoderant.” 🙂 )

    Coconut oil kills bacteria and I’m telling you, unless you do the aforementioned heavy sweating, etc., you will only smell lightly of coconuts (if you bury your nose in your underarm, that is). COCONUT OIL ALONE KILLS B.O. It is awesome! I have been doing this for about a year. Seems like the more you use it, the more your body adapts, as well, and you won’t find yourself needing to re-apply. When I first started, the morning’s application seemed to fade/wear down during the day . . . much to my random surprise. Now, one dose in the morning and I’m good to go . . . and go and go and go. It is THE answer for deoderant, all by itself!

    As mentioned in this article, it won’t stop you from sweating (which is a natural and healthy process). I, quite frankly, got used to that. If you DO sweat, there is no odor . . . just a faint coconutty smell. 😉

  120. Anyone else having issues with staining clothing?

    Which ingredients cause the staining?

    coconut oil?
    shea butter?
    cocoa butter?
    green clay?
    white clay?

    Or advice on how to remove these stains?

    I now have about 15 t-shirts that appear to be ruined from this.

  121. Baking soda fried my pits in a serious way, so I quickly tossed it and switched to a coconut/shea/tea tree oil concoction that I rub on daily, with pretty fair luck (I have beastly BO so it sometimes fails me… but I am unwilling to EVER go back to conventional deo… anyway). I still missed the convenience of stick deo, so I bought some arrowroot powder and beeswax and tried again, adding extra arrowroot as the recipe suggests. I tried it the next morning and to my dismay, it is incredibly tacky, like it is gluing my skin together. I don’t get how or why it is like this. Too much arrowroot? Because the chap stick I made right after was made with all the same ingredients in all the same proportions EXCEPT the arrowroot (coconut, shea, beeswax, vitamin E oil). It seems odd though. I want this to work so badly >.<"

  122. I made this today. I love the bars!! I used a mini bundt cake silicone mold and they came out beautiful!! Wish I could post a pic!

  123. I make my own liquid deodorant. I think it’s supposed to be a thick cream, but not in hawaii 🙂 here, coconut oil is usually liquid. Anyway, I’ve begun to develop a rash and will make a new batch sans baking soda. I’m going to make this recipe for my son. Thank you!

  124. Thank you for sharing! I made this for myself and store it in a glass container in a dark place. There appears to be tiny white splotches throughout. It doesn’t smell funny and it works great. Should I toss it to be safe or could this be normal for my home conditions? The elevation is 4,000 feet where I live and it is currently 20 degrees. I appreciate your help and wonderful recipes!

  125. Do you have to use coconut oil – or can one use almond oil??

    • You could certainly try it, although I am not sure it will make bars…

  126. I love this! I made it without the vitamin E, the beeswax and the probiotics, and it works great! I used cocoa butter with coconut oil. My only issue is that it turns to liquid when it hits my pits. I may also have used more coconut oil than cocoa butter so the heat of my skin melts it quickly. Would the beeswax help that from happening? What would adding sea salt do?

  127. I made this last week and have been using it ever since. I had a slight burning sensation the first couple of times I used it, but that was it. No rash etc. I did not use the probiotic, and I substituted tapioca flour for arrowroot, as that’s pretty hard to find where I live. As far as I can tell, that worked fine. Once comment to those wanting to fill this into old deodorant containers – I would do this while the mixture is still liquid (let it cool a bit). Much easier and less messy.

  128. Been using this for the past week and I have to say this is very promising.
    If it keeps up. I am using this forever! Simply love it!!
    I used only 1 Tbsp of baking soda and arrowroot powder for the rest upon reading other commenters’ sensitivity issues and this is working for me.
    Thank you!

  129. I was wondering how much this recipe makes? I have used coconut oil for years but its not really working after my second bub so want to try this out but not sure how many deodorant sticks I will need and what size. Many thanks. x

    • Hi!
      I just made this recipe a week ago, I followed the amounts in the recipe exactly and it made 4 tubes of deodorant. They are the 2.65 oz tubes you can by from Amazon, pretty much the same size as a full size deodorant you can buy in the store.

  130. I plan on making this recipe with a class soon. I need clarification on the amount of beeswax. Is this amount stated for melted beeswax? beeswax pellets? shaved? 1/2 cup of beeswax looks very different depending on the form of the wax… thanks for the help!

  131. I’ve made all my deodorants and skin care products for years. The issue with red tender underarm which so many people report after trying this recipe is due to the high alkalinity of the baking soda. Please don’t use baking soda! One reader suggested using zinc oxide and I highly recommend substituting this in place of the baking soda. It’s antimicrobial and gentle … resolves painful diaper rash, safe to use on infants. Stops bacteria that cause underarm odor, works great with coconut oil.
    If you cant tolerate coconut oil, use castor oil (also antimicrobial) but blend it with another oil because castor oil can be drying to skin.
    I believe the underarm clothes staining is from the oils in this recipe. I recommend following deodorant application with a scented powder, which absorbs excess oil and adds a luxurious touch. You can make your own with arrowroot or tapioca powder scented with a few drops of an antimicrobial essential oil … myrrh is great. Your clothing will be protected and you’ll smell exotically beautiful all day.
    BTW, powder or flour works for getting oil stains, grease splatters, etc out of clothing in general. Just heap the powder, flour, etc on your stain … you can rub it in and let it sit overnight. The powder will absorb the grease and you can launder as usual.
    As for laundry itself … try minerals instead of expensive detergents. 20 Mule Team Borax is all natural, eco-safe and lifts out dirt amazingly … couple this with sodium bicarb (Arm & Hamner Super Washing Powder aka baking soda but sold much cheaper/not food grade as Super Washing Powder) — boosts detergent. I use both of these with a grated bar of soap (Fels Naptha is formulated for laundry). Environment- friendly, easy on your wallet, clothes come out soft, clean and smelling great!

  132. What amount of zinc oxide should be added? I’m happy to hear of a solution because I am one of the people with the red burning armpits. I left out the baking soda and it didn’t work. Does the zinc oxide come in a powder form? Thanks

    • Zinc oxide does come in powder form. Mine is from New Directions Aromatics but it’s widely available online; you can even try ebay or Amazon.
      If you’re making 4 oz. of deodorant, about 1-1/4 tablespoon (0.6 oz) zinc oxide should do it.

  133. I used coconut butter instead of cocoa butter. Is this a good substitute? I actually did it accidentally. I read the recipe wrong. I didn’t have bees wax either.

  134. I just made but my ingredients won’t combine as it hardens. What could I have done wrong and is there an easy way to fix without killing the probiotics?

  135. Is tapioca starch/flour an acceptable substitute for arrowroot?

      • I used tapioca starch instead of arrowroot (cheaper and easier to find where I live), and it worked great. My bars hardened nicely, and I haven’t had any sort of adverse reaction to the mix.

  136. I just made my deodorant bars two days age and left out the baking soda and just used more arrowroot as per instructions. It is fantastic! I filled 5 old deodorant containers which cost average of $7 per from local health food store. This is much better in terms of performance and very cost effective. This time I used lavender essential oil but will have to make something more “manly” smelling although my wife loves using this. I haven’t used a better product than this, thanks for the recipe.

  137. I’m very excited to make this. Is it comparable to any deodorants you can buy in stores? Pure Pitz is the only natural deodorant I have ever used that worked.

  138. I tried rubbing baking soda once on my underarm to help with smell but it wound up burning and turning red, should I leave the baking soda in when trying this recipe, or not?

  139. I LOVE this recipe! I made half the batch with lavender EO for me and half with tea tree for my husband. It glides on really nicely and feels very moisturizing. Its a keeper!

  140. Hi! I was so excited to try this recipe! And I made it and it smells amazing… but just wondering… what exactly is the purpose of the flour in the recipe? I understand the baking soda helps to remove any bad odors, but is the flour just a filler to thicken up the bar? We are sensitive to both arrowroot and corn starch/flour so I used tapioca flour instead and so far it seems to be ok.

    Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge! Much appreciated!

  141. Can you use corn starch instead of arrowroot?

  142. I tried this recipe after experiencing much of the same results from other DIY deoderants which called for more baking soda (i.e. red rash). However, with one day of using this deoderant, the lymph nodes under both of my arms swelled painfully. It took days before it went away, and I can still feel lumps. Is this a reaction to the beeswax? Either way, I thought it was important to alert you. Have you studied the impact of combining these ingredients? And tested the pH balance? Thanks.

  143. Your blog is awesome! I want to make a solid deodorant that stays solid yet contains magnesium oil. Have you come up with anything or have an idea of how to do this. I love your magnesium body butter but it too doesn’t get hard enough to work like a store bought solid.

    • Hm… I have not come up with anything like that yet. It seems to be one or the other. Magnesium oil is water-based, so it won’t mix with all the butters and wax 🙁
      You could try maybe using an emulsifying wax to get them to mix, maybe…

  144. Can I use tapioca starch instead of arrow root? since tapioca can be replace with arrow root? want to make my deodorant, but I don’t want to use corn starch because of GMO.

  145. I am NOT a doc or professional, but some bad reactions people had to this recipe might be due to poor quality Essential Oils they were using. in the recipe ….. use safe organic or wildcrafted oils ONLY – do not experiment, just use most safe oils like Lavender or Tea Tree.. quality of the ingredients matters!
    Essential oils are VERY concentrated substances- use with care!

  146. I love the deodorant but mine is very creamy and “soft”. It keeps it’s shape in the container but when I put it on it’s very creamy (not like regular stick) Is there something that I can add, or take away, to make it a little harder!

    • You might try keeping it in the fridge to keep all those good butters cool and solid…

  147. Help! I accidentally added non-aluminum baking powder instead of baking soda… The deodorant is rising and foaming/fizzing. Is there anyway to fix this maybe by adding more of another ingredient or do I have to trash $50 worth of ingredients? Crossing my fingers! Thanks!

  148. Dear Katie… does this deodorant glide well?
    I find that sometimes these type of deodorants do not glide smoothly and leave deodorant ,,crumbs,, behind? What is the secret to making the deodorant that glides well?
    How many deodorants or bars does one recipe make?
    thank u…

  149. Hey Katie, where I live there is no shea butter or mango/ avocado… no kind of any butters! what can i do???
    Thanks 🙂

  150. … with how much of beewax bar can i replace the pastilles?

  151. Pleeeeease I need ur reply as soon as u can 🙂

  152. Christine, just use a grater to grate the beeswax bar into shreds, then you can measure the 1/2 cup easily. Or Google some other recipes that use weight instead of volume measurements with similar ingredients.

    • Thank u Lindsay for ur reply 🙂
      They are actually beewax sheets so that are a bit soft and waxy!
      Im afraid it would change the texture of the deoderant!

      What about the shea butter alternative (other than cocoa/ avocado/ mango etc… how can i replace it Do u know??

      • I don’t know of a 1 for 1 substitute for the butter, you could try increasing the beeswax and coconut oils to make up for the shea but I don’t know what the consistency of the final product will be. I would experiment with small amounts to see the results before you waste a ton of ingredients.

        • Ok I will do that!
          Thank you dear for ur concern.

  153. Could this deodorant bar be made with soy wax instead of beeswax?

    • You could certainly try it, although I have not.

  154. hi!

    i know this is an older thread but i was wondering if i could add bentonite clay to this? If so, how much should I use?

    thank you!

    • I have heard of people using clay in other recipes with great success, but I am not sure how you would incorporate it into the bar. Anyone else?

      • I substituted about 1/2 the arrow root with bentonite and it worked fine as far as the consistency of the bar goes but I didn’t like that it turned the final product gray. It leaves a dark sitcky film on my skin that I don’t like and I don’t think it helped with sweat absorption. I’m going to go back to the original recipe next time I make a batch.

  155. Just a thought- if the the alkalinity of baking soda is irritating, perhaps adding a small amount of vinegar with the baking soda could make the deodorant less irritating, without making it less effective? Obviously it will foam up, but at least the reaction will occur before it gets on your skin, and the alkalinity will be reduced? Or is the alkalinity important to baking soda’s deodorizing abilities?

  156. hello
    I used Ban deodorant for many years ( it was the only Deodorant that didn’t make my armpit black) recentley I notice that my armpits were getting darker (company made some changes to the deodorant). I bought a mineral deodorant (chamomile and green tea) I also exfoliate my armpit with baking soda and lemon juice, but that irritated my skin.
    After some research I found your page 🙂 Today i made the deodorant bar recipe you think that this will help my armpit from getting dark.

  157. Hi, I live in Portugal and am trying to go ‘all natural’ on a very tight budget. I bought a cheap 4€ bottle of KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil but have just realised that is says ‘flavourless oil’ on the back. So, it appears to be Refined and Bleached Coconut Oil made from Copra. Is this no good to make natural deodorant? Should I try getting a refund at the shop or is there a recipe for liquid hand soap recipe I could use it in? I cannot buy LYE in Portugal to make natural bar soap, nor arrowroot and it is extremely expensive to buy from amazon and have delivered.

    • Hi Lisa, I live in Germany where arrowroot is also expensive and hard to find, so I substituted tapioca flour, which you can find at any Asian grocery store. Perhaps tapioca flour/starch is also used in Portuguese cooking? As for the coconut oil, I would try it anyway. It’s probably better to use it for making deodorant or lotion than to use it for cooking.

  158. Hey I just tried to make it and the results seem sticky and powdery at the same time to the touch. Is it normal. I did not put the probiotics.

  159. I just made these bars, but put them in a silicone mold instead of an old deodorant container (they’re Christmas presents). Somehow, I think I might have not added as much wax as I should have (I sextupled the recipe!) as the bars are not as solid as I think they should be. Here’s my question: Can i simply remelt them all and add more wax? Or will the baking soda/arrow root powder respond oddly to reheating?

    Thanks for your help! These bars are going to be amazing!

    • Yes you can re-melt them, you might have to add extra essential oils since the heat might kill the scent.

  160. Thanks for posting this recipe! I’m dying to give it a try but I had a question- the recipe calls for 1/2 C + 1 tsp beeswax. I’m assuming that’s referring to pastilles, since that’s what the link brings me to BUT… I just bought solid wax bricks and want to know how much to use. What does the 1/2 C + 1 tsp of bees wax pastilles weigh so I can accurately follow the recipe? Thanks!

  161. The armpits of my shirts turned neon yellow and are permanently stained. I’m not sure if it is because of the beeswax or because I used orange EO. It isn’t detox though, because I’ve been using organic deodorant for months. Thoughts?

  162. I tried this recipe most recently, but before I was using one of your other recipes (without beeswax or probiotics). I believe I’m going to switch back. I think the beeswax makes it harder to apply to the armpits and I feel like I’m having to swipe more often. However, both recipes definitely work at keeping me nice and fresh 🙂

  163. Ok, my understanding is that all essential oils, other than citrus, have a good amount of phytoestrogens. Citrus oils, especially lemon is very good for your liver and will help restore its full function in boosting your ability to flush out extra estrogen. Tea Tree, Lavender, Cinnamon and Peppermint happen to be on the high end of the phytoestrogen scale. If you’re making your own deodorant to avoid such things, why risk using an essential oil that contains phytoestrogens, even if only in small amounts. Plus, not to mention, if you are reusing a plastic deodorant dispenser, your are absorbing the molecules from the plastic. Only glass is safe, but I do like using the muffin paper and just using the deodorant as a “brick”.

  164. I followed this recipe (minus the baking soda as I have sensitive skin) I put into deodorant containers however once firm I cannot twist the stick up. Has anyone had the problem. I did check the containers prior to filling and they worked properly.

    Any suggestions?

  165. Do you think bentonite clay could be used in this recipe?

    • Yes.. you could add about a teaspoon when mixing in the baking soda…

  166. I’ve been using the recipe for over a year now. I’ve noticed the armpit area in my clothes smell sour after I wear the shirt once and come back to it in about 2 weeks time. It’s very hard to wash the smell out by machine, I have to handwash it out. I wonder if perhaps one of the ingredients is interacting with my sweat to produce this sour-like stench??

  167. Is the plastic containers used to put this diy deodorant and lip balm in safe? Aren’t we trying to rid our lives of plastic? Thank you

    • Yep.. this is an older post, but these can just as easily be made in soap molds and used like a bar of soap but on dry skin for deodorant. Lip balms can be put in small jars or stainless steel tins.

  168. I recently found this site and decided to try this. I really didn’t put too much hope into it working though. I have tried everything, save from actually seeking professional medical help for this, from “prescription strength” OTC sticks, to store bought all natural stuff. Nothing was working…I sweat all day and by mid day I could smell myself. It wasn’t overly offensive but very annoying to me. So, I made these about 2 weeks ago. Absolute heaven! Not only do I not have razor rash from shaving (I’m assuming from the shea butter) but I don’t smell anymore, and the sweating hasn’t been as bad. This is incredible for me. It was a really large batch and since a friend of mine was looking for a more natural deodorant I gave her one of the pieces. I did also do the arm pit detox like the article suggested and I couldn’t be happier with the results. LOVE THIS!! Thank you SO SO SO much for posting it!!!

  169. Thank you for your wonderful recipes and information. Really LOVE this deoderant. It works really well, especially after doing the arm pit detox (which is another wonderful, wonderful formula). I have a slight problem with using the product out of my used container, however and I’m hoping you can shed some light: I can’t get the deoderant to screw out of the container – it’s like it sticks to the inside of the container, a most frustrating problem. Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to fix it?

    Thank you!

  170. I was nervous about this recipe (after I made it) because of posts saying people developed a rash, etc. I made mine with a soap mold and keep the one I am using in the fridge and the others in the freezer. I used it the first time about a week ago and LOVE IT! I don’t smell at all after 24 hours and I have noticed a sweat a little less then I did before, I have used natural, store bought deodorants, but this works way better! The only pain is it having it bar form. I am going to buy deodorant containers and make more. I’ll still keep it in the fridge because it feels nice to put on cold (also, I am afraid it will melt in my apartment). The only think I did notice was that I have a few red bumps. I think it is from using it after shaving. It didn’t burn at all though and I put in on about an hour after shaving. I think when I make it, I will use a little less baking soda. Great recipe! Thanks Wellness Mama!

  171. First and foremost if you are going to go natural. You need to use all organic ingredients. Otherwise your skin will absorb all the pesticides and chemical laden fertliizers that are used in growing the coconut, arrowroot, and essential oils, etc.
    Keep in mind what ever you put on your skin will also be absorbed in your liver. If your liver has to work over time to detox, not only what you are eating but what you are using on your skin, then health issues may become a problem in the future.

    Unrefined, pure, virgin, Coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbal, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Unfortunately, it is literally pointless to use probiotics since the coconut oil will completely neutralize all the bacteria, good and bad in the probiotics.

    If you have sensitive skin do not use baking soda. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and can be extremely harmful for those who are sensitive at any level. (Please research sodium bicarbonate.)
    Replace all baking soda with organic arrowroot. Most people are pleased with the effectiveness of arrowroot ability to keep you dry. (May take several weeks for your body to get accumulated, but it does work.)

    Remember, research everything, impower yourself to be educated, correctly.

  172. I have been using your basic recipe for a while and I love it. I wanted a version that would be more shelfstable so I made this one with beeswax and shea butter but it feels too sticky or thick or something. would adding a little water or more arrowroot powder help with that?

    Thank you for sharing these recipes I live in hot and humid Florida and even do hot yoga and I used to use antiperspirant. I actually had to detox my armpits but since then I never looked back.. I still do not need to use antiperspirant and I can even skip a day without deodorant in the summer. Thank you !!!

  173. I made this deodorant and it worked brilliantly. It has not, however, been a match made in heaven as it has turned the armpit area of my whites a brownish yellow color. Luckily, I was able to treat the stains with a combination of white vinegar, baking soda, peroxide and hot water. I’ll be on the hunt for a better recipe in future that doesn’t harm my whites. I’d hate to be walking around with brown stains under my arms.

  174. I have been using your deodorant recipe above for years and LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  175. I add about 1 1/2 – 2 tablespoons of grated candelilla wax and it gives *glidability* to the final product, as well as helps it twist up more easily when put into empty roll-on deodorant dispensers. 🙂

  176. Have you tried adding activated charcoal or magnesium to the deodorant recipe? I had used your previous recipe and it worked great, but have been hearing great things about charcoal, too. about to make my next batch and just curious if you or any readers have tried that.

  177. Wonderful recipe, thank you so much!

  178. Just wanted to share what works for me:
    I make a cream deodorant and a powder deodorant and use both.
    For the cream I combine purified water and coconut oil in a boiler until the oil melts, and then I add wax in order to make a cream base. To this cream base I add zinc oxide and any nice smelling essential oil.
    For the powder I combine cornstarch, baking soda (the amount depends on skin sensitivity) and any essential oil.
    Every morning, first I apply the cream on my armpits. And then, using a large powder brush, I also apply the powder.

    I noticed that in combination, both the cream and the powder work effectively for me, and keep the smell away until night even on the hottest day. If used separately, either cream or powder are effective for a shorter amount of time.

    So far, this treatment works well and doesn’t cause sensitivity for me, although in past I had sensitivity to using too much baking soda. While doing research I found that zinc oxide is antimicrobial (so that helps eliminating bad smell) and its non-nano particles are considered safe.

    Will try other recipes too!

  179. Well, I gave the original recipe a try.

    I am one of those sad people who is sensitive to baking soda, it turns out. I am not surprised since I am allergic to a lot of standard cosmetic ingredients too. I didn’t stink for a day, which was nice, but my underarms burned like heck. The burning took two days to finally show up. At first I thought I’d be okay….NOPE! LOL.

    I put some on this morning and ouch! Washed it off and soothed it with shea butter. Fixed.

    I’ll try this with w/ou the baking soda next time.

  180. I’ve found this recipe to be very successful but I do sometimes get irriation from the baking soda. When that happens I stop using it for a couple days. On those days I’ve found that tea tree oil works really well at keeping me fresh. I have also found that witch hazel immediately kills any odor, not sure why but it works really well so I have a small spray bottle of witch hazel with a few drops of whatever essential oil I like the smell of ready to refresh through out the day.