Cravings? Fix Your Leptin!

Crave Foods? Could be your Leptin levels- how to fix it

Ever had trouble sticking to a diet?

Crave (junk) foods?


Want to snack, especially at night?

These are all indications that you could have some Leptin issues. Leptin is a master hormone in the body that controls hunger and feelings of satiety. Leptin is secreted by adipose (fat) tissue, so the more overweight a person is, typically, the higher his leptin levels.

According to Mark’s Daily Apple: “Leptin is the lookout hormone – the gatekeeper of fat metabolism, monitoring how much energy an organism takes in. It surveys and maintains the energy balance in the body, and it regulates hunger via three pathways:

  • By counteracting the effects of neuropeptide Y, a potent feeding stimulant secreted by the hypothalamus and certain gut cells.
  • By counteracting the effects of anandamide, another feeding stimulant.
  • By promoting the production of a-MSH, an appetite suppressant.”

It is also directly tied to insulin levels. Many people these days are Leptin resistant and there are many health problems tied to this problem. High leptin levels have been tied to high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and stroke, as well as blood sugar related problems.

High levels of Leptin and the accompanying leptin resistance can also decrease fertility, age you more quickly and contribute to obesity. If you’re trying to lose weight or improve a health problem, chances are you have Leptin resistance. If you can’t seem to stick to health changes, chances are you have Leptin resistance.

In other words, if you want to make lasting health changes or lose weight and keep it off, you have to fix your leptin. The good news is: if you’ve failed at diets or health changes in the past, it was likely because you failed to regulate your Leptin levels and doing so can help you finally make lasting changes. Leptin resistance and its related problems are a complex problem involving the endocrine system and reversing them requires more than simple calorie restriction or will power.

The Downward Spiral

Leptin is the satiety hormone produced by fat cells, so it would seem logical that those with more fat cells would produce more Leptin, which would signal the body to eat less food and weight would normalize. This over-simplified idea is great in theory, but doesn’t always occur, especially in those with damaged metabolisms or endocrine problems (which includes most overweight people).

According to this article: “The problem is not in the production of leptin, but rather, studies show that the majority of overweight individuals who are having difficulty losing weight have a leptin resistance, where the leptin is unable to produce its normal effects to stimulate weight loss. This leptin resistance is sensed as starvation, so multiple mechanisms are activated to increase fat stores, rather than burn excess fat stores. Leptin resistance also stimulates the formation of reverse T3, which blocks the effects of thyroid hormone on metabolism (discussed below).”

So, the person is eating excess food but the body thinks it is starving and tells the person to eat more. It’s easy to see how this cycle could contribute to weight gain!

Factors that Contribute to Leptin Resistance

As with all hormone issues, Leptin resistance is a complex issue with no singular cause, but there are many factors that can negatively impact Leptin levels including:

  • Fructose consumption (especially in forms like High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • High stress levels
  • Consumption of a lot of simple carbs
  • Lack of sleep
  • High insulin levels (vicious cycle here)
  • Overeating
  • Exercising too much, especially if your hormones are already damaged
  • Grain and lectin consumption

How to Fix Leptin Resistance:

As I said, this is a complex problem, but not an irreversible one. Dr. Jack Kruse (a neurosurgeon) and Stephan Guyenet (an obesity researcher) have both written in depth about the causes of Leptin imbalance and ways to reverse it. I highly recommend these articles for more information about their approaches: Changing the Body’s Setpoint, Factors that affect Leptin, and Dr. Kruse’s Leptin Prescription. The book Mastering Leptin also has a much more in depth explanation and suggestions.

In short, the (non-negotiable) factors that will help improve leptin response are:

  • Eating little to no simple starches, refined foods, sugars and fructose
  • Consuming a large amount of protein and healthy fats first thing in the morning, as soon after waking as possible. This promotes satiety and gives the body the building blocks to make hormones. My go-to is a large scramble with 2-3 eggs, vegetables and left over meat from the night before cooked in coconut oil.
  • Be in bed by ten (no excuses) and optimize your sleep!
  • Get outside during the day, preferably barefoot on the ground, in mid-day sun with some skin exposed. There are many reasons this is helpful and I’ll be explaining them soon)
  • DON’T SNACK!!! When you are constantly eating, even small amounts, during the day it keeps your liver working and doesn’t give hormones a break. Try to space meals at least 4 hours apart and don’t eat for at least 4 hours before bed. This includes drinks with calories but herbal teas, water, coffee or tea without cream or sugar are fine.
  • Don’t workout at first. If you are really Leptin resistant, this will just be an additional stress on the body. Let your body heal a little first, then add in the exercise.
  • When you do exercise, do only sprints and weight lifting. Walk or swim if you want to but don’t do cardio just for the sake of cardio. It’s just a stress on the body. High intensity and weight lifting, on the other hand, give the hormone benefits of working out without the stress from excess cardio and are great after the first few weeks. Also, workout in the evening, not the morning, to support hormone levels.
  • Remove toxins from your life as these are a stress on your body. There will be more specifics on how to accomplish this in the next few weeks, but getting rid of processed foods, commercial deodorants (make your own) and comercial soap (use microfiber) will go a long way!
  • Eat (or take) more Omega-3s (fish, grassfed meats, chia seeds) and minimize your Omega-6 consumption (vegetable oils, conventional meats, grains, etc) to get lower inflammation and help support healthy leptin levels.

Here’s a great video that explains more about the Leptin hormone cascade and how it impacts your health:

Do you have any of these issues? Think Leptin is a struggle for you? Try this and let me know how it goes!

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Reader Comments

  1. Stacie says

    Great post… this sounds a lot like me! I really have been trying to get more sleep, as I think this is a major issue for me. Power walking has always been my go-to exercise, and I would like to get more into weight training and higher intensity workouts, I just don’t really know what the heck I am doing…

    • Jennifer 'Byrnes' Bosley says

      I love weight training and have never really enjoyed cardio, so I enjoyed reading this! If you’d like to chat Stacie about ways to enjoy weight lifting, look me up on Facebook.

    • Debra M. Harris says

      same as mine having lack of sleep, And “Interesting information, thanks for making these contributions.

      Thank you very much!”

  2. says

    i’m just now reading this, even though i should have read it before. i think that this may be one of my problems. i recently have needed this. my stress levels are extremely high. i have been snacking more and having more slip ups with what ive been eating. i’m making sure i eat better, but still have been snacking (cherries are my downfall right now). i’m going to try these pointers!

  3. Jessica says

    How do you know if you’re leptin resistant? Is there a test one can take?
    I’m also wondering what causes it? I’m glad for the links you posted but I’d love a short answer… :)

    • says

      Typically, if you are overweight, it is pretty certain you are Leptin resistant, or if you have sleep troubles or fatigue in the afternoon. Thin people, especially those naturally very thin can also have leptin resistance though.

      • Madie says

        Who tell me how thin people can have it o.o ( I’m very thin and I can’t get met on me I eat as much as I can but I can’t get fat :( I’m thin as a pencil and always hungry but can’t get fat why is that?)

      • Jill says

        I have been battling my weight all of my life. After 4 kids, gaining 60 pounds and losing it, for the most part. I have exercised for a year now and eating clean and no progress. I mean not even a pound that stayed off. I am ready to find a reason causing this beside my doctor saying its just me. I also added a natural thyroid, Armor in the last three months. No change!! But you probably new that. Any help would be great.

    • Nancy B. says

      Yes, there is a blood test that can show the Leptin level and if it’s too high, like mine is. I just received my test results after my physical, showing the number. This was recently added to the blood test my doctor uses, Health Diagnostics Lab. My health coach told me this was a recently added test to the blood workup HDL uses. I like the results this lab gives, and explanations also. I also had a regular Executive Panel blood workup done at the same time, with faster results, but it didn’t test for Leptin. I’m thankful to know now that working on my Leptin level and Leptin resistance issues is going to make a difference for my health.

  4. Sarah says

    Thanks so much… Your posts have some of the most helpful information I have found. I have had almost all of these problems and It’s so frustrating not being able to lose weight no matter what I try. Even my doctor never has any suggestions of what to do. I have already been doing some of these things, but I will try the others too. I really hope it works this time!

  5. Dawn says

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve only just learned about leptin and its relationship to weight issues. You mention avoiding fructose. I get avoiding refined sugars, but fruit also contains fructose. Do you recommend avoiding fruit as well? Doesn’t the fiber present in fruit mitigate the fructose present in fruit? I’ve provided a link to Dr. Robert Lustig’s talk on sugar where he discusses the effect of fructose when consumed with fiber.

  6. Fran says

    I dont know if my problem is Leptin resistant or what it could be. I just know that I eat very well and recently developed diabetes, literally overnight. Had bloodwork done and the first result said 109 and 3 months later it said 346??? I am currently searching for a natural cure for Diabetes and to help me shed a pound or 60 lol. Seriously anything you might be able to suggest would be like gold :) I am a LMT and believe in the bodys ability to heal itself when instructed the right way.

      • Mocha says

        Please email me too.
        my mother had lap band to help with diabetes but it did nothing for her! She’s since had it removed because it slipped. Inches away from her ribcage.

    • Sunny Guzman says

      My mom has finally got her Diabetes under control after living off meds for 30 years. This book Reversing Diabetes by Neal D. Barnard is what has really helped her.

      • debra johnson says

        I am very interested in how she did this as I too take Metformin, for type 2 diabetes. I am trying hard to get my medical condition under control with diet and possibly lose the rest of this weight.

    • Elizabeth says

      I took Metformin which worked well for me. Then I started taing Turmeric/Curcumin and I had to reduce my Metformin. That stuff worked great on lowering my Blood Sugars. Good Luck!

    • JJ says

      Diabetes Type 2 – Newcastle University(UK) did a trial with a number of Type 2 patients – low calorie diet and allegedley they were cured of Type 2, though I believe all patients had only had the condition for 4 years or less? May be worth speaking to your GP?

    • Becky says

      I know some people have had success with the Schwarzbein Plan for eating. She has written a book and companion cookbook. If you google it you will find info. Good Luck!

    • Nina says

      My mom was diagnosed but now, at her one year anniversary of being diagnosed with diabetes, is off all medications. Her blood sugar was over 800 when she was diagnosed!! She takes three drops of basil essential oil and three drops of coriander essential oil daily in a capsule, eats 45 carbs per meal, no skipping meals, and two snacks (about 15 carbs each). Sometimes she misses the snacks. The meals are made of half veggies – not starchy ones, though – 1/4 protein source and 1/4 starch or well, basically the bulk of the carbs. She is so dedicated. It is encouraging because I don’t have the best diet but know it can totally be done! Her A1C is back to a normal, non-diabetic, range. Certainly she can have treats does occasionally eat out and deviate from this 45 carb diabetic diet but it is her mainstay. (FYI we were told 60 carbs is the goal range for men.) The essential oils were a big factor in getting off the meds and she had to work closely with providers on decreasing (then finally stopping) her meds since her blood sugar was actually way too low in the AM until she got off all the meds. Also, I’m sure you’re already thinking this way but I’ll throw it out there … it would be wise to explore possible reasons you became diabetic in the first place. If there is something else going on, it’d be good to know, right? All the best!

  7. says

    I’m the opposite… I’m really skinny… and no matter how and what I eat, I don’t gain… I need to balance my hormones or my face keeps breaking out! Once leptin is fixed, will I gain weight?

    • kari says

      The leptin helps with hormones and makes you able to lose weight easier. It will help with your face but it won’t make you gain weight

    • scarlet says

      Had a friend with the same problem. She ate all the time and kept losing weight. Her doctor even accused her of being an exercise anorexic. Turns out she had celiac disease. Once she cut out gluten, she was able to keep on weight and her skin cleared up.

      • Briana Coy Blevins says

        This is what were going through with my daughters! People keep telling me that gluten intolerance only makes you overweight, but I know this is why my girls are “failure to thr
        Thank you for sharing, I was beginning to think it was all my imagination!

  8. Preet says

    i am 23yrs old and i am having the problem of constantly increasing weight , i had done regular exercise, dieting, healthy food eating and i had even starded walking for 10-15 kms but i had got no change in my weight , not even 1kg is reduced instead it has increased. please suggest me what should i do and should i concern d doctor……

    please suggest

  9. Danni says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is me all the way. I was puzzled because in the past when I attempted to lose weight I all I would have to do is run the block (so to speak) and the weight would fall off. I’ve tried almost everything (no surgery) and I am still 284lbs (heaviest in my life)!! I am going to try this for a month first two weeks the diet (protein heavy breakfast) and incorporate walking. This is a God send because I was hopeless.
    Thank you!

  10. says

    Wondering how long before you can add in cardio? I’m possitive my hormones are out of balance and I am Leptin Resisitant. I have done a triathlon and half marathon each year for the last 4 years and have not lost one pound. I’m considering not doing either this year if I have to stop training for a long time. What can you suggest?

  11. says

    For over a month I’d walk…up a hill and back down. Usually 5 days a week. No weight loss although I did feel better. One day my daughter walked with me and got ahead by a couple of blocks, at the end of the hill. She stopped and waited on me. I decided to jog down to her. I made it! Got on the scales the next morning and discovered I’d lost my FIRST POUND!! Since then I’ve found that short, fast exercise is the only way I can lose weight. So I go to the local park and walk with light jogging down each small hill and some jogging on flat areas, but not too much (heart problems, doc won’t let me exercise too hard). I lose weight that way!

  12. Jan says

    Thank you! This is very interesting, and I think I may have leptin resistance. My question is about regular grocery store meats. I have no access to grass fed, and wonder how much this will affect my “recovery”?

  13. Kathie says

    The article indicates not sugar or fructose – does this include fruit? I have been using my vitamix to make whole food smoothies (skin and all)and the fruit is what helps me deal with the veggie taste.

  14. Dulsanea Naedek says

    Great article and passed it along to my readers! Thank you. These are changes that I personally have already incorporated. My good fortune as provided us with an age- management physician who’s practices focuses on balancing the hormones for both women and men.

  15. Alexandria Jackson says

    I have a question. I suspect hormone imbalance and I’m dealing with mood swings, depression, hair thinning, change in hair texture and a little in color too, restlessness and change in period flow and cervix mucus. I’m not sure if I have food cravings cause I’m use to eating through out the day especially late at night to try and and gain weight. I’ve been skinny (steady weight of 110lbs) for the longest and lost 5lbs after taking contraception (depo provera). I wasn’t too happy with so I started the pill and at some point started taking double in hopes of gaining weight instead ended up losing 4 more pounds that is not steady constantly going up and down. on top of that I took some herbs fenurgreek, saw palmetto and red clover to promote hair growth and increase bust size. Not coming to the conclusion that it could be hormones until 2 weeks ago. Help me?

    • Amanda D. says

      I’m not the author of this article but maybe look into Natural Vitality Natural Calm magnesium supplement (found it on another page), I’ve read a lot of reviews on how it helps improve mood, and helps with better sleep at night. As for hair, you could try taking a Gelatin supplement possibly? It’s supposed to help with hair, nails, etc.

        • Cat says

          Well, dry gelatin sure does! Both myself and my elderly cat have been enjoying relief from joint pain for a couple of years now.

          • Sharron says

            Hi Werebear, where do you buy the dry gelatin from, what brand. Is it for supplement consumption it just cakes and glazes? Thanks Sharron

    • Shari says

      If you are struggling like this-the GAPS diet might be a good place to start. There are good gelatins out there. Also, see a Naturopath (a good one!) who will run a thorough panel on you (T3, T4, Homocysteine, D3, the WORKS). ND’s don’t do temporary, cover up’s of symptom’s. They get to the bottom of it and try to heal you.

  16. Penny Delgado says

    when you say to you cook with coconut oil, do you cook with extra virgin coconut oil? I cant stand the smell of coconut oil on my food. I have used refined coconut oil which doesn’t have the smell. But would that even be beneficial?

  17. paul says

    i’ve given up smoking for 2 years now but im really over weight and i like cooking which means i like eating,im trying to cut down but i struggle,one day i’ll get the weight down.but at least the cigs are gone.

  18. says

    It would be great to see some of these things addressed from the standpoint of people who work night shifts. Many of us have a hard time getting the sleep we need, because we sleep in the daytime, and at night when we are off. Our sleep cycles are pretty messed up.

    • Paula Jones says

      Amen! I’ve been working nights for most of my 24 year USPS career, and my sleep cycle has definitely suffered, and finding a balance is a struggle.

  19. kate carr says

    I really enjoyed the video, I just wish it had been longer with more info. I do thank you for all you gave me and now I guess I need the book.

  20. Virginia says

    WOW! I really enjoyed this article… thank you for sharing!!! :-) This is so fascinating … I really wish I could get a handle on it all. So much to take in and think about.

  21. Megan Houser says

    There was NO explanation as to the benefits of walking outside barefoot midday with some skin exposed. I see “do this and not that” but no explanation as to why. More info as to why would be nice. I’d rather read than watch a video since not everyone speaks well or clearly. Or there is always the mic is too far away.

    • Caitlyn Baldo says

      Going barefoot outside is for “grounding” yourself. It’s been so long since I read about “grounding” but I know its beneficial. I want to say it’s because we spent a lot of time “plugged in” with electric/technology and being ungrounded, or being negatively charged actually messes with your body. Not the most helpful answer, sorry, but here is an article about it

      • Andrea says

        Dr. Bob Beck published several books about the role of electrics in biochemistry. Earthing, The Bob Beck Protocol are good place to start reading if you are interested in learning more. My friend is breast cancer free after following his protocol and modified Gerson therapy regime.

  22. christina Hernandez says

    So having a high protein breakfast and coconut oil coffee will still help my body lose? Or is it one or the other?

  23. Veronica says

    Great post! I gave birth almost 11 months ago.. and all during pregnancy I had the feeling I had excessive amount of hormones. I even developed a third nipple! Now, 11 months later, my linea nigra is still visible and the darkening over my lip still hasn’t faded. I have been working out, and on all types of diets (from Weight Watchers to herbalife), and even went to a nutritionist, but he seemed to think I was cheating on my diet because it didn’t work. I am frustrated and once I started googling “can’t lose weight” came to your site. Is this a common issue for mothers? Can this be pregnancy related?

  24. kam says

    Every time I go to bed early I wake up between 2 & 3 am and can’t get back to sleep. Sometimes I’m so hungry I had to get something to eat before I can sleep again.

  25. Rose Robinson says

    Thanks so much Katie for a fantastic blog! I was so pleased to come across this article on Leptin. I have had all these symptoms and have been really stressing about what the heck could be wrong with me! So this is a real lifesaver. SO pleased to see someone popularising wellness rather than pill-popping! Respect.

  26. Holly says

    I just started reading on leptin. I don’t know if its my issue or not. All my life I’ve been a tiny person. According to standards I’m only overweight by 10 pounds. However, being 5’6″ tall, most of my life I was never one pound over 125. I always rested between 118 when I wasn’t working out and up to 125 when I decided to take better cAre of myself. At age 34, I’ve been struggling to loose weight. I’m now 140 to 145. For the past year it’s been steady at 140, when I’m at the gym for five to six days a week I see a drop in my weight. It use to be, just stress alone would lose weight, but not anymore sense my hormones are changing as I get older. For the most part I’m doing as suggested above, but I don’t eat meat for breakfast other then eggs. I have sensitivity to red meat, which I eat still but only once a day and usually for dinner. I have a mix of cardio and weight lifting because cardio alone doesn’t do much for me. But not long ago, I pulled my shoulder muscle and its has a horrible knot on top of it that’s slowly going away. Took own weeks off from the gym and gone back since last week, it’s slowly going away but it’s one annoying stab in my back, i can only sleep on one side. And throughout the day, it feels better. I’ve gone back to weights but doing baby steps. Where I am getting at this is, if rather lose weight the natural way. No pills, which also means no supplements designed for weights lose.

  27. Connie says

    I have been dealing with weight problems all of my life. It runs in my family. I was told by my Dr. I need to lose weight. I asked him for suggestions, he said, ” just don’t put it in your mouth”. That was helpful. My husband was going through chemo treatments. We were drinking an energy smoothie with fruit and flax or chia seeds every morning. I felt better, lost some weight and slept better at night. When he passed, everything stopped. I quit the protein routine in the morning and sleeping has been minimal. I am no longer making the smoothies. I was doing that for him. I realize now after reading your information I need to go back to my old routines for me and my health.

  28. Mary says

    Hello, I love your site. Everything I google leads me right back to you. I just have a question on leptin and intermittent fasting. I typically eat 3 large meals a day, however about 2 mornings a week I work out for about an hour, and I usually enjoy breakfast by 10am. However I have been doing bulletproof coffee (with gelatin) and I usually have at least 2 brazil nuts. I am at a healthy weight however I am dealing with some hormone issues since getting off the pill over a year ago. I am just looking for a second opinion to make sure I am not causing extra stress or harm. I work nights and I am usually up by 8am, so in order to attend this class I don’t have time to eat before. Thanks again for all of your wonderful information!

  29. sandra says

    great article….but where do i start? primary doctor has done blood tests and says all is good….but i think i know my body better!

  30. Jessica Loge says

    I am really desperate to lose weight and currently on a slight dieting. is it true that just by having enough sleep, eating healthily i would manage to lose weight?
    i m aiming to lose 5kg is there any suggestions that enables me to accomplish it in a month or so?
    really need the suggestions thx!!:)

  31. Nuryi says

    Thanks, now i understand why i’m not losing weight. Today I just did a serious workout and i feel like i want to eat the world. I felt like what the hell is going on. After seeing your video i realized that the Garcinia Camboia was putting me in the starvation mode. So when i don’t take it for a a day or two like today, i have great hungrier. Thank YOU

  32. Daniela says

    I am 40 a mother of 3, have fibromyalgia and am overweight. I feel like an 80 year old and struggle with chronic fatigue and have been gluten free for ages. Do you think that leptin levels and fibromyalgia are connected? After all they are adrenal related. I have just completed a complete gut detox over 4 months and now take supplements to rebuild my adrenals. I just can’t seem to lose weight. my dr said my cortisol levels are too high but I’m trying to reduce them. Wondering if leptin is the reason?

  33. Fae says

    What are your suggestions for low sex drive?

    My son is 15 m old and still nursing. Though my libido has picked up compared to when he was born, it’s still not a lot. And I’m feeling like my next move is going to the doctor, which I don’t want to do. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

  34. Michele says

    Just joined the Wellness Mama community yesterday and found this article today. I have struggled with weight problems most of my life. A few years ago I went on a low carb diet and lost 63 pounds and kept it off as long as I stayed low carb, about 5 years. Got off the low carb diet and started putting the weight back on, now slightly larger than I was when I started the low carb before. Recently had blood work that showed elevated blood glucose, pre-diabetic is what it said. Both my parents were diabetic so I was keeping an eye on it for a long time. My mom passed away a little over a year ago and I haven’t been taking very good care of myself since then. After receiving those blood results I’ve started back on a low carb diet, been on it about two and a half weeks. The weight loss has been minimal so far, I’ve only lost about 3 pounds, and so far I haven’t seen much improvement in my sugar levels. I tend to have high levels in the morning and it drops during the day, don’t know what’s up with that. I am also menopausal so I know my hormones are out of whack. I am eating nothing with sugar in it and mostly the only carbs I am consuming are from vegetables, broccoli, romaine lettuce, spinach, green onion, peppers, mustard greens, arugula, mostly in salad form. I am eating ranch dressing with my salad and eating some cubed cheese. My breakfast consists of 2 eggs scrambled with broccoli, green onion, jalapeno pepper and cubed cheese. Lunch is usually a hamburger, without bun, mayonnaise, and salad greens. Supper is a meat and salad. I don’t snack unless I get really hungry between meals and then I will snack on some almonds and dried cranberry, but I try not to snack. I do take supplements at night before bed and I usually drink them with a small amount of milk. Can anyone tell me how long it will take to see an improvement?

    • Fancis says

      Cut out dairy…dairy is highly insulinemic worse for you than complex carbos….add some complex carbohydrates i.e. black beans and quinoa or pinto beans and brown rice. Eat protein just before consuming the complex carbos. Many people on high protein/fat diets will do well for awhile then have weight problems later….I speak from personal experience.

      Another problem…I discovered that I was loaded with parasites…even though I ate a really clean and healthy diet…I could not lose weight…it was the parasites disrupting my metabolism. Look up ascaris, liver flukes and rope worms. You will see my pics under

  35. Jane Bryer says

    Great site, lots to think about. Does anyone know the plant extract that helps the brain respond to Leptin? …it has been mentioned but not named.

    • Debbie says

      I read somewhere that taking turmeric/curcumin extract helps the body use leptin properly along with alot of other great health benefits! Just got mine, we’ll see if it makes any difference…

  36. Betsy says

    Thanks Katie! I’ve been doing a lot of research on leptin levels and how to kick my metabolism into gear. Our family has a history of diabetes and I have been bordering on hypoglycemia for years. I knew that sugars and fats and processes food were not good, but could never figure out why. So thank you for your simple answers! I can make sense now of what I should be doing and must be doing!

  37. Carrie S says

    Your post mentioned using microfiber cloths instead of commercial soap and your link led to Norwex. I’ve heard of them, but couldn’t tell from the site what type of cloth you’re recommending as they sell so many different ones. I couldn’t find one specifically for skin. Thank you for any help.

  38. Kat Rodriguez says

    I love your blog and this is a great post. I will make one comment though. As a personal trainer I would not recommend someone take a break from exercise and then return to it by doing sprints. This can lead to injury as the body is not conditioned for such strenuous work. I would suggest easing back in with a program that gradually builds toward high intensity workouts.

  39. Alex King says

    I think I might have this problem as well. I’m finding it extremely hard to loose those last 5 pounds of body fat stored in my belly. I eat healthy although I used to eat almost all my calories in uneven proportions just to get my macros: did not work. I am currently on the zone diet which says helps to balance hormones. I have lots of trouble sleeping most of the time (I can finally doze at 1:30 to 2:00 a.m.) only to wake up at six in the morning for class. After class I have work and then I nap an hour or so before working out. I feel either tired or energetic most of the time, almost never in between. Have any extra pointers?

  40. Leona says

    Love your website Katie. I read Mastering Leptin many years ago but never put it to use until about two years ago. I had tried everything that came down the road to loose my “baby weight” and I only succeeded in loosing a few pounds then gaining back more. It was hard at first making it 4 hours between meals (I now go 5 hours). My head was filled with the idea of grazing to keep the metabolism running. That only made me to want more. Keeping Leptin in mind has helped me drop 60 pounds (and have kept it off). I still have the occasional “falling off the band wagon” but I review the five steps in the book and I am back on track. As for exercise, I love to walk. I try for three miles most days. I also do weight training a couple times a week and a garden that give me a great opportunity for grounding. I feel fantastic and would recommend this lifestyle to everyone. Start slowly, adding one change at a time and arriving at success comes easily.

  41. Chathuri says

    Hi! I’m into intensive short workouts, specially cardio. Well my fitness level has increased. I am fit and in good shape yet I feel something is wrong. I don’t feel satiated in mind. Even after intensive workouts or sex I would still go another round.

  42. Sheila Ferrell says

    Thank you for this site. It is one of my favorite sites.
    After the research Ive done on hormone imbalance, I see that I fit to a T, the leptin resistance problem.

    Is there a concise, specific list of the ONLY foods I should consume to increase leptin acceptance ?
    meanwhile, i will work on gettin more sleep & stressing less about my wayward teen & bills …
    (this i think may be harder than avoiding carb cravings)

  43. Jessica says

    Is there any indication how long it takes to reset your Leptin?

    I’ve cut out all refined sugar and recently have reduced all carb/grain intake to about 2-3 servings a week. I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks and though I feel great, I’ve been disappointed that I’ve lost very little weight (just some water weight).

    I’m remaining motivated mostly because I really want to make my body healthy, but I am rather overweight, so I hoped weight loss would be a great side effect.

    Now that I’ve read this post, I’m wondering if my Leptin is the blockade.

  44. Carter says

    I was doing research and I came across this blog. I’ve visited you before for recipes and from Pinterest for tips but I never explored the site. I cannot thank you enough for pointing me to the other blogs with the longer posts. I am past 50 and female and past menopause and I thought I was going to have to live with the effects of past diet excesses. Now I have hope that I can truly reverse my conditions and not have to accept the slow painful decline of my vigor. You have been a genuine blessing in my life. May God bless you multiple times over for everyone you have helped. Thank you so much.

  45. Mel says

    Hi,u are so thorough and it’s rare to find these days on the Internet.. I have battled with low sex drive and overweight for as long as I can remember and recently added one year without menstruation to the list..I’m almost suicidal as I feel sooo unhappy n depressed most of the times. I need a head start on Weightloss that would work for me as the regular diet n exercise(the last time I did vigorous I ended up in the hospital) hasnt worked for me at all.. PLEASE HELP!

  46. susan w says

    I am 49 and got the official word that I am in Menopause…I had NO hormones. Apparently it began at age 46 or 47… I had been gaining weight without explanation. Nothing in my diet had changed, and I continued to exercise to the point of dripping sweat at the gym, alternated by power walks for an hour on the off days. After a 30 lb weight gain, I began my research. I couldnt lose weight by the way, no matter how much I tried, including starving myself for days, and juicing. The only thing that worked was the HCG diet, but after discontinuing it, my body made me fat again. However i did not that the HCG ( protein / hormone ) made me feel better.
    Finally got my hormones checked out ( My gyno said I had NONE )… I started right away on the Biodentical hormones pellets the Dr injects and which dissolve slowly into your system within 3-5 months. After my first 5 month experience on this, he said my testosterone was nearly normal, my estrogen is still balancing, and my pituitary gland is no longer elevated. I asked more about that- I had thought I knew everything. Turns out when your estrogen /+ other levels fall low as mine did, the Pituitary Gland takes over the program and works overtime trying to compensate for what the Estrogen used to do for your hormones. But it was never designed to do that for the entire body. It’s like asking an AAA battery to power your car. So it taxes itself, your system, and messes up your Cortisol in the futile attempt. Hence weight issues . Falling/ Low Estrogen levels also cause your body to create more fat, as it is looking for more Estrogen ( made and stored in your fat cells)… so hence the weight gain and fat around the middle. It’s still early on for me with having my hormones balanced, but so far, I sleep better, no hot flashes, my skin looks amazing, i am able to maintain my weight or lose weight with the usual efforts, and my cravings are under control. My brain focus has returned ( lack of Estrogen creates arterial plaque in your arteries and your brain= which equals ALZHEIMERS= hardening of the arteries everyone! )… but we only first notice memory loss from time to time. PLEASE URGE anyone you know with unresolved weight mysteries whether they are in menopause or NOT… to have their hormones checked via blood test. As well as their Pituitary glands and THYROID TS3 and TS4 leves. This is a game changer in my opinion . I consider myself very well read about natural health and weight, but this took me awhile to get my head around. I wished I had connected the dots sooner. To treat hormones naturally, please consider BHRT….it is not synthetic.

    • Jo says

      Are you still doing the BHRT? I am in the same boat you were. I had undetectable amounts of estradiol and my DHEA and progesterone were barely there. I am so miserable not being able to sleep and having hot flashes. I have started forgetting things lately, and it is starting to scare me.

  47. Lu Lu says

    Hi, I am desperate. I am 49 years old, four grown children. I am a personal trainer/masseur.
    I look after other people but can’t seem to look after me :(
    I am 5.4 and weigh in at 92ks. I do weight training and I am very fit. However my body aches as if it has arthritis in my hips and elbows and ankles. I have done the 500 cal aday diet, yes I lost weight but when I started eating again I piled the weight back on. My blood test show that I am border line diabetic. I don’t eat a lot of food. My hair has thinned, and I suffer with mood swings though I am not depressed. Which I have been in the past.
    I have cut out bread and pasta as my stomach swells after eating that and I don’t really drink. please help

  48. Kaden says

    So much is said about the wonders of coconut oil. What if you are extremely allergic to coconut, like me? Then what do you use as the miracle?

  49. Lori says

    I add a rounded tablespoon of vanilla isopure, coconut oil and geletin to my morning coffee (mix with standing mixer like old soda shops) I’m not sure what wellness mama would say about the protein, but I’ve lost 35 pounds in 6 months and feel great! Low carb eating with lots of coconut oil. I’ve just recently started walking on my treadclimber while watching youtube videos (I need a distraction :) I’ve spend hours reading WM and LOVE all the great advice. Thank you!!

  50. Lina says

    I know my hormones are off, but not sure which ones or how much exactly. I know my estrogen is too high. How does this (esp. exercise info) apply to that??

  51. Sherry says

    Great post. I recently discovered MSM Organic sulfur which detoxes synthetic molecules, heavy metals and pathogens. A master detoxifier (also iodine). We are all deficient because fertilizers and food additives bind up the sulfur before it can be taken up in our crops. MSM makes your skin very soft when you are taking enough of it because it makes all of your cell walls elastic and pliable. It detoxes junk from your cell walls so they can be more receptive to leptin and other hormones. I’ve been on it for 2 months now and my skin felt exfoliated on the third day (I got a cold on he forth day, a detoxing symptom). I haven’t given it enough time for weight loss, but this week I cut way back on carbs. Maybe I can get past my usual plateau.

  52. Cheri says

    I know this is an old post, but do you think yoga is a safe workout while fixing your leptin, or should I hold off until it is balanced?

  53. Yunar says

    Thank you for the video, I am looking for correlation between leptin and fat and now have a better understanding about this matter.

  54. Katie says

    I’m fairly overweight, and 30 minutes on an elliptical is a challenging workout for me. Is that too excessive for weight loss if I have a hormone imbalance? Also, I’m allergic to coconut. It’s a shame, I used to like it, but I’ve developed this allergy over the years. Is there something besides butter, lard, and olive oil (unheated) that I can use to cook my food?

  55. Cat says

    Hello. I found your site after a new friend talked to me about my Leptin. I have really enjoyed leasRning about it as it fits me like a tight pair of pants. I am curious though, how long we remain stuck in leptin resistance status after following the plan? How do we know if our brains have started listening to the leptin again? Thanks for the insight.

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