10 Refreshing Infused Water Recipes (With Fruit & Herbs!)

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Fruit-infused waters are a wonderful and refreshing drink option for summer when the sun is out, the kids are bored, and the bugs are biting.

TV commercials will try to convince you that only soda and processed drinks are thirst-quenching enough for summer. Of course, you probably already know better, but sometimes it is nice to have an alternative to plain water.

The market for sweetened, processed junk to add to water is a multi-billion dollar industry. This is unfortunate for all of the people drinking this junk. The body doesn’t need refined sugar, and it certainly doesn’t need artificial sweeteners or food dyes.

If you want to add some delicious taste and health benefits to water, try these fruit-water recipes instead! These recipes use micronutrient-rich herbs, fruits, and vegetables for thirst-quenching flavor with added benefits!

Why Fruit Infused Water?

Why not just drink juice or soda? Several reasons:

Better Flavor

I personally prefer the subtle flavors of infused water to the overly sweet flavor of most juices. Unlike juice, the flavor is gentle and very refreshing. There’s a reason high-end restaurants and spas serve infused waters like these!

Less Sugar

Most fruit juice also contains a lot of sugar. Even without added sugar, juice is a source of naturally occurring sugars and it is better to consume fruit whole so that you get the fiber, which helps slow down sugar absorption.


Fruit-infused waters contain much of the flavor (or more) of fruit juices without the sugar, making it easier to drink more. Most people enjoy the taste of fruit waters, making them more likely to drink more water.

Variety is the spice of life, after all!

How to Make Fruit Infused Water

It is hard to even call infused water a recipe because it is so simple. My kids love making these infused water recipes on their own and even figure out new flavors.

There are a couple of tips that make the process easier and improve the taste:

Use a Good Pitcher

Using a high-quality glass pitcher really does improve the flavor of infused water. This also makes it much easier to serve and enjoy! There are several great options for pitchers or jars:

  • Glass Pitcher with Infusing Lid This pitcher is my absolute favorite because it is all glass with a stainless steel lid that keeps the fruit in the pitcher so it is easier to pour. It stores easily in the fridge for infused water on demand.
  • A half-gallon glass mason jar – A cheaper option is a half-gallon mason jar. I always have these around the house and use them for infused water and dozens of other things.

Use High-Quality Fruits and Herbs

The fruit and herbs are adding flavor to the water. But if they are not organic, they might be adding some unintended pesticides or chemicals. I always try to choose high-quality fresh organic produce for making infused waters to avoid the pesticides in much conventional produce. If you do have to use conventional produce, be sure to peel off the rind or skin before infusing, and/or wash with this easy fruit and vegetable rinse recipe.

If you grow to love fruit- and herb-infused water like I have, consider starting an indoor herb garden in your kitchen just for this purpose! Then fresh herbs are always only a pinch away.

Give It Time

For best flavor, it takes at least 4 hours or overnight in the refrigerator to let the flavors of the fruit infuse into the water. Some of the recipes below are written for a half-gallon jar, others for a gallon jar.

You can double or halve any of them to make more or less. Also, these recipes are just suggestions and fruit waters are based on your taste preferences, so experiment and enjoy!

If you drink the water within the first day, you can add more filtered water and re-infuse to get a second use out of the fruits and herbs.

Infused Water Recipes

Here are some of my favorite herb- and fruit-infused water recipes:

1. Cucumber Mint

Thinly slice one cucumber. Peel if it isn’t organic! Add the sliced cucumbers to a ½ gallon glass jar, add 8 muddled fresh mint leaves, and fill with filtered water. Stir gently and place in refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.

2. Citrus Blueberry

Slice two organic oranges into thin slices (leave the rind on for better flavor). Add sliced oranges and 1 cup of blueberries to a gallon size glass jar. Add filtered water to fill the jar and stir gently. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours and store in refrigerator.

3. Pineapple Mint

One of my favorites! Peel and thinly slice about 1/4 of a pineapple. The more thinly sliced the pineapple, the more flavor it will infuse. Add to a ½ gallon size glass jar with 10-12 leaves of muddled fresh mint. Add filtered water to fill and stir gently. Store in refrigerator.

4. Watermelon Basil

Add about 2 cups of finely chopped fresh watermelon (without rind) to a gallon-size glass jar. Add 15 leaves of muddled basil and filtered water to fill. Store in refrigerator and allow at least 4 hours to infuse.

5. Strawberry Lemon

Like strawberry lemonade, but better! Add 15 fresh strawberries, washed and finely sliced to a ½ gallon glass jar. Add one sliced lemon with rind on. Fill with water. Stir gently and refrigerate 4 hours or overnight in refrigerator and enjoy.

6. Cherry Lime

Reminiscent of cherry limeade, minus the sugar coma. Add two cups of fresh cherries, cut in half, and one fresh lime, sliced into thin slices, to a gallon-size glass jar. Add water to fill. Mix gently and store in refrigerator until ready to drink.

7. Grapefruit Raspberry

Another one of my favorites! Add one grapefruit, thinly sliced with rind on, to a gallon-size glass jar. Then add ½ cup  slightly muddled fresh raspberries. Add water and mix well. Store in refrigerator for at least 4 hours before drinking.

8. Mango Pineapple

Peel and thinly slice one fresh mango. Add to ½ gallon glass jar. Add 1 cup of finely chopped pineapple and filtered water. Allow to infuse in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours before drinking.

9. Grape Orange

The hands-down kid favorite at our house. Place 2 cups of halved organic grapes into a gallon-size glass jar. Add one orange, thinly sliced with rind on. Refrigerate overnight for best flavor.

10. Pineapple Basil

My husband’s favorite. Add ¼ of a sliced fresh pineapple and 15 leaves of muddled fresh basil to a half-gallon jar. Add filtered water. Infuse overnight and enjoy.

As a fun variation, use sparkling mineral water!

Have you ever made fruit-infused water? What is your favorite combination?

Fruit and Herb Infused Water Recipes

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62 responses to “10 Refreshing Infused Water Recipes (With Fruit & Herbs!)”

  1. Kirsten Avatar

    Thanks for all the ideas! I usually just add lemon or lime to our water but I am inspired to try other combinations. We have fresh berries in our garden right now and I am looking forward to making some flavored water with them today.

  2. Carmen Torres Shrimplin Avatar
    Carmen Torres Shrimplin

    These sound amazing. It will help us out of the same lemon water we drink every day. Thanks Wellness Mama!!

  3. D. Smith Avatar
    D. Smith

    A hint that might help some of your readers, as I discovered over the years myself! Sometimes fresh lemon water gives me heartburn, so I began buying lemons, limes and oranges when they were on sale and slicing them thinly and then freezing the slices. They stick together but I usually use 5-6 slices per 1/2 gal jar anyway, so it didn’t matter to me. I buy 2 or 3 fresh pineapples and clean them up and cut into cubes to freeze. I buy green, purple and red grapes, halve them or even fourth them and freeze. I buy blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and boysenberries wash and freeze them, as well. I’m not crazy about adding herbs to my water, but that’s a personal thing, I guess. I like to add cukes and celery to some drinks, for instance I love blueberry/orange with a large hunk of cuke in it, then I take a long-handled iced-tea spoon and keep sorta smashing the cuke to get the flavor. I also like strawberry/kiwi or strawberry/pineapple with a bunch of chopped celery hunks, slightly bruised before adding the water to the jar.

    One other hint: Sometimes when it’s on sale, I buy soda water (like Schwepp’s) and use carbonated water instead of just plain water. I like the fizz. I would make a list of my favorite blends, but it would go all the way around the block! There are soooo many combo’s and so little time . . . !

  4. Vicki Avatar

    As I live far away from many resources, I was wondering on any advice using frozen or dehydrated fruits. I do not always have access to fresh. Thanks.

      1. D. Smith Avatar
        D. Smith

        Frozen fruits work just fine, so do frozen veggies. Trust me, I’ve been making and drinking infused water for many years doing just that (before it was called “infused”!). Bruise the fruit/veggie just a little with a long-handled spoon after you put it into the jar (while it’s still slightly frozen) and the flavor is released.

        I just posted something here a few minutes ago about this very thing, although I did not know that we were limited to a certain amount of words on this comment section, so I had to remove a lot of the information, so I don’t know how helpful it will be once it had to be chopped up into less words.

  5. Bonnie Avatar

    Just came back from Disney – our resort had a new, infused water each morning for guests to enjoy; absolutely refreshing and thirst-quenching! I’m hooked – fave is strawberries, lemon, and basil. Thanks for the wonderful combos – can’t wait to experiment!

  6. Sara Avatar

    Great recipes. Thanks for sharing. Going to try Watermelon Basil today!

  7. Tracey Avatar

    I am very excited to keep infused water in the fridge. My question is how long is a batch of water good? How long can you keep the fruit in the water? Thanks!

  8. Meagan Avatar

    Perhaps this has been said already, but I noticed#3 and #10 are both pineapple mint?? I feel cheated! (Just kidding :-).

    1. Katie - Wellness Mama Avatar

      Lol. Thanks for the catch. That was one of the posts I wrote in the early days of nursing my last baby (just updated it) and realized the last one should have been pineapple basil.

  9. Kimberly Avatar

    Can’t wait t try these recipes! I know frozen fruit has sugar in it, but would it work just as well?

  10. Ellen Avatar

    Hi Katie! I always carry a water bottle but rarely infuse the water. If I do, it’s just lemon – which now looks pretty boring compared to your ideas. Going to start today by adding some basil that I’m growing. Thanks for the ideas, I appreciate the inspiration from your blog. Happy day!

  11. Kim Avatar

    My son drinks a lot of Gatorade and G2 to wean himself from sodas. I can’t seem to drink anything without my sugar spiking or a nasty aftertaste. We are going to try these recipes. Is kiwi a good fruit for this method?

  12. Elaine Zewiec Avatar
    Elaine Zewiec

    Do u recommend stevia herb? I hear there was some controversy in the past just wondering thanks.

  13. Ellen Harbin-Dabbs Avatar
    Ellen Harbin-Dabbs

    My sons love a berry medley. I get frozen berry medley at the grocery store. I put this in their water bottle the night before. In the morning, some of the berries are still frozen. As the day goes on the berries thaw and release more juice and because they are frozen, they keep the water cold longer. It makes for a great daypack drink or lunchbox drink.

  14. Julia Avatar

    I, too, have a plastic sun tea container I was planning to use, along with a plastic infuser ball to put fruit in. Feedback appreciated! ?

  15. Sabrina raeline martinez Avatar
    Sabrina raeline martinez

    What if you do not have the option of glass pitcher only plastic and does this help lose weight I’m a teen in weight crises and I’ve been trying working out and portionining my food bit yet no results please help wellnessmama!!!?

  16. natasha Avatar

    My fav combo is blueberry mint and cucumber…my partner would never drink water only fizzy drinks…super happy to say this badboy is his new fav ?

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