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hydro flask review
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I usually review books because I am constantly reading and love to share books with you that I enjoy. This week, I’m sharing something I also use constantly: my water bottle.

I drink water, kombucha, and herbal teas almost every day. At home, I drink out of a quart size mason jar with a Cuppow lid, but that doesn’t work as well on the go because a mason jar doesn’t fit in my car’s cup holder.

I have a Klean Kanteen and have used it for years (in fact, I can’t even count the dents it has now and it has served me really well). My only complaint with the Klean is that it is all metal and it doesn’t keep liquids cool or hot for long. If I use it to workout outside in the summer, my water is hot enough to make tea by the end of my workout.

I love the idea of glass water bottles, but they aren’t practical with my kids.

Until recently, I typically just loaded up the ice in my Klean Kanteen and hoped it wasn’t hot by the time I wanted to drink it.

A few weeks ago my husband and I went out for our anniversary and we stopped by our local outdoor sports store to get extra carabiners for our treehouse zip line. While he was getting the needed climbing supplies, I browsed the camping gear and saw something called a Hydro Flask.

What is Hydro Flask?

The packaging claimed that this Hydro Flask water bottle could keep cold liquids cool for 24+ hours and hot beverages warm for 12+ hours. I was skeptical but intrigued. I read the rest of the package and found that Hydro Flask was made with food grade stainless steel and a double-wall vacuum insulation to keep temperatures steady. I also noticed that the plastic lid was BPA free.

I noticed a store employee carrying one around and drinking out of it so I asked him about it.

He opened it and showed me the ice inside… and told me that he put the ice in the night before. Not only had it kept it cold for almost 24 hours, there was still ice in it.

I grabbed a purple wide-mouth bottle and a black bottle with a flip top lid for warm drinks and asked my hubby if they could be our anniversary gifts to each other.

Does the Hydro Flask Work as Advertised?

Fast forward a few weeks and I’ve tested them daily:

  • I used the coffee cup Hydro Flask with my special coffee and it stayed hot for 4+ hours (I finished drinking it then so I don’t know if it would have stayed warm even longer)
  • I put ice water in it in at night and then taken it with me the next day on errands in a hot car and working out and it still had ice in it when I got home.
  • I put fresh juice with ice and it stayed cold all day
  • Used it to keep homemade kombucha cold and carbonated all day long

I now use my Hydro Flask daily and it is pretty much the only bottle I use. If you’re ever in the market for a water bottle, I highly recommend them. These are the specific ones I’ve tried:

Do you use a water bottle? What is your favorite? Share below!

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114 responses to “Hydro Flask Review”

  1. carol Avatar

    I have a question about water coolers? We had one for yrs. and finding out that the plastic is no good. Do u know of any that is chemical free? Its so hard to try to be chemical free in this world. I worry about my grandchildren. Any info would be appreciated. T U Carol

  2. Helen Avatar

    Did my Hydro Flask make me sick? It’s a question I’m asking myself and scouring the Internet for answers.

    Roughly 3 months ago, my husband and I purchased Hydro Flasks. They do keep cold water cold, even here in the Arizona heat.

    Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, I’ve been having more and more headaches, felt dizzy, started having severe pains in my finger joints and earaches. My allergist/immunologist says I have mutilple chemical sensitivities. This is new for me and I’m having to evaluate everything I’m using.

    Being as the Hydro Flask was the only new addition to my routine, I feel it is somehow contributing to these ailments. I’ll be stopping use of the Hydro Flask and monitor if my symptoms get worse or go away.

    It also concerns me that the stainless steel for these is made in China. Researching toxic cookware, those made with stainless steel from China are not recommended.

  3. Erica Avatar

    I bought mine at DIck’s sporting goods a couple months ago, and it was under $40, they are $70+ on Amazon right now, just wanted to let everyone know! I took mine on our beach vacation, filled it with ice in the morning, and it was out in the HOT sun for 8+ hours and there was still ice in it a the end of the day, pretty impressive!

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Does no one care that Klean Canteen and Hydro Flask are made in China?!?!?!?!

    There are other options out there! Do your homework!

  5. Meagan Avatar

    I have a hydro flask plastic flip top on a 40 oz knock off stainless steel container and I love it! I use it every day and bring it everywhere. It does not fit in my car’s cup holders though, but I love having lots of water with me at all times. I might consider getting a smaller one later on for the car.

  6. Asri Avatar

    I love the bottle so much that I never use my mugs anymore. Literally! I just bought the insulated sport cap and I nearly choked on the little rubber covering a tiny hold on the cap. It came off and got into the drink. I nearly swallowed it though. Maybe they can look into that cos it’s kinda dangerous if my kids were to choke on it. Nevertheless is the best bottle ever!

  7. Joy Avatar

    Hi! Kombucha is ok in stainless steel? I thought it couldn’t touch any metal or it effects the probiotics? Thanks for helping me with this question! 😉

  8. Lisa Avatar

    Have you read the reviews on this product? Not very good. It appears that most are complaining about the caps frequently breaking and they don’t keep the contains cold or hot as long as they claim they do. They say that they are BPA-free but what about BPS and all the other contaminants. I figure there most be a better alternative. Not to mention that the EPA and FDA don’t require safety testing of new materials in products until they are actually released on the market.

  9. Kim Avatar

    Have you heard anything about Green Canteen? They are stainless steel and 100% recyclable, but made in China. I am not sure if they are just a knock-off of Klean lantern.

  10. Allan Madsen Avatar
    Allan Madsen

    Why would you design, and sell a product design for drinking, it is not leak proof, because my Hydro Flask and people that have totaled up to six others see all of their Hydro Flask LEAK !!!

    1. Sue Wells Avatar
      Sue Wells

      Allan Madsen and others. I’m wondering if the previous manufacturer of Hydro-flask was very quality conscious, so they didn’t leak or rust. but maybe those now being made in China were made cutting corners and are now leaking, rusting, and no telling what else.

  11. loida west Avatar
    loida west

    Where is this made? I’m very wary about things that come out of China. I realize majority of things are made in China, but when it comes to water bottles, cooking pans, utensils, food containers, I’m very wary.

  12. Pamela Avatar

    Hi I was reading about your water bottles. I am wondering what kind of water do you drink, tap? Thank you!

  13. Betsy Avatar

    I’ve had my 40-oz Hydro Flask for a few months now. No it doesn’t fit into the cup holders in cars – at least not mine BUT I just lay on the passenger seat – & have never had a leak.

    Because of the wide mouth, and was afraid I would end up with ice pouring out onto my face & clothes, I got the straw cap & love it. I have found that if you just put your filtered water in then some ice – the ice will melt & will not be cold for very long. You must put Cold water in & I usually had about 4-5 ice cubes to make certain it remains cold. It does & always have the ice cubes still inside – smaller but still there. Of course you can use for other liquids which I have but usually just water.

    Because it is summer, I have not tried anything hot & don’t plan to until I am cold & is cold outside.
    I think I need to get a smaller size for my hot teas though and keep the 40-oz for my water.

  14. Sara Avatar

    BE WARNED! Was seriously considering the hydroflask, but then I read an alarming number of reviews on Amazon stating that they have quality control problems with vacuum seal, paint, and a serious rust problem. I won’t be buying one.

  15. Kailey Avatar

    Quick question! Is food grade stainless steel just as good as glass? Or is glass best but this water bottle is a close second?? I have been searching for a great water bottle that is at least a liter large. Thanks!

  16. Mistie Clark Avatar
    Mistie Clark

    I was wondering if you knew if this water bottle is also BPS free….BPA’s ugly twin sister. Thanks!

  17. Rebekah Avatar

    I have been a Hydro Flask user for at 3 years now. I love love love them. I have bought about every size and even the food ones. They are tough and have survived my very lively boys. Just don’t put them in the dish washer. The color will fade. They really will keep iced drinks iced for 24 hours. Worth every penny!!

  18. Carol Avatar

    NO sweating!! I love these water bottles. I take mine everywhere!

  19. Betsy Avatar

    I had been been gradually finishing the plastic water bottles I had but decided to use the water in ’em for flowers or something & bough the Hydro Flask – 40-oz. (I will admit I wasn’t so sure about spending this much – but it took me about a day & find out it was well worth it.)

    I wanted it mainly to fill with cold water (filtered) and it is fantastic – With the filtered ice cubes it keeps the water really cold. And I don’t get ‘tired’ of water when it is this cold. And even though the wide mouth is ok to drink from, I’ve also ordered the lid with the straw.

    And it stays cold. Other drinks also stay really cold. –

    Haven’t tried anything hot in it yet but think I’ll buy a smaller one for my winter hot drinks.

    1. Dave Avatar

      Hi, What is everyone’s experiences with the bottle sweating when keeping water cold in high humidity? I would be using it golfing and my wife would be using it in her purse. Thanks.

      1. Kristy Avatar

        There is absolutely zero sweating, because Hydro Flasks are double wall insulated. I’m been using them for years.

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