The Benefits of Healing Clays

The benefits of healing clays and how to use them to boost health fascinating read this The Benefits of Healing Clays

Though they have been largely forgotten in recent times, healing clays have been used by cultures throughout history for their nutrients and to help rid the body of toxins. Many animals will also turn to eating dirt and clay to help remove poisons from their systems or during times of illness or distress.

In recent times, healing clays like Bentonite Clay have once again been gaining popularity for internal and external detoxification, and with good reason.

What is Bentonite Clay?

According to Mountain Rose Herbs:

“Bentonite, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays. Bentonite can be used externally as a clay poultice, mud pack or in the bath and, in skin care recipes. A good quality Bentonite should be a grey/cream color and anything bordering “pure white” is suspect. It has a very fine, velveteen feel and is odorless and non-staining. The type of bentonite offered by Mountain Rose herbs is a Sodium Bentonite.”

Bentonite Clay is composed of aged volcanic ash. The name comes from the largest known deposit of Bentonite Clay located in Fort Benton, Wyoming.

What Does it do?

Bentonite Clay is a unique clay due to its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. Upon contact with fluid, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals.

As Mountain Rose Herbs explains:

“Bentonite is a swelling clay. When it becomes mixed with water it rapidly swells open like a highly porous sponge. From here the toxins are drawn into the sponge through electrical attraction and once there, they are bound.”

Bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins. When it comes in contact with a toxin, chemical, or heavy metal, the clay will absorb the toxin and release it’s minerals for the body to use. Bentonite also helps get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.

Bentonite clay is a common ingredient in detox and cleansing products. It has an alkalizing effect on the body and when taken correctly, it can help balance gut bacteria.

Personally, I’ve seen people benefit from taking Bentonite Clay to help with:

  • Digestive disturbances like acid reflux, constipation, bloating, gas, etc. (Kaolin clay was common ingredient in medicines like Maalox and Rolaids for years)
  • Helping with skin and allergy issues
  • To help provide minerals for the body
  • To help speed recovery from vomiting and diarrhea
  • Detoxification
  • In oral health preperations
  • Externally for all types of skin problems and to speed healing

Healing clays like Bentonite have a high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium.

Even Dr. Weston A Price, in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” reported that several native cultures including those in the Andes, Central Africa and Australia consumed clays in various ways, most often my carrying balls of dried clay in their bags and dissolving a small amount of the clay in water with meals to prevent poisoning from any toxins present.

In a study from Arizona State University, bentonite clay was found to be highly effective at killing MRSA as well as Salmonella, E.Coli and others.What is promising as research continues in this area is that depending on the method in which the clay kills the infection, it may not be possible for the MRSA or other bacteria to develop a resistance to it as it does with antibiotics.

How to use Bentonite Clay:

Bentonite (and other clays) are staples in my homemade herbal cabinet and medicine chest. I’ve used them internally and externally for various issues on myself, my husband my kids. I order from here and it is an inexpensive natural remedy.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Do not let healing clays like Bentonite come in to contact with anything metal, is this will reduce the effectiveness. I mix with water in a glass jar with a plastic lid by shaking well or using a plastic whisk. If you take it internally, do not take within an hour of food for best results and do not take within 2 hours of medications or supplements as it might reduce their effectiveness. Check with your doctor before using if you have any medical condition.

  • On the Skin: Externally, I apply a paste of bentonite clay and water on any skin irritation like blemishes, insect bites, cuts, skin itching, or burns. I leave it on until it dries and wash off. This is said to be especially calming to skin itching from eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, etc.
  • Skin Poultice for Bites/Burns/Cuts/Stings: For more severe issues, I create a poultice by putting a thick layer of clay on the skin and applying a wet gauze or cloth over it. I wrap the area and leave the poultice on, changing every 2 hours.
  • Face Mask: For smooth and healthy skin, I make a paste of bentonite and water and apply to my face as a mask (a similar mask is used in many spas). I leave on for 20 minutes and wash off. I typically do this once or twice a week.
  • Detox Bath: I sometimes add about 1/4 cup of Bentonite Clay to a bath for a relaxing detox bath that softens skin.
  • For Oral Health: Because of it’s excellent ability to bind to heavy metals and toxins as well as to provide minerals, I use Bentonite Clay in my Remineralizing Tooth Powder Recipe. It can even be used alone for brushing and is tasteless and relatively textureless.
  • Oral Rinse to whiten and remineralize teeth: Besides use the the tooth powder, I use Bentonite mixed with water as an alkalizing and toxin removing mouth rinse. I mix 1/2 teaspoon of clay in 1/4 cup water in a small jar with a plastic lid and shake well. Then, I rinse with the water for 1-2 minutes and repeat until I’ve used it all.
  • For Mastitis: I’ve created a poultice or mask of Bentonite Clay and water and applied externally to the area. I repeat as needed every hour until the infection is gone. I also take internally during infection along with Vitamin C and fermented cod liver oil.
  • For Baby Powder: Plain Bentonite Clay makes a very soothing baby powder for use when there is infection or redness. It can also be made into a clay “mask” to help speed recovery in this area.
  • For Morning Sickness: I took 1/2 tsp of Bentonite Clay in water during early pregnancy to ward off morning sickness. It helped with the nausea and helped me feel better. I checked with my doc/midwife first and was told this was fine. Check with your doctor or medical professional before using during pregnancy.
  • For Internal Cleansing: I drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon most days in a cup of water. I combine in a glass jar with a plastic lid and shake until well incorporated. This has helped improve my digestion and also seems to give me more energy. Since adding this and getting gelatin in my diet or through Gelatin powder daily I also notice that my nails and hair grow more quickly.
  • For Pets: For pets that are sick, vomiting or showing signs of illness, you can add Bentonite to their water or mix and give orally with a dropper or syringe without the needle. I have seen several cases where this helped pets recover quickly from what could otherwise have been serious illnesses.
  • Though I have not needed to use for these reasons personally, I have read cases of Bentonite and other healing clays being used internally to help reduce radiation exposure, in alternative cancer treatments, and in MRSA infections. It is also said to greatly help in Parasite removal, though I have not tried this personally.

Have you ever used Bentonite Clay or other healing clays? What did you use it for? Did it work? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Karla says

    I had bedbugs a few years ago, and those bites were definitely the itchiest bug bites I’ve ever had. I used a bentonite clay paste on them and the itching stopped immediately and the welts were gone within a couple of days.

    • Dale says

      Is it safe to use BC internally for someone who has metal implants such as hip or knee joint replacements, metal appliances on teeth.

      • Renee says

        I have read through all the questions/comments and I didn’t see my questions asked or answered. Story short, had a death in the family due to cancer and it really almost killed me (extremely close). As a result only eating carbs, sugar, fried fish, french fries, ice cream pizza offer any relief!

        I need help with the following:

        1. Need to lose 70 pounds (over eater). I read somewhere it helps to reduce sugar cravings. But what about weight loss? I do not drink soda, only eat fish (no meat), only drink Kangen water. But of course I eat too much cheese pizza, carbs, candy bars, chips sugar etc (see above).

        1A Does it help to eliminate food cravings? Hungry all the time. And with the depression and death just don’t seem to have a great desire to get back healthy.

        2. Does it help to end depression and bipolar 2? With this you are always tired, worn out, depressed and antsy. Basically feeling hopeless. (Looking for therapist btw).

        3. Stretch marks? Will it help to remove them. Im talking about horrible old (white) stretch marks that has been on the body for years.

        If you can help with all three questions with including the amounts, when to take/how to take and how long to take it would be a blessing!

        PS-I know I have to great right and exercise but with this mental illness…its hard to even get out of the bed! I have also used diet pills in the past which had wonderful results in the past but after so long, body gets use to them and they stop working.

        I really need help and direction. Thank you so much!

        • says

          It hasn’t been released yet but my doctor has just written a book called “The Adrenal Reset Diet” and it would be really helpful for all of those struggles…. I’m going to see if I can interview him on my podcast and blog soon to get some of his great information out before then though.

          • Jennifer says

            “Adrenal Reset Diet” GAMECHANGER!!!!!!!!!!! Everything I have suffered and learned over the past four years for myself IN ONE BOOK!!! It is like Dr. Christensen read my mind and wrote this just for me. I CANNOT wait to do my next labs/saliva cortisol test and see the results. My adrenals cannot regulate, I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, heavy metal toxicity and estrogen dominance. Super fun right?! Thanks four kids!! I began taking Redmond bentonite clay tablets this past Thursday and I’m glad I have a day at home today. The cleansing factor kicked in today. I am feeling light and clear headed. I had a headache (to be expected during cleansing) Friday and yesterday and was VERY fatigued but able to get things done and take care of my family. I definitely recommend trying it! The tablets are available at Whole Foods and on their website. P.S. Katie, I am a huge fan of your site and have found so many helpful hints…so THANK YOU!!!

        • Gaz says

          My personal experience is that wheat and dairy can make you feel like you are starving when really all you are is craving more wheat and dairy. They can work like opioids, casein and gluten not completely broken down become literally a form of morphine. I am no expert on this, but there is plenty of info out there on the web. My own experience has been this.

          I first went without wheat or dairy for 2 weeks. When I reintroduced them, I was really surprised to find I got a “buzz” from eating them and then 2 hours later, I was so extremely hungry again, something I hadn’t felt for nearly 2 weeks. I also realized the stomach cramps I got sometimes were also linked to wheat, but that’s another story…Every overweight person I have ever known eats these 2 items as staple foods. It is more along the lines of a drug addiction, and the worst part is it is very hard not to eat when you actually feel hungry. Just try to avoid these two foods. Learn to load up on vegetables. Use low glycemic sweeteners like coconut sugar(yum!). My mood too, is much more stable without these two. I recently went off the wagon after nearly a year being off and I felt really gross, low energy, grouchy and hungry.

          • Lorien says

            You are 100% right about the wheat. I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for over 30 years and also have Hashimoto’s hypothyroid. For several years I’d been unable to drop much of the weight I’d gained after moving to the suburbs. I had skin problems and LOVED my snacks. I did work out 6 days a week but that wasn’t really helping me to lose the weight. It did help me get toned but I was over 30 lbs overweight and for a short, diabetic chick that’s really not good!

            2 years ago I went to a free nutrition workshop where I work. She did that “parlor trick” of making a few volunteers hold certain items of foods that commonly cause allergies & illness in people. You hold out both arms and she’d put a piece of something in each of your hands. The arm with the item you weren’t sensitive to was strong enough to resist the pressure she put on it. The arm with the item that you had sensitivities to caved like a noodle. She said this was around 85% effective in diagnosing people with celiac or wheat allergies, etc.

            I bought Dr. William Davis’ Wheat Belly Cookbook and gave it all up, cold turkey. I lost around 35 lbs and dropped 2 sizes. Clothes that I had from BEFORE our move to the ‘burbs was even too big on me. My skin problems (acne & rashes) are much better; almost nonexistent. If I slip up or happen to cave (which is extremely rare) I get really bloated with a stomach ache and my face will break out. The last time I was tempted to take a small bite of something cakey I spit it out because it did not taste as good as I remembered (opioid effect?). Better off without for the duration! I’m so much happier without it. :)

            I just got a bottle of the BC to try.

        • Steve says

          Hi Renee,
          It sounds like you are low thyroid and exhausted adrenals.
          Check your basal temperature before rising and if you are below 97.5 then you are more than likely low. Eat a diet rich in iodine and take a thyroid supplement. Avoid using synthetics like thyroxine as they will eventually destroy the thyroid. Take from 3 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily with or without food. Its a thyroid booster and will take hunger pain and cravings away.
          For the adrenals take a therapeutic dose of St. John Wart tincture. This is a powerful herb that can really boost the adrenals.
          Therapeutic doses of no flush Niacin is essential for the brain to fight depression.
          Begin to wean your body gradually from all sugars and grains especially wheat. These are some of the worst toxins that will destroy your health quicker than anything.
          Begin to introduce more and more fresh vegetables and fruits into your diet and go for daily walks increasing the walk to 1 hour a day.
          If you have any dental amalgam then the clays are a great way to metal detox. Loose the amalgam. Its one of the leading causes of breast cancer.
          You can’t help but feel better about yourself as you implement these items.
          And lastly you are spirit soul and body. Working on the whole person is paramount to perfect health. If you have ought against anyone, get it resolved or it will just eat away at you and destroy your body with disease.
          If you aren’t connected with a good church for moral and spiritual support then your fighting these battles by yourself and that’s just not cool. The Bible says a three fold cord is not easily broken and in another passage it states; One will put a hundred to flight and two will put 10,000 to flight. Even not Christians say that “United we stand divided we fall. Join yourself with people that will encourage you and will pray for you.
          I know you can do it. To your health.

        • Louise says

          Bentonite clay will not help with stretch marks of any kind. Nothing does. Stretch marks are deep tears under the epidermis of the skin & despite all the creams, pills & potions spruked by cosmetic companies the only way to remove them is to have areas of excess skin removed surgically (tummy tuck etc) but you will still have stretch marks on other areas of the body that aren’t affected by loose skin that can be surgically removed. Almost everyone has them, don’t let it get you down.

        • krystal says

          Try beyond tangie tangiren its packed full of feel better vitamins has lots of heath benefits as will you would lose weigh due to not craving junk we get ours from amazon

        • Susan says

          I found that if I take a magnesium supplement, I don’t crave chocolate & sweets nearly as much. Take it with vitamin C at night. Bentonite, I have found, doesn’t help with cravings, though it does wonders for sickness – flu, ear infections, tummy ailments. I am pretty sure it won’t help with stretch marks – I thought maybe coconut oil would help more with that kind of thing.

          But hey, I’m no expert! Best of luck. It’s hard to get rid of the comfort foods craving but good luck! You can do it!

          And please accept my condolences on your recent loss.

          • Tara says

            If you can find some good kamut or spelt bread to replace the refined wheat you will cut the cravings and build healthier habits without feeling deprived. I agree with cutting dairy as essential. Make homemade cookies with kamut and spelt flour and honey, maple sugar or rice syrup as sweeteners for sweets and try to eat fruit instead. Avoid juice and drink water and herbal teas and use soy milk to replace dairy. Soy is a better substitute but it is DNA modified and causes weight gain and mucous build up.Having an alternative to junk food plan and lots of healthier choices on hand is essential. The fat must be reduced of course. Have avocado and homemade vinaigrette for oil as much as possible. Avoid meat and eat fish or Dahl soup and brown rice or grains. The weight will drop off. Also drink clay and have a person you respect to check in with weekly which is essential. Finally, find the best homeopath, even by Skype appointment and your mental and emotional state will find balance and help you stay on your healthy new lifestyle which is far better than going on any diet.

        • Sheila says

          I have been using Bentonite Clay for about 6 months. I mix about 8 table spoons with about 64 ounces of purified water. Then store that in mason jars. It’s ok to just leave on the counter. I drink 32 ounces thru out the day. (Yes it can be gagging). I also take high quality probiotics three times a day.
          You HAVE to drink a lot of water with clay to keep everything moving. It can be difficult at first, so maybe start with 6-8 ounces a day and work your way up. If you take RX medications, you have to wait two hour before or after the clay.
          My starting chlorestoral was 350, my C reactive protein was 9. (Heart inflammation). As of 11/29/2014 my chlorestoral is 200 and protein level is 2….
          Clay IS NOT a cure all…..I wanted to clean my body of acids. I did tons of research for MYSELF…..I was addicted to sugar…..and junk food…gradually my cravings stopped….I’ve lost about 12 lbs. I also am off ALL rx medication. I’m NOT saying this is what YOU should do. I did it for myself because of all the side effects of those medications. I love how I feel….I sleep better, have no longer have body fatigue (was told I have fibromyalgia) no I didn’t have fibromyalgia, I had excess acid in my body from junk food…..anyway, this is just a note saying what bentonite clay has done for me….

          • Ellen says

            Hi Shelia,
            Just wanted to check in and see if you are still noticing such positive results and keeping up with the same dose of clay. I hope all is well!

          • Lori says

            So basically you’re taking 4 tablespoons of clay a day, isn’t that quite a bit, from what I’ve read 1 teaspoon a day is what is recommended, it seems that 4 tablespoons is quite excessive, I’ve taken great plains which is a premixed liquid blend, and with that one tablespoon a day is what is recommended, I could understand maybe 2 tablespoons when first starting out to do a good detox, but many of these may or may not have some heavy metals, like aluminum and lead that may or may not be bound by the clay, since I believe in small doses if they aren’t I’ll be ok, but in such large doses over that period of time I think that could be dangerous, and besides that if you have switched to a healthy lifestyle, I would think it would not be necessary. Especially for those of you who might be thinking of doing this.

          • Sheila says

            Yes, I’m still taking 6-8 tablespoons mixed with purified water daily. I feel great, lost 4 more pounds. I went to a Naturopathic (natural healer) and she did blood work. She told me she has not seen healthier blood. No candida, no inflammation, no cancer. Nothing. I take NO prescription meds. My doctor recommended a heart scan since I have heart disease in my family. My mom dad and grandmother all had heart disease. I am 63. I have NO blockage. None!!! My score was zero…. Two years ago I was on 8 medications. I’m just saying the clay worked for me.. A great book to read is Unique Healing by Donna Pessin. I think she has a great program.

        • Dan says


          Hopefully by now you’ve found something that works for you, but just in case my best advice would be to read The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Body Transformation and completely overhaul your lifestyle. Honestly, diet pills are not the way go, they’re probably not healthy in the long term and therefore not sustainable as part of a healthy lifestyle – which is what you need.

          When it comes to weight and health in general there is no magic bullet! That doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

          Once you’re rid of grains, particularly wheat (and other gluten grains), anything with sugar and all forms of PUFAs (poly-unsaturated oils i.e vegetable oil). If you eat any animal produce at all start eating lots of healthy fats, they include olive oil, grass-fed butter, lard, tallow, goose fat, duck fat, chicken fat, never cut fat away from a meal, always choose fatty cuts (fish in your case) and loads and loads of eggs, once the weight is down go wild with cheese and anything you like just NO grains, NO vegetable oil and NO added Sugar, which basically means you can never buy anything in a packet ever again!

          Literally fill up on fat (yes FAT!!!) instead of carbs, once your body adapts you’ll be a new person! The weight will melt away, you’ll probably find your bipolar problems recede and if anything’s going to cure your stretch marks it’ll have to come from within (although don’t get your hopes up for this one.)

          In my experience, I could not be bothered to exercise until about 4 weeks after changing my diet and turning my body from being a sugar burner to a fat burning machine. Initially I was going to try for 3 weeks but since starting I’ve never looked back.

          Best of luck!


        • Jenny says

          Hi I am not sure how old your post is but I was having gall bladder problems and pains in my feet and I found some temporary fixes. But did have to change many things. But of course it is hard to stick to diets. So I actually invested in the Nutribullet. And I am not relying on no vitamins now and have prevented a gall bladder surgery. I paid 90 dollars and I drink one or two a day. Eat what I normally eat. But it is fairly healthy. And feel great again. I’m young and find want to feel that way. I recommend this product and does help with a variety of conditions not listed.

      • Gina says

        Have you found an answer to this yet? I have metal implants in my leg and ankle and this is what i was wondering.

        • Lori says

          I have screws in both of my feet and I use it, I’m sure as long as the clay is not touching the metal, such as braces or something you should be fine, I’ve had no problems, if your worried maybe try activated charcoal, that’s just my thoughts which I usually go by since so many of these posts and comments go without answers.

  2. Cecilia Powers says

    i love bentonite clay. i use the pascalite clay from Wyoming. I have their soap and have used it for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. i had burned my hand and put it on there, without knowing if it would help or not and it did!

    • says

      The standard I’ve seen is 1/2 teaspoon per day or more in water, preferably in the morning before eating. You can also drink it again when you have symptoms. It supposedly works on contact but also cumulatively in actually healing the problem.

    • Paula Cross says

      My daughter’s acid reflux got to the point where she had the excruciatingly painful rock type feeling in her chest and crying. Ironically, I had just found out about and ordered bentonite clay for the detox I’m doing. She was at her end as the baking soda and vinegar solutions weren’t helping get the “rock” out of her chest. She ended up taking Gas x but a few days later when the clay arrived and she was still having significant irritation, she took one tsp with water and experienced prompt relief. After a few days of this she actually went through the day with no discomfort. Then she had an extremely stressful day and stress causes acid and she was having flare ups. She actually called me last night upset because the tsp she took didn’t take it all away so I told the silly girl that she’s having a bad day she must need a higher dose. So she took a 2nd tsp and had more relief. So, yes… it seems to help significantly. And from what I understand, over time, if you keep taking the clay even if you don’t have relux symptoms that day, over time I guess it will heal the bowel and the stomach will do what it is supposed to so that problems like reflux won’t happen.

    • Gina Tyler says

      for acid reflux- Bentonite clay one teaspoon in a glass of water,drink entire cup,gone acid reflux within minutes. STOP all acid PH causing foods/drink ,here is the list;
      Stop all sugar,coffee,alcohol,meat,dairy,breads,soda,do more research of balancing your over all PH

      • Ruth says

        After several years of trial and error – I have found that bread products cause my acid reflux. I can eat small amounts but eating bread a couple of times a day for a couple of days causes my acid reflux. Just a thought for those with reflux – cut out your bread products for a few days (bread, noodles, etc.) and see if it helps.

    • says

      I researched this a lot too when we first started using it. The consensus seems to be that the aluminum is bound as part of the molecule and not in a form that can be released in the body…

      • Rose says

        Thanks for this question and response. I was reading about DE the other day and was also a bit nervous about the alumina in it.

        • Simone says

          I got my whole family taking food grade DE. it’s amazing!! Scary but true story I guess I had parasites and the DE got rid of them. I’m going to add the bentonite also but the DE has really saved my life!

          • Carolin says

            I’ve heard that DE is not safe for human consumption. Could any of you elaborate on your use/why people are weary? Thanks!

          • Will says

            there are 2 types of DE, food grade and non food grade. The non food grade is often used in pest (as in bugs) control, but not safe for family pets or people. Please make sure you purchase food grade DE for your own consumption.

      • Maggie U. says

        Hi , I love your blog amazing has helped me so much but I don’t know if you’ve heard about the buzz lately about shailene woodley who is a famous celebrity who ingests her clay toothpaste once she is done brushing her teeth is this totally safe to do? I’ve seen lots of recipes on how to make amazing healthy clay toothpaste but never really seen people say they ingest it once they brush, can I do this ? is it safe?

      • Maggie U. says

        Hi I was wondering if you can eat the toothpaste mixture instead of spitting it out obviously made with food grade bentonite clay is it safe? I personally dont have any texture issues can I do that? I’ve heard alot of buzz about this certain topic.

  3. Mary L. says

    My husband was bit by a Bark Scorpion ~ the only truly poisonous scorpion in America ~. It was late at night (he was taking out the garbage cans- barefoot). I went to the health food store the next day and got some Bentonite Clay . He mixed it with Apple Cider Vinegar (it mixes much more smoothly than water) and made poultices. It brought down the swelling really well. (The Dr. couldn’t give him anything.) He continued using it for at least a week and made a good recovery. I use it with the apple cider vinegar for a ‘facial’ ~ works wonderfully.

  4. Emily C. says

    I take mine internally with some psyllium husk in water. I am using it for detoxification reasons. I love it so far.

    I also mix it with apple cider vinegar (Braggs) for use as a mask, I have noticed some huge changes in my skin since doing it. I have a few keloid scars, some are tiny and one is a little bigger, and my tiny ones have almost completely disappeared and I feel like it is having an effect on my biggest one, as well.

    • Lauren says

      I am interested in purchasing some clay for internal/detox purposes. However the link to purchase the Bentonite clay takes us to an Amazon listing for “Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing” —- and from everything I am reading about this product on Amazon’s site, it is intended for external purposes only. Is this product safe for internal/digestive uses and is it the ‘safer’ aluminum version? Thank you!

      • Clare says

        I use purely earth clay and I really recommend it! I looked at Aztec healing clay before I found this, but I also wasn’t happy with the quality. I researched some more and finally found Purely earth clay- its food grade, very high quality and very low nasties (they also stock DE).

        • Meagen says

          Where can you find this in Canada? I just did a search and only ebay came up. I’m really wary of ordering this kind of stuff from America because I have had sillier things searched and I am sure big amounts would get customs. Any ideas? Aztec secret seems to be the easiest to find and I can get Living Clay near me but it’s twice the price and I can’t really afford it…but i have an infection and need to get as much as I can.

          • Racquel says

            I ordered it from and it shipped within 3 days and it was fairly cheap rather than ordering it from the States because the shipping was outrageous.

  5. melanie says

    A few years ago I had really bad diabetic ulcers on each of my heals, they were huge and badly infected. I was away from my home so my medical card wasn’t any good in the state I was in and my father was to sick for me to leave. A very dear friend of the family had come to see my dad and he seen how bad my feet were so he came back the next day or two and brought me this clay to put on. Well my sister was cleaning my heals and wrapping them twice a day and he told her for me to swallow a little everyday and for her to keep cleaning my feet twice a day and putting the clay on them and wrap them in plastic wrap. So we did and oh my gosh they smelled so bad when we unwrapped them to clean and redo them. Our friend said it was pulling the poision from my body. Sadly my feet had been infected for most of several years I was in and the hospital all the time anywhere from 1-3 weeks at a time and I guess I had to much poision in my body from all that time and I had to have emergency surgrey on both feet to keep me from losing them. But I do know this if I ever get another foot infection the first thing I will do is get this clay because I know it does work.

    • Hanna says

      Check out Manuka honey 16+. I had an antibiotic resistant bacteria (MRSA) and after 6 weeks of 3 different antibiotic creams and 3 different antibiotic pills, nothing worked. I had read about the healing properties of this honey so as a last resort I put some Manuka honey on it 24/7 with a gauze bandage. The very next day as I changed the dressing it was 50% better, and completely gone in 3 days. It stung a bit as the bacteria were dying off. They release a gas when they die is what I understand.
      The articles that I read also state that this wonderful honey is good for all kinds of ailments including bed sores which are pretty bad. I won’t be without it now.
      Take care and good luck !

      • Sinead says

        Could you please give the brand of the manuka honey? I read it has to be sterile, so I wanted to know if there was a special type. Thanks

      • Gail says

        I agree on Manuka honey. Fell on concrete attempting to keep my neighbor’s two dogs from mine. Really bad sore on knee. Had read about Manuka, so used it during the day and cayenne pepper at night (kept uncovered). Still healing, but none of the usual tightness, bleeding, pussing or itching. The cayenne pepper promises a return to my natural skin color. I’m waiting…

  6. Erin says

    I’m a recent convert to healing clay, we are using an Australian ‘french’ green clay. We are currently using it on our son’s acne, to not only draw out the toxins but hoping to heal scarring. early days yet but still we’re hoping. Son 3 recently jumped off a ladder onto a besa block tearing out a huge hunk of skin and flesh and bruising badly. After two days of clay his foot had healed! new skin and bruising gone!!!

  7. Randa says

    While I’m happy to learn this info, I’m also kinda sad because we just bought several pounds of D.E., and I had been planning to take that internally daily (or as often as I remember). Now I feel like I should have held off and gotten this instead.
    Did you already do a similar post on D.E.? Maybe I can feel better by reading that. :)

  8. says

    Does anyone have any suggestions for taking Bentonite clay internally? I’ve taken it a few times, once in water and once in applesauce, and could barely stomach it! How long are you mixing it for in the water? Would it be better to do a “shot” of it and then follow with a big glass of water? I think I’ll get gel caps in a few weeks, but for now I’ve got to find a way to get it down daily! :)

    • says

      Try leaving it in the water over night and just drinking the water on top, as the clay will have settled to the bottom. This helps the taste and texture a lot, and you’ll still get the benefits.

      • Sharon says

        I just read that exact same thing along with, “with bentonite clay, more is NOT better”. Mixing 1 teaspoonful in a full glass of water and letting it sit overnight to drink in the morning should do. I also read that you can do this for three weeks with one week off.

        • Jane says

          It mixes smoothly with raw Apple cider vinegar. I shake vigorously in a glass jar with a plastic lid. Open right away because it swells. Much better than water. One part clay to two parts vinegar.

    • Kathy says

      It has recently been found that Rosacia is caused by high acid levels in your blood. So anything that brings that down will help, and I am sure that Bentonite will help.

    • Rhonda Ryan says

      Just wanted to forward some info that I had come across about Rosacea. I used Cold Sore Relief with Allantoin made by Lomapham Emmerthal (1-800-783-2286) that has Melissa Cream (lemon balm) in it for viruses. Can be bought at any Health food/ vitamin store. Doctors will treat Rosacea for bacteria under the skin which does nothing but make it worse. My discovery was because the Cold Sore Relief for viruses WORKED then it must be a Virus under the skin. I washed my face before going to bed then applied the cream and the next morning I noticed a HUGE difference. I used it for 3 nights in a row. The Rosacea has not returned and that was over a year ago. I know it will work for you too.

  9. Debbi says

    I have seen amazing results with clay for my son and puberty induced acne. His face went from pimples all over to clear in a matter of just a few weeks. We had him take it both internally and topically. We started with daily masks for the first week and then every-other-day, then once weekly. We were all pretty impressed with how well it worked. Now, trying to keep a teen age boy consistent with using it over the long haul is a whole different challenge.

    • Elizabeth says

      When my sons were going through that age I found that drinking kefir on a regular basis (make into a smoothie) did wonders as well as taking burdock (blood purifier) which I made into capsules.

  10. Laura says

    I didnt know clay could be used in so many ways. I love our clay for baby use…especially with all the drool and hot weather! At the beginning of summer i made up a “bug bite paste” with ACV and kept it in the fridge. The relief was almost instant when applied to a mosiquito or a bee sting. Like someone said before, i use it as a mask too.

  11. Cyndye says

    “Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy meats, impurities and chemicals.” Should that have been “heavy metals”?

  12. Gina L says

    I have taken it internally as a cleanse. The recipe was 1 Tbsp. of Nature’s 3 fiber, 1 tsp. hydrated bentonite clay, 2 capsules of Cascara Sagrada, 2 tbsp. of liquid chlorophyll and 4 oz. organic apple juice. You drink this twice a day for 90 days to rid the body of toxins. I had great success with it, maybe too much, I couldn’t go past 30 days as the cleansing effect was pretty intense. I ended up having to reduce the cleanse to once a day and then stop altogether because of the intense cleansing action. It did manage to get rid of a quarter sized raised red rash on my skin that the dermatologist told me was permanent. The red rash was a result of a mosquito bite. I did speak to the author of the recipe and being I am an A+ blood type she recommended me to change the recipe by doing 1 Tbsp. of slippery elm in 2 Tbsp. of aloe vera juice, 2 tbsp. pure apple juice and no cascara sagrada along with the other ingredients. I have not tried them yet.

  13. says

    I am very interested in this – I used to take this for candida issues but a practitioner told me that she thinks it leads to Aluminum poisoning. Do you have any info on this? I looked around the web and can’t find anything conclusive. I have bad Al toxicity and was wondering about this but I of course may have other sources as well. Thanks!!

        • Clare says

          Hi Adrienne,

          The following is from the website where I bought my bentonite clay from Australia, hope this may help:

          Aluminium in Clay?



          Scientific testing by CSIRO using Borate Fusion XRF Method mineral analysis verifies our clay does not contain any aluminium.

          However there is some discussion with regard to Alumina and Aluminium in clay. This probably stems from the interchange of the description of “Alumina oxide” with “Aluminium oxide”.

          Hopefully the following article will clarify a few things.

          BENTONITE CLAY is classified as an Alumino-silicate. This means its major elements are Alumina oxide (Al2O3) and Silica (SiO2). Hence all Bentonite clay contains these as major elements. Bentonite would be an entirely different substance without alumina oxide.

          It is also made up of a number of other minerals some of which have exchangeable ions.

          Typically they are – sodium ions, calcium ions, potassium ions, magnesium ions.

          In the USA “Aluminium” is used to refer to alumina. Unfortunately this is misleading because alumina oxide (Al2O3) is not the dangerous “Aluminium” (Al) which is used in manufacturing.

          The term “aluminium oxide” is actually referring to “alumina oxide” which is perfectly safe.

          Different symbols represent different substances:

          Alumina oxide: Al2O3 (safe)

          Aluminium : Al (unsafe)

          The alumina oxide that goes to make up part of the clay molecule is completely inert*. It has a very high bond with silica and is NOT BIO AVAILABLE. It CANNOT be absorbed into the body.

          *In chemistry the term inert is used to describe something that is not chemically active.

          The following paragraph is from an article on Pelotherapy in the Options Magazine October 2007

          “Clay is composed of various mineral compounds rich in silica and aluminium (meaning Alumina oxide – Al2O3)*; sometimes including iron, copper, zinc and magnesium and other trace minerals. The aluminium (meaning Alumina oxide – Al 2O3)*, found in clay is quite different from the toxic inorganic substance used in commercial deodorants and so isn’t associated with the same risks. The two key compounds form flat layers of minute particles as rocks such as shale and mud stone are weathered by the elements.

          The clay layers create a large surface area which is highly reactive and due to the bond between silica and aluminium (meaning Alumina oxide – Al2O3)*, the clay particles contain negatively charged ions.”

          written by Ananda Mahony ND, a naturopath and holistic skin care specialist.

          Ananda lectures nutrition and Food As Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

          *comment by M Mason

          Article complied by M Mason 2010

    • gailtoo says

      Have you been able to find anything more about taking clay and aluminum toxicity? How long did you take the clay before finding out you had aluminum toxicity? What are the symptoms? I’m trying to find anything I can about this as I’ve been taking clay for a few weeks and am worried about aluminum. Have you been able to clear up the toxicity and, if so, what did you use? I’m kind of surprised no one else here seems much concerned. I’ve also read quite a bit that clay is not released in the body, but it’s all from suppliers or parroted by others – no clinical studies or real evidence. Thank you.

        • gailtoo says

          Thank you. Wish I could find something conclusive on this – not just what the companies selling it tell us.

        • gailtoo says

          May I ask how things are going on your detox and what you’ve been using? Could you also tell me what brand of clay you were using? Thank you

        • Gail says

          I asked a hair analysis expert and he said in his 30 years of doing and interpreting hair analysis, he has seen a lot of people with high aluminum, but has never seen an association between aluminum and bentonite clays. He said aluminum toxicity comes from aluminum cans, deodorants, aluminum cookware, etc. That said, I’m still a little wary and will give more thought to this before resuming my clay consumption. Maybe I’ll find a clay with less aluminum in it than the clay I have now.

          • Gail says

            Richard Malter, PhD I’ve also come across some more reading/studies that have further convinced me, but I have the pages saved on my other computer. I’m actually entertaining the idea of having a little more clay in water today.

          • says

            Thanks. I know who Rick is. That’s is helpful. It was 2 practitioners in the same line of work that he is in who told me their concerns about the aluminum. Dr. Wilson and Theresa Vernon.

          • says

            Maybe you can talk to Rick again and tell him what I told you. Apparently it was based on anecdotal evidence of those who worked w/ potting clays as artists, I believe. I tested high for Al and had been taking a lot of bentonite but of course I could easily have had other exposures as well.

          • Gail says

            I took you up on your suggestion and wrote to Rick Malter. Maybe he’ll watch for a connection. I’m going to refrain from using clay in any way until I see something much more conclusive and convincing, but that could be a very long time.

          • Gail says

            I Googled Theresa Vernon and aluminum. In one article she mentioned seeing regional differences in metal toxicity. She saw more aluminum in California and believes it could be in the dust and air. CA is where my clay comes from and it has 18 pct aluminum content. As a side note, she saw more mercury on the West Coast – possibly from seafood consumption.

      • Paula Cross says

        I’m new at this but I believe my son has aluminum toxicity and read that vitamin c will help. When his symptoms flared up (which I presumed were due to aluminum toxicity), I gave him a couple thousand mg of Vit C plus he drank loads of orange juice all day and the symptoms would dramatically reduce.

        As a result of my research, I also found out cilantro oil and then chlorella (3000-10,000mg) an hour later helps detox metals. I’m doing it for myself but haven’t figured out how to get my teenage son to cooperate with such a protocol :(

        • Paula Cross says

          I’m also taking bentonite clay but not worried about the aluminum because I figure if the clay attracts metals, why would it kick out the metal it carries within itself?

    • greg says

      Keep in mind that most doctors only go on anecdotal evidence and that Big Pharma..oops the AMA, oops I mean the FDA..doesn’t want people to have knowledge or access to supps that help any diseases ( unless of course its a prescription). I personally believe that much of what the traditional establishment preaches about the dangers of folk remedies such as DE or Bentonite Clay is to keep ppl from realizing what amazing remedies are out there.

      • Stacey Blackshear says

        I totally agree with greg, I have seen over 25 “Medical Professionals” including “Specialists”…AND “UNIVERSITY TEAM SPECIALISTS” regarding a major visible skin problem I have had for many years. They all gave me different generic Diagnosises with no solutions and told me I was dilusional. I have so many pictures and videos of my ‘disease’ that not one Medical Doctor was interested in seeing. Bentonite Clay, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, and Echinacea have been a Godsend for me just to name a few. PLEASE be proactive in your own healthcare and do your own research…if I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t be sending you this message. Much Love to you all and God Bless!

  14. says

    I use it to wash hair- both my son and mine. It leaves the hair soft and decreases the over-oiliness. It also helps with the scalp crusties! Usually for that I will do an oil treatment first with coconut, castor and jojoba oils and then wash with the clay. We use kaolin, rhassoul, and French green clays the most.

  15. Dara says

    I don’t like ‘drinking’ BC. What I do is make a thick paste and then form it into balls, small enough to swallow like pills. I’ve never let the balls, or now, ‘capsules’, dry, and I guess that could be done. I do use it in my tooth cleaner mixture along with baking soda and Diatomaeceous (sp?) Earth. My son had a very badly infected Pilonidal Cyst that needed an operation. But the Surgeon would not operate until it was fully clear of infection. After soaking in a bathtub for two weeks with bentonite clay in the water, his cyst was ready for surgery. It’s good stuff! I went to a garage sale about a month ago and found about a pound of BC in a container with a $1 price tag on it. I grabbed it! I don’t think the seller had any idea what it was.

  16. Komedy says

    I use bc with ground flax seed and ground psyllium powder in equal parts and add 2Tbsp to some juice in the am to detox also wit h2o as a face mask and as a conditioner for my hair. I wash my hair with baking soda and h2o, rinse with acv and h2o and apply a bc creamy past to hair and face, air dry and scare the children or sit under a bonnet dryer to save time. You can feel it working!!!! Hey cheap and healthy face mask for H’ween LOL

    • says

      Yes, from my understanding, their certification just allows them to sell it for cosmetic use on certain products, though it is the same product one could get elsewhere for taking internally.

      • julie says

        From what I’ve read, Sodium Bentonite Clay is only good for external use, and Calcium Bentonite Clay is safe for internal use.
        I emailed the kind folks at Mountain Rose and they informed me their BC is Sodium Bentonite.

    • Caleb says

      Consult a doctor but why would pulling toxins out of your body hurt your baby? When i take it internally my armpits start stinking big time!! One time i took too much and had to drink more water. I am now just taking a tablespoon ,2, or 3 in some water every morning. Also take a tablespoon of chia seeds EVERY morning it creates a muconoid coating on your intestine wall that makes disposal of even the worst foods a breeze. The magnetic electric pull of this stuff is incredible. I like to do a full body wrap at the beach and then go swimming in the magnesium salts (ocean). Then put coconut oil on skin because it can leave the skin a little dry.

  17. debbie says


    Quick question, you mention taking the clay internally but on the mountain rose website that you link to it says that the bentonite clay is only for external use. Is it OK for internal use?

    • says

      I’ve taken it internally for a long time. When I talked to them, they explained that due to laws in some places where different products are sourced, they can only list some things as for external use…

  18. Michelle Lecours says

    Hi there! I was wondering if you have a trick to avoid the clay clumping? I shook it in water, but still has little clumps :D

    • Kathleen Barber says

      Natures Sunshine makes a Shaker that has a whisk-like ball in it…works almost like the little ball in nail polish would.Mixes clays beautifly!

    • james says

      I mix mine in a bottle of water, if you close the lid and shake it up it mixes much better. if you let it sit for a little bit and shake it up again most of the clumps should break up. some will settle on the bottom again if you let it sit and dont drink it all at once, but just shake it again before you drink.

    • Audrey says

      I add about ten medium size stones give it a good shake in my covered Tupperware and have no clumps of clay. I discovered this by trial and error:)

  19. Carmen says

    I’ve tried the liquid bentonite clay, but not the powder one, I did a cleanse but didnt see much effect from it, could it be because it was liquid? I have a stomach virus called H Pilori and that sucker is hard to get rid off! The doctor has given me antibiotics and other medicines but it only calms it for bit but after a while it comes back.. Could this work to remove this virus as well?

    • Candice says

      The Mayo clinic suggests this (and it closely matches the published study from U of Cal done perhaps 20 years ago that showed Bismuth and Tetracycline to cure H. Pylori and ulcers.)

      Bismuth Subsalicylate, Metronidazole, and Tetracycline (Oral Route)

    • Michael Phillips says

      The best cure for H Pilori is fresh ginger! It’s natural abilities kill off the virus, and help balance the flora in the intestinal tract. It has worked wonders for us!

      The antiviral and antibiotic medications deplete the good “critters” in your digestive tract, and with time unbalance the system to the point of chronic constipation and or diarrhea. Ginger only kills off the excess and bad flora. It takes a few days, and you will fart and belch, but that’s only showing its working!

      I make some fresh ginger candies, and keep it in the freezer. At the first sign of indigestion, suck on a pice or two, and it almost always calms and releases the pressure and discomfort.

      • Rhianna says

        Hi, could you please share your recipe for making the candy? I would really like to try this for my chronic nausea, thank you.

  20. says

    Thank you for posting this. I use bentonite clay on my face for blemishes and other skin irritations. My boyfriend buys empty capsules from the health store and will fill them with clay to be taken internally to cleanse the digestive system.

  21. Trisha Sease says

    Two questions…
    1. is this safe to take internally while nursing?
    2. Does this interfere with good beneficial bacterial and flora in the gut? If not, how does it distinguish between good and bad bacteria?

    • Dena Barnes says

      i’m also curious about the nursing issue. I’d love to see a source that talks about if the body ends up detoxing any of this out via milk or not.

    • Kellie says

      Did you ever find out the answer to your Bentonite to Good Flora question? That is something I am also curious about. Donna Schwenk said she thinks its fine but that didn’t make me think she knew for sure….TIA

  22. Maria Powers says

    Noticed that you referred us to Mountain Rose Herbs to buy the clay, but on their website in the description of the clay, it says “For External Use Only.” I have emailed the company to ask why. I’ve been using calcium bentonite clay for a couple things and was interested in buying in bulk as we’re using it more and more. Their website also shows that what they stock is sodium bentonite clay. Anyone have any reliable resources regarding the difference between the two?

  23. Deanna says

    Has anyone used it on kids after vaccines? And for what ages is it appropriate to use? Just wondering if it would help eliminate any of the aluminum or any bad reactions

  24. Catie says

    I am having the hardest time doing anything with this clay besides making a mess. I can’t get a paste that isn’t clumpy. I tried making a mask but it wouldn’t smooth out well at all and I tried a bath as well and it also wouldn’t smooth enough to add anything other than spots on my tub. It sounds so benefitial but I’m kind of hating it right now. Any tips? Thanks!

    • says

      For mask- get hand wet and dip it into the clay and rub on the face. Repeat until you get enough to cover your face in a mask. For the tub I always dissolve it in a little bit of water first and then add to the tub…

      • Stephanie says

        Thank you! I have also been having a hard time with using this as a facial mask. It just ends up turning into big clumps, no matter how much I mix it and add water. Is there any other liquid that I can use instead of water for a facial mask?

        • Jane says

          It mixes smoothly with raw Apple cider vinegar. I shake vigorously in a glass jar with a plastic lid. Open right away because it swells. Much better than water. One part clay to two parts vinegar.

    • Jessica says

      Mix the calcium bentonite clay with organic apple cider vinegar and keep adding till it’s the consistency you want. That should do the trick for the face mask (:

  25. jamie says

    I put some clay on my hands for my eczema. I have done this twice now and each time they have gotten much worse. Is this normal for the rash to get worse before it gets better or have I maybe had a reaction to the clay?

  26. says

    shouldn’t you differenciate between calcium & sodium kinds of bentonite clay? I heard calcium is internal & sodium is external & it’s recommended to take psyllium husks for constipation & not with food or medications

  27. Pattie says

    Will i be able to use it to get rid off candida? and if so how will i be able to use it and for how long. Also will i have to change my diet in order for it to work very well?

  28. Emily says

    I am amazed with bentonite clay. I bought some originally to make my own toothpaste and as I was researching it more I came across this site. My son is 6 months old and has had a couple of eczema patches on his head. They were raised, red, and very dry and he has had them for about 4 months. I tried all sorts of stuff including cutting out common food allergens and using coconut oil and hydrocortisone. I put some bentonite clay on them and after only 20 mins it was almost completely healed! I used it the next day and can barely see what used to be there. This is something I will always keep on hand.

  29. Carla says

    Hi, love your site! Is there a reason why you use sodium bentonite over calcium bentonite internally? I initially read that the calcium would be safer because it doesn’t swell as much, and less likely to cause internal distress. I plan on using both…sodium bentonite for the bath, and calcium bentonite internally, but I’m curious about your perspective.

      • Donna says

        Something to consider. If the calcium bentonite actually contains calcium in it (and I assume it does), the calcium will bind with all metals, and remove them from the body. There are a lot of people on this thread concerned about the possibility of aluminum poisoning and/or exposure with the bentonite clays internally. If you are not sure, and you really want to try this clay internally, I would gamble with the calcium one (which is said to be for internal use), as the most acceptable risk (if any) to take. Calcium is a natural chelating agent, and binds with metals to remove them from the body. I suppose, you could also take calcium and apple pectin along with the sodium bentonite as a precaution if you want to take both, or just in case. Both calcium and apple pectin bind with, and help the body excrete heavy metals.

  30. Linds says

    You’ve posted here that you purchase your Bentonite clay from Mtn Rose Herbs, and on their website it states that their product is for internal use only, do you specifically use their clay to mix with water for consumption or is there a different product that you use for that purpose?
    By the way, your post about mineral deficiencies relating to dental health was truly enlightening and I will be trying not only your toothpaste recipe, also the recommendations for diet change, thank you for the great information!

  31. Vickie Campbell says

    i bought some bentonite clay from whole foods. It says that it should only be used externally. I was planning to use it in homemade toothpaste. I won’t be ingesting it, but wondered if using that way is ok?

  32. Kathy Easterday says

    I have bentonite clay it says for external use, can I use this product internally? It says 100% natural calcium bentonite clay? So why not?

  33. Liza says

    Hi there, I love you blog :) I ordered bentonite clay from Mountain Rose (and the French Green Clay too) and there is a scary “this product is known to cause birth defects by the state of California” sticker on the back. Should I be worried?

  34. Jamie says

    My son, husband and myself have all had lymes disease for a long time. I am wondering about its uses for detoxing internally and bath. Do you happen to know if its okay to use with Lymes?

    • Alice says

      I have chronic Lyme. My health provider has me adding 1 tsp clay and 1 psyllium to my fresh squeezed juice every morning…

  35. Mia says

    Hi, glad to find this piece. Thank you! I wonder if you know the dosage
    of Bentonite for a 10LB cat? Also, can Bentonite be taken with
    digestive enzymes, mixed with a little food. I don’t want to stress her
    by using a syringe. Thanks for any suggestions!

  36. Melissa says

    You mentioned it might interfere with some medications. Do you think Bentonite clay taken internally would interfere with birth control?

  37. yidsre says

    I took 1tablespoon one time with juice (i think it was grape juice) and felt xtreme heaviness for a few days after is this normal? Whats the best way to take it and does it help with weight loss?

  38. Dawn says

    I have Crohn’s Disease and have run the gamut of all available medications, so am currently not on any medication to treat it. I was on Methotrexate, which stopped working for me, then Humira, which gave me drug-induced Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as a persistent, chronic yeat infection. I read about Calcium Bentonite Clay and gave it a try and it has worked wonders for me! I take 1 teaspoon in a glass of water a day, which I mix up in batches in a large jar. The benefits have been amazing. And, it’s a lot less expensive ($3 per 100/g at the health food store) then the Humira (which was running $3400/mo for 2 shots and keeping me bed ridden!!). My skin has never looked better, I have energy again and I’m happy to know that the bc is also helping to detoxify my liver, which has taken a beating for 7 years because of the medication. Best of all, the horrible yeat infection seems to be gone and I’ve had no re-occurances. After doing more reading, I’m going to get my husband to start using it! :)

  39. Alex says

    Thanks so much for this information – I live in Perth, Australia and we have a Bentonite mine here, however the clay comes in 20KG bags. Are you able to tell me if using this product in this form is ok, I’m thinking its in its natural state so that should be a plus, but any additional insight you have would be greatly appreciated!!

  40. Liffa says

    My friend has been bitten by a brown recluse spider and I’m finding all over the internet on natural healing sites that bentonite clay will draw the venom out and heal the bite. (Activated charcoal can be a first line of defense if applied in first 48 hrs. apparently) but bentonite clay is the best to use if you have it. She is getting some first thing tomorrow….after one week, a trip to the ER where they gave her an antibiotic which, it is NOT healing and getting pretty scary looking. So let’s hope this stuff works!!! (Also supposed to take echinacea and Vit C in large amounts for a few weeks, too.)

  41. Valerie says

    I have a question. You talk about using bentonite clay internally, but the link you have is to a product that is for external use only. Even Mountain Rose Herbs’ bentonite is for external use only. Do you have a source (that you’re willing to share) for the kind to use internally?

    • Katie says

      Look it up on amazon, I just ordered some its for internal and external use and ordered by the ounce. Calcium betonite clay is what I searched for. I looked at reviews for other users who used it internally just to be safe!

  42. Donna says

    Something to consider. If the calcium bentonite actually contains calcium in it (and I assume it does), the calcium will bind with all metals, and remove them from the body. There are a lot of people on this thread concerned about the possibility of aluminum poisoning and/or exposure with the bentonite clays internally. If you are not sure, and you really want to try this clay internally, I would gamble with the calcium one (which is said to be for internal use), as the most acceptable risk (if any) to take. Calcium is a natural chelating agent, and binds with metals to remove them from the body. I suppose, you could also take calcium and apple pectin along with the sodium bentonite as a precaution if you want to take both, or just in case. Both calcium and apple pectin bind with, and help the body excrete heavy metals. Be sure to drink a lot of water if you decide to use either on a regular basis.

  43. Katie says

    Question: I just got my clay in the mail. It says it strips me not only toxins but nutrients as well inside my body and to only take it every 2 days. I can’t take multivitamins though because they all contain copper (I’m very sensitive to copper), I eat tons of vegetables (usually boiled), a little bit of fruit (always raw), and organic chicken breast. Is this okay? Or do I really need to take a multivitamin?

  44. Nila Rodriguez says

    Hi, I was just wondering: bentonite clay contains aluminum, so does it have any negative health effects? I started making my own body care products, including deodorant because of the chemicals in these products nowadays. My main reason for switching to homemade deodorant was to avoid the potentially hazardous exposure to aluminum from store-bought deodorants. So, is there a certain form of aluminum…maybe aluminum bonded with something else…that is harmful? Or is it just aluminum in general that is harmful?

  45. Adi says

    I bought the same bentonite clay that was linked on here, but the back says for “external use only” but would it still be safe to take internally? Do you?

  46. Dede Scheppe says

    I ordered this from your link, thinking I could us it internally like you stated, but once I got it it says external use only on the package. Is it the kind you use internally? The only other one I have found for internal cleanse is tye great plains brand, which comes already mixed…

  47. Booth says

    Thanks for all the wonderful information! I just had my mom buy some and she was asking how exactly to take and use it. I did a quick search, found your site, and sent her a link. You made it really easy ; >)

  48. Stevie says

    I mixed the bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar and have some extra left over from my mask tonight. Is it safe to store it in the fridge until my next use?

  49. Banafsheh Tehrani says

    I just like to correct a grammatical error: “… its minerals for the body…” is the correct way, and there is no need for apostrophe like you have written “… it’s minerals for the body…”. Thanks for your attention.

  50. Jessica Corcoran says

    I am trying to get copper out of my body – I’m pretty sure I have copper toxicity from an IUD (that’s now removed). I haven’t found very many ways to get the copper out – could the clay help? Any other suggestions or experiences??

    • Bein says

      I have the Aztec Secret brand, and just called them to ask why there product says for external use only. She told me that it is just because they have not pursued FDA approval, so they cannot label it for internal use. But it is 100% Calcium Bentonite Clay, just like any other brand.

      • LINDA says

        I kinda figured this, reading the label, that is the only ingredient listed. I used this to make homemade toothpaste and didn’t have a problem with it. Followed the instructions on the label to make a face mask and it worked wonderfully

  51. Benny Valdez says

    Has anyone ever heard about using bentonite clay for plantars warts? Just wondering if I could use it for that and how. thanks!

  52. nicole cox says

    I have been bleaching my hair (on scalp) recently since cutting it very short (3/8″ all over) and I also recently discovered I have Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune. I know the bleach is toxic but I was wondering if I were to use the bentonite clay baths and drink the mixture after bleaching my hair could I help release the toxic load from it? I have been so diligent in cleaning up my diet, lifestyle and all the other things that one does when discovering you have an autoimmune disease….changed my shampoos, lotions, soaps, laundry detergent etc. to homemade natural products but this new hair thing is something I absolutely love and I am hoping it is not just one more thing I will have to give up due to this thing called Hashimoto’s disease!

  53. Nicolette H says

    I have the Aztec Secret Calcium Bentonite Clay and it says “NOT FOR EXTERNAL USE” on the back label. Do you ingest this clay? Or would you suggest drinking the bentonite from Mountain Rose Herbs?
    Thanks so much!

  54. Laura Millar says

    Diatomaceous earth food grade will take pin worms out of your system and can be sprinkled for othe bugs. Do not breath. Good for you because of high silica and calcium. Aggro green in ontario supplies. Do your research!

  55. Julie Hooper says

    I use this clay to brush my teeth with using my oral B electric toothbrush. Do you know if that’s not a good idea since there are metal parts INSIDE the toothbrush head?

  56. Amanda says

    what is the difference between the internal and the external? I have some aztec clay…and it says for external only….and says it’s calcium bentonite green clay…I just wanted to try drinking it…but is there really a difference?

  57. Isa says

    Hey Wellness Mama! I love this article. I just wanted to point out that the bentonite you are linking to when referencing internal usage is not safe for internal use. I own it and use it as a face mask (and it’s awesome) but there’s a warning on the label not to ingest it.

  58. Danielle says

    Why does it say for external use only? Yet you use it in your toothpaste? I wanted to start using it but am wondering if its safe internally.

  59. Ashley H. says

    Just out of curiosity, how would this work with mercury tooth fillings? My husband has one from years ago, unfortunately, and since this binds to metal, just curious to know if that would cause major issues?? Thoughts?

  60. Amy Paquet says

    I’ve been using your remineralizing tooth powder recipe for a week now, just a week, and I see and feel a huge difference! I have wicked bad alergies, and dinky little teeth. I have a visible difference in the color of my smile. The half closest to the gums has always been darker. And I was told that I don’t have enough enamel to bleach them. I was told it’s just from sleeping with my mouth open, because of my allergies. But after a week, they’re almost uniform! Thanks for that!!! :) I wonder what my dentist will say when I see him :)
    Next up, I have recurring nipple infections. So much so I’m about to stop nursing. But seeing that I can make a poultice, I brewed some chamomile tea, on the hot tea bag I threw a dash of tea tree oil, coconut oil, and topped it off with a good layer of clay. I’m going to sleep with it. Hopefully I’ll be cured overnight :P

  61. says

    I want to start taking clay internally but I am not sure how to take it. I have read about mixing it with water and then letting it settle and then drinking the water but not the sediment on the bottom of the glass. Is that the best way? Or is it important to get all of the clay into you? Thanks!

  62. Kristyn says

    My 19month old son suffers from terrible eczema. We’ve done food elimination trials, natural skin products, EFAs, probiotics etc etc. Is it safe for him to ingest this? What dose would you use? Can I ingest it as I’m still breastfeeding him?

  63. Nia says

    I have Melasma all over my face, especially on my forehead, the spots are dark. Will the clay help. I also have acid reflux and eczema. My son has SLE and he was curious about the clay also. He’s 25.

  64. Michael says

    I want to create a natural bentonite pool for a healing pool at my resort. Does anyone know how I can go about this? Replicating hot spring volcanic clay pools.

  65. Lisa says

    Hi, my brother has been diagnosed with psoriasis for more than 2 years. I read about the effects of Bentonite clay on psoriasis & eczema etc, and purchased the clay powder from Living clay to give it a try. He was applying the clay mask on his psoriasis plaques and ulcers for a week but he complained that his plaques got worsen. He is going to give up on the clay. Would you give him any suggestion to give up or continue receiving clay treatment? Thank you.

  66. Kay says

    I used 1/2 tsp bentonite in water for my daughter years ago. She had horrible sinus infections and nothing helped. I was tired of giving her antibiotics. She was 4-5 yr old and always sick. I took her to an iridologist. Who read her pupils and told me she was full of infection. She told me to use bentonite. I have never seen so much junk come out of such a small nose. But it worked. She did not have a sinus infection for years. Be careful because it has a drawing effect. It pulled out chickenpox on her arm only. I think it was residual, dormant chicken pox. My Neice caught them from her.

  67. Heather says

    Could you please give me a little more information about using bentonite clay for mastitis. I would really like to avoid using an antibiotic but I am going to have to do something.

  68. megan says

    I too am concerned about using the clay to bruch teeth as i have metal in my mouth.
    Also, if i take a clay bath , do i have to worry about then i take my meds?
    Can i take a clay bath and drink the mixture in the same day?
    I’m taking the clay becuz i have lots of metal in my mouth and i think i’m suffering metal toxicity. I”m starting to have holistic dentist take out the fillings.
    I have very bad twitching and i’ve done everything to get them to stop. I did a gut repair, canidda repair, i take copious amount of magnesium and nothing helped.
    I’m paleo and super healthy and these twitches will not go away and i’m starting to think it’s the metal in my mouth…
    I”m anxious to take a bath to start feeling the effects of it’s magic!

  69. Saji says

    Hello, I buy the exact same bottle/tub as you though it says on the back, that it is only for external use. use. Do you buy a different kind to use internally/digest??

  70. Marilyn says

    How many times does she have to answer your questions about external only labels can be taken internally?? Why don’t you read the other questions and answers??

    • Marilyn says

      And why do you not know by now that aluminum is not released in the body? Read, read, read, for pete’s sake, the other questions and answers!

  71. Melissa says

    Hello, since this has such a healing affect for sores, burns, etc I am wondering if I could use it for internal mouth sores-canker sores? I get them all the time and have changed my toothpaste and limit my chocolate intake (which seems to bring them on), but still suffer from them.

    • Rhianna says

      I had good luck getting rid of cancer sores by squeezing out the contents of a vitamin e capsule and mixing goldenseal powder into the gel until it was a very thick paste. Insert the thick paste into your mouth, laying it against the sore between your lip and gum. I would do it just before bed and sleep with it in. It is a bit bitter flavored you might want to put a towel over your pillow in case you drool. It usually cured mine overnight or two, three nights to clear up a bad one.

  72. Vicki says

    Read Upon a Clay Tablet, The Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay by Jason R Eaton (Author). Clay is very, very safe internally and externally. Try it and then listen to your body. Jason is an expert in the use of healing clays. I am learning so much about clay and how to use it to treat my various medical issues. Love the stuff!!!

  73. Janelle Sunshine says

    I have twice healed infected teeth with a calcium bentonite clay that our local acupuncturist recommends. I made a thick paste and packed it onto my gums where the infected tooth was. The tooth pain went away and I never did get a filling or root canal. I’ve since made positive changes to my diet and kept up with at least occassionally taking the calcium bentonite clay internally, and the tooth problems haven’t returned. I have a question. Is it acceptable to take internally as dry clay balls? The only way I can get my daughter to swallow clay is to add water to the powder to make a thick paste, roll it into tiny balls, and let the balls dry. She swallows them with water, like pills.

  74. Sarah says

    Is it okay to use the clay internally/externally if I have metal screws in my hand from a broken bone? I know it is a magnetic clay…

  75. Cortez says

    im 24 and have been having GI problems since i can remember. im not as regular as i should be and its causing inflammation in my digestion. im looking for overall health concerning my bowels , colon, GI tract. would this clay help/ what is the good and bad benefits? where can i purchase it ? how long do i have to use it ?

  76. Danielle says

    Are there any other way to avoid the clumping when making a paste for a mask, besides purchasing the special ball whisk gadget? Every website just says “mix with water until smooth”, or until it’s a paste. But my “paste” will not stick to my face. It’s a sticky mess! Green clay is easy to mix into a paste that sticks easily to the face, but I want to try CB as a more powerful detoxifier for acne, but it won’t spread onto my face, it stays in clumps & sticks to my fingers. No one else has mentioned this on other sites/blogs. Am I the only one having this problem? I did try mixing it with ACV which took care of the problem instantly – the acid changes the texture. But then my face broke out in a rash from the ACV. Not good. Sigh. Very challenged.

  77. Peter says

    hi, i have a couple of amalgam fillings and I’ve been drinking calcium bentonite to detox and also aid in alkalizing my system .
    Will my fillings reduce the efficacy of the clay as it comes into contact with them in my mouth?

  78. Sarah says


    I’ve just started using mine yesterday – internally and for brushing and rinsing. I’m wondering though, is there a need to SHAKE IT? I don’t have a shaker and so have been stirring thoroughly. Will it have the same effect? Or does it need the shaking action to become effective?

    Many thanks :)

  79. Jennifer says

    WellnessMama- so sorry so many people have asked the same questions over and over when you’ve answered those questions multiple times in this thread:-/ I read through and got all my questions answered! I can’t wait to order this stuff!!!!

  80. Iris Gonzales says

    Hey Mama,
    I take the mini pill birth control nightly. Do you think it would be safe to drink clay while on the pill?

  81. Marjorie says

    I can only eat the BC powder; I am not able to swallow it mixed in water. I do try to drink water afterwards. Is that ok? The company name is Living Clay, and it says on the container that the clay can be used internally; however, Living Clay only provides instructions for mixing with water. What do you think?

    I also do the same with Activated Charcoal. What is your thought on that? Thank you in advance.

  82. Defina says

    I used it for Internal Cleansing: I drank 1 tablespoon and the first two days I was fine. Today I;m somewhat bloated and get at frequent intervals very painful stabs of pain in my back, more so on the right side – perhaps in the kidneys.
    Any suggestions?

  83. Jay says

    Hi I Purchased the Clay you listed here but it says it not for internal use which brand do you use to do your internal detox

  84. Tina says

    I would love to try this clay to detox. I am concerned as I have the Bentonite clay from Moutain Rose Herbs. It does not say on the bag whether it is calcium or sodium but does say Not for internal use. I really am trying to understand why it says that and can one ever use the sodium clay internally, if not what can you do with it? Also you mention, as well as other sites, an article of MRSA being cured with clay, from a study done at Arizona State University. Now I have clicked on that link and I am wondering how you know what clay they are referring too, and i did not see the claim of MRSA cured/ killed. I guess I need some help interpreting all the technical lingo. I really would love to hear from you. Thank you for any help you may have.

  85. Nae says

    Thanks for your very informative article about Pascalite and its uses.
    My 2 year old son burnt his arm accidentally the other day and my dad gave me some Pascalite to use on it and it really does look remarkably better already. I had forgotten about it, we’ve always had it in the house growing up and it really does work for burns and insect bites. I was not aware that it had so many other uses so I will be ordering some for myself soon. I also made a face mask last night and wow did my skin look and feel amazing after that! I’m hoping that with regular use it might help with some old acne scars that I have.

  86. Shelly says

    My daughter suffers from a sun allergy (Poly Morphous Light Eruption) which gives her eczema patches on her face and extremely itchy bumps on her arms, legs, or any exposed skin. We have tried many prescriptions with limited success. I am looking forward to trying the clay, but am wondering if she should start with the external treatment first, then add the internal treatment? I also read the blog discussion about coconut oil and oil cleansing, and would really be interested in some advice on how to combine these treatments for her. She is 15 and extremely self conscious about this condition. I would love to find her a “miracle cure”!

    • Stephanie says

      Both my sister and I both have Poly Morphus Light Eruptions. I take 10,000IU vitamin A and most of the time I am fine. Of course, I should say that I cover most of body as much as possible when going out. I don’t take Beta Carotene because my body doesn’t convert it.

  87. Chris says

    I just purchased my first jar of clay and the instructions are rather vague. I was curious how most people make it into a mask for skin health.

    Can you make up a batch of clay and store it for a week or does it have to be made fresh for each use? I was hoping to mix a batch up and use it over the course of a week to save time.

    Any advice would be great.

  88. Marcia says

    Welness Mama, I love your blog. I have a question. What is the difference between bentonite clay and beige Australian clay? I want to make the deodorant, but I only have the beige Australian clay?

  89. Susan says

    I’m looking to detox my 3 year old from his first year immunizations. Will this work for that? How would I go about using it and, if take internally, how much should I give him?

  90. Hanna says

    I’m just wondering if anyone know if this Aztec Secrets, Bentonite Clay is actually ok to drink/eat? Just read a few articles that certain types might be bad for you. Do you know if this one is safe?

  91. Philip Harfleet says

    Highly informative and much appreciated. I’ve just ordered a kilo of Calcium Bentonite from a UK source and will be taking it internally in due course. Thanks everybody.

  92. Olivia says

    Hello Katie, I was after some advice. My 1yr old daughter has broken out in a nasty eczema episode. Tonight I’m going to give her an epsom salt bath with some lavender and tea tree oil and after make a mask with bentonite clay, vitamin e, almond oil, aloe vera and let her sleep with it. Is that a good plan… :/ ??? Have any suggestions to fight an aggressive eczema attack? I read your other posts on eczema and I’m also looking at her diet and have a doctors appointment…. my Mama’s intuition says it’s something to do with dairy products that’s causing this and also baby is teething at the moment and has been unwell for the last few days. Any advice from you or anyone else would be great. Thank you in advance.

    • LINDA says

      The dairy products you ingest, commercial products, pasteurized, may be the cause of the skin issue. Look on to see if there are dairys local to you where you can obtain fresh raw milk. I drink raw milk exclusively, My granddaughters are drinking it now and the one baby who had tummy issues with milk based formula is thriving on the raw milk. Bentonite Clay is a detoxifier and may also help. Good luck in your search!

  93. Shanna Lelli says

    Katie – love your column. I started using bentonite in my own toothpaste and mix it with coconut oil, salt and tea tree oil (with boiling water) so it is thick. A couple of questions… Does mixing it with the coconut oil reduce it’s effectiveness in absorbing toxins? And, I feel a little strange about this – I am also compelled to eat it. I take maybe a teaspoon or more on my finger several (okay many) times a day. I love it but it is almost like a compulsion. Does that mean I am missing something and I need it? Can it hurt me? I’d love to hear what you have to say about my strange new obsession. What if I was cosuming like maybe up to a 1/3 cup a day?

    • says

      The coconut oil should not reduce the effectiveness and except for high doses of the essential oil it should be ok to eat, but you might want to up your dietary fats and minerals in case your body is craving one of those.

    • cass says

      I craved this clay like the plague until my midwife had me take floridex iron supplement, so It could be some kind of deficiency. Our bodies crave things it needs. There must be something in dirt your body wants. :)

  94. Clare says

    Just a question about the link for where you buy your clay, is that one edible (Aztec Secrets, Bentonite Clay)? I’m in Australia and I’ve found one that says it’s edible and safe for internal and external use and I know some places that sell it it’s for external use only.

    Thanks for the great info ;)

  95. kayla says

    I have super bad eczema often on my face. I have been to the doctors and tried a bunch of stuff to help it go away. Nothing works and some even make it worse. Today I tried the Bentonite clay face mask and wow! The eczema is GONE!!!!!!! My skin feels great. :)

  96. renee says

    I take apple cider vinegar daily mixed in juice and have recently started taking calcium bentonite clay daily as well. Can I take the vinegar and clay together mixed in water or juice? I looked through every question and answer on here and did not see this addressed.. Thanks!!

    • april g says

      Hi there! Did you ever find an answer to your question about mixing ACV with clay and water or juice to drink? I too am trying to find an answer to the same question. I’ve done it before, but I’m wondering if the clay actually sucks up all the good stuff the ACV provides and defeats the purpose of taking it.

  97. Joanne says

    Hello, great post. Question for you though, the bentonite clay you link to at Amazon is labeled for skin care and does not say food grade. Is it still safe to use as toothpaste / tooth powder?
    Thank you,

  98. Calvin says

    Hi can I use Bentonite Clay on my old raised Keloids ? Will this shrink/flatten my keloids ? And has anyone on here used Bentonite Clay for that purpose ? Thnka

  99. denise c says

    hi ,
    I’m a little late on this bentonite craze lol but can I do the clay mask if I’m nursing ? thanks :)

  100. Clare says

    I’m just wondering if anyone who uses the bentonite clay as a face mask for the first time found that it stung a little and they had a bit of red blotchy marks on their face or neck after they washed it off? My face felt nice and smooth/soft after and it’s nice today but was wondering if that’s normal, I know I would feel some tightness as the clay dries. I’m a bit hesitant to try it internally now.

  101. Marie says

    I see it has been questioned above. I bought the Clay that you link to in this post and it says “For external use only.” I bought it at the Vitamin Shoppe and the girl uses it and said she would not use it internally. Do you use it internally often? Thanks

      • Marie says

        I love it as a face mask and in my detox bath’s. Since I have a chronic illness and take many meds. I am afraid to take it internally. I do plan to try for teeth though. Thanks.

  102. Laurie says

    I have read all comments, am convinced to try this! I would like to mix clay with HONEY as a paste.. to ingest. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work! (The honey alone, on a recent burn, immediately stopped the pain and NO signs of burn after!) The antibacterial properties of honey should aid in enhancing clays effects?

    Instinctively I think it would help deliver to the system immediately! I love the comment about any ALUMINUM would be drawn and NOT released!

    I thought of suggesting it to a friend for help with arthritis. Any thoughts? ¹/2 tsp a day?
    Thank you for this insight and I WILL download your app for my phone! Love?

  103. Melinda Palmer says

    Hello! I’ve seen it mentioned that this can be used to help with radiation treatments for cancer. I was wondering if anyone has tried this and had success? What did they experience? My dad has malignant melanoma and is starting to have a rough time with his radiation treatments and I’m looking for natural ways to help him. Thanks so much for the help!!

  104. Audrey Olenik says

    I am currently taking tremadol/Ulltram for cronic pain. Will taking the clay internally as a daily cleanse have any interactions and will it reduce the effectiveness of my meds?

  105. Deborah says

    Can you tell me if BC can be used externally to fade a tattoo? I have been told it can be used to remove/fade tattoos.

  106. Rose says

    I am 71 with multiple health problems, type 2 diabetes, acid reflux, uric acid, thyroid problems, afib, insomnia, etc. My Dr. put me on Cipro for 6 weeks a few years ago& when I went to the dermatologist was told the Dr had made a wrong diagnosis, common for this problem. I have lots of joint pain (knee replacement couple years ago), arthritis. I was set to order some calcium betonite from Abe’s Market–Earth’s Living Clay Anyone know anything about this product in particular? Then I read on e-how that seniors should not ingest Calcium Betonite Clay as it messes with your blood pressure. I don’t have a tub anymore so baths are not an option. Can I safely use this stuff—what are my options? I am really amazed at all the great results people are having with this product. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rose

  107. Eddie says

    Will it affect one’s vital minerals in any way? Also, how much sodium does a tablespoon of bentonite clay have? Is it okay to use if one has diverticulitis?


  108. jennifer says

    How often can I give a clay detox bath to my toddler and then elementary aged kids? How long should they sit in the bath? thanks

  109. Ioely says

    Hi. I would like to start taking bentonite clay orally, but I’m unsure which brand to buy. You link the Aztec secrets brand and I have that one but it says it’s only intended for external use. Can I still take it orally? Or which one can I take? Thanks.

  110. Alissa says

    You said it is not as effective if it comes in contact with metal. Does that include dental fillings?

  111. Kris says

    I had a very similar experience: a traumatic death caused me to fall into clinical depression. I’ll comment my experience, but bare in mind, I began seeing a psychiatrist and ended up on Zoloft and in therapy. Thank goodness for both of those things. My trauma and loss was 11 months ago. I’ve been diligent in pulling myself out of it at every chance. And an now in a state of coming down off of the antidepressants (slowly), and making sure I’m conscious of my feelings/thoughts. I also gained about 30 lbs during my depression. Being cautious NOT to take it anytime near when you take depression medication(s), bentonite has been helpful to me. Anything to help clean off/out the brain and your bodies filters, will help you go toward taking control at a proper pace. I do it 1-2x a week (small amount internally) and I do the face mask. * note: I’ve read on other sites the bentonite takes 24 hours to activate into electrical charge in water. So don’t swallow it/slather it until it’s been moist for 24 hours** I use it on my face almost DAILY and can’t believe the results. It draws out impurities and I have little to no outbreaks. I was having a ton because of my depression-diet (pizza.) Also, just the act of putting it onto your skin…. There is something to be said for this as well. It’s the “motions” of doing something FOR YOURSELF, which also has assisted in my recovery from depression. Because, as you probably know as well, while clinically depressed, there were many days I couldn’t even shower or brush my teeth. I just didn’t move. Let alone take care of myself by nurturing myself in a mud mask.
    Every little bit helps. Bentonite isn’t the cure to depression. That’s a war fought with strategy, thought and many weapons. :) but I do recommend having bentonite in your tool-box.
    I hope you’re doing well, and much support to you in your recovery. <3

  112. kahu says

    Hi Katie,
    I’ve just bought some Frontier bentonite, turns out it is calcium bentonite and white. I had been planning to use it as a facial cleanser. Now realising it is not quality bentonite, is there anything safe I can do with it? Thank you (:

  113. Terry Kendrick says

    I have a question about a skin problem. In 2006 I was hospitalized after a car wreck. I think either in the hospital or in the rehab facility, I picked up a scalp infection of some kind. I had my hair extremely short at the time for ease of care (I’m male.). Since that time, I have never got rid of the infection. I went to a dermatologist at the university medical center and he tried a few things, but to no avail. The most common things I use to try to alleviate the itching are apple cider vinegar and sometimes an astringent, applied with cotton ball. The person who once cut my hair said the appearance was sort of like acne. Any suggestions out there? I wondered about the Bentonite in some form or other. Thanks in advance.

  114. kahu says

    Sorry if I am asking this twice, I’m not sure if my previous comment didn’t get posted or it just hasn’t been moderated yet. My question was; I have discovered that the Frontiers bentonite I have bought is the white variety. Is there anything that this is safe/good for? I had wanted to use it as a cleanser. Thank you for your thoughts!

  115. Shaina says

    Have you given this to toddlers orally? My 1 year old has been having nasty diapers ever since he has been getting any milk other than breast milk (he is currently getting mostly breast milk with a little goat milk) and I was wondering if it is safe to give it to him.

  116. Michelle says


    So I was going to start using a bentonite clay face mask for blackheads when I came across a bunch of blogs saying that you should NOT let clay dry on your face. I already tried the mask with honey and it was OK but didnt really do much for blackheads. Do you know anything about this? Letting it dry seems to work for me..


  117. Ivy says

    I recently bought Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, which is 100% bentonite clay, but it only says it’s for a mask. Could I also use this internally?

  118. Sue Ana says

    Hi. I am trying this out as a facial for my horrible skin allergies, rashes, and acne. The problem is – after putting the “paste” of clay and water on my face as a facial, it really sticks to my face tightly and trying to wash this stuff off is very hard! By the time I have scrubbed it off with a washcloth, I have irritated my face even worse from all the scrubbing it takes to get it off. My question is – how do you guys get it off of your face easily without tearing up the skin with scrubbing? It doesn’t come off easily and leaves my face red and bleeding by the time I get it all off. Help!?

    • Ivy says

      I get warm/hot water on a washcloth and pat my face down with it until the mask is all wet and no longer tight, and then I start gently wiping off small areas of the mask with the washcloth. I hope this helps!!

  119. Kayla says

    Hi Wellness Mama, there seems to be a bit of controversy over whether or not the Bentonite Clay can lead to aluminum poisoning, but my big question is what’s the difference between activated charcoal and bentonite clay in terms of what it can do for you? From what it looks like they have similar effects from ingestion. Why take bentonite over activated charcoal? Right now I’d probably use BC externally and AC internally from what I’ve seen here but I’m wondering about your opinion.

    • says

      There is some debate on that. They bind to different things but activated charcoal is a great choice too. Definitely just research and make sure you are comfortable with anything you use. I also would not take either one for an extended period of time without a specific reason…

  120. Phil says

    Hi, I have some dental fillings still in place, is it ok to still use bentonite clay? Should I drink with a straw so it doesnt touch the fillings?

  121. Nicole says

    I have had a recurring urinary/kidney infection of E Coli…I have been on Levaquin & Cipro..and still have it….I wanted to try the clay to kill the E Coli anyone have any experience with it?

  122. Summer says

    When I clicked on the link that showed where you get your bentonite clay from it brought me to Amazon, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing, 1 Pound page. Is this the one you use? If so it says for external use only. Is this the one you drink? I am looking for one to use on skin topically, in toothpaste and to drink daily. What do you recommend?

  123. kelly says

    My son has a dermoid cyst on his eye, would bentonite help if I used it as a mud eye patch. Just thinking it might bring oxygen threw and in the process absorb some of the bad tissue.

  124. Sherry says

    I have scalp psoriasis and wondered if this would help it? Using as a paste on my scalp then washing it off? Also if taking internally, would this help C-Diff?

  125. Fashe says

    I used this clay to speed the detox when I quit smoking. It seemed to really help speed up the removal of the chemicals ingested through tobacco! Also, a big fan of Aloe Vera Juice. Trader Joe’s organic A.V. is about $9.00 afor a gallon. It really helps with IBS/Diverticulitus flare up’s.

  126. Janine says

    Hi Katie
    You must check out Donna Pessins work for ‘Healing the bowel, healing the body’ at unique She has amazing success over 30 years and uses large doses of sodium Bentonite.

  127. Katie says

    Hi- I have enjoyed reading about your insights on BC. Question- you said you used the face mask while nursing, but did you take internally? I am nursing, but am battling thrush (as is my little one) and I also have severe digestive issues, that I am beginning to think is yeast related. Do you think BC is safe while nursing?


  128. Khadijah says

    I bought some small glass jars to mix the clay in, but I didn’t realize you said it can’t come in contact with any metal. The lids on the jars are metal. Will it still be ok if the clay doesn’t come in direct contact with the lid? Or is having a metal lid still an issue even if it doesn’t touch the clay?


  129. Donna says

    Do you take DE and clay on a daily basis or do you need to take breaks? I’ve read conflicting info so I’d like to know what you’re comfortable with. Thank you for all the great info you provide.

  130. Hadiya says

    Hi, i have seen some questions regarding the clay and it’s efficacy if you have metal in the body (such as a metal plate for broken bones)
    What is your opinion on this, can it still be taken and do you think it will work if i have steel in my leg?

  131. Napier says

    Even Better Now is a website retailer that sells the most powerful and healing bentonite clay,
    I have found it to be far superior to the Aztec brand on Amazon. The stuff is miraculous.
    We need to detox the heavy metals dumped on us with the chemtrails.

  132. aubrey says

    Hey, I am planning on buying this clay for my bed ridden mom, she got severe bed sores.. Can bentonite clay be used on that? Would it be safe?

    • Hannah says

      I have just begun using calcium bentonite clay for my father’s bed sores. I spoke to Perry A, the author of Living Clay Nature’s Own Miracle Cure, and she said we should begin to see results in 4 days. He has tunneling bed sores that have been troubling him for years. I believe this might be the thing that cures him! The clay improves circulation to the area, as well as removing toxins, the two things that cause bed sores.

      Every morning and night, we pack a thick layer of hydrated calcium bentonite clay (3:1 water to clay mixture mixed to the point that it has no clumps), and cover it with glad press n seal (this is what Perry recommended). Then, we wash it off when we change the poultice (every 12 hours). Here is a link with more information:

      Good luck!

  133. Kathy says

    I have purchased bentonite clay for internal detox. I also purchased psyllium husk to prevent constipation but am not reading psyllium husk is a no no on SCD or paleo diets.

    My question is – do I really NEED the psyllium? Any suggestions for alternatives?

    thank you!

  134. Angelie says

    Thanks for the great post :) I got a bag of bentonite clay from rose mountain herbs quite some years back and was quite surprised to find that the clay powder wasn’t water soluble. It just lay on top of the water or sunk in air-spheres (much like pure cacao in cold water). Therefor it was always a quite nasty drink (tried to shake i up, which only resolved in smaller clay-filled spheres). Has this ever happened for you?

    • Vonda says

      Angelie, I did the same thing (ordered from MRH) only to discover it was not the bentonite type to be used internally. It says “for external use” on the package. Yeah, when you mix it, it become VERY pastey, which is probably great for a face/body mask. From the little research I’ve been doing, I think it’s the CALCIUM bentonite that can be used internally AND externally. The one NOT to be used internally is SODIUM bentonite.

  135. Susan says

    When I was younger, I had chronic ear infections. No medicines seemed to help. My mother heard a radio program one day where she heard about bentonite. She went out & found some and started giving me some. Lo and behold, the infections went away! Now I give it to my kids when needed (just 1/2 tsp /day mixed with juice/water) and myself. It’s been a boon to us. I definitely recommend it, but don’t overdo it – it does cause constipation.

  136. Mary says

    I’m new to all this and starting to research making my own, healthy alternatives to store bought health and beauty products, and my husband and I have recently been working on detoxing. I’m very interested in the healing properties of Bentonite Clay. I’m curious about the California lead warning on the container for the Redmond Clay brand. Is that not a problem? Is it considered a safe amount? Thanks!

  137. Chiquita says


    I am wondering if it is safe to use one your face (lower half) if you have dental implants.

    Great site, thanks for your info and help.

  138. Neda says

    A friend of mine used bentonite clay in her bath and the next day her eyes were swollen and she became constipated for a few days with hard ball like stool, which I know is a liver issue. Just curious to hear your take on why that would’ve happened? What should she do the next time to prevent that from happening again? Anything prior to the bath?

    Thank you

  139. Monica S. says


    I recently purchased the bentonite clay from Mountain Rose Herbs. Once I received the bag, it said it was only recommended for external use only. Did I somehow order the wrong product? I wanted to use it for toothpaste. Also the Clay is a greenish/gray color, is that okay?

    • Monica S. says


      I recently purchased the bentonite clay from Mountain Rose Herbs. Once I received the bag, it said it was only recommended for external use only. Did I somehow order the wrong product? I wanted to use it for toothpaste for my two year old. He has some early signs of mineral deficiencies and some browning on his teeth that we are working in healing with clays and diet. Also the Clay is a greenish/gray color, is that okay?

      I also order Living Clay. Is this a good brand. It says for internal use.

      I read on another site that pascalite Clay was used to heal teeth. Any info on pascal its?

  140. Jessie Waite says

    I apologize if you’ve already covered this but I was wondering if you take the clay you recommend internally. I have been using it as a mask but the container says not to take internally. I heard there is a liquid form you can buy. I would like to take take it if it is safe.

  141. rox says

    Very strangely I had a bentonite bath for detox. Washed my hair in it. Since then my silver grey hair has gone a golden blonde and won’t was out!
    Any suggestions on cause?

  142. Denise says

    What is the difference between the Bentonite Clay and the Redmond Clay? Some of the links for Bentonite Clay take me to Redmond Clay on Amazon.

  143. Heather says

    So I recently came across your website and am loving all the resources. Lately been having several health problems with my gut. So to my great horror I decided to do a parasite cleanse/colon detox. I was wondering if anyone here has done one with the NOW Black walnut hull w/ wormwood and cloves tincture. I’m also going to combine this with Psyllium husks and bentonite clay. First question, since I have metal fillings in my teeth, would the capsules work for the clay since I can just swallow them? Also, what brands of both the husks and clay would you recommend as the safest and highest quality? Thanks so much!

  144. Kayleen says

    When I started making toothpaste from your recipe you recommended Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It says on it for external use only. I want to use this product up before buying the Redmond one you now recommend. Do you consider the Aztec Secret safe to use as the tough rinse and to take internally to cleanse the colon?

  145. Gina says

    Hi. Sorry but were you aware that this clay has trace amounts of lead in it? How safe is it to actually use, do you think?

  146. Lisa Byrd says

    Last year I had a staph infection on my leg from a small motorbike exhaust burn, it was awful to try and get rid of, I live in a tropical environment and it kept popping back up. The sore was so deep and had to be packed with gauze and betodine. Do you think that a clay poultice would be a good idea if I ever had this experience again?

  147. Denise says

    Please let me know if I can give this to my husband. We have Redmond Clay here. I have not used it yet. Husband has fever of. 101 and maybe stomach flu. He hasn’t vomited yet. We have 4 small children too. 6,4 2 and 3 minths old. I’m kind of worried. Kids just got over throwing up mucous and fever from colds. Baby has rsv. We are a mess!

  148. Carla says

    Hi, I would love to know …. I have just been diagnosed with coeliac disease.
    Does the bentonite clay have any benefits re using it to control this.
    I would love to hear your thoughts as am very much into natural remedies and getting to the source of the problem.
    Many thanks!

  149. Lori says

    I’m glad I came upon this post, I was just reading a new post from the coconut mama about bentonite clay, I’ve been using Great Plains Liquid clay, but have ran out of it, but I also have The Aztec Secret Brand too, and after reading her post I was wondering if I could use it internally, and after reading through the numerous comments asking this question over and over I want to say you have a lot of patience for the same question over and over and am going to start saving money and just using the powder, but I do have a question that wasn’t asked, if I use this internally for a detox, and I have no real reason like an infection or acne does using it externally add any bonus, like some kind of a skin detox or anything, or may pollutants that just go through the skin? And then I would assume that using it in a weekly bath would be good, I take epsom salt baths several times a week, I could add some with that.

  150. Rachael says

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for all the great info! I know you mentioned not letting the clay come into contact with anything metal. I am eager to try clay detoxification, but I have metal dental implants in my mouth. Do you have any idea how this would react with the clay when drinking it?

    Thanks for your time and input!

  151. Michele says

    I started drinking bentonite clay mixed with water as soon as I get out of bed. I understand I have to wait an hour before eating but how long do I have to wait for my first cup of coffee? Thank you.

  152. erin says

    Is bentonite clay the only clay that you use? Or are there other clays that you benefit from as well?

    Sorry if this questions was already asked. My computer is freezing up and I’m not able to read all the comments. Thanks! :)

  153. Judy says

    I recently decided to stop ingesting aspartame and Splenda. I have been consuming these products for 33 years or so.

    I want to get these toxins out of my body quickly as possible. I have ordered the Redmond’s Clay Capsules and some activated charcoal.

    I was wondering if I can take both of these products or do I need to rotate taking them?

  154. Margot White says

    Great article on clay. Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding lead naturally occurring in clay. I am currently looking at adding toothpastes to our shop that contain clay, and am looking for thoughts on this.

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