Whipped Body Butter Recipe

Easy Homemade Whipped Body Butter Recipe- Easy DIY and great gift idea plus it is all natural

I love making natural beauty products as gift ideas. Homemade Lotion Bars are a favorite gift idea since they can be easily customized and are excellent for relatives, friends, pregnant moms, etc.

How to Make Body Butter

This new recipe has similar ingredients to the lotion bars, but removes the beeswax and whips the mixture as it cools to create a cloud-like lotion that is extremely nourishing! This Body Butter is great for babies or sensitive skin, and scents can be added to make it a custom gift for anyone (or to keep for yourself!).

The combination of shea and cocoa butter with two nourishing oils makes a highly moisturizing combination, but whipping the mix helps it go on smoothly without being oily.

My current favorite is a peppermint scented version for the holidays, but I also like a citrus/lavender combination.

Body Butter Ingredients

Body Butter Instructions

  1. In a double boiler or glass bowl, combine all ingredients except essential oils.
  2. Bring to medium heat and stir constantly until all ingredients are melted.
  3. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.
  4. Move to fridge and let cool another 1 hour or until starting to harden but still somewhat soft.
  5. Use a hand mixer to whip for 10 minutes until fluffy.
  6. Return to fridge for 10-15 minutes to set.
  7. Store in a glass jar with a lid and use as you would regular lotion or body butter. If your home stays above 75 degrees, it may soften and need to be kept at the fridge, but it will stay whipped at a temperature lower than that.
  8. Enjoy!

How to make simple and luxurious whipped body butter with shea butter and natural oil

Ever made your own body butter? Want to try this recipe? Share below!

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  1. I use cocoa butter wafers… would the recipe proportions still work if I measure 1/2 cup of wafers? Your measurements are by volume, and lots of times I weigh mine, so I just want to make sure I get it right. Thanks for all the great ideas!

      • I just made a different recipe than yours but would like to try this. The one I made called for one cup of cocoa butter, incidentally I too used wafers and would not recommend adding more to full the air gaps. it called for a 1/2 cup of Shea or another hard butter, I used mango and a 1/2 cup almond or jojoba to be added after the solids were melted. So, I’m wondering about all the same measurements for this recipe. There was an implication that it was a 75% hard to 25% oil ratio. Just wondering how this one compares.

          • 1/2 cup shea butter, 1/2 cup cocoa butter, 1/2 cup coconut oil and 1/2 cup light oil or carrier oil. Total = 2 cups = 16 FL oz.

          • Coco butter 1/2 cup= 49g or 1.73oz
            Shea butter 1/2 cup= 112g or 3.95oz
            Liquid 1/2 cup = 4 oz @

            With a total of 16 fluid oz

          • Coco butter 1/2 cup= 49g or 1.73oz
            Shea butter 1/2 cup= 112g or 3.95oz
            Liquid 1/2 cup = 4 oz @

            With a total of 16 fluid oz
            I have also heard that you should keep all of the butters on the stove and simmer them for 20 minutes so that when they are done they don’t become grainy is true or false

        • HI, hoping you can answer my question. I think I added too many hard butters? Or left in the fridge too long (over night ?…) because was super hard to wipe and never got light like the first batch I made. considering trying to re wipe but what would you suggest I add to get it lighter? Thanks so much!

          • My guess is that leaving it in the fridge overnight is what made it too hard to whip. You could try letting it set out and come to room temperature before whipping it again. If that doesn’t work, I’d melt it again and whip it when it becomes a soft solid, before it gets hard.

          • Amazon has all the butters in there raw form, they also have the oils like almond, olive, walnut, and other carrier oils and essential oils as well.
            They are reasonabley priced

          • Hello can i substitute cocoa ir mango butter for one whole cup of shea butter? And can i add one spoon of provitamin b5?

          • Hi Lovelies! Katie, I just love you and appreciate your work at WM so much. God bless you, dear Katie!
            Ok, now for the reason I’m commenting, which is something I never do: y’all can save a lot of time and effort – and a few nutrients – by just putting all your oils in a blender first. Pulse, then let ‘er rip! No need to melt. Then go right to step 4, adding your EOs as you mix. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, All!

          • Would it be fine if I just used coconut oil and shea butter? Why the need for other stuff?

        • Amazon they have all the butters in is there are forms they also have the oils like almond olive walnut and other carrier oils and essential oils as well and they are at a reasonable price

        • Jake, I believe there is a difference between the wafers you can eat and these used for soaps and lotions. I looked this up online and the ones you can eat say ‘edible’ on them while the kind for health and beauty products do not. That is what “I” concluded from my search; if this is incorrect please someone correct my error.

      • Hey Friend!
        Can I substitute Cocoa or Shea butter for Coconut Butter (or Coconut Concentrate Cream)?

          • I noticed she didn’t mention when to add the essential oils as well. I’ve made quite a few body products and this is my two cents: Essential oils should be added between the time it’s hot and cold. You don’t want to add them too hot because it effects the quality of the aroma and will lose some of the scent. But if you add it when it’s too cold, it won’t distribute properly. My body butter batch is cooling right now and I’m going to add my essential oils before the refrigeration step. Hope that helps!

      • Hi…what if i want to add citric Acid to this mix of yours..how many teaspoons do i add?
        Thanks Love what you doing.

    • Re: measuring with cocoa butter wafers:
      Since these are fats, I used a liquid measure, using the displacement method for the Shea & Cocoa butters & the coconut oil.

      Shea & cocoa: filled my measuring cup to 1/2 cup with super cold water, added wafers (cocoa) or spoonfuls Shea of the butters, ensuring all were submerged, until the water level rose to 1 cup.

      I melted these & then added the coconut & apricot kernel oils away from the heat. I used the same method as above to measure the coconut oil, but spooning into the 1/2 cup apricot oil instead of water.

  2. Hi Wellness Mama! The whipped body butter sounds good enough to eat! And so nourishing for the skin! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Blessings from Bama!

    • Actually – I purchased all natural cold pressed shea and it doesn’t smell at all.. that smell is somehow created in the heated process… I love the cold process..

      • Have you found a good body butter recipe that prepares without heating?

        And where do you find a hand mixer/what is it supposed to look like if I google it?

        • I bought a kitchenaid stand mixer at the goodwill. I don’t heat my butters at all unless they dry a bit and you’re left with chunks. then I melt those and add to the bowl.. then whip away until double in size.. then add EO and whip for about 30 seconds.. If you want color, add a bit of mica but I leave it out.. sometimes add cocoa or nutmeg powder for a bronzer affect

      • Hi.
        I don’t know where to post this question but this one had to do with heat so I’ll ask here. Doesn’t heating cold pressed items make them lose all that’s good? Do I need to use a thermometer to make sure it doesn’t go higher than a certain temp?

        • You’re not actually ‘heating’ the oils, you’re just finding the temperature they all melt at. If you tried mixing them without warming them, they wouldn’t blend properly.

          They’ll be fine but it’s a valid question.

      • i believe it’s the other way around. the raw, cold-pressed shea butter has a smell but the refined doesn’t just like with coconut oil.

  3. This would be nice to give as a gift, but I have a family member allergic to coconut. Can I just leave it out and add more of one of the other ingredients? Or does the coconut oil serve another purpose like making it solid?

      • I think if you played around with more shea/mango and some beeswax it would work. That may affect the butter being whipped, though. If it didn’t work, you could use it as salve….

    • You could also just melt down your butters, add a small amount of liquid oil (maybe one part liquid oil to 6 or 7 parts butter, just start small) and then whip it as it sets.

  4. Hi Wellness Mama!
    I love your blog and app and have turned so many of my friends and family on to you – they love you too! I’ve made the lotion bars and love them and really want to try the whipped body butter but as I read the recipe I didn’t see when you are to add the essential oils. So at what stage do you add the oils?
    Thank you! Keep the wellness coming!

  5. Ooh delicious. I assume I can get all of those ingredients at Whole Foods? Never bought shea butter before.

  6. I desperately wish this had come out before I deployed! It’s crazy dry out here! Anybody want to make some and mail it to me for Christmas? 😀
    Can’t wait to try it!

  7. This sounds lovely, but does it go on feeling oily or greasy…does it absorb into the skin well? Winter over here is very drying and I need the extra moisture, but my pet peeve is oily lotions that sit on the skin. Should I take down the amount of almond oil a bit?

    • You could take the amount of oil down a little, but it isn’t very oily (you just don’t need much!). The shea butter and coconut oil absorb in to skin very quickly, especially in dry weather!

    • Use just a small amount and apply it to damp skin and keep rubbing it in until all the water-slip feeling is gone. In less than a minute it will be absorbed without feeling oily. The liquid oils are actually more easily absorbed and lighter than the solid butters, so using less of them wouldn’t give you the result you desire. If you want the lightest possible effect, use a couple of drops of pure argan or jojoba oil and work into damp skin-it’s especially good for facial moisturizing. I just made some of this moisture butter and it’s setting in the fridge. =-)

    • If you add a couple teaspoonfuls of arrowroot powder or regular old corn starch it helps absorption greatly.

    • I actually made a body butter with a TON of different oils for stretchmarks. It turned out great! I was worried cuz I don’t know what what’s considered a “light” oil, but… they all worked! Pomegranate seed, Tamanu, Jojoba, sweet almond, Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip seed, etc. Thank you SOOOOOO much Wellness Mama for all these FABULOUS recipes!! I wonder if my husband will get sick of the kitchen looking like a lab soon. LOL

  8. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I ended up having to add more shea butter and cocoa butter..it wouldn’t harden up at all…it stayed as an oil even for hours in the fridge….with a little tweaking, I made it work 🙂

    • ok…so this was me…I did figure out what I did wrong. I intended to half the recipe but only ended up halving the shea butter and cocoa butter…

    • Mine wouldn’t set up either. I had to almost double up the cocoa and shea butter and now its a nice thick whipped consistency. I have 4 pints made now of it but at least I won’t run out so fast. I do think this recipe has a bit too much oil, I will just do 1/4 cup oil (I mixed jojoba oil with some olive and calendula oil) next time with the 1/2 cups each of shea and cocoa butter and coconut oil. My hands feel so nice now! 🙂 … its not greasy, it sinks right in, well on me at least, I tend to have dry skin.

  9. Do you think the quality would be as nice with only 1 cup coco butter and 1 cup coconut oil with the essence oils added? I wanted to make these as stocking suffers but mountain rose herbs is out of shea butter and mango butter right now.

  10. Is there a particular reason it needs to be stored in a glass jar? I just finished my YesTo Carrots body butter and I was just going to reuse the plastic jar.

  11. Thank you for these wonderful recipes. They are lifesavers for me as I am allergic to most things that can be purchased pre-made. I’ve made the lotion bars and really enjoy them. Today, I’ll be making the whipped body butter. Anyone have any tips on cleaning up afterward? it was a booger to clean the bowl and utensils after the lotion bars.

    • I was taught to wipe everything off with rags or paper towels before washing them. I do that, and then soak everything in a big bowl of hot, soapy water. Regardless, it is a daunting task! Luckily, you’re working with great ingredients that can get all over your skin! Also, I learned to cover the bowl with a towel or plastic wrap while using the hand mixer to minimize splattering. Good luck!

      • when ever i make a recipe that calls for me to use a electric hand mixer, i always put the bowl in the sink and do my mixing there. LOL I actually do my mixing in the sink for 2 reasons, one because the splatter stays in sink and two because i am kinda short so mixing in a bowl on counter, my arm get very tired because i have to raise it up to high hehehe.

    • I use a crock pot to melt my ingredients. They now make cooking bags to line the crock pot with. These are similar to the turkey roasting bags. After everything is done, you take the bag out, pour into containers and throw away. I’m not sure how the mixer would work with the bag but it works great for lip balms, lotion bars and salves.

    • Use the boiling water from the double boiler to rinse the dishes. I had the mess oil/wax issue after making chapstick. Now I rinse all my dishes with the boiling water first. Dish soap clears up the light oil layer after

  12. Hey Everyone, just wanted to add a quick note from the land of Oz. It’s summer here and I had to double the Shea butter due to the heat to get it to go near a whipped consistency so you might want to consider this if you’re not in the middle of winter right now! Thanks for the recipe and great Christmas gift idea – I’m doing hampers 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone!

      • Just FYI, if you live in a an area where it’s freezing all the time in winter, you will have one hell of a time getting your (unrefined) cocoa butter out of the container! I had to “grate” it out in tiny pieces using a butter knife, lol. I’m going to set it in my laundry room (where it’s warmer) and see if that softens it up enough to get it out.

        BTW, I did make one batch last night. It was a little oily for my taste, but it absorbed into my skin well. I think I’m going to half the almond oil and take down the coconut oil slightly. Oh, and I didn’t add any essential oils because my cocoa butter smells soooo yummy – who doesn’t want to walk around smelling like chocolate? 🙂 Thanks!

      • Hi Katie. Wondering whether you’ve had a chance to measure the weights of the ingredients yet. I’ve bought all of the goodies so am ready to go but both my cacao butter and shea butter are rock solid so it would be really helpful to know the weighed measurements. Thanks so much. 🙂

  13. Help! I get a great whip but then after putting in containers it turns into more of a bar. I omitted the coconut oil (allergic) and substituted with more olive oil. My house is kept between 65 and 67 degrees. Any suggestions?

    • You can re-melt and re-whip with more olive oil to thin even more. I originally made these in the fall and the jars are firmer now, so the temp could also be affecting it…

  14. Well not sure what I did wrong…I have liquid lotion instead of whipped body butter. Used 1 part shea butter, 1/2 part kokum butter, 1/2 part mango butter, 1 part coconut oil and 1 part almond oil. Let cool in fridge until no longer clear and the consistency of shortening. Whipped 10 minutes…then 20 minutes. Still liquid. Any suggestions?

      • Thanks all knowing Mama!! Since I posted late at night, it sat overnight and was definitely hard enough! Whipped right up the next morning. Also made lotion bars and they turned out fabulous! For my double broiler I bought a cheap 4 cup glass measuring cup – great fit for stirring and easy to pour into molds with the handle (and pot holder of course).

  15. To make it more lotion-y (so you can squeeze it out of a lotion bottle) would it work to omit the cocoa butter and replace it with the same amount of a light oil, like apricot kernel? So then the recipe would be 1 part shea butter, 1 part coconut oil, 2 parts light oil (jojoba & chamomile- & calendula-infused apricot). I also have xanthan gum if needed to thicken. I’d ideally like a texture between lotion & cream.

    My cousin currently uses Mustela Hydra-Bebe body lotion after baby’s bath and I’d love to be able to make an organic version that works just as well if not better! Here are their ingredients:
    Water, Mineral Oil, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Petrolatum, Glyceryl Stearate, Octyldodecanol, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil Laureth-23, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, 1,2-Hexanediol, Ceteareth-20, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Glyceryl Caprylate, Ceteareth-12, Carbomer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Xanthan Gum, Cetyl Palmitate, Cocoglycerides, Sodium Hydroxide, Pentylene Glycol, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Fruit Extract, Citric Acid.

  16. I have a question about this and the other lotion recipe. If used on the face will it clog my pores and cause breakouts? I have struggled with slight cystic acne on my face for years that nothing is touching. I have recently started to use some coconut oil with some frankincense, lavender and tea tree essential oils mixed in and it is actually helping. I want mix it with some argan oil and make a night cream but I’m concerned that the shea and mango butters might be too thick and clog. I would appreciate any insight or help you could provide.

  17. I’ve made this a few times, love it … smells yummy… my clean up trick is to take all the bowls, pots and utensils in the tub with me, lol!

  18. Hi, am a total rookie at this – for the ingredients, would it be okay to use:

    1 cup Shea Butter

    ½ cup Coconut Oil

    ½ cup Grapeseed Oil?
    Thanks heaps!

  19. Hi, I made this about a week ago and have really liked it, but once it’s on my skin it’s too oily. Can I try re-melting it and adding more beeswax? Thanks!

  20. I’d like to add marshmallow root to this and found it in an extract. Can I use extract? If so, could I add it at the same time as the essential oils or during the heating process? Thanks!

  21. I made this with a few variations and love it but have a silly question. Is there a big difference between raw shea butter and just unrefined shea butter?

  22. Hi, thanks for the recipe! Can you please tell me what is the best way to measure the solids like Shea butter and coconut oil? Can you convert it to grams please?

  23. does it matter if the coconut oil is virgin or expellar pressed? I don’t know the difference & don’t want to buy the wrong one.

  24. Do you think the consistency will be similar to the original if i just use 1 cup of mango butter instead of half shea half mango? I just used the rest of my shea butter for my everyday hair cream 🙁

  25. I can’t wait to make this for my mom & me! I have an aloe plant and thought it’d be nice to include its benefits in this cream, but I don’t know if that’s actually a good idea after reading online that aloe has a high water content and will make the cream spoil quickly. Do you know if there’s a way to incorporate aloe (maybe adding a natural preservative??) without compromising the shelf life? Thanks so much!!

    • It will shorten the shelf life… I’d actually recommend using aloe leaf directly on the skin and then topping with the pre-made body butter to get the most skin benefits… takes a little longer but it will give you the benefits of the fresh aloe that couldn’t be preserved in a lotion anyway..

      • Ok, that’s what I was wondering. Thanks so much for your help! Your blog is wonderful & I so appreciative that you answer questions! You should seriously win a Bloggie for Most Helpful!! 🙂

  26. This is only a beginning of my journey with natural beauty
    products. And I must admit – I already love the results!

    I did my body butter the other day, but there is a problem…
    I have never had dry body skin, but this cause my skin getting dry, flaky and a
    bit itchy.

    I used cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil and some
    coconut oil. I also added sweet orange, vanilla and few drops of peppermint essential
    Any suggestions?
    I don’t want to get rid of what I’ve done as I used quite
    expensive raw, unrefined cocoa and shea butter.

    I appreciate any advice.

    • I know I’m late to this conversation, but this is oil-based so it will prevent moisture from exiting or entering your skin. It’s best to apply to slightly damp, supple skin right after getting out of the shower.

  27. I just made this Body Butter the first time in my life! The only downside is that it doesn’t absorb, I guess because it’s quite humid and warm summertime and my skin is not dry. Should I store it in the fridge for winter? Or should I add Shea butter or something else? If so, do I have to reheat the whole batch? Does the reheating destroy the vitamins in oils? I used 1 tbsp of Vitamin E oil and 2 tbsp of veg. Glycerin plus jojoba oil and Evening primrose oil as light oils (as I happened to have those).

  28. I made the body butter. It is fantastic! C
    ould i add zinc oxide to the body butter to have spf protection?
    Also, what is the spf equivalent in the sun protection bars? Thank you!

  29. Could I add beeswax to make the butter stay at a whipped consistency in higher temperatures, and if so, how much would be needed?

  30. Is soy butter and oil good for hair and body. I red your article about soy that is not good for health and was wondering if it is the same thing for hair and body?

  31. Another amazing recipe from you. Thank you. I made this without the shea butter and doubled the cocoa butter (I used raw, unprocessed cacao butter). It has a beautiful chocolate scent that even my teenager loved. And my skin loves it too!

  32. Wow, thanks a ton, Wellness Mama! Your recipe really came in handy! My girlfriend has atopic dermatitis, and I can’t bear to see her itching all the time, nor am I particularly fond of her taking strong corticoid medications, which in desperate cases, she resorts to.

    I’d been looking for natural remedies for quite some time, and stumbled upon a cream by “Mama Nature” that claimed to be perfect for that kind of skin conditions. I checked the ingredient list, and not wanting to spend the ridiculous prices it costs for a tiny jar, bought the ingredients (and added a few of my own) to make it myself – which is where your recipe came in particularly handy. I (mostly) stuck to your proportions and instructions, but with a few modifications regarding the ingredients.

    As a “butter base”, I used shea butter (1 cup), and as far the oil, I used half a cup in total, comprised of a blend of almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil and jojoba oil. It also has 1 tsp of pure vitamin E oil, plus 1 Tsp (15ml) or essential oils, in this case, a selection of a few which are well know for their anti inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties (chamomile, lavender, geranium, tea tree & blueberry leaf).

    I just made it today, so I can’t speak of its benefits yet, but my girlfriends is sleeping sounds upstairs, whereas I can usually hear her scratching manically at this time of night. The end product, nonetheless, is much denser that I’d expected. More like a thick cream than a whipped butter you’d want to eat. I now see why you use the same proportion of butter/s as oils, but i was afraid to make the cream to oily. The next time, perhaps I’ll stick to your proportions and see how it turns out. Perhaps the lack of a proper hand blend had something to do with it to.

    All the same, it is indeed very soothing, and smells wonderful! As soon as I’ve nailed the perfect proportions of everything, I’ll make sure to share!

  33. Hi Wellness Mama.. Ok, I FINALLY was able to try this recipe as well as the diaper rash cream. Both turned out very very oily. I left them in the fridge a lot longer than described and the diaper rash cream solidified very nicely but as soon as I put on my skin it goes back to being very oily. I don’t mind just want to make sure it will work being that liquified. I wasn’t aware that the coconut oil was supposed to be more solid, so the one I purchased is just as liquified as any other oil. I used that coconut oil in both the diaper rash cream as well as the body butter. Wondering if thats where I went wrong and what, if anything, I can do to alter the consistency of both products. Looking forward to your response. Twins coming in a week!!

    • You needed to use solid. Coconut oil that is a solid at room temperature. I can find it in my local grocery or health food co-op. Also at the link above.

  34. Hey Wellness Goddess! Thank you so much for these wonderful recipes. I’m a massage therapist and would like to start making your recipe for whipped body butter in my practice. I wondering if you are using unrefined or refined shea in your recipe?

  35. Dear Wellness Mama

    I was wondering if you could recomend a good replacement for the coconut oil in your recpies? I am alergic to it which makes finding usable products challening to say the least. I tried making this without the coconut oil but it did not turn out right. After sitting overnight it solidified to almost as solid as the raw cocoa butter in its original state. After remelting and whipping it did make some very nice lotion bars. Which
    will do for now but I would really like to have a nice body butter I can use. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  36. Hi I was just wondering if it would be okay to use extra virgin coconut oil?
    or does that even matter? 🙂

  37. Hi Wellness Mama, thanks for such wonderful recipes!, I have one question, Will any of the ingredients become rotten after a while? requiring to add an expire date or something?

  38. I like this idea and plan to try it. I am just wondering if you have any suggestions of possibly adding in vitamins E and D to this mixture, and if so how much and when?

  39. I filled a quart jar with rose hips..then filled with boiling water..let sit 24 hours.then strained them..can i still use this in my face cream..and will the benifits be the same as making the oil?

  40. my batches keep coming out very oily. how long do I whip it for? I whipped stuff after I left it overnight and it became very hard but still able to be whipped. so it looked fluffy and nice but now it’s melted at room temp. should I put less oils so it can come out more lotion like?

  41. Hi,
    I don’t have cocoa butter on hand, so could I use shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil? If so, what proportions would I use?

  42. I only have glass jars with no rubber on the lid rim. Will this effect the life span of the butter if my jars are not air tight?

  43. I melted my ingredients in a stainless steel bowl over a double boiler. Rather than put it in the refrigerator, I put a couple of inches of very cold water in the kitchen sink, put the bowl in the cold water and began mixing. The mixture started producing butter-like consistency after about ten minutes, and working in the sink meant that the spatters were contained by the sink. After putting the butter in containers, I put all the utensils in the bowl with some dawn soap, took it outside and poured boiling water to overflowing in the bowl. After a few minutes, I drained the bowl and nearly all the wax and oil was gone. Great recipe by the way.

    • Perfectly! I massage it through my scalp and hair before bed then wash it the next morning. My hair feels amazing!

  44. Hi! My Mom and I are both allergic to coconut. Can this be made with out the coconut oil? What would be a good substitute? Thank you!

  45. Hi there! I love your site and I have taken many ideas and recipes from here. **Wellness Mama or anyone with experience: I like the whipped body butter and the homemade lotions (have not tried the bars yet), but it seems to take HOURS to absorb into my skin. Whenever I touch my leg or arm my hands instantly have oil on them and I leave hand prints everywhere. Any suggestions?? I have also read that these oils stain clothes: I do not have stains yet but I really don’t want my clothing to be ruined waiting for my skin to dry.
    Thank you!

  46. How much body butter does this recipe make? I’d like to use it for Christmas gifts, but I’m not sure what amount of the ingredients I’ll need to buy.

  47. Please forgive my simple question. Can I use the almond oil that’s near the cooking oils, or should I use the almond oil that is near the body care area/ shea butter in the store? The oils in the cooking section are much cheaper. I plan to make this with cocoa butter and peppermint essential oil as a Christmas Gift. Thank you for your great site. Love it.

  48. If yours is too oily, try melting it down again, then slowly add up to 2 teaspoons of arrowroot powder or cornstarch. Make sure it’s all mixed in well so there’s no graininess.

  49. If it feels oily, try melting it down and then add up to 2 teaspoons of corn starch or arrowroot powder. Be sure to mix it really well so it’s not gritty

  50. ugh! just boiled down the last of my shea and coco butter along with some new olive oil and coconut oil to make this body butter that i make about every 2 weeks. when i took my mason jar out of the pot of hot water. i found what looks like the remains of a spider! i don’t know which ingredient it came from… i’m guessing the shea butter. I have used it many times so if it was in there, i just didn’t know! should i pretend i didn’t see it, or toss this batch? i hate to do that since my daughter really needs this for her eczema and my new ingredients won’t get delivered until later this week.

  51. well mine doesn’t smell very nice…my hubby even told me to toss it out…I am trying to figure out how I can get it to smell nice..any thoughts or suggestions….i used geranium essential oil…then I tried a lemon one..and then I tried my fav. scent plumeria…nope not working at all

    • Try a batch using Young Living’s “Christmas Spirit” I put about 35-40 drops. It is a combination of Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce. It smells so good and very festive. Perfect for gifts during the holidays. I also have good luck with Young Living or Aura Cacia Lavender oil. Good Luck!

  52. I made this recipe and I ended up with something more hardened that melts like butter when placed on the skin. It’s nice, but I was wondering how I could fix mine so that the texture is whipped. Could I reheat it and try to whip again? Perhaps I didn’t mix it long enough. Any thoughts?

  53. Wonderful recipe! Just made a beautiful batch for my family for Christmas 🙂 Lemongrass and lavender smells wonderful!

  54. I assume you whip the essential oils in until blended? I can’t find it in the recipe, but I think I’m overlooking it.

  55. Happy Holidays Katie! I enjoy reading articles from your site and luv your whipped butter recipe. There are so many ingredients you can use at home to make wonderful skin care products. Keep up the good work!

  56. What’s the consistency like the next day or following days? Mine comes out like in the pic..smooth, airy, creamy..then the next day hardens like butter…melts w. body temp and has an oily feel going into the skin. Please advise.

  57. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I tried it today with a lower portion..used shea butter, coconut oil and, cocoa butter, almond oil and olive oil..luv it..I didn’t even use essential oil..liked the smell..just wanted to say if you use a lower portion, decrease the freezing time..I had to re melt several times to be able to whip it

  58. Do you have a recipe or recommendation for massage oil/ butter/ lotion? I am a massage therapist and want to make something that is healthy. I thought about just using almond oil, but I’m concerned about having clients with nut allergies. Please help! Thanks!!!

  59. I was wondering if I could use grape seed oil instead of the aforementioned oils? Do the jajoba, olive, and almond provide benefits that grape seed does not?

  60. If I already did the cooling/whipping process, is it too late to add essential oils? It smells too much like Shea butter to me.

  61. If I already did the cooling/whipping process, is it too late to add essential oils? It smells too much like Shea butter to me.

  62. Hello Katie

    I hope you are well 🙂 What a lovely body butter, thank you. I was wondering if I could have some advice please, if I wanted to add aloe vera gel to help with moisterisation etc, how much would I use in this recipe and at what stage would I add it in please. Many thanks x

  63. Great ideas on this website! One general question for this and other softer lotions. Can it be stored in a plastic container, or that will go bad fast?

  64. Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been looking for one that actually works well. Although, I did tweak it a bit after reading some of the other comments about it being too oily and not setting up properly.

    I used the 1/2 cup of shea butter, melted the coconut oil first, and got a 1/2 cup of that. Then the cocoa butter, I didn’t use quite a half cup – maybe right in between 1/3 and 1/2 on the measuring cup. I used about 2 tbsp of Apricot Kernal Oil, and a 1/2 oz of beeswax. Melted it all together, mixed it. And for the refrigeration, I poured it into a pre-cooled ceramic bowl, and refrigerated in 20 minute increments, whipping it in between for about 3 minutes each with an immersion blender. Total of 3 times. Before the third time, I added 17 drops of Eucalyptus oil.
    It came out with the perfect consistency, and not oily on my skin! And my boyfriend says it smells like Vanilla!

    Thank you again! Now, let’s see if my intended target loves it as much as I do…. My mom!

  65. I love the whipped body butter. I used your original receipe without essential oils. Thank you. I have one question. My dad has very dry, flaky skin in winter, can he use this on his face without it blocking his pores or causing spots? Thank you and I’m going to be tying your oil cleanser next! X

  66. Hi, Wellness Mama! First off, I love your blog! I have recently transitioned to all-natural products (you know it’s not good for you when you can’t even pronounce the names of the ingredients!). I am proud to say that you have been an extraordinary help in my journey to making my own natural bath and body products; thank you!
    My question is this: Is there a way, that you know of, to make the body butter not feel so oily on my skin? I love the scent and feel of it, until it stays oily for a long period of time (I put it on over 30 minutes ago and it still has not absorbed and feels oily). Also, will this body butter stain my clothes?

    Thank you again!

  67. I seem to be having issues when it comes to essential oils. I add them when I should and it smells great but I find that when it’s solidified and whipped I no longer smell the essential oils just the butters used as main ingredient. Can anyone help me out with this?

  68. Love this recipe! I am planning on using it as soon as my regular body butter runs out. Just a quick question, is this safe for baby?

  69. Great recipe. I modified it quite a bit as shea butter and cocoa butter aren’t easy or inexpensive to come by in India. I used coconut oil, olive oil and kokum butter. Kokum butter is fairly inexpensive in the state I come from and can be found in Ayurvedic shops. For fragrance I mixed in the black ink from one vanilla bean. This have it a lovely soft fragrance plus the black specks look lovely with the white.

    I already feel like my skin is getting healthier. 🙂

  70. This recipe looks amazing. When are you going to put these recipes up on your YouTube channel? I’d love to see this in a video.

  71. Please help! mine come out a bit too greasy it feels light and looks beautiful but still looks very greasy and even tho I like the feel I don’t like that I feel I can’t touch anything for a while cause my hands are super greasy…please help!

  72. How much butter does this make as is. I have 5 lbs Shea butter and 1 lb cocoa butter? I plan on making favors for a shower for about 30-40 people using 1-2oz tins.

  73. I made this, and it worked out GREAT. Beautifully white and fluffy, and it smelled nice too. A huge hit with all my friends and family. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!

  74. Made this today for my kids (and me lol) my son has eczema so I added rose absolute and roman chammomile. Its amaaaazing! My kids skin is lovely and soft 🙂

  75. Andrea, how many drops of each did you use? Also, does anyone know what other EO are safe for babies/toddlers? Thanks very much! I didn’t see where it says how long this is good for, but maybe I missed it. Anyone know? =)

  76. Hello wellness mama, i’m a little new at this diy, organic recipe stuff but would really like to get into the groove. I was wondering where the best places are to buy these ingredients are and if the prices are budget friendly? Thanks!

    • I found bees wax for $8.99/lb (with 40% off coupon) and everything else on amazon.
      I am very impressed with the results!!!

  77. Smells great but nothing is mixing well. Its not white and fluffy at all… : ( What did I do wrong ?????? PLEASE HELP

  78. omg I simply love everything you post!!! I have been slowly getting rid of all chemicals in my life : deodorant, body cream, making my own food, face masks, shampoo. I tried your make up recipe and bronzer and they’re INCREDIBLE! I made them with Tapioca flour. I am now trying the lipstick and this one, also the eye shadow and eye liner. THANK YOU!!!!

  79. This stuff is amazing! I’ve been slowly trying to get all of my personal care & house products to completely natural after going paleo. A little of this goes a long way & my skin stays moisturized all day. An unexpected side effect was my Keratosis Pilaris( those tiny bumps on the backs of my arms) has almost completely gone away in just 2 weeks!! It also has a very mild smell which is great for my sensitive husband. Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes. I will never go back to commercially made products.

  80. Hello

    Curious – would grape seed work as well as almond oil? I’ve tried to compare/contrast the two for blending/mixing properties or health properties, but had little luck. Thoughts/experience to share?

  81. Hi Katie!

    Follow up with a question…

    I am still loving the body butter..my skin stays hydrated all day long! The only thing i’ve noticed in the last week is I am covered in bug bites! I keep a clean house & ive been frantically washing everything to kill any possible spiders or ants( what we suspect the culprit may be) but have found nothing. My husband seems to think that because the moisturizer is made from food quality ingredients the ants/spiders etc. are finding it too good to pass up. Has anyone else had this problem? Thoughts? Maybe there is an essential oil i can add to repel the little buggers.? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all you share!

  82. getting ready to try this recipe.. very excited. Wellness Mama, I couldn’t thank you enough. Your site was the first one I found that detailed all organic beauty products. I am always sure to mention you when I buy products that you have recommended. Just wanted to say thank you

  83. Hi,
    It’s warm where I live and my coconut oil is a liquid at room temp. Following this recipe means that I have too high a percentage of liquid oils. I am thinking about using 25% coconut oil as the liquid oil and adding another butter like avocado to make up the other 25% (with shea and cocoa butter). But then I’m wondering if the butter will be too stiff to spread if I take it to a cooler region due to the cocoa butter? Any thoughts? Also, do you ever add a little cornstarch to easier spreading?

  84. I followed the recipe and my body butter would not whip up….it stayed the consistency of a lotion. It is also sooooo greasy! I put it back in the fridge and thought I would deal with it today. I went to look at it and it is now hard as a rock:( I want to use all natural products so no arrow root powder or corn starch. What are my option? Do I take it out and let it soften a bit? Should I add some melted beeswax? aloe vera gel? It needs to be thicker and less greasy. I can’t imagine what went wrong. I have been making face creams and never have an issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  85. This recipe is amazing. !! I did not use any essential oils, it smelled so good without. I used mango butter, cocoa butter flakes and sweet almond oil..
    Thanks so much ????

  86. Wellness Mama- help! I made this then mailed it to my friend, but b/c it’s getting warmer I guess it was sitting in a hot USPS truck, and part of it melted and oozed out, and once it’s melted it’s not whipped anymore. Do you have any suggestions??

  87. Having been a devoted Body Shop butter user (over 20 years!), and as much as I (my skin) loves their butters, it is getting just too expensive. So, I’m looking for an alternative to Body Shop butters. This looks just right up my street…but I have a question:

    The coconut liquid oil is different from the solid coconut oil/butter, and should stay liquid (at room temp) when the mix is cooled/set. From a little research, the coconut oil is separated from the fatty solids by heat (like clarified butter).

    I wonder if something is lost in the nutrients through this process (I think it’s called Fractionated oil)? And if so maybe another more nutrient rich oil could be substituted? One that hasn’t/doesn’t need fractionating, and is just cold pressed. I was thinking maybe Hemp seed oil as a alternative as I’ve heard it’s good for eczema/psoriasis which I suffer from.

  88. I followed this recipe to a tee, but unfortunately it’s much too greasy for my taste. It melts on contact with skin and it basically feels like I just rubbed my body with an oil slick. I would be afraid that this would ruin my clothes or bed sheets if I left it on. Sadly I think I’ll be throwing it out unless someone has a suggestion as to how to re-purpose it. I gave it 2 stars because it does look exactly like the pictures, just not for me.

    • That’s exactly what I was afraid of – it melting on contact, being greasy and just sitting on the surface of the skin not being absorbed.

      I haven’t made this recipe yet, so I might do a test of each ingredient separately to see how it absorbs into my skin. Then I’ll have a gauge of the melting temp (how long it takes to melt and absorb) and greasiness left (if any). I’ve already been using almond oil which absorbed very well into my dry eczema/psoriasis prone skin after showering. But it didn’t have enough moisturizing effect and found my skin got dry after less than a day. I shower at night and sleep with a moisturizer on so it has maximum absorption possible.

      I know alot of people use these butters (the solids) raw and just rub it into their skin, almost like a balm stick. I’ll also do the same test after gently melting and letting them solidify again to see if the melting process changes anything…

      We’ll see how it goes!

  89. Hi Wellness Mama,

    I blog and I was wondering if I could talk about my experience with this butter (and I also played around with the one Holistic Squid did) as well my eventual hybrid of sorts. I will (of course) give you the full credit that is due.

    I just want to be sure you’re fine with this.


  90. I’m a newbie to this type of thing but I’d like to start making homemade products for myself and friends. I wanted to find out why one would choose one of the butters over another (shea, mango or coco butter). Personally I don’t like the smell of coco butter as its too overpowering and I’ve found that mango is more expensive than shea. I just wasn’t sure if one of these butters was better for skin softening/healing etc. Any help would be appreciated.

  91. Hi,

    I am new to your site. There’s a lot of interesting things you have on here that intend on exploring eventually.

    The “Whipped Body Butter” sounds great and a must have. However, I have cocoa butter wafers and wondered how many should I use or should I melt them down first. Also since I live in the Midwest the summer weather is practically here. I am talkin’ humidity. This whipped butter would most likely melt quickly. The winter months are definitely not an issue. I do have some beeswax pastilles on hand and wondered how much should I use just to keep the butter itself a tad solid.

    Thank you.

  92. Hi–I just made this recipe and thought I’d comment. This is my first body butter and it was very exciting to make. Overall, it is a bit runny–I live at high elevation (Almost 7000 ft) and it took 2 hours to set in the fridge not 1. When I whipped it, it did look like whipping cream…but I was expecting it to be a bit more solid/stiff (but it literally was LIKE whipping cream). I wonder if less almond oil and more cocoa butter would make it a bit stiffer. In any event, it did smell very nice, but I did put in almost 40 drops., not 30. It feels lovely and my skin is very soft. I’m sending it to my girls as a care package–I hope it doesn’t melt in the summer heat! I gave it four stars because of the more liquify texture (was expecting a bit stiffer), but my skin feels lovely. Thank you for providing this recipe!

    • I’m replying to my own comment above. I figured out the problem. Again I’m not sure if this is the high elevation for me which is why it was thin at first, but all I did after making the recipe was put in the refrigerator for a few hours and then it stiffened up and continues to be stiffened. Don’t even need to keep in the fridge now. I’ve given it as gifts to several of my friends and they absolutely LOVE IT. They want more–so now I know what they’re all getting for Christmas. I did send it to my girls who are in NC for the summer and they did say it melted a bit, but they just put it in the refrigerator and now they said it’s fine. My daughter has been around my obsession with essential oils long enough to know that they are antiviral. She started coming down with a sore throat and told me that she rubbed some of this body butter around her neck area and the next day the soreness was gone. So now that i’ve learned the trick, I’m now giving this recipe 5 stars. By the way, my friends said they not only love the smell (I made the lemony lavender) but they love the texture and cannot believe how soft it has made their skin. Thank you again for providing this recipe. 🙂

  93. Whats the shelf life on this lotion? Ive looked at alot of other lotions and they only last like a month in the fridge

  94. Hello, I would like to ask would it make a difference if my coconut oil is melted already? Or do I have to put more coconut oil then? I live in a hot climate. Thankss

  95. I purchased Hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs. Can that be used in the Whipped Body Butter recipe in place of the essential oils? If so, what amount should I use?

  96. I’ve been looking for the perfect whipped body butter for AGES. And when I found Wellness Mama, I knew (having read through practically your WHOLE blog) that your recipe would be extremely perfect. My worry for all body butters is the greasiness, so I put a teensy weensy bit less sweet almond oil, hoping that would fix this problem. With previous experiences of making (horrible) body butters, I knew that 3 hours, was the trick for freezing. I did exactly that. But when it came time to bring out by sturdy old red (Kitchen Aid Mixer, tehehe), and whip it up, I ran into a bit of a problem. After whipping for several minutes (about 5), I found that the consistency was terribly runny. Did test it though, and seriously, this stuff absorbs so quickly. I decided to put it back in the freezer for another half hour, rewhip it a bit, then another 15-20 minutes in the fridge to sturdy it up. When I re-whipped it after about 25 minutes, I was totally satisfied. It had the consistency of homemade buttercream frosting, and indeed, my 3 y/o wanted to have some. I am absolutely satisfied for this batch, but I do recommend adding a bit less coconut oil, and subbing it for more Shea or Cocoa butter.
    Definitely will make again 😀

  97. This is probably the best body butter recipe I’ve come across. I just made a large batch about a month ago and it turned out amazing!!! The oils took a little longer than an hour for them to solidify – about an hour and a half tops. I used jasmine essential oil to add some flavor, and after about a day of allowing the jasmine to really “sink in,” I realized how heavenly my home made body butter smelled. Thank you so much Wellness Mama for sharing this awesome recipe!!! I will never buy commercial brand lotion after discovering how easy this is to make at home, let alone how beneficial all the ingredients are for your skin and body 🙂

  98. Hi KAtie,
    Can i sub the almond oil for avocado oil? I’m just wondering since avocado oil is more fragile, will it change the shelf life at all?
    Thank you!
    Also is it ok to store this in a double walled plastic tub since there are EOs in it?

    • You could certainly try it. You are right, it may shorten the shelf life… but that may not be an issue, depending on how quickly you go through the stuff.

  99. Hi have a question I used 30 drops of lemongrass essential oil and it does not smell the lemongrass it smells shea butter with cocoa butter, can you advise me please

    • Well, honestly I am not sure about max shelf life. We go through it remarkably fast. I store mine out, but in the summer it might be nice if cooled in the fridge, and it will keep longer if cold.

  100. Hi,
    I’ve tried some of your natural recipes, and they are great! I was wondering what the best way to clean up the mess is? I’m always worried off clogging the drain with things that become solid at room temp or just have a hard time getting oils and butters off things.

  101. Hi, I have found the same as Riorita above. It doesn’t mater what scent I use or how much, it still mainly smells of the main ingredients. Do you (or anyone else!) advice on how to get a better scent? So far, peppermint is the only one that really ‘sticks’. Thanks!

  102. If you use cocoa butter though there isn’t much that will cover that smell. You’re better off using shea and make sure you smell your shea before you buy it. I’ve tried some of the lower quality ones (even though they’re marketed as high quality) and the smell was horrible.

    I’ve made one with lavender and peppermint and a little bit of eucalyptus (sounds weird but smells amazing). You need to use a fair amount to cover the scent. I mix that with coconut oil and beeswax. I’ve changed the amounts as well because I’m only using the harder ingredients to ensure it doesn’t melt. It still whips up amazingly and as long as its not out in a sweltering car it won’t melt.

  103. I used this recipe and loved it! but last week i noticed some dark discoloration in the lotion against the glass jar, has this ever happened to anyone? I’d like to make some new this afternoon I was wondering if maybe i did something wrong? or if there’s a way to prevent this from occurring again?

  104. Where is the best and cheapest place (online) to buy these products? I want to know that I am getting a good deal without losing quality. Thanks!

  105. Hi There. I am pretty new to this and wanted to ask whether or not I could store this in an amber bottle lotion dispenser? I hate digging into a jar, because I have to dig lotion out from under my nails! 🙂 Of course, I don’t even know if I could get it into the dispenser, but I thought I would ask in case I need to pick up some jars. THANK YOU!!!

  106. Can I use one cup of cacao butter instead of 1\2 cup of shea butter and 1/2 of cocoa butter? I did that and it is not turning fluffy like pictured.

  107. My daughter has excema so I need a butter that will help with super dry skin, and will be soothing to itchy, inflamed patches. Any suggestions on which butters or oils are best for this? A friend gave me a recipe that uses Green tea butter blend, shea butter and coco butter. I was reading and thinking about trying Horsetail butter or kokum butter.

  108. Great recipe! I like making these all natural body moisturizers compared to ones that are bought at the store. This is my second time making the recipe and the benefits from it show very well. I use this for my body as well as my face. A great all around moisturizer. Thanks!

  109. Hi, we can’t find any coconut oil (solid) so we used virgin coconut oil (liquid) instead. Will it still work? We’re making it for our project. Please and thank you!

  110. I just made this recipe!!! It was really easy! I added 10 drops tea tree essential oil, 7 drops orange essential oil, and 5 drops lemon essential oil. It turned out really well! Thank you for sharing this recipe 🙂

  111. I haven’t tried any of your recipes yet, I’m putting them in my favorites for now. This one looks simple, which I like. Do you have an easy recipe for hand creme? Something not too greasy. I’ve tried to make hand creme with recipes I found on the web but they were always too greasy and left stains on cloths and bed linen, as well as grease marks on my phone, etc. Hope you can share. And thanks for very interesting reading material.

  112. Hi Katie,
    I’ve made the magnesium butter, but it leaves my skin so oily. Is this because of the magnesium or because of the oils used? I think it had coconut oil in it. What is the oil/butter you’d recommend as the most quickly absorbed, and can it be used in a butter recipe. I hate the feel of greasiness on my skin, but with winter coming and my skin not getting any younger, I know I need to take better care of it! Thanks for your great tips and recipes, many of which I use around the house!

  113. I’m very excited that I found this recipe. I just wanted to add a few things but was not sure about the measurements. Coconut oil,
    Rosehip seed oil, jaboba oil, essential oils being Carrot seed oil, Apricot kernel oil, wanted to make this lotion into a anti-aging. Def would like to add a scent to it like vanilla

  114. Hello! I read this recipe and I am excited to try it! This will be my first whipped body butter, but I was just wondering how much this recipe makes? How big of a container will I need?? Thank you!

  115. I am super excited to try this! I am about 5 months pregnant and have been looking for a body butter to help moisturize and also with stretch marks but everything I find has so many other harsh things added in it seems. I was thinking about halfing the almond oil with vitamin e oil since vitamin e seems to be essential with helping the skin. Has anyone ever done this? Did it turn out the same?

  116. There are a lot of women in my extended family who are allergic to sulfates and other things in beauty products, including my mom, who lives life without lotion or conditioner because they drive her skin crazy 🙁 I can’t wait to try this. If it works out, I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas 🙂

  117. Just made this. It took a couple of hours to harden in the fridge but after whipping it looks great! Just like in the pic. I used 15 drops Lavender and 15 drops of Lemon EO’s although really can only smell the Cocoa Butter…is there any reason not to add more EO?

  118. This might be a silly question, but would this be safe to use on a newborn coming this winter? For my first child, another winter baby, I spent a fortune on organic creams and lotions….that were absolutely amazing and I am so tempted to do it again! HA! Would love to find something newborn-friendly that I don’t need to crack into my 401K for. Also, would the lavender EO be ok for a newborn too? I got into oils after my daughter was over 6 mos. Thank you so much for any input!

  119. Do you mean jojoba oil? And thanks, I’ve been looking for a basic recipe to make lotion this year. We tried it once with beeswax and weren’t in love with it. I like this body butter idea. 🙂

    • This is a spectacular site! Thanks for creating this site and also for everyone’s wonderful input! I have never made anything like this but think it would be fun to try. How do I measure the solid items into a cup form. Also…Where do you suggest getting the containers for the body butters?

  120. I have been skimming through the comments for a while now, and I am sure my question has been asked, so I am sorry if it is a repeat:
    I tend to get clogged pores with coconut oil…what else do you suggest as an alternative? I am hoping to order the ingredients ASAP since my skin is dying of thirst. (:

  121. Has anyone weighed the ingredients? I am going to buy the ingredients and just want an idea of how much to get. Thanks for this awesome website!!

  122. Hi,
    I made this recipe and i love the butter however I tried to scent with vanilla essential oil and I cant smell any vanilla. I also tried adding vanilla extract and then vanilla beans. Do you have any suggestions?

  123. I tried this recipe and it turned out amazing. It’s like really cold out right now so inside my house is warm. And this product starts to melt while I am transferring it to different jars. Any method of preserving this body butter at its whipped state?I have stored them in the fridge right now to turn them back to a solid state so I can re-whip them. I’ve tried to make the lotion bars and they turn out great but have stored them in the fridge since they were made so the solid-ness is still here and has also maintained its shape. Hopefully you can provide some insight.

  124. What is the best place to get the glass jars for this recipe? Economical, yet nice? I’d like to make 4 oz jars as gifts. Thanks!

  125. Hi, just wondering if I could just use the shea butter and coconut oil. Do not have either of the other butters and was hoping to make this for a friend I am seeing this week…

  126. This is my favorite body butter recipe. The consistency is just right for me – I add avocado oil for my oil and arrowroot starch to cut down on the greasiness. Thank you for posting this recipe!

  127. decided to make this for Christmas gifts and am having a problem so hoping you see this in time to help 🙂 I substituted extra Shea for the cocoa butter (didn’t have any). In my California ~66 degree home it’s very soft, not whipable. I gently re-melted it and added maybe 4t of beeswax (you have it as an ingredient in the Magnesium body butter so I thought this might help stiffen it up). Even with periodic stirring the beeswax is re-solidifying on it’s own into little chunks. I tried whipping it to se if it would blend them in but it isn’t. Wondering on what your thoughts would be on how to save this, since I made a 4x batch I have a fair bit of $$ in it. I just ordered Cocoa butter since it’s stiffer than the shea (so I could increase the batch size to go to the original proportions, but just wondering how to get the beeswax incorporated. Since it’s a gift I’d rather have it be more stable than telling them they could refrigerate it or re-whip it (they would just not use it). Thanks for any help!! 🙂

  128. Do you have any ideas for de-scenting old jars that I kept? I have some old jars I’ve kept from my days before natural products because I didn’t want to throw something potentially useful away (and I’ve used them for other things too) and was wondering if you knew any tricks for getting the old smell out.

    I’ve been thinking to try baking soda…?

    • Rita,
      You may have already solved your problem but I would fill them with used coffee grounds and let them sit for awhile.
      Hope that helps!

      • I haven’t gotten around to trying the baking soda on my washed ones (just finished one and wiped it out and let it sit with some baking soda… doing ok. Still need to try the washed ones with baking soda…

        But I don’t have any used coffee grounds because I don’t drink coffee! Thanks for the suggestion though!

  129. Hello! Love this site! I made my body butter to ur exact recipe and it turned out great except it didn’t have much of a scent. I even added a TON more essential oil to make the scent stronger. Really was just a slight scent! What am I doin wrong? Please HELP!!!!!

  130. I made this last night for the first time and I am in LOVE with it! I love the texture after you whip it. I used lavender and rose and although it smells good, next time I’m using mango instead of cocoa because I just don’t like the smell of cocoa butter and it’s hard to cover up even with essential oils. This is definitely one of my favorite homemade recipes! Thank you!!

  131. Hi Katie!
    I just made this butter & am in love. I am gifting tiny tins of it for Christmas (the little Wilton ones in the wedding aisle at Michael’s). It reminded me so of buttercream icing that I did the only logical thing… I used a piping bag to pipe the body butter into the tins. The result? A beautiful body butter “rose” peeking through the see-through lid. I was so pleased by it that I took a quick cellphone pic & pinned the result: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/333266441150600003/

    Thank you! A totally kick-butt Christmas gift that I am proud to give to family and friends!


  132. I’m having a lot of difficulty with this recipe. In the refrigerator, the cocoa butter hardens at different rates, starting at the bottom, making it impossible to choose a point in time at which the entire jar is whippable. I’m going leave the jar at room temp. for a few hours instead.

  133. I’m sure someone has already asked this, but there are a zillion comments here. How long does this keep? Would adding vitamin E preserve it longer?

  134. So…I’ve been lurking on this site for ages, never commenting, never actually *making* recipes. I pin them, bookmark them, file them. Today I made this. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! A million thanks to you Wellness Mama. Thanks also to many of the folks whose comments helped me tweak this.

    Here is what worked for me:
    1. Because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, I didn’t make a full batch. I kept the ratios the same but used 3 Tbsp. instead of 1/2 cup.
    2. I followed the advice of some other folks and cut the total liquid oil in half.
    3. I used a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water instead of the double boiler. This helped me see what was going on.
    4. While the solid butters were melting, I blended the essential oils in a small ramekin to get the scent combination I wanted.
    5. When everything was liquid and the oils were in, I lined a big Pyrex measuring cup with an oven bag. This was to make it easier to remove the butter once it sat.
    6. I put all of the utensils I used in a big glass bowl with dish soap and poured the boiling water over it. Left those to soak.
    7. To keep myself from checking the mixture every 5 minutes, I watched a movie on Netflix.
    8. When the movie was done, the mixture was set. I pulled off the bag, cut the butter into large chunks and dropped it in my stand mixer. 5-10 minutes later I had a luscious, fluffy, divinely scented whipped body butter.
    9. I used a silicone spatula to transfer the body butter into containers.
    10. I didn’t want to waste the bits that remained on the beaters, in the mixing bowl or on the spatula. I took them to the bathroom, took a nice long shower and used the remaining body butter on myself. It was like a little reward for a job well done.

    Sorry this is so long,BUT…I had a really successful first attempt with this and I wanted to share the love. My essential oils were lavender, vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood. I added the last two so my husband could use it and not complain that it was too girly smelling. For liquid oils I used a mixture of tamanu oil, evening primrose oil, and olive oil. Hope this helps someone! Thanks again, Wellness Mama. I love what you do and am so glad to have found you.

  135. I tried the whipped body butter and it worked out great! Thank you so much. The only concern I have is that no matter how much essential oil I add, all I can smell is the chocolate smell from my Cocoa Butter. Any suggestions?

  136. I made this and just loved it but I’m not a fan of the cocoa butter scent either. I think next time I’m gonna use mango butter in it’s place. It works just as well in other products and has no scent. it’s really awesome actually and I learned about it from Wellness Mama. =)

  137. Hi! This sounds wonderful. With all these ingredients, can I use it as a soothing nipple cream for nursing? Will it effect baby’s taste at all? Thanks! I can’t wait to make this!

  138. Hello, this is my first time making body butter. I do hope I followed the instructions correctly. What should it really feel like?
    Can you give an example on maybe a food and might feel like? Or a certain texture?
    Can you give an estimate on how long you should mix it with the handmixer? And should it feel a little thick after you’re done mixing it? I am blind so I am trying to figure out exactly everything right so I can do it correctly.

  139. My Cocoa Butter is in a brick form …. how do i measure this for 1/2 cup? Do i melt it until it measures 1/2 cup melted liquid in my measuring cup? Or another way?

  140. I would grate it with a cheese grater or shave it off with a sharp knife or vegetable peeler. I’ve done it both ways when using solid cocoa butter or mango butter.

  141. Hello everyone!

    I have made several of your products (I love them all!) but I’ve run into a problem I’m hoping someone can help me fix. When using shea butter and bees wax, I have a hard time cleaning the tools I’ve used – it’s a greasy mess! Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can use to clean my mixer, measuring cups, etc with? Anything will be of a HUGE help!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Dawn dish soap & very hot water cleans any of my utensils used to make homemade lotion, deodorant, etc.

  142. This recipe has all the ingrediants I would like to use to replicate a lotion bar that someone gave me. If I just added beeswax would that make this recipe solid enough to be a bar. How much beeswax should I start with? Thank you.

  143. Quick question for you: I’d love to add all three butters that you’ve listed (cocoa, shea, mango). Would this recipe hurt if I added another 1/2 cup of butter?

    This is out of my soaping comfort zone lol, I don’t know the science behind it. If there was a bodybuttercalc.net I’d be on that.

  144. i am looking for a face moisturizer for my daughter and i. i have been using a mixture of coconut oil, jojoba oil, argon oil and essential oils. i was wanting to make something more like your whipped butter. is this a super thick moisturizer or can it be used for the face? thanks!!!!!

    • I use it on my face (and any dry areas on my body) before I go to bed and whenever my skin is feeling dry. It is greasy at first, but it absorbs pretty quickly. I’m really happy with the results. I’m in my late 50’s and I’m sure I’ve noticed diminished wrinkles and a ‘peaches and cream’ complexion since I’ve been using it. I don’t look 20, but my color is good and my skin feels great.

      I add German camomile, rose hip seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, essential rose oil, vitamin E, and I use a mixture of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, castor oil, and organic extra-virgin olive oil.

      I don’t think I could find a better quality product for any amount of money, and I’m so pleased to know that all of the ingredients are safe and good for me. I can reuse the packaging too, so I’m not generating all that waste.

  145. Do you use the shea, cocoa, and mango butter together and add the coconut oil and other oils at once, or do you use one butter and one oil. Also can you take out the coconut oil if someone is allergic will it still come out the same?

  146. I followed the recipe verbatim, and was wondering if I could add vitamin e oil and if so how much?

  147. Just made this today. The scents I used were lavender and vanilla. It turned out amazing and smells so yummy!! Thanks for yet another great recipe Katie 🙂

  148. Haven’t tried this recipe, it want to. I have a question, though. I have tried whipping coconut oil with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and all it does is basically liquify it. It doesn’t get light and fluffy at all. My home is kept at 68 degrees so I know the temperature wasn’t an issue. Also, the coconut oil was solid. It wasn’t even soft!

    Does anyone have any ideas? I really don’t want to go to the expense of buying the other ingredients if I’m going to end up throwing it out.


    • Kalena, I thought I was having the same problem. Made this using 1 cup of shea butter, 1/2 cup of coconut oil, and 1/4 cup grapeseed oil. Chilled it for an hour, still liquid. Chilled it for another hour and finally started hardening up. Once in a semi-hard state I used a hand blender and whipped it up just fine.

  149. Hi
    I absolutely love your blog too – so many wonderful tips. I’ve been using this body butter for a few months and my nails are splitting and breaking very badly. This started happening a few weeks after using the body butter. Do you have any idea at all on what I could add to the product to improve my nails? Has anyone else had this problem? My nails have never been great but they are a mess now. Many thanks

  150. Ahhh i love this recipr! I do have one question though. Can I substitute coconut oil with a different oil?

  151. I have tried 3 times to make a body butter. The first time I used 1/2 c. coconut oil and 1 T. shea butter soap. It had small chunks of white in it. The second time I used 1/2 cup coconut oil and 1 T. shea butter soap and burnt it but it did not have any small chunks in it The third time I used 1 cup coconut oil and 2 T shea butter but it is very grainy (small grains of what) . I heat it each time and used the mixer on it each time.
    What is wrong?

  152. Is it possible to make this a magnesium whipped butter by adding the amount of magnesium flakes that is used in the magnesium lotion?

  153. I followed this recipe and I could not whip it with a mixer for 10 minutes, it basically turned into soup. After I put it in the fridge it still wasn’t fluffy nor “hardened”. It’s just really extremely oily when I dip my finger in it, so I’ve been fluffing by hand instead of the mixer, back in fridge, wait 10-15 min, nope, an hour, nope, is there anyway to make it 1.less greasy, and 2. To get it to harden? I made two batches and neither on of them are turning out like a butter

    • Laura,

      I’m n\having the same problem. Since you posted a few months ago, did you ever find a solution? I have now added another cup of cocoa butter and then a pound of corn starch. It’s still very oily. It looks fluffy, but as soon as I touch it, the oil hits my finger.

    • I hope you can help me with making a soft, smooth lotion.

      Here is the recipe I used:

      Whipped Body Butter

      1 c coconut butter
      1 c cocoa butter
      1 c shea butter
      1 c sweet almond oil (I used liquid)
      1 tsp vitamin E oil
      5-10 drops essential oils

      So I put everything except for the last two ingredients in a double boiler, put in the last two, put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
      After the two hours, my mix was still liquid, so I added another cup of cocoa butter. In the morning it was hard, and I whipped it into a frosting type state. Now, as soon as it is touched, the oil immediately hits my finger. I went to the store and bought corn starch. I whipped in a small amount at a time, and ended up putting in the entire pound. The lotion looks and smells great, but is still VERY oily.

      Do you have any suggestions? I do still have some shea butter, cocoa butter, and even mango butter on hand.

      Thank you

  154. About the body butter. I made one similar and I wasn’t able to whip it until the next day. It was a different consistency the end of the first day. So, I am having a DIY gathering with a lot of ladies to take home a glass container of whipped body butter. To make the most successful attempt, do you think I could melt the butters and put it in the fridge and then the next morning before they come set it out 2 hours before then add EO and whip when they are here? You are more experienced and I appreciate the tips.

  155. I LOVE how you make your recipes printable and easy to print! It’s so hard to print other recipes that dont look like yours and i will get part of the recipe cut off or a big square advertisement block will show up right where i need to read the recipe! lol So Thanks very much..u should know that i appreciate your style and recipes! 🙂

  156. Call me crazy but by straining the shea and cocoa butter all of the wonderful benefits and healing properties that those properties have will be mostly destroyed.

  157. Hi
    Can you tell me the shelf life. Would like to make a big batch but don’t want it to mold before I have a chance to use it all.


  158. The recipe sounds interesting but I am not sure when to add the essential oil. Could you answer this for me? Thanks.

  159. Hi Katie! Could I make this recipe without cocoa butter? That’s the only ingredient I don’t have handy! Thanks in advance!

  160. Hi! I know you’ve added essential oils to this recipe, but I’m wondering if you could add extract, like vanilla, coconut. or almond instead? Do they spoil? Thank you!

    • you need to check labels…but with some of these extracts they may have water in them, and therefore would need to be refrigerated and used within about three weeks. Also, the idea of doing this naturally means leaving out things like alcohol, which is drying to the skin. My vanilla extract at home, for example, is made from alcohol. So, think about just adding essential oil or a fragrance oil without water or alcohol.

  161. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I add some aloe vera and use it for when my kids get sunburns. I just wanted to ask if you know of somewhere to get a large amount of shea and coco butter for less money. I have tried Amazon but the quantity of the butters for the price I’m paying for them is pretty outrageous. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

  162. Hi Wellness Mama,
    I’m wondering if it’s possible to put the magnesium flakes into this recipe as I want the benefit of the magnesium but the whipped butter.

  163. Hello, i am festa from Nigeria.i recently just started making my own batch of shea body butter, thanks to you.
    i noticed that it gets hard when the temperature is cooler. is that normal?
    is it also okay to use small plastic containers to put them in?

  164. I just made this whipped body butter and it is AMAZING! I halved the recipe to make sure I was going to like it. I used cocoa butter and then added about 12 drops of peppermint for my essential oil. Smells just like mint dark chocolate. It smells so delicious I really have to remind myself I can’t eat it!

  165. Hi wellness mama! Love your recipes. I have a question. I have raw cocoa butter on hand, can i just use that for the body butter or do i absolutely need the shea to get the whipped effect? Thanks! francesca

    • You can use all cocoa butter but you will want to reduce the amount because it is a harder butter. If you kept it the same you would have a much harder end result. Best to try to use the ratio and a smaller amount to test. i.e. if it calls for an ounce use 0.1 of an ounce and then melt that down and let it solidify then try it on your skin. If it is too hard you can adjust the amounts you use without wasting too much of your ingredients.

  166. I made this same body butter but used 1 cup of mixed coconut oil and mustard oil. it came out in a thick liquid form. please is there something i did wrong.

  167. Hi, I have horrible insomnia, I had everything to make a coconut body butter, just didn’t have said recipe , now mind you its 3 am, I hop n the computer and pray, because not only am I an Insomniac
    but I have a temper when I have a lack of sleep. Happiness in a jar, here’s mama with a lotion recipe for me right when I need one. Now for all you guys asking can you use this or that. Imagine this: 11.3 oz coconut oil. 3.3 oil of Avocado oil, and 2.3 sunflower oil.. My family calls me the mad chemist, and since I haven’t burned anyone up (LOL) I think I get a new Area to soap in for xmas.The moral of this story is, if you are curious about an oil TRY IT, BE safe about it BUT try it out. you never know what you can come up With!

    • Just a suggestion for oils to help with your insomnia. Vetiver and Clary Sage are fantastic for it. I make a balm similar to this and put it on my feet before bed 🙂

  168. I haven’t made this particular body butter nor do I make mine in this process. What I have noticed about making body butters that’s whipped and creamy in texture, if all ingredients are melted and resolidifed, they end up being a bit stiff in nature. When I skipped out on melting my ingredients, I ended up with a softer and much more fluffy butter. In order for this process to work properly, all solid butters that are hard has to be cut down into small pieces before blending with an electric mixer. I always use shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil as staples in my butters. There are times I have also used coco butter but I didn’t like the end result after use. Every one has a different method of making their butters. Provided the butters is well blended with liquid oils the end result will always be smooth and hold up well to fluctuations in temperature.

  169. I tried this, and it worked, but it sets hard even after i whipped it… i also added cocoa butter but the smell is overpowering. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks 🙂

    • a couple of years…no need to preserve it when it doesn’t have water in the recipe. I have been using mine for over a year, and it smells and works great…no need to refrigerate either.

      • Exactly. If giving as a gift I would add essential oils and not use cocoa butter because some people don’t like it. Making it for myself I don’t bother adding essential oils as I really just want it for the fantastic skin softening quality of the shea. I’ve also found a less offensive smelling shea that is still raw and organic. If you don’t care if it is raw or organic there are deodorized shea or cocoa butters but personally I’m leery of what process they use to remove the odour. Seems odd 🙂

  170. Hello Wellness Mama!

    There seems to be a lot of good information here on the Do’s and Don’ts regarding body butters. I was wondering about adding a natural preservative…I hear good things about Vitamin E and perhaps Tea Tree E.O. What do you think? I would like my butters to last at least 6 months (maybe more) away from refrigeration. Do you have any other lines on other natural preservatives?
    I really enjoy your Posts, and your wholesome lifestyle is encouraging to all of us. Keep it up!

    • you don’t need a preservative in body butters. The only things that need preservatives (or kept in refrigerator and used quickly) are lotions that have water in them, or things like body scrubs that go into the shower…they will develop bacteria with the water. Anything that is all oil, like this recipe, will last for a year or two without any need for a preservative. I put a drop or two of vitamin E in mine, which is helpful also, but not necessary. I also read that coconut oil is anti fungal, anti bacterial, etc., but again, unless you are adding water, there is no need.

  171. Hi Wellness mama,

    I used a raw organic shea butter in my recipe. The consistency was smooth and creamy. Feels silky and soft on the skin. My only issue is that the odor of the shea butter overpowered the scent of my essential oils. Is there a less pungent shea butter you would recommend? I did also notice the link to the brand you use says that one has a strong odor as well. Any suggestions?

    • Some shea smells stronger than others I’ve found. I have shopped around and found a mild smelling one, well mild compared to most :). I buy from butter bear products on eBay and buy the white rather than yellow. The only difference between the two is that the yellow uses some of the root I believe. I haven’t found that one works better than the other but I preferred the lighter colour.

  172. Hi Wellness Mama, wondering when you make your body butter for babies, do you add the essential oil of calendula and chamomile or do you add the actual flower? and if so how much and how do you go about doing that. Thanks for any help!! got a baby on the way in a couple days I hope 🙂

    • The essential oils are pretty costly and stronger than needed, especially for babies. I like to infuse the oil with the dried flowers and strain before making the body butter.

    • They aren’t the same. Coconut oil in it’s solid state is more of a hard ingredient as it is more solid at room temperature than the liquid. I would use the hard coconut oil to make sure your end result isn’t too runny.

  173. Thanks for the tip! Is there a certain method for infusing the flowers with the oil? And how much of the dried flower do you use ?

    • I add some extra oil so there is more than I need (because some absorbs into the oil) and add about 1/4 each of the dried flour. I put both in a double boiler and simmer for about 30 minutes to infuse the oil.

  174. Hi there, I am in love with the body butters. I’ve just finished my second batch and it looks so good I want to eat it. My question is how long do The natural butters last? I’m storing the unused portion in the refrigerator but when I give them out as gifts, which I’m planning on doing, how long can I tell my friends they will last before they turn rancid? I tried to find the answer on your blog but couldn’t. Thank you so much.

    • As long as they are kept cool and don’t melt, they should have a shelf life as long as the oils themselves (years, usually) as without liquid they do not easily go rancid.

  175. One last question for you, I am ordering the ingredients from mountain rose herbs, looks like they don’t have discount shipping if you order so much ( darn). So wasn’t sure if you go by the recipe you have up top how much does that make? not sure how much to order of everything…want to make it worth my shipping. As im sure if I don’t use it all right away I can store it for when I make for later…is there a better way to store? Thanks for your help!! I know your busy!

  176. I’m trying to make an anti-cancer body butter with frankincense & myrrh essential oils. I’d like also to add magnesium flakes for the women I make this for (both deficient in magnesium). Is there any reason not to combine the EOs and the magnesium flakes in the same body butter? Thank you!

  177. It’s important to remember everyone, that the reason this goes on feeling oily is because there are no chemicals or alcohol in it to dry it out…that is what is in commercial hand creams and butters. This is all natural, and it will absorb into the skin in a minute or two. You can add a little bit of tapioca flour to it (like a tsp.) and that will also help, but it is really wonderful stuff. I made a bunch for people last year at Christmas, and am going to do it again this year. I use it every time I take a bath or shower too, and it lasts a long time.Thanks for this recipe!

  178. Hi! I’m loving this recipe, and love that you respond to everyone! I have a quick question for you that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. They sell 100% pure cocoa butter sticks at my local Walgreens and CVS. Would this type of cocoa butter be ok to use in this recipe? Thank you!! 🙂

  179. Just tried this today.

    Cocoa butter really throws off the essential oils. My house smells really bad and the finished product is overwhelmingly potent of the cocoa butter so I think if you don’t like cocoa butter you should use a different hard butter. I used lavender and vanilla E.O and I can barely smell the lavender and just smell the cocoa butter.

    The final product was okay. The color of the butters worried me that it would be an off color but when whipped it turned white. It made about 16 oz I think- some of the butters got stuck on the bottom of the mixer bowl.

    The final product is too soft. Melts in my hands after about 5 seconds. I’m going to see if I can remedy this with more hard butter?


    • Water and oil don’t mix so it probably will come out separated. I got some butter in the water that i used to melt the butter in and i had to wait for it to cool down and it was like the layer of top pudding just peel off and dump water.

    • I read in another blog to add the e.o’s when mixing not melting. That’s what I did turned out fine. I put the tea tree oil and vitamin a or e or whatever it is when it was melted right before putting in fridge.

  180. Could I substitute something else in for the Shea butter? Not sure if the Shea will cause a reaction since I have a severe allergy to nuts.

  181. Hi wellness mama! Well I made my first batch of both the diaper cream and the body butter.. And both didn’t quite turn out. The diaper cream never got fluffy when I put in food processor, it just stayed liquidy.. And as for the body butter it is still in fridge and just not hardening.. So not sure why.. Any ideas?? One thing j thought of is when I measure the Shea and coco butter is it a half cup solid or once it’s melted? Because when I measured the coco butter it was hard almost like a beeswax.. So maybe that through off measurements.. Any help would be great!!! Thankyou!!

    • If you can post the ingredients and the exact amounts you used that will help troubleshoot your issues. Just one thing I thought of now is what kind of coconut oil did you use? The solid or liquid?

  182. Hi wellness mama or anyone else that can help… I know I’ve been posting a lot of questions.. Just hoping this will turn out. I just finished the diaper cream and body butter and neither of then got that whipped texture… Also I added chamomile and calendula flowers to them infused in the oil but you can’t smell them .. Can only smell the Shea I believe it is.. Any help would be great!

    • The whipped texture can be hard to get at times. I’ve had to put it in the freezer then whip it. Then put it back and whip again. I basically repeat this until I get the right consistency or if I’m feeling lazy I don’t bother with the whipped part of the recipe. It works just as well when not whipped 🙂

      As for the Shea you are right. You need a pretty potent scent to not be able to smell the shea. I’ve found Lavender and Peppermint make a good combination but if using on a baby or child be careful of the amount of peppermint you use. You could stick with just lavender for a child.

  183. I made this but it has a grainy texture, any ideas what I am doing wrong? I used organic everything – Shea, cacao butter, coconut oil and almond oil.
    Thanks in advance

    • That is likely due to the shea butter. Shea butter has different fats in it that solidify at different temperatures. If it is allowed to cool down slowly you can get almost beads that form within the body butter. If you cool it down in the freezer you can avoid this. You may also notice this if your butter warms up too much long after you’ve made it then cools again. I’ve noticed this with a lip balm I kept in my purse in the warmer months.

  184. Hi there!
    Just had a quick question, roughly how long can i store this body butter without making an change to the recipe?

    Many thanks

  185. I just want to say that I’m awful when it comes to measurements, if it’s odd shaped I eyeball it and fest-a-mate the quantity. That said when I had similar issues with it not hardening in the fridge- took 1 hour to start to solidify. Then after 40 min of whipping ( almost perfect) it collapsed and started to become more salve texture. Here’s where my lackadaisical way might help. I simply put my whole mixing bowl back in the fridge for about 10 min. It firmed up really fast. I then re- whipped it for about 5 min. It came out seriously smooth and creamy
    – since I was doing a gingerbread smell I also added a bit of powdered allspice, nutmeg, ginger and clove into the mix at the beginning of the 1st whip stage. It gives it a micro amount of abrasion so it not only soaks it, it gently exfoliates. My family wanted to eat it. Hope this helps

  186. Can someone please let me know how many ounces this recipe makes? I suppose it would depend on how much you whip it. But it would be great to have a rough estimate. I am making this for 20 ladies, and I don’t want to over order ingredients. Thank you in advance.

  187. Anyone have any luck getting it to actually smell like the essential oils and not just like she’s butter? I didn’t use any cocoa butter, just doubled the she’s butter, and used 15 drops each of lavender and lemon. Can’t smell anything but shea. Kinda bummed I used up so much oil and can’t smell it!! Love the body butter though!

    • It really depends on how strong smelling your shea is and what essential oils you choose. I’ve found a source with shea that doesn’t smell as strongly as some others and I tend to go with strong smelling oils (lavender and mint or patchouli) so that I can smell them. That being said you still end up needing to use a fair amount of essential oil to be able to smell it. With the lavender I would use closer to the 30 drops to really get the scent but using a stronger oil like patchouli or mint I would go closer to the 10. You can always melt the body butter down again and add more essential oil to get a stronger scent.

  188. I have the same issue with the shea butter overpowering the scent of the essential oils. I’m not sure how to fix it.

  189. Hi! I can’t seem to get my recipe to harden in the fridge, I doubled the recipe and was precise but it’s not getting harder… Any idea what to do? Maybe add more Shea or cocoa butter?

  190. I absolutely love this lotion. I used to get little rashes on the back of my legs and arms. I have ultra sensitive skin so I always mix up the ingredients in small batches to see what works best. You can always add just a bit of beeswax if you prefer! This is the best recipe I have came up with thus far! Enjoy!!

    • Since there is no liquid added and it is all oil based, it will have a longer shelf life (as long as the shelf life of the oil with the shortest shelf life). Keeping in the fridge would actually make it hard and more difficult to use

  191. How would I tweak your recipe to also create sunscreen and diaper rash cream using this base! BTW you really know your stuff and research well! Thanks for your hard work..it saves me lots of time 🙂

  192. Hey Katie, I love your site! I can’t wait to try your body butter recipe. I wanted to say I’ve used you lotion recipe for almost a year and I love it, but in ND we have cold winters and my lotion gets pretty solid. But- I wondered if it would whip up and IT DID! I was so excited. It stayed fluffy beautifully even with the beeswax. I let my lotion cool on the counter and when it was about half way done cooling I started in with the hand mixer. Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement for a more natural lifestyle.

  193. Also, what does the body butter smell like without any essential oil added? And what does it smell like after an essential oil is added? Does it smell good both ways?

  194. Hi
    I would like to add beeswax to this recipe. Is it possible and how much do you recommend still keeping it soft and easy to apply.
    Thanks ?

  195. Is this recipe originally from Willow and Sage Magazine? It matches the recipe exactly except for the essence oil? Can you use scale to measure 8 oz of the shea, coco butter, coconut oil? Can you use avocado oil for the light oil? Thanks for any tips you can provide

    • No, though it is likely that they’ve used my recipe as this happens often. This post was published in 2012 and since Willow and Sage wasn’t founded until 2014, I’m guessing it was the other way around 🙂 Yes on the scale and avocado oil works great…

  196. Amazing recipe! The consistency is perfect!
    I did the mango butter and almond oil combo with orange essential oil and peach fragrance.
    The body absorbs it in no time, and my skin is radiant. It’s still winter yet ashy days are over.
    THANKS A LOT for sharing effective wellness recipes! 🙂

  197. Hi I love this recipe ! I have really bad eczema and am planning to add my eczema essentil oil mix to this recipe.I was wondering though if I can use the kitchen mixer that we use or food or should I get one suspificlly for the remides and lotions I make ? Thank you for the recipe I can’t wait to try it !

  198. I just made this and I think it turned out really well! I used ivory shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and no essential oils. When I put the melted ingredients in the fridge pre-whipping, it took longer than an hour to firm up – maybe 2, 2 1/2 hours. I was worried that it would come out yellowish but once I whipped it up it was white. I was able to fill four 8 oz jars, so the recipe made quite a lot (the whipping seems to double the original volume). Hopefully my friends and family will want some!

    Next time I plan to use mango butter instead of cocoa butter. I’ve never made anything homemade like this and am just becoming acquainted with all-natural products, so I had no idea unrefined cocoa butter smelled so strongly of chocolate (which I guess is a huge “duh” on my part). It smells great, but I’m not sure I want to be walking around smelling like a chocolate bar all the time. 🙂

    Yes, this body butter is oily, but what can you expect? All the ingredients are oils, You only need to use a little bit and it will absorb into the skin nicely. Too much though, and it can get quite messy…

  199. Hi! I’m new to making body butter, but not new to EOs and home remedies. I’ve had adverse reactions to coconut oil when used topically–do you have a recommendation for a substitution? Should I just proportionately increase the other ingredients? Thanks!

  200. My house gets REALLY hot during summer, and this would melt instantly. If I add some beeswax to it, will that change the way the skin absorbs it?

  201. Love this whipped skin butter. I’d like to use it on my face, so far so good. I’m a male and 32 years old, I’m wondering if this lotion is age specific, or is that just a marketing ploy by companies? I’d like to use it on my skin, but don’t want the skin to age prematurely. Would this work across all age groups and skin types?

  202. I made my first batch of whipped lotion and love it. I used grapeseed oil as my carrier oil. I have’t heard of anyone else doing that, but it worked great for me.

  203. Hello I made your recipe and I love it! I gave a few away and some people don’t enjoy that chocolate smell as much as I do. Is there a butter you can use in place of the cocoa butter to make it smell like something else or even make it smell like nothing? I’ve thought of using essential oils to make it smell different but I can’t think of an essential oil that would cover up the smell of the cocoa very well.

  204. I have made this body butter but mine goes very hard. Would adding equal amounts of oil to butter help keep it soft? What ratios should I use

  205. I made this yesterday and it’s amazing!!! It made approximately 24 ounces of whipped body butter. I ended up not buying enough shea butter, but extra cocoa butter, so I just made up the difference with that. Also, I didn’t want to use all my jojoba, so I used some jojoba and some olive oil. Additionally, I used 10 drops of lavender essential oil. It mostly smells like cocoa (which is a lovely aroma, I might add!). I put this into 4 ounce mason jars, and am going to be giving it as gifts. I would estimate that the whole project cost me approximately $22 or so to make, which is pretty great if you consider that I got 6 homemade gifts out of it…that’s only about 3.66/jar. No way can you purchase lotion/body butter of this quality for that price!

    Thanks so much for this awesome recipe! I can’t wait to see how my friends and family like it, but as for me, I’m pretty excited and my hands feel great!

  206. When do you add the essential oil? I just made this and it is cooling on the counter before I put it in the fridge. That is when I added the essential oil. I hope it turns out.

  207. How and where could you use Kokum butter in this recipe. Some places say it replaces Cocoa (which is a pretty hard butter) others say in place of Shea (which is a bit softer). I would really like to use Kokum for its healing properties.

    Thanks for any help here….

  208. Hi…I tried making this whipped body butter but for some reason when i go to whip it, it only get to like a milky like solution, not stiff with the peaks in the pics. I followed the directions exactly 4 times now and I keep getting milk lotion. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for any help!

  209. Wondering about the coconut oil. Won’t it clog my pores since it is comedonegenic? Would I substitute anything else if I wanted to leave out anything coconut!

  210. I’m in the process of making this wonderful body butter and can’t wait to try it on my skin! I’ve been mixing for an hour already though and it’s not whipping…? What am I doing wrong? I’ve followed the directions. It is getting thicker but it’s taking a long time. 🙁 Help.


  211. If I were making this recipe for gifts, how many 4 ounce jars would it fill once whipped? Will this amount fill 4 ounce jars differently when whipped versus leaving it as more of a salve/butter consistency? (This recipe uses about 16 ounces of ingredients, so would I be correct in thinking that this would fill four 4 oz jars once finished? And if I need to fill 8 jars for gifts, I should just double the recipe?)

    • It seems to increase about 20-40% by volume when whipped (depending on time, etc) so you would probably only need to make about 1.5 batches but I would start with one batch and see how many jars it fills and then make enough to just fill the rest….

  212. Could Magnesium Oil be added to this recipe? If so, at what stage and how much? Would this be safe to use on a baby? Thanks!

  213. Hi!! Just wondering how long this lotion lasts before it goes bad? Also, wondering how long your sunscreen recipe lasts before going bad and do you have to put the vitamin e oil in that? Thanks for your wonderful posts!!

  214. Hi ! I have one more question, if I don’t have vitamin e oil for the sunscreen or lotion.. Is it ok to use tea tree oil?

  215. My husband has venous stasis. I would like to create a body butter for the dry skin on his legs caused by the venous stasis that would also help with the symptoms. Do you have any recommended oil combinations to recommend adding to this body butter recipe?

  216. Hi, had a quick question. Something in my ingredients feels chalky on the skin. Do you know what ingredient that might causing this chalkiness. Thanks!

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