After-Birth Sitz Bath Herbs

After birth sitz bath herb DIY recipe After Birth Sitz Bath Herbs

I’ve always thought that after labor, women should be able to look forward to a nice quiet vacation and recovery time. Since of course this doesn’t happen and instead we get a precious and wonderful (though not always wonderfully sleeping) baby, and the lack of sleep that often accompanies, this recipe is at least a little (healing) pampering to look forward to after birth.

Herbs can be wonderful after birth and can help speed recovery times. I’ve used my healing salve on both a c-section scar and a small tear (after the second day) to speed healing and they worked great. This recipe is for an herbal infusion that is added to a relaxing bath to help ease any soreness and speed recovery. It can also be brewed and added to a Peri Bottle or cooled pad for extra comfort.

If you don’t have all of the herbs, even some of them will help… This makes a wonderful addition to a new-mommy gift basket along with some homemade natural baby care items and lotion bars for mom.

All ingredients are available at Mountain Rose Herbs. These are the specific ones I purchased:

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After-Birth Sitz Bath Herbs
A soothing mixture of nourishing herbs to help the body heal after birth and promote healthy skin.
  • ¼ cup Comfrey Leaf
  • ½ cup Lavender Flowers
  • ¼ cup Plantain Leaf
  • ½ cup Red Raspberry Leaf
  • ¼ cup Yarrow Flower
  • ¼ cup Calendula Flowers
  • ¼ cup Shepherd's Purse
  • ¼ cup Uva Ursi Leaf
  • ¼ cup Sea Salt or Epsom Salt
  1. Mix herbs in a glass container or plastic bag. I used a half gallon mason jar. The proportions don't have to be exact. Store for up to a year in a cool, dark, place.

How to Use:

  • For bath use: add 1 cup of herbs to 2 quarts of boiling water. Remove water from heat and let sit for 20 minutes. Strain and add to a bath and soak for 20 minutes. Both mom and baby can soak to speed cord and perineum healing.
  • Brew with the above ratios and add to a Peri Bottle for use after going to the bathroom.
  • Pour some pre-brewed herbal mix on to pads and freeze for a pain relieving ice pack.
  • Use a diluted mix around baby’s cord for healing.

Have you ever used herbs post birth? Did they help you? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Jennifer L. says

    My midwife made me a super tea of those herbs when I went into labor and then I had some in a bath and some of it was used to soak cloth menstrual pads to put in the freezer. Anything frozen felt really nice down there since I had lots of stitches and swelling. The sitz baths were great!

    She also said 7 days of rest for the first baby, 8 for the second, 9 for the third, etc.. While it seems so hard to manage it, we women should certainly be excused from work for a week or two for having a baby–jeesh! My husband gets *paid* leave when he is sick. I’ve always thought of starting a business of moms who kind of take over a household when a new baby is born to keep things going for a week or two!

    • Tabitha Teeter says

      Your business idea sounds heavenly, Jennifer. Our budget would probably only allow someone to come in an hour or two though.

      • Jennifer L. says

        You know, I think the same thing too, but wouldn’t it be great if we could work something like that into state funding assistance somehow? Is it in Sweden where moms *and* dads get 6 months paid leave? Really now, we should be able to come up with better solutions that what we currently have.

        Back to the sitz bath–another idea when filling up the sitz bath is not an option is to pour it into a small spray bottle and just mist the sore area each time you go to the potty. If you’re home alone, or in family company, air drying (in a skirt) is helpful. I always found it rather tricky at our house, but sunshine down there is good too :-) A better idea for those summer babies!

  2. Tabitha Teeter says

    Could you be any cooler? I used the New Mama blend (by Well in Hand, I think) after my first but didn’t have anything helpful but frozen pads for the other two. Put it in the peri bottle? Serious genius. Once baby 4 is here I can still benefit from some herbs even if there’s little time for a daily sitz bath. Wow. Thank you.

  3. Hillary Tebussek says

    I couldn’t find plantain leaf at my local health food store. And shepherd’s purse I could only find in tincture form. Will the sitz bath still be effective without these 2 ingredients?

  4. Krista Alix says

    I am looking at the mountain rose website to order herbs and see that it’s listed in ounces. How much would I need to order to have the 1/4 cup of each ingredient?

  5. Liz says

    My friend just had her third baby and I wanted to make her some of this as a gift. However, since it will be difficult for her to find time to take a bath as it is I don’t want her to have to take the time to boil, steep, and strain the herbs. Can i do that ahead of time and just give her the tea or will the herbs lose their potency? Thank you!

  6. Eileen Deman says

    Can this be made ahead of time? I’m due in 7 weeks and would like to get as much of the work done before baby arrives. Will it keep or lose it’s potency? Thanks!

  7. Hillary says

    Hi there. This is great. My midwife made this for me for after my birth. I used it frozen on the sanitary pads as well as in the Peri bottle. It felt so great!

    Question: I’m sorry if this has been asked before as I didn’t see it in the comments, but can I reuse/re-brew a batch of these herbs for another bath or should they be thrown away after first use? Thanks!

    • Kathryn Tyler says

      Arnica is great for bruising, but bad for cuts! Arnica will cause more bleeding on any open wound.

  8. Lesley Gilbert says

    I made this mixture for my friend before she had her baby, she ended up with a c-section. Is it still safe for her to use? Thanks!

  9. Morgan says

    I went shopping for these ingredients but rushed and forgot the ursa and shepherd’s purse. Are there alternatives for these or would these be worth another trip across town? I couldn’t really find much online.

  10. Lynsey says

    Can the babies umbilical cord stump be submerged in the herb bath? I’ve read it’s supposed to stay dry I love your website! So much helpful info!! Thank you :)

  11. Debbie says

    I loose track of time when I am on your website. It is truly amazing and I for one am so grateful for your willingness to share. I would like your email address if possible, for some personal questions. My question is for this herbal mixture:
    Should it be ground up as bit?
    How much of this per “bath”?
    Also, if used in a peri bottle…what happens with the herbs? Are they simmered & cooled?

  12. Shelbie says

    I made some of this for my friend and ended up with way too much of it. I looked up the herbs individually for other uses for them, but do you have any ideas how I can use them mixed together? I don’t want to waste it :/

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