3 Natural Detox Bath Recipes

Three Healing Detox Bath Recipes 3 Natural Detox Bath Recipes

Nothing is more relaxing than a warm bath… except perhaps a relaxing warm detox bath that also helps cleanse the body…

Seriously- these detox baths will help remove toxins from the body and they also tend to make you tired so I suggest doing them before bed!

If you struggle with toxins or skin issues these natural recipes are a simple, easy and inexpensive way to boost health! I’m always up for a warm bath, and these natural add-ons help improve health while you relax!

Salt Detox Bath Recipe

Salt Detox Bath Instructions

Dissolve Salt, epsom salt, and baking soda in boiling water in a quart size jar and set aside. Fill tub with warm/hot water and add apple cider vinegar. Pour salt mixture in and add essential oils if using.

Soak in bath for 30 minutes or as long as desired. Note that with any detox bath, you may feel tired or lightheaded when you get out. I don’t recommend doing this while home alone or before going somewhere in case you are tired or need help.

This bath is great for soothing skin irritation, boosting magnesium levels and overall detoxing.

Clay Detox Bath Recipe

Clay Detox Bath Instructions

Dissolve the epsom salts in a warm/hot bath and add essential oils if desired. For the clay there are two options:

  1. Vigorously mix the clay in to a small amount of water until the clumps are mostly dissolved. Do not use metal for this! I mix with a plastic spoon in a glass jar. Add the clay mix to the bath and soak for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Mix that clay with a small amount of water to make a paste. Stand in the tub full of water and rub the clay mix all over your body to create a skin mask and let dry for 5 minutes before sitting down. This provides direct contact with the skin and effectively pulls toxins from the skin. Soak in bath at least 20 minutes or as long as desired. While soaking, use a wash cloth to scrub any remaining clay off the skin.

This bath is great for removing a lot of toxins as the clay binds to heavy metals and the epsom salts help pull a variety of toxins from the body while replenishing magnesium levels.

Oxygen Detox Bath Recipe

  • 2 cups (or more) of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1 Tablespoon dried Ginger Powder

Oxygen Detox Bath Instructions

Fill the tub with warm/hot water and add the hydrogen peroxide and dried Ginger. Soak in tub for 30 minutes or as long as desired. This bath is especially helpful during illness as the ginger helps clear congestion or alleviate body aches. It can also be helpful for allergies or skin irritation.

Additional Detox Bath Notes

  • The warmer the water, the more powerful the detox effect will be.
  • If you have chlorine and fluoride in your water, I recommend adding a few tablespoons of bentonite clay to any of these baths to help absorb the chemicals so they aren’t absorbed into the skin.
  • Any of these natural ingredients can be used alone or in combination for a cleansing effect.
  • All recipes can be doubled or tripled but this will increase the detox effect.
  • I recommend starting slowly with this or any health change.

Important: I am not a doctor or medical professional and the advice in this post is for informational purposes only. If you are pregnant or have a health condition, consult a doctor before adding anything to your health routine.

Ever taken a detox bath? Got a different recipe you use? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Marley says

    Love your blog so much! Do you think these will help with skin boils / cyst? And how often should these baths be taken? Thanks so much!

    • Jomika says

      Colloidial Silver…..is a must! My daughter had the same issues and the Dr’s wanted to put her on an antibotic for the rest of her life. We put her on colloidial silver for 2 months and they were completely gone and never have returned.

      Its a natural antibotic and perfectly safe

      • Felicia says

        I was on antibiotics for cysts/acne until I started going to my naturopath. She’s not giving me what I need to rid it without the antibiotics though. If I may ask, how is she using the colloidal silver? Sublingual? Topical? What strength. I’m new to it and so far have only used in our nebulizer with illness. Thanks for your help :)

        • Heidi says

          I’ve read that many people’s acne cleared up when they took Green Pature’s fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend.

      • Tiffle says

        That is the smartest thing I have heard anyone else say all year! I am so pro silver! That stuff cures cancer and all kinds of other stuff! LOVE IT! And u can make it in the privacy of your own home

  2. says

    I love a good, relaxing bath! Thanks for these recipes. I have a question about water…ours does have chlorine and flouride. I would love to have a whole-house filter installed, but I have no idea who to call, where to get one. Anything you can recommend?

      • Samantha Hogenson says

        Do you think the benefits of a daily detox bath would outweigh the harmful effects of daily fluoride exposure? I have a berkey shower filter that removes chlorine and metals but not fluoride.

        • Brianna says

          Detox is a bit extreme for every day…I do mine about once a week. They are very draining but you will feel a difference with the first bath….I do the salt one and add ginger to the water too.. I do a three to one on the main ingredients and a couple of teaspoons of ginger powder. Then a whole cup of the vinegar with the sediment…costs a little more but works a lot better. That bath has changed my life one week at a time.

        • Forest says

          This is a good question and should be specified in the blog entry. If you use the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide it’s 35% and that is strong stuff. I’ve burned my vagina in a sitz bath (the tub that fits on a toilet) with that and that was even bringing it down to 3% and adding a lot more water on top of that too. Some people pour that stuff straight into their bathtubs without a problem. I tried it one more time and even with just a couple of ounces after bringing it down to 3% I still burned. That was Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

    • Kristen says

      Hi! I am super sensitive to chlorine & Florida in my water. A couple of years ago I did research to find a filter for our house. I came across Aquasana. They have several different types but their whole house filter also has a UV light to kill ecoli & other gram negative bacteria. I have noticed a huge difference in my gut health since using these filters. We signed up for the automatic mail out of the filters every six months. This is not only helpful bit economical too as they are cheaper & if you have trouble with your unit the replace it for free, at least they have done that for our smaller faucet units. Their customer service is excellent & they are a high quality filter. You should at least research & check them out for yourself. Hope this helps.

    • Kimberly says

      When you have any water problems you should call your local Culligan Man! My husband and I have been in the water business for over 25 years. Many water processing companies have come and gone promising all kinds of solutions to water problems. Culligan has been in business continually for over 75 years. Your local Culligan Man will be able to help and educate you about any water problem you have. (unlike other companies that will charge you an arm and a leg for a mediocre product) And you can be sure that his information is backed by years of expertise.

  3. Alison says

    Love these options! Thank you for the recipes!! I do have one question.. as a nursing mama are these ok for me to do? Are toxins released into my milk as my body flushes them out?

    • says

      I’ve seen things on both sides of this one. In general, I avoid internal detoxifying (supplements, herbs etc) but personally feel comfortable with external ones like this..

      • kathy tackeberry says

        Be sure if you’re pregnant to not make water too hot. I made mine too warm and I thought my son was going to jump out through my throat. :)

  4. Jennifer L. says

    Do you have good tubby suggestions for kids? My kids sleep really well if I add a handful of epsom salt to their bath.

    • says

      I second that request! I’m always looking for safe ingredients to add to the bath water for my little boys–ingredients that will help them relax but won’t cause any problems during the “splash-fest.” The only thing I’ve tried thus far is Chamomile.

      • Jennifer L. says

        Thanks! I like it when bath products have many uses and when they can be safely used by anyone in our house. We tend to keep to basics when we can.

  5. lyss says

    Love these! Other places I’ve read call for a lot of the ingredients(such as 2+ lbs. of clay, or 3 cups of salts). Glad to know that smaller amounts are significant!

    One question…Is there such a thing as too hot of a bath? Sometimes I take what I call a “sweat bath”- a bath that’s hot enough to make me sweat, and maybe feel lightheaded and super thirsty. Is that a good thing for detoxing, or is that too hot? No, I’m not pregnant, as it probably would not be a good idea then.

    • Grace Babcock says

      I have experienced some clogging of my tub drain. This was after trying to flush a more significant amount of clay down. Just kinda had to work it down to be honest. But I live in an apartment complex that has less than desirable pipes.

  6. Bena says

    Do you think these would be okay for a pregnant woman to do, if the water was kept relatively mild?

  7. Cassie Oglesby says

    I was just looking on mountainrose….French green clay seems pretty awesome, why not use that for the clay detox bath?

  8. LadyEvidence says

    If I have fresh ginger root, can I just grind it down as much as possible and use that, or would I really have to dry it, too?

  9. Brie says

    One thing that should be added is that Hydrogen Peroxide baths (or H202 baths) are highly detoxifying. When you soak in the hot bath, the H202 draws the toxins out of your body and pushes them to the lymphatic system. You need to shock your body with 1 minute of the coldest water you can stand, immediately following the hot H202 soak so the toxins don’t sit in your lymph nodes. This is extremely important.

    • Aga says

      So are you saying to take the hydrogen peroxide bath, then jump in the col water for a minute, then back to the peroxide bath?

      • Hannah says

        I think she means just after the bath. It pulls them all to the front so you use the cold water to get them out.

    • La'Toya says

      Is it necessary to do a cold shower after an epsom salt soak as well or is this true for hydrogen perioxide soaks, only?

    • jem says

      What is the cold water supposed to do? The lymphatic system is you bodies natural immune system. Staying hydrated and movement (lymphatic is a low pressure system and needs muscular contractions to push lymph along) is the only thing that will clear lymph nodes out.

  10. Angela says

    Are all of these safe to use with children using the same amount of ingredients? Also, if so, my kids (ages 5 and 3) like to bathe together..Do you know if it would be OK to allow them to still take a bath together while doing this or should they be separated? Thanks soo much!!

  11. Corrie says

    This gives me an excuse to make time in my busy mommy schedule for my own bath!
    I am so excited to try this but thinking I might substitute the Apple Cider with Coconut Vinegar. I spent nearly three years physically incapacitated from ulcers & digestion issues until I found the magical coconut. So excited to see more of your ideas!

  12. Lisa says

    I have a question about hair during these detox baths…what do you do with it? Do you soak it as well or put it up & keep it out? I have really long hair but have scalp issues that could benefit from the detoxing. Any suggestions?

      • Lisa says

        Thanks! Isn’t the clay hard to remove from hair? I did the one with the B. Clay last night in my large garden tub. I pulled my hair up & tried not to get it wet. However, the clay made the tub slippery & I slid into the tub too far & got it wet anyway. As I was sliding across the tub I kept thinking…not the hair, not the hair! Oh well, I tried to be careful. 😉 lol I just took a cool shower, per Brie’s suggestions above, & washed my hair after the bath. But I may leave it down next time & see what happens. :) Thanks again.

  13. Kat says

    Thanks for posting these! I did the first one tonight & feel great! However, the boiling salt/baking soda mixture foamed up & boiled over onto the stove when I added the Epsom salt. Don’t know what I did wrong…? :(

    • Brianna says

      Hon, you do not need to cook anything, just use the plain dry ingredients and dump them into the bath like the old bath salts…then dump in the vinegar. It may foam a little if it hits the baking soda if it does just swirl the water in the tub.

    • Wendy says

      I had this happen too. The recipe says to add the dry ingredients to boiling water. It made a mess when it boiled over. Perhaps the recipe instructions need to change?

      • Carlotta says

        I think the problem your having is in reading the recipe incorrectly…I believe you are supposed to pour boiling water into a quart size mason jar that has the ingredients in it ready & waiting. I don’t think you are supposed to have a pot boiling and add the ingredients that way. Is that what happened? :)

  14. Jacqueline says

    What would you recommend for detoxing if you don’t have a bath. Unfortunately my Uni accomodation only has a shower

      • Amanda says

        I actually went ahead and made this into a foot bath…not thinking that the higher concentration may have a side effect. Is your salt detox bath recipe ok to use as a foot bath, or would you dilute it?

    • Kar Mala says

      I also needed a tub to soak in… so I went to KMart and bought a 46 gallon plastic storage bin. It fits into my shower and I can soak up to my chin. I only need to fill it not quite half way because it will come to the top once I get in. I am 5’4″ and weigh 155 pounds. I can’t stretch my legs out flat, but they aren’t all scrunched up either. I just use a bucket to empty it out which isn’t a problem for me since I like to recycle the water anyway.

      • cal says

        I would reconsider using plastic since its toxic to the body. I wouldn’t want to risk my body soaking up plastic.

        • Brittany says

          Yeah, a plastic Bin was my thing too till I read about the clay pulling the toxins out of plastics. I don’t like the sound of that, but what is a better alternative? My tub is synthetic materials as well, so is there a “natural” tub out there?

        • Brittany says

          Hi Katie ,
          WOW! You are amazing with all the research you do and for such an awesome website! Your on top of pretty much every health topic I’ve been looking into, you’ve been an invaluable resource! Keep up the good work!

      • Sue M says

        Kar Mala, great suggestion using a large plastic tub to soak in. The benefits from these baths far outweigh any potential issues from plastic tubs. I think we are too concerned about plastics because a few are not safe.

  15. Shanel says

    Ok so! LOL There isn’t any negative reactions to these right? The epsom salt I’ve heard of all the time, but the clay one, I haven’t. I was just wondering how often can you do this?

  16. gabby says

    Will this help,when givein birth,later u feel coldness on the back , cold in my legges,back pain when bending for a while,,body hurts wen were outside with no sweater?????

  17. Beverly says

    Are there any essentials you shouldn’t use in the salt detox bath? I used tangerine because I love that smell, especially in the summer. I had a very strange experience. As I was sitting in the bath, first my legs, then upper thighs..on the back, then my buttocks and up my back started to tingle and almost burn. It also did so some on my inner arms. Any ideas Katie or anyone?

    • Debbie says

      I got tingles the first time I used magnesium salts. Apparently
      this is your body desperately absorbing it….im guessing your body really needed it?

        • Beverly says

          Thank you for your reply Debbie! I thought something was really going wrong. I used it next time with peppermint EO and didn’t have as much of that effect. Plus less magnesium because it bubbled over when I mixed it up :)

          • TD says

            If you used ginger, the ginger can cause that burning sensation! Or eucalyptus oil in the water can also do that.

    • Jackie says

      Hi– I am a soapmaker, so I use essential oils in my business. All citrus oils will burn you if applied directly to the skin. If you add them directly to the tub, they sit on top of the water and don’t fully incorporate–if you had a jacuzzi tub bubbling all the time you would be ok. So yes, they will burn you. (I have a scar between my breasts where I spilled some sweet orange when I first started out!) It is best to add them to a carrier oil before adding to the tub, and then put a bit of that oil in the tub. So, thinking of a shot size container. Fill it half to all the way full with your oil–almond, apricot or whatever fresh oil you have in the cupboard–even the olive will work fine. Add your drops of essential oil, stir. Then add a teaspoon or so to the bathtub. To clean your tub quick, get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser–it will clean any soap scum, body or other oils in about 5 seconds–as fast as you can swipe your tub out! Hope this helps explain what happened and how to avoid it in the future.

      • Mary says

        The Mr. Clean product almost certainly contains toxins (I’ve not used it, or even looked into it, but, in general, conventional, commercial cleaning products today do have toxins in them that are not regulated, and they don’t have to disclose.), a safer product might be Bon Ami, or just plain baking soda, they work quite well. In my experience, the Bon Ami rinses better.

  18. Melynda Phillips says

    So I did the salt one with out vinegar or epsom salt and with ginger. Then, I added bergamot essential oil and it made my bath smell like fruit loops. Lol!

  19. Danielle says

    is it safe to mix like all of these ingredients in 1 bath… because I thought I have some ingredients for each of the fast but not all of them some featuring if I can mix all the ingredients that I have it can make an affective detox bath

      • Carrie P says

        I also breast fed my toddler and once baby number 2 gets here I’ll be nursing them both :) I think this is fine to use when nursing. I’ve never had a problem atleast.

  20. Danielle says

    I have had numerous xrays and scans done this year for medical reasons and am looking to get those toxins out of my body. How often do you do these detox baths?

        • Jenna says


          I have pretty severe systemic candida and the only baths I ever take are detox baths. Buy Tea Tree Oil, Clove Bud, Frankincense, Lemongrass, or Cinnamon. These are all powerful antifungals. And what I do is I just add 10 drops or so into my bath ( I have a huge tub) whatever you feel comfortable with. Becareful and play around with the amount you can tolerate. You can also add epsom salt to the bath water, or sea salt. I soak in these baths for as long as I can, I like to get sweaty because the sweat really releases toxins. when you are done stand up and rinse the toxins off. If you havn’t yet, switch to a natural deodorant. This is very important. I use PPP. You can also add bentonite clay mixed with acv to the body, like armpits where the lymph nodes are and face. This pulls toxins out as well.

          Another thing you can do is get a small tub, small enough to where you can sit in from the waist down and add apple cider vinegar and epsom salt and soak in there, add different essential oils.. just play around with it. :)

          Diet is a huge part of it. I cut out all sugar, all processed foods, all junk food. I only eat vegetables , some lean meat and for a treat sometimes I’ll eat strawberries, or blackberries. The “berry” family has the least amount of sugar. A good book is “Candida Secrets” by Cynthia only like 10$ online, or The Yeast Syndrome. Eat fermented foods buy some milk kefir grains online and those will last you forever. culturesforhealth sells all types of fermented food starter packets… =) good luck xoxo

    • Brianna says

      I am not sure how much they remove radiation…you may want to look that up but I do the salt one and it works great for me. I am a new woman literally! I do 1/3 cup of the main ingredients and a whole cup of the vinegar with the sediment in it (costs a bit more but works a LOT better.) also put in a couple of teaspoons of ginger powder.

    • Stephanie George says

      I just sprinkled the clay under running bath water and it dissolved immediately.So I dont think mixing beforehand is necessary.

  21. Allerson C says

    I really want to try it but I live alone, so having someone around is not an option. . .
    Any suggestions? I have a pretty hardy constitution in general..

    • Elysia says

      Work up slowly. So, water not too hot and half the amounts of detox ingredients. That way you can see how you do. If it turns out you did fine then next time add a little more of the ingredients.
      Staying well hydrated also helps – sip room temp water w/pinch mineral salt (whole sea, real or Himalayan) constantly before, during & after.
      I also keep a bowl of ice water next to me and soak a washcloth in it to keep my head cool. For me, that helps with the lightheadedness.
      And when you get out of the tub, take your time. I sit up, then up on my knees, then carefully stand.
      Also, make sure your blood sugar is not low when you get in the bath. You don’t want food in your stomach though – it’s good to have finished eating at least an hour beforehand depending on the meal.
      I think you’ll be fine if you’re generally healthy and strong, just start slow.

  22. Brenda says

    Whoa! I guess you shouldn’t substitute Epsom salts with magnesium chloride! Turned into a 4 cup eruption!!! I read somewhere that Epsom salts were not good for you?

    • Elysia says

      Did you put all the ingredients in the tub? No need to mix beforehand, just put in tub and fill with water. If you’re using ACV & baking soda it’ll definitely “erupt” but as soon as the water hits it it’ll subside. Mag chloride flakes are wonderful, and generally you don’t need as much quantity as you would if using Epsom.

  23. Tracy says

    I would like to use recipe this for my 16 month old, what would be appropriate amounts and is this type of detox safe for him? I was doing the vitamin C and epsom salt (1/2c), but would like to help optimize his health if it is safe.
    Thanks in advance~

  24. Stacy Paul says

    I was thinking about substituting magnesium flakes for the Epsom salt, but noticed a mention above that it didn’t work. I will use Epsom salts that I have to get rid of them, but I assume magnesium flakes (that I also have) will have to be used by themselves???

  25. Allison says

    I’m wondering if this would still be beneficial as a foot soak? I unfortunately live in a house with no bathtub (just a stand up shower).

  26. Nancy says

    I have done the salt soak twice. This time the water was a bit hotter and I was very light-headed for about 20 min afterwards. I spent most of the time on the floor with my head down! After it passed, I felt great!

    We have a reverse osmosis filtration system that takes out the fluoride.

  27. Jenifer says

    I’m looking into taking cold baths for hydrotherapy. I see you recommend using warm to hot water for detox baths. Would they work in cold water also?

    • Nikki says

      I am not sure about others, but one reason I would want to detox my child is after vaccines. My child received vaccines I didn’t ask for and the ones I did want her to get (because I was a worry wart, but no longer get her vaccinated) have aluminum in them that I would want to flush out. Also, another thought. If a parent can not 100% feed their kids organic and chemical free foods due to income restrictions, limited availabilty to organic produce, not having a garden, etc.

      • Brandie says

        Hyper activity, focus issues “ADHD” and some behavioral issues can all be linked to your body being too toxic. Same goes for the kiddos. When your fish is sick you change the water you don’t throw muck in there. So instead of medicating my hyperactive child I detox her. I also do not give OTC cold medicines for things like coughs and congestion. Epsom salts sea salt and cpeppermint, eucalyptis and lavender oil mixed together makes a great COLD AND FLU therapeutic bath safe even for my 9 month old. I mix all ingredients together and store in a mason jar in my bathroom. I add 1/4 cup to the bath before bed to ease cold symptoms.

        Thanks for your blog. For my 32 birthday I am giving my body the gift of detoxing. No processed food or artificial sugar. Wish me luck!

  28. Mona says

    I used the first recipe (epsom salt, baking powder n himalyan salt) and just 2 tablespoons of magnesium flakes for 2-3 times (once in a week) but i am experiencing joint pains now, back and knees pains, is it normal? And would they go on their own?

  29. apelila says

    I bought some of the liquid clay awhile back, any ideas how to use it in a bath as opposed to the clay powder?


  30. Karen says

    Does anyone know if this will help with eczema? I have apparently developed a severe case of it back in October and have yet to find anything that will help clear it up or at the very least ease the symptoms. I have read several things about detoxing and am ready to try it, especially if it will help with my skin condition…fingers crossed that it will!!

    • Carrie P says

      When my eczema acts up I take a bath with coconut oil and Epsom Salt and that works wonderully with helping it clear up. Also ater my bath I put coconut oil on all over.

  31. Rachel says

    This is something I would love to try but I am kinda nervous after reading that it can make you light headed and weak. Is it safe to do this if you have no prior health issues? Also is it recommended to do before going to sleep?

  32. allyson says

    I would like to detox my 9 year old son who was diagnosed with adhd of metals and toxins. I read in an article bentonite clay has toxins and to be careful. can you recommend a certain brand. also read when using clay, it’s extremely important to use vitamin c. am confuse and would like a safe and simple approach to detoxing him. He’s also been suffering with mild eczema on elbows, knees now it’s appearing on his hands and under toes. thanks.

  33. Liz says

    Hello, I am planning to do a detox bath; however, I don’t have ginger powder….can I use fresh ginger in my detox bath? I have tea tree oil, bob’s baking soda and epsom salt

  34. Courtney says

    I cannot wait to try one of these! Do you think it would be safe to enjoy a glass of wine while taking one of these detox baths?

    • Wendy says

      I would say “no” for two reasons. First, alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilute and move closer to the surface of your skin (this leads to the false feeling of warmth people report feeling when they drink. It doesn’t actually make you warm though…you are really losing heat). The reason why this is important is that as your blood vessels dilate, there is more blood in your extremities (and therefore less going to your head), which can result in dizziness. As relaxation (such as a warm bath) also dilates your blood vessels and could lead to dizziness, doing two things that can cause dizziness at the same time is not a good idea. A second reason why I would say “no” is that the purpose of having a detox bath to take toxins out of your body is undermined if you are putting toxins (alcohol) right back into your body. Yes, I know there are benefits to moderate wine drinking but it is still a toxin that your liver has to eliminate from your body.

  35. Andrea says

    You said not to use metal with the bentonite clay mixture but are the other two safe with metal? I live in Japan and the older tubs are all stainless steel, which is what I have. I figure the other two detox mixtures are ok, but I wanted to check first.

  36. Nony says

    Hi Katie
    Is there a particular brand of epsom salt you would recommend? I bought mine from Walgreens….wondering if that is good.


  37. Roni says

    You mention adding Sodium Ascorbate to the bath, in another article. Should I add the Sodium Ascorbate and Clay, or just one of them? Thanks

  38. Mo'nique says

    The bentonite clay and Epsom salt detoxic is wonderful if you want to add more detoxing to it try oil pulling with coconut oil the results are great and yes the results are within 24-48 hours.

  39. Kelly says

    My tub drain plug and overflow valve are metal – does the bentonite clay not react to those metals? Thanks for these!!

  40. Karen B says

    The one I like best is:
    2 C Epsom Salts
    1 C Braggs ACV
    1/2 C Bentonite Clay
    10 -20 essential oils

    Soak 20 – 40 minutes!

  41. Jane says

    Any concern for vaginal yeast infection or vaginitis after using these ingredients in the bath? I seem to always have issues with commercial bath salts and soap, and have never tried epsom salts as I was worried about that. Any experience with this?

  42. Julie says

    Hi Katie! Excellent post and recipes, thank you so much. As I get the ingredients for these baths, I’m curious if you have a good supplier for Himalayan salt in bulk? Would appreciate your suggestion. Thanks in advance! <3

  43. Fernie says

    For those who are worried about plumbing I recommend putting 1 cup baking soda down your drain and pore1 cup white vinegar down let it fizz for 20-30 min then pour down 1 pot of boiling water follow with water flush. I have used this method in my shower and tub . I do this at least once a month or more often if drains slow down. I need to do in sink my husband uses, do not know why his is so slow.

    • Linda says

      …..Just a thought, Fernie, about your husband’s sink: I wonder if it’s from rinsing his razor? What’s goes down the drain is bound to build up over time…..it happens at my house. :~ )

  44. Valerie Vaughan says

    I would love to try the clay detox bath. I don’t have the Bentonite Clay. I do have the Kaolin Facial Scrub Clay. Can I substitute the clay?

  45. Vanessa says

    Hi! Love you blog by the way. I am transitioning from a chemical lifestyle to a natural one. Unfortunatelty I can’t do baths do to UTI’s being a big issue for me. If I did a foot soak would I still get the same detox benefits and what do you thing the ratio would be say to 1 gallon of water?

    Thanks again!

  46. Erin says

    I have recently just started taking detox baths and have used sea salt Epsom salt n the apple cider vinegar but it drys my skin out really bad what do I do ? Also is detox baths good for infirtility ? Thank u

  47. Cindy says

    I am new to DIY products and have recently tried a couple of your recipes and they turned out wonderful. I also recently tried this detox bath and wonder if anyone else found that their body temperature rose and kinda stayed hot through out the night. Not sure why that happened.

  48. Wendy Martin says

    I’ve been doing detox baths for a while now due to fibromyalgia. Helps relax the muscles and I have to take several medications as well also for depression and anxiety..I always ad 2 cups Epson salt, cup of baking soda heard it helps in pH balance not sure if this is true? I play around with the mix often I have a salt soak also for joint and muscle pain relief that has an oil and lavender in it I always ad a handful aswell, I also have tried Braggs acv, but it clumped into I’m thinking the oil from the oil. I know it is a natural antibacterial and helps in balancing pH levels which Is why I ad the baking soda since, I’m 40 years old and got my first ever yeast infection after I got fibro. One important thing i havent seen mentioned is you must rinse off those toxins! You can’t get out of the bath leaving that on your skin, it’s almost defeating the purpose of the detox bath leaving the toxins that are being all drawn out of the body into the water your soaking in and it’s all over you.. take it slow standing up turn the shower on, rinse it off your body slowly not to shock yourself get the water cold after you have totally rinsed to close the pores. That way rhe toxins are off your skin that have been drawn out, and really I do the cooler water because I’m used to it by now but I’m not sure that it’s even important to close the pores after, I just know the importance of getting it off your skin. But I love that I stumbled across this site I can’t wait to dig into everything else!! My next one is to make a detoxifying salt scrub for the shower, any ideas?

  49. Michelle says

    Hi! I have never tried a detox before, but usually have trouble with baths due to UTI’s….has anyone had troubles with UTI’s with these detox baths?

    Also, I am considering doing these baths for my 7 year old who just got a MMR vaccine and my 10 year old who has asthma and very sensitive skin. Can you tell me the most simple one to start with and how much of each ingredient? I want to go slow with the kids to be sure they can handle it ok. Probably don’t want to use any clay…

    • Jenna says

      I am unsure if it is safe for a 10 yr old. But it will be ok for you if you have UTI’s I suffer from yeast inections and although I cannot take normal baths due to infections I can take a “Detox” bath. The essential oils and stuff will kill all the bacteria and are actually good for infections.

      Essential oils are not water soluble so as you know they always have to be diluted other wise they can burn the skin. I think for a kid it might be too much but for adults it is ok. Maybe add a drop or 2 of essential oils they soak into the skin quickly and can be too much for kids. I would like to hear some other advice ppls on this.

  50. Tara says

    My 2 year old daughter is struggling with eczema and I want to try one of your detox bath recipes. Is there anything I should add or take away in any of these recipes or one you recommend most? Thank You

    • says

      I have found that magnesium in general is helpful for eczema so I would go with the salt bath. It should be just fine for a child as is, although I would stick with lavender EO. If you want to do simply epsom salt, that is also very beneficial (I know that sometimes getting a bunch of ingredients together is a pain while toting little kids around 😉

    • Jenna says

      I personally would not use essential oil detox baths on a 2 year old. They are so tiny that even 1 drop maybe too much. Especially since Essential Oils are water soluble. meaning unless its mixed with an oil or something just adding lavender in bath water would essentially be like bathing in lavender, the lavender will stick to u and soak up quickly. If that makes sense… you can google more about it. And most people get nautious with EO detox baths. I mixed a bit of EO with oil and added to my 7 yr olds sons chest when he was sick and I think he got a little nautious so I had to wash it off. But it soaks up quickly so you have to be careful. They say those with skin issues are deficient in omega 3’s or 6’s to add borage oil, but I would just use coconut oil . or make a mixture of lavender + lots of carrier oil since childs so young.

  51. Alison says

    I’m so glad I fund your website! I’m slowly trying to switch to all things natural. While doing research, I ran across an article about detoxing. It said there was no such thing as detox outside of a hospital. I really want to try these and I was wondering what’s everyone’s opinion on it??

  52. Michelle says

    I just tried the salt bath with 10 drops of lavender and it made me feel a little nauseous afterwards. I’m going to take that as a sign that I really needed to detox and will be trying it again!

    Thanks for putting all of this out into the interwebs, you’re pretty fabulous.

  53. Kristen says

    Could someone with diabetes do one of these detox baths? This person has been having pain because of stress, and she does not take hormone pills from her hysterectomy. Just trying to suggest different things to help her.

  54. Amy says

    Hello all,

    Was trying the salt recipe, did not have any sea salt. it was suggested to me to try regular iodized table salt. When mixing the salts with the boiled water the mixture went nuts, fizzing and bubbling to beat the band. Is this normal? Was table salt really a dangerous choice?

  55. shrav says

    Hi Katie,
    Thank you so much for giving us such great natural recipe’s, I have prefolliculitis on my upper arms that is caused by pityriosporum. Could you please suggest some natural remedy if u know. Thank you

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