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Dr. Ann Shippy, MD

Dr. Ann Shippy is a powerhouse on a powerful mission to help people across the world live their healthiest lives using cutting edge science, research and genetic information to treat the root causes of disease. Specializing in environmental toxicity, preconception and reproductive wellness, and mold exposure, Dr. Shippy has designed life-altering treatments and protocols for her patients using epigenetic information (the study of DNA expression) and the human body’s incredible ability to express or repress helpful or detrimental genes, as well as prevent, heal and even reverse certain illnesses.

After a decade of working as an IBM engineer, her challenging experience with traditional medicine motivated her to search for her own health answers, so she left engineering to attend the University of Texas Medical School.

Shippy is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and a certified Functional Medicine physician with a thriving practice in Austin, Texas. She is also the author of two books and is currently working on a third.